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Genre: Adult Contemporary Erotic RomanceDown on her luck, nursing student and full-time waitress Kara Foster gets a massive blow to her already desperate financial situation that will surely find her living on the streets. Needing nothing less than a miracle to save her, Kara gets rescue from an unknown, unlikely and overwhelming source. Billionaire Simon Hudson makes herGenre: Adult Contemporary Erotic RomanceDown on her luck, nursing student and full-time waitress Kara Foster gets a massive blow to her already desperate financial situation that will surely find her living on the streets. Needing nothing less than a miracle to save her, Kara gets rescue from an unknown, unlikely and overwhelming source. Billionaire Simon Hudson makes her an offer that is impossible to refuse, but terrifying to accept from a man that she's never met. Will the handsome, alpha billionaire really be a solution to her problems, or will he end up being a major complication and a danger to her emotional sanity?Reclusive billionaire Simon Hudson would rather be behind a computer creating computer games than rubbing elbows with the elite and he knows exactly what he wants...until he meets Kara Foster. Something about Kara touches Simon in ways he's never experienced and definitely doesn't like. For over a year, Simon watches over Kara, but stubbornly refuses to admit his desire to possess her, not even to himself. But when she ends up in a situation that could very well be her destruction, Simon steps up to help her, not realizing that in saving Kara, he might very well be salvaging his own soul."Mine For Tonight" is book one of "The Billionaire's Obsession" trilogy. Books in this trilogy do not stand alone and need to be read in order. They include:Mine For Tonight - Book 1 "The Billionaire's Obsession"Mine For Now - Book 2 "The Billionaire's Obsession"Mine Forever - Book 3 "The Billionaire's Obsession"This is an erotic romance and is not intended for YA readers. It contains graphic language, explicit sex (including bondage) and other subjects not appropriate for YA readers....

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Mine for Tonight Reviews

  • Alp
    2019-04-30 15:27

    4.25/5Oh yeah, I loved Simon! He ticked all my boxes... Smart. Grumpy. Demanding. Kind. Protective. Possessive. Obsessive. Check, check, check!He was an intelligent computer geek who was obsessed with the heroine, Kara, for a year. I loved that he kept watch over her without her knowing, and then took care of her and comforted her in her time of need although he seemed to have a bit of an ulterior motive in ordering letting her stay with him in his house. But seriously, I didn't care the least bit. This man was just... YES!!!This book did end with a cliffhanger. Gah, running to the next one now!

  • Nina
    2019-05-09 12:46

    *While there are three installments in this trilogy, I'm reviewing them all as one story. The Billionaire's Obsession is not an angsty read. Instead, it is more of a feel good romance about two people falling in love. Simon is a billionaire who is uber smart, sexy, and kind of a social recluse. He doesn’t do relationships and romance. Women use him for his money and in return he uses them for their bodies. That’s what he lives by and how he’s always been…until Kara. He's been keeping an eye on Kara for a year without her knowledge. From the first moment Simon laid eyes on her, working at this mom's restaurant, he feels a pull and protectiveness towards her and has been looking over her ever since. Kara is a nursing student down on her luck, working as a waitress to get her through school and life. Her roommate had just cut and run without paying rent and so Kara has just been evicted. On top of that, her roommate took just about everything of Kara’s. Left stranded with no home, no belongings, and no money, Simon takes her into his home and lavishes and spoils her with money, clothes, and everything that Kara could ever dreamed of. Their undeniable chemistry soon drives them together for one night of passion, but one night is not nearly enough. Simon is utterly fascinated and obsessed with Kara. Kara's feelings are also mutual. Their close proximity and time spent together eventually has Kara falling for Simon. However, Simon's shield is hard to crack. He possesses a secret that doesn’t let him trust easily, especially women due to a bad experience in the past (and I mean bad). But, Kara is a determined woman and her determination and love eventually breaks down Simon's tough shield piece by piece.This serial was simply amazing and finger-lickin’ good!! I haven’t been this giddy over a book for quite some time now. I mean this book was just *happy sigh* So good!Simon was just so swoon-worthy. Oh man…this hunk of a man was intense, caring, dominating, loving, sexy, and a prowess in and out of bed ;-)I loved Simon's characterizations; definitely book boyfriend material. I loved Kara as well. She may be one of my favorite heroines. She had an ugly hand dealt to her in life, but she took it in stride. Kara portrayed strength, love, acceptance, and courage. I loved that while Simon threw money at her and wanted to spoil her with materialistic things, she didn't accept them without a fight and that she stood up to Simon. She was a heroine with a backbone and I loved her for that. Simon and Kara were beautiful together. They took no time in capturing my heart. I loved not only their sexy times together, but their realistic and playful interactions with one another that made them believable as a couple.One thing I ought to mention is that while the love scenes are erotic, they’re not crude at all. Rather, they’re tastefully written with passion in contrast to a simple insert tab A into Slot B. The stories were well-written; the actions and dialogue flowed easily throughout, but one thing I could do without is some of the unnecessary exclamation marks provided in the stories. That would be my only minor complaint.The Billionaire’s Obsession also provided plenty of romance to melt your heart. The romance in this serial was nicely developed and written and super addictive. What I appreciated about this serial was that while there were an abundance of sex scenes, they didn't overwhelm the story or romance. The author nicely balanced out the two. However, rest assured that there are plenty of steamy love scenes to steam up your ereader ;) (Elevator, bed, bathroom, etc.)For fans of Kate Dawes’ Fade Series and Raine Miller’s The Blackstone Affair, there's a high chance that you will enjoy The Billionaire's Obsession as well. I can't express how much I love this serial other than that, it was a marvelous read. The Billionaire's Obsession has quickly become one of my favorites and I highly recommend it. For each separate installments I rate them 4 stars, but as a whole this trilogy gets 5 shining stars. Please don’t deprive yourselves the pleasure of reading The Billionaire’s Obsession. It really is a great read and one truly worth checking out.

  • Natalie Townson
    2019-04-29 19:55

    Love this series. I got the freebie first but then downloaded the boxset fab book and simon is hot

  • Isa Jones (Jo&Isalovebooks Blog)
    2019-05-07 17:32

    A wonderful start to the series, as usual Ms Scott captivates me with her writing, it has the perfect blend of sexiness, sassiness and you can't help but falling in love with the characters, I cannot wait to read more about them.A wonderful romantic erotic read.

  • Debra
    2019-05-12 16:43

    Loved Simon and Kara a real feel good story, the whole series is wonderful.

  • Joanne Swinney
    2019-05-19 13:54

    I loved this read. It was one of my first ever reads when investing in a kindle. Simon is seriously HOT. Lucky for Kara he was in love with her. He is very protective of Kara, watched her from afar but unable to get close as he believes she wouldn't be interested. He has a horrific past that he doesn't like to share and likes to do things certain ways, that is until he finds himself looking after Kara and she manages to open up his heart. He realises he can't live without her but he is set in his ways and well Kara is a stubborn woman, she is not about to be bossed around. She is very independent, losing her parents at a young age. This is a fantastic read, a beautiful love story to fall in love with. Simon is definitely MINE!. Author J.S.Scott writes the most amazing stories involving Alpha males that I am sure everyone will love.

  • Karen Alleyne
    2019-05-10 18:50

    I was so satisfied by such a short and wonderful story. Noticing it was only the introduction into Simon Story made me thirsty in wanting to know more about him and therefore I went ahead and purchase the entire book 1 into the Billionaire Obsession Series. In just the first page it reveals so many loveable characteristics about Simon that I just could not put it down until I reached the very last page. A wonderful read indeed

  • Theresa
    2019-05-10 15:50

    Mine For Tonight: Book One - The Billionaire's Obsession Let me start by saying I love JS's books. She is a amazing author. This story will keep u teary eyed and a little ticked off. The things that happen to poor Kara make u want to clone in the book and hurt someone.Kara Foster is 28 years old College student. She is a waitresses who works doing clinical on Saterdays. The IS hard working and is by herself. She is determined and is ambitious. I absolutely enjoyed her part of this story.Simon is a man in need of complete control of everything and everyone around him. He is a very rich man who is a computer geek. He has his eye on Kara and Will stop at nothing to make sure she is safe and has everything she could ever need. The problem is he is scared to death. The last person he cared about hurt him bad.This is a amazing story and A MUST READ. Can't wait to see what happens next.

  • Jennifer-Eve Workman
    2019-05-02 15:35

    I'm not usually a sucker for sappy romance novels, but I really enjoyed this book. Much better written than 50 Shades! I received the first book for free and ended up splurging on the entire series, which I never do unless I really REALLY liked the book and even then I hardly ever buy the next one in the series. I hate when an author ends the book just as the climax hits just to get you to buy the next 70 books. I usually refuse to do it. But wow.... This one was worth it! A great cheeky love story!

  • sana°¤°
    2019-05-07 19:48

    this was some serious good trash. like, i didn't expect this to be actually interesting and keeping me basically, this is a romance about two people which involves a billionaire and a not so rich girl who have lots of sex, but then start to feel something more than sex. it was good and interesting and i want to read the rest of the series.

  • Cassie Hess-dean
    2019-04-24 18:44

    Kara is a nursing student who also works as a waitress. Her bosses son, Simon, is totally taken by Kara even though they have never met. When Simon see's Kara walking home from work in an outfit so unlike her he begins to follow her. She leans on a pole because she is dizzy & just before she passes out her reaches her. He takes her up to his penthouse and has a doctor check her over. She has been sick with a virus for the past few days. The doctor recommends food, fluid and rest. Simon demands she stay with him until she is feeling better. When Simon sends his assistant to get some of Kara's things from her apartment, he finds that her roommate has not been paying the rent & has made off with almost all of Jara's possessions. Simon agrees to help Kara get back on her feet by giving her a place to stay, food to eat, clothes to wear & money to spend. His only pay back is that she doesn't work other then school. He also wants her to consider giving up total control & having sex with him for just one night. When that finally happens, she comes to realize that Simon is hiding something. And as much as she has done for him, she needs to be his friend & help him. But will he let her? Is there more to this one night of passion between the two of them? ...on to book 2!!!

  • Lindsay Thompson-Sublett
    2019-05-03 15:41

    At the same time I was falling for Simon I was also falling for J.S. Scott. She is a brilliant author and this is the book that got me hooked on her. The book is FREE so why not check it out. If you don't like it you aren't out anything but I'm pretty sure you will love it too.I got this book shortly after I got my kindle because it was free. Starting this book I knew nothing about the author. I had never read any of her books and I had never heard of her either. Man, was I missing out. I LOVE The Billionaire's Obsession."Mine For Tonight" is one short story out of four about Kara and Simon. The point of views change so you get to see what both Kara and Simon felt and what they are going through. (I love books with both POV's). Reading it I wondered why he did things his way but as you continue through books 2-4 you will understand completely. After I finished "Mine for Tonight" I immediately bought the box set for only 99 pennies and it was worth that and much, much more.If you can't get your fill of Kara and Simon they will be in the other books that J.S. Scott wrote in The Billionaire's Series. Every friend that I have told to try it has loved it and got every other book in the series. Just remember, it's free so if for some odd reason you don't like it you aren't out any money and it's a short read so you won't feel like you wasted your time. BUT, I promise you will love it and if you don't, you obviously aren't into romance books and you need to check your pulse.

  • Amy Thomasson
    2019-05-02 19:32

    I have given this 5 star rating from page one it keeps you interested and pulls you into the story of Simon and kara. simon is a billionaire computer geek who is totally infatuated with kara who works at his mother's restaurant. simon has obsessed over kara for a year watching her from affair. on one particular evening simon follows kara home unexpectedly she feels faint and dizzy so Simon comes to the rescue. He insisted that she must stay with him at his condo.He also insists that she must give her job up at the restaurant and concentrate on her nursing. simon informed her that her flat mate has done a runner and that she has not been paying the bills so yoy have been evicted and she's took everything cleared you put. kara excepts simons offer to stay there for four months in return he wants one night with kara.simon showers her with expensive clothes and gifts. There is a lot of sexual tension between them especially after the incident in the kitchen the week before. Tension is riding high simon finally gets his one night he likes to dominate and have total control over kara.After the hot steaming sex he carries kara to her bed and leaves her there on her own. There's something very intriguing about simon and those scars why does he not want kara to see them. Whats his story with the opposite sex I'm eager to find out what's going to happen between them. I absolutely enjoyed reading this book I was disappointed at the end because I wanted to read much more can't wait to get my hands on the next one in the trilogy.

  • Michele
    2019-05-04 18:42

    Ahh Simon...kind of a stalker for a year but I loved that he felt so drawn to her. I loved that he could have no other woman than her..but still..a stalker. Kara..always been on her own and now has someone that can't get enough of her and wants to possess her. My heart wrenched for her because everything was taken from her, but she will gain everything.

  • Black Butterfly
    2019-05-16 15:34


  • Elizabeth Stacy
    2019-04-23 14:29

    I just finish up this book I got say it was really good.

  • Bridget Williams
    2019-05-23 13:41

    When I first read this book, I was unaware that it was the first of series. This book captivated me and made me want more. You read hundreds of books about millionaires falling in love even though they try not too, but add a little bit of a charismatic , sexy yet very poor lady with a heart that fell in love. You will love all the sexy steamy scenes and all the drama....can't wait to read the next one in the series to find out the rest of the story

  • Whispers From
    2019-05-23 16:46

    Sizzling hot storyKara is a nursing student who waitresses at Simon's mother's restaurant. He has been watching her for over a year but when she almost faints outside his apartment, he rushes to the rescue. She stays the night and the next day finds out she's been evicted and is left with nothing. Simon offers to let her stay, finish school and his stipulation is she quits work and spend one night in his bed.

  • Tami Urbanek
    2019-05-23 12:35

    After I read this I realized OHHH FOOEY there is more in the series..LOL.. so I went on the hunt for the others and O~M~G what an amazing series of books, You get to see the relationship grow and change and by the end you are rooting for them! saying as you read OHHHH COME ON SIMON JUST SAY IT!! LOL...of course he does in his "simon" way! a GREAT GREAT READ

  • Maria
    2019-05-09 17:51

    Strong and sexy story of billionaire Simon and waitress and college student Kara. He's obsessed with her even though she doesn't know. He wants to protect and provide for her, she doesn't care about the money, but for him. He's nice, kind, charming, grouchy and passionate with her. She's intrigued with him, doesn't understand him but want to. She's falling for him.

  • Pia
    2019-05-08 16:49

    Mine for Tonight is an engrossing read. Kara a strong willed person and despite her being in dire need with no one to turn to refuses to seek help from anyone but due to the persistence of Simon and his charming personality, not to mention his love for Kara - she soon gives in and falls hard. Author J.S. Scott does it once again and provides us with an entertaining read.

  • Brandi Porter
    2019-05-01 16:42

    I loved this series they were short but I still loved them. Simon watched Kara for over a year and weirdly enough I don't think of him a crazy stalker. He did it for his own reasons. Then Kara falls on extremely bad luck. And Simon is there to help. And boy does he help. I need to stumble into someone like him, DAMN MY LUCK!!!! But this was a good read and so is the rest of the series.

  • Anaïs
    2019-05-23 13:51

    5 out of 5 StarsDown on her luck, nursing student and full-time waitress Kara Foster gets a massive blow to her already desperate financial situation that will surely find her living on the streets. Needing nothing less than a miracle to save her, Kara gets rescue from an unknown, unlikely and overwhelming source. Billionaire Simon Hudson, who has been watching her from afar, makes her an offer that is impossible to refuse, but terrifying to accept from a man that she's never met.I bought this series as a bundle on Amazon for almost nothing and I really wasn’t disappointed at all. I recommend you buy the bundle too, because the individual novellas are quite short and almost always end in a cliffhanger. I read this in one sitting and frankly didn’t notice when I jumped onto the next book in the series (but then again I was totally hooked).The story is not exactly mind-blowing and full of intrigues, but the plot, the characters and last but not least the more-than-hot-and-steamy sexy scenes are absolutely enough to keep the reader fully interested (if not totally hooked) from front to back cover. I also like the fact that despite the title, this is not all glam and glitz, and the characters are all very much down to earth. You will also find J.S. Scott’s characters very endearing, even if they are made out to be jerks in the beginning. Expect to fall in love with Kara’s selflessness and with Simon’s tender alpha side (yes believe, you can be a tender alpha male!!!)The writing is in 3rd person with alternating POVs, which enables you to get a glimpse into both worlds and minds. The writing is extremely good, and despite the fact that many books with a cover and a cheesy title like this one hint at some cheap romance novel, J.S. Scott does some really qualitative storywriting.I totally recommend you give this book and the whole series a go.

  • Mai Lewis Buwee
    2019-05-10 13:39

    I am a new reader of Ms. Scott novels, but she has gained a fan. I loved Simon and Kara's story. Simon is a tru alpha male, and a character just leaps of the pages, and draws the reader in quickly. The one fault, too short, but was happy to know there are severals novels in the series, including 4 books filled with Simon and Kara banters.

  • Melinda
    2019-04-27 15:27

    I loved this start to a new series from JS Scott! The story captivated me from the start and had me eagerly flicking pages! I did immediately buy the other books because I just had to know what happens with Simon & Kara. Definitely recommend.

  • Claire Kettle
    2019-05-08 14:52

    I stumbled across these books by accident looking for something new on my book app, I read the first few pages and was hooked, ive read the whole collection in 3 days an loved them, I can't wait to read the next one.

  • Shemeka Mitchell
    2019-05-13 19:32

    Oh, I so need to read the rest of this collection! Romance is my thing. The scenes were vivid and I liked the language. The fact that he didn't feel confident enough for her to see him was heart pulling to me. But at the beginning, he seemed a little like a stalker.

  • Denita Kee
    2019-04-28 16:36

    Love Kara and Simon!!! These characters are great! This series was so unexpected. First books read by this author and LOVED it! Kara was a homeless nursing student who was saved by billionaire genius Simon Hudson. He was infatuated with her. Simon wanted her more than anything. Kara fell head over heels in love with Simon the man not the billionaire. She was the first woman to love him and want none of his money. Simon had a tragic past that not only left him emotionally scarred but also physically scarred. But that didn't matter to Kara. She still thought he was the most gorgeous creature she'dever laid eyes on. They fall in love, she gets pregnant, they get married and are so much in love. Great series! B

  • Ronda
    2019-05-11 14:49

    I cannot believe I have been so remiss in my duties as a reader! I read this book ages ago and have not reviewed it! What makes this a travesty is that I love this book! This book got me started on my love of J.S. Scott books and Simon is still my #1 BBF! If you have not read this book, do it!!! Do it now! Or just go all out and buy the whole set because you will not be able to stop after the first little bit!

  • Leslie
    2019-05-05 17:37

    Mine for Tonight- Simon is a sexy alpha computer geek, only he doesn't see himself as sexy. He thinks women only want him for what material things he can give them. Of course those are the types of women he seeks out. He sees Kara who is a waitress for his mother. For a year he watches her from afar. He goes as far as following her home after work just to make sure she gets home ok. Kara has no clue that Simon has been doing this or that she walks right by his apartment building daily. One night as she is walking home she faints. Kara is a nursing student who is burning the candle at both ends. She is sick, exhausted and stressed. She doesn't eat well because she has to use every penny she makes for rent and school. On the fateful night she passes out Simon catches her, takes her upstairs gets a doctor to come look at her and nurses her back to health. The chemistry between the two of them is off the charts. Simon wants Kara, she wants him. He makes her an offer- in exchange for one night he will pay her tuition, take care of all her monetary needs. He says he will help either way but he would like just one night. When they finally give in the sparks fly. Kara is the first person to come along and love Simon for Simon. Can she help him overcome his triggers from his youth?