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It's not easy being one of the last living dragon shifters in London. Two years ago, when the faeries attacked the mortal realm, all supernaturals were dragged into the open. Unfortunately for dragon shifters like Ember and her sister, dragons are still hunted by humans and supernaturals alike. Keeping a low profile is difficult with monsters roaming the streets, but EmberIt's not easy being one of the last living dragon shifters in London. Two years ago, when the faeries attacked the mortal realm, all supernaturals were dragged into the open. Unfortunately for dragon shifters like Ember and her sister, dragons are still hunted by humans and supernaturals alike. Keeping a low profile is difficult with monsters roaming the streets, but Ember and her band of rogue shifters have managed to survive. Until their oldest enemy, the supernatural-hunting Orion League, emerges from the shadows and captures Ember's sister. To get her back, Ember is prepared to walk into the depths of London's magical underworld, even if it means kidnapping a lethal ex-hunter who'd like nothing better than to add her name to his kill list. His inside knowledge of the League is the key to saving her sister, but with their allies turning on them, Ember must choose who to trust or meet the same end as the other dragon shifters....

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Alight Reviews

  • Lola
    2019-01-22 10:21

    I received a free copy of this book from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.I was so excited when I heard of this new series by Emma L Adams. I really enjoy Emma's books and this series sounded really good. It takes place in the same world as her Changeling series, but it takes place in a different place and sooner after the invasion than the Changeling series. It also has a very different focus, namely more on the shifters. I am a big fan of shifter books, so I really liked how the author put the focus on shifters in this book. And it even has some original type of shifters!Alight was a well paced book with lots of action and focus on shifters. There were some great action scenes. Shifters have been hunted by The League's hunters even before the invasion by the faeries. But even now they still hunt shifters and other supernaturals. They are quite devoted to their mission. The book started with a chapter that shows where Ember and her sister Cori are when the invasion takes place and it instantly got me into the story. Then we switch to two years later and the story continues. Most of the story deals with The League and how Ember and her friends try to avoid them and stay alive, but when her sister gets captured she decides to do whatever it takes to get her back.Ember was a great main character to read about, she was fiercely protective of her sister and friends. I liked reading about her dragon side and form. She doesn't remember the first few years of her life and she doesn't know if there are any other dragon shifters except for her sister, so there's a bit of mystery there as well. She only has this notebook, with parts she can't read. Then there are her best friends who are both shifters as well. It was fun to read more about the shifters in this world and get to know more about them. Becks and Will were interesting side characters. But I was even more curious about Astor, we learn bits and pieces from him and I enjoyed reading about him. There is a hint of a possible romance, but it's a subplot line mostly. I did like that hint or romance though and I am curious how that will progress.I already knew a bit about this world thanks to having read most of the Changeling series, so it felt a bit familiar already. but this book shows a very different view and part of this world, so it felt new and fresh as well. And we learn a lot more about the hunters, the League and shifters, which were all things that weren't addressed as much in the Changeling series or not like this. It was great to return to a familiar world and follow new characters and a different focus. It also felt a tad darker than the Changeling series, especially at the end when we get a glimpse of what exactly the League does with shifters they capture.To summarize: I really enjoyed this book and getting to return to a world I already knew, but with a different focus. Alight takes place in the same world as the Changeling series, but in a different time and it focuses more on the hunters and shifters. I liked reading about the different type of shifters and the focus on shifters was great! It is action packed and well paced and it kept my attention during the whole book. Ember was a great main character to read about and I liked the fact she was a dragon shifter. There's a hint of a possible romance, but it stays pretty much to the sidelines. The world already felt a bit familiar as it was the same world as the Changeling series, but it felt very different as well. I am looking forward to read book 2!

  • Tigrish
    2019-02-11 10:25

    I'm quite disappointed with this book. I love shifter stories, and dragons especially. Also the cover looked pretty good. However, the low amount of reviews leads me to believe this might be a newish author? Not sure but if that's the case it certainly explains a few things.Thing is, I think if I were to try to write a book it might up something like this. (And I would be quite happy if it was something like this!)But then there is just so much missing. It's hard to put your finger on it since we do appear to have a real story here. Things are happening, there is action, and mystery. Unfortunately, we aren't really made to care about any of it. The world-building most definitely is not okay. I could tell the picture in my mind's eye lacked definition. Apparently we're in London but nothing is really described. Sometimes I'd find myself wondering how many people were in the street, or how certain buildings looked. Not cool.Then, the characters. Unfortunately they're very flat. The book also seems to have just the 4, really. And we are not made to care about them. Becks could drop dead for all I cared and I'd have been like meh. Then towards the end, from one second to the next we suddenly (view spoiler)[ turn on Astor (hide spoiler)], and really the reasoning was weak. It was so obvious the author just wanted to create a rift to draw things out.So yeah, in my opinion this book lacks a lot. Body. Depth. Well-rounded characters. We need so much more of all of these things.I will likely give book 2 a try because I want so much to like this, but I'm about 20% in and so far the outlook is grim. Kind of bummed out.

  • Cindy
    2019-02-14 12:03

    Just a kidI didn't want to put this book down. Its full of hope to fight the horrible aftermath of our world crumbling when the Fae decide to attack the human world. Ember is just a kid dragon shifter but she seems to be the key to this war. I would have liked more information about the fae and why they decided to attack. There is a lot that is still a mystery but the characters are great and Ember is so brave.

  • Raven_Blake
    2019-01-25 10:19

    Same Review Also Posted In My Blog: Dreamy AddicitonsOkay, I absolutely enjoyed reading this book! I really didn't expected to enjoy it as much as I did. It was actually set in the same world of Changeling Series which I haven't read but I still found myself enjoying this. I love books with dragons, fae and werewolves etc., and this book has them all. It was thrilling and action packed from the start till the end. I liked all the characters, the world building and the intriguing plot. This is my second book by Emma L. Adams and I'm very impressed. I really look forward to read more books from her. Ember and her sister Cori are the rare dragon shifters who's been wanted by humans and Supernaturals alike. Two years ago when the fae attacked on the mortal realm, the Orion League has been hunting all the supernaturals. While hiding from the League, Ember hunts the monsters from the fae realm in exchange for payment so that she could help her shifter friends who sheltered them. When a job goes wrong, Ember's sister gets captured by the League. In order to get back her sister, Ember needs the help of someone from the League. When her paths crosses with one of the hunter, she captures him and later finds out that he's an ex-hunter called Astor who seems to hate her kind. To save her sister, Ember needs to rely on the infuriating hunter who has all the knowledge that can help them break into the Orion stronghold. With help of her two shifter friends and Astor, Ember infiltrates the Orion stronghold but getting out from there isn't an easy task it's impossible.The characters in this book are in their 20's. I loved Ember! She's a strong protagonist and also a kickass female dragon with deadly claws. She kinda reminded me of Ember from the talon series by Julie Kagawa and to be honest, this Ember seemed more badass than her. I totally fell in love with Astor. He is hot, fun, sarcastic, smug and a bit cocky who likes pissing off fairies. There isn't much romance in this book but there is something going on between Ember and Astor. I enjoyed every time they clashed and not to forget that hot kiss. I can't wait to see how their relationship develops further. I also liked the interesting supporting characters Becks and Will. Becks is a cat shifter and also a sassy character. She's saved by Ember after the faerie attack and they've been friends since then. Will is a half witch and a half gargoyle shifter who later joined them. He's both fun and witty character. He possess some great skills and quite good in diverting enemies. I really liked the plot! It was fast paced, entertaining and action packed through out. There isn't any dull moment in this book and there are some twists in the story which made it more enjoyable to read. I also liked the wonderful writing style of the author and I enjoyed reading the entire story from Embers Perspective. The world building is good but it did took some for me to get a clear picture of it because I wasn't familiar with Changeling's world. I'll look forward to explore more of this world. Overall, it was a great read! I think it's a great start for a new series. The book finally concluded without any shocking cliffhanger but there are so many questions left unanswered and I can't wait to find them out in the next book which I'm going to pick up soon.

  • Henriette
    2019-01-24 11:15

    The book is pretty standard urban fantasy fare. There are supernaturals such as shifters, witches and mages. There is an evil organization, the Orion League, that hunts supernaturals (especially shifters) because they believe that humans should rule the world. At first they did so in secret, but then 2 years ago there was an invasion by dark fey that was thwarted. In the dystopian present the dark fey have gone, but some of the creatures couldn't make the trip back to the fey realm and still threaten the London populace.Our main character, Ember, and her sister, Cori, have no memory of their lives before Ember's 12th birthday. They are dragon shifters, but hide their abilities and therefore have little control. The only link to the past is a notebook that is partially written in old fey. During one of their hunting mission, they are attacked by the order and Cori is taken. They manage to capture a hunter called Astor, but it becomes apparent that he is actually an ex-hunter. Despite her misgivings Ember decides to team up with him to get her sister back.The book is almost 400 pages. It is a fun read, but I wouldn't expect too much complexity in the storyline. Even though Ember is apparently a very strong shifter, she has little control over her powers. Therefore, she and her buddies are always fighting against overwhelming odds and are completely in over their heads. You have to like this kind of thing to enjoy the book.Malkin is a nice though cliched villain. Unfortunately most of the cast of characters lack a little depth. The only characters were the author tries to give you a back story and add depth to him are Ember and Astor. Very little is known about Will and absolutely nothing about Becks.As I read most books in the evening before going to bed, where my powers of retention are sometimes subpar and I don't have the attention span necessary to follow complex storylines, the book is just right for me. Admittedly there are better books out there, but also worse. It give 3 1/2 stars.

  • Pamela
    2019-01-26 09:28

    I read the changeling chronicles, before this series. I loved those books, but this fell flat. Ember has attitude, but really cannot back it up. The entire story is to get her little sister back, and the characters do not mesh together, to really be a solid unit. They fight hunters,, and end up loosing her sister, then the automation just destroys about every safe house they have managed to put together. I could not wait for the next book in the other series, but I just wanted this to end. I purchased three of them, so that is sad. The author was crisp, and entertaining, in the chronically series, and you felt like you really could get behind them, but you honestly just kept hoping the main character would mature, in this one.. She is surrounded by danger, and being killed for most of her life, so where are her skills? She is not believable..It feels like kids trying to be grown ups. The other series hooked me in, and this one bored me to distraction.. This may be an urban fantasy, but the story lacks a plan and the characters are lacking. I was so sick of the darling comments, by Astor, I wanted to strangle him. I'm sorry I purchased all three, since one was more than enough.

  • Skylar Godwin
    2019-01-26 12:13

    I don't even know where to begin...1. The plot- The entire storyline is a rescue mission. However there is no planning. No character building just endless action. So the plot is basically "Run, save sister, run"2. Characters- As I said before, there is virtually no character development in the entirety of this novel. Pretty much every character we are introduced to has one quality and that's it. There is absolutely no backstory, characterization, or really any personality shown in any of the characters.3. World- I think my biggest problem with the world the author was trying to build in this novel is that they did too much into small of a book. The author tried to create a very complex world without developing it at all... I am super disappointed overall. I love dragons. But this... this was a travesty.

  • Ryan Mangrum
    2019-02-07 12:28

    I couldn't finish it. I stopped around 30% more or less. The dialog is predictable and wooden. The story is predictable and cliche; it came off as a poorly done version of Ella Summers Dragon Born series.It reads like the author has a set milestones for various checkboxs in a formulaic plot line and was writing to meet those milestones, not tell a complete story.Introduce main character -- check.Introduce conflict and oppression of main character -- check.Loved one stolen from main character -- check.Introduce obvious romantic interest -- check.Show friction between romantic interest and main character -- check.etc etc.

  • Marissa
    2019-01-20 11:09

    Ehhh it triedI kept reading in the hopes that Ember would pull her head out of her ass and start to grow up as a character... develop at all. Instead she remained the same blaaaah. The story has promise but as said before it took QUITE a while to go anywhere. Many conversations felt forced. It felt like a me and to an end; if I put this here I can connect these two points sort of idea. I don't know. Just wasn't for me.

  • Susan Harrowa
    2019-01-27 12:16

    Page Turner from start to finish!!First book I've ever read by this author and all I can say is WOW! Fantastic storyline-dragons, shifters, hunters all caught up in a power struggle war against each other. And the character are well crafted, easy to relate to, flawed as we all are. Plus a villain you'll definitely be glad to hate. If you like paranormal reads I highly recommend you give the one a shot!

  • Ronny
    2019-02-03 12:10

    A shifter Dragon out to save her sister.I gave this book five stars because of the plot and the unique characters. A Dragon shifter, her sister and their shifter friends try to live in a world where everyone is out to kill them. Some want to capture them to experiment on them so when the little sister is captured she and her friends go after her to free her and the other prisoners. Very good book and am looking forward to the next one in the series.

  • Patricia Huynh
    2019-02-12 16:23

    It took me a looong time to finish reading this. And I was so close a handful of times but couldn't stomach much of the book. The premise was promising because hey, who doesn't like a dragon story? But the story got away from the original intent fast, thus making Alight a bit confusing and dry. It was a decent read.

  • Larina
    2019-01-25 13:19

    AlightPretty neat book. I thought having so many shifter types in one book would muddle the storyline, in fact it made it a little more interesting. I did have some problems like Becks where were her folks? Maybe go into a little more fetal about Will. And Astro...I just felt like not enough back story was given. The overall storyline was OK

  • Lisa P
    2019-02-17 09:27

    Who is Astor...Quick read and surprising amount of action. Some things didn't make sense, like certain technology, considering the magical realm, faerie, and shifters. This was an entertaining story.

  • Denice Darland
    2019-01-27 10:25

    Could have been a great taleWhat's not to like about fae, magic, fantasy and dragons? Why authors presume to believe that foul language (in this story) or vulgar explicit sexual encounters might make their stories better, is beyond me.

  • Faith
    2019-01-17 13:03

    I have no idea what happened in this book. It's like it wanted to be fantastic, but there was too much going on in a tiny space and stuff just came outta nowhere and it just... ended. I'll obviously be reading the next one, because I have a problem, but I'm not necessarily excited about it.

  • Patti Ashley
    2019-01-27 09:05

    Good storyGood story but a few more significant details in the story would have made the story easier to follow. Trying to figure out who and what Astor was got old fast. It was also hard to believe the League had all this information on Ember but no one else knew her history.

  • Elizabeth Choi
    2019-01-29 15:05

    This was a good read. It was full of characters and intrigue. Keep you drank in page after page. So yes it's a five star

  • Shannon Christensen
    2019-01-30 16:01

    Great book!I enjoyed reading this book. It was full of adventure and excitement. The plot was interesting and the characters likeable.

  • Lita Acevedo
    2019-02-02 13:09

    Very good book full of adventure and magic. I really enjoyed it. It could be classified as a standalone but it is part of a trilogy with more of the story carrying over into the next book.

  • Christina
    2019-01-27 14:05

    Great read! I loved this series, abutting with magic and dragons is skates more interesting than boring, real life scenarios, and this series certainly doesn't disappoint!

  • Georgina Greenwood
    2019-02-02 13:18

    Ugh! Too many plot holes. It felt rushed. You don't really get to know the characters. Annoyingly I've started this series so now I have to finish it.