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The JackholeS are back...In the explosive ending to Faith and Kill's roller coaster love story, Faith has finally surrendered to the inevitable conclusion that she was meant for Kill.Her acceptance came at the perfect time, because the JackholeS are on their way to LA to record their chart-breaking album. But LA and their burgeoning fame comes with another set of obstaclesThe JackholeS are back...In the explosive ending to Faith and Kill's roller coaster love story, Faith has finally surrendered to the inevitable conclusion that she was meant for Kill.Her acceptance came at the perfect time, because the JackholeS are on their way to LA to record their chart-breaking album. But LA and their burgeoning fame comes with another set of obstacles.With a bitchy label representative hellbent on tearing them apart, a twitchy assistant who does more harm than good, and Kill's mysterious phone calls he refuses to ignore, nothing is what it seems. Can the JackholeS keep their family safe while rising to stardom?Can Faith prove Kill owns her trust before it's too late?And the one person who can tear them apart could be lurking close by.......

Title : Becoming Faith
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Becoming Faith Reviews

  • Jelena Bosh
    2019-02-11 12:41

    Here. Take all my emotions from me Joy Eileen, god knows these JackholeS are relentless to take every last on of my breaths!Do you ever feel like you're reading a movie? A fictional world that plays out frame after frame until you basically see the credits rolling and want to reverse it back, and absorb every single moment all over again? Yeah, well, this final book in THIS part of the series did more than just that. I fell in love with Faith and her heartbreaking sweet group of JackholeS from the first chapter in Breaking Faith. Continued to fall head over heals for EVERY SINGLE ONE of the members life story in Surviving Faith and with BECOMING FAITH? I think I kinda found myself a series that I will treasure for a very long time. Without giving too many spoilers away, I can honestly say, Joy Eileen KNOWS full well how to make a reader want/NEED so much more from these characters, their thoughts, their emotions, their lives... but at the same time, making you hate that you can't have any more. I mean, after 3 books, you'd think you would be somewhat satisfied. Nope. Not even close. Becoming Faith had a stronger element of suspense, which only strive to make reaching "the end" that much harder - in the BEST way possible!It also had that emotional connected you are used to, from the previous books in the series, but still managed to add all sorts of new worries, tears, laughs, blushes, MORE LAUGHTER, MORE tears, MORE heartbreaking discoveries - OH the new clues and discoveries!!Jesus. The amount of times I wanted to plunge into the authors mind just so I could see where she was going with the other characters. Or how many times I wanted to skip the pages JUST so this suspense would end, but could never bring myself to do it because savoring every word and tear and smile and blush has become too addictive. I think it's fair to say, this might have been one of the BEST and more STUNNING ways to end a part of this series!As with every one of Joy Eileen's books, it left me smiling with happiness, wiping away tears trying to clutch my heart aching with pain while holding the kindle and waiting for the next book to suddenly appear..Thank you for creating a world of men I would gladly give up my non-fictional world if only for a moment I could jump into one of these books and hug them, smile with them, GOD just touch them and that would be good enough lol Okay, I've totally gone crazy... *nervous laugh*Until then, watch for an upcoming review with fav quotes, which you can find on my blog Heartbeats Between Words, along with some teasers from Becoming Faith... <3 <3 <3

  • LizaJane Chronicles
    2019-01-30 13:26

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I have no idea where to start. Becoming Faith, by Joy Eileen, is delicious from beginning to end. There wasn’t a single time during the entire read that I felt the need to set the book down.You have Faith and Kill, who have battle internal and external demons since they met and no e of that has stopped them. Between Faith’s toxic and abusive past relationship and Kill’s conditional love upbringing you knew in book one that this would be one hell of an adventure.What I loved about this book and what I love about Joy Eileen, in general, is that this series doesn’t follow a format. Joy will let the reader in on the plot subtly but the character has no idea. They’re just living each day, trying to make it all work.They’re still dealing with Jason, Faith’s ex but thankfully the story isn’t all about him. He’s not even the major plot. I feel like this was done to show the reader that Faith has moved on, that she is stronger and no longer the victim of the past.The main story, in what I’m hoping isn’t the final book, in book three is the band. Kill and the JackholeS have achieved stardom! So deserved and well written. Our boys stay true to themselves and their family. You won’t read about the “rocker lifestyle” and if you’ve read the first two book you know not to expect that anyways.You really get to know Jet a little better and I know I fell in love with him a little more myself. He’s always been the jokester and the ice breaker but that’s all just the exterior. What’s inside of Jet is something else completely. He has dealt with demons in his past and instead of letting them ruin his present and future he just moved on. He chose to be happy. That’s not easy. I look forward to hearing more about him in the future.The last half of the book is the juiciest! That’s where it all goes down!! I’m never one to give spoilers so don’t look for any, just know that the events that transpire are very real to life and might have you wanting to throw your phone, tablet or book across the room. Please don’t do that.Definitely run out and buy this book. Hell, buy this series!

  • Jackie Deans Zielke
    2019-02-07 15:38

    Book 3 in the JackholeS series and the ending to a great love story that is Kill and Faith (Slick). I loved this series and recommend it. The ending was perfect. Kill is the perfect book boyfriend. This is not just a love story about Kill and Faith, but about how families consist of many different elements. These 4 guys' have a connection you don't see a lot. All misfits that found each other. I am not a big fan of trilogies, cause I usually get tired of the story after the second book. However, I didn't want this one to end. I felt .like I was on tour with these guys and living in their world. That is when you know you are reading a good book. I can't wait to read more by this Author.I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Charlotte Day
    2019-01-19 08:20

    I love Faith and Kill, this story started a little slow and I struggled at first, but as soon as I hit around 34% I couldn't put it down.The Jackholes have made it big and there's a surprise! I found the ending to be a little rushed, although that didn't make much of a difference to the book as the last half was quite fast paced. I can't wait for the next one.

  • leelah Orion
    2019-02-02 13:37

    Sad this is ending... fell more In love with kill, but jet what can I say. I LOVE HIM!!! He became my favorite...I hope the author writes Van and jesse’s story so that I can continue the crazy adventure with this group. I’m gonna miss this family. They made me feel a part of it..

  • Jamie Ellis
    2019-01-26 15:22

    This series is freaking amazing, I devoured it!! I just love the chemistry between all these characters. Book one was kind of a slow start for myself but once I of through that it was brilliantly written an then the storyline just flowed. Highly recommend this series.Thanks Jamie Nibarger Ellis

  • Laura Watson
    2019-02-14 16:24

    I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. I love these characters and Joy's writing is amazing! I loved the conclusion to this story.

  • Annmarie
    2019-02-10 14:32

    Awesome ending to the Kill and Faith show!! It was such a edge of your seat ending. Now for the other JackholeS to get their story!! Can't wait for Van and Jessie!!

  • Cathy
    2019-01-30 08:23

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. This was the 3rd book to Kill and Faith's epic relationship. There was so many surprises and twists to this book. The boys show us more of their heartfelt backgrounds. I loved how supportive and unseperable loyal the guys were to each other and with Faith and Amy. I can't wait to read more about the Jackholes members. The characters were so addictive and felt like an old friends you just want to hang with. Joy is a new author for me and I will continue to read. She has made a fan of me with her creative writing. I definitely recommend her rock series.

  • Kim Ginsberg
    2019-01-24 16:38

    The JackholeS are back and better than ever!!! They have gotten a recording contract and are heading to LA to record their album. They take the girls with them, which their new label rep hates. She doesn't like that they have girls, let alone that they have them with them. Faith is still working on her books when things blow up. Her life if forever changed by their trip to LA and the record deal. What changes? What happens when her past comes back to haunt her? Find out this and more in this AWESOME READ!!!

  • Erika PBookHavenBookBlog
    2019-01-23 10:47

    I was so happy to see this release!! The journey I've taken with these characters has often been bittersweet, with tons of laughs, twists, complications, and of course some super huge feels. Kill, Faith, and the others have made it to LA, and you think it would be smooth sailing. That's a big N-O. So many things to resolve, and in the Author's signature way she gave me more to love out of these characters than ever before, revealing histories and making them address things they had avoided in past books. It's funny, it was sweet, had some conflict and angst to spice it up....but did I mention Kill and Faith are super hot together? A perfect ending for this couple and I hopefully get to see them again someday!!~~~Erika, Book Haven Book Blog

  • Amanda
    2019-01-30 11:18

    Ahh this book! I've followed Kill and Faith from the beginning and I'll never tire of them. Although this book started slow for me, after about 30% you better clear your schedules because you can't stop. I love the family dynamic and I love where she took the characters in this installment. You get another one of Joy's famous cliff hangars at the end but in a good way. I think it's a perfect setup for the next book and I can't wait!!! Solid 5 stars for a wonderful story.

  • B.K. Harrell
    2019-01-20 10:29

    The third book in this series was as action packed as the first two. The love between Kill and Faith continues to evolve and should be an example that love can grow from the the darkest spots we survive. Joy continues to prove what an excellent writer she is with this installment. You will thoroughly enjoy this book and everything it has to offer. As excited as I was to read this and honored to do so before the general public, I am now looking forward to the next installment.

  • Romaine Heart
    2019-01-30 12:46

    Wow! This is the final series of Faith. This series is fabulous! The rollercoaster ride of emotions and banter. Finally everyone's dream is coming true. Super stardom for the band. An assistant from the label causing trouble, trying to break the band apart.Faith is recognized as an author but her PA is trouble. The author has written a magnificent series full of drama, suspense, lies, deceit, domestic violence, banter, and unconditional love. The characters are amazing.! You will fall in love with each one of them.  I would definitely recommend this series! A must read! I'm volunteering an honest review for an advance reader's copy.

  • Reading with 2 book lovers
    2019-02-03 08:28

    this is the 3rd book in the jackholes series and i was so excited to read the ending to kill and faiths story. i loved this book so very much, it's great to see more about the other jackholes members and to learn more about them, as always faith and Killen have amazing chemistry once again! I definitely recommend this series to everyone.I voluntarily read a copy of this book

  • Coralee Corrigan
    2019-01-22 12:23

    Beyond amazing read .love kill and faith .once u start to read it u won't be able to put it down till u are finished of it .

  • Autumn Bryant
    2019-01-27 11:26

    This is the book you have been waiting for. Kill and Faith are finally together and their love is epic. Everything is falling into place with a record deal and Faith publishing her books. Just when you think everything is okay, old ghosts from the past come back to haunt them both. There were lots of twists, turns, and a very huge surprise that made this my favorite out of the series. It is a definite must read!!!!

  • Carole Buick
    2019-01-28 12:28

    Oh Boy!!!!!! What a roller coaster ride. You end up being emotionally involved in this book. Tissues at the ready. To find out the conclusion of Faith and Killian you will not get a thing out of me you will have to one click. The conclusion is epic. Another 5 star read from this author