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When Allison Nelson’s failed bakery leaves her career in limbo she takes a job at Camp Firefly Falls. It’s a trip down memory lane to return to the camp she attended during her childhood, but she gets more than she expected. A corporate retreat arrives, and Allison is forced to sink or swim in a new romance with her first love. But a casual summer fling doesn’t go as plannWhen Allison Nelson’s failed bakery leaves her career in limbo she takes a job at Camp Firefly Falls. It’s a trip down memory lane to return to the camp she attended during her childhood, but she gets more than she expected. A corporate retreat arrives, and Allison is forced to sink or swim in a new romance with her first love. But a casual summer fling doesn’t go as planned, and she dives in with her heart, even if she’s too scared to tell Cooper about her son and a past full of failure. Cooper Marshall spent the last decade as the golden boy of snowboarding winning multiple Olympic medals. When he decides to settle down and take a suit-and-tie job, he’s sent on a retreat to Camp Firefly Falls. More than fond memories of the camp await him, and he discovers his childhood crush that got away. He makes the move he should have years ago, but Allison is not the Allie he remembers, and the week-long fling she insists upon keeps him at arm’s length. When Allison’s truth is revealed, Cooper learns the girl he fell in love with has changed into a woman he doesn’t know. But the Allie he remembers is still in Allison’s heart, and she struggles with learning to let go of her mistakes to take a chance on love....

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Crushing on Cooper Reviews

  • Synergy
    2018-11-26 21:14

    Cute and QuickThis is a cute quick friends to lovers romance. He was her brother's best friend and they all went to the same camp every summer. They both crushed in each other, though she never knew that he liked her. Fast forward 15+ years later and they meat again at their old stomping ground. Everything moves pretty fast, so there isn't a lot of time for character development, especially as it relates to the hero. It's a decent read that I think could have been improved if written from dual POVs.

  • Cynthia Lanovaz
    2018-11-26 22:07

    What Allie had when she was a kid and in love with Cooper came back when she saw Cooper at the camp for a retreat with his new boss. Now they are back together and totally in love.

  • Kait Nolan
    2018-11-21 23:14

    I enjoyed this latest installment of Camp Firefly Falls. The story was sweet (who didn't have a camp crush as a kid?). It fell a little bit short for me because unlike its predecessors, it was single POV, first person (shero), present tense (the rest of the series so far is dual POV third, normal past tense). Present tense isn't my preference as a reader, and I really missed having the hero's perspective through the narrative. But I have no gripes about the story itself.

  • Jane
    2018-12-02 01:30

    Allison Nelson, Camp Firefly Falls pastry chef and Cooper Marshall, a new executive meet again at Camp Firefly Falls. They were neighbors growing up and had both attended the camp when they were kids. Allie admits she was and is still Crushing on Cooper but she does not tell him she has a son.She figures out too late that she doesn't want just a week long fling but a real relationship with Cooper, but he is hurt. Meg the head chef and Allie are offered a position in a new restaurant in Boston, where Cooper is working and a happy ending is in sight.The characters are fun, the emotions are deep and the developing relationship gets better and better to make Crushing on Cooper another successful Camp Firefly Fall romance.

  • LindaJohnston
    2018-11-22 21:29

    ReviewsAllison got a job where she went to camp as a girl with her brother and his best friend. She had a crush on Cooper at the age of 13. His family away and he went to prep school. It is a different camp instead for adults. He got a job and the company came for a week conference their and they found each other . He knew she had a crush but she found out that he had a crush on her back then too.

  • Lakeisha
    2018-11-13 21:27

    What a summer!Allison being a single mom who just lost her business, you only hope that she find someone to understand her. Look who shows up all these years later, no one but her childhood crush/love, Cooper. I loved everything about this book. It really made me realize that you never know where life may take you if you just take a chance.

  • Naomi
    2018-12-11 00:14 cute Crushing on Cooper is a sweet book, it's a one that got away book, and what you would do if you ever got the chance to see where it goes, but is comes back to bite her in the ass when she's doesn't tell him a major factor in her life...but it has a lovely a sucker for I give this book 5 sappy stars *****

  • Stacy
    2018-12-08 23:09

    CuteThis book is a cutesy story line. In places it was a little bit too far fetched to be realistic (in my opinion only). I did think the plot was good, a little too much sex for me. Overall, a decent read which would be good for contemporary romance readers

  • Kim
    2018-11-22 23:21

    Great love again love storyWho has dreamed of their childhood crush coming back Into their life. Anyone who went to summer camp can relate. I fell in love with Allie and Cooper! Such a cute love story!

  • Kathy
    2018-11-12 05:07

    Loved this!I really liked this book. The summer camp setting was great! A new author! Can't wait to find more of her books.

  • Victoria
    2018-12-03 03:11

    It is a great book to read

  • Debra
    2018-12-04 05:20

    Really good book!

  • Terri Jensen
    2018-11-20 22:22

    good story line.

  • Lauren
    2018-11-27 22:27

    Meh! Didn’t hate it. But didn’t love it! Nice simple read! Nothing too intense, so a good cleansing book before getting into something gritty!

  • Isabellef
    2018-12-09 01:24

    Fun yet too predictableThe setting is great. The friendships are lasting and thoughtful. The love scenes are romantic and a little arousing. Summer beach reading perfect

  • MJ
    2018-12-06 22:30

    2.5Just eh.

  • Debie Miller
    2018-12-09 01:20

    GoodFunny and kept you reading. Subject is great and to find out they both was in love back when they where teens.

  • Sarah Austin
    2018-12-02 05:23

    Fun easy light summer read.

  • Lori
    2018-12-03 01:10

    2.5 stars

  • Allison
    2018-12-01 02:27

    A fun book. I just didn't get why Allison thinks her changes are so monumental- seems like regular growing up stuff. Like the pictures at the end.

  • Luz De
    2018-12-01 00:20

    Es bastante cursi. Los personajes no están muy desarrollados y por lo tanto no son queribles. En una palabra sólo si no tienes nada mejor que hacer.

  • Tom
    2018-11-18 23:33

    Memories of Summer Camp!Everyone had a "One that got away" in their life. This story tells of meeting up again to recapture that "Summer Love".

  • Sherill
    2018-11-10 21:29

    CRUSHING ON COOPER-FATE COMES FULL CIRCLE IN THIS BLAZING HOT SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE!Allison {Allie} had high hopes in college until she made the mistake of having unprotected relations with her boyfriend and became pregnant with her adorable son Max. Allie has the gift of being a master baker her creations are beyond awesome. She did own a bakery but it failed because she was unable to hire help and made quality time to be with her son. Allie hit the jackpot when she landed a job at Camp Firefly Falls. Becoming friends with the chef and being able to bake her own creations is a blessing to her. The camp brought back joyful memories when her brother and her crush Cooper were there. Cooper, the Gold Medal snowboarder, now retired from the sport shows up at the camp due to his new job. When he sees Allie his childhood crush he is elated and a romance flourishes. When Cooper finds out about Max he is enraged that Allie did trust him enough to tell him herself. Cooper goes home leaving her broken-hearted with the knowledge of her mistake. LOVED this heart-stirring fast paced well-written romance. The story has fun engaging characters, breathtaking scene descriptions, witty dialogue and blissful moments. Allie and Cooper’s relationship certainly has its up and downs but their romance is filled with burning passion and unwavering devotion. I truly appreciated that the author showed that in relationships communication and trust are so important, and one should not be afraid to tell up front any complications that might interfere with a relationship. The author also showed that even though you are a single parent, it is important to make time for yourself to have fun and find love. My eyes did fill with tears, but then the smiles came with the heart-melting conclusion. This is a most gratifying and entertaining read. If you treasure fantasy romance this is a wonderful story for your library. {I was gifted this book and this is my honest review}. In the world of fantasy romance, the possibilities are endless, but always fascinating. Without reservations, I recommend this book.

  • Cheri
    2018-11-15 21:16

    That crush started at thirteen, the last time Allie/Allison saw Cooper. She never forgot the feelings she had for her brother's best friend and the boy who teased her into way too many situations. Now he's all grown up, has some Olympic Gold Metals and a new job. She, of course, has had some changes in her life as well, but the week long fling they agree to doesn't need to be complicated by telling him.The Allison he knew would never have initiated anything intimate. Allie would and does. How does he feel about the all grown up version of his friend/crush?Her secret involves a son with a man she never married and reluctantly shares custody. Will she really be able to let go in a week? Will Cooper want her to? What about her life now that she has allowed herself to feel? Enjoy this grown-ups-growing-up-story and the characters that make us laugh, steam, and want their happiness. You'll enjoy her friend and the new adventures of life she is in for.I was provided an ARC for an honest review.

  • Roxie's Reviews
    2018-11-16 00:29

    "A Sweet and Touching story of second chances"You will love this storyline!. The characters are awesome!.Allison is a single mother when she was in college she became pregnant with her son Max. Then later she had a failed Bakery which lead her to working at her former childhood camp Camp Firefly Falls. Her boss Meg becomes her best friend. The camp is now a retreat for Adult's. When a pharmaceutical company brings their employees there Allison is surprised to meet her teenage crush Cooper again. It had been fifteen years sense she had a crush on Cooper who had been her older brothers best friend. She has never forgot him or lost her crush!. When Cooper first sees her he gives her a steamy kiss then tells her he promised himself if he ever saw her again he was going to kiss her. This leads to a steamy summer fling. But will it turn out to be more?.You will so love this Sweet, Touching, and Steamy hot Romance!. It is a must read book!.

  • Charliegirl1
    2018-12-10 23:14

    Favorite so far I think this is my favorite so far in the Camp Firefly Falls series. I love that the heroine is flawed but likeable. She's made mistakes in the past but she regroups and carries on. Even when her heart is broken, she misses the hero but learns from their relationship but doesn't allow her disappointment to sideline her, she once again picks up the pieces and moves forward. And when they reconcile, as they inevitably do, he becomes a part of her life, but not her whole life. My one criticism is when they first decide to get back together and pursue a more long term relationship, he hasn't even met her son yet. Devoted mother that she is, I don't think she would have done that without at least seeing some interaction between the two of them. It just seemed a little out of character.

  • Linda
    2018-11-27 02:26

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story of two people that get a second chance at love. She ended up with a life very different from what she expected. When she ends up back at the camp she loved as a kid, it brings her in touch with her old crush too. They seem perfect for each other but her secret jeopardizes their love. It is a sweet romance story and very heartwarming. The story is written from the female character's POV and I did miss getting the male characters perspective. I have read many of the books by Violet Vaughn and both her contemporary and paranormal romances are a favorite. I definitely recommend you check out more of them if you like this one.I received a copy in return for a honest review.

  • Sharon Hatt
    2018-11-21 23:12

    Allison (Allie) cannot believe when her childhood crush shows up at the resort she works at, she really cannot believe when he kisses her. Cooper has always regretted not kissing Allie that last summer they were together, he has never forgot her, and he hopes for more now. However, neither is the kid they used to be, and there are things Allison has not told Cooper for fear he will not want to have a summer fling. Lovin this love story! Allison struggling with being Allie vs Allison only to find she is someone in between, also learning she is more than a mom and worthy of love was heartwarming. Her motto was so true “When you fail, you figure out what you did wrong and how to make it better.”**This book received in exchange for an honest opinion**

  • Helen Martins
    2018-11-15 01:31

    Received the book for an honest review. Crushing on Cooper is Ms Vaughn's contribution to the Camp Firefly Falls series. When Allison's bakery shop failed, she finds herself working as a pastry chef at the campground she spent her summers and experienced her first love. No one is as surprised then Allie when, Cooper Marshall, said first love is at the camp for a corporate retreat. Allie isn't the same person she was when she crushed on Cooper. Life happened and things change. Can Allie pretend to be the person Cooper remembers or will he be disappointed in the person she's become? Great little love story of hope, second chances and romance.

  • Pam Louis
    2018-12-06 02:20

    I don't normally read contemporary romance but this author is fantastic and this story was great. Plus I haven't read the first two books in the series. It was not a problem following. I have got to say this was an wild emotional ride. Allison had an unplanned baby and spent the last 8 years living her life as a single mom with her child the center of her life. Until a guy she had a crush on years ago showed up at her job. It's an amazing balance of getting true live and opening up your heart with all the danger that could happen by opening up your heart and Still being a parent Wow the author did a beautiful job on this.Book given for an honest review and I honestly loved it.