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This is the extraordinary account of the first scientific expedition to radio-collar and study the rare, elusive snow leopard in its natural habitat. It is also a story of love and high adventure that provides a fascinating, affecting profile of a people inhabiting one of the most isolated and inhospitable regions in the world—the Kanjiroba Himal of western Nepal....

Title : Vanishing Tracks: Four Years Among the Snow Leopards of Nepal
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ISBN : 9780688100056
Format Type : Paperback
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Vanishing Tracks: Four Years Among the Snow Leopards of Nepal Reviews

  • Sheena
    2019-01-03 05:16

    Would love to see a snow leopard in the wild but have to accept some things do not come to pass. This was the next best thing

  • Jakob
    2019-01-06 02:17

    Vanishing Tracks: Four Years among the Snow Leopards of Nepal was written by Darla Hillard. I think she wrote this book to document the findings of the research project that she and her colleagues did during the events of the book. Based on the content of the story, her friends that had been a part of the project wanted her to write a book about the project using diaries and notes written during the project, so she did. During this book, the main characters are the author and several of her friends who are going to Nepal to do extensive research on the elusive snow leopard. With lots of help from native villagers, they manage to establish several camps throughout the rugged terrain of a Nepalese gorge to radio collar and track snow leopards. Thus, I believe that a main theme is survival, since they were completely focused on, after their studies, of course, on surviving in the harsh conditions of the study area. Another theme might be perseverance, since the characters had to persevere to stay in it to complete the project and put up with each other for four years. This story was told in first person, because the reader only had insight into the author’s thoughts and feelings and only knew what the others were feeling based on what the author knew. This story is also a narrative because it was told through the chronological revealing of the story’s events. This type combination of styles suites this story as it is a compilation of the events of a research project. I think that these two things make the whole story kind of like one big diary of one of the characters. It makes the story seem like it was a documentation instead of a story. Since it actually happened instead of being solely for entertainment, it is fitting that it was arranged like this. This book was an okay book, as far as I was concerned. I usually like survival type books, so I picked this one because it sounded interesting. But, it didn’t really seem to ever get going. It was a fairly repetitive pattern of the characters going to Nepal, getting to an airport, flying to a remote village, hiking to the study area, staying for a while, going home, and stating all over. Plus, there was a lot of waiting written in. There was almost always a paragraph stating how much they had to wait. There were also many sentences and paragraphs just stating how miserable the characters were, making me wonder what the point was at all. There was never a ton of stuff to keep the reader interested other than wondering how it would end. But, that’s what kept me reading and I eventually finished. Other than being a bit bland, drawn out, and repetitive, it was an okay read.

  • g-na
    2018-12-17 06:24

    The adventures of a young couple studying snow leopards in the extreme remote regions of the Nepalese Himalayas. The man, a biologist, went on to found the Snow Leopard Conservancy in order to help preserve these beautiful, but extremely endangered, animals. After reading this book I was ready to go adventuring in Central Asia as well, I was so captivated by the descriptions of the wilderness and, of course, of the snow leopards themselves. Recommended.

  • Teresa
    2018-12-21 10:19

    This an amazing book to me. Well written, entertaining. One can almost visualize the country side by the way the author describes it.I wish I had read it closer to the time it was written, but alas.

  • Johnr66
    2019-01-04 05:29

    Rodney Jackson and the author travel to a remote mountainous region of Nepal to study the endangered and elusive snow leopard. Just to get into the study area required long treks on foot through often foul weather and over mountain passes. They needed to find, trap and collect preliminary data on the cats in time so they could get funding to continue their study. The story at times seems to move slowly but I find it overall to be a great adventure.

  • Eileen
    2018-12-26 04:31

    Could not get into it.