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From “the Muslim Justin Bieber” (NPR) Harris J comes a picture book that celebrates spreading peace, love, and happiness throughout the world, using the lyrics of his international YouTube hit of the same name.Salam Alaikum means “Peace be upon you.” It is the greeting that Muslims around the world use to say “hello” and “good-bye.” International music sensation Harris J hFrom “the Muslim Justin Bieber” (NPR) Harris J comes a picture book that celebrates spreading peace, love, and happiness throughout the world, using the lyrics of his international YouTube hit of the same name.Salam Alaikum means “Peace be upon you.” It is the greeting that Muslims around the world use to say “hello” and “good-bye.” International music sensation Harris J has taken that greeting and created a call to action.Spread peace on the earth…Treasure the love, let it surround usAlways be kind, always remind one anotherPeace on the earth every dayUsing the lyrics to the hit song of the same name, and accompanied by heartwarming illustrations that depict the power of paying it forward, this sweet and charming picture book celebrates kindness and community....

Title : Salam Alaikum: A Message of Peace
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ISBN : 9781481489386
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 40 Pages
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Salam Alaikum: A Message of Peace Reviews

  • Angie
    2018-12-09 00:14

    OMG this book almost had me in tears. The message is simple spread love and peace. Help out those in need and pass it along to make a better world. The pictures are so beautiful. Please do yourself a favor and read this really deep and meaningful picture book.

  • Kristina Jean Lareau
    2018-12-06 21:02

    A great message with diverse and dynamic illustrations. I'm not a huge fan of picturebooks with song lyrics, but it is very sweet and universal.

  • Alyson (Kid Lit Frenzy)
    2018-12-05 05:03

    This book makes more sense when you watch the music video from Harris J

  • Jillian Heise
    2018-11-28 22:16

    I was underwhelmed by this one. Once I watched the music video for the song that this book is based on, it made more sense, but I was confused as I was reading it as it didn't feel like a cohesive story.

  • Tonja Drecker
    2018-12-10 23:23

    Warmth and good feelings pour from every page, allowing positive attitudes to shine through.This picture book was published in connection with and uses the lyrics of Harris J's popular song, Salam Alaikum. The message is crystal clear on every page--if we're nice to each other, the world will be a great place. Everyone will be happy. Smiles and caring radiate from every illustrations as the text encourages kindness and assistance. The text itself is short--only a line or two on each two-page spread--and never difficult, making it easy to read to even younger listeners. The meaning of Salam Alaikum is given in a small printed circle before the book begins. Which is too bad, since it can easily be overseen and would prove more helpful to younger listeners if repeated a few times during the book itself. The title is Salam Alaikum, but in the book, the term Assalamu Alaikum is used (the formal version), which might cause some confusion. The book gains more importance and relevance knowing that it has something to do with Harris J's song. This, however, is not really mentioned or pointed to in the book (outside of a mention in the blurb) and would carry more power if young readers could readily connect it directly to the song.The illustrations are bright and bold, and a joy to look at. The message is clear on each picture and there are wonderful details peppered in. This gives kids a reason to explore the pages again and again as they discover things they didn't notice before. The characters are diverse and set in all types of scenes, making this a book everyone will be able to relate to somehow.I received a complimentary copy and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to leave my honest thoughts.

  • Jillian
    2018-12-10 22:27

    1. At first, I misread the title as "Salami Alaikum" and was confused because of the pork thing, but then I had my own idea for a children's book. :-p2. I didn't know this was based on a song until Goodreads told me so.So maybe not knowing the song is why the text didn't do tons for me? The illustrations were fantastic - so much kindness and paying-it-forward and it just makes you feel good to see so much good happening in the world. And if there were music playing, I'd probably be even happier. But without the music, it feels like something's missing.

  • Brett
    2018-11-18 02:29

    A sparse, gentle read-aloud with a lovely message. I especially liked the illustrations, which show the author/singer doing something nice for another person, who then does something else for another person, & so on, showing how good deeds passed along make those who perform them AND those on the receiving end feel good. Great way to talk about being a good citizen, & a very powerful message indeed in these times, no matter what your religion.

  • Tori
    2018-11-22 04:27

    I had not heard the song this was based on when I read it, so it struck as a rhythmic prose that loosely rhymed in places. I enjoyed the colorful pictures and the sweet message. I can't see it working for storytime, as it doesn't really tell a story, but I would recommend it to parents for one on one reading.

  • Anne
    2018-12-14 05:04

    I don't know the song this is based upon, so that may affect my review. The illustrations are wonderful, you can feel the glow of love from the page, and see how kindness and generosity is contagious. The words themselves weren't up to the feelings inspired by the illustrations, but as I said that may be because I don't know the song.

  • Nani
    2018-12-13 04:14

    Initially, text don't make sense to me. It is only after I found out through Goodreads that it was the song lyrics to Harris J's song, then it did.Nevertheless, the book has gorgeous illustration and a strong, clear message about spreading peace - something the World truly needs now.

  • Earl
    2018-12-04 01:01

    I didn't realize this was another one of those picture books based on a song. And it's a pretty recent song by a young artist. I ended up YouTubing the video and listening to parts of the song. I liked the message and I enjoyed the story the illustrations tell.

  • Robert D. Cornwall
    2018-11-17 01:06

    Written by a young Muslim musician, a children's book that spreads the message of peace and blessings.

  • Cynthia
    2018-12-05 05:16

    A wonderful and sweet story of helping and giving to our neighbors, friends and even people we don't necessarily know.

  • Dana
    2018-12-02 05:08

    This is a cute book with vibrant illustrations and a sweet message. The song is nice too.

  • Marcia
    2018-11-19 00:01

    A simple story of spreading peace through the world, one good deed at a time. Brightly illustrated, inclusive, and fun to read together.

  • Bill
    2018-12-03 00:24

    It may be a hit song, but it is not a hit picturebook.

  • Erin
    2018-12-08 02:21

    Overflowing with warm, fuzzy, lovey feelings.

  • Erin
    2018-12-16 05:15

    Have to admit I didn't realize it was a song, which might be why I thought the book was a little confusing.

  • Miss Sarah
    2018-11-22 03:21

    I really liked this simple toddler and up picture book about peace and sharing it with others. great lesson and very simple.

  • Kelly
    2018-11-24 05:22

    A beautiful message of peace be to you, and peace in the world.

  • Caitlin Ostberg
    2018-11-27 03:05

    Sweet message, but I wasn't a hug fan of the illustrations.

  • Jennifer
    2018-12-05 03:06

    I would've liked more of a nonfiction explanation at the end / beginning of what the phrase Salam Alaikum means.

  • Pam
    2018-12-13 00:20

    A positive message throughout the book. Diverse characters on every page. Show the music video by Harris J along with this story.

  • Kelly
    2018-12-09 04:12

    I'm not sure I'm ready to try singing pop songs to my baby storytime, but I just adore the bold colors and expressive illustrations; could make a good addition to my "Give Thanks" storytime.

  • Aliza Werner
    2018-11-27 21:06

    Lyrics to Harris J's song of the same name. Pair with the song, popular on YouTube: