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I could hear Dennis talking to my ma. 'She was little,' he said. 'Little like me. But old. Older than you. Those words gave me a cold shock. I could see Dennis imagining fairies, but old ones?When Bobby's mother moves the family into a rented house in the country, a neighbour tells him that a child was once murdered there. Bobby doesn't care. All he wants is to get back toI could hear Dennis talking to my ma. 'She was little,' he said. 'Little like me. But old. Older than you. Those words gave me a cold shock. I could see Dennis imagining fairies, but old ones?When Bobby's mother moves the family into a rented house in the country, a neighbour tells him that a child was once murdered there. Bobby doesn't care. All he wants is to get back to Dublin and to resume his wild life there, stealing from the crowded shopping streets and racing stolen cars at night. But getting his old life back doesn't turn out to be so easy, and the longer he spends in the old cottage, the more convinced he becomes that something very strange is going on there. Was there really a murder? And if so, was it the one he has been told about?...

Title : Creature of the Night
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Creature of the Night Reviews

  • Cait (Paper Fury)
    2019-04-07 23:57

    Okay THAT WAS SEVERELY CREEPY. I actually didn't know what to expect with this one. And honestly? It isn't my normal kind of book. BUT I JUST GOT SERIOUSLY ADDICTED TO IT. I didn't want to stop reading.A Brief Run Down On What It's About:• Bobby -- who is the BRAT OF THE CENTURY• Seriously I wanted to slap this kid into the next century because he's really rude and sexist and disagreeable and cruel.• But then his mother (who is awful) moves him and his little brother to the country and THINGS GET CREEPY.• The neighbours are like "Ooh, fairies!"• The little brother is like "I'm playing outside with a little woman no one else ever sees!"• Bobby is like "Imma steal a car"• I am like "THERE'S A FREAKING SERIAL KILLER OR SOMETHING OUT THERE PLEASE EVERYBODY PAY ATTENTION BEFORE THE LITTLE BROTHER GETS KIDNAPPED OR SOMETHING."• #mildpanicattackIt's all VERY British. Am I allowed to say British? It's in Ireland??? IRISH. Whatever. They drink tons of tea, like Bobby is literally so addicted to tea. #British And between being AWFUL, he starts doing tons of manual labour with the farming neighbours. Like he's a thieving city kid....and he's learning how to fix cars and mow and ahhh I have no idea why I found that so interesting BUT I COULDN'T GET ENOUGH. The sensory details were so great that I really felt in the story....which made all the food DOWNRIGHT TORTUROUS. 'Scuse me. May I please have a ham sandwich and some TEA. (I don't even like tea. Wut's wrong with me.)The characters are ALL very unlikeable though. I mean, ugh, Bobby is HORRID to his mother. And he's only 14 but totally addicted to smoking. And he blows money on drugs and his "friends" are. the. worst. Like by all rights I should've hated him...but I just sort of warmed up to him?! His character development is A+. I ROOTD FOR HIM TO GET HIS LIFE TOGETHER. But argh argh argh to his mother. Like she had problems. I get that. But she totally abused the 4yo little brother (Dennis) who wet the bed all the time. (Duh to why he's still wetting the bed.) And AGH. It just made me sick how UNLOVED both Bobby and Dennis truly where. I also liked how it focused on character development. And how there was ZERO ROMANCE. I'm so pleased about that.Basically: it's a slow but very investing story with a good dose of CREEPY to keep you up at night. I mean, all that scrabbling going on in the night IS TOTALLY JUST NOTHING. #screams And I devoured the whole book in a few hours and it's just ... eeep. I JUST LIKE IT OKAY?!?! Even if a lot of the British lingo was lost to me. And even if I wanted to smack all the characters. I NEEDED to know the answer to who was the "creature in the night" and I got very invested in the characters. SOLID YAY FROM ME.

  • Sesana
    2019-04-08 01:36

    I'm surprised that I liked this book as much as I did. From the plot description, I thought I was getting a dark urban fantasy. I ended up getting much more of a gritty urban contemporary. The former is right up my alley, the latter is not. And yet, I was fairly glued to it. All credit goes to Kate Thompson for that. The story is far, far more about Bobby's shift from a thoughtless thug to... well, not exactly sure what. Something more, at least. The epilogue was a little too brief for me. I would have preferred to see a bit more about who exactly Bobby became, and how. There is a mystery, possibly involving a changeling, but it's very much on the back burner. The winning thing about this story is Bobby's voice. Here is where Thompson really nailed it. It's very, very real, and his gradual change is very believable. Would've liked to see more of that change, though.There are a few genuinely chilling moments in here, like Bobby's realization that, although his little brother might have made up a fairy, he wouldn't have made up an old one. My favorite moment was when one of Bobby's Clare friends mentions how young his mother is. He'd known all his life that she'd been young when she had him, 14. But it's not until he's 14 himself that he realizes exactly what that means. My one concern about this book is that the summary, which on my copy seemed to play up the fairy elements, might turn off the readers who would enjoy it the most, boys like Bobby. The cover on my copy is the one with the house with the blue door. It's a striking cover, and it does suit the darker elements of the story. That's only a small part of the story, though. The paperback cover, with Bobby stalking the streets, is probably more representative of what's actually going on in most of the book. It's a great cover. The band of green countryside at the bottom reflects the effect that Clare is having on Bobby: always at the back of his mind, but fiercely kept there.

  • Ricki
    2019-04-12 03:53

    I hate to say it, but I really did not like this book at all. I think I have a high tolerance for foul language and misguided actions (I work in a high school and hear it all of the time), but it was just so excessive in this book. Bobby is 14-years-old. He drives, steals, lies (at one point, saying his mother has cancer), smokes, drinks, and swears constantly. Almost every page has the word "fuck, "bastard," "piss," or "kill." He has a terrible mother, and they are very abusive toward each other. He calls her a "fucking bitch" and a "lazy cow" and she calls him a "little shit." The fact that the author turns his behavior around in the last ten pages doesn't make this okay to me, as a reader. I didn't find the mystery to be very developed or believable, and I thought his bad behavior overshadowed that aspect of the plot. I just don't see this as a book that I would want any teens reading. Bobby is a terrible role model. The only redeeming quality about him is that he treats his brother with respect. He mistreats everyone else around him and is incredibly selfish.

  • Charlotte Coldwell
    2019-04-15 04:43

    This is probably the only book I've ever really fully disliked. In my opinion, it's the worst book I've ever read. I read it as part of a school reading challenge and it annoyed the crap out of me. The main protagonist was an absolute pain. Maybe it's just that he's so opposite to me that I couldn't understand or sympathise with him. Also, the book didn't really have anything to do with the 'Creature of the Night' from the title. I think it was mentioned about three times, if that, and it was certainly nothing to do with the main plot. Basically, the boy and his mum move to the country and the boy's pissed off because he can't steal things or hang out with his friends, so he runs back to Dublin about four times, filling up most of the book, and realises at the end of it that his house has some kind of supernatural being living in it, but he's better off staying there anyway. Loathed it completely.

  • Joel
    2019-04-09 01:43

    *4.5Pocos libros me han sorprendido tan gratamente como este. Cuando lo comencé no tenía gran idea de lo que iba a encontrar pero suponía que iba a ser una historia con tintes fantásticos como su nombre lo indica. Pero no. Para nada. No hay duda de que el titulo lo pusieron solamente para hacerlo más comercial, eso de "criatura de la noche" no es mas que un agregado tonto para hacer que el libro sonara mas interesante. El libro va mas sobre la contemporánea, sobre la vida de un adolescente al que obligan a mudarse a unas granjas, que debe soportar a su hermano y a su madre, que debe estar lejos de sus amigos, que debe pasar su adolescencia como todos los adolescentes: sufriendo por cosas que no se debe sufrir.Hermoso. Y honestamente, la parte fantástica solo le quita esplendor a lo que pudo ser una obra perfecta.

  • Sandra
    2019-03-28 22:56

    I remember reading this years ago and being terrified.

  • Alex Wenndt
    2019-03-28 02:51

    This book has almost nothing to do with the creature of the night, It is more about a 14 year old brat trying to adjust to a new home. I was not happy with this book because when I picked it up and read the description I was expecting a book about some fantasy creature not some book about a kid trying to adapt to a new life.This book uses a ton of profanity because the main character of the book is a thief, a liar, a smoker, a drinker, and a rude little brat; keep in mind he is only 14. Warning, some part of this book I would consider to be vulgar. I would not recommend this book to kids, because I feel like it encourages bad behavior. It is possible that I would of enjoyed this book a little bit more if the description actually described what the book was about, because I was very disappointed that there wasn't more about the creature of the night.

  • Kathy
    2019-04-14 04:29

    If you come to this from The New Policemanyou may be surprised -- and may not appreciate just what Kate Thompson has accomplished in this coming-of-age novel which goes back and forth between the Dublin streets and the countryside his mother thought would be a safe haven but has violence of its own. Although I have heard people say the realism and the fantasy don't mesh well, I think that might be an American reading. I wonder if Thompson's Irish readers are closer to a folkloric tradition, more likely to accept the changeling possibility. This would be a spectacular teen book discussion title -- just who is the creature of the night? And how can you come to care so much for a narrator who is so wrong-headed for so much of the story? Read it as teen grit, not as fantasy or horror.

  • Keely *Keelskilo*
    2019-04-21 23:32

    This. Book. Was. BORING.I'm sorry, but when I read the inside cover, I thought it would be loads more of a creep-fest, with spooky things going on and lots of murder, disappearances, and mystery. No.This book is very misleading: it is NOT what the inside cover tells you it is about. It is about "Bobby" coming fro a messed-up background and learning to be a farming and occasionally putting milk and chocolate out for the "little woman" who may or may not be a fairy.The book is quite resistant to explaining things.So if you're looking for a cutsie little "coming of age" story with some sort of modern reality when there is little resolution, then go right ahead.If you are looking for the eerie novel the inside cover suggests, try Long LankinorTen.

  • Kaleb Mesick
    2019-03-26 05:33

    I liked how the story was told by Bobby. It made you realize that even though he was in trouble a lot he still had fears and feelings like everyone else. His mom made them move to the country to try to keep him out of trouble, but I didn't think she was a very good mom. When they moved to the country he did move next to some cool neighbors. I liked this book because it was easy to read and was very interesting. All the people in the book seemed very real and could remind you of people you know in real life.

  • Kelly Thielen
    2019-04-01 22:54

    In my opinion, this was one of the worst books for teens that I've ever read. Until the very end of the story, the main character, his mother and his friends show absolutely no redeeming qualities. It's not until the very end that he shows some. I just don't think the average teen will make the cause-effect connections until the very end of the story. Until then they have a teen who treats his mother horribly, reels profanity, drinks, steals, lies and has no regard for any other person. As an adult, I could see what was happening, but even so, I couldn't get past all of the other stuff to enjoy the book. School Librarians - Note that this book had all very positive reviews in the library journals and none mentioned the extreme amount of profanity or any of the other vices of the main character. If this is a problem in your community, you may want to think twice about buying the book.Plot Notes: Bobby is a foul-mouthed, fourteen-year-old thief who has been allowed to run around with the wrong crowd for years. Now his single mother, who has little motivation anyway, can not control him. In an effort to keep him out of jail, she moves him from Dublin to a small Irish village a couple hours away from Dublin. While there, Bobby can think of nothing more than getting back to his friends in Dublin. His "friends" use him to carry off the goods they steal - or the good they are selling so that they don't take the wrap - Bobby's younger and would be tried as a Juvenile. Bobby is not happy about the move. He and his mother argue constantly and talk horribly to one another regularly. He escapes back to Dublin a couple of times, always finding trouble and getting bounced back when he goes. The one redeeming aspect of the story is their kindly landlord who tries to take Bobby under his wing and show him some kindness and discipline. Finally, there is a last straw, and the landlord evicts them. It's then and only then that Bobby realizes the way things really are. Can he do what's right?

  • Sam Perlin
    2019-04-08 05:39

    Creature of The Night is a very misleading, and awful book. When I first saw this book at the local library, I thought it would be about spooky things like a ghost or a murder. But, then I realized this book had nothing to do with any of that. This is a very misleading book, which is the main reason I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. Dennis, the main character, sneaks out of his house and goes to meet up with his old buddies in Dublin. When they go to Dublin, they smoke,drink,and rob many cars. This problem occurs when Dennis is telling his mom about his crazy friend: " HE threatened me with all kinds of stuff if I didn't do it. And then he'd buy drink and drugs and whatever he needed"(Thompson 76). This quote shows readers that this book has many bad/illegal things in it for many kids. If readers think it's cool for Dennis and his friends to do illegal things, then readers may think it is all right to do. Kate Thompson includes many inappropriate things, which is one reason I don't recommend this book. The other reason why I don't recommend this book, is because the title of this book is very misleading to the actual plot of this horrendous story. Originally, I thought this story was about something scary that happens at night, but then I found out the plot of this story revolves around kids that do many bad things. When Kate Thompson said, " So five minutes later I was back on the road, loads of petrol in the tank, and nothing but the empty road between me and lads"(Thompson 61). This is the quote that proved to me that the title and the cover are both misleading to the actual plot. To sum it up, I don't recommend, Creature of the Night, to anyone because Kate Thompson includes many inappropriate things and this book is misleading.

  • Cameron Mccan
    2019-04-17 00:43

    Creature of the Night may be one of the best books written to cover the life of a troubled teen living in the suburbs of Dublin. The way the story flows is quite enticing to the average reader. The story line isn't the best but I've read worse. I enjoyed following Bobby on his rambunctious escapades through Dublin and seeing all of the different shenanigans he gets himself into. Although the description of the book made it appear to be a mystical and magical type novel, it didn't expand on the fairy-tale sections very much. The title made the book seem eerie and creepy yet, there were few, if any, elaborate scenes protruding scary vibes. The cover of the book should have been different in my opinion, as it sends off a completely different vibe than what the story really portrays. I was somewhat pleased with the storyline, although it seemed to drag on forever. Bobby kept returning to Dublin then getting sent back to the cottage his mother moved him to. It seemed somewhat repetitive and could have been easily rewritten to include better details and different escapades for Bobby to experience. Overall, "Creature of the Night" was a good read, however, the ending left me wanting more as it kind of just ended with no closure or reasonable ending.

  • Alison Roybal
    2019-04-08 01:47

    This novel about a teenage boy with many moral issues finding himself in the Irish countryside is, for the most part, enjoyable. I would not, however, recommend this book to many young adults, as the language and drug content is much too obscene for certain ages. Also, I would probably not recommend this book for a high school classroom as these ethical boundaries could cause problems among the students and parents or what not. When reading, it became frustrating trying to relate to the main character as he made mistake after mistake. He would begin to recover from his drugs, from his stealing, and then he would retreat back into it for no reason at all. This failure to connect with the book could be due to (a) being a girl and (b)not having drug or crime problems in my own life and(c) not being a young adult reader, but this was not my favorite read of Thompson's. There was also some fairy details thrown into the story that I did not understand as well; it was as if she simply wanted the fairy story in there and did not care if it did not fit well with her existing plot.

  • Nathanael Shafer
    2019-04-08 21:35

    Creature of the Night​ by Kate Thompson Is a story about a kid, Bobby, fourteen years old. He originally was living in Dublin, and then he moved to the country near Ennis. His mom decided to move them to the country to get him away from the kids that are bad influences. The bad things Bobby did included stealing cars, stealing electronics,and stealing all kinds of stuff.When he comes to the country he finds out that someone was murdered in the house they are renting. So he finds a diary with hair in it from the person that lived at the house. His goal is to get his mom and brother out of the house before another murder happens.I thought this book was exciting and boring to read. It was exciting because it had ups and downs; however, there were some very slow parts to the action.

  • Brian Dennin
    2019-04-16 04:44

    This book was average, but ended strong. It started out O.K., but then just keept dropping off. There almost wasn't any action in the majority of this book, just describing the 14 year old's work in his new community. Sometimes it would set you up to the main part, like "he woke up in the middle of the night to a creepy sound in the kitchen", but then nothing would happen. It wasn't until the last 50 pages did it get exciting, "edge of your seat" type material. He found a person who kept sneaking into his house that supposodely died 15 years ago. Then she described the scary night very well, the fog dropping in to set up the background. Then the book ended. There was some minature altercations that dragged me on to keep reading, but I wanted to stop reading after the first 75 pages.

  • Jaylen Johnson
    2019-04-17 02:39

    Bobby isn’t afraid of anything. He steals car and then races them. He steals anything and he hangs around with the bad boys. His mom wants him to move with her to another place that gives him a chance to reform his life and get away from the bad boys. Once there he steals a car and rides back to Dublin. He meets up with an old friend who hurts a guy. Bobby does the right thing and tells the guards what happened, but his boys won’t accept him anymore. There is something wrong with their new house. Over time they find out that a murder took place at this house. They immediately leave and go back to Dublin.

  • Bailey McHatton
    2019-04-01 22:35

    This was one of the most boring books I have ever read. I went into it with promises of faeries, murder, monsters, and a mystery. None of those were in this book. This book is a story of a child delinquent who's mother moves him from Dublin to the countryside. He ends up just doing a lot of farmwork. It had a little suspense and a tiny event happens near the end, but nothing near what I was expecting for this highly revered book.

  • Alex
    2019-04-02 05:33

    This is not really a coming of age tale in the traditional sense as the lead, Bobby is a angry flawed teen more likely to lash out as we see first hand. But when Bobby's mom moves the family away from Dublin to a small village in the country, Bobby's world changes. His brother begins to see a little old woman who only comes out at night...

  • Kathleen Houlihan
    2019-04-26 00:45

    I very much enjoyed Creature of the Night -- the protagonist is a wholly unlikeable teen, rebelling from his jobless single mother and his little brother... he likes to get in trouble, steal cars, the usual... and yet... he somehow wriggles his way past all your defenses, and you find yourself rooting for him all the same.

  • Karin
    2019-04-21 05:30

    14yo troublemaker Bobby is whisked away from bad influences in Dublin by his single-parent mom and taken to live in the Irish countryside, in a house with a mysterious past. Great blend of contemporary thriller and faerie tale.

  • Melcouettes
    2019-03-31 23:42

    j'ai perdu mon temps. je n'ai vu aucun intérêt à cette lecture...

  • Kolton
    2019-04-24 22:39

    Creature of the Night by Kate Thompson is a book about a 14 year old boy named Bobby and his family going to move out of the big city to a cabin in the woods because Bobby’s mom wanted to get him away from the drugs and life of crime. It all started in a place called Dublin where he used to live and where him and all of his friend’s used to cause lots of trouble by doing smoking, drinking and racing stolen cars. Also all the cops in Dublin know him and his gang. But since Robert and his mom and little brother moved to the country, a place where it’s an old village something does not seem right about that house though. The previous tenant mysteriously disappeared and stories of murder surround the family who lived there for years. And also Roberts little brother starts to talk about a strange visitor who comes to the house at night. Bobby and his mom always just put it off but it just got worse and worse. Eventually bobby makes a new friend and gets a job. When his mom and brother leave one day he looks at the old owner’s stuff who said he ran away from the place and he finds a the guys passport and then he realized that the man couldn’t have left because his passport was still there. When his family came home he told his mom about it and she called the police and they got there and searched the entire house and started to look in the fields. They eventually found the body stuffed in a hole and chopped up into pieces. They also found a knife with little fingerprints which looked like a child’s fingerprint. They left the house soon after and then they went to live back in the city. The story concludes when they come back a few years later and he brings his little brother back to the house to see if he remembers anything and all he remembers is when they took his fingerprint to make sure he didn’t kill the man.

  • Zach Shadrix
    2019-04-18 00:35

    Creature Of The Night is about a thirteen year old boy named Robert, who grew up in the life of crime. His cousin Beetle, and his posse of friends, decided to trick Robert into doing all the crime while they sit back and get the rewards. Robert is a troublemaker who makes life tougher on his already struggling mother; like stealing money from her purse. After getting into to much trouble in his hometown Robert moves into an old farm house. The book doesn't really seem to have a main idea though. It kind of just focuses on the trouble that Robert gets into. The ending disappointed me and overall the story kind of built up to nothing. The book had a large variety of characters. There was the Coley family, who were farmers who tried to shape Robert into a good kid. There was Dennis, Robert's little brother, who had an interesting part in the story. There is also Robert's Aunt Cookie. Robert's Mother owes her a lot of money. I think that the story spent to much time focusing on the development of the characters, and not enough time focusing on the actual plot. Overall, I would have to say that I didn't really enjoy this book. The ending was stale and didn't resolve anything. I'm not sure if there is a second book in the series, but the ending didn't have a satisfying conclusion like you want most stories to have. If you are bored and don't have anything else to read, I guess you could give this book a shot. I think it would have been better if you went into it knowing that there is no real climax or ending. I also think this book has zero reread value. This book doesn't incorporate a lot of descriptive imagery, which makes it hard to sometimes visualize the setting.

  • Nico Shimada
    2019-04-23 02:36

    I entirely thought this book was not very interesting to me for a few reasons. Bobby a 14 year old boy moved to Ennis, Ireland from Dublin because his mom wanted to get him away from bad influences, but also because she is running away from debt collectors. When they get to the house Bobby immediately plans on how he is going to escape and go back to Dublin where his friends are. The "creature" was announced when Bobby's half-brother Dennis who is 4 years old, says he plays with an old woman that peeks through the dog flap in which he calls "fairy". Bobby is very freaked out by this and doesn't really like scary things like what his brother is mentioning. Bobby then escapes to Dublin but gets caught when his friend Mick crashes the car Bobby stole which is a Skoda. Bobby is then sent back to his house and starts to like the country life with Coleman Dooley, PJ Dooley's son.(PJ is the landlord) PJ notifies Bobby's family that a man named Lars mysteriously disappeared but left all of his belongings, next thing you know he was actually murdered by this "creature". I honestly disliked the book because of its genre which is a mystery type of genre where as I like more of history genres. I chose this book thinking that it was actually going to be scary but it ended up just being a boring and corny book. It is also very repetitive on how Thompson wrote about the "creature/fairy". It seemed to me as if most of the story was focused on Bobby's attitude and personality and how it changes more than an actual creature.

  • Emma
    2019-03-30 05:58

    Olen kahlannut vasta 100 sivua, mutta sekin oli jo raskasta. Teos vaikuttaa ensimmäiseltä raakaversiolta, täysin editoimattomalta, hyvin keskeneräiseltä. Pahin vika oli jatkuva selittely, joka ei hellittänyt missään vaiheessa. Juonta oli tuskallista seurata kaiken selittelyn ja "ohi juoksun" alta (kohtaukset juostiin läpi muutaman virkkeen toteamuksilla, eikä mihinkään jääty pidemmäksi aikaa, ohitettiin vain ja mentiin seuraavaan). Myös dialogi olisi kaivannut rankkaa remonttia. Kirjakieli dialogissa vielä menee, mutta se ei silti tuntunut luontevalta. Joka repliikin jälkeen oli lisätty "hlö X sanoi", se alkoi rassata tosissaan. Ensimmäinen mietteeni kirjasta oli, että miksi näin keskeneräinen teos on julkaistu. Eläytymäänkään ei juuri päässyt, kun ei otettu kohtauksista tarpeeksi irti. Aisteja tai muutakaan ei oltu juuri käytetty, miljöökuvauksia en kaipaa pitkiä, omakin tyylini on suhteellisen niukkaa, mutta niitä olisi silti saanut olla edes vähän ja mieluusti sellaisia, että miljöö elävöityisi lukiessa.Katsotaan, pääsenkö kirjan loppuun saakka vai onko pakko laskea teos käsistään etuajassa.

  • Mickey Gonzalez
    2019-04-12 03:36

    I really liked the book how the book had a good plot and conflict in the story. I would recommend this book o my peers because this book could really give you a perspective on how teenagers struggle with maintaining a healthy life and having family that doesn't care for you along the way. The main character in the book is Bobby, and he lives with his mother and his young brother in Dublin. Bobby loves to smoke, drink, steal, and race stolen cars. They move to a small village to try to reform Bobby. He has something lurking in his head, it is more life if he is suffocating hopelessness of his own future. Bobby isn't afraid, he just has this one question that he repeats himself ever since he moved to his new house, "who is the creature of the night?" Over I think that this book would be best suited for a person who likes to read realistic fiction and Mystery.

  • Jo Anne
    2019-04-07 03:31

    I knocked this young adult book out in a few hours. The writing was great but it really wasn't what I was led to believe in the summary. The main characters are horrific--14 year old Bobby who needed a good beating, his childish, lazy and stupid mother, and Dennis, Bobby's half brother, who is maybe 4. Bobby is running wild in Dublin, stealing, taking drugs, so his mother moves the family to the country. There they live in an old farm house that might be haunted. Or maybe a fairy is pestering them for food.The language is R-rated (well, really, a lot of it we hear on TV or school bus) but if you don't like F-bombs, avoid this book.As I said, I liked it but felt it was misrepresented and not what I was in the mood for.

  • Eva
    2019-04-22 05:48

    Malo, aburrido, engañoso. El protagonista se merece una paliza, un correccional, una vida en un internado militar. La madre está loca, es una maltratadora y es un mal ejemplo para sus hijos. El final es un corte de golpe al futuro, se acabó y punto.

  • Paula Soper
    2019-04-03 02:39

    Okay, Kate. Nobody can say we didn't give it a go. I have read The New Policeman twice, Switchers, and now Creature of the Night. I have tried to understand how "the west coast of Ireland...inspires the magic and landscape of [your] novels." But I just can't. I can't.