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Taken from home to serve as a companion to the selfish son of the much-feared Emperor of Exitorn, Brill soon finds himself entangled in a daring plan to restore the rightful king to the throne....

Title : Brill and the Dragators
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ISBN : 9780896933446
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 131 Pages
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Brill and the Dragators Reviews

  • Jules
    2019-02-26 22:08

    I cannot describe the impact of this book in my life in mere paragraphs. Sadly, it's out of print, so likely, you'll never read it. Though I do have copies (yes, plural) to share!Picture me much somewhere in elementary school, quiet and book-obsessed, though sadly bored with all the literature meant for my age and far too intimidated by the impressive chapter books on the other side of the library. Enter Brill, a country boy who's whisked away from his family to serve as companion to the fat, selfish prince who must eat all his food coated in chocolate. At the castle, Brill meets Segra, my subsequent introduction to the concept of the headstrong female heroine. Reckless and compassionate, Segra is companion to the princess and happens to be obsessed with helping the dethroned King Talder, locked in the garden jail tower, restore his rightful place as ruler of Exitorn.Brill-- far more interested in keeping his head attached to his shoulders in the palace of the paranoid and power-obsessed Emperor Immane-- just thinks she's crazy. This belief is strengthened when Segra tells him she's befriended an injured dragator (that's a cross between dragons and alligators) and named him Peachy. True to Brill's luck, dragators are not only the emperor's favorite method of execution, but also could be the key to saving the kingdom.This series, aside from earning the distinction of my first real fantasy novel, was also the first book I read with characters who maintained a believable faith in God (believable in the sense that the entire book is cheesy and written for third-graders, work with me).The series, way before Karen Hancock and Kathy Tyers were writing decent Christian-based fantasy fiction, went wildly overlooked. It did, however, come at the perfect time in my life. One day when I'm a famous author, these books will go on a favorite list on my website. Then they'll have do a reprint.