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A possessed child is caught in a war between witches!Spanning centuries of horror and witchcraft, the powerful sequel to Taken By Witches tells how the great Babcia Czarownica must do battle with far more seductive members of her craft. She must confront a lustful priest, a predatory lover, a vengeful undead beauty, and the unspeakable evil hiding at the top of Rapunzel’sA possessed child is caught in a war between witches!Spanning centuries of horror and witchcraft, the powerful sequel to Taken By Witches tells how the great Babcia Czarownica must do battle with far more seductive members of her craft. She must confront a lustful priest, a predatory lover, a vengeful undead beauty, and the unspeakable evil hiding at the top of Rapunzel’s Tower... all to save her beloved grandson and his family. And she must accomplish all this while sharing the body of an eight-year-old girl....

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The Witch Within Her Reviews

  • Aly
    2019-02-01 20:02

    Another very exciting book by Nick! I am always excited to read books by this author. I love how the author reminded us about where we left off in the first book and what happened. We learn more about Babcia and there are great twists and turns in this book. I like the face pace of this book and how things progressed through the book. I didn't want to put this book down and I had to read more. * I received this book from the author and this is my honest review*

  • D. Thrush
    2019-02-12 23:21

    I usually don’t read horror, but I had to continue the story after reading the first book (a summary is included for those who didn’t read it or want to brush up on it.) This sequel perfectly continues the story. There were more insights into Babcia, the powerful witch whose goal is to protect her grandson, Niko even beyond death. It made me fear for his wife, Holly who loves him but feels neglected and is tempted by other men. In the meantime, other witches are following their own agendas trying to thwart Babcia. I found the inclusions of the Hansel and Gretel and Rapunzel legends great additions to the story. There are lots of twists and turns, and Iuppa does a great job at keeping the story flowing. I frequently kept reading long after I told myself I had to stop. If you’re intrigued by witches, this is the book for you. I really had no idea how it would end and the ominous tone left me wondering what would happen if the series continues. I received an ARC and this is an honest review.

  • Laura W
    2019-01-22 23:14

    Thank you to the author, Nick Iuppa, for gifting me with a copy of The Witch Within Her in exchange for an honest review!This book was a bit better for me in terms of character development and plot clarity compared with the first one.1.  The characters.  I enjoyed most all of the characters this time around.  Perhaps it's because I've spent more time with them, but there was also more situations presented that revealed their traits and thoughts.  I continued to love Babcia (the 'evil' witch whose goal is to protect her grandson, Niko, from pain and suffering and death) and all her complexity.  I loved how she took sometimes unpopular actions to protect him and also showed a soft spot towards his daughter, Joy.  Niko, Joy, and Holly grew on me as well.  Joy especially as we really get an in depth look at her character and how she deals with living with Babcia inside her.  Holly, Niko's wife, undergoes some difficult decisions (more life related than witch related) concerning her fidelity to Niko and I truly enjoyed the chapters from her POV.2.  The plot.  I liked the plot this time around much more as well.  It was much more clear what the goals of the witches were concerning Niko and Babcia.  This book is fairly fast paced most of the time so you really have to be ready for it although there are quite a few moments were things slow down considerably.  This book takes place over a shorter time span than the first book and I think the author made the right move as it clarified the main goal and kept me focused on the string of events and the relevancy of each event.3.  The witches.  We learn a little bit more about the world of witches in this book although it still wasn't as comprehensive as I would have liked.  I wish there would have been some connection or communication network or history or something that would have demonstrated that the witches are all connected.  As it stands, there just seem to be bubbles of covens and each isn't really aware of the others.  I did enjoy hearing more about Babcia's past (she's 800 years old so there's some history there!) and how her past influences her current views.4.  The romance/subplot.  Like I said above, there was a bit of a subplot going on with Niko and Holly's relationship which I enjoyed.  It tied in some 'true' real-world elements that helped cement this story to reality and make it more fleshed out.  Niko and Holly have problems that many real life couples have and struggle with every day.The Final Verdict:The characters, plot, and romance are all wonderfully developed and fleshed out.  I do wish there would have been more connection in terms of the witching world although I did immensely enjoy hearing about Babcia's past.4 stars

  • Joan
    2019-02-15 21:07

    The Witch Within Her is the second book and continuation of the story of one of the greatest and powerful witch, Michalina/Babcia Czawonica. Babcia takes on old enemies, Clara and Mother Black, who are determined to destroy Babcia through her beloved grandson. My favorite characters are Babcia and her eight year old great-granddaughter Joy Madonnie. Niko Madonie is a weak man who is constantly having to be protected and rescued by his grandmother, Babcia, because of his indecision and lack of communication with his wife Holly, a serial cheater. Even the smarmy warlock, Pan Wictor, has more appeal than Niko. I would love to know more about the Spell of Becoming and seeing Babcia bring justice to the witch-hunters and their descendants who caused her so much sorrow when she was but a teen girl. I hope that a third book is planned to bring this story full circle.

  • ColdCoffee
    2019-02-02 22:18

    As a fan of Nick Iuppa’s books I can say without hesitation that his latest release ‘The Witch Within’ is another great “sexy, stunning, relentless horror” that brings a ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales’ feel with an adult theme.‘The Witch Within Her’ is the sequel to ‘Taken By Witches’. Even without reading the first book the author’s writing is so good that you can jump right into the book and enjoy the well-developed characters, and complex story with twists and turns that include the old fables of Hansel and Gretel and Rapunzel.Author Nick Iuppa includes a wonderful introduction and summary that will refresh your mind and continue the story on from ‘Taken By Witches’. This is storytelling at its best as both books are centered on a tale being told by an evil warlock to an old gift store owner named Michalowski in the village of Zakopane Poland.With eighty-three fast paced chapters, this novel is nearly impossible to put down. The evil witch Babcia is obsessed with and will use any measure to protect her beloved grandson Niko from any harm that might befall him even to the point of living inside the body of his little daughter, Joy.If you want an adult fantasy horror witches tale, this is a must read. I always share a quote to draw you into this author’s writing style without spoiling any part of the story. So here goes.Quote One: “Twisted branches seemed to claw at the windows of John Hunter’s Ford Crown Victoria as it struggled up the deeply rutted gravel road that led to the upper cabin at Crystal Lake. Perhaps the branches were trying to unlatch the door and catch hold of him, Hunter thought for a crazy moment, pull him out from behind the steering wheel, drag him into the marshes that stood along the sides of the road, plunge him down among the gnarled roots and hold him under till he drowned.Christ, what’s happening to my mind? He wondered.Quote Two: “Mother Black’s garden was not unlike other witch’s gardens hidden away in the San Fernando Valley. There may have been as many as a hundred of them at that time, planted mostly by witches who were forced to accompany their families into the California sunshine. Occasionally, a young woman of Marla Morrison’s coven succeeded in making things grow and using them to expand her knowledge of The Craft. But the real successes were the old crones who took their work seriously and limited their ambitions.That’s how it was with Mother Black. Sally Fukes had found her deep in the mountains of Tennessee and told her all about her adventures in Hollywood and how her friend Marla had died at the hands of Witch Babcia who now inhabited the body of Niko Madonie’s daughter.Mother Black hadn’t known much of Babcia’s long history and so she wasn’t concerned. Until now!”I invite you to read this tale, but if you repeat it, be careful of youngsters who might be listening.I, Theodocia Mclean endorse The Witch Within Her (sequel to Taken By Witches) by Nick Iuppa as an adult fairy tale. I purchased this book from Kindle on May 24th and this review was written on June 1, 2017.Kindle Purchase Link

  • Nick Iuppa
    2019-02-04 00:17