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In this fascinating book, Gary R. Renard and his Ascended Master teachers, Arten and Pursah, guide you through a way of dissolving the illusions of time and space and returning to Reality, which is Perfect Love. This is not love in the way the world commonly thinks of it. It’s an all-encompassing kind of love that is perfect spirit: innocent, unflawed, immortal, invulnerabIn this fascinating book, Gary R. Renard and his Ascended Master teachers, Arten and Pursah, guide you through a way of dissolving the illusions of time and space and returning to Reality, which is Perfect Love. This is not love in the way the world commonly thinks of it. It’s an all-encompassing kind of love that is perfect spirit: innocent, unflawed, immortal, invulnerable, and forever fearless.      Real love, which is Divine in nature, must be experienced, for it is beyond words. Yet words and practice are needed to help lead you to that experience. The knowledge of what it’s like to be one with your Source is the awesome mystical experience that’s been described by Masters throughout the ages. It’s the greatest sense of awareness anyone can have while still appearing to be in this world. This book will teach you exactly how to get to that experience, which upon the end of your physical existence will become your permanent reality. You will find that, indeed, love has forgotten no one....

Title : Love Has Forgotten No One: The Answer to Life
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ISBN : 9781401917234
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Love Has Forgotten No One: The Answer to Life Reviews

  • Eric G.
    2019-01-09 10:21

    Love Has Forgotten No One is the last book of Gary's self proclaimed "DU trilogy series." This book has been 7 years in the making with release dates being pushed back and various reasons as to why this book has taken so long to be released. It has been a highly anticipated release among Renard's fans, as one can see 14- 5 star reviews written, dating back to 2009, prior to the book even being released.After reading this book, it seems to me that Gary isn't even trying anymore. It is like he phoned this one in. This book makes DU look stellar in comparison, and if that was Gary's goal, he certainly succeeded. Otherwise, this is the same old rehashed song and dance with a "new" twist.There is so much that can be said about this book, but I will only hit on some points.The book begins by telling the reader this is about "real" spirituality, not this pop media self help movement spirituality that has been passed off as real. Ironically, this book has a self help section in it which I'll address later on.He then goes on to once again tell the reader the improbability of a layman such as himself being able to write this book without the inspiration of his "teachers." After reading this book, I think Gary is very capable of writing this book on his own, and in fact has done so. Actually, Gary is simply regurgitating much of the same things said in his other two books, so this is more of just repeating than actual writing. Also, Gary didn't write these books on his own. He had the aid of Wapnick's current interpretation of the course. He had the help of the course itself. He had the help of "pop quantum physics" among other sources such as conspiracy theory documentaries.Gary also once again makes the disclaimer that any errors are solely from him and not from his "ascended masters." As with Gary's previous books, his "ascended masters" once again get facts wrong, further demonstrating in all likelihood that Gary's "ascended masters" are made up literary devices to sell books, rather than actual entities that appeared to him to bestow on us this "wisdom".It doesn't take very long for Gary to play the victim and his "ascended masters to enable him to do so. By page 2 the reader is already hearing about the "vendetta" against him from other teachers out of jealousy. Gary continues to say the reason his story about ascended masters is criticized is because of his popularity. If jealousy of popularity were really the motivation behind the criticisms, then it would follow that Marianne Williamson would be more of a target, as she is far more popular than Gary Renard. Yet, the only person that continually takes pot shots at Marianne Williamson is ironically, Gary Renard.In Gary's last book, his "ascended masters" criticized other teachers of the course and other teachers of other paths. Even going as far as to equate them with moving furniture around a burning house. Again, by page 4 the criticisms continue about how most course teachers haven't learned the course. Once again, spiritual elitism is being demonstrated that only Gary and a selected few are teaching the course. This specialness and criticisms of others and course teachers continues on page 7 and then page 9. In fact it continues throughout the book. His "ascended masters" even go as far as to state that 99% of course teachers don't have the (bleep) to tell their students the world is not real? Really, 99% of course teachers? That statement is so ridiculous, I don't think I even need to comment further.Gary's "ascended masters" tell him not to record anymore, as a reason to quash the controversy of their reality, stating that whether they are real or not is superficial. The fact is, this is not a small point. The claims that are being made by these "ascended masters" are extraordinary. The infallibility that they claim is undeniable. The specialness in which they elevate Gary and A Course in Miracles above other teachers and paths, is IMO, antithetical to the course's teachings. So as to whether they really showed up to Gary or he made them up as literary devices is hardly superficial.Gary finally addresses a criticism I've had about his teachings which leads to what Wapnick calls, " Using non-duality as a defense." Essentially, what the course calls trying to counteract error with "knowledge", instead of correcting error from the bottom up. It is the idea of walking around thinking of everyone and everything as illusions, because they read it in a book, without understanding the nuances of the course's metaphysics. This has also been called, "The Advaita Trap" or "The Advaita Shuffle" in other non-dual spiritual circles. It's what leads to ego "enlightenment".Now, not only are other teachers and other paths criticized, but now even saying Namaste is criticized as belittling, because it speaks of "me" and "you" and making individuality "real".Yet the obvious is, to be a teacher of God, you must still speak the language. Namaste is the recognition of Truth in your brother or as the course calls it, The Changeless Reality or Face of Christ in your brother. It is ridiculous to think that Jesus in his time didn't use personal pronouns such as "I" or "you" to convey his teachings, because he certainly uses them in the course speaking to "you", referring to himself as "I" and speaking of his brothers. Gary is trying to be too clever for his own good and it just comes off as ridiculous.I find it completely ironic that Arten, on page 15, states the ego loves differences, when "A&P" continually point out the differences between Gary and other teachers and the course and other paths.But Gary doesn't just repeat the same old song and dance entirely. He also throws in what I call junk food for the mind, like mind traveling throughout the galaxy and entering a Pleiadian spacecraft and speaking with these enlightened Nordic looking extraterrestrials. Reading this section, I felt I was reading some L. Ron Hubbard science fiction novel, especially since L. Ron Hubbard claimed to have also made contact with these beings. I think Gary is just running out of ideas.Gary seems awestruck when told that the entire human race could collectively change the future. I don't know what is so revelationary about this, considering the course says that miracles require cooperation of the Sonship, because the Sonship is the sum of all that God created and miracles make minds One in God. This goes back to criticisms of this solipsistic idea of people walking around, completely self absorbed, thinking they are the center of the universe, discounting their brother and sisters as merely illusions, giving no reality to them."A&P also make "bold" predictions about the weather like London having its first tornado, California getting only 2 inches of rain, etc. They tell Gary that this will happen later in the year. Yet, keep in mind that Gary speaks of last year being 2006-2007, so this time frame is 2007-2008.Actually, these bold predictions are not impressive on two counts. The first being, this book came out in 2013, so this was easily written after these events happened. The second is, London recorded a tornado in Dec. 2006. "A&P"'s claim is this will happen in 2007-2008. It also seems that London was hit by a tornado in October of the year 1091. So this is not the first tornado as claimed by the infallible "ascended masters."Then "Arten" goes on a list of predictions, that some are not predictions at all since the book was released after some of these events or societal trends happened. Other parts are just speculation that can't be proven or unproven.It also doesn't take an "ascended master" to understand that we will have a water problem in the future. People have been making some very thought provoking documentaries on the subject for quite sometime with shocking facts about water consumption and corporations involvement in this around the world. Take a look at Bechtel-The World Bank, and the Bolivia water riots for example.Now we get to the real junk food for the mind! 9/11 conspiracy theories. It seems that "A&P" have been watching documentaries like "Loose Change" and " In Plane Sight", ( Admittingly, I also saw these some years back), I think "A&P" also watched various YouTube clips and listened to people like Alex Jones.This section is awkward and clumsy. It ends almost as quickly as it begins. It just seems to be a way for Gary to voice his own beliefs about 9/11, using the mouthpieces of "A&P" to do so. Of course the reason given in the book is forgiveness. Yet this doesn't really make sense. So to forgive the events of 9/11 itself, it is essential to shift the blame from being the characters of Middle Eastern Terrorists to the possibility that it is the characters of CIA government agents?Remember in the introduction to the book that it said this book is about "real" spirituality and not the self help movement that has been passed off as real? Well here we come to the part of the book that is obviously the self help section. This section is so poorly written and so vague, that I cannot help but to think that the following topics were discussed simply as a segue to Gary's "wave of the future" vitamins.I think ironically, had another teacher or even course teacher written this section, people would be screaming, "Making the body real! Making the body real!" Though I guess if Gary makes disclaimers before writing something, it is different.The advice given is so common sense and elementary that I have seen better articles written on the subject in my wife's trendy magazines.First, Gary is told to go for walks. It has been known for years that walking is one of the best exercises for someone to do and is recommended that people walk for 30 minutes continually a day.Then Gary is told that whenever he thinks about it, to take a deep breath. Wow, what vague advice.It has been well documented that people living in western society tend to breathe up in their chest, taking quick shallow breathes. This exacerbates stress. Even when told to take a deep breath, people tend to attempt this by chest breathing. Better advice rather than whenever you think about it, one should regularly practice breathing techniques such as the Yogi Complete Breath or Qigong dan tien breathing. Learning to breathe from the diaphragm rather than from the chest. Then if one wants to, they could move onto more advanced pranayama breathing exercises. This not only clears out the diaphragm, but the mind and chi in the body.And of course he is told to stretch, getting some sun, eat your fruits and vegatables, and drinking fruit and/or Noni juice, etc.Gary's "ascended masters" tell him that it's OK to do yoga even though it makes the body real. In Western society, yoga has been a craze for sometime. There is yoga for abs, yoga for the back, yoga for weight loss, etc. Essentially Western society focuses on the posture aspect of yoga, but this is not the original purpose of yoga and is certainly not yoga itself. It is only one aspect of yoga.To state that yoga makes the body real, is to state that this is its purpose, but that is not its purpose. True yoga was always aimed at recognizing oneself as that which is eternal, infinite, and unchangeable.The course teaches that we are not a body, but it also states that while in the physical realm, we have a body, and to deny this is an unworthy form of denial.The aim of the postures (asana) in Patanjali Yoga for example, is actually used as a way to dis-identify with the body, because it helps ease discomforts and pain, which can cause the mind to become preoccupied with the body. The more preoccupied the mind is with this, the more the mind identifies itself as a body. The postures are merely a stepping stone for the mind to actually begin to dis-identify itself as a body . Yet, without breath work (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana), yoga is merely relegated to a mere exercise, instead of a spiritual practice that aims to "Know Thyself".Unfortunately, Gary's "ascended masters" seem to have the same ignorant perception of what yoga is as a lot of westerners do. I think Gary should have done his homework before making such a flippant remark about something he doesn't really know all that much about.Gary's "ascended masters then tell Gary that in the 20 years since they met, Gary hasn't aged. Seriously? This is something that Gary has been saying for years now. I don't know if he's trying to convince himself or his fans. I hate to break it to Gary, but it is quite obvious that he has aged.I then get to read Gary tell me about dolphins as if he were explaining this to a 5 year old who just watched an episode of Animal Planet. This tone continues as he talks to "A&P" about the course. It is just the same repeated formulaic points that he made in his first book, his 2nd book, and even earlier in this book and I just feel like Gary is talking to a child with these contrived conversations meant to seem organic.The thing about Gary's books, is that he seems to think that if he prefaces any discussions with the disclaimer about not "making it real", that somehow what he says is more spiritual than other authors and spiritual paths. Yet, reading his books, it is quite obvious that he is "making it as real" as anyone else, if we're even going to use such a term. People seemed to be so concerned about looking spiritual, that making disclaimers such as "not making it real" followed by making it real are amusing.And of course, Gary mentions his current wife who will be his/her future husband, and how his ex-wife will be his/her future 1st husband who is killed, etc. etc. Just more soap opera junk food for the mind to grab onto and devour.And of course, Gary's "ascended masters" cleverly open the door for Cindy to write a book in the future too.The bottom line, either Gary doesn't even care anymore or he has run out of clever stories to tell.It's the same old song and dance. The movie projector analogy. Other teachers don't get it. Other paths don't get it. "Arten and Pursah" are really the Holy Spirit. Heaven is even once again compared to an orgasm. He couldn't write the book on his own. He's a victim. He's such a good course student. He's so popular. He's Thomas. He's only one a few actually teaching the course, etc.If one is looking for an answer to life, this book is not it, though that is the claim. This is honestly one of the worst "spiritual" books I have read. It's poorly written, veers off into Sci-fi, and takes on conspiracy theories as absolute facts. It's boring in other parts, and it attempts to exalt Gary and A Course in Miracles over other paths. Something that is antithetical to the course's teachings. Gary either tries to dumb himself down and/or the reader down to give the appearance his "ascended masters" are far more wise than they actually are.We live in a fast food culture, but A Course in Miracles is not McSpirituality. As a society, if people don't understand something right away or get results right away, they look to short cuts. They look for someone to explain it to them, and then accept and adopt the 2nd hand explanations as "truth". The course is not Truth, it is only attempting to point the way. Gary's explanations aren't truth. They're essentially regurgitated Wapnick's CURRENT interpretations simplified.Everyone interprets the course, because everyone reads the course through one's own perception and perception IS interpretation. It is essential that people understand that everyone interprets the course. Otherwise, just like criticisms of organized religion, people will claim dogmatic and fundamentalist ideas that only they are teaching this or that. Dogma can infiltrate "unorganized spirituality" as easily as organized religion. These dogmatic ideas are already in Gary's books in the guise of forgiveness.If one sees the course as their path and want to understand the course. Then read the course. Then re-read it, and read it again and again. Meditate on it. Ask your Inner Teacher for guidance as to what a passage means. You may not grasp it right away, but when you do, it will be a much deeper experience than a 2nd hand explanation of another's interpretation.Eric

  • Jay Matthews
    2019-01-22 11:28

    Wonderful Book!I really enjoyed this book and didn't want it to end. Very inspirational and warm yet with some nice humor too. Thanks Gary!

  • Kemila Zsange
    2019-01-17 11:12

    This book is my favorite out of the trilogy, or maybe at the end of 2013 I am at a different place to read “A Course in Miracles” related book? And delightfully the best part I found is not said by Arten and Pursah, but the author Gary Renard, as Pursah puts it: “ You keep getting it more deeply all the time.” A&P let Gary do more and more talk now when they appear, and Gary’s has taken it on so nicely. I particularly like the overall review Gary makes when they first appeared during this series on from page 7 to page 11. Listen to this:In the deepest canyons of our unconscious mind is the guilt that goes all the way back to the original idea of being separate from God, which is the so-called original sin that is really the source of our upsets. But then we assign the reason for our upset to be something outside of ourselves, because that’s where we projected it. So we think we’re upset because we’re not going to have enough money for retirement or because the terrorists are going to blow up our airplane and we forget that It’s not the projection at all that’s really upsetting us, but its source in the mind. I also like Gary’s new definition of “asshole” – a dream figure that was an image I projected from my own unconscious mind who was a scapegoat for my guilt over the original separation from God, who occasionally appeared to say things to me that one might consider to be inappropriate. If I ever have my chance to meet my own – oh how I’d love it! – Arten and Pursah, I’d definitely request a MIND TRANSPORT – astral travel. That amazing experience! So this second chapter of the book, A Tour of the In-Between Life, the whole chapter is about this Out of Body Experience.Arten said, “Most of the people in the history books were war makers – you and your readers are peacemakers.” Thank you for acknowledging that. Imagine that: A hundred years from now we won’t just be able to go to the movies, we’ll be able to go IN the movie. They’ll be holographic – totally lifelike. You’ll be able to meet and interact with people who aren’t there, like in your life now, and they will seem completely real to you, right down to the touch. You already have the technology today where you can feel things that aren’t there. In the future, you’ll have movies that mimic reality so completely that you won’t be able to tell the difference between the real illusion and the phony illusion. And imagine having sex in a movie. You are perfect. The world is perfect. The ideas about you and the world may not be perfect. Undo the ideas, and you see the perfection.Extend your love into the world that isn’t there.

  • Mayra Correa e Castro
    2019-01-13 13:11

    O Amor não esqueceu ninguém é o último da trilogia iniciada com O Desaparecimento do Universo (DU), de Gary R. Renard. Terminá-lo dá aquela sensação chata de perder uma excelente companhia. (O único consolo são as quase 1,5 mil página do UCEM, estas bem mais difíceis de ler rápido.) O que esperamos então deste final é saber como Gary conheceu sua atual esposa (um relato bastante banal, aliás), e mais algumas revelações surpreendentes sobre as artimanhas do ego. Aviso logo que o livro cumpre. E Gary nos avisa que este ele escreveu sem ter gravado as conversas com Arten e Pursah. Poderia acontecer da escrita ficar prejudicada, mas não foi o caso. Colaborou pra isso a tônica ter recaído muito mais nas experiências particulares de perdão do autor, às voltas com a fama trazida pela surpreendente venda do DU mundo afora, que sobre as teorias do Curso. Gary fala muito de si – e isso é bom, acredite. Zero petulância, zero cinismo, zero deslumbramento. Acompanhamos sua história como se fosse a nossa. Bem, você sabe que é a tua: ou então não se trata do não-dualismo radical do UCEM pra começo de conversa.Abaixo seguem citações com comentários. Mal posso esperar um novo livro dele! Imagino que você também.Leia o restante desta resenha com as citações escolhidas e comentadas em:

  • Sidney
    2018-12-31 10:15

    Gary's Love Has Forgotten No One is a wonderful book. Some might criticize the repetition in his latest work but the Course itself is repetition. Some ideas we fight and we have to twist and turn an idea until it clicks. Renard's latest says many of the same things as his seminal book, Disappearance of the Universe. It feels as if much of it is drilled down to expand the ideas and deepen your understanding. There is beauty in seeing Gary deal with some of his own forgiveness lessons. It is the very reason I so enjoyed and learned from his previous books. I feel as if some of that is missing in this book. Yes, he delves some into a few of his lessons but it feels as if he leaves the process and vulnerability out that was in other work. In the end I'm glad I read it. It is always a good refresh. People always seem to want something new and sparkly. I think Gary really has made understanding A Course in Miracles much more simple though. To get anything new he's have to start making things up and he's accused of that already. Amazing Con or honest Abe the understanding of the Course is deep and the work helps people grow in their study.

  • Andy Nieradko
    2019-01-08 10:23

    I received this book for free from Hay House, for review purposes. I wasn't financially compensated, and this is my honest opinion of this work. That said, in the beginning of Love Has Forgotten No One, I thought this was going to be my first 1 star review. However, I stayed with it, and by the end, if not completely convinced, I was fascinated. Gary Renard has an interesting story to tell, as well as some unique, tough lessons to teach. This book will have the most appeal to folks who study A Course In Miracles, as the author is a teacher of that material. However he seems to be doing much more than just echoing ACIM lessons. Reading channeled material can be distracting, and really asks a lot of some of us. But if you can get past all that and focus on the message you may find yourself as intrigued as I was. The author has a good sense of humor, and does a good job of presenting some interesting ways of looking at enlightenment.

  • Mark Austin
    2019-01-19 11:41

    ★ - Most books with this rating I never finish and so don't make this list. This one I probably started speed-reading to get it over with.★★ - Average. Wasn't terrible, but not a lot to recommend it. Probably skimmed parts of it.★★★ - Decent. A few good ideas, well-written passages, interesting characters, or the like.★★★★ - Good. This one had parts that inspired me, impressed me, made me laugh out loud, made me think - it got positive reactions and most of the rest of it was pretty decent too.★★★★★ - Amazing. This is the best I've read of its genre, the ones I hold on to so I can re-read them and/or loan them out to people looking for a great book. The best of these change the way I look at the world and operate within it.

  • Robert DuPuy
    2019-01-02 09:38

    Overall, I liked the book. My expectations were quite high given the wait for this book, so I was a bit disappointed when much of the content related to non-ACIM themes such as space ships and 9/11 conspiracy theories. I believe Gary is one of the best spokesmen out there for the course, but I'm having a difficult time understanding where he is going with some of his actions (like selling vitamin pills through pyramid marketing) to explanations on alien beings. These aren't the things I'm looking for when I pick up a book on Course in Miracles. All in all, I have to admit this isn't one of his best efforts.

  • Rogier
    2018-12-28 16:40

    Lovely. This truly completes the trilogy, and connects all the loose ends, so you get to see the whole panorama, including the continuity of current, past and future lives.Gary's work is some of the most dynamic stuff about the Course. It reads like a thriller, and you can't help but come away with a good understanding of the basic principles of the Course, even if you never heard of it before.

  • Joni
    2019-01-02 11:36

    I really enjoyed this book because of the author's hopeful outlook on the future of everything. The third of a trilogy, I'm not sure this book would make any sense at all unless you read the two prior books. At any rate, I liked it a lot and even though it's way out there, it seems more logical to me than any philosophy I've yet encountered.

  • Cecilia Simonis
    2019-01-19 12:19

    The third book in the Disappearance of the universe trilogy. Again if you don't want to change do not read it. It really stretches one.

  • Iciar Piera
    2019-01-03 13:25

    De los tres es quizás el que menos me ha gustado pero aun así he disfrutado de su lectura.

  • ???!!!
    2019-01-20 12:11

    Any comment I write here will be insufficient to describe the impact this book could give you.

  • Marco Gonzalez
    2019-01-06 09:11

    Awesome book!!