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As an adamant opponent of Terran settlement on the planet Jekh, Owen McGarry made his family name synonymous with “traitor” on Earth. Lobbyists standing to profit from off-world colonisation hinted that the Jekhans were preparing to declare war! Nearly twenty years after Owen’s supposed death, his granddaughter Courtney wants to learn the truth - even if she has to travelAs an adamant opponent of Terran settlement on the planet Jekh, Owen McGarry made his family name synonymous with “traitor” on Earth. Lobbyists standing to profit from off-world colonisation hinted that the Jekhans were preparing to declare war!Nearly twenty years after Owen’s supposed death, his granddaughter Courtney wants to learn the truth - even if she has to travel to the far-flung colony to do it!Court soon learns that not only was her grandfather right about the Jekhans, but that conditions on their world are far more hostile than she feared. Terran forces decimated the population of the resident human-alien hybrids, and the people who remain seem to be all out of fight. That is, except for the pair of men Court finds hiding in her basement...Fugitives Murki and Trigrian see a future in Court. On a planet where so few women remain, she has the potential to be the mate the lovers need. And more, she could become the advocate for their people that her grandfather didn’t get the chance to be...When the corrupt local government seeks to punish Court’s friends and family for her actions, she has no choice but to make a stand. If it takes a riot to make the people on Earth see that they were misled about Jekh, she’s more than willing to start one. After all, her reputation couldn’t possibly get any worse!ERSTWHILE is a romantic adventure set in the near future that contains dark humour, some violence, and a very needy pair of extraterrestrials....

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Erstwhile Reviews

  • BookWormAli
    2019-01-10 13:54

    Ok so another Gem that I forgot about and wasn't expecting much, but ended up being blown away.I thought this would be a smut book, and while it was it was far beyond that. The world building and plot rang all my keeper bells. I thought the characters were well thought out and balanced and the plot was paced enough to build a world but keep me interested and intrigued at the same time.The triad was unique as well. Trig and Murk are lovers on Jekh who can only mate with a female together. They don't give up their feelings just because the meet Court. If anything she makes them stronger together and apart. I loved that they had a back story and were so dynamic. I enjoyed too that while they had to adjust to Court, Court had to adjust to Jekh culture as well. It was interesting to see compromise there as well.The steam was also off the charts. Dom and Sub as well as Court who had traits of both. The author thought it out and made them fit into the relationship well. It was sad to see how the people of Jekh were treated by Terrans, and the distrust women had in general for Men. I do like that Court pushed her men to talk to her when she felt left behind.I will definitely be reading more from this author

  • Tina
    2019-01-15 08:58

    Can Courtney run from her past,if it is tangled with her future?Courtney is leaving Earth to get away from the constant judgement and derision she encounters. This active mistrust is because of the protest her Grandfather made against the colonization of the planet Jekhan. Courtney arrives planet side and moving into her new home, discovers two men hiding in a compartment in her master closet. This discovery leds her on a path to love and her destiny. The book is well written and a full story, so be prepared for a few hours of reading. The adventurous tale is well worth the time. The only complaint is there needed to be more of an equal balance of love, romance and intimacy between the main characters. I got this book for free thru a book give away. They're free thru KU, so I am off to read book two in the series.

  • Charlotte Miller
    2018-12-31 09:58

    HeartwarmingThis book I couldn't put down. Its the first in the series. It doesn't exactly end in a cliffhanger but it doesn't tie up all the lose ends either. This is a story of how Courtney, Trig, and Murki met.They find each other by Courtney's dog finding the men in a closet space. Their story starts from there.

  • Joanna
    2018-12-31 09:59

    I wasn't sure at the beginning where this was going, but really enjoyed the development of the story and the relationships being built. It was great seeing the clash of cultures and how they slowly worked past it.. will read the next

  • Jen
    2018-12-29 08:58

    loved it

  • Sue Riley
    2018-12-25 09:11

    Erstwhile H. E. TrentReviewed by SFF DragonAn action packed and steamy alien invasion SFR with a twist or two. Thrilling and suspenseful. I loved it.There's a new kid on the steamy sci-fi romance block and a hot new action packed series which is just a bit different. 'Erstwhile' is the first book in The Jekh Saga by H. E. Trent, one of my favourite paranormal romance authors, and is set in the not too distant future on a planet that's far enough away it takes six months in stasis to get there, but all is not well on the once thriving but now subjugated planet of Jekh and any information about the place that's available on earth is a pack of lies. This is not your average alien invasion story for any number of reasons, but top of the list is the part where the evil alien invaders.... are human.... from Earth....For all intents and purposes, for the natives at least, it may as well be a concentration camp and the descriptions of Zone Seven reminded me vividly of the ghettoes that existed in major cities all over mainland Europe during WW2. The Jekhan population is starving, terrified, desperate and dwindling. Even before Earth invaded, their population was two thirds male and thanks to interference in their evolution by the Tyneali, men are only fertile if there are two of them and one female, so MMF triads are the norm. After the invasion, female Jekhans are almost non-existent on the planet and the humans are finding more and more brutal ways to wipe out everyone else. Into this quagmire of greed and corruption comes Courtney McGarry on a mission for information about the death of her grandfather, but she gets caught up in the fight for survival instead.She's been a cop most of her working life, and being the grand-daughter of Owen McGarry meant she had to fight hard all her life for everything but none of the family believe the story they've been told about how he died and when the call goes out for Law Enforcement Officers on the planet of Jekh, Courtney 'Court' signs up, only discovering the true situation on the planet after she gets there. The environment is hostile to say the least and rumours abound, but she has her own agenda, skills, dog, friends she made on the journey out, at work and in Zone Seven as well as her family back on Earth. There's also a surprise in her basement that will have a significant and life changing impact on her.There's so much going on in this book between building a new world and characters, then setting the scene and creating the social structures, societal norms and histories, it's difficult to know where to start. This is a terrific and action packed story, a fantastic start to the new series, it's part 'romance' and part crime thriller, filled with great characters, loads of intrigue and suspense, lots of steamy bits although I wouldn't really call the relationship between Trig, Murk and Court a romance, as well as lots of open threads about what's really going on. I don't want to give spoilers but in the beginning I broke my heart for Trigrian and Murk, for what they'd endured and the bleak, if short, future they were heading into before Court arrived. I definitely needed tissues, but my opinion of both men evolved as the book progressed. I really liked Trig from the start, but Murk is a completely different kettle of fish... him, I didn't like, at all. He seemed like a nice guy in the beginning, but as the book progressed, I found my increasing dislike of him turning into hate. He's an arrogant, selfish jerk who takes what he wants without a thought for the lives or feelings of the people he uses and even though he was starting to become a potentially likeable person by the end of the book, his actions at the beginning of the triad relationship with Court are not only reprehensible but worthy of a good kick in the family jewels, with steel toe-caps, and I find his actions unforgivable, regardless of what comes later. He'll have to change radically before I even consider liking him. As the first book in the Saga, it can easily be read as a stand alone, but it left me with a lot of unanswered questions and I really need to know what happens next. I can't wait to read the next book in what promises to be a fantastic series.I was given a copy of the book by the author in exchange for an honest review and I really didn't want to put it down. I got so engrossed in the story and the situation on the planet as well as the many different things that kept popping up and needed investigation, questions that led to more questions, that I lost track of everything going on around me until I got to the end. Definitely a book I'll be reading again.

  • E.L. Roux
    2019-01-16 08:53

    Wow!One of the sci fi romances I've read in a long time. Definitely a keeper! A wonderful storyline, amazing world building, a love story that kept me wondering the entire way through, I couldn't ask for more out of a story. I can't wait to read the next one!

  • Karen
    2019-01-14 15:07

    This series opener is set on the Planet Jekh, inhabited by a race very much like Terrans, just with a redder complexion. It can standalone and has an HEA. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to see what happens next. Courtney McGarry is traveling from Earth to Jekh when the story begins. She has served as a law enforcement officer in Boston and will serve as a LEO on Jekh, also. Prior to going into stasis, she is befriended by a flight attendant, Amy, who invites her to meet her in Sector Seven, where Jekhians have been segregated. It doesn't take long for Court to learn that most of what she's been told about Jekh and Jekhians is propaganda from the massive corporations that have taken over the peaceful planet. She also realizes her grandfather, who spoke out against defeating and colonizing Jekh, was right. The Jekhian trade envoy that contacted Earth regarding forming a trade alliance was exactly that, not the warseeking aggressors the government claimed them to be. She has traveled to Jekh to find out what really happened to her grandfather, not believing the government's story about his death. Then she finds she has squatters living behind the wall of a downstairs closet in the house she was assigned. Two unchipped Jekhian males who are living off the grid. One is very ill, and both are starving. If she doesn't turn them in, she will be breaking the law. But the McGarrys are made of rebel stock. And if she is going to get the answers she came to Jekh to find, she will have to break a few rules, starting here. Copy received in return for an honest review.

  • Lory
    2019-01-12 09:57

    This book wasn't what I expected. Just the same it was very entertaining and I enjoyed it a lot it held my attention from beginning to end. It's also jam packed with lots of action and suspense even though I was expecting Murk being dominate of the trio and him being the arrogant alpha male that he is he chooses to stay back from the fighting when all the chaos broke loose. Who surprise me the most was Trig although he was the quietest and the submissive of the trio ended up being the heroic fighter who step up to plate when all bell broke loose Overall the sexually component was secondary to the relationship between Murk, Courtney, and Trig and it still ended up being steamy and hot I can't wait to see what going to happen next. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

  • AnnieK
    2019-01-04 14:51

    Loved itGreat story! Loved the world building. Great characters. Courtney McGarry, is a petite, smart and tough cop heading to a Tarren colony as a police officer. The place her grandfather lost his life advocating for the native Jakh people, a human hybrid race. On Jekh, women are few, and are in high demand. Trig and Murki are Jekh friends and lovers, dying from a genetic flaw, their only hope of survival is a synthetic hormone, which is near impossible to get, or finding their female mate. When Court finds the men hiding in her house, she wants to protect them. Political corruption, and cultural misunderstandings, nearly pull them a part. Loved Court, Murk and Trig. Great secondary characters. Can't wait for Erin's story.

  • Christine Karmelreads2665 W.
    2019-01-01 11:17

    Wild CardReceived this book for an honest review.What is a girl supposed to do when your family name is synonymous with “Traitor”. Why you leave the planet that you have lived on and move to another for a job.Going to live and work on Jekh it was the last place my grandfather had lived. He was an adamant opponent of Terran settlement on the planet Jekh. This made him and all my family unwelcome on our home world to the point it was hard to get a job or a place to live with the name McGarry. Most of my siblings changed their last name to avoid this problem.This book was different but not in a bad way and I look forward to the continuation of this series. The characters were interesting and the story line has great potential.

  • K. Hankerson
    2018-12-29 07:59

    Alien Love StoryThis is one of those "I couldn't put it down" kind of stories. I am a first time reader of Ms. Trent, and I was very impressed. I love sci-fi romance but, I need my romance to have a healthy dose of sci-first and not just a porno with aliens. This book was definitely a delicious alien fest, with an intelligent backstory, very interesting aliens, an exciting plot and a host of quirky secondary characters to keep the story flowing smoothly. The heroine and two hero's were different enough that the miscommunication between them because of their cultures, was very understandable and realistic. I am so excited to begin the next book in the series.

  • A.R. Von
    2019-01-04 11:08

    I can't recall how I found out about this story or this author, it doesn't matter though. I enjoyed the %^&! out of it. So much so, I just purchased book 2!Erstwhile may not sound like the best hot sci-fi to read--to entertain. Guess what?!YOU'RE WRONG!I had fun getting to know the characters and escaping into a new world. No, it's not perfect. But it IS good enough to make a reader want more.

  • Mary Wild
    2018-12-28 09:08

    Good SciFi/FantasyI love books that create a whole planet. Different types of people. Different mores. Different culture. This book fulfills all of that. Enter selfish humans intent on taking over.Yes, it's a romance, but as far as I'm concerned, that's secondary to the whole new world.Great writing! I'm headed to book #2.

  • Diane Werning
    2019-01-15 15:16

    Country's two stud muffinsI was given this book for an honest review.Wow!This book will surpass all other alien books you have ever read.Courtney hit the lottery with these two men.They were hiding in her house hoping no one would find them.Murki was sick but Trigrian was taking care of him.Please read this book,you will love it.

  • Josephine Musumeci
    2019-01-17 08:09

    Erstwhile: The Jekh Saga Book 1Totally engrossing tale of hybrid men and how humans simply take over another race and it's planet. Add in a take charge human woman who refuses to be put down. Very well written and characters are compelling. Hard to put down. Would definitely recommend this book. Beware the hot scenes and dominant personalities.

  • Becky Gates
    2019-01-12 09:56

    Adventure galoreAdventure aplenty when you read about these sexy space cowboys. Funny, quirky and the pair of men was a different kind of treat. One isn't able to talk and one hasn't ever been with,or attracted to, a woman before.

  • Re8ecca
    2019-01-13 08:13

    DNF.. I dropped out. I love SF romance, so maybe I'll try again but it just didn't keep my attention.

  • Alexis
    2019-01-20 09:04

    Good world-building, lots of conflict. Looking forward to the rest of the series!