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A mysterious murder on a flying express train, a wily Italian, a charming woman caught in the meshes of circumstantial evidence, a chivalrous Englishman, and a police force with a keen nose for the wrong clue, are the ingredients from which Major Griffiths has concocted a clever, up-to-date detective story.Arthur George Frederick Griffiths was an English author. His worksA mysterious murder on a flying express train, a wily Italian, a charming woman caught in the meshes of circumstantial evidence, a chivalrous Englishman, and a police force with a keen nose for the wrong clue, are the ingredients from which Major Griffiths has concocted a clever, up-to-date detective story.Arthur George Frederick Griffiths was an English author. His works include: The Chronicles of Newgate (1884), In Tight Places: Some Experiences of an Amateur Detective (1900), The Thin Red Line, and Blue Blood (1900), Tales of a Government Official (1902), A Bid for Empire (1902), The Silver Spoon (1903), The Passenger from Calais (1905), Agony Terrace: Some Secrets of the Cynosure Club (1907), The Rome Express (1907) and Thrice Captive (1908)....

Title : The Rome Express
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The Rome Express Reviews

  • Mark Stephenson
    2018-12-03 04:06

    First published in 1896, this is a fairly short fictional account of nine people aboard an express train sleeping car most of whom awake near the end of their journey from Rome to Paris to learn that one of their number has suffered death by a stab wound to the heart. Two are French businessmen, two are English brothers- a General and a clergyman, two are women- an attractive widow and her maid.The conductor, a Dutchman named Groote, has made trouble for the widow and her maid by insisting that the maid not be in the sleeping car too much as she has no sleeping car ticket. Two other men are aboard, one of whom is the dead man. The police inspectors arrive at the Paris train station, the Gare de Lyon, and present the reader with a delicious comedy of errors as they apply their rigid methods in an unavailing attempt to find out what happened. In the midst of this the General and the lovely widow, already friends for some months(having met in Rome) discover that they love each other. An artful blend of narration, misdirection and well-timed revelations maintain interest in this diverting story all the way to the end.

  • Evgeny
    2018-12-14 03:21

    This is a fairly OK mystery novel. A man is murdered aboard a train bound for Paris. Only somebody in the same car could have done this, so the number of suspects is limited. French police investigates the crime, only to arrive to a completely wrong conclusion. It does not help any that some of the passenger behave in a way that would get them beaten by modern friendly cops (ah, the realities of our life).The novel is short, just the right length for it not to get boring. For a better mystery on a train, look into Murder on the Orient Express.

  • Danielle Kim
    2018-12-04 04:03

    I don't know why I read this. It was free on Gutenberg and listed under detective stories. Luckily it was short. Super predictable, which I guess is the worst thing you could say about a mystery!

  • Donna
    2018-12-08 04:06

    This is really a classic mystery both in date (written in the late 1890s) and in style. Victim murdered in a sleeping car, no stops or outside access, and all the other passengers become suspects one by one. It was surprising how well this book held up. Fans of Agatha Christie will enjoy this, I did.

  • Tori
    2018-11-24 04:20

    Found this for a free download on project guettenburg (<3<3<# project guettenburg!) So I thought I'd give it a shot~Hm... Well. In the world of mystery fiction you can generally boil down everything into two sub catergorys: Detective and Whodunit. The former focuses more on the detective, with fleashed out characters and more drama. The latter focuses more on the mystery itself, the little tiny clues and such.This book fell in a terrible little line in between. I would not call it a whodunit, as the inticacies of the clues were very weak. There was no racking your brain to think where it all could point to etc. But it had no central character and no character development. It's not a book you would read for the characters at all.So it fell flatly in no mans land.<>HERE ARE SUPER BIG SPOILERS<>But that wasn't the only problem: The twist was superly pradictable (whenever the body is beyond recognition in a mystery novel it usually means that it isn't who they think it is. Which is what emediatly came to mind.)Also, worst of all, they had all this evidence that said the Countess was the murderer. But when they finally revealed it was the Maid and the Italian, they never cleared all that! So you're left with: "wait, what about the telegram the Italian sent her, and also the note, that said she was a part of it?" "What about the lace found on the scene of the crime that she was wearing?"Therefore falling very very short.

  • Ailish
    2018-12-03 21:03

    When the Rome Express arrives in Paris, a passenger is discovered to have been murdered. When the bungling French police suspect a well-born English lady of the crime, a gallant English fellow-passenger comes to her defence, and, with the assistance of the British Embassy, is instrumental in solving the crime and capturing the murderer. In the midst of this, the author throws in an artificial and truly cringeworthy romance, and some writing which is completely inconsistent with the rest of the novel. The romance reads like a PG Wodehouse comedy, but is here apparently meant to be taken seriously. For example, the heroine '... crept up under his [the General's] sheltering wing like a storm-beaten dove re-entering the nest, and there, cooing softly, "My knight - my own true knight and lord", yielded herself willingly and unquestioningly to his tender caresses'.In its favour, the book was mercifully short.

  • Adam Smith
    2018-11-30 04:28

    A murder on the express to Paris results in the passengers of the Rome Express being held in police custody while they endeavor to pin the crime on a culprit.This was terrible. M. Floçon is such an idiotic detective that he ignores evidence out of hand and in the end has to be handed the solution to the case straight up, and even then refuses to do anything on it until the culprit pretty much turns himself in. He's so bad at his job that towards the end the perspective flips to someone else just so the story can get resolved on time.As a mystery the whole thing is asinine and a waste of time. The final solution makes sense, and might even have been entertaining, if the story wasn't handled in such a stupid manner. There are a thousand ways it could have been told better. Maybe incompetent French police story were in vogue when this was written, but I really couldn't stand it. The only reason I finished it was because it was short.Not a very good story.

  • Aperna Deb
    2018-11-15 02:07

    Not a nice mystery book at all. Murder occurs in a running train and one of the passengers must be the murderer. Reminiscent of the orient express, but of course this appeared 40 years earlier. The plot is quite thin. When the face of the victim was highly disfigured, it was quite clear what the denouement is going to be. Maybe this was a novely 100 years ago. This notwithstanding, the fact that a person can disguise as another person who has been travelling in a train for a rather considerable interval with other passengers is hard to digest. The writing is not great either; neither is the love story which springs out of no where for no real good reason.

  • Rachel Osborne
    2018-11-17 00:05

    An interesting mystery that takes place on a train en route to Paris.

  • ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)
    2018-11-20 04:24

    An entertaining, old-fashioned whodunit. A fun read!

  • Terri
    2018-11-23 02:20

    A novella-length sleeping car murder mystery from the 1890s. It won't rock your world, but it kept me entertained on a plane trip.

  • Sangita
    2018-12-07 03:01

    A fast paced read - a detective murder mystery, a simple one. The characters are pretty interesting though.