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This new edition of the Green Lantern tale written by Geoff Johns, with art and newly redesigned cover by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert, lays the groundwork for Blackest Night. It also includes pages from other Green Lantern collected editions designed to introduce readers to other volumes in the series and an introduction by Ryan Reynolds, star of Warner Bros. Pictures' "GrThis new edition of the Green Lantern tale written by Geoff Johns, with art and newly redesigned cover by Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert, lays the groundwork for Blackest Night. It also includes pages from other Green Lantern collected editions designed to introduce readers to other volumes in the series and an introduction by Ryan Reynolds, star of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Green Lantern" major motion picture!Collecting: Green Lantern 29-35...

Title : Green Lantern, Volume 6: Secret Origin
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ISBN : 9781401219901
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Green Lantern, Volume 6: Secret Origin Reviews

  • Anne
    2019-01-09 00:01

    Fun look at the origin of the Green Lantern.

  • Gianfranco Mancini
    2019-01-21 23:39

    In brightest day, in blackest night,No evil shall escape my sightLet those who worship evil's might,Beware my power... Green Lantern's light! The ultimate retelling of a classic superhero origin tale, a modern highlight of events turning young Hal Jordan in a fear challenging lover man and in a hero.A cinematic pace tale (luckly far better than the crap movie that partly inspired) adding background and fleshing for good secondary (not much) characters like Sinestro (making his fall into villaines far more tragic) and Carol, and laying groundworks for the future events of Blackest Night saga."Green Lantern: Secret Origin" is a past and future tale at the same time, a milestone for the whole saga of the emerald hero.And Ivan Reis' artworks are just awesome.A must read for all good comics readers.

  • Dirk Grobbelaar
    2019-01-21 17:46

    It’s really surprising that there hasn’t been more mention here of Tygers, by Alan Moore. It’s an iconic Green Lantern story from 1986 which deals with the five inversions and the prophecy disclosed to Abin-Sur and it’s incredibly important to the Secret Origins story Johns is telling here. Even though so many years separate the two stories, it’s fascinating to see the impact that a story like Tygers can have on continuity. It’s one of the stories Johns collected in Green Lantern: In Brightest Day and if you read the accompanying introductions in that particular book you realize that the seeds for Blackest Night was planted long, long ago already. This origin tale leads into that arc.Abin-Sur’s prophecy has been around for years; it isn’t something Geoff Johns dreamed up for Secret Origin. The idea behind the original story, by Moore, was that it would be a self fulfilling prophecy. That by planting the seeds of doubt the inversions would eventually cause Abin-Sur’s failure and downfall. Johns takes this idea and develops it further here.It’s actually a magnificent achievement once you start stringing the pieces together. I suppose you could argue that it’s the culmination of events that started more than twenty years earlier… but I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m not sure whether there are other Hal Jordan origin tales readily available out there, with the possible exception of Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn and books like Green Lantern: Rebirth . As such, this book is a welcome addition to any Green Lantern fan’s library. In fact, this whole series by Geoff Johns is pretty good. If you can, purchase the edition with the illustrated cover, and not the movie tie-in cover, it just looks so much better. And, thank goodness, this book is nothing like the film other than the fact that it features Hector Hammond and Sinestro. I would really urge you to read Tygers first, if you can, since it will considerably alter your perception about this story. It may mean the difference between good and brilliant.

  • Richard
    2019-01-06 21:46

    I'm sure there are a lot of preconceived notions about the Green Lantern. I certainly had them at one point: he's a corny superhero that glows green and gets his power from a ring that can make objects appear. I assumed he was a silly superhero that I wouldn't be interested in, until I looked him up and actually paid attention. In my search for a good superhero book to read, I stumbled onto the rich Green Lantern mythology and was fascinated and wanted to learn more. And when I learned that the parts of the mythology I was interested in were pretty much solely created by Geoff Johns in this historic run of the character, I figured I'd start with that.Hal Jordan is a cocky but washed-up Air Force pilot who stumbles onto a crashed spaceship, where a dying alien passes him a green ring that not only happens to be one of the most powerful weapons in the universe but also transports him on the intergalactic adventure of a lifetime as part of the Green Lantern Corps, an elite group of protectors that work to keep order in the universe (think of them as similar to the Jedi Knights of Star Wars). Secret Origin comes in the middle of Johns's run but it actually stands on its own as a Green Lantern origin story and a great place for newbies like me to jump into the character, even though Johns takes established lore and skillfully weaves in important, original details from other parts of his run in the origin, like the Blackest Night prophecy and the rage-filled Atrocitus and the Five Inversions. I was incredibly surprised by how enjoyable this was. Unlike so many other superhero comics of it's kind, even with all of the cosmic happenings, this book is very easy to follow and appreciate. It has exciting action but it's also well-written, with good characters and with a focus on emotion being the strongest force in the universe and only being able to achieve your full power potential through sheer willpower and overcoming fear. This series looks like it's shaping up to be an exciting space saga with a real sense of adventure.

  • StoryTellerShannon
    2019-01-24 17:01

    This graphic novel was supposed to have been a great influence on thehit or miss Green Lantern movie.It follows the origins of how Hal Jordan, hot shot pilot with “father wounds”, joins the Green Lantern Corps. For those who don't know the tales the Green Lantern Corps is an organization of heroes who protect the universe from their version of evil and in time Hal Jordan will turn out to be the most powerful of the Green Lantern Corps heroes. The ring is fueled by an energy lantern but even more so by one's imagination and willpower. It does not work against yellow colored objects but that's an entire different and complex story if you dig into the details too much so don't worry about it if you are new (it's mentioned in this comic a few times). There's a good and basic coverage of several of the main recurring characters in the series: Sinestro (who starts as a Green Lantern Corps hero and then becomes an antagonist to Hal Jordan), Abin Sur (the dying alien who hands over his ring to the first human as worthy of the Green Lantern Corps), Kilowog (the alien Green Lantern who begins to train Hal Jordan), Carol Ferris (the daughter of the the man who owns the airfield where Jordan's father died and later love interest potentially), The Guardians (midget dudes who put the Green Lantern Corps together), Atrocitus (a rebel turned super villain and future Red Lantern) and William Hand (a mystery character with ties to Atrocitus).The artwork is classically well done but not superlative nor go out and buy it right away. My favorite parts were introductions of “new” characters (I'm sort of new to some of the Green Lantern mythology) and the verbal sparring between Hal Jordan and Sinestro. There was a nice emotional reversal for me on how I went from negative to positive about Carol Ferris as well.ARTWORK PRESENTATION: B to B plus; CHARACTERS/DIALOGUE: B; STORY/PLOTTING: B to B plus; ACTION SCENES: B; WHEN READ: end of May 2012; OVERALL GRADE: B to B plus.

  • Logan
    2018-12-27 18:57

    A fun little origin story! I actually forgot in recent years about the comic book dream team that is Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, they've done so much together and this was just a sweet reminder of that! So this one has been on my radar for a while now but never got a chance to read it; so it was a nice surprise to see it was part of the DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection they've been pumping out recently. Its pretty standard Green Lantern Origin story, but its got that Geoff Johns flare to make it a pretty nice read! Plus Ivan Reis's artwork is awesome, he's right up their with Jim Lee! But anyway if you want a Green Lantern Origin story, well here you go!

  • Sandra [the fucking book fairy]
    2019-01-11 19:50

    5 stars.I thought the Green Lantern movie was shit. Turns out, this is the source material used for that movie. So what the hell happened?I thought this was a pretty solid origin story for Hal Jordan. He did remind me a tiny bit of Captain Kirk from Startrek to be honest, especially that part where he got in trouble at the bar. Over all though, I am pretty impressed.THINGS I LIKED: • I got to know Hal's back story a little more. You understood why he was never really close to his family and why he chose to take the path that he has chosen. In order for one to appreciate a character, you have to understand them, and you get that in this. • I've read quite a few GL stories and this is the first one that I got introduced to the reason why Abin Sur crash landed to earth. • Sinestro and Hal understood each other because in a way they are alike. We all know what happens to Sinestro, but seeing him before that, working with Hal, training him to be a better Green Lantern, was great. • I liked the dialogues. • Aaaah Hal and Carol Ferris. *heart emoji inserted here* • I've always liked reading stuff about prophecies. I haven't read the Blackest Night yet so I'm not sure how this prophecy plays out but I am interested. • THE ART WORK WAS FANTASTIC! Definitely checking out more work from Ivan Reis. • The plot was pretty easy to follow and it didn't jump around as you switch to another book. It was very linear which I appreciate in an origin story. • It is a good starting point for anyone who wants to read Green Lanter, in my opinion. I understand this is the 6th volume on the Geoff Johns GL run, yet somehow, you can read this without reading anything else on that run, but still end up appreciating the story. It's basically like a standalone book. • I felt actual emotions for the characters. Especially when Hal finally confronted the object of his hatred.THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE:There wasn't anything too major, only that I wanted to know more about this William Hand and why he is said to be the vessel that brings the Blackest Night.FINAL JUDGEMENT:Again, this is a 5 star rating for me. I really loved a lot of things about this. It's one of the best, if not the best, GL stories I've read so far. But of course, this is just my opinion.

  • Bradley
    2019-01-15 22:01

    I've always loved Green Lantern, even with that fairly recent movie. And then, every time I saw the Blackest Night comics in the bookstores, I kept thinking to myself, "Hey, that looks AWESOME."It's time to buckle down, do my research, hunt all the comics leading to and through that huge story arc. There's enough fans out there that it looks like it'll be well worth my time. On to my New New-Year's Resolution! BLACKEST NIGHT. Wooooooo!Origin. Check. Hints of the Black Light? Check. Sinestro? Cool. Check. I'm primed. :) Thank you, Secret Origin.

  • J
    2019-01-11 21:42

    Very effective origin story. I feel like I understand Hal Jordan and see his appeal a lot more now that I know his background. The artwork is great and the plot of this was fantastic. This goes by really quickly.

  • Javier Muñoz
    2019-01-22 22:58

    El origen de Green Lantern, o mejor dicho la historia de origen de Hal Jordan como Green Lantern, se ha contado muchas veces. De hecho Geoff Johns ya nos contó el origen de Hal jordan de forma mucho más resumida al inicio de su andadura con este personaje (green lantern rebirth), pero en esa ocasión la idea era contar toda la trayectoria anterior de Hal Jordan poniendo énfasis en los sucesos que le llevaron a ser poseído por Parallax, y su posterior caída. En este caso tenemos una versión bastante descomprimida en la que se nos cuenta al detalle los primeros pasos de la historia de Hal Jordan, mientras se nos van presentando personajes clásicos de la serie y se ponen semillas para el siguiente arco de la colección de Geoff Johns (la rabia de los red lanterns) y el siguiente gran evento (la noche más oscura). La historia está bien contada y el dibujo es espectacular, es muy entretenido y se lee muy agusto... es un buen punto de partida para empezar a leer a green lantern, de hecho si quieres comenzar a leer el green lantern de Geoff Johns quizá sea mejor empezar por aquí en lugar de por el tomo 1, ya que en el inicio de ese tomo (lo que corresponde a green lantern rebirth) se nos mete una sobrecarga de información que si no estamos familiarizados con el personaje, su entorno, sus antagonistas y secundarios clásicos... se nos puede hacer duro de entender.

  • Randy Lander
    2018-12-28 20:38

    I have to admit, I didn't really think Hal Jordan's origin, and his relationships with Abin Sur, Carol Ferris and Sinestro needed revisiting again. Especially with all the momentum Geoff Johns has been building towards "In Blackest Night."But I was wrong. While re-tracing a few steps of Hal's rise from test pilot to Green Lantern, Johns introduces backstory elements that reinforce his take on Hector Hammond, Sinestro, Black Hand and indeed the Green Lantern mythos as a whole. By going back to Hal's roots, he can plant seeds that will come to fruition in "In Blackest Night," thus looking like it's the culmination of a decades-long plan rather than an invention in the last few years.Is this "ret-conning?" Well, yes. But it's done fairly artfully, and given that DC's continuity is so open to re-interpretation and even outright erasure, it doesn't particularly bother me. Johns puts some deeper levels of characterization in here, building on what we've known about the characters but tweaking it so that it all feels like one big mythos, rather than what it is, which is the result of dozens if not hundreds of writers introducing their ideas, sometimes clunkily, to form a big tapestry of Green Lantern's mythos.Ivan Reis's artwork is spectacularly good, reminiscent of Carlos Pacheco and JG Jones, and he does particularly exceptional work on all the spaceships, airplanes, alien landscapes and human hangars that dot the story.This book also introduces the backstory of Atrocitus, my vote for most on-the-nose-yet-awesomely-named bad guy ever, and it's a nice tie-in to the Guardians' folly with the Manhunters, as well as to Alan Moore's famous Green Lantern story about the planet of demons who wound up putting Abin Sur in a spaceship.If all retcons were like this, the word wouldn't have such a bad rep.

  • Jerry
    2019-01-13 15:34

    A Quickie ReviewI honestly thought this was the first of the series when I read it; it definitely seemed more like an origin story than anything else. As usual, I enjoyed the artwork, the action, and the acts of heroism. There were dashes of profanity here and there, but definitely not as much as the live-action movie from a few years ago. Fans of Green Lantern should check this one out. Even if they haven't read the others in the series, they should be able to follow it just fine; I did.Score: 4/5

  • Maria Kramer
    2018-12-28 15:58

    Good groundwork for Blackest Night, good introduction to the Green Lantern character. I'm just not a huge aficionado of GL, so this book wasn't as exciting to me as it would have been to a fan.

  • Quentin Wallace
    2019-01-23 17:58

    4.5 StarsThis was a modern and updated retelling of Hal Jordan's origin. We had a few things thrown in such as Hector Hammond, Atrocitus and Sinestro all playing a part in the origin story. The art was very nice, especially Carol Ferris who has rarely looked better. Also, the emotion in the story was deep. We didn't just have a superhero getting his powers, we had humans facing things in their life they had never had the courage to face before. There's a scene with Carol, Hal and Carol's father which was almost tear jerking. (I won't spoil it here but it was very emotional.) I'm not a fan of retconning in most cases but this was very well done.

  • Elizabeth
    2018-12-28 23:36

    I honestly went into this with extremely limited knowledge of anything to do with Green Lantern, and I didn't really have a clue what to expect. I was definitely really impressed. I didn't actually realise this was the sixth volume in the series until I pulled it up on goodreads. I got it from the library, and normally they number graphic novel and comic series. I assumed an origin story would be a good place to start, and if you have any doubts that it would be, lay them to rest. I didn't suffer for having picked up volume six first, this is just a great origin story, and a good place to start.From beginning to end, this was a story I enjoyed, with a character I became rather attached to. I didn't expect to enjoy this as much as I did, but it was hard not to like. The art style suited its needs but didn't blow me away. Female representation/visualisation was less than impressive, but there wasn't anything that bothered me enough for this to hugely detract from all I did like. I got sucked into an origin story that gave me everything I needed to know and still made me want to learn more. I fully intend to read more Green Lantern after this, maybe even just start this series from the beginning. It was full of good characters, good humour, good emotion, and a good story. If you have never read any Green Lantern before, this is an excellent place to start. It certainly did the job for me. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking to try out Green Lantern for the first time, even if they aren't fully sure if they want to or not. It definitely has me interested in more.

  • Brad
    2018-12-27 21:00

    Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis are on auto-pilot retelling Green Lantern's origin story. There's some neat stuff, like new versions Abin Sur and Sinestro meeting Hal Jordan, and Pie Face not seeming like such a ridiculously racist caricature, and Blackest Night is becoming more and more ominous. At this point Geoff Johns can write most DC characters in his sleep, and this book feels like he's going through the motions, with only a little bit of momentum toward the next big space story.

  • Gabriel
    2019-01-09 21:52

    3.5This one helped me a lot when I was a teen. It still does, actually. A really fun read.

  • Frédéric
    2019-01-07 17:00

    Very good retelling of GL's origins. What I had gathered here and there over the previous volumes and basic comic culture was just plainly and linearily explained to me with all the dots connected.I don't know if the original fans liked this one, I don't know if there are big variations from the real origins (the basics seem to be there though) but if you're a newcomer in GL's universe it really is a perfect book to start with. I'll say that reading the first 4 volumes of the New 52 run enhanced the pleasure (you know, that "ok-so-that's-how-they-met-first" kinda backward revelation) but any newbie should appreciate it anyway.Good pace, good characters with interesting interactions, good dialogues and good art (Ivan Reis, totally under the good influence of Neal Adams), this one is not to be missed.

  • Lizz
    2019-01-15 17:44

    Hal's a little shit, honestly, but that's not necessarily a criticism. It works for him, or for the story, even when I'm sighing at him. I really liked this; I was familiar with Hal's origin story from 'The New Frontier,' but I liked having it fleshed out more and being introduced to other members of the Corps. (Mostly I'm just excited that this fits perfectly with the work project I read it for.) I definitely wouldn't mind reading more GL in the future.ETA: To anyone unfamiliar - even though it says Vol 6 you can absolutely read this as a standalone. This is an origin story.

  • Lusitarius
    2019-01-05 17:04

    Poskiontelontulehdus on inha tuttu, joten olen hautautunut sarjakuvamaailmaan kestääkseni tämänhetkistä olotilaani paremmin.Vihreä lyhty on DC Universumin sankareista mielestäni yksi ärsyttävimmistä ja koppavimmista tyypeistä. Tässä sarjakuvassa Hal Jordan oli mielestäni siedettävä ja jopa pidin tarinasta!

  • Jake
    2019-01-14 15:38

    What a great origin story. Like, wow.

  • Zack! Empire
    2019-01-05 19:36

    I really feel like this is the book people should start with if they are looking to get into Green Lantern. Not only does it explain the origin of Hal Jordon, it sets up most up what has been going on for the last ten years in the book. I liked the story of Hal before he was a Green Lantern. The scene where he is sleeping outside the air force recruitment office is a really nice one. It gets across the character of Jordon very well. Here we have a young man going against everything his family wants for him. He wants to be his father so bad that on the day he turns 18 he is literally outside the office. That’s great stuff. Hal seeing his father die was also a good part. How could Hal ever be afraid if the thing he fears the most already happen? After Hal gets the ring he is sent to Oa, which is cool, but I thought he was just a bit too excepting of finding out about the Corps and all the aliens. If I found out that I was now a space cop and the universe was filled with aliens I’d be freaking out. You might say, “while Hal has no fear, so why would he freak out?”, but I don’t think that applies here. Everything this guy knows about the world has changed, and he just takes it in stride. That doesn’t sound like he has no fear that sounds like he is bat shit crazy. One thing about this book is that it really shows the difference between a movie and a comic book. I’m thinking about the final fight in the book where Hal and Sinestro fight Atrocitus. It works for the comic but somehow I don’t see it working if this was the movie version of Hal’s origin. I’m not saying that I think books should be like movies, or vice versa, but I just thought the fight was “good enough” for a book, but wouldn’t make the cutting room floor of a movie. All and all this was not a bad story. It sets up Hal and the rest of the lore really well. It serves as both a good jumping off point, and retelling for hardcore fans. Though the way things go in comic book land it is only a matter of time before this is no longer a relevant origin and a new one has to be written.

  • Aaron
    2019-01-22 16:35

    Green Lantern is probably one of the strongest of the superheroes in the DC Universe. With just the power of his imagination and the use of his power ring, he can create whatever he needs to fight for justice. The Green Lantern Corps is an inter-galactic police force that has been set up to create order out of chaos and protect the innocents.This is the story of how Hal Jordan, the first of the human Green Lanterns gained his ring and started his career in the Green Lantern Corps. Those familiar with the tale will recognize that he received the ring from his predecessor, Abin Sur, who policed the sector of space in which Earth is located. The story is expanded to describe the mission on which Abin Sur was working when his ship crashed on Earth. He was carrying an evil agent of Chaos, and it is this accident that sets in motion events that led to the Blackest Night storyline that was such a big hit recently.Readers also get a chance to see Hal work with Sinestro, who was once the best of the Green Lanterns before being forced out of the corps because of his own power-hungry obsessions. Sinestro provided some guidance as a mentor and teacher during the early period in which Hal was getting a better handle on how to use his ring.This volume nicely introduces Hal and the mythos and characters that surround him. I can't help but wonder how much of this presentation might be included in the up-coming Green Lantern film that is expected to be released soon. It was really interesting to see some of the background information for Hal Jordan. While I knew the details of his gaining of the ring, I have to admit that I knew little about the human cast of characters that surround him. The stories I have read before always seemed to focus on his time with the Justice League or with the Green Lantern Corps with their focus on the superhuman characters. This was a really enjoyable exploration of his background.

  • Vicenç Sanz
    2019-01-17 17:43

    Origen Secreto me ha gustado bastante, un buen comic para acercarse a la figura de Green Lantern y de su alter ego Hal Jordan. Y es que no sólo veremos cómo era su vida antes de convertirse en súper héroe, también la veremos en el proceso y durante sus primeros escarceos con enemigos poderosos.La narración está bien llevada, sabiendo en todo momento lo que nos quieren contar y dejando una cantidad de pistas ingente de cara a futuras sagas (cuyos nombres ya he visto en la web de la editorial). Son semillas como el no fiarse de los creadores del cuerpo, el preguntarse el porqué de la debilidad contra el amarillo o el ver que Siniestro empieza a tomar un camino que no puede acabar bien.La mezcla entre lo “súper” y lo normal de la vida de Hal (con tragedias familiares incluídas) hacen que éste arco argumental se me antoje imprescindible para todo aquél que quiera acercarse al personaje.Lástima que el dibujo no tenga ese punto de excelencia que sí tienen otras obras del género o que no se nos cuenten más cosas sobre lo que está por venir, pero es lo que tiene pillar siete números de una colección (del 29 al 35) y leerlos como algo independiente. Estoy convencido que lo que vino detrás de esto será una saga de las buenas y que la etapa del personaje que incluye éstos números debe ser de las que se recuerdan con cariño.Vamos, que me ha gustado y no descarto para nada acercarme más al personaje, de echo ahora mismo me pongo con el Rebirth, a ver en qué estado lo han dejado en Dc a día de hoy.Reseña completa en:

  • Vanessa
    2019-01-17 22:01

    If you are looking for where to start with the current incarnation of the Green Lantern, this is the place. This is the beginning of Geoff Johns' fantastic reboot of the series. It stays faithful to the origin stories while updating them and sowing the seeds for numerous future storylines: the Red Lanterns, the Sinestro Corps and Blackest Night. If this weren't a comic book storyline, I feel like this story would get the respect it deserves. Hal Jordan is-yes-a psychologically complex character and this story makes it clear he really needs the Lantern Corps because this is all he has. When Hal was a boy, he witnesses his father's death in a flying accident. He grows up to be alienated from his remaining family and gets himself kicked out of the Air Force for altruistic but ultimately futile reasons. And Hal's need for the Corps makes current events in the Green Lantern world all the more poignant. The current Green Lantern isn't into conscious artiness on the graphic side, but Ivan Reis and the inking/coloring teams do a great job of producing art that complements the story and is never hard to decipher, no matter how much action is going on in the panel. There are also a few really affecting scenes, like the flashback where Hal's younger brother Jim sneaks into his room to give him his present on his 18th birthday, only to find that Hal has moved out in the night. One of the issues in this collection was re-released for this year's Free Comic Book Day. A much better choice than trying to attract a novice reader with the complicated (but excellent) War of the Lanterns story arc that wrapped up this summer.

  • Sophie
    2018-12-27 20:46

    If you had told me six months ago that I'd end up reading Green Lantern, I would have laughed. BUT since that is true for pretty much ever comic series I've been enjoying lately (apart from Batman) that isn't saying much, I suppose. Let's just say I always thought a bunch of guys with magic rings flying around in space was kind of boring. Turns out it isn't. Oh well. Cases like this, I don't mind being wrong.Thanks to Blackest Night, I came to like the Green Lantern Corps, and these past few weeks have consisted of me dancing around reading/not reading more because I was afraid I'd like it and then I'd have yet another couple of books to spend money on. I guess it's too late now.About this book: it does what the title promises and tells Hal Jordan's origin story plus laying the groundwork for Blackest Night. It's fun and the art is great. A good starting point for people unfamiliar with Green Lantern, obviously. After having read it, though, the fact remains that Hal is my least favorite of Earth-Lanterns. But that's just a me-thing.

  • Feather Mista
    2019-01-22 17:55

    Antes de leer este tomo pensé que me iba a encontrar o bien con un comic pedorrísimo o bien con una obra maestra de los retcons y las vueltas de tuerca. Y, una vez más, le pifié horriblemente, ya que me pareció un comic entretenido, con aportes muy bien pensados y otros recontrarrebuscados al pedo. No creo que me lo compre ni que lo relea a mediano plazo, pero tampoco me pareció detestable como algunos de los trabajos de Johns de los últimos años.

  • Charles
    2019-01-06 18:48

    I liked it pretty well. I haven't read anything to do with the Green Lantern in 20 years but I liked the character, and I thought this was well drawn and well told. The story had some meat on its bones, which is a requirement for me for a graphic novel. I like the emphasis on the novel part. Certainly it's no "Watchmen," but it was good enough to hold my interest all the way through.

  • Brini
    2019-01-09 20:51

    I knew Hal Jordan's origin story but this was the first time I actually read it. I really like Hal, Sinestro and even Carol Ferris. Hal's thoughts about the Guardians are intriguing and a brilliant idea of the author. I hope to learn more about the Guardians but I'm not sure if I'm going to read more Green Lantern stories. I prefer Justice League stories.

  • AmirCat
    2019-01-13 17:02

    As a "nube" to comic books, and Green Lantern in particular, I really enjoyed this book. The art is good, and Geoff Johns is my favorite (active/Currently writing) author. My only complaint is that even as a newbie, the book seemed watered down. I am buying more GL books in the future just to find out that there is more to Hal Jordan than the generic superhero origin.