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The craving is an undeniable urge that drives K’Dane citizens to find their life mates—if only to sate their uncontrollable physical longings.Thrilled at being named a Chosen, Phoenix Dotir leaves K’Dane to become an artist-monk who will create dimensional art capable of changing worlds. Living by the monastery’s Principles of Purity will surely help him overcome the craviThe craving is an undeniable urge that drives K’Dane citizens to find their life mates—if only to sate their uncontrollable physical longings.Thrilled at being named a Chosen, Phoenix Dotir leaves K’Dane to become an artist-monk who will create dimensional art capable of changing worlds. Living by the monastery’s Principles of Purity will surely help him overcome the craving. But he never accounted for star chaser Zadra Solav.Zadra doesn’t believe in rules and makes his own future. Fate separates him from the man he loves, but one touch renders him helpless to his own desires. Bonding with a monk is forbidden, and Zadra’s family sends him to deep space to avoid disgrace. Unable to give up, Zadra must find a way reunite with his Chosen.Tormented by enforced separation, Initiate Riva Quinton struggles with his vow of chastity and risks all to rescue his lover. Together with his Eros, he stows away on board a star craft to follow his heart.Four men defy destiny and tradition for love… but their love is a crime punishable by death....

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The Craving Reviews

  • Steph ☀️
    2019-07-06 15:10

    ***4.13 stars***When I came across this book and read the blurb, to be honest I was hesitant to read it. All that I could think of is, I hope this is not some artsy fartsy kumbaya story. Just thinking that war could be thwarted by creating a piece of art was a bit much for me. Let’s just say that even though this part of the storyline is needed, it is not the main focal point thank goodness. In the beginning, it took me a some time to become acclimated to the book. You are probably wondering why, and the simple answer to this question is that it took some time getting use to the jargon that the author developed for the world(s) created. The world building that's done in this story, IMO was wonderfully done. We are talking multiple planets in a system with multiple species. Seriously, when writing a story like this, detail is a must, and Z. Allora hit it straight on. Don’t fret, once the basics are established, it really is a wonderful and quick read. I did enjoy how the author eventually ended up interconnecting the lives of each character. For me, when this typically happens in a story, it takes on a moviesque quality. To watch each character as they go through their own personal turmoil and against all odds they find their way despite everything, is wonderful. There are twists and turns along the way for the characters. For some it is facing their personal demons, for others they face outside forces; neither one being worse than the other. In the end, everything happens to fall into place for the group of misfits. Phoenix and Zadra as well as Riva and Eros finally get their well deserved and all-encompassing HEA’s.I am one of many reviewers at Gay Book Reviews and can be found here: received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Elaine White
    2019-06-23 09:05

    Book – The CravingAuthor – Z. AlloraStar rating - ★★★☆☆No. of Pages – 280Cover – Gorgeous!POV – 3rd person, multi-POVWould I read it again – No.Genre – LGBT, Fantasy** I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR MY READING PLEASURE **Reviewed for Divine MagazineThis was an interesting one. On one hand, there were things I loved, but on the other, there were things that I just didn't really get. Hence the middle of the road 3 star rating. It wasn't awful, it wasn't brilliant, it was just okay. Whatever the reason, there was an indefinable something that failed to grab me within the story that has been in others of the genre; in comparison to the 'feeling', this one didn't stack up.~CONSFirst off, there was a bit of confusion over the language used. For a start, a shout of “Shards!” doesn't really translate into anything obvious, nor did K'Dane. Further along, it felt like a bombardment of information as at the end of the first page we're presented with 14 yo Nix being branded with 'the mark' that is explained right off the bat, with a lengthy info dump on all things even remotely related to 'the mark'. For the first two pages, it was just too much information to take in and make sense of within the situation.I wasn't instantly grabbed by the story. I couldn't figure out why we started with Nix so young, at 14, when he wasn't due to begin his training until the age of eighteen. I felt that maybe the first 1-2 chapters could have been condensed into a flashback memory (of the likes used later on in the story) or made into a prologue, if the scene where Nix was marked was so important. But I'm not really convinced that it was necessary. And that's part of the problem. There were things that, as I was reading, I hoped and expected to read about later, which never happened. But there was an equal amount of scenes that we didn't really need to see to understand what came next, but which were told in a lot of detail.I found that the whole concept of the galaxy and its systems took a little getting used to, with all the specific words and phrases, the concepts of life mates and 'nucleus'. There were a whole lot of species that were mentioned, explained or explored in detail that weren't really needed. There was also a whole lot of information to learn about each of them.There were a few times when I just had to accept that I'd never quite grasp the concept of some things and others where I tried to re-read to find out if that helped. It usually didn't.To be honest, the story felt really long. Chapter 1 alone was 7% and there was a 2 year time span between Chapters 1 and 2. If some of this had been cut out or condensed into flashbacks, as I said earlier, that really would have helped. Instead, we got 4 Chapters for Phoenix's POV alone, at the very start, giving very detailed information about his family, his sister, his passion for painting, the craving and so forth, but none of it was really all that relevant to what came later. Then, by Chapter 4 we finally got Zadra's POV, but it only lasted for one chapter, to show us his experience of the craving. Chapter 5 switched to Eros' POV, Chapter 6 offered up Riva's POV and then it became a bait-and-switch between those two until Chapter 10, when we finally returned to Nix's POV. After that, it switched between Nix, Zadra and Riva. I don't really recall having Eros' POV again after this point.The focus of the story, despite the blurb, is actually heavily slanted towards sex, which wasn't what I'd been expecting. Nix is this holier-than-thou wannabe monk who has a calling, but who can't resist Zadra when they meet and lust sets in. Zadra is the older, hotter guy zonesing for the geek but knowing he can't have him. Their play of flirtation was exciting, until the craving set in and their relationship seemed to take on the focus of when they could finally get into each other's pants.The same could be said for Riva and Eros, who are happily getting to know each other in a very short space of time but suddenly end up with the worst case of blue-balls-repression in history once they reach the monastery and are now jumping each other every chance they get.It got a little tiresome after a while to see that their only real interactions were based on sex, when they all claimed in their own POV's that they wanted more.~PROSI liked the characters. Individually, Riva, Eros, Zadra and Nix were all very likable and sweet, each having their own adventure. They interacted well together and within their couples. They all had a bit of tragedy or hardship to overcome.There were positive explorations beyond the romance, which really helped my liking of the story. Such as Riva's stutter (though I wasn't thrilled that it was 'cured' by a stasis pod). There was also a running challenge to the established authority, questioning things like gender segregation, a refusal to acknowledge the nonbinary, love, soul mates, sex, identity, slavery and sexuality. A decent attempt was made to challenge each one, but it was limited to the last third of the book.I liked the way that Eros had hair that changed colour, letting us know his mood even when we were in someone else's POV. However, I do think this attributed to the fact that he never really got another POV again.There is some seriously detailed world building, but it got to the point that I felt I needed a map or a key chart with me at all times to remember everything. From the names of species to their worlds and laws, there was a whole lot of information provided. Sadly, it wasn't easy to remember.~OVERALLWhile the romances were sweet, they were a little superficial. The writing was a little minimalist for me, because I like deeper explorations of mind, description and the plot overall. The flirtations were cute, most of the sex was decently hot and the characters were all likable. But the whole thing was resolved a little too neatly, the relationships lacked true chemistry that made me root for them and I wasn't hooked on the story from page 1 or even Chapter 5.There is a whole lot going on within the plot of story, especially since it focused on four (five if you include Yoshio) character's and their individual POV. Other continuous characters throughout the story are the ruler and his body slave, Tai. It wasn't easy to follow most of the time. It was disappointing to finally be getting into Nix and Zadra's story only to switch to a whole new romance on the horizon.Though the story was good, it just didn't jump out at me as something I'd read again and again or that would inspire me to revisit the author. The story read as 3 shorts that had been blended together; 1 – Nix and Zadra, 2 – Riva and Eros, 3 – all of them coming together after their escape and bringing change to their world.I see another book on the horizon, based on how it ended, but there is no warning that this is part of a series, so if you don't mind a bit of a cliffhanger it's fine. If you hate not getting the complete story, I'd maybe wait until the next part comes out (if there is one).Sadly, though it's called “The Craving” the story didn't focus on that aspect of the story, merely using it to further the plot. The story was really about Nix and Zadra and their adventures between finding one another and actually ending up together. Everything in between was just another push together them figuring out their relationship.~Favourite Quote“Their trajectories were in opposite directions, but...They could go somewhere in the Shadow Forest. Zadra would build them a one-room shelter. They'd have one very large sleepfoam... and Phoenix didn't only want to sleep on it. That's all they would need. He'd be happy.”

  • Joyfully Jay
    2019-07-10 10:10

    A Joyfully Jay review. 3.5 starsI was mostly entertained by this book. There is a fun combination of familiar themes like star-crossed lovers (Phoenix/Zadra and Riva/Eros), forbidden fruit (Phoenix’s status as a Chosen One), evil disguised as good (those lecherous, duplicitous monks) to name a few, most of which work well together and enough of a character base to keep the reader interested even when the outcomes are fairly obvious.Phoenix/Zadra provide a lot of angst fodder. We know that Phoenix is a Chosen from the get go and watch him beg his family to help him follow the so-called principles of purity, going so far as to get a chastity device. Meeting Zadra at the learning center (i.e. school) is the first time Phoenix has to deal with the consequences of his choice. Personally, I really enjoyed watching him continually convince himself that all the emotions and desires he feels for Zadra have to be sublimated in the name of being a Chosen. Even better is that we also clearly see Zadra falling for Phoenix, but definitely respecting physical boundaries (because skin-to-skin contact might send the two into a sexual frenzy they call “craving”). Yet all that gets thrown out the window by BOTH characters at what turns out to be the very last time they are together until they’ve been well-established in both their future career paths. Bringing Phoenix and Zadra together with a steamy make-out session then ripping them apart definitely built the tension in my book. I was very much looking forward to when and how these two would reunite.Read Camille’s review in its entirety here.

  • Dana
    2019-07-04 10:53

    Reviewed for Rainbow Gold Reviews. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review. I love Z. Allora’s writing, so even though sci-fi isn’t really my preferred genre, I wanted to give it a chance. I’m a big believer that love is love, whether it is between a man and a woman, two men, two women, or between more than one person. Love is love… even in outer space. 🙂Well, as I said, I’m not a big science fiction fan. The story is more romance as far as the plot goes but the set up and description of planets and star systems, and their customs and culture is important to the book. I have to admit that it was a lot for me to take in. The beginning was slow going for me and I had to force myself to push through it. It was important for me not to give up because I knew that when it got going that I would appreciate it just like I have all of the other books that I’ve read by this author. If this genre isn’t your forte and you experience similar struggles getting into a new world, I would encourage you to keep going. The payoff for me in this story was well worth it.Zadra and Phoenix come from the same planet K’Dane. Most people on this planet form relationship clusters, sometimes balanced with two women and two men, but other times it might be one woman and two or more men. Though many other combinations existed there as well. I thought the concept was interesting for sure. Zadra and Phoenix meet in a learning center and become fast friends but for Phoenix it could never be more. He was marked as Chosen and wanted to devote his life to art with no distractions like love and lust. Though things don’t work out how he wants when he and Zadra experience The Craving.As far as these two characters go, I liked them both. Zadra and Phoenix together, I loved. Zadra is tougher and plans to be a star chaser which is pretty much a ship captain. His personality actually draws me in more because he is straight forward. If he wants something, he won’t hesitate to get it. Phoenix was a caring and sweet person who could see beauty in blank objects just waiting to be brought out. But his stubbornness definitely had me wanting to shake him silly. As a couple though, I rejoiced in their happiness.Eros, whose real name is much longer, comes from a planet where monogamy is a sin. The idea of bonding with one person is shunned because a heartlink for them means that they will die without one another. Unfortunately that is the one thing Eros wants. He is forced to leave because of his desires and he meets Riva, who is from a toxic planet where the atmosphere is killing it’s inhabitants. His planet’s mating habits are different but relatively similar to Earth’s as far as I can tell. I have to say I really enjoy the exploration of different types of love in this story. Eros and Riva bond over their journey and I’m happy to say they don’t have a problem accepting their love for each other.As far as being alien beings, all of the characters seem to have a mostly human makeup. No second appendages and only a few strange body parts. And their problems are ones that can be related to. Government powers being abused, loss of family, bullying, forbidden romance, and family dynamics make this a story you don’t have to be interested in science fiction to understand.There are cool side characters that could be explored, like Yoshio, a painter and friend of the four. The leader of the star system, His Greatness Paramendor, feels like an uprising is coming and his relationship with his body slave Tai is also one I would love to see in a second book. *Hint, Hint* I can definitely say that I recommend this story and would really like to see more of this world/universe now that I have a grasp on it.8/10 pots of gold equivalent to 80% recommended or 4 of 5 stars

  • Chad Schmitz
    2019-06-22 10:52

    “Harm none and get off while you can.” If there was a quote that could sum up the main idea of this book, this is it. Very golden rule inspired. In that spirit, I am giving this book the review it deserves. I really enjoyed this book for many reasons. I will confess that I have not read all of Z’s body of work. I can say that this story fits right in with her principle of writing about love and happy endings. I feel like there is something for everyone to relate to in this book. I love the background of the different planets and species. There were definitely some creative ways that they not only fell in love and maintained committed relationships, some with multiple partners of same and opposite gender, as well as the different methods of pleasure based on the unique physiologies. I picked up on some Star Trek vibes that I do not normally read. There were a few points where the pacing was a little slow and not as strongly gripping as the rest. This is only really noticed depending on the points where you have to put the book down and then pick back up on the reading. Let’s face it; a lot of books tend to do this. The descriptions of the artwork and their impacts on the characters grabbed my attention and kept it. The correlation between sexual release and art blended well. I was pleased that different avenues of sexual release and expression were explored. The concepts of master and slave were explored and you see that the master does not always hold all the power.In conclusion, I would highly recommend this book to other Z Allora readers as well as those that have not read her work yet. It was a highly entertaining read and holds a lot of positive messages, which we could all use from time to time.

  • VVivacious
    2019-06-28 07:58

    A ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords Review. This review can also be found here.3.5 Stars out of 4Phoenix is a chosen, destined to devote his life to the betterment of dimensional art at the monastery and spend his life as a slave to the Principles of Purity. But for Phoenix this is a great honour and from the very day he learns of his status as a chosen, he decides to spend his life abiding by the Principles of Purity. Phoenix is prepared for his future but what he isn’t prepared for is Zadra Solav who steals his breath and pushes him into his first craving years ahead of schedule.Riva Quinton lives on the radioactive wasteland which comprises his planet of Feri. His aunt sacrifices her life to get Riva on a Star Chaser headed to the monastery, so that at least he may survive his family. On the Star Chaser he meets Eytan Rain Otak Sita a.k.a. Eros from the planet of Song Di-Wang II. Their budding friendship rushes headfirst into an emotional attachment but as initiates of the monastery they are forbidden from love and lust.Two couples, very much in love, separated by the law... Will they ever find their happy ending?This story is fascinating and very interesting. There is loads of world-building. This entire story takes place in a different star system and a technologically more advanced one at that. There are a lot of planets harbouring a lot of different species with lots of different customs and outlooks on life. It was amazing to witness so many different outlooks of people on life. These planets are united by their political affiliations wherein they all accept the rule of His Greatness Ruler Xantha Aspara Paramendor, resident of Viking-Haven and ruler of the Xantha Galaxy.The world-building in this book while fascinating, also has a lot of pitfalls but that is mainly because of the fact that the author has created an entirely new galaxy and even imparting basic knowledge of this galaxy and its various planets and people would have probably not made for a very interesting read. So while I acknowledge that yes some things are a little vague, I accept that it is better that way. But one thing I would have loved more information about and I felt that this information should have necessarily been parted with was how other people viewed dimensional art especially sixth dimension dimensional art, how exactly did that art influence people’s actions and how come no one had used the same art responsible for peace to incite war, rebellion and hatred and what would the outcome of such a thing be. In this book we only ever get to see dimensional art from the perspective of its creators which basically doesn’t give us any information on how dimensional art brought about peace and changed the course of the Galaxy.This story is also not evenly split between the two couples. I personally feel that we get to see a lot more of Riva and Eros because they are established as a couple earlier on in the story while Phoenix and Zadra are more like the secondary couple especially because they aren’t a couple for more than half of the book.I liked all the main characters but especially Eros and Riva because we get to know them quite better and also because since Riva has spent his life so far on Feri, he is inquisitive about a lot of things about the Xantha Galaxy that we aren’t privy to and thus his perspective is the most informative.Yoshio Xirau is a non-chosen female admitted to the monastery and that is a rare thing to say the least because she is the only one. Now Yoshio is shown to be shy and afraid to connect with others. But this description only fits Yoshio in one chapter, because following that you she her back-talking and making her opinions known which begs the question that given her personality in latter chapters, why did she allow herself to be bullied by the chosen females. I found her role to be very intrusive with regards to Phoenix and Zadra’s relationship. My problem with her characterisation was that she seemed to be a whole lot unrealistic especially when she manages to smuggle two people under surveillance on-board the Ruler’s very own Star Chaser.Personally the plot is interesting because of the fascinating world-building but when it comes down to the essence of the plot, it was supposed to answer the question if these two couples whose existence was contrary to the law would be allowed to be together. But not much of the plot is devoted to this aspect of the story. Also the fact that these couples are breaking the law doesn’t seem to burden their conscience at all, not even Phoenix’s who has lived by the Principles of Purity since the age of 14. There is an easy resolution to the plot. Also it seems like the author may plan a sequel because this book is very open ended as a wave of change is headed towards the Xantha Galaxy but while I would have loved a sequel focusing on dimensional art and its implications, I don’t know if I would like to read a sequel more focused on the political side of things.There are a few loose ends - one being what was it that Zadra had asked for when His Greatness had asked him to name his price and the second one being Monk Paksus, what was up with that guy? Also I would have liked to know if anyone else shared Phoenix’s views of the empty canvas.Overall the story is well written, with good characters and amazing world-building but it fails a bit when it comes to the plot but still makes for an enjoyable read.Cover Art by Paul Richmond. It tries to capture the exotic world of the Xantha Galaxy and features Phoenix and Zadra.

  • Solaria
    2019-06-27 14:16

    Awesome two for one romance. I love sci fi always have. Phoenix and Zadra's story is full of angst and you just want to shake Phoenix till he comes to his senses. Riva and Eros will bring you to tears. The ending is ........... Well you should just read it. If sci fi is not your thing don't let that steer you away from this story. The world building is solid and easy to follow. This is romance at it's finest pure and sweet.

  • Wendy Schuffert
    2019-06-24 08:04

    *I was given this book for an honest review*OMG!!! What can I say about this book??? I couldn't put it down. A Yahoo (m/m) sci first. It's about two male/male couples that you follow. Phoenix/Zadra and Riva/Eros. This story captivated me since page one. You learn about the four men and their planets, about them and their love for one another. You got three artists, a star chased and a chosen. I cried at the end. I can't wait for book two. I need it.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-06-21 14:55

    2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: The Craving Z. Allora1) Brilliant story. I would have liked for the story to have been longer. So that I could have kept reading about this world and the wonderful characters within. I would definitely recommend it to others to read.2) Interesting story and one that hooked me from the start. Really liked the premise as well as the characters.

  • Barbara Cerda
    2019-07-07 13:50

    ImpressionsA world without great Science fiction is unimaginable. The Craving by Z Allora satisfied a deep need for sensual and a fresh approach. This story of sensual transitions and sharing of sexual needs and love unrequited is very good. Engaging from the first page, I remained entertained throughout. Poor quality of editing distracted from perfection in my opinion. But that did not deter me from enjoying the read. I was transported.The ending was just a little too vanilla. I would have preferred a cliffhanger or a nasty twist where not everyone achieved his or her dream. May I suggest making this a series? What is life delivering to the Chosen and Zarad? No matter the obstacle, love will find its path to perfection. This love story is creative genius and will make a perfect anime’ series. Story/Plot/ConflictThis is a well-developed story with weaving sub plots of lovers from different planets within a diverse galaxy. The threads of newly found love and need for acceptance comes together nicely. The conflicts while clearly defined and traditional, lack a bittersweet resolution. But the tale left me wanting to know more about the outcomes that go beyond the story’s end. I giggled and envied the narratives of unrequited and love finally finding its way with enticing sexual descriptive. The scenes engaged this reader. Main CharacterizationsPhoenix “Nix” Dotir the nerd kid next door that almost anyone can relate was to me the central character. His hidden need for love of Zarad the Star Chaser is well developed.Zarad Solav is a man anyone must fall in love with. The rough consummate star chaser is characteristically the strong, masculine and in need of one love. Eros Eytan Rain Otak Sita “Eros” is a brilliant creation meant for all science fiction junkies in need of a little kink. He is fairy dust stuff created superbly to tickle, adore, and explore pleasures. Riva Quinton is another superb masculine character that enchanted me with his feelings of loss and awkwardness. He is a fitting lover for the beautiful elfin male Eros.Yoshio was the only female character. She held strong and true and you got a real understanding of her amazing strengths and weaknesses. Poor editing distracted and hampered the pace and flow of storyline. But strong character dialogue made up for the occasional distractions. Skill in superb creative storytelling eclipses the writing skill of Z Allora. This work was mouthwatering and left me craving more stories. I would recommend this as a good read.The author’s labors in creating a believable fantastical universe succeeded.

  • ItsAboutTheBook
    2019-06-20 10:50

    Review can be read at It's About The BookThis book starts out fairly interesting. It is listed as an erotic romance but the first half there’s no sex. The second half there’s lots of sex. This is a sci fi story that takes places over many planets. All the different planets has their own ideas of societal norms. In this book a lot of it seems to revolve around sex and relationships. What they all seem to have in common is a reverence for art. Through art some beings bring about magical elements that those in power on covet. Such as enhance sex and happiness! So IF you are a chosen one or are deemed to be outstanding in art you are sent to be a monk. Monk’s are chaste and their lives are to be dedicated to their leader. It’s all kind of complicated so I won’t really try to lay it all out. Anyway most of our MCs are either Chosen or sent to the Monastery school to learn to excel at their art for the greater good.I was actually surprised how much I liked this book in the beginning. The love story between Zadra the strong Star Chaser and the Phoenix the Chosen starts off with a forbidden but budding love story that sucked me in. There’s some yummy tension and obvious affection between the two. I was sad when they were ripped apart. I was totally invested in their story and them bam. I’m inserted into a different couple’s story. Don’t get me wrong. I liked the second couple as well but by the time we got back to Zadra and Phoenix I’d lost some of my interest. All the stories mesh together and the guys become friends. Then the book just gets convoluted honestly. There’s some preachy moments about what how everyone has different ideas about what relationships should be. Some creepy stuff where boys are raised to join old rich men’s harems. Some sexist moments where women are banished from society. Yes they addressed this might change in the future. AND how everything seems to revolve around sex and art. It was just all too much for me. Kind of out there where I apparently didn’t want to be. There was an HEA for the MCs. For me this could have been more enjoyable if it were two books about the two couples. Maybe smaller doses of the lengthy descriptions of art and how it transcends in this world might have helped me enjoy this book more. I don’t know. Maybe this just wasn’t for me. I did like certain elements of it enough to want to try out a different book by this author. The relationships were well written and some of the world building was interesting.

  • Natosha Wilson
    2019-06-27 07:46

    Just because one has a calling does not mean that is what is truly in his heartPhoenix learned at the age of 14 that his calling was to be a monk. Truly he was happy about his seeing as how he is a "Chosen One". But being a chosen one comes with stipulations such as never being able to have sex with anyone even if you meet the one that is your mate. You have too be pure andit is not always easy.Just one touch from Phoenix's true mate and what is to be the love of his life starts the cravings to mate with him. Phoenix fights these feelings because he feels he has to be true to his calling and to follow the rules.But sometimes the heart wants something completely different then what the mind knows and Phoenix has to decide what he wants more. Once Phoenix comes in contact with Zadra again after some time has past, Phoenix has not forgotten him nor has he forgotten what he felt for him before going to the ministry. Now Phoenix has to decide what he wants more and then he has to deal with his decision.While this is happening Eros and Riva had the same calling but what was different for these two was they chose each other and now they have consequences for their actions. This was a very interesting read. It is based around four men that are all alike in the way that they have to decide if they will follow their hearts or if they will follow the path that is laid forth for them. But at the same time they are all different and have different issues and reasoning they have to deal with on a personal level in order to find their true happiness. I really enjoyed this read. I believe that others will feel the same. I look forward to more books by Z. Allora in the future.Was given this galley copy for free for an open and honest review