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Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, an intrepid and eccentric adventurer, transferred his passion for flying to the written word by writing several classics of aviation literature, including Southern Mail and Night Flight. Based on Saint-Exupéry's trail-blazing flights for the French airmail service over the Sahara and later, the Andes, these two novels evoke the tragic courage andAntoine de Saint-Exupéry, an intrepid and eccentric adventurer, transferred his passion for flying to the written word by writing several classics of aviation literature, including Southern Mail and Night Flight. Based on Saint-Exupéry's trail-blazing flights for the French airmail service over the Sahara and later, the Andes, these two novels evoke the tragic courage and nobility of the airborne pioneers who took enormous risks, flying in open cock-pits in planes that were often fragile and unstable....

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Southern Mail; Night Flight Reviews

  • Sara Jesus
    2019-01-06 10:51

    "O principezinho " é um dos meus livros favoritos. Adoro o modo como Saint Exupéry narra os acontecimentos. Por isso foi com imensa alegria que descobri este livro no Continente e o devorei num instante."Voo Noturno" descreve a vida de um piloto que tem uma grande responsabilidade entre mãos. É nele que várias vidas se encontram e sobrevivem. É impressionante a descrição detalhada que o autor faz do modo de vida da viação. Como as mulheres sofriam sem notícias dos seus maridos. E o modo como o correiro era transportado podendo demorar messes a chegar o seu destino." Correio do Sul" centra-se no drama de Guiuvene que vive um casamento frutrado e tenta encontrar a felicidade com o amante Jacques.Ao contrário do que alguns dizem, não considero o livro seja de difícil entendimento nem de difícil compreensão. Serviu-me para compreender que este autor pode escrever livros mais adultos e magistrais.

  • Hugo
    2019-01-19 17:00

    Não consegui de maneira nenhuma gostar da escrita de Saint-Exupéry aqui. Para além de ter sido bastante difícil decifrar o que realmente estava a acontecer em qualquer um dos livros, ambos claramente baseados nas experiências do autor enquanto piloto, nada me cativou.

  • Rhys
    2019-01-03 16:41

    Two utterly remarkable novels in one volume.I read Southern Mail when I went to Macedonia earlier this year. A friend of mine, the wonderful Brankica Bozinovska is a flight traffic controller in Skopje Airport, and I had travelled to her country to visit her, so the theme of this novel seemed totally appropriate. It's a wonderful piece of writing.I read Night Flight a few months later. Southern Mail is very good but this second novel is absolutely stunning, one of the best books I've ever read. A 1930s French novel set in Argentina about aeroplanes. What could be better? The style is intensely poetic but also muscular. Its epigrammatic insights are lyrical but they are also crystalline and precise. That's a very difficult technique for any writer to manage successfully.Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is one of my heroes. I want to be like him! I want to be not only a brilliant writer but also to have incredible adventures!

  • Douglas
    2019-01-20 17:59

    Not easy to follow sometimes, but the unique style is commendable.

  • Trounin
    2019-01-20 14:30

    На свершения человека толкают неблагоприятные обстоятельства. У сытого и всем довольного не возникнет желания изменить жизнь, ему не захочется делать сверх имеющегося. Так и Экзюпери стал пробовал себя в беллетристике из-за случавшихся с окружающими его людьми катастроф. Антуан старался примерить на себя жизни других, ему казалось, что это у него получалось. Если верить сторонним источникам, то современники горячо приветствовали его литературные пробы, хотя читатель знает, сам Экзюпери продолжал бороться с критиками, порицавшими стремление молодого автора к чрезмерному привнесению в сюжеты рабочих моментов.(c) Trounin

  • Benjamin Kass
    2018-12-28 13:51

    The stars are really more for Night Flight (which blends adventure with a thoughtful look at why we risk people's lives for trivial things (like mail)) than for the softer, gooier Southern Mail. Helps you rethink/recognize the sacrifices behind the world which the past built for us. Still might like Wind, Sand, Stars better, though.

  • Stuart
    2019-01-14 13:44

    and what of the ostriches, who close their eyes in self-defense?perhaps the only truth is the peace to be found in books"To hell with your lights! I've got the moon."We enter the night: beasts, man and things

  • Billy
    2019-01-12 15:59

    Saint Exupery's first two novelle packaged together, which I bought at the Galignani bookstore when I went to visit C in Paris for the end of her business trip last month. Southern Mail was dappled with some beautiful turns of phrase, but overall was too sentimental for my taste - too much love story/not enough aviation. Plus with translated prose it's difficult to escape the suspicion that what you're appreciating is not the author's work, but that of the translator. Night Flight was much better on both counts - this is unmistakably a flying story, and the Buenos Aires station manager Riviere's worldview, with his steadfast faith in the future of overnight flying and his harsh and exacting demands on the mechanics, pilots and others under his command as part of a continuous effort to perfect the enterprise and carve down the margin of error, is distinct enough to permeate the language barrier. Some hauntingly beautiful and sad meditations on the transcendent majesty and terror of delivering oneself up to and intruding upon the sky, and I couldn't help but think of last summer's Air France 447, the lost Patagonia plane in here being a fictional forebear in a way. I wish I could daydream the way Saint Exupery writes.

  • Amira
    2019-01-07 14:45

    It was cool to read this while in Morocco and flying over the places mentioned in the book.. Marakesh, Agadir...etc. and staying at a hotel that surprisingly had little figurines of Le Petit Prince everywhere. I probably should have read them with more heart though. I was expecting more from Saint-Exupery. There are some interesting thoughts and sentences in the books, both exploring the human condition though with Southern Mail, it's the vulnerabilities rather than the strengths that I perceived in Night Flight. They will both require another reading.

  • Michael de Percy
    2019-01-11 17:32

    These two works cover the pioneering era of airmail. The author's experience as a pilot is obvious yet it is combined with rich imagery amidst strong characters. Nothing is missed in detailing the victory, the bureaucracy, the heroes, the futility, the drive, the loved ones, and the tragedy of flying the mail in North Africa and South America in the 1920s. A wonderful book where the magic of The Little Prince is not lost but transported to a completely different genre with relative ease.

  • jacob louis
    2019-01-15 14:37

    I find Night Flight to be one of the most moving and satiating works of literature I have ever encountered. St-Exupéry's language (in translation by Curtis Cate) has simple austerity and profound humanity. Just as good as Wind Sun and Stars. Southern Mail, written much earlier, is nowhere near the whittled down brilliance of the other work. But it is very interesting for a St-Exupéry fan to find the differences in style, and certainly an enjoyable by anyone else as well.

  • Phillip Ramm
    2019-01-16 16:40

    Brief philosophical novel(s) (long short stories really) on the nature of risk, duty, death, love, loss, bad weather, small planes, and mail delivery. Set in the Sahara/Andes in the late 20's.

  • Anna
    2019-01-19 16:50

    Antoine de Saint - Exepery used his experience as aviator to write great books.

  • Daniela Lopes
    2019-01-08 11:39

    Infelizmente, apaixonada pela escrita pura do Principezinho, pensei encontrar na minha segunda tentativa com Exupery uma paisagem similar. No entanto, estas duas obras pouco têm de similar com o esperado; foram duas obras que me seduziram muito pouco, muito técnicas para o meu entender, muito sentimentais mas num emaranhado muito complicado de ler. Nota-se o amor puro de Exupery pela aviação, por estas personagens e, a meu ver, por essa mesma razão todo o sentimento escrito só por ele poderá ser entendido.