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When obsessive book-lover (ahem, book snob) Amruta – Ruta – Adarkar arrives in Delhi to work as a marketing executive for Parker-Hailey's Publishing, she learns that the world of books is not as cozy as she’d imagined. Her eccentric taskmaster of a boss expects marketing miracles to happen on shoestring budgets and in record time, and surviving the job (and the city) meansWhen obsessive book-lover (ahem, book snob) Amruta – Ruta – Adarkar arrives in Delhi to work as a marketing executive for Parker-Hailey's Publishing, she learns that the world of books is not as cozy as she’d imagined. Her eccentric taskmaster of a boss expects marketing miracles to happen on shoestring budgets and in record time, and surviving the job (and the city) means she’ll have to master the local art of jugaad really fast. Worst of all, she’s stuck being a publicist for Jishnu Guha, protein-shake lover, serial selfie-taker, and bestselling author of seven cheesy romance novels, the kind she wouldn’t be caught dead reading. As Ruta struggles between work and life in a new city, she finds, much to her annoyance, that she needs Jishnu’s help more than she cares to admit. But with her own parents getting a divorce, can Ruta dare to fall in love, especially with someone who’s so impossibly different?...

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It Must've Been Something He Wrote Reviews

  • Aditi
    2018-12-23 15:01

    “We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love—true love.”----Robert FulghumNikita Deshpande, an India author, pens a lively yet soul-touching contemporary romance debut novel, It Must've Been Something He Wrote where the author weaves a sweet and funny romantic comedy that is centered around a woman who is a nerd-cum-marketing-executive for a publishing house in a city away from her own, where she faces lots of hurdles to make her boss happy with marketing ideas as well as she also caters to the country's dashing bestselling author's needs and events, and little did she knew that love can happen even with someone who is entirely different from herself.Synopsis: When obsessive book-lover (ahem, book snob) Amruta – Ruta – Adarkar arrives in Delhi to work as a marketing executive for Parker-Hailey's Publishing, she learns that the world of books is not as cozy as she’d imagined. Her eccentric taskmaster of a boss expects marketing miracles to happen on shoestring budgets and in record time, and surviving the job (and the city) means she’ll have to master the local art of jugaad really fast. Worst of all, she’s stuck being a publicist for Jishnu Guha, protein-shake lover, serial selfie-taker, and bestselling author of seven cheesy romance novels, the kind she wouldn’t be caught dead reading.As Ruta struggles between work and life in a new city, she finds, much to her annoyance, that she needs Jishnu’s help more than she cares to admit. But with her own parents getting a divorce, can Ruta dare to fall in love, especially with someone who’s so impossibly different? Amruta, a. k. a., Ruta has arrived in the capital city, Delhi, to work as a marketing executive for a trending book publishing house, where her crazy boss expects Ruta to come up with marketing ideas that fall in the bracket of tight budget (extremely low) and on an almost zero time frame (spontaneous time line), and Ruta must learn to cope with the best prices, the crazy traffic of the city, the excuses to give to her boss and many other such tricks, if she needs to survive her job. And within no time, her job becomes even more difficult when she is asked to publicize the bestselling author, Jishnu Guha, whose cliched college-themed rom-com books Ruta would not even dare or bother to read, given the fact that Ruta is a serious reader who loves books written in proper English unlike Jishnu's books. So while juggling authors on one hand and the city and her life on the other, Ruta gradually leans on Jishnu and for his brainstorming ideas, and within no time, Ruta falls for the man whom she despises a lot because of his carefree nature. Will Ruta let her guard down?I bet female serious Indian readers, who is a fan of well written books, especially not those college drama romance books written in terrible English mixed with Hindi, will find similarity with the central character and will also fall for the story. I'm calling this an imperfect book snob's perfect and dream love story. The book is so addictive right from the very first page, that it will suck the readers right into its very heart and will not let them go until the turn of the last page. And if any reader is feeling under the weather or feeling the blues, then this book is the perfect cure to cheer those sad souls up. Moreover, the alluring bright happy yellow color of the book cover will melt the readers' hearts on the very first look itself.The author's writing style is remarkable and is laced with so many heartfelt and sometimes light emotions to make the readers feel the story from their souls. The narrative style is extremely sweet, authentic, free flowing as well as humorous that will bring tears to the eyes of the readers not from the feeling of sorrow but from laughing out loud and hard. The pacing of the book is really fast as the readers will find themselves swaying smoothly with the flow. Since this is a love story that has not much twists or layers, some readers might find it very much cliched or predictable, although the fun beats all the negative aspects of this book.The author captures the feel and look of the city of Delhi strikingly through her story line. The city comes alive with the author's usage of eloquent words that describe the city's streets, food, people, local dialect, the nightlife, the lifestyle and the culture so vividly that readers can easily visually imagine the scenes unfolding right before their eyes. The author pens the story with a strong and proper English but often laced with the local language of the city that international readers might find it bit difficult to comprehend those words.The characters are very much well crafted out with realism that the readers will find themselves easily connecting with the imperfect and crazy bunch of myriad characters, who brighten up the whole story with their funny and sarcastic dialogues. Each and every character from this book beats one another and manages to stand out. The main character, Amruta, is a sweet yet nervous young woman, too much of a bookish snob, who has no idea how to speak out in front of her arrogant and dominating boss. Her funny and embarrassing moments, especially her imperfectness will make the readers easily contemplate with her messy situation. The hero of the book is a cliched chocolate boy, who is beyond every perfection, yet somehow his laid back attitude makes Amruta as well as the readers go weak in the knees. The author unravels the love story gradually with enough tension, intensity and compassion that will make the readers fall in love yet one more time. Nonetheless, the love drama is very much "been there done that" kind of, as it is foreseeable and there could have been much more twists to make it sound believable, instead of making is way too cheesy.In a nutshell, the story is a light-hearted and extremely entertaining romantic book that will cheer up your gloomy day in just one sitting.Verdict:A rom-com that you need to look out for! Courtesy:Thanks to the publishers from Hachette India for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book.

  • Sukanya Venkatraghavan
    2019-01-16 14:15

    Love love love this book. Fabulous, assured debut by Nikita Deshpande. It makes a strong case for WELL WRITTEN, funny and interesting 'chick lit' or 'romance' callitwhatyouwill. I personally find it difficult to slot this under any genre. The writing is fantastic and the characters believable and aspirational. I read this in one sitting and have no doubt you will too. Also if authors like Jish exist (despite the horrendous titles) gimmeeeittt. I saw so much of myself in Ruta and her quandaries. Now am dying to read It Must Have Been Something SHE wrote. Sequel, series... anyone?

  • Janhvi
    2018-12-24 07:55

    I first got intrigued by It Must've Been Something He Wrote by Nikita Deshpande because of the teasers I saw on twitter. So when I got an opportunity to review the book, I jumped on it. It is safe to say that I went into this book without any expectations. I think that is what made this book SO amazing of a read for me. It really blew me away by how funny and heart warming the book turned out to be.So basically this is Amruta's story. Ruta is originally from Pune (shout out to all my Pune peeps!) and she now lives in Delhi working as a marketing executive for Parker-Hailey's Publishing. Ruta was a fairly simple girl. She was sweet and extremely easy to relate to. Her passion for all things bookish and to finally find her place in life and her career is what made her such a real character to me. Ruta had her own set of vulnerabilities and insecurities and it was nice to see glimpses of them like any normal person.Ruta's journey trying to make it is not easy. Her boss expects miracles out of her when he actually can't even get her name right. Her crush is not reciprocating the way she would like him to and to top it all off she is stuck with Jishnu Guha, the bestselling author of seven super duper cheesy romances whom she can't help but put her foot in the mouth with. I loved Ruta and I loved the relationship she shared with Jish. What starts off as an annoyance soon turns into a friendship and before they know it, into something more. Jish and Ruta both have issues to deal with. They are both hesitant and unsure but circumstances or fate always pulls them together. This book at the core is Ruta's journey but I have to say I very much enjoyed the romance part of it.More people I loved in the book were Jyo and Bunts. These two were just HILARIOUS. There were so many instances during the book that I was laughing out loud. Ruta's family was another whimsical bunch and they just added more to the story. With a strong protagonist and an amazing bunch of characters Nikita Deshpande pulls off a brilliant debut. I will most definitely be on the look out to read more from her. It Must've Been Something He Wrote was an awesome read! Go get it!*Note: A copy of this book was provided by Hachette India in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.Find more of my reviews at The Readdicts-

  • Nikita
    2019-01-14 10:13

    Lived a small but intense romance for two days with this book, its characters, its storyline and its humour.You should read this book if you want to:- Have a great weekend and warm fuzzy feelings- Want to read an honest account of how life can be messy, unpredictable, crazy and awesome all together- Have a boss who doesn't particularly like you- Have friends who say, 'macha dena bhenchod'. *I do*- Want to laugh till you have to sit up and breathe.Absolutely loved it, full on entertainment, relatable characters :)

  • Jay Zes
    2019-01-11 13:00

    This is a biased review but it is also an honest one. I haven't laughed this much while reading in a while. Nikita is truly a super talented writer and this is a superb debut novel. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who wants to read something young, fun and entertaining. A special hi-five to all the 90s Bollywood references that made me nostalgic. This book would make a really good movie. One that I would love to watch. I'd love to read more from Nikita. Let's have book 2 out soon!

  • Rishi Prakash
    2019-01-08 11:55

    This is the first "novel" for the author who has done other creative works in past including being the assistant director in movies( Fukrey and Mirzya). I must say it is a great first novel when it comes to fluency and the relevance in current age...although the story could have become better! The story has been set up in a publishing house at Delhi and has been written beautifully. The language is simple, flowing and funny. Her use of hindi words in sentences has made it all the more funny and effective. She has used spellings to describe the pronunciation of various words used by the characters like perents for parents and many more so you can imagine the fun! Go for it if you are looking to pick a real nice and easy fun filled fast-read book; won't be surprised to see a movie being made here soon!

  • Aditi ~ •A Thousand Words A Million Books
    2019-01-03 11:08

    AS SEEN ON: A THOUSAND WORDS A MILLION BOOKSI received a review copy from the publisher, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. Truth be told, despite the fact that I’m Indian, I don’t read too many Indian writers. In fact, last year, I read a grand total of ONE book written by an Indian author.And yet, here I am, falling in love with my THIRD Indian Book so far this year!It Must’ve Been Something He Wrote is a HILARIOUS, swoon worthy read set in the world of books, writers and protein shakes.Amruta is a book snob. She needs her books to be real and funny and filled with flawed characters and not perfect people that know they are perfect for each other with just one glance across a crowded room.Amruta is a marketing associate at the prestigious Parker Hailey’s Publishers and despite her best attempts to be good at her job, all she ever does is show up in the office in rain-soaked clothes, and insult their biggest author to his face.Jishnu Guha’s books are the kind that Amruta detests – actually, they are the ones she detests the most. With titles like ‘You Had Me at Hello… Now Goodbye’ and ‘Let Me Be Your Hero’, she thinks he is the embodiment of all that is wrong with the Indian book market. And the man isn’t any less infuriating – a serial selfie taker, gym freak and only a slight murderer of the English language – she knows she can never stand him.Until, that is, she really gets to know him. As he helps her out with her latest crush and her work and family problems, her new friend is slowly becoming the first person she wants to call after exciting news and the one she wants to see at the end of the day. And, well, the two of them became what I want to read about and experience EVERYDAY! I can’t resist cute love stories, and this one took the cake. It literally had me going I WANT THIS LIFE. I WANT IT ALL. There was just SO MUCH HUMOUR (and so many scenes where I found myself gripping my heart so it wouldn't break from #ALLtheFEELS, but you need to experience the magic for yourself.Apart from Amruta and Jishnu, there were loads of secondary characters like Jyo and Bunts and Amruta’s family that really made the story, and I’m hoping Nikita brings up back to this world with one of their stories.With just the right doses of the Crazy Indian Family mixed with helpings of ‘modern’ thought, with just the right amount of romance and friendship, sass and swooning, this book is a MUST read! I can pretty much guarantee that this will make you fall in love!5 stars!

  • Lucie Novak
    2018-12-27 14:01

    I liked the book. Is it “chick lit”? Yes, it is. But it is chick lit written by an intelligent woman for other intelligent women to read and enjoy. I am an intellectual, but even a Kafka and Salman Rushdie reading intellectual likes the odd chick lit. I would not even call it guilty pleasure, just a pleasure. No point feeling guilty about reading a good book just because it is easily read. And a good book it is.The main character would most likely only read it reluctantly- she is an intellectual, too. So instead of reading it, she lives it.It is a love story, but it also portrays life in the publishing industry in a big Indian city and the problems a young modern Indian woman might face. The conflicts with family, friends. Exotic, yet familiar. We are all similar, no matter of what race, religion, gender we are. I am a Central European woman in late middle age, yet this story about a young Indian woman talks to me. It is well written, witty, and flows well. And who doesn’t like a love story with a happy ending?It is a bit tough for a European or American reader with all those Hindi expressions. I would advise a small dictionary at the back just in case somebody wants to know exactly what every word in the Hindi expressions means. But the fact that I did not understand the odd sentence did not matter. It added authenticity.Nikita Deshpande is a talented author; I hope to read more of her books in the future.

  • Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws
    2019-01-17 12:00

    Amruta Adarkar arrived in Delhi with a dream and a career plan. When she landed a job as a marketing executive at Parker-Hailey's Publishing, she was excited. Being a bookworm (read: book snob) she thought it was a perfect opportunity for her. Little did she expect to be stuck being a publicist for Jishnu Guha, a cheesy romance bestselling author; whose books she wouldn’t be caught dead reading. To top that, her boss expects miracles from her in record time. And then there is the matter of her Crush…Ruta is an average Jane Doe, who is struggling to balance and make sense of her life. Her struggles and her love for books made it easy for me to relate to her. She is not perfect, in fact she is quite far from it, but her little flaws make her real to the readers. Her adventures and misadventures carry the book forward. However, the plot is simple and straightforward with no surprises at all. Whatever you guess, will happen, which made the story feel bland. The language was pretty simple and the narrative style of the author shines through even though it is average.The author at least got an appropriate title the book indeed seems to be something that Jishnu Guha, the cheesy romance writer character in the book, would write. This book wasn’t really my cup of tea but it could entice readers who are looking for an easy and light read.

  • Prerna
    2019-01-07 07:07

    A fabulous, hilarious, adorable debut novel by Nikita Deshpande. If you are a lover of well-written romances (attention all Anuja Chauhan fans), you will worship this book. Also, I DARE you to not fall in love with the hero (and heroine, certainly, but the hero for sure). Go on, I dare you.

  • Namratha
    2018-12-23 14:00

    Cute....witty....and a breeze of a read.

  • Charanya
    2019-01-16 08:19

    First things first, I am giving this book a 5 because I read this in one day, today, despite it being a working day and I couldn't stop reading! This rarely happened with Indian authors, granted I have not read that many, and the few I did read were similar to the books written by Jish or the other popular writer stereotypes that were mentioned in this book, and I did not enjoy themI was quite skeptical about buying this book, due the aforementioned experiences, but what caught my attention was the title - I know a lot of them are quite taken with the cover, but for me it was the title, it immediately made me read the synopsis and I was intrigued! I loved the book - for all its delightful anecdotes, the humor, the slow burn lovely romance (the best kind), the slightly imperfect ending with its filmy drama and the irreverent way it made fun of such silly romances but kept falling under that same trap, without being sappy. For a debut book, this is phenomenal! I am biased in favor of books that are based on a publishing industry and there was a lot of learning here about how a marketing department functions. I don't remember having highlighted so many quotes recently in my kindle for any other book, more so for the humorous one liners - I imagine I will be reading them again from my highlights section! I love a book that makes me laugh, this one did it brilliantly well and some of the samples had me snorting and laughing out loudYou know how Johnny Bravo is not attractive? Yeah, thatand this next one just killed me"My name is Aditi and I am fan of Jishnu Guha" She sounded like a first-timer in a support group, owning up to a deadly addiction Ruta was a perfect mix of a pretentious-word loving, grammar nazi with her own set of ambitions and sarcastic humor. She reminded me of myself in a few instances and her gradual progress of relationship with Jish shone throughout the book! Jish was apparently the Johnny Bravo look alike who for all his macho-self came with his own set of insecurities and was a testament to the trope the nice, kind guy always wins. I loved that Ruta was looking for imperfections in his perfect facade and I also liked that despite his pronunciations of certain words being wrong, Ruta never mocks it - she just observes it. These were nice touches, sort of humbling all the characters around you to normal human beings who are just aspiring to be betterComing to some of the things I was not a big fan of - the protagonists were a bit too young for me, atleast Ruta was. Not that it's bad since they were quite mature for their age but I didn't anticipate the characters to be this young when i picked up this book :) I also couldn't fully involve myself into the family drama since some of the characters were caricature-ish (Sona was fun, though!) And there was also quite a bit of drinking, smoking and swearing which could have been avoided although I assume the author was going in for the authentic mood and the emotion. But these are minor grouses in one of the promising books I've read by an author. I am always in favor of smart chick lit that rises head and shoulders above sappy romance, this one trod the line just fine! :)

  • Vrinda
    2019-01-11 06:59

    A charming, smart desi romance (dare I say, chick lit) book? By someone who isn't Anuja Chauhan! This was a really fun weekend read, I found myself appropriately conflicted by the hero, which is always a good thing.

  • Fangirlalert_07
    2019-01-08 14:56

    NAME: It Must've Been Something He wroteAUTHOR: Nikita DeshpandeGENRE: Coming of age, Romance/ Comedy, YA fictionRATINGS: 5/5BLURB:When obsessive book-lover (ahem, book snob) Amruta – Ruta – Adarkar arrives in Delhi to work as a marketing executive for Parker-Hailey's Publishing, she learns that the world of books is not as cozy as she’d imagined. Her eccentric taskmaster of a boss expects marketing miracles to happen on shoestring budgets and in record time, and surviving the job (and the city) means she’ll have to master the local art of jugaad really fast. Worst of all, she’s stuck being a publicist for Jishnu Guha, protein-shake lover, serial selfie-taker, and bestselling author of seven cheesy romance novels, the kind she wouldn’t be caught dead reading. As Ruta struggles between work and life in a new city, she finds, much to her annoyance, that she needs Jishnu’s help more than she cares to admit. But with her own parents getting a divorce, can Ruta dare to fall in love, especially with someone who’s so impossibly different?This book was kindly sent to me by Hachette India in exchange for a review thank you guys, I absolutely loved it!I loveddd this book to Pluto and back and here's why you all should read it!First things first this wasn't just some stupid love story about two teenagers who fall in love as soon as they see each other, no it wasn't! It's about a hateful relationship between the protagonists slowly turns into LOVE. And that's why I really enjoyed this book. It's a publisher and writer love story. For bookworms like me guys go read this book right now, it tells us the inside story about how a publishing house "Parker Hailey's" works and just how HARD the publishers and the writer work to bring out their books! Hats off to all the writers and their publishers.The start was beautiful and I immediately came to Love the protagonist Amruta, she's like totally me except I don't get angry just that quickly but then besides this she was TOTALLY MEEE!!!! Amruta wanted t write her own stuff so badly but she believed that you cannot do that without degree. So she starts working at a publishing house to earn some money and fund the education/course herself! Amruta hates stupid, cheesy love stories and cliched characters, etc. So when she bumps into Jishnu Guha she startshating him and thinks that what he writes is utter rubbish and that he definitely does not deserve to be so famous or his books to sell so many copies.The story was inspiring, interesting and really entertaining. The jokes were really funny and once in a while when I let out a laugh my sister stared at me as though I was mental....anyways that is why I added Comedy to the genre of this book. A tale of the coming of age story and fun-filled and romantic comedy!The story evolves the entire time and well, it was way too difficult to put down this book and I ended up staying awake at night reading and devouring it. I'm quite proud of myself to have finished this book in just 4 sittings Yay!! GO ME!!The book left me buzzing with happiness and good vibes. It actually was pretty cute and sweet at the end and I was totally rooting for the main couple! I felt happy as I went to bed with a smile on my face!!! Also I loved the fact that Amruta was kinda feminist cause I think it's really important to have gender equality in today's society! I loved the sarcastic remarks that Ruta kept making, ah I totally could be besties with her!The debut author Nikita Despande has done an exemplary job for her very first novel. It seems as though she has years of experience writing books. I can't wait to meet her a signing or any book event! Go give this book a read guys, I'm so sur that you'll like it!I can't wait to read the next novel by this amazing and talented author.

  • Debjit Sengupta
    2019-01-11 06:59

    This is the story of a girl, who gets a job in a publishing house. Her boss is a tough task master. Her colleagues are caring but helpless as times. She has to meet near impossible deadlines at shortest possible time. She is made the publicist for a bestselling author, who is young, handsome and has a huge female fan following. She despised him and his work but stick to him because of her professional commitment. She stays at her maasi’s house along with her lady colleague. She also has to attend her cousin wedding which is expected to be a gala occasion. The girl is the protagonist and the narrator as well. Other characters are centered around her.Life is full of uncertainty and the girl learns the hard way. Not everything is hunky-dory in the publishing world where you cannot plan your schedule. You are stereotyped and you under pressure to change people perception. Moreover, relationship too is unpredictable. You antipathy somebody one moment and later you began to fancy him. You also sometimes have to fake relationship status, just to please your near ones. The entire so called big Indian wedding is pretentious. It’s more of a status kind of thing. You are under huge debt but have to make a statement to the society with a marriage. Huge amount of money is being spent in middle class family, even for non-mandatory events. The author has not deliberately taken a dig on the present generation. However, sardonically she presents the characters which belong to this generation. They are successful in their domain of work but are restless, smart-phone obsessed, confused about relationship, tethered to the social media network and overtly concerned about their attractiveness, which is built by spending hours at gyms and salon. The generation is made to look wobblier.The author has done a neat and decent work. Though it’s not ingenious but still you feel she has added her own trademark style. I won’t call it a story but this is a journey of uncertainty towards life. One of the key characters is an engineer and MBA. This has become the norm in book on romcom genre now a days. Ignoring few slips off, the books takes you to an end in a whirlwind manner. There are no unnecessary emotions and melodrama added . She has kept the things plain , simple and very realistic. Even hindi slangs have been retained. Language spoken by characters is Hinglish at times, which is part Hindi, part Hinglish. This is hit among urban youth, especially in Northern part of India. While you read on, you began to appreciate author sincerity and honesty in presenting facts and characters. She has been so precise that you easily can relate it with your own life. The author Nikita Deshpande has an impressive credentials and have been involved in movies like Fukrey and more recently Mirzya. She has been very impressive and I’m looking forward to read more from her.

  • Malvika Puranik
    2019-01-04 06:52

    A very beautiful novel

  • Kaushik NP
    2019-01-11 09:59

     ¡Received the book in a Giveaway!RATINGS : 4.2RUTA, YOU HAVE PRADEEP TIWARI DUTY AT 9. I HOPE YOU'RE DUCKING AWAKE. REPLY ASAP.*duckingArrrrrgh autocorrect bench child!Aaaaaargh fucking. Fucking, fucking, fuck. Got your interest? Well its supposed to, like it did for me. My brother was the one who showed this to me and got to say, it piqued my interest to such an extent that I decided to give the book a go. And I don't regret the decision one bit.It was refreshing to go through a book that refers to the day to day happenings around us, uses the desi slang we all love so much and is able to pull in some good laughs once in a while. OK, who am I kidding? I was smiling all along the way till the end and I have to say, it had just been too long since I had ventured into this genre of novels which I had left maybe 3-4 years back (yup, just after Twilight sucked out that fire in me). I won't bore with the proceedings of the book, but if you happen to see a copy of the book anywhere, do go through it. Won't regret it. ;)

  • Suhani Arora
    2019-01-04 08:04

    It Must’ve Been Something He Wrote is a breath of fresh air and moves from one page to another. It’s adorable, funny and makes for a perfect weekend read that you would want to finish in one sitting. The protagonist Amruta is you and me, a character that one can relate to. Brownie points for the cute cover but the book is way cuter. Recommended!

  • Rebecca
    2019-01-11 08:58

    Amruta aka Ruta is the perfect heroine for me. I had her right at the beginning and absolutely loved her to death. I perfectly understood her doubts, her cynism, and her unadulterated happiness. She grew on me. I hope there is a sequel. I'm going to put my hands on to that too. I guess it is something that Nikita wonderfully wrote. :)

  • Sindhu
    2018-12-31 08:03

    Cute quick readAt a time when I was unable to read any book because of my lousy attention span, this book made me happy, and not just because I finished it in one night, which always make me feel good.

  • Nikita Deshpande
    2019-01-21 08:55

    Let's just say this is a slightly biased rating.

  • Sarthak Maiti
    2019-01-13 12:57

    I received a review copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions are entirely my own and no way promoted by other source.Product DescriptionWhen obsessive book-lover (ahem, book snob) Amruta – Ruta – Adarkar arrives in Delhi to work as a marketing executive for Parker-Hailey's Publishing, she learns that the world of books is not as cozy as she’d imagined. Her eccentric taskmaster of a boss expects marketing miraclesto happen on shoestring budgets and in record time and surviving the job (and the city) means she’ll have to master the local art of jugaad really fast. Worst of all, she’s stuck being a publicist for Jishnu Guha, protein-shake lover, serial selfie-taker and bestselling author of seven cheesy romance novels, the kind she wouldn’t be caught dead reading. As Ruta struggles between work and life in a new city, she finds, much to her annoyance, that she needs Jishnu’s help more than she cares to admit. But with her own parents getting a divorce, can Ruta dare to fall in love, especially with someone who’s so impossibly different?The Story:- The store is all set in a literature world. This is the story of a young literature graduate Amruta (Ruta, lovingly called), the daughter of two chefs.She was a literature graduate in English and having completed she came to Delhi where she was with her aunt and placed her comfortably in a promising publishing house in Gurgaon.While she was on the way to put all her work at its best in her job, she found Jishnu Guha, a cheesy romance writer and bestseller of his seven bestselling books.And it is that he writes what Ruta actually hates.But when it comes to cross-match there is no way for Ruta other than joining him.And this is all when in her personal life she was still coming out from the fact that her first crush was married.So now, what’s up now? She has two ways for, her professional life and personal life.Read the book to find out what happens next…My View:- At first when it comes to cover I say the book definitely catches your reading interest even finding out what’s in.A cup of coffee, binder, pencil pen, paper clips, books and spectacles!!!Wow!!!And it’s gorgeous.The book has written in first person.Author’s writing style is simple superb. So mush lively with full of fun, humor and built with care. And the perfect blend of romance made it delightful.The characters are lovely. Amruta is sweet, witty while Jishnu is the boy every girl simply adores.While reading you’ll laugh sometimes and slowly engross in the story.There are other characters like Jyo and Bunts who are also the spice of the story.One special thing that author also notes things of publishing industry and book marketing through her story what I have liked.Nikita is better than best at her debut novel.The story is better unlike other romance story maintaining the pace of the story and written brilliantly with a perfect end.I’m in love with the book and Nikita Deshpande already. If you want to do so go and read the book. I promise you’ll feel the same and love it. This is a must read. I’m lucky to have the book is in my hand.Happy Reading!!!P.S- You will find the book at any bookstore or online.

  • Rupali
    2019-01-16 07:11

    Its a sweet and delightful ! Written by the very talented Nikita Deshpande Kudos

  • Nirav
    2019-01-20 11:54

    So one day I was sitting on my comfortable chair in office and I tweeted something and it caught her eye and it immediately caught attention of many and not bragging but 5 people followed me and out of those were three authors. I usually avoid reading books by first time authors but its fun sometimes if it ain’t that serious book you know. One of them was Nikita Deshpande, I had heard about the works of other two and was religiously following one’s work on facebook. I was like, oh no one more author is gonna chipkofy her book to me. NOOOOO. I found out what had she written, for first two weeks I avoided talking to her about the book. Since, I host book club meetings around the city, I felt morally obliged to ask her out if she could come for one of the meets and sign a few copies for us. I found out that her book is a romantic comedy and I was one more Chetan Bhagat-ish author. God, NO. But then curiosity killed the cat and I had to buy the book and read it off. It also meant I had to tweak my yearly challenge. Let’s read I said. So I start reading and it was genuinely funny, like I really laughed at so many things she wrote. The richness, the way it was set up and the way how genuinely cute and bollywood-ish the story turned out, I fell in love with the writing and I was damn sure it’s not her first novel, no ways. How can someone write so richly and sticking to proper conversations and be so nice when I started interacting on a personal basis. I loved how Amruta and Jishnu are at loggerheads and how they even love each other’s company. The protagonist hates cuss words, like gets seriously offended when someone utters in the narration. Her conversations with her divorced parents, ignoring weddings in the family connected with me at so many levels. At times I even felt, why is this book turning out to be something I should have read long back since I hardly read rom-com’s or chicklits. But surely, this book is so much fun and yes it doesn’t fall in the latter category. For someone like me who sticks to what I find comfortable, this book opens my doors to read more books by first time authors and then the author being so adorable, you can get killed by her kindness and nicety. For once, I can say I am not ashamed to read a first time author which offers more than what mainstream authors offer on book by book basis. To Nikita, I am genuinely thankful to you for letting me have a fun time while reading the book and not finding it boring at any instance. Also, our meeting is due (sucker for signed copies). Here’s to the next book whatever it may be, you have found a fan for life!

  • The Book Chief
    2018-12-27 13:12

    Read this in one day (it would have been one session had it not been for inconvenient interferences like work) based on a recommendation by a friend.Amruta Adarkar is a Marathi mulgi from Pune who moves to Delhi to work in a publishing house, because she wants to be near books and do any work that's related to books. She is a grammar Nazi (thats what they call us these days), loves good writing and cannot stand the books of Jishnu Guha, a charming, handsome Ravinder Singh -type author who writes Ravinder Singh- type books- books that incidentally make her employer loads of money.She totally judges him, calls him an Orc and they get off to a rocky start, only to slowly become friends. ("I want to be friends with someone who knows what an Orc is" says Jish) More friends are added to the story, Jish and Amruta become besties (yes, this book has polished up my teen lingo) and Amruta discovers (of course) that there's more to Jish than his perfect physique and hair and dimpled smile. I am aware that my review so far sounds a little snarky, but it's confession time- I LOVED the book. At least the first 80% of the book. The plot is quite predictable, but the chemistry between the characters is wonderful- fun, frothy yet also very real. And by chemistry I don't mean that between just the romantic leads. The rollicking journey as Amruta becomes friends with Jyo and Bunty is SUCH a happy read. I LOVED Bunty- warm, bear-like, foul mouthed but such a softie at heart. And while the 'enemies turning into friends turning into lovers' storyline is older than I am, Amruta and Jish's ene-frie-love story is special. The bonus? There are some genuine nuggets of wisdom and some laugh-out-loud moments too! All the characters are so well etched, I found myself wishing that they were real so that I could hang out with them, knock back a drink, stuff myself with some chicken schezwan 'peeza' and dance to 'Saat Samundar Paar Mein Tere Peechhe Peechhe Aa Gayi'.Why the FIRST 80%, you ask? To put it bluntly, that last little twist in the tale was completely unnecessary, added undue tension and was based on a stupid thing like a thoughtless comment. After luring the reader in with all the jokes and fun and camaraderie and the growing looouuvvee, to throw in that plot twist was equivalent to getting a sour potato chip (you know the kind) as your last chip in a packet of delicious, hot-and-sweet Lays Sweet Chilli. Pout. :(

  • Neeti
    2019-01-13 08:09

    Few funny moments, rest all okay. A fun, light read.

  • Sana Ziya
    2019-01-08 08:00

    So this was my first book that I received as a Give away..Thank you to the publisher Hachette India...Well to be honest when I read the synopsis at the back of the book, I assumed it to be a rom-com sort usual book..But as I started reading, it changed my perception...It's a very light hearted, funny and sweet story, parts of which were very relatable...I like the changing equations of the lead characters, Jishnu and Amruta...A great attempt by the author Nikita Deshpande and look forward to read more of her works...

  • Gayatri More
    2019-01-10 06:59

    Having read a few other Indian authors in the past I wasn't sure what to expect out of this one. But I was wrong. The book is funny, intelligent, fast, smart and cute. Must read!The story of Ruta (Amruta) and the love she finds unexpectedly!!

  • Roma
    2019-01-04 14:13

    I got this book in the HT BrunchBookChallenge hamper along with 2 others. I picked this as the next book in this year's challenge as I believed it to be a little light reading. And I was right. The book is a cool book, a love story of sorts.Broadly it's the story about a girl who loves books (I absolutely relate to) and hence enters the publishing industry (my desire). It highlights the role of publishers and how things are done. The part of job duties are intriguing and also brings forth the nuisances associated with it. In the background a bond between main characters is developed and how the story gradually grows.Characters are developed fully and pace of the book is medium. The title of the book doesn't justify the story. Reiterating, the part of the story with publishing house as the main place and the incidents that take place makes for a wonderful read. I somehow couldn't relate to the love story.Overall a cool read and can pick this book for some light reading. I give this book 3.5/5.Follow my book reviews on: Https:/

  • Abhilash Ruhela
    2019-01-12 12:08

    This weekend I ended up reading another book with a very big title written by a debutante Indian author- "It must've Been Something He Wrote" by Nikita Deshpande. The cover page of the book is very delighting which will surely catch the eye of the curious reader. The synopsis is yet again successful in gaining the attention and making the reader think of reading this story to know the adventure of Ruta between work and life in a new city. I have found that recently many authors are writing books on the book industry itself by drafting their characters close to a real-life personality- author, publisher etc.If you are closely associated with the Indian publishing industry from last 4-5 years, you tend to enjoy this book but if not, then its just a normal story for you about an author or publisher or a struggling author trying to get his first book published. The story of Ruta is amazing where she is not liked by her boss but keeps on trying things to impress him. But as destiny is written for each one of us in its own way, every time she is about to do something good, a disaster takes place. And the reason is always Ruta. Author have written such scenarios with great narration that you will feel pity with her but yet it excites you to know what happens in next scene.The book is great in the first half when the protagonist is playing charmingly with her personality with everyone. Her first meeting with Jishnu Guha is very interesting. The first thrashing in the meeting by boss is also laughable. Her blossoming relationship with Arjun is also worth-reading. But the problem lies in 2nd half when everything becomes spontaneous and consistent. You understand what the end would be like and that's when the book becomes predictable. Yes, there are some surprising moments but it is not enough to excite the reader in you. The climax is quite happening but as I said, predictable. Overall, it's a light read which can be in your list of favorites if you have just begun reading Indian fiction books otherwise it's something that can be easily missed. I give this book 3 stars out of 5. Thanks.ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU!!!