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A little girl vanished 100 years ago. Her name was Sophie. Where did she go? An old house in Balmain. A portrait and perfume bottle hidden in a chimney. Unknown and untouched, while a century passed, their memory slowly fading. Glimpses of an eight year old girl and her school friend, missing, never found. The grief of those left behind, those who searched, those who yeaA little girl vanished 100 years ago. Her name was Sophie. Where did she go? An old house in Balmain. A portrait and perfume bottle hidden in a chimney. Unknown and untouched, while a century passed, their memory slowly fading. Glimpses of an eight year old girl and her school friend, missing, never found. The grief of those left behind, those who searched, those who yearned. So begins a journey to discover an Australian family, five generations, from 1840 to today. Buried in their past is the story of a long lost girl and the pain her vanishing left behind. Fragments slowly emerge from within the walls, stories of those who built and lived in this place. Her identity is revealed but her disappearance remains a mystery A chance discovery gives a vital clue. Set around beautiful Sydney Harbour, this is the story of people and place, from early colonisation to the present day. This book is the first in the Old Balmain House Series. It is a new and revised edition of the previously titled 'The Old Balmain House'....

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Little Lost Girl Reviews

  • Brenda
    2018-10-20 17:53

    Sophie was eight years old when she vanished with her best friend Matty. They were seen walking in the opposite direction from home as they left school in the afternoon, but no one saw them after that. It would be one hundred years before the mystery of Sophie and Matty’s disappearance was solved.Balmain, a suburb of Sydney, overlooked the water – the old weatherboard home built by Archibald Rodgers in the mid 1800s for his wife Hannah and their children not long after their arrival from England housed generations of the family. When the old home was purchased in the current day, an old sepia photo of a small girl named Sophie, with her name and dates on the back, along with a perfume bottle were found. The mystery of who she was and the search into her life began…The Old Balmain House is a story by Aussie author Graham Wilson which has a connection to the author. He lived in the old Balmain house for seven years and was compelled to write the novel of Sophie’s disappearance. I’m afraid I couldn’t seem to connect properly with the characters – the book is in need of a good editor and caused the story to be rather disjointed. But the idea and plot is a good one, and once edited would be a good, sound historical mystery. That said, I still recommend The Old Balmain House.

  • Andree Navarre
    2018-10-09 16:45

    QAs one who is passionately addicted to history this story ticked every box. A story in which anyone of us could have played a part,set in an astonishingly real early Sydney. The characters are so vividly draw and remind us so poignantly of just how Sydney developed,relying on the courage and the sheer guts of its wildly disparate people to create the cosmopolitan and beautiful city we all share today. This story about a few of the humble families who were in fact our unsung heroes,living out their strange lives in a strange and alien environment,is now vigourously and irresistibly brought to life by the authors skilled re-imagining. Thank you Graham Wilson for a really good read. Andree Navarre

  • Margaret
    2018-10-09 18:51

    Since I am into Genealogy I loved the way the stories intermingled with each other. Also familiar with North American settlers made reading about the settlers in Australia intriguing . Would recommend this book to all who are interested in history and settlement of new worlds.

  • Gina Schwartz
    2018-09-28 20:11

    I was interested in the title of this novel as there is a place in Trinidad which is also called Balmain so i started this novel with great expectations. The story told in the novel is fast moving and tells the story of a pioneer family in Australia and their joys and hardships. At some points the story is actually too fast moving and it is easy to lose track of where we are in the generations as the author seems to be in a hurry to bring the story to its conclusion.I got what i thought was a delightful surprise towards the end of the novel where I thought that it was going to be revealed that this was a true story of one of the author's ancestors but it seems that it is rather fiction based on real life events. Needless to say I was a little disappointed. While I know that is is a family drama I would have liked to see more of the historical detail of the time explored in the novel. The time settling of the novel is one which is rich in history - Austrailian independence, the fate of the indiginous people and the shaping of the continent but these are given only cusory nods in the story. The way the novel is written, this could be taking place anywhere in the world at any time apart from one discussion about an Aboriginal friend there are few cues to tie the novel to its setting.That said, I have already downloaded the other two novels in the series and I'm looking forward to see if i get the satisfaction that I am looking for.

  • Karen
    2018-10-02 19:04

    Following the joys and sorrows of a multi-generation family, I found this book very relaxing to read. The writing is a bit stilted at times, but not to the point of being detrimental to the overall story.

  • Susan
    2018-09-23 16:14

    As an amateur family historian, it's always interesting to read how other writers dramatise and adapt different aspects of family history, so this book held intrinsic interest for me. It was well plotted and the sense of place was conveyed with great flair. I felt there were some anachronisms in the book, like a woman having her baby in an infirmary ( it was set in early Sydney) and working class children attending school at age 15, but I could be wrong about this. I also got a bit confused with all the different characters across the generations. Some were not as well rounded as others. It probably requires several books to do them all justice. But overall, an enjoyable read.

  • Sacha
    2018-10-16 14:53

    I really enjoyed this novel. It weaves its way through generations of early settlers in Sydney, drawing you in with a series of poignant characters.

  • Peter Macinnis
    2018-10-17 21:50

    Never finished it, sorry.

  • Brenna
    2018-09-26 20:12

    I received this off Smashwords. It's taken me a while to get back to it. I set it aside, and then decided, once I started up again with The Old Balmain House. I couldn't put it down. The descriptions of the houses, the towns, and the people around the main characters help make the story of Sophie and her bottle a wonderful story.

  • Robin Fisher
    2018-09-22 21:51

    Set in around inner Sydney. Graham Wilson blends and blurs real geographic setting and history, including a family history and mystery. For me a fascinating mix – i.e. the general geography/layout of Sydney/Balmain is geographically correct and the historic fiction he weaves within this area over the nineteenth and early twentieth century is engrossing and believable. For the many of us who are descended from migrant families, whether our descendants settled in Australia or in some other part of the world, there is a sense as one reads the book that it could be about one’s own family history.

  • Cheryl
    2018-10-02 13:51

    The Old Balmain HauseI thought the book was interesting, but I got bored . It was kind of confusing trying to keep the names of the family members and who belonged to who.

  • Haylie
    2018-09-23 20:05

    I received this book through a Goodreads Giveaway. I picked it up today and sped right through it, that's always a good sign! The chapters are nice and short and at just under 200 pages, the story was face paced. I was consistently engaged in the story with the different characters and periods. Graham Wilson demonstrates great writing, there were paragraphs that I reread because I just thought they were beautifully written. I look forward to continuing on with the series!