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FOUR SEASONS - FOUR COUPLES - FOUR CHANCES AT LOVEA Long Winter KissAs Samantha and Rex’s childhood friendship matured into young love, they promised their hearts to one another, even as Rex headed off to war. But their hope for a bright future was shattered when Rex succumbed to his belief that the horrors of war had made him a man no woman could love. Now he has returnedFOUR SEASONS - FOUR COUPLES - FOUR CHANCES AT LOVEA Long Winter KissAs Samantha and Rex’s childhood friendship matured into young love, they promised their hearts to one another, even as Rex headed off to war. But their hope for a bright future was shattered when Rex succumbed to his belief that the horrors of war had made him a man no woman could love. Now he has returned, and Samantha must help Rex see that he still has much to give—and much more to gain—by replacing fear with faith and opening himself to love.An Unlikely Spring CourtshipTempest worked hard to secure her independence as a woman running her own mercantile, so when Bram has the audacity to open a competing shop in a town with only enough room for one, Tempest is driven to despair. And then to retaliation. But when tragedy strikes their community and threatens everything they both hold dear, will they be able to recognize that what they share is far more important than what separates them?A Summer for LoveLoralee’s life has changed dramatically in the eight years since she’s last seen the resort town of Bayocean, but one thing that has never changed is her feelings for Wyatt, a man she promised to meet at the resort on a specific day if they were both still unattached. When Wyatt appears on that date, as hopeful and uncertain as Loralee, the two must see if an old and abiding love has outlasted the changes wrought by time—and begin to build a new life together.Romance in AutumnPhoebe and James grew up together but apart in the same beautiful mansion, he as the son of the owners, she as the daughter of a servant. In the years since, Phoebe’s fortunes have changed dramatically, and she carries the dream of one day owning the mansion that is still close to her heart. Until James—now a deeply compelling man—delivers the bad news that securing the purchase will be all but impossible. As Phoebe reluctantly relinquishes her dream, she will also look deep into her soul to learn that a true home might exist in her budding love for James.“Stacy Henrie possesses superior storytelling skills, her historical accuracy and attention to detail are unsurpassed, and she knows how to create characters we can identify with and whom we really care for.” —Fresh FictionAbout the Author:USA Today bestselling author Stacy Henrie is the author of western romances and the Of Love and War series, which includes Hope at Dawn, a 2015 RITA Award finalist for excellence in romance. She was born and raised in the West, where she currently resides with her family. She enjoys reading, road trips, interior decorating, chocolate, and most of all, laughing with her husband and kids. You can learn more about Stacy and her books by visiting her website....

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Love for All Seasons Reviews

  • Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)
    2019-02-22 13:13

    I enjoy novellas for a quick reading fix when life is crazy, but I absolutely love a well-written novella that has a full story arc and characters that I connect with emotionally. Love for All Seasons was a perfect reading experience! As soon as I finished one story, I couldn't wait to start the next one. Each story was unique and imaginative, with details that helped me imagine the historical settings and mannerisms of the characters without detracting from the pacing of the plot. I felt like I cared about what happened next, and was invested in the happy ending from the first chapter of every story. There is an inspirational thread of faith woven in that was uplifting and touching. Of course, the sweet romance is what I love about these stories and the author skillfully developed chemistry and tension that builds as the main characters grow closer together while overcoming obstacles to their relationship. It's interesting that I can share the same praise for all the stories but the premises and details are so different. It was too hard to pick a favorite from the four stories set in each of the four seasons, so I recommend reading them all and deciding for yourself ;) Can't wait to read more from this author!(I received a copy of this book from the publisher; all opinions expressed are my own)

  • Katie W
    2019-03-21 13:49

    I love this author's writing style and loved how well the novellas came together into stories that felt complete. For as much as I complain about certain seasons (namely winter because I hate being freezing cold all of the time...and maybe autumn because right now, I'm pretty tired of raking leaves), I LOVE having seasons. There are things that I love about each and every one and having a sweet story set in each season is truly magical.The holidays come alive with Samantha and Rex's second chance romance. The effects of the Civil War don't leave this couple unscathed and I enjoyed how everything played out. Their friendly competitions put a smile on my face, as did their later interactions.Tempest and Bram engage in a fierce rivalry with competing businesses. I love how feisty and dedicated each of them are, but especially Tempest, who really lives up to her name. The way they come to awareness over their behaviors is delightful.Loralee and Wyatt have a charming deal--if they're both unattached, they'll meet up and see if it's possible to kindle a romance. What better way to spend a summer? These two characters are adorable and their story warmed my heart as fast as the summertime sun.Phoebe and James live opposite lives in the same world. This autumn romance shows that it just might be possible for love to conquer all--even social statuses. The hopeful current of this concluding novella is the perfect finish to a great collection.If you want little snippets to brighten your day and take you through a year of weather, holidays, and love, try this book out! Content: mild romance; very mild war violence.*I received a copy through Prism Book Tours. A favorable review was not required and all thoughts and opinions are my own.*

  • Staci
    2019-03-18 11:08

    This novella collection has four stories with each focused on a different season:A Long Winter KissAn Unlikely Spring CourtshipA Summer For LoveRomance in AutumnThey were set in the late 1800s or early 1900s. My favorite of the four was A Summer for Love. It reminded me of the movie An Affair to Remember. All four stories were sweet romances.My gratitude to the author for a complimentary copy of Love for All Seasons.

  • Lisa(Bookworm Lisa)
    2019-03-22 13:58

    4.5 stars I loved this anthology! The stories are short and super sweet. I loved all of the characters and wanted to see their romances bloom. The book has a romance for each season of the year. I think anytime of the year is a great time to fall in love, but this book has different courtships for each season.The stories are clean and pure fun to read. This is a feel good romance that can be read at once, or one story at a time. It is lighthearted and well written. Stacy Henrie is an author that I will look for in the future.

  • Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower)
    2019-03-02 12:52

    Novellas are a tricky thing – the balance between word count and depth of story is a fine line. Whenever I find an author who can encapsulate into a novella everything I love about a full length novel, I keep that author on my go-to reading list.Stacy Henrie is one such author.Each novella in Love for All Seasons could easily be its own novel if word count wasn’t a criteria. I was caught up in each story, the plots well-paced and complete, and in the vivid characters who came to life on the pages. The sweet romances of course captured my heart, and even here Henrie does a fantastic job of building tension and chemistry between the leads while keeping the timeline realistic.If you are looking for some sweet historical romances, set in different eras, tied together with a similar inspirational thread, look no further than Love For All Seasons by Stacy Henrie. It’s a collection that easily be read in one sitting, but you’ll also find yourself wanting to savor each story, reluctant to leave the characters behind. An excellent set of novellas, all four strong and each one unique.(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.)see my full review at Reading Is My SuperPower

  • Melanie
    2019-02-26 15:06

    Love for All Seasons was such a great collection of novellas! I loved all the novellas, but I did think the third one was a little too short (which is really the only negative thing I felt about this collection). ;)It's difficult for me to pick a favorite novella, because they were all so good; but, I think I'd pick the first or second, if I had to choose one.I liked the characters in each story a lot and the romance was sweet. I especially loved the second-chance romance in the first novella.All in all, I recommend Love for All Seasons if you like clean romances. *Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention/review it on my blog. I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion - which I've done. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.*

  • Monique Daoust
    2019-03-08 18:02

    In this delightful collection of novellas, Stacy Henrie navigates various eras with a romance for every season of the year. I think it’s a brilliant idea, and I hope the author does this type of anthology again, maybe with Holidays. A LONG WINTER KISS, the first novella is set in Michigan in May 1861. Rexford Montgomery is happy to join the army, he wants to see more than his little corner of the world. He tells his childhood best friend Samantha Whitefield to wait for him, that he loves her. They write to each other constantly, until Rex tells Samantha to forget him and not to write anymore. And my heart went out to Samantha! I’m always amazed at how Ms. Henrie so easily creates a believable atmosphere and engaging characters, even in a novella. In this case, they’re simple people in a farm setting, and the dialogues when Sammie and Rex reminisce about childhood memories rang so true, and I really laughed out loud. A LONG WINTER KISS is so lovely, I would have liked maybe a full-length novel because there was even more to tell about their lives, not that it was rushed, but because it was so good. The inspirational part is important to the story, and the time, as the devastation of war touched everyone. And what a very lovely Christmas there is in A LONG WINTER KISS. AN UNLIKELY SPRING COURTSHIPTempest Blakely had misplaced her ledger, and found it under a hammer which she is still brandishing when a very good looking man enters her store: Bram Wakeman. He’s new in town and she invites him to a party that neighbours are hosting. However, Tempest didn’t know that Bram was the competition: he is set to open a new general store, he will be Tempest’s direct competition! Tempest relishes the independence she has and will not lose her store to this handsome man! And O how I loved Tempest: her spunk, her determination not to be confused with pigheadedness. Ms. Henrie paints such a clear picture of an 1867 small Idaho City town, it seemed as I was watching a movie because of Ms. Henrie’s eloquent prose, and the pastor’s sermon really hits home. AN UNLIKELY COURTSHIP is a marvellous story of charity, kindness, and the author adds fabulous historical details, which I will not mention here for fear of giving away spoilers. What a charming story without any nastiness, which the situation could have provoked; Tempest and Bram deal with a difficult situation with compassion and understanding, and it was terrific! A SUMMER FOR LOVELoralee Love, now a world famous singer, is going back to the place where she first fell in love, and spent the best summer of her life: Bayocean, Oregon. She was sent to work as a maid in the Bayocean Hotel when she was 16, but eight years later, she will be performing. In 1914, Loralee had met Wyatt Noble, they loved each other but it was not possible for several reasons to continue their relationship, and they agreed to meet in 1922, if they were still free. I almost felt only Jean Harlowe was missing: the clothes, the atmosphere, especially swimwear; this is one of the things I love most about Stacy Henrie: no revisionism ever! Loralee and Wyatt’s first meeting was magical; it was as if they saw each other and the sun fell upon them; I could imagine their smiles, the sparkle in their eyes; just wonderful! Loralee has a keen sense of justice, and I loved that Wyatt wanted to be a successful businessman and not compromise his integrity and spirituality. A SUMMER FOR LOVEalso spoke to me for a very special reason: I love the smell of wood and lumber! I wish this novella had been longer as well; the era is so beautifully recreated, I wanted to read more about it.ROMANCE IN AUTUMNNow an heiress, Phoebe Hill is all set to buy the house of her dreams. Baywood House is where Phoebe spent her summers when she was a child, and even though she was the cook’s daughter, she played with James Austin, the oldest son of the family. No one is supposed to be on the premises, but the handsome man who surprises her is her old friend James! He has come over from England for the sale, and conditions have changed; will Phoebe’s dream come true?ROMANCE IN AUTUMN is so very beautiful, and Ms. Henrie’s descriptive talent shines as never before; it was easy to see why Phoebe loved the Newport mansion so much. All the stories are very enjoyable, but I think ROMANCE IN AUTUMN is my favourite because the visuals are simply stunning; it’s in all the little details, I can’t precisely put my finger on it, it’s so gorgeous, filled with warmth. The writing is exquisite, the banter between James and Phoebe is lovely, and the chemistry between them is undeniable. I almost never quote, but I couldn’t help it: “… what he ought to be doing with the season of his life”. Stacy Henrie is one of my favourite historical authors, and this anthology is a very special treat, as the author navigates various eras with equal ease and accuracy. What a relief it is to read romances where the heroes are real gentlemen. Those are inspirational romances, and even if I must repeat myself again, in my opinion this is where a lot of the authenticity lies: God played a central part of the lives of people in centuries past, which most historical authors seem to conveniently set aside to comply with modern sensibilities. The Author’s Notes also deserve to be read. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  • Lydia
    2019-03-01 11:47

    A wonderful collection historical novella's. What made them truly remarkable was their unique story lines set in different time periods.

  • Sydney
    2019-02-28 15:48

    Different characters, different seasons, but all filled with plenty of warmth, love, and heart. Stacy Henrie has written four sweet, historical-romance novellas in four different “seasons” as well as incorporating the different “seasons” of a person’s life. Readers will enjoy the delightful characters and charming stories in this four novella collection. As always, Henrie delivers lovely and wonderful stories that readers will absolutely love. I would recommend this magnificent novella collection to readers that enjoy Henrie’s previous work, as well as are fans of historical romance stories.Genre: romance, historical, ChristianPublisher: SmashwordsPublication date: November 9, 2016Number of pages: 164Content Rating: PGBook Rating: 5 starsAn e-review copy of this novel was provided by the author via Prism Book Tours. A review was not required and all views and opinions expressed are my own.

  • Roberta L Blake
    2019-03-17 13:13

    Good fun readI thoroughly enjoyed Reding these stories. They were good clean fun. I would recommend these stories to anyone. I hope you enjoy them s much as I did.

  • ErinMickC
    2019-03-10 16:57

    Does anyone else just adore a good anthology? They are so satisfying and the HEA’s just make such an impact when they are lined up in quick succession. When I heard that Stacy Henrie was releasing an anthology in November I quickly added it to my Goodreads list. I knew I had to pick up this book! Love For All Seasons is an anthology in which there are four stories (one for each season). They are all inspirational and historical, but the time periods and characters in each story are not linked at all. An Unlikely Spring Courtshipis by far my favorite novella of the set, but all of them are excellent in their own right. 5 stars for this truly excellent anthology!A Long Winter's KissSet in post-Civil War Michigan in 1861, A Long Winter’s Kiss is the story of Samantha and Rex. This second-chance romance takes place primarily over the Christmas season and involves some Christmas cheer and gift deliveryAn Unlikely Spring Courtship This novella was SO GOOD guys! Set in 1867 Idaho, Tempest and Bram’s story was funny, and cute and altogether very charming. These two are both mercantile owners and they are duking it out in business full tilt. However, they just can’t help but fall in love with each other’s ingenuity and work ethic. An Unlikely Spring Courtship is a bit of opposites attract romance in terms of personalities so that hooked me right from the beginning. A Summer for Love Oh, Lorealee and Wyatt! Also a second-chance romance A Summer for Love is set in Oregon in 1922. Loralee is a singer and Wyatt owns a successful logging company, but they knew each other and fell in love years earlier when Loralee was a servant at a resort in which Wyatt was staying. Break out the tissues for this one, it’s certainly an emotional endeavor!Romance in Autumn Yet another second-chance romance (are you sensing a theme) Romance in Autumn is Phoebe and James’ story. This novella is set in Rhode Island in 1905. A bit like A Summer for Love, Phoebe used to be a servant for James’ family. Now, years later, she is attempting to make a life for her mother and herself by buying the home in which they once lived and served.

  • Melanie
    2019-03-11 13:02

    I loved this book! It consists of four short, inspirational, clean novellas. They take place in the late 1800's and early 1900's in different seasons.My favorite one was A Summer for Love. Loralee and Wyatt had a summer romance eight years ago but she was a servant and he was from a wealthy family so it ended due to family pressure. The date is coming when they promised to meet up if they were each still unattached and a lot has changed during that time. I loved the leadup to their reunion and the sigh-worthy ending!Even though the stories are short, they feel complete. The characters and situations are so different and I enjoyed each one of them. I loved how faith and belief in God played an important role in each of their stories. This is the type of book you can enjoy in bits and pieces or all at once. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading clean, historical romance!I received a complimentary copy through Prism Book Tours, which did not affect my review in any way Mel's Shelves

  • Susan
    2019-03-06 09:53

    I adore this author’s writing and these smaller stories in one are no exception! She packs such heart-felt, emotion stirring moments in each tale. Samantha and Rex have a beautiful friendship and love that the war destroys. Only a Christmas evening miracle can save their love! Tempest and Bram’s banter is delightful and engaging. Tempest’s feisty character matches well with her desire to be independent while falling for her competitor Bram. I adored their interactions. Loralee and Wyatt’s is a sweet romance that blooms once again when they meet after many years. They tug your heart strings and make you root for their happily ever after! Phoebe and James come from two separate worlds and want two separate dreams. Thrown together again they realize the love that is growing can be their new dream. What a beautiful story theirs was! I loved the ending. This is a fabulous collection for a weekend read and to have on hand to re-read again and again. Sweet romance, well written settings and beautiful characters! A book shelf keeper.

  • Dawn
    2019-03-20 09:53

    These are 4 stories in the set and all are enjoyable. New author for me although will be looking for further offerings.Ebook from netgalley and publishers with thanks.

  • Amy
    2019-03-11 12:01

    A sweet collection of short romances (mostly my favorite kind - reunions!), perfect to curl up with on chilly winter nights.

  • Lila
    2019-03-12 14:08

    I enjoyed each one of these writings, each one being a stand alone regarding a developing relationship.