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CANDICE CARLSON: Men are douchebags!  I’m sorry, but there’s just no other way to put it and they can’t deny it. They only want one thing from us, girls.  Then, just as you’re about to give it to them, they dump you like a hot rock because their mommy says you’re not good enough for their little boy.  Seriously, bitch?  I’ll show you not good enough with my fist in your nCANDICE CARLSON:Men are douchebags!  I’m sorry, but there’s just no other way to put it and they can’t deny it. They only want one thing from us, girls.  Then, just as you’re about to give it to them, they dump you like a hot rock because their mommy says you’re not good enough for their little boy.  Seriously, bitch?  I’ll show you not good enough with my fist in your nose.Then I get assigned to work for Tanner Wright, the bad boy billionaire CEO who thinks his money, good looks, and big bulge in his jeans can get him whatever he wants.  And what he wants at the moment is to get into this girl’s pants.  What he doesn’t know is, that’s a place where no man has gone before.The guy’s a billionaire douchebag and I’m a reluctant virgin. That combination could make for a very interesting workplace, indeed. TANNER WRIGHTIt’s a lot of pressure, living up to a reputation like mine.  You just try being a billionaire bad boy CEO for a week and see how you handle things.  I’ll bet you end up in the press more than I do!When you have the looks, money, charm, and bedroom skills that I have, the world is your oyster.  So many mansions to buy, exotic cars to drive, yachts to captain, and so many women to… well… you know what the ladies want from Mr. Wright.So, when Candice Carlson is assigned to work on a project for my company, it’s only fitting that I give her a shot at the brass ring.  She’s young and brilliant and beautiful.  And there’s something mysterious about her that draws me to her like a moth to a flame.She can try to resist all she wants, but when Tanner Wright wants something, you can bet the bank that he will get it; one way or another.This is a sexy standalone with guaranteed HEA and comes with exclusive bonus books or your reading pleasure!Amy Brent. Spoil Yourself Crazy!...

Title : FILTHY BOSS: A Billionaire Boss and a Virgin Romance
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ISBN : 33535905
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FILTHY BOSS: A Billionaire Boss and a Virgin Romance Reviews

  • Candy
    2019-05-09 21:27

    Candice Carlson is fed up with men, even though it has been a year since her ex broke up with her she still fumes over the way things ended. She thinks all men are douchebags. She went to work at Goldman & Stern management consulting firm directly after graduating with an MBA from Harvard. Tanner Wright is a billionaire bad boy CEO who started a computer company in his parents garage when he was a teenager. When the company went public five years earlier, it made everyone working at Wright Enterprises rich. Wright Enterprises decides to buy a telecommunications company & hires Goldman & Stern to do the financial due diligence for the purchase. When Tanner meets Candice at the introduction meeting, he takes an immediate interest in her. Tanner decides that he will accompany the Goldman & Stern team to Arizona while they review the company's financial records. Tanner doesn't waste anytime making a move on Candice. She was saving herself for marriage but decides she wants Tanner to be her first. Over the week that it takes to go over the books in Arizona the relationship between Tanner & Candice grows. But Candice has a nagging feeling that something just doesn't add up with all the financial documents she has been going through. Once back in Chicago, Candice is confronted by her employer about what happened with Tanner in Arizona. It starts a whirl wind of questions that could bring the deal tumbling down.This was a fun short story about a young inexperienced woman & a playboy bad boy. Both of them put on a suits of armor for the world to see when they are out in public but are truly different individuals when alone. She is the tough take no prisoners business women & he is the spoiled rich playboy who gets whatever or whoever he wants. It is a well thought out story with believable characters & an intelligent plot. This was my first book by Amy Brent & I look forward to reading more of her work in the future. This book is meant for mature readers.I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.

  • Vintage
    2019-05-19 03:03

    I read this book under the Kindle Unlimited on Amazon, and it held more stories than the Filthy Boss. FB wasn't so bad on its own, but the following books in the collection were so horrible I don't know what to do. One of the books is posted under another name, A 2 STEP GAME: An Older Man Younger Woman Pregnancy Menage Romance. I'll review it in a moment since it was bundled.FILTHY BOSS: A Billionaire Boss and a Virgin Romance is pretty filthy. On its own it is one dimensional story of a the virginal h, who was just dumped by her mommy's boy boyfriend, and the H an juvenile, manwhore billionaire. Eye roll. The h is a newly hired whizkid to help assist in a review of a company the H is going to buy. Shock, they have sex. Graphic sex. During the affair, this wet behind the ear girl is the ONLY one to uncover that the stock os overvalued. The H's mentor makes sure she's fired when the business trip ends because she had sex with the H. The H feels bad but never calls. All ends happily with the mentor carted off by the Feds and the H and h having sex. Deep as a puddle, but not worth sticking a needle in my eye.Since this other book/story was a part of the bundle, I am going to review it here and where it is a stand alone. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!Then I read the next one in the bundle. It's listed under another author name so a pseudonm, I suppose. A 2 STEP GAME: An Older Man Younger Woman Pregnancy Menage, Romance, and I am honestly upset. (view spoiler)[ The h receives a call from her mother that she has met someone new AGAIN. The h meets up with her mother and her fiancee only to find out that her mother has already eloped so he's the new husband. He's also the man the h had a ONS with a year ago. Okay, gulp, gross but surely there is a way for them to handle this. Yep, there is. I just didn't care for how they did it.The h is understandably concerned and drinks through dinner. When she gets back home her male BF is concerned about her. I was really hoping he was her gay BF, but alas, no. They have sex and it's wonderful too. She feels awkward the next day and makes him mad. The h goes home for Thanksgiving, and mom's still on a business trip. But hey, new dad's there, and he wants to bond with his new step-daughter. They bond all over the house even when the mother comes home. The dad's anxious for everything to work out as the son he's been estranged from is coming as well. The penny dropped on who his son was, double ugh and yuck. Yep, her BF she had sex with. Soooooo, let's recount this. She knows she's a nice person because she doesn't want to hurt her mother, but she repeatedly has sex with her mother's new husband, and has now had sex with his son. I'm not done. It gets worse.She has a three-way with the father and the son. Now, I'm done. There is just no coming back from this. I don't find that exciting, racy, erotic or clever in any way. I might be a shutdown prude, but that is crossing a line too close to incest. I know it's not, but not for me whatsoever. I guess you get what you paid for. Noting for nothing. (hide spoiler)]I am not reading the rest.

  • Coco.V
    2019-04-25 23:27

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  • Lourin
    2019-04-27 03:09

    **I voluntarily received an Advance Reader Copy of this book**I just can't with this author. I'm not sure what the author was thinking when writing this book, but this in now way is good!Tanner is a child. I'm sorry I can't blame his friend for doing what he did. From what and how the author wrote the story it seems as if Tanner didn't do anything, just relied on others to make his money. Yeah he's the face of the company, but I'm not sure I'd want the reputation of a fuck up as the face of my company.Candace is a pushover. For as much as she is all "men are douchbags" she sure did cave to Tanner's antics quite quickly. She wants everyone to take her seriously for how hard she works then she shouldn't be thinking with her woman parts. She had to know she was putting her career at risk with sleeping with a client!So no, I didn't like this book. I can honestly say, I haven't found anything thing this author has wrote that I've liked.

  • Karin
    2019-05-08 21:29

    This was such a cute story. It had steam, drama & some funny moments.Candice was a junior consultant that was dumped by her mamas boy ex fiancé and had written all men off as douchebags.Tanner was the brilliant billionaire playboy who took nothing to serious, life was a big playground to him. His company had retained the one Candice worked for, and he was attracted to her instantly.Tanner is one of my more favorite heros, even though this was a quick read I just love a playful, funny hero. His playful nature kind of reminded me of Tom Hanks from the movie Big. He was just adorable.I received a ARC copy of this book for a honest review

  • Becky Rendon
    2019-05-24 21:17

    Fed up with her mommas boy ex and men in general, Candice has no illusions about the bad boy CEO. Fantasies yes, illusions no. That is until their trip...Filthy Boss has a hot cover. It's probably the selling point for most of the purchases. The story line has potential.

  • Mia Davids
    2019-05-24 21:22

    An arrogant billionaire CEO and a junior consultant with a motto of "men are douchbags". A fast paced, sexy love story about Tanner and Candice - sexy alpha falls for junior, virgin employee, they try to figure out a mystery concerning his company and fall in love , HEA! Exactly what we need at this time of year. A perfect read, I loved it!!I received a review copy

  • Christine
    2019-05-07 02:22

    Arc review and I boughtFor honest review. This is very good story's there are a lot of shot boy meets girl baby happy ending there are a lot of great story to fill a couple of days worth of fun. But the man story was very well written a held my attention.

  • Peggy
    2019-05-09 22:30

    Short read, funny and hot story.

  • Charmaine Walker
    2019-04-29 22:28

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Oh Tanner Wright, you are one of a kind. He will drive you mad, test your patience, frustrate the heck out of you and even then you will want him to bits. Although he acts like a teenager but still makes you smile, you know he is one clever dude. When he first meets Candice Carlson in the boardroom , sparks fly, literally or you could call it static. Either way he wants her now. Candice Carlson is off men, the are all idiots or douchbags as she calls them. They cannot be trusted due to an immature ex. But with Tanner, meeting him is different. Having to work on a project for his firm, she uncovers discrepancies. Fate is inevitable and the end up having a fling. A story of lust, sex, power, betrayals, and so much more. Even now thinking of Tanner, he makes me smile.

  • Kathy
    2019-05-01 02:12

    Obviously this book is about a boss and employee relationship. Candace is the employee who is a young woman who works for a financial consulting firm. Tanner who is the billionaire boss is looking to acquire a new acquisition. The chemistry that these 2 have is undeniable, so when they first meet Tanner decides that he wants to get closer to Candace and get to know her better. Well eventually one thing leads to another and they end up sleeping together. Except there is a secret that has not come to the surface yet. Will it end their chemistry? Will it end their working relationship? Is there a trader within the company? Well if I told you, then you wouldln't want to read the book. It's a good and fast read. I was part of this books ARC program and this book is well worth your time.

  • Laura
    2019-05-18 20:20

    I received an ARC of this book but am voluntarily reviewing.This story follows the lives of Tanner Wright and Candice Carlson on the path to their HEA. Tanner is a self-obsessed playboy, intent on getting everything he wants, and what he wants is Candace. Candace works for a firm that facts checks a company that Tanner's Wright Enterprises wants to buy and the second he see her in a meeting, Tanner knows he's going to bed Candice. Candice, however, is a 25-year-old virgin who thinks Tanner Wright is a d-bag of the first order.This is another enjoyable book by Amy Brent. It's a quick read and very hot. I definitely recommend this book.

  • GypsyBelle
    2019-05-05 23:17

    This was one of those books I was so hoping lived up to the hype. I have seen it on FB many people talking about it and I went and bought. Now it is a good SL , but I just think there was a lot missing. It as if it was a longer book , but they too the last part out to shorting it. I was confused. I mean I got that she saved the day. But it was just BOOM she saves the day , nothing really leading up to it. Reviewed by GypsyBelle* I purchased a copy of this book from Amazon*

  • Sam Young
    2019-04-28 21:04

    A great story with a great storyline. This story was very addictive once u started reading I couldn't put it down. This story had alot of business content which was explained so I could understand the jargon. The connection between the characters is brilliant I live it when a storyline is unpredictable and this was. I would live to have read more about their journey as a couple. An overall great story

  • Rebecca
    2019-05-02 02:10

    **I received this ARC in exchange for an honest voluntary review** This was a short read about Tanner, the billionaire playboy who doesn't take life too seriously. That is, until he meets Candice, the junior consultant his company has just hired to aid in the acquisition process of another company, and has eyes only for her. Loved Candice & Tanner's first night together n how he took care of her. Also enjoyed the betrayal that comes to light towards the end.

  • Cheryl Shearer
    2019-04-23 23:05

    Great little read ...I love a hot and steamy read and when it has right triumphing over wrong and the gorgeous girl who was innocent winning the heart of the alpha male who was a bad boy then the book has all the ingredients for a love story. Good backstory here with the acquisition and the behaviour of all concerned. Great little read - love Amy Brent’s work.

  • Mary R. Soto
    2019-04-28 23:25

    I did not feel the story, and I'm sorry for it.I wanted to love the characters and the drama, but I just couldn't. The hero was a beautiful manbut... I couldn't connect with him in any level or withthe heroine.I'll give this baby 2 stars ♥

  • Ida Jolley
    2019-05-18 01:17

    This was a very interesting read and I loved it. I liked the whole story and the characters were great. I am a sucker for a romantic book and that's what this was. I would recommend this book to everyone to read.

  • Linda Giles
    2019-05-12 02:27

    Filthy Boss Tanner is a billionaire who can have anything he wants. Candice is a consultant that is working on an acquisition of a company Tanner is looking to buy. The storyline is great and kept me excited throughout.

  • Cheryl Graham Petit
    2019-04-25 03:25

    A quick and sexy romance book with plenty of drama, chemistry, betrayal, passion, steamy scenes, a bad boy billionaire CEO who gets what he wants, a reluctant virgin, a great story-line, love, and a HEA.I volunteered to review an advanced readers copy of this book.

  • ❤ Fantasy Land Blog⚛Reviewer⚛
    2019-05-08 01:11

    I liked this book. Good story with good characters. Short and fun. I would have liked the ending to be not so quick. But other than that. Good book.I voluntarily received and reviewed an ARC.

  • Roselyn VERKOUILLE
    2019-04-27 23:17


  • Pearl Powell
    2019-05-18 03:20

    AverageQuick read, straightforward, nothing to it.Your standard billionaire meets virgin with a little intrigue. Nothing special, nothing unique. Meh.

  • Heather B
    2019-05-15 02:13

    Filthy Boss by Amy Brent, is a boss and employee relationship. This was a fast, quick read for an office romance. It was well written and my first by this author.

  • Anett Simonsen
    2019-05-08 20:17

    Candie is a sweet girl with some bad luck with men, Tanner is a playboy extraordinaire. But damn he can be sweet to. Can someone yell “PLOT TWIST”! I did see something coming but not that.At one point the book did loose me with all the legal talk, but I came back. Otherwise a good book.

  • Angala Fox
    2019-04-24 03:07

    I voluntarily reviewed this book.This was an awesome book. I loved Candice and Tanner's story so much that I didn't put the book down until I finished with it. I look forward to reading more from this author.

  • Tracie Simister
    2019-05-19 00:06

    I gave this Book a rating of 4 ✩’sTitle: FILTHY BOSS: A Billionaire Boss and a Virgin Romance Series: StandaloneGenre: Billionaire RomanceAuthor: Amy BrentFormat: Kindle EditionPublished on: December 19, 2016I voluntarily reviewed a Courtesy Advanced Reader Copy of this book>-< >-< >-< >-< >-<>-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-< >-<What I liked/Didn’t Like: This is not your typical Billionaire Boss and Virgin Story. Interesting plotline with interesting characters.

  • Lisa Jolly
    2019-05-11 04:16

    I voluntarily read an advanced reader copy of this book.Candice Carlson is the junior member of due diligence team that is working for Wright Enterprises for an upcoming acquisition. She has been dumped by for her-fiancée because his mother didn’t think she was good enough. She shows a tough business exterior but underneath is hurting. Tanner Wright is a playboy Billionaire, he is the CEO of the company he started in his parent’s basement. He meets the acquisition team and plays games with Candice in front of them all. They all go to Arizona to check out the company Tanner’s right hand man wants to buy. Candice and Tanner wind up in bed together for the week, Candace gets sacked, someone is fabricating the figures on a loss and profit sheet that could find Tanner in trouble and Tanner is told to stay away from Candace. Do they get through the business and find their HEA?

  • Rozzie
    2019-04-28 20:19

    This might only be the second book of Ms. Amy Brent that I have read but already I am liking the erotic style of her writing, her somewhat at times childish alpha hero and intelligent fully figured heroine. Add to the fact the book cover is pretty hot too even if I can’t see the male model’s face completely I still liked it. Of course out of many of the erotic books I have read what makes this book stand out than all the others? Sure it follows the basic formula of a bad boy billionaire and young innocent virgin but Ms. Brent somehow seems to make it just a little different.Candace Carlson has been burned by her stupid ex fiancé and considers all men as douchebags but while working for the company Goldman & Stern Management Consultants which had won a ten-million-dollar management consulting contract with Wright Enterprises. Candace would be one of the lucky few to be one of the management consultants on the team. Candace at first acts nonchalant about the whole thing she has heard all about the billionaire entrepreneur/playboy Tanner Wright not all good things but still must attend the meeting with him. While at the meeting Candace is singled out by Tanner who can’t help but take notice of her. Candace gets the chances to go to Tucson Arizona along with the rest of her coworkers and Tanner in his private jet will Candace throw a ten million dollar deal plus everything away including her heart to be with Tanner?Even though Candace had a somewhat jaded cynical view of men considering all of them are douchebags for some reason I still couldn’t help but like her. She just seemed so real and at times when she would cry her eyes out I seriously wanted to just hug her telling her everything would be okay. Candace didn’t strike me as being weak for having this self doubt about herself I’m sure many women in their own secret private life have to put on the brave façade of nothing bothers them and facing the cold hard cruel world. Tanner on the other hand was not winning me over in the beginning. He was just so childish, bratty and I just couldn’t stand him. I wanted him to grow up and act less immature than he was. Sure he did in the end but I don’t think he really had a choice in the matter. I just didn’t like how he ignored Candace while everything was happening. I just didn’t think the relationship between the two was as solid as it should have been so I didn’t really connect with him. I think in a small sense I was waiting for the lust to die down between the two and for Candace and Tanner to go their separate ways. I wondered also if Candace ever found a new job besides sleeping with Tanner I just couldn’t help but wonder if he paid her for that. Maybe if the book would have been a little bit longer I would have liked Tanner but I still enjoyed the book even if I didn’t like the hero all that much and can’t wait to read more by Ms. Brent.

  • Rachel Blomberg
    2019-05-14 03:14

    Candice works for a company that is hired to help do consultant work for Tanners company. Tanner is a CEO of a company that is trying to buy a telecommunication company and needs an audit of that company. Now Tanner is a bad playboy while Candice thinks all men are douchebags since her long-term bf dumped her because his mom said she wasn’t good enough for him to marry. Oh, and Candice twenty-four years old and is still a virgin. Once Tanner meets Candice in a meeting before they start the audit he wants her and then spend time trying to get her to change her mind about men especially him. Candice gives in and lets Tanner in her hotel room and what’s it gets her. Great sex and then fired. Why was Candice fired? You must find out what happens to get Candice fired and Tanners partner in trouble with the SEC and why the FBI showed up at the office to arrest them all even the members of Candice’s team that was doing the audit of the company.I received this book as an ARC and voluntary leave this review. I love reading Amy Brent’s books.