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A sinking pirate ship...Three friends returning home from a fishing trip find what they first believe to be an abandoned ship. Curious and hoping to find forgotten treasure, they climb aboard the vessel only to discover that the entire crew has been murdered. Believing that they've stumbled upon the remains of a robbery at sea, they flee the boat with an old, rusted metalA sinking pirate ship...Three friends returning home from a fishing trip find what they first believe to be an abandoned ship. Curious and hoping to find forgotten treasure, they climb aboard the vessel only to discover that the entire crew has been murdered. Believing that they've stumbled upon the remains of a robbery at sea, they flee the boat with an old, rusted metal trunk, convinced that it contains gold.After carrying the trunk home to their village, they are informed by a local witch that its contents are cursed and they are ordered to carry it back to sea. Skeptical about the village's belief that the trunk contains evil spirits and reluctant to part with what they believe to be a valuable find, they secret the trunk away and pry it open, releasing an insidious evil. A short story inspired by Edward Mordrake from the anthology Horror Classics by Angel Berry...

Title : It Lives
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It Lives Reviews

  • Elke
    2019-06-19 09:48

    'It lives' is a short story, but it contains ideas worthy at least of a novella-length book. The result is a crammed book almost resembling a hoarder's home, where each nook and cranny is filled with stuff. However, it requires some careful handling and most of all some 'in-between' lines to fill the gaps. And that is exactly what I missed in this book; it read like a brainstorm listing of definitely intriguing concepts, but lacked the transitions to put them into one smooth whole.(Thanks to librarything, the author, and the publisher for a copy of the book, all opinions are my own)

  • K.J. Simmill
    2019-06-08 04:03

    It started with a storm. Qadir, Uffe, and Ewe had been out on their raft, minding their own business, fishing, relaxing, bonding as three friends would. Ewe had wanted to bring home a gift for Isla's father, to prove himself worthy of her hand, but when the storm hit all hopes of such a token had been lost. But then, shrouded by the rain, illuminated by the lightning as it chased across the sky, a ship came into view. What else would three young men do if not investigate? The crew had been slaughtered, but it seemed the boys would not return empty handed after all. They found a metal chest and claimed it as their own, thinking of the riches it could hold. Their bravery on daring to board the sinking vessel had been rewarded. Or had it? They had been warned before even entering their village to return it from whence it came, the chest contained evil. But the chest would not wait for them to open it, and its contents had been nothing like any of them would have dared imagine and it brought with it a story almost as old as time.Highlighting key areas of religious belief Angel Berry's It Lives Casts a new spin on religious myth, weaving it into a new fiction. At 35 pages it is quite a short tale, but covers a great span of time in an interesting tale of the ages. Angel Berry takes events such as the garden of Eden, the great flood, etc and weaves them into their own fable, bringing the reader up to the story's present. Glimpses of insight into past events will intrigue and inspire, as they become a new tale, one of good, evil, balance and corruption.

  • Maria Katz
    2019-06-20 09:03

    "There is a white varmint that stalks Us. It moves behind Us with stealth. Let Us consider together what the cunning creature might seek.’‘A beast?’‘A beast that is white.’‘Let Us speak with it then.’‘And if it means to attack Us?’‘Then We shall thrash and beat it about the head; We shall drag it to the top of the mountain; We shall crush its throat with Our powerful hands; We shall throw it from the peak...'‘I have never seen a man with eyes in the back of his head. What are you?’And because We were offended by the boldness of his inquiry, We repeated this question. ‘What are you?’‘I am the Abominable.’"LibraryThing review of a unique story about two ancient creatures living in one body with one head but two faces.

  • Attila Benő
    2019-06-04 05:51

    I have mixed feelings about this short story. The story has potential, but it needs serious editing.I made a few notes while reading the book; I hope the author finds this criticism constructive. - The story has way too many adverbs, especially in the beginning.- Even though I like to write long sentences myself, 12 lines for 1 sentence is not something I can follow.- Sometimes a character appears out of nowhere, and it takes a few paragraphs to find out that we're in a new scene. This is confusing.- With the lack of proper quotation marks, it is really hard to follow when a quote ends. This is especially important in a story like this, where most of the story is told to us by one of the characters.My rating is 3.5 stars.

  • Daniel
    2019-06-05 08:58

    Good short story about a horrible creature older than man which 3 men find on a sinking pirate ship. The story is steeped in an impressive elixir of ancient folklore. The story relies heavily on action recounted by the creature and I think would have benefited with some more immediate action to increase the tension.

  • Jenny_acc
    2019-06-26 04:44

    I was very disappointed in this short story. It started out nicely, and i thought it would end up being a great story, but the whole story with the Other and Another just fell flat. Of all the explanations that could be given about the creature, this was not one that i expected, and it was quite disappointing.

  • Brooke Banks
    2019-05-28 04:58

    I was so excited to read this one but it wound up to be really disappointing. At least it's short and the foundation is solid so I don't feel cheated.↠False starts. Kept putting it away after a page or paragraph due to waning attention. ↠It wasn't clear in the story that Halal was a local witch, I just though she was like every other black woman and trying to save the world from foolishness. ↠WTF? ↠It is creepy, but I have no idea what's going on in the end and why I should be terrified.↠Why grab the guy if you're going to just let him be rescued? Why rescue him? Why stay there? Why not leave the stupid one behind?I there's certainly potential, and the historical tale was interesting, but I don't get it. Of course, I'm not religious, so maybe that's where the disconnect lies. *Shrug*

  • Rachael Thompson
    2019-06-02 06:06

    Creepy!!! This is a vividly descriptive, eery little tale. It begins with possibly cursed treasure and leads to an encounter with creatures that have been around a very, very long time. I do not want to ruin anything, but I enjoyed the creatures' story that begins in biblical times. I really did not know what to expect when I decided to read this, but I certainly was not disappointed. I love scary stories and sometimes get sick of various renditions of the same old tale. This was incredibly unique. I have never read anything quite like it and now I want to look for other African Horror Stories. Highly recommend for any fellow horror fans. (Also, I read it in about an hour, which was the perfect pastime for this rainy afternoon.

  • Crystal Hutchinson
    2019-06-13 02:40

    This novella is a spin off of Mordrake with a story of our good and evil being in one body. At 37 pdf pages, I was interested enough to read the whole story in one sitting. Definitely written in a manner best suited for adults. Not because of appropriateness, it is appropriate for teens, but the content may be a little advanced for the average teen. There are lots of religious, Biblical, references to show how old this creature is. A worthy story for anyone interested in folklore.