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Unloved by her father and pushed into Bollywood by her mother s gambling habit Rekha a plump and dark skinned fourteen-year-old rose to become the most glamorous sex symbol of the film industry. A racy page-turner on the reclusive star this book tells the truth about her relationship with the reigning superstar of the time her many other love affairs the shocking suicide oUnloved by her father and pushed into Bollywood by her mother s gambling habit Rekha a plump and dark skinned fourteen-year-old rose to become the most glamorous sex symbol of the film industry. A racy page-turner on the reclusive star this book tells the truth about her relationship with the reigning superstar of the time her many other love affairs the shocking suicide of her husband and her curious relationship with her androgynous secretary Farzana. About the AuthorYasser Usman is an award-winning TV journalist and the author of the bestselling Rajesh Khanna The Untold Story of India s First Superstar....

Title : Rekha: The Untold Story
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Rekha: The Untold Story Reviews

  • Syl
    2019-01-22 11:52

    I am not a movie buff, in fact I never watch movies, unless forced to. Despite this, I knew of Rekha, the movie star of yesteryear. I knew she was illegitimate, bold, and had an ugly duckling turned swan story, and also of her great ?affair with Amitabh Bachchan, another stalwart of Bollywood. I also remember hearing of her husband's suicide.I was keen to get a glimpse into her life, and Yasser Usman has done a good job in providing an unbiased, hopefully true version of her life. ( I feel it is next to impossible to assess actual facts in an autobio/biography)I came to know of her clouded childhood, the early struggle in the male dominated film industry, and her subsequent rise to stardom, and the occasional scandals associated with her. This book starts with her marriage and subsequent events leading to her husband's suicide, and then goes back into the past to trace her life from childhood till now.All in all, a quick and interesting read. I also had a crash course about all the movies she acted in. Have noted down a couple to watch later on, but I am not very sure that I will be able to do so.

  • Kaustubh Dudhane
    2019-01-13 11:56

    The book is a good narrative which gives a glimpse into the life of Rekha. Although, the book is entertaining enough but most of the sources are from old interviews and media articles (which rarely tell the truth.) The author has done a lot of literature review and less of primary research. However, it saddens me a lot thinking about those times (and today too) when the woman was and is termed as "available" (well our sociology professor used the word fuckable) or not. Moreover, we just feel for Rekha after reading this book. The best thing about this book is that the author has not judged or tried to Rekha.

  • Paromita Goswami
    2018-12-29 09:48

    Since the time I can remember the beauty of this Bollywood Diva enchanted me. I had seen so many of her movies, collected her posters from the magazine, cassette covers, newspapers that I always thought media was in love with this lady. When I grew up a little more I came to know about her alleged relationships with her co-stars and finally her marriage to one of the Delhi based businessman that shocked me along with her other fans. Personally, as a fan, I never visualized her in any of these avatars. I loved her simplicity in Khubsurat, Utsav, Umrao Jaan and Kama Sutra. The last one needs mention because it is different in that genre. There was another movie in which she portrayed the life of a woman who was the only breadwinner of the family. She even gives up her boyfriend when she comes t o know that her widow sister secretly loved him. She portrayed one main quality of a Nari, the woman, mainly sacrifice. And I want to remember her always in that role. In fact all the movies I mentioned here has some of the shades of this trait slightly. She remains one of my favorite.When I bought this book I knew what I would find because the author had already mentioned in the very beginning that he never got a chance to interview Rekha. So this book has all the information about her minus her POV. The author has written the book from a neutral POV. He never exaggerated her at any point in the book. What I enjoyed most in the book was the way he unfolded her layers, one beneath the other, that by the time you end the book you feel totally complete. Complete with the story of your favorite actress and loving her more for what she is, an woman. I enjoyed the simple language the author used for narration. Never once I found the book boring. Excellent read!!Recommended for those who enjoy Bollywood biographies.

  • Mansee
    2018-12-30 16:07

    I would like to give this book a 3.5 but unfortunately Goodreads doesn't allow that so I'm settling for 3. what does not make it a 4 star or a 5 star book is the fact that the author couldn't get Rekha s point of view or any of her close family members or friends. having said that, he did bring our her life in a neutral manner and I know more of the enigmatic Rekha than I knew before. recommended for Bollywood fans

  • Ankita Chauhan
    2018-12-23 14:41

    After exploring the whole book, I could say Yasser Usman weaved a sensible explorations and brought them under a single roof. Although after reading Nasreen Munni Kabir. Somehow you expect more from Author, more research, some detailed interviews. On the other note, I think Rekha's life is like a open book from the beginning of her career. She never carry a personae who hide their emotional bondage and thoughts regarding to respective rumors. Although mostly readers want to know more about her work, film shooting memories, about her mental state when she facing the ups and down into personal as well as professional life. it seemed this book is some kind of essay which ended within a blink, still want to mention it is so engaging. unputdownable. Must Read, I assure you would start love the Rekha more for what she is in real life.

  • Mohit Chauhan
    2019-01-09 13:41

    From delivery by amazon to completion within 5 hours. That's how intrigued I was to know about the enigma called Rekha. A lot has been written and a lot will be written about her and this book will just form a part of all those rumours and nothing more. Its detailed but biased and factual but shallow. Also, 80% of the content is on her affairs of which 50% is on Amitabh. Gets repetitive after a while. And unreal. Give it a pass should you want to or maybe find a better book.

  • Meha Chandra
    2018-12-31 13:50

    While Rekha herself couldn't be interviewed for this book, quotes from her numerous interviews are enough fodder for the reader. The book is actually the Rekha story re-told but all the material at one place together helps the reader make more sense of the actress who went through numerous ups and downs and whose resplendent presence still make the cameras zoom in.

  • Aishwariya
    2019-01-04 14:42

    Started reading 'Rekha- the untold story' by Yasser Usman on Juggernaut Books. Just read about her marriage to Mukesh Agarwal, a businessman who was besotted with her but who was previously involved with someone else and hid it from her. He was also on medication and depressed. He ended up committing suicide and she was blamed for it, being called a black widow and worse by some of her contemporaries.The next chapter talks about her childhood when her mom was 'the other woman' of two men, one of them being Rekha's biological father, Gemini Ganesh.Rekha seems to have rubbed all her boyfriends' mothers' the wrong way with her unconventional ways and with her illegitimate roots over which she, of course, had no control.It's quite a depressing story actually because when you see her go against society and not get accepted by society in India you just wonder if she should have been living in a country abroad where she might have found happiness. All she seems to have faced here is double standards and criticism.She has apparently played a courtesan in over 30 films! So methinks her entire allusion to Amitabh Bacchan as the important 'him' in her life and her earlier insinuations of an affair with him were self- serving to her carefully built image, cemented by 'Silsila'. Affair or not, she has learnt to finally deny it to the press now and move on beyond her doomed marriage to Mukesh the businessman, for whose suicide she was blamed. Now she is the quintessential diva and more reams of newsprint should be devoted to how she has financially supported her rather large family of sisters with not much help from anyone else. Interesting biography.

  • Swati Pande Pande
    2018-12-28 10:51

    Completed reading this book exactly on Madame Re's birthday this year. Had started with loads of hope to know about the great lady .. from her own self. Alas, the book can't even be called as a biography as it is just a collection of excerpts about the lady mentioned in media articles. There are some very good anecdotes and some personal accounts from people like Gulzar and Prakash Mehra etc. But by and large Yaseer Usman has heavily relied on magazine articles and loads of hearsay that goes around in Film fraternity. Who knows, possibly that's the truth ?? The book however gave me huge strength and moral support as to how to learn understand and come out uncouth of the various adversities that life offers to everyone . Rekha ji, you are a born fighter and a winner at that.However, I shall still await for an autobiography from your end.

  • Anita George
    2018-12-25 16:56

    This would be more accurately titled "Rekha: The Told Story." There is nothing here that you couldn't glean from film magazines: no inside information, no interviews of the principal players, and no research. Disappointing.

  • Rahul Sharma
    2019-01-18 13:03

    A swift read. Yasser has done extensive research on the woman and he digs out old interviews, articles that were written to present an extraordinary story of Bhanurekha and her phenomenal rise to stardom. A must read!

  • Pranav Deshpande
    2019-01-19 15:42

    A vivid portrait of an intriguing lady, drawn with finesse and sophistication by a talented author. Enjoyable reading.

  • Shruti Rao
    2018-12-22 08:47

    What an absolutely trashy fun read.

  • Abhishek Chauhan
    2018-12-26 16:49

    A must read for anyone who is into movie magazines and/or intrigued by Rekha.

  • Poornima
    2018-12-22 10:08

    A fascinating insight into the making of the once “bindaas”/no holds barred and now reclusive actress Rekha. Sadly, the book relies a lot on her old interviews & a fair bit of hearsay. Her life story is undoubtedly captivating, but how much more compelling it would be if she were to spill the beans herself. May we have an autobiography please?

    2019-01-09 15:55

    I feel the author has literally just collated his research and told us what we already knew! Cleverly marketed but empty in terms of content as no real insghts were shared. Very disappointing to be honest...

  • Laukik Desai
    2019-01-04 11:07

    Don't go into this book expecting to find answers. It is just a chronology of events, mostly well known. Since the authors has never managed to get any first hand input from the actor herself, it is mostly grapewine, rumours, opinions and published material that gets well presented in this book.Being a huge Amitabh fan, this book increased my respect for the Big B. Simply because of the way he handled all the rumours, his professionalism and his dignified silence.Some of the facts from this book that I did not know earlier are - how Silsila came out to be made, Rekha's pre Muqaddar ka Sikandar films, fact that she started at a very young age and how she tranformed as a human being in His presence.Read it with same seriousness you would read Times of India's Page 3 in City edition!

  • Shivangi Yadav
    2019-01-11 13:51

    This book is an amalgamation of news/gossip/interviews about the actress over the years. In fact the author does not try to delve deep into Rekha's life at all. There are no talks with directors/co-actors about her growth as an actor, no anecdotes about behind the scenes, no insight into her transformation to this diva and her building of the enigma that is Rekha. Half the book is about conjectures of her relationship with Mr B and even in that the author does not add anything new except what already exists in public space.

  • Priya
    2019-01-06 08:44

    A piece of trash full of gossips about the diva. If you are a fan of Rekha and have followed her life closely, you probably know everything written about her in this book. The book gets repetitive and quite obsessed with Amitabh-Rekha romance. The meaty and juicy gossip of the romance of duo has been covered from the numerous interviews given by Rekha to different film magazines like stardust, Fimfare back in 19080s. The other source which the writer refers to is the famous interview Rekha gave to Simi Gerewal in 2004. If you are a Rekha fan, you would not have missed out this classic interview. The book has nothing new in it, atleast for the ardent Rekha fan like me. The hilarious part is all the chapters have been written without any consultation with the reclusive actor and it appears like a collection of gossips which has been published about the actor for decades now. It completely fails to do justice to the most talented actor of the bollywood and strong woman who survived in the male dominated film industry for more than three decades.. Reduces this classy strong woman into a victim.

  • Arcopol Chaudhuri
    2019-01-10 14:07

    First things first: I read this book on the Juggernaut app. It was the first time I read a full-length book on the app, and the experience was quite seamless. (Many congratulations to the Juggernaut tech team.) I felt I was able to read fast, certainly faster than I read a print book. Or maybe it was Rekha's life story which made me read at such a brisk pace.Now, coming to the book: Good. Enjoyable even. Was hoping for a deeper analysis - possibly by speaking to a larger set of people who knew her, or worked with her. Was also hoping that the actress had been interviewed, but the recluse that Rekha has become, I can imagine it must have been impossible to get dignified access. In the absence of any fresh material, or any new revelations, this remains an excellent CliffNotes edition of her life, recommended for a new generation of readers who ought to know that actors and actresses, once upon a time, were candid and forthright in interviews and not as rehearsed and PR-trained as they are now.

  • Sophia
    2018-12-24 15:52

    If this had been a legitimately authorized book by Rekha herself, I would've given this 5 stars. Unfortunately, because it's not (she refused to speak to the author), the author relies on old interviews, quotes, speculation and interviews of Rekha's co-stars and directors to attempt to get a complete story. I enjoyed this book a lot, because while it was very sympathetic towards Rekha, it did not attempt to shy away from the "truth." This book does a great job of showing what a sexist and judgmental crowd Bollywood consisted of (and definitely still does) during Rekha's era. I'd recommend this book. If it had been authorized and Rekha herself had cleared up some things, I think this would've received a 5 (solely based on entertainment value).

  • Aditi Mahale
    2018-12-22 12:55

    The book was okay. The biggest drawback is that this is a second / third person account drawn from interviews with people who have worked with her and past interviews. So the insight and the personal story that would have really made the difference is missing.Doesn't really tell much more from what is already known via all the articles written on this Bollywood star. Like everyone else, the writer is also majorly focused on the Amitabh-Rekha story (several chapters have been spent on this).However some of the anecdotes and insights given by her directors are quite interesting. Overall I felt this was Rekha- The Told Story (all brought in one place).

  • BG
    2018-12-31 16:58

    A very readable biography. A bit disappointed in some of the research though.I wish the author had interviewed more people instead of relying so heavily on past magazine articles. Since we all know that magazines like stardust and cineblitz aren't exactly known for their truthfulness. It was interesting to be able to get the full story about her deceased husband as any information in the past was from gossip magazines.

  • Sudeshna Sen
    2018-12-31 17:00

    The book is a compilation of anecdotes from various sources. We do get to know how Bhanurekha started out and in what circumstances but the middle pages are incidents out of certain timelines only. By the end of the book we are still left to wonder the enigma that Rekha is. It's a good racy read for a dull rainy day.

  • Ashima Jain
    2018-12-28 17:05

    Yasser Usman has woven a fascinating collection of interviews and discussions, together with various articles printed in the media, to reveal the heartbreaking trials and sacrifices behind the glamour and success of a star.Added note - This is the first physical book I have read by this publisher and I am thoroughly impressed by Juggernaut's quality of the hardbound book.

  • Ana
    2018-12-28 08:46

    This book just chronicles the events in Rekha's life from her interviews earlier and also from news articles. It doesn't really give an insight into Rekha's life cos the author didn't get any opportunity to talk to Rekha about her life and what happened really.I would just sum this up as collection of news articles of past 3 or 4 decades and turning them into a book.

  • Pracheta
    2019-01-03 16:03

    I read this compilation when I just wanted to try some new author with local gossip and voila - this is the one. If you are in the mode to "read something different" than usual genre, this could be a easy read about the life of living elusive celebrity.

  • Sonali Mukhopadhyay
    2019-01-19 09:53

    The book has a story style narrative, which makes it a quick and interesting read. It is a compilation of old media news and interviews, but the resource materials have been presented in a very well linked manner without judging any person.

  • Sudama Panigrahi
    2019-01-21 14:42

    A third party version and it feels patchy. Nothing to revel with words. Knew a lot about the legendary actress but there are more in her life and this is a collection of tidbits some from here some from there.

  • Simran Bhatia
    2019-01-18 12:54

    An absolutely wonderful take on the diva and her journey to becoming the one and only Rekha. I will definitely recommend this read because it gave me a glimpse into the hardships and heartbreak of the of the ugly duckling 14 year old starlet to the beautiful Umrao Jaan.