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Gideon McCade—weighed down by memories of his previous life as a Navy SEAL and a CIA agent—has blood on his hands. He turns to his BDSM club, Catharsis, and Dominating submissives to get him through the daily grind of civilian life. Knowing his past is too much to inflict on a life partner, he keeps his connections brief and superficial. When his former life comes back toGideon McCade—weighed down by memories of his previous life as a Navy SEAL and a CIA agent—has blood on his hands. He turns to his BDSM club, Catharsis, and Dominating submissives to get him through the daily grind of civilian life. Knowing his past is too much to inflict on a life partner, he keeps his connections brief and superficial. When his former life comes back to haunt him, his desire for revenge pulls him back into the shadows, darkening his hopes for a future in the light.Temporarily sidelining his career as a tattoo artist, Sebastian Phillips works as a composite artist for the local police department. To alleviate the inescapable burden of a congenital medical condition, he immerses himself in his art and seeks the catharsis of submission. But with life weighing heavily on his shoulders and darkness encroaching, he yearns for a contract with a Dominant that sees past the protective barriers he’s erected to the vulnerable submissive within.When happenstance brings Gideon and Sebastian together, their connection is undeniable. The knowledge that they are both too damaged to form permanent bonds of love causes them to rely on an impersonal contract to fulfil their physical needs. But staying emotionally detached becomes impossible, and breaking their contract seems the only option. Will Gideon’s need for vengeance and Sebastian’s declining health destroy what’s grown between them, or will they help each other find their way back into the light?...

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Saving Sebastian Reviews

  • ~Mindy Lynn~
    2018-11-23 23:12

    5 AMAZING STARS!!!I was very excited when I read that this was not only Sebastian's book, but Gideon's. I for some reason thought it was going to be Cooper and Sebastian. WRONG! And happily so. We meet both of these men in the first book. I was curious about Sebastian and intrigued by Gideon so I was very happy to see that these two men would be coupling.Sebastian is a heartbreaker in the sense that his story is heartbreaking and will pull all the heart strings. But what really broke my heart for the young man was how he just concluded this was how life was going to be for him. His acceptance that he wouldn't be in a loving relationship or ever be truly happy and healthy was just sad. I wanted to climb in the book and hug him and cuddle him to claustrophobia. He is very independent and keeps a lot to himself. He learned he had to be this way at the young age of 5. I won't give any details on why that is because in doing so I will spoil it. Gideon was quite the mystery in the previous books and I was completely taken by him and wanting to know his story. We get everything and his past is troubling and now spilling into his present. He's not taking it to kindly either. He's trying to move on and settle into a life with his new BDSM club. This is where he meets Sebastian and their first meeting was just as heartbreaking as everything else in Sebastian's life. This book is a rollercoaster of emotions. There were as many highs as there was lows. I was over the moon with Gideon one moment then frustrated and wanting to give him a whipping session in his club the next. But of course he won me and Sebastian over in the end.This was definitely my favorite out of the series. Saying that though, I do want to express how much I have adored all the books in this series and its characters. I am highly anticipating the next book! Give this series a chance if you've yet to do it! Happy reading dolls! xx

  • Jan
    2018-12-06 00:29

    Available on Kindle Unlimited****4 Stars****Saving Sebastian is the third book in the Custos Securities series and the first one I read. With 525 pages, I almost let it pass as I usually avoid long stories like the plague. The dragging feel I’m scared of didn’t show its face though. In fact, I was completely hooked. However, at around 50% mark, the story took I direction I wish I could erase. Sebastian's health issues were a turn off for me and I don't think there was need for that. The story had enough elements to keep it interesting, from Sebastian's insecurities, the D/s relationship development, the intriguing character of Gideon to the secondary characters. It had great potential to turn out as a winner without that heavy bit. But this is me, my very personal view of it. I know many readers would love that. Overall, I think it deserves 4 Stars. I loved meeting Gideon. Such a great character and Dom. The way he was so attuned with Sebastian left me in awe. Swoon! They had fantastic chemistry and were extremely hot playing their games. Not to mention the deliciously age gap - 41 and 28.The finale was a bit cheese but hey, after all trouble the guys went through, I couldn't care less. It was a well-deserved cheese HEA.

  • Elsbeth
    2018-12-02 01:09

    Wow.... Review to come.

  • Katerina
    2018-12-06 02:04

    “I lived in darkness before you, and I have such darkness within me, and while that will never change, you brought with you the light I needed to see the path to guide us. I will forever endeavor to keep your light shining bright for us both so that I may one day deserve ownership of you. I love you, boy.”The expressiveness of the book cover one appreciates only when the book is already read. One can see one of the last scenes in this story. I liked 'Saving Sebastian' very much, even though this book is very long, compared to others in this genre. In the first place I would like to mention the accuracy with which medical details were processed. I found it very successful. Real and close to reality. Either by own experience, knowledge or very good research. Respect and congratulations.Interestingly, I found also that external appearances are not very important, not in the foreground. It is mentioned. However, reserved. You are not being flooded with ever-recurring attributes (which beautiful hair, which wonderful blue, green, golden eyes, white, straight teeth and whatever more is repeated elsewhere). All in all I felt a little reminded of the Collars and Cuffs series. From the basic mood at least.We get the story presented from different angles. Thus the different perception of the MCs is revealed.This was quite good in some scenes, because of the strong emotions, the perception was quite different.You can tell the author has made a lot of effort with this book. I really enjoyed it.This book can be read as a standalone. But it has made me curious about the first two parts of this series. And I'm looking forward to staying with these great characters for a while longer.Enjoy!

  • Susan
    2018-11-16 01:06

    The toughest reviews to write are 3 star books. I don’t want to spend too much time writing a review, but I do want to explain what I liked and what bothered me. I’m going to try to keep this short.What I liked:- Sebastian. I just loved reading about him. He was so strong, despite him being so sick. And he tried to do everything himself. A bit stupid, but also admirable in some way. I did want him to accept help a little sooner, but I guess he needed to hit rock bottom for him to see this.- The hurt/comfort parts were amazing. When I was reading those parts I was convinced I would give this 4 or 5 stars.What I didn’t like:- Gideon. I really tried to like him, but I never warmed up to him. I did like how he took care of Sebastian, but most of this book he was a humongous asshole. He really hurt Sebastian before things got better.- The BDSM parts. Which is weird, because I love BDSM in my books. I can only say that because Gideon rubbed me the wrong way, I had a hard time liking how he dominated Sebastian. Sometimes I felt he did it right, but most of the time I hated those parts. It didn’t even feel sexy anymore, just annoying.- The extremely detailed torture scene at the beginning where Gideon slowly tortures someone to death. I don't care that it was a bad person, it was just too detailed for me.So 5 stars for the hurt comfort parts, 2 stars for the rest. Ps, I read this as a stand-alone. I was slightly confused at first, but got over that pretty fast, so you don’t necessarily have to read the other two books.

  • Theresa
    2018-12-09 05:18

    DNF @ 30%.Gideon was pushy, bossy, and rough. Without any prior interaction or watching each other scene at the club, Gideon rushed Sebastian into a 6 month D/s contract with only a 48 hour trial run. Gideon was like a bull in a china shop. Sebastian acted like a star struck fan girl and went right along with it.

  • Carra
    2018-11-16 03:27

    Luna David has been on my authors-to-watch list from her first release, and in Saving Sebastian she doesn’t just nail it, her writing truly soars. The characters of Sebastian and Gideon are complicated, each strong in their own way, but also vulnerable and closed off. The thing is, once you put the two of them together, they each become what the other needs—not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.Sebastian’s character is simply astounding. Even given his health and personal issues, he still has tremendous strength and is independent, though he still craves submission. I truly admired him for his self-reliance even facing everything he was, and he’s become one of my favorite characters of all the books I’ve read so far this year. The author really triggered my emotions with Sebastian, with his reliance only on himself and his disbelief that his circle of friends not just exists, but continues to grow throughout the story.Gideon is the absolute definition of a Dom, nurturing and in control. He has plenty of demons in his past, some that come rearing their heads in the present day to slam the reader right back into the cold, hard world. Gideon and Sebastian together? Incredible, sensual, deeply emotional and just amazing to read. There is drama and pain, balanced by tenderness and pure love. Gideon and Sebastian’s D/s scenes are magnificently erotic, detailed and they demonstrate the unconditional trust between the two men. Their journey is difficult, but captured my attention right from the start, making this book one that I’d definitely classify as unputdownable.Saving Sebastian is a fantastic story, and for me was a clear 5-star read that landed solidly on my Top Recommendations list. It’s emotional and searingly hot, and if you’re a fan of M/M erotic BDSM romance, it’s going to probably push every one of your buttons. This book is meant strictly for readers 18+ for adult language, sexual content, and some graphic scenes involving Gideon’s more unsavory activities, including torture. While this story is part of a series, it can still be read as a standalone, though you will probably want to read the first two books before starting Saving Sebastian—just to get the background on the supporting characters that appear in this book.

  • S.J. Himes
    2018-11-20 02:16

    In Saving Sebastian, we get a long, complicated, and amazing tale of two men haunted by life, circumstances, and past choices.Sebastian is one fo the strongest and most endearing characters I have ever come across. He is so strong, and he is going through so damn much in his life that if I were in his place, I might have broken long ago. His needs as a submissive are what keeps him going. There's trouble there, though, and my heart breaks for Sebastian as he tries to find someone to meet his needs. Someone trustworthy and willing and capable has been a struggle. Gideon!!! OMG! *gah* Gideon is my kind of alpha male. Tall, tough, steady, and so damn toppy I want to scream for him. I think I will, actually. *screams* His past is so dark and twisted and the talents and skills he learned working for the government comes in handy as he finds himself drawn back into a life he wished he could leave behind. Gideon is unapologetic in his ruthlessness. He owns it. I love that about him.The way Sebastian and Gideon connect is amazing. So drawn to each other, they resist. The tension between the two of them is explosive and seductive. I love how they both deny themselves the relationship they obviously want--there is no easy and instant solution to the hangups they both have. Their connection, though, is real and grows with every encounter. I felt everything. I cried with them, I raged with them, I felt the fear and the affection and the absolute strength of their love by the very end. I was left stunned and drained and wanting more, but utterly content with the place they ended up. This book is about living. How we live with what and who we are, and how we fit together. And it was a sexy, joyous and sometimes frightening journey from the very first page to the last.

  • The Novel Approach Reviews
    2018-12-03 01:20

    Each of the books in this series are standalones, but David’s characters do overlap. Books one and two were about Braden and Zavier, and since Gideon is Zavier’s brother, he had cameo appearances in those books. Sebastian also, as a member of a mutual club, was introduced in a previous book. That being said, you do not have to read books one and two, but doing so will give you a greater sense of time and place, and will enhance your reading experience of Saving Sebastian.Sebastian is a submissive through and through. He also has a debilitating degenerative disease. Sebastian has lived with the knowledge, and the symptoms of his epilepsy for years, and he’s done his best to prepare for the eventualities to come. He’s learned to tattoo ambidextrously. He’s prepared for the blindness. He’s prepared for everything. Except for Gideon.Sebastian broke my heart. The strength that David put into this character is astounding. We learn about all the facets of Sebastian’s illness and what he has done to cope with it, all without it spiraling into a depressive state. The care that David took in creating Sebastian’s character comes through in the writing. He knows that he isn’t a long-term bet. As a rule, he keeps people at a distance. He has learned to exist within a carefully constructed world; it’s how he copes with his issues. He loves his job as a police sketch artist, but his part-time passion of tattooing over other people’s scars feeds his soul. As a submissive, he joined an exclusive club, and while it isn’t ideal, and no one has ever wanted him for anything more than a scene, that’s ok with him. Getting attached to people isn’t his forte, anyway. Oh, but the way that Gideon wraps him in his ropes makes Sebastian feel safe in a way that hasn’t ever happened before, and it makes him long for things he has long felt just weren’t for him.Gideon has done many things he’s not proud of. Doing wet work for the CIA has eaten away at his soul and left a black smudge on his conscience. He no longer sees himself as worthy of being a partner to another man. Sure, he’ll write a contract with a submissive, but it will state right up front that it is a business transaction and that there will be NO emotional involvement whatsoever. Trying to free himself from the last of his commitments to himself and the CIA is difficult. Gideon’s story is gritty; it’s a redemption story, and David writes Gideon as a compassionate but ruthless alpha male. He’s justice personified. When a submissive is attacked in the BDSM club he owns, he finds himself drawn to the man, not just to protect the submissive but also for the reputation of pure submission that the submissive has. He’s still determined to keep it no-strings-attached, but he wants, and does, write a contract with Sebastian to be his Dom.There are several storylines within this book. Sebastian and his illness is one. Gideon and his work with the club and the CIA is another. Then there is the story of these two men coming together. David handles them all quite well and brings a unity to the story, joining her characters in believable ways, and creating secondary characters who help propel the two men toward their HEA.I loved this story. I loved the BDSM elements to it, which were treated with respect and accuracy. Sebastian and Gideon were perfect for each other. Gideon sees Sebastian’s inner strength, and Sebastian brings light to Gideon’s darkness. This book is a journey for these men, both separately and together. They are haunted by illness, past choices, and circumstances beyond their control, but their chemistry together is off the freaking charts. I absolutely recommend this book and this series. It’s long but it’s worth it.Reviewed by Carrie for The Novel Approach

  • AGandyGirl
    2018-12-04 05:15

    “You don’t have to prove yourself worthy of me. You are worthy of me, just as I’m worthy of you."For me this was not simply about the acts of a BDSM relationship but was the complete development of a true D/s relationship and one that was done so with such depth, attention and patience. The character development, including their doubts, hesitancy and questions revolving around their worth to their partner was beautifully captured.While I have read several BDSM books, I have not always been comfortable reading about these types of relationships. Perhaps it has been more about the acts before, or what I feel can be overly aggressive Dominates and quite weak submissives. And that is awful to say and certainly is not meant in any way as demeaning but it was just not always something I understood. There have been a few books however that explain better the power that the submissive holds…that they ultimately hold all the power with one simple word. And out of all the books I have read involving BDSM, it is this one that I feel has captured the true nature of these relationships best.This is not a quick read. This is not a read in which involves only the acts, as the majority of the book is not about scenes but about the interactions, the trust building, and the dynamics and ultimate ability to know your partner, their needs and their desires. I also honestly never before got the level of worshipping that a Dom can have toward their sub. But this aspect made all the difference for me. Gideon, while Dominate, is so enthralled by His Boy, so utterly devoted to him, that it was seeing his sheer love expressed in a look, in a gesture or in his thoughts and actions that made me all the more captivated by him. And it was these moments which made their dynamic stronger for me as partners.“You keep getting on your knees for me.” He sighed and glanced back down at the box. “It feels wrong.”“Why? Because you’re convinced that as my sub you should always be below me?”Sebastian shrugged. “Yeah. I mean, I’m serving you, not the other way around.”“You don’t think I do the same for you?” Sebastian tilted his head in confusion and shook his head. “You should never serve me.”Gideon chuckled at that and said, “Of course I should. We’re serving each other. We just do it in different ways. You’re offering your service to me as my submissive. But I’m also offering my service to you as your Dominant. We’re equals in this, Sebastian.”“You really believe that?”“Fuck yes! I absolutely do. I can do nothing with you, to you, unless you have given your express permission. That power is in your hands. You know this.”Sebastian nodded. “Yeah. I mean, I guess. I just never thought of it that way. That doesn’t seem right.”“I’m giving you what you need, just as you are doing for me. If that isn’t service, I don’t know what is.”While this book is long, it is not without reason. Every scene in some way has a point, shows the true character of our main MCs and therefore nothing ever seemed pointless. Even the scene with Boone and Connell had value and was so damn perfect at capturing the nurturing aspect of Gideon. The rope scenes for me were so intricate in their descriptions that I longed to have the imagery from Khaleo’s camera…not only in scene but in aftercare as well. The images of the marks and indentions left in the skin, just beautiful crafted.“Look at the lines on your body caused by the ropes. They’re beautiful. You’re beautiful."Luna David, I have to say, not only impressed me with her in depth exploration into BDSM but into the health conditions that our sweet Sebastian lives with. I felt this part of the story to be well researched and thoughtful. While I am not a physician, it all felt quite accurate and ultimately personal. The story telling aspect of this also worked well for me. While much of the story is a back and forth POV, there are several key scenes which are told from both POV and it was those that became the most touching of the story. The New Year’s Eve scene being the most heartbreaking of them all. I also enjoyed that while at times, it seemed certain scenes were skipped, we later got these told in memories, which I loved. I am not sure this book would have worked had only one POV been described. This was a couple and therefore their thoughts, actions and love for the other were of utmost importance in making this successful.Now, I did not read the first 2 books in this series…honestly after hearing the praises surrounding this book and in seeing the cover, there was just no way I could wait. And while a standalone, part of me does wish I had read the others first. I was a little confused during the first hospital scene, feeling as though I walked into a family dinner not knowing who was there or what their relationships entailed. I also feel like I may have gotten some inkling into what Sebastian looked like, having perhaps gotten other's perspectives on this man in previous books. So again, while it really didn’t matter as this couple goes, it kinda mattered to me. I will go back and read the others if for no other reason than to see sweet Braden’s story. He was such a loving spirit and friend and I need more of him.I do hope we eventually get Killian’s story. He popped on page only briefly but there is no doubt a story behind this intriguing man. And while I am no longer a big reader of M/F, I would read Finn and Zoe’s story. How this doctor came to embrace this lifestyle to be what he needed for the woman he loves. I am on board.There are so many aspects of this story that I have failed to even acknowledge, from their backgrounds, to their families, to the tattoos and Sebastian's love of art, and pets, every aspect was so beautifully and amazingly crafted. I guess I will just have to reread this at some point and expand on those elements as well. Until then, I cannot recommend this journey enough.Spoilerish Bonus Quote…read at own risk…but it is absolutely beautiful.Gideon leaned down and kissed his head, over and over, everywhere he could reach, paying particular attention to the raised, bumpy edges of his scar. His boy’s sobs were wracking his whole body at that point and Gideon’s heart was breaking.“You’re so good, baby. So strong. Let it out. I’m so fucking proud of you. So proud. You’re the bravest man I know.”Gideon touched and stroked Sebastian’s face, his head, his shoulders, and his neck, telling him how beautiful he was, how he’d never been more attracted to anyone in his life, how proud he was to be with him, and finally how lucky he knew he was that Sebastian had chosen him.

  • Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    2018-11-19 22:11

    I loved the first two of this series and this one is even better. The time and attention the author takes to assure you really feel invested with the characters. Here there are a lot of issues - not angst necessarily, just issues to be worked through. Past and present - from medical to coming to terms with what and who you were and who you want to be. The kink is delicious - though if pain is your game this is not real descriptive from the sub's side. The family and friends are main pieces - and matter greatly. I found myself crying a few time at the utter desolation of Sebastian and his past. Didn't expect that! Gideon, once he got on board, was a bit too perfect of a Dom but he did admit his faults - and he did have them. It's an easy book to read, in spite of all the pages. You don't want it to stop!

  • J
    2018-11-10 00:25

    A lot of high ratings for this book but I'm afraid it didn't really work for me. It was a long story and it seemed there was a new element added to it every few pages. The book started off with a rather grisly revenge murder scene and then we had D/s, medical problems (fairly severe ones that I had a hard time accepting wouldn't be noticeable at times), commitment phobia, self esteem issues, and a lot more. Good premise for the story but it just had too much going on to be a smooth read for me.

  • K
    2018-11-14 04:10

    I’ve been anticipating Gideon’s story for a while only getting small pieces of him throughout the first two books and—no matter how small—they left me intrigued with the mysterious, brooding, dominating male.We see, now, why those moments make sense and to be exposed inside his world was not only heartbreaking but gut-wrenching as we witness the destructing years that make up Gideon. We witness his soul being decimated—piece by piece—after losing team members that he vows to make amends for.These events are no small consequence on a man like Gideon, a man who, at his core, is to protect and nurture and provide safety and stability.Sebastian is the polar opposite of Gideon but no less strong. He is possibly one of the bravest and strongest characters I’ve read and to keep a tissue in my hand for moments of his self-reflection, not understanding his worth, or his easy acceptance of what life handed him, came in handy when tears would be pouring unaware.Sebastian and Gideon come together unexpectedly, however, the connection is felt immediately. Sebastian craves a dominant with a firm hand to pass over control and give him peace and clarity. Gideon longs for a submissive who will kneel with grace and freely give in to his demands.They fit perfectly in all aspects of the dom/sub relationship even when Gideon assures Sebastian upfront that he is not relationship material, he will never give in to those needs, be that type of man for him—AND—Sebastian, with his history, knows he couldn’t be what Gideon needs or wants anyway…readily agrees. However, as weeks turn into months, under contract, Gideon realizes the first of many mistakes he made with Sebastian. He thought he was the one that wouldn’t want more, wouldn’t want a more serious relationship away from the club—their contract—but as they spend as much time as possible together it’s Sebastian that seems to be pulling away and Gideon looking for ways to get through to his boy and pull him closer in order to keep him.Secrets and miscommunication battle to tear the two apart but Sebastian not only gained Gideon these past few months he gained friends and family who won’t let him down and in his hour of need, they are there for him when he needs them most.Saving Sebastian is long but powerful and a heartfelt journey of finding strength and support in places you didn’t know you had. Both, Sebastian and Gideon have built walls that must come down in order to let those closest to them inside and help with the struggle they face.This can be read as a standalone but it’s so much better having read the first two books and understanding the back story that leads up to this and knowing the characters that play a huge part in helping these two amazing men find their happily ever after. Luna David really captured the essence of BDSM, she didn’t shy away from the hard parts of Gideon’s life that made him who he is, and she took us through Sebastian’s medical condition with care and understanding giving the reader an inside look that wasn’t overdone or boring.Saving Sebastian will be one of my favorite reads this year and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves BDSM with a beautiful romance plus action packed suspense running parallel in the background.There's also a wonderful cast of supporting characters that help to bring Gideon and Sebastian together but even more than that they make up a well rounded and beautiful family that will go to any lengths for those they love. A beautiful story of love, life, and happiness.

  • Diverse
    2018-11-24 22:06

    I want to start off by saying I have read all the books in this series. This is book three in Luna David’s Custos Security Series. Book one and two were about Braden and Zavier and this one deals with Zavier’s brother Gideon and Sebastian. You saw Sebastian in the previous book briefly and Gideon you have also seen. More of him because he’s Z’s brother. That being said I can say that this can be read as a standalone but I’d recommend reading one and two first. Why? Because you’ll get the connections better. You’ll understand why Braden says what he does to Sebastian and the overall feel will be much tighter and you’ll get more out of it.Now, this is a long read and thank god for that. That may be a turn off for some and if it’s a draggy story I’d agree with you. Saving Sebastian is far from draggy. I actually never wanted it to end. I could read these guys and this family forever. Luna David grabbed the emotions by the balls and made it her bitch. She had me in tears quite a few times. And though there was frustration, it was placed perfectly. I was never bored and I never once questioned where the author was going with something.I am a BDSM fan and have read, BETA’d, and proofread many BDSM books. I loved how Luna gave the respect the BDSM community deserves. She showed all sides of it. From the dark side to the light side to ultimately, the right side. She obeyed the rules without making it read like a manual. She brought life to the BDSM community all the while weaving a terrific storyline with Giddy and Sebby (Yeah that’s my nicknames for Gideon and Sebastian… deal with it)Sebastian will tear your heart in two. And just when you’re repaired he will do it again. Eventually, he will have the life he deserves but hearing his life struggles broke me apart. Gideon shattered me just as much. His past is different but no less heartbreaking. These two guys needed each other. What Gideon gives Sebastian is unbreakable because it’s shrouded in the most powerful of all emotions… Love.These two guys just sang to me and though I yelled at them a few times and swore the author to a life of pain occasionally, they were amazing. I adored every page of this book and just think this series is flawlessly outstanding. It is a MUST read!!!!

  • Sara Long
    2018-12-09 04:28

    Saving Sebastian is an extremely well-written book – style and detail, plot strength and development, intimate characterization, vibrancy of storytelling, you name it. The cusps and chasms of vulnerability, and the raw, clawing edges of emotion, were almost too much to grasp and bear at some points – rarely am I brought to tears, but Sebastian’s wounds and scars could force ice to thaw. Gideon was a powerfully intoxicating figure, a protector, in so many ways. To explain and convey the romantic and authentic devotion, commitment, and love these two held for one another is nearly impossible to do… it just was.When I started reading this book, the first I’ve read by author Luna David – I hadn’t experienced Zavier’s and Braden’s story – I wasn’t immediately awestruck, even though I could tell that the author was an exceptionally gifted and talented writer. I scouted the early reviews a couple to three times, and after consistently finding “brilliant!”, “outdone herself!”, etc., I forged on. The pace wasn’t fast, things weren’t “changing, happening, and jumping,” and the scenes evolved steadily, logically, and languidly, almost at life’s pace – the two grew and evolved naturally, questioned themselves, faced demons, lived life, expressed regret, felt, heard, thought, and breathed. And then it happened for me – it all made sense, the build-up and story-building all fell into place, and I was entrenched hook, line, and sinker until the final page.I was blindsided by Luna David’s brilliance with words and her magical storytelling ability in the best way possible: mesmerized without warning. Saving Sebastian also left me with a greater understanding of and appreciation for the D/s lifestyle – and I’m thankful on so many levels for that.There are so many scenes and episodes I continue thinking about – for me, that’s a sure sign clincher of a masterful work, one that remains with you, in your heart, your head, your thoughts, and your dreams. There’s no doubt about it – Saving Sebastian certainly delivers on all counts.Oh, and that cover? Breathtaking.I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader’s Copy of Saving Sebastian.

  • Cee Brown
    2018-11-11 05:31

    ¸.•*¨)☆♡¸.•*´¨)☆♡¸.•*´¨)☆♡♡☆(¸.•´Sit back cus this is gonna be 5 stars long.Cathartic.Despite the angst and the hard limits and the deep, sometimes dark theme of this book, I feel relieved. Like I ran a marathon, but despite not placing first, or even in the top ten, it is as if I am floating down from a high.Few authors hold my attention with long books; these are in a class of their own: Tal Bauer, Ann Lister, Sloane Kennedy, Luna David. Are you getting a theme here? I love action, I love romance, I go gaga for suspense and drama. Add a touch of BDSM, and you have me hook, line, and sinker. Luna David draws her readers in, grabs them by the nads and weaves an intricate tale of getting what you want even if you think you are not brave enough to ask for it. Luna David does it again. Woman, are you crazy? Just over a work day of reading, but who cares? This is Ms. David's longest novel to date and yes, Braden may have been my heart, but Sebastian was my king. There are few authors that arrive on the scene and locks me in place and keeps me there (see above, LOL). I cannot wait for more. Former CIA operative with a grudge Gideon, brother to Cade, was a true dominant. He just didn't have it, he exuded it. The man had not only lost his lover, but he'd lost his men. That first scene showed just how determined and dedicated he was when it came to fighting for justice. Jason Bourne meets Mission Impossible, SO worthy!!And Sebastian, when we met him in book two, he was this shy, almost submissive police artist who was an emigma. I couldn't always figure him out as he was strength and weakness (not in a bad way) rolled up in one. From the instant Gideon saw Sebastian, he was on the path to protecting him. For a man who had stepped back from the scene despite owning the club, he just knew Sebastian was going to be his and moved forward in his negotiations.Ms. David fleshed out her characters, bringing them to life. The fact that this book played hard on the BDSM genre didn't even distract from the love affair going on right before our eyes. This book had so many elements and competed to be my number one in the series. Zavier/Cade and Braden and the magnificent Grandma Clara make appearances along with another brother, the doctor Finn, who definitely needs his story. I will not hesitate to recommend this book, heck, this series. I voluntarily and honestly reviewed this book without bias or persuasion from the author.Reviewed by Cee from Alpha Book Club

  • Denise GremoryKohta
    2018-11-21 02:13

    I love this series. Gideon and Sebastian are perfect for each other. They are exactly what each needed. What makes this book and the series so great is how Luna David shows the different types of relationships in the BDSM community. She has a wide variety of complex characters with vastly different life experiences. I won this book in an event and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review. Now all I need to know is are we going to be getting stories for Sawyer, Jackson, Killian, and Khaleo? I'm not pick on the order lol.

  • Bo
    2018-11-21 23:01

    I'm still surprised by how much I loved this book. It is a bdsm book, and I really don't care for those. I think it's the connection and chemistry I feel between Gideon and Sebastian. They really sell how special and necessary it is for their personalities. Gideon really wants and needs to care for someone to heal his wounds. Sebastian has never has anyone to rely on in his life EVER. His parents considered him a burden, and he felt that way his whole life. My heart broke for him, and his ability to still give such love after a shitty life was awe inspiring. He feels more control when he's given his control away. I just loved Sebastian so much. He's a tattoo artist whose specialty is tattooing over people scars. He just wants to help people feel good about themselves. He's police sketch artist on the side. He just gives his all to everyone, and asks for nothing in return. I was so happy he got his HEA. Loved it.😀

  • Kat
    2018-11-26 04:31

    I have to say that, before this book, I never understood the phrase “Book Drunk”. After having to give myself a full 24 hours to recover from this incredible and amazing book, I totally get it!We have seen a bit of each of these characters in the previous books. Gideon is Zavier “Cade” McCade’s brother and Sebastian is the police sketch artist that helped Braden, Zavier’s husband, with the sketch of his assailant. Gideon is a former Navy seal and CIA agent. He has a very dark soul and has “ about an ounce of humanity left” in him. He has had to do the nastiest of jobs and it has carved away at his soul. He doesn’t believe he has anything left to give to a partner and really doesn’t deserve one. Sebastian relies entirely on himself. His parents made sure that he knew, from a very young age, that he is a burden. He doesn’t let people close because he doesn’t want to be a burden to anyone ever again. When Sebastian is called in to help Nana, Braden’s grandmother, in a sketch of her attacker he runs into Braden and Zavier, along with Zavier’s brother Finn, who is a doctor at the hospital. Then he is roofied at the BDSM club that Gideon owns. “Saving Sebastian” is story of these two broken, lost men’s journey into the light.Sebastian has to be the saddest character I have ever read. He literally made my heart hurt. He is the sweetest, most caring and giving person but he is totally alone. And only because he shuts everyone out. He has major trust issues because of his despicable parents. And his desire to never burden anyone has literally made him push everyone away that tries. Thankfully there are good people, like Zoe and the McCade family, who don’t know the meaning of no!I knew that Braden and Sebastian would hit it off as friends if they ever got the chance. They actually remind me of each other in a strange way. They both have have a submissive type personalities, they are very much are attracted to the two alpha male dominate brothers, and they have medical issues that are very real and need close supervision.I think one of the most endearing and touching scenes was when Gideon explains to Sebastian just what he went through while waiting the long hours while Sebastian was in surgery. Then he recalled how he had sat with Zavier when he watched Braden’s surgery and flatlining during it. Gideon saying “It’s so different watching something like that when it’s the love of your life. I thought I understood how Zavier felt.” Gideon shook his head and closed his eyes. “I didn’t know. I couldn’t know. Not until you were wheeled away from me that day. And all I could think was that same thing could easily happen to you, and maybe you wouldn’t recover like Braden did. That’s all I kept thinking, for six goddamned hours.”I do have to warn you that there are two very disturbing and brutal scenes in this book. They involve graphic torture and murder. However, they are very much needed to understand that the conditioning and mind set that Gideon has endured to become who he was and what he must overcome to be the man Sebastian, and the McCade family, need him to be.When I said I was “book drunk” I was literally telling the truth! I started on this book at 9pm, when 8:30 am rolled around the next morning I could no longer hold my eyes open but struggled to put the book down. Three hours of sleep and I was back at it again, barricaded in my room so no one could disturb me. I stayed there until 5:30 that evening. And yes, 525 pages is a lot of reading in less that’s24 hours but I just couldn’t put this book down! It’s that great!!! As a matter of fact, I guarantee that this book will be on my Book of the Year list, because it was that amazing! Then I take in the fact that this is only the third book by this brilliant new author and it floors me. She is so full of talent that it just astounds me! THIS IS A MUST-READ BOOK! If you don’t have time for any other book this year then this is the one you should choose! This is one of those moments when I wish you could give an extra heart because this book deserves it in my opinion.This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes. Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways. Click below.

  • JenMcJ
    2018-11-23 21:14

    This was a good book with a story that compelled me to stay up way too late to read. It's long and involved which is good and at the same time unnecessary. The reader is given a lot of time to get to know the characters which makes the length worth it. However, it could have used some judicious editing, the medical stuff in the middle was unnecessarily involved and informative and dragged the book when it should have been really keeping more momentum. (The author seemed to really know these issues, either first hand or through really deep research but this is one of those cases where it was too much info) The slog in the middle is what brought it down a star but... Conversely, things that were plot heavy medical things (like the laser surgery and the mood swings, etc of recovery) were dropped at the end of the book and hardly mentioned when it would still have been impacting their time together. For people who don't like "flashback style"story telling this book did a lot of info dumping that away...just be prepared. It also came at you from both Gideon and Sebastian perspectives, so often times the author covered parts of their interactions from both perspectives....Had the writing not been as good or the characters as embraceable, the unreported illness shadowing the relationship would have doomed any other book. There is no way Sebastian can really justify that his illness was not something that would impact his participation in BDSM so he could keep it from Gideon with a clear conscience. That was ridiculous...and for Gideon to continue to play with Sebastian when he clearly, clearly had medical issues that were impacting his ability to participate in the BDSM play was irresponsible.I get that this plot issue was one of the reasons why it was easy to get invested in Sebastian and made me feel for the lonely guy but by any measure it was an unhealthy relationship. I'll reiterate that I had to force myself to put the book down at 1:00 am and started reading it again the minute I could after I woke up... so make of that what you will...

  • Susan65
    2018-11-14 04:22

    The Blogger GirlsThis story was all I was hoping it would be, plus a whole lot more. It was even better than the first two books. As a matter of fact, it was so close to a full 6 star book that I was left wondering when I fell for the whole BDSM theme. I rarely pick those books up, yet there was just something about the dynamic between Gideon and Sebastian that I just could not put it down. And this book is very long, so yeah, many late nights spent reading and many long days at work with droopy eyes. Thank a lot Luna!This is a BDSM book, yes, but it is so much more. Both Gideon and Sebastian are damaged by their pasts and you really don’t root for one over the other. You love them both equally because you can feel that pain that resides within them both. They are damaged and it takes a while for both to see their own value. This story is heartbreaking, romantic, harsh, violent, and emotional to the nth degree. I was dying for it to be over so they could get past their pain, but at the same time, I never wanted it to end. It really is a great book, and I know I told my fellow reviewer, Jen, to read it…at least twice.This is not an easy story, and some aspects are down right cold hearted and brutal. But, there is also a boatload of potential that keeps you going ,and you see the perfect ending, just sitting there right on edge, waiting for Sebastian and Gideon to grab it. It takes a while, but they make it. I said it before and I will repeat myself, it was not easy, but so worth it. And look at that cover. That scene played out inside the book and my heart was in my throat. I kept flipping to the cover and was floored by how well that scene was written.This is a beautiful story, with a beautiful cover, but my heart was battered so now I am going to need some aftercare.Overall Impression: It was Amazing

  • JustJen
    2018-12-11 05:31

    I love a good damaged character story, and Sebastian sure fits that bill. The poor guy is just trying to live his life the best way he can, on his own, not that he's had much choice. He's a submissive but he has scars and doesn't believe he is very worthy, and unfortunately, he's been told that a few too many times. When a bad session with a dom happens in Gideon's club, he takes a personal interest in setting things straight. He quickly sees past Sebastian's outer shell, though he misses quite a bit as well. He also doesn't believe himself worthy of an actual relationship due to his past occupation, but he and Sebastian agree to contract for d/s purposes. This works well, until it doesn't and some of the usuals take place, such as the dom spending a lot of inner dialog fighting his feelings, and reiterating why he doesn't deserve to have them, etc. I think many will enjoy this, and it was well written. My only niggles were from things I believe I have outgrown since I started reading this genre, but regardless, I really enjoyed this and look forward to reading more of Ms. David's work.

  • C. Ledlum
    2018-11-11 02:08

    CALHaving read the first two books in the Custos series I fell in love with Luna David's work. I repeatedly checked to see when there would hopefully be a third book. Saving Sebastian far exceeded my expectation it was wonderful. I have read other stories that had bdsm as a base for their story but I never fully understood what was the personal need for that type of lifestyle. This story took the subject and lifted it up and away from just being a sexual kink but explained the emotional need that it filled for some who live that lifestyle. Overall this was a beautiful love story that also gave enormous insight into the bdsm world. I will happily recommend Luna David's novels to all who read this particular genre. Thank you and please keep writing can't wait for your next book.

  • Heather Martin
    2018-11-20 02:04

    Saving Sebastian I have been looking forward to Sebastian and Gideon's story and what a story it is! It's not happiness and light though. I can tell you that I was wishing horrific futures on Gideon at one point and a life of misery. Lucky for him, he redeemed himself and proved he was worthy of the beautiful Sebastian. Sebastian broke my heart, I even had to pause my reading at one point because of my crying. I loved everything about Sebastian and am so happy he's gotten the life he deserves. And Zoe & Finn was a very happy surprise! I can't wait to see who comes next, but I hope the McCades will be just as involved in their story! But, if you don't like reading about BDSM, this book is not for you. It's very, very BDSM. If you can keep an open mind and realize that everyone loves differently, then give it a shot!

  • Shannon
    2018-12-09 01:28

    In this one we have Gideon who is Zavier's brother and Sebastian who is the police sketch artist, both whom we met in the last book. There was something about this installment that I enjoyed more than the last two. Gideon was such a cold hard ass except when he was with Sebastian. And Sebastian, god, the kid broke my freaking heart. Talk about being completely alone and kind of broken. Between his medical condition and his craptastic childhood, I just can't. Being in his head was so painful. You know the kind of quiet crying where your nose is just running and eventually you just let it go until it's over instead of trying to fight it with a hundred tissues? Yeah, that kind. I happen to love that stuff so between the sexy BDSM, the angst and Zavier's macho alpha self, I was the happiest of campers. Can't recommend this one enough.

  • Kaila
    2018-11-14 00:18

    so i reread books 1 and 2 to refresh my memory and i'm so glad i did because this one was superb. I teared up in so many spots.. omg she was trying to kill me. this was amazing.. so emotional.. so amazing.. i felt all their emotions.. i felt their sadness and confusion and sorrow.. but i also felt their love and life and laughter.. it was all wonderful and the guys.. oh man... there were so many misunderstandings and fear and sadness... and yet i knew they had so much hope and love in them to overcome everything thrown at them. it was amazing! I highly recommend this series.. it is wonderful

  • Christie
    2018-11-29 03:09

    Worth waiting for!I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of BDSM, nothing against it is just that it's so overrated. But in this case it was very well done and tasteful, that I truly enjoy it. Gideon it's Zander's older brother, former Navy seal and ex alphabet operative. Sebastian it's a police sketch artist and a tattoo artist. Thanks to miscommunication, misunderstandings and secrets their relationship would suffer from the beginning. At the end secrets would be reveal and everything will be put on the table. It would be difficult for both of them but understanding and love will prevail. This book was worth waiting for! So grab a copy and read it. Happy reading!

  • Kandace
    2018-11-13 00:12

    Saving Sebastian is the third book in the Custos Security series. Sebastian and Gideon are both very complex characters. Each character has their own quite strength. They both have issues inside them that are raw and heartbreaking. Gideon is thee perfect Dom. He’s totally alpha. I loved the growth and development between the boys. Their chemistry was spot on. What I enjoyed most about the story was I went in expecting another typical D/s story but what this author delivered was so much more - great character development, heat, suspense, and great secondary characters. I wish I could rate this more than 5 stars.

  • Maureen Neil
    2018-11-10 22:05

    Fantastic storyMaster G and Sebastian are an unlikely match but Gabriel can't stay away from the beaten and broken sub who he helps save from a nasty man posing as a Dom in his club. Sebastian doesn't feel worthy of a relationship and accepts a purely D/s contract with Master G because of it. He hides his medical issues because he doesn't want to burden Master G.These two men go through everything from major illness to misunderstandings to an ugly breakup to make their way back into each other's arms.This story is epic and brilliantly written. You will not want to put it down. I suggest you set aside a day. You will regret it otherwise.😉

  • Cari Roragen
    2018-11-24 02:19

    OK so.... I ended up REALLY liking this one after the first 50%. I admit that I was very frustrated with most of the first 1/2 of the book. I liked the story line very much but was kinda pissed at both characters with the whole "I'm not deserving" stuff. I will also admit that I was cussing at the author in my head in the middle of the book. But, I will also say that she wrote it beautifully since I FELT it down to my bones.Sebastian and Gideon are perfect for each other. The epilogue was STELLAR! I will be waiting not so patiently to get more of this family as well as the Custos crew. I'd love to read Killian's book.