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To trust and protect... Tribal police chief Jack Bear Den will do anything to stop ecoterrorists. But partnering with disgraced ex-FBI explosives expert Sophia Rivas is trouble even his trail-tested skills never anticipated. Her out-there deductions are blowing up false leads, exposing treacherous lies--and sparking an attraction too dangerous for even Jack to resist.BTo trust and protect... Tribal police chief Jack Bear Den will do anything to stop ecoterrorists. But partnering with disgraced ex-FBI explosives expert Sophia Rivas is trouble even his trail-tested skills never anticipated. Her out-there deductions are blowing up false leads, exposing treacherous lies--and sparking an attraction too dangerous for even Jack to resist.By the book was never Sophia's style. To save lives, she has to gamble on her instincts more than ever. If Jack doesn't trust her, she can handle it--but letting him uncover her deepest secrets is a distraction neither can afford. And with the clock ticking down and disaster about to strike, getting too close may be the last move she and Jack ever make....

Title : The Warrior's Way
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The Warrior's Way Reviews

  • Susan
    2018-09-22 01:35

    Excellent conclusion to this segment of the series. In the previous book, Firewolf, it was suspected that the ecoterrorists plan to blow up one or more of the dams above the reservation. FBI agent Luke Forrest brings fellow agent Sophia Rivas to the reservation for her opinion on how it could be done and how to stop it or mitigate the effects.Sophia is currently on administrative leave after killing someone in the line of duty. She is worried that she could be found at fault and lose her job. That job is very important to her as it is the symbol of how far she has come from her own unhappy childhood on the Black Mountain reservation. She doesn't mind giving advice on what she finds, but she doesn't want to get involved for fear of aggravating the case against her. While at Turquoise Canyon she is partnered with Detective Jack Bear Den.Jack is a detective on the tribal police force and also a member of Tribal Thunder, a group dedicated to protecting their people. He will do whatever it takes to make sure his people are safe. The closer he and Sophia look at dam security, the more worried he gets. It doesn't help that Sophia also has a target on her back and he must protect her too. Jack is also dealing with a personal crisis, having to do with whether or not he is truly a member of the Bear Den family.There are sparks of attraction between Jack and Sophia from the beginning. Neither wants to give in to them, as it is a distraction they don't need. Jack is tied to the reservation, with his family and his people his top priority. Sophia can't wait to get off leave and get back to the city where she feels she belongs. I enjoyed seeing the development of their relationship. It doesn't take long for Jack's feelings for Sophia to grow and change from attraction to more. He admires her dedication to her work, her independence, and her intelligence. I ached for him also, because he's certain that there was no way she would ever want to stay. Sophia's feelings for Jack grow also. I loved seeing the support she gives him when he needs it most. I loved how Sophia's time at Turquoise Canyon also begins to help her overcome some of her more negative experiences growing up. I did want to shake him a few times because he doesn't tell her of his feelings when he should have. Instead she believes he's just trying to protect her. I loved the ending, as a conversation with his mother points out the errors he made. His big moment at the end was really terrific. The hint of vulnerability made his words even sweeter.The suspense of the story was great. If you've read the earlier books, you're very aware of the background, but even if you haven't there's enough of the backstory given that you won't be lost. The worry over the safety of the dams has all of the local law enforcement people on edge, especially since the feds aren't taking their worries as seriously as they should. The tension builds as word comes that something is going to happen soon. The intensity of the final actions, with the fear that it wouldn't work had me on the edge of my seat, especially with the extreme danger that Sophia was in. I could feel Jack's fear until she was found. The wrapup was interesting, not quite what I expected, with some things left hanging. There was also mention of something else going on, involving some missing teenage girls. I hope that this is a lead in to a new series.Another big part of the book was the final resolution of Jack's questions about his place in the family. It has been a theme running through the books, and it gets addressed in this one. I ached for Jack and his fears that he didn't really belong. I loved that it was Sophia that gave him the courage to face his fears and confront his parents. I had had an idea of what it might be and liked that I was partially right. However, there were some interesting twists to the story that made it even more emotional. I would have liked to see what Jack does with the information he gets.

  • Amanda
    2018-09-23 02:50

    Loose ends are tied up, justice is served and a tempestuous romance will keep you engrossed with every word in Jenna Kernan's latest Harlequin Intrigue. The Warrior’s Way is an outright thriller and is the final installment of the Apache Protectors: Tribal Thunder miniseries. This is Jack Bear Den and Sophia Rivas's story. The story is fast-paced and draws you in instantly. The cast are shades from dark to light and each add that touch of depth to the plot and each new intense scenario will clutch at your imagination. Characters from previous books make special appearances throughout and it is refreshing and nice to meet them again for the final time. Jack is an interesting man. He is strong, intelligent, and protective and doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. The relationship between him and Sophia is complicated but it works. On the other hand, we have Sophia. She is the epitome of an independent woman and when I mean independent I mean kick-ass. At first I thought her and Jack were polar opposites since they never seemed to see eye to eye. But later, as the story progresses, I not only saw that her and Jack are more alike in nature but that they both want the same things too—they both want justice and they both want to see how far their attraction goes. But don’t for one minute think their romance is the typical—boy rescues girl they fall in love and then live happily ever after type of story. No, this story is much different. It is much rawer, deep and complex and family ethics is at the center of it all. FINAL VERDICT: I have to conclude that Ms. Kernan does know how to paint a good plot which keeps your imagination rolling. Her writing is taut, intense and fluent. I was blazing through each short yet gripping chapter one after another to reach that high-octane end in a quest to know how everything pans out. And everything does end with a bang. All in all, I think this book would be a great treat for any romantic suspense fan looking for a dose of danger and romance. I wasn't disappointed with the story and I'm sure anyone wishing to give this book a try wouldn’t be either! *If you're looking to indulging in an awesome series then you must pick up the three previous books (Turquoise Guardian, Eagle Warrior and Firewolf.Highly Recommended 5 Stars

  • Lynn Brooks
    2018-09-16 04:27

    With the final book in her Apache Protectors: Tribal Thunder series, Jenna Kernan takes us for a wild ride with Jack Bear Den's story! We have seen his strength and character throughout the series, so it's great to finally see him up close and personal and get to go along for the ride as he uncovers the answers he's been worrying over for quite some time now. His love interest is a fun and brings lots of explosiveness to the picture! :) FBI explosives expert Sophia Rivas is doing a favor for her Uncle Luke Forrest when she agrees to meet with Jack Bear Den and his tribal cohorts about the dam safety on their reservation land. She's in a bit of hot water in her own job right now, so she's not looking to make waves in a consultation that has nothing to do with her future. She'll get in, have a look-see and get out.Jack isn't expecting to feel an attraction to Sophia, but he can't deny she packs a real wallop with her sassy attitude and dark beauty. He's impressed with her knowledge even though what she tells him isn't what he was hoping to hear. Will she agree to help his tribe with something that isn't totally on the up-and-up in order to guarantee their safety or will she let her own concern for her job security pull her away? And when danger gets too close for comfort, will Jack be able to get her to safety before whoever is after her finds their mark?

  • Larena
    2018-09-24 02:43

    Contemporary Romantic SuspenseTurquoise Canyon Reservation, Arizona Jack Bear Den is a tribal police detective that will do anything to stop ecoterrorists. His trail-tested skills find trouble that he never anticipated when he partners up with disgraced ex-FBI explosive expert Sophia Rivas. With her out-there deductions she is blowing up false leads and exposing treacherous lies. She is also sparking a dangerous attraction that even Jack is unable to resist.Sophia’s style was never by the book. She has to gamble her instincts more than ever if she wants to save lives. She can handle Jack not trusting her but letting him uncover her deepest secrets is a distraction neither one of them can afford. The clock is ticking down and disaster is about to strike. The last move Sophia and Jack ever make may be getting too close. This is part of series that gives readers a glimpse of a different way of life and it also takes the reader on a roller coaster of a ride with all the suspense that is woven throughout the series. The characters move the story along at a break neck speed that doesn’t stop until the very end. The action starts at the very beginning and keeps right on going until the end. This is definitely a series to check out and one that will end up a lot of keeper shelves.

  • Jane
    2018-09-17 21:32

    The Warrior’s WayApache Protectors: Tribal ThunderJenna KernanI received this book from the author for an honest review. This is the forth book in a four book series. Tribal police detective Jack Bear Den and ex-FBI explosives expert Sophia Rivas team up to stop Ecoterrorists from destroying the area. Jack is one of my favorite characters in the entire series. I will admit I did have issues with Sophia at the beginning of the book. She seemed very condescending. However, by about halfway, Sophia really grew on me. And by the end I loved her and Jack together. Ms. Kernan does a wonderful job of wrapping everything up without anything being forced. You do get answers to your questions. There does seem to be a few hits of something else to come. Fingers crossed.

  • Misty
    2018-09-16 01:24

    This is another awesome book by Jenna Kernan. It was a great conclusion for this part of the series. I loved reading each book in order with this series, but you don't have to read them in order (because there is enough backstory to make sense). Jack is on the Tribial Police Force as a detective and Sophia is an FBI agent who is on administrative leave. She is asked to give her opinion on the possibility of someone blowing up the dams and how to prevent it. Jack and Sofia work great together, but she struggles with her past on a reservation (which was not good). And Jack starts to having serious feelings for Sophia, but doesn't tell her. So they had some struggles to get through to be together. I don't want to give away too much, but it really was a great book!

  • Lynn Grier
    2018-09-30 03:49

    The Warrior's Way by Jenna Kernan wraps up the: Apache Protectors: Tribal Thunder series. I love how everything comes together for a awesome conclusion. Jenna knows how to put together a fearsome and intriguing series. Each book is loaded with suspense, love and action. I truly recommend this series, and you will love her style.

  • Terri
    2018-10-05 23:40

    After reading the first three books in Jenna Kernan’s Apache Protectors: Tribal Thunder series, I have been anxiously waiting for Jack’s story. Jack has been an important character in all of the books and I’ve been wanting to read his story since book one. Well the wait was definitely worth it! The final book in this series wraps up the series wonderfully answering lots of questions the readers have been wanting to know. The Warrior’s Way has everything needed to capture the reader from page one and keep them turning the pages including great characters we have gotten to know through the series, suspense, action, and of course a great romance. I highly recommend not only this book, but the entire series! I really hope we see more of these characters in a future series! Hint, hint!

  • Harlequin Books
    2018-09-16 23:37

    Miniseries: Apache Protectors: Tribal Thunder

  • Harlequin Books
    2018-09-25 22:37

    Miniseries: Apache Protectors: Tribal Thunder

  • Carol
    2018-10-02 04:30

    The anticipation for this fourth book in the Apache Protectors: Tribal Thunder series was well worth the wait. Jack finally looked at the results of his DNA testing and came to accept the results. His interaction with his family and friends is heartwarming. I enjoyed sharing his and Sophia's journey to their future. As with the other three books in this series, I enjoyed this one very much. I have shared all seven of my Apache Protectors books with friends so they, too, can add Jenna to their favorite author lists and seek out her earlier and future books. I highly recommend any and all books written by Jenna Kernan......she is a terrific author.