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For 18 years and over. This novel contains a M/F/M relationship.Jade Lewis’s night out soon turns in to so much more than expected. A one-night stand with Chance Colt becomes more than she ever bargained for. His determined pursuit of Jade and her resolute dismissal of his charms leaves Jade at odds with her inner hussy. Confident she has managed to dodge the attraction shFor 18 years and over. This novel contains a M/F/M relationship.Jade Lewis’s night out soon turns in to so much more than expected. A one-night stand with Chance Colt becomes more than she ever bargained for. His determined pursuit of Jade and her resolute dismissal of his charms leaves Jade at odds with her inner hussy. Confident she has managed to dodge the attraction she has for Chance, she lets down her guard, only to be taken by surprise by Chance’s ploy to win her over and convince her that they’re perfect for one another. Enter Dane, Chance’s best friend. Jade quickly realises all the fight in her was useless, especially when things are left to Chance....

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Left to Chance Reviews

  • Bibi
    2019-02-04 17:08

    * Free on Amazon 7/10/2017*Characterisation was a bit off; Chance, Dane and Jade were 18, 19, and 25 respectively; yet, Chance was already a millionaire who was also ready to settle down. I didn't buy it, notwithstanding, the smex was hot and that's good enough for me. Hehehe.

  • Sarez Tomoan
    2019-02-14 23:05

    Holy mother of hotness and a book hangover to boot! First chapter in and I was rubbing my hands together in glee. Chance is HOT. The first chapter is HOT. (Not to mention the book came to me from the author with a side note and I was already anxious to see when 'that' took place.) not to mention Jade. Lila has a talent for writing awesome, funny female MC's and it looked like Jade wasn't going to be any different.Lila has a way with words that leaves me laughing hard. A couple of particular favourites at the start of the book were 'Pluck a duck, that was hot.' And 'Chance, yes. Sugar on a tree, yes.' Did I mention Jade doesn't swear so the book is littered with replacements like these. I loved it. So I have only just started reading and then holy firetruck, my jaw dropped and I was gaping like a starving fish. Lila drops a ripper of a bomb. Only that was in chapter three and not even the best part. The book just skyrocketed from there.I am left without words to sum up this story only to say if you like hot guys then this is a must read book. But I will leave you with my words for this book.HOLY LOLLIPOPING SHIZ - THIS IS THE HOTTEST BOOK THAT I HAVE EVER (YES EVER) READ.I am willing to say that this is easily the best book of 2014 - at least. Even if I feel like I am cheating on some of my other fave authors and their new releases by saying that. Her's another pearl from Jade - "I picked up the menu and studied it. I bit my lip and snorted at the expensive prices. I mean, come on, who would want to pay forty dollars for a piece of meat? Not unless it was a dick on a stick, I wouldn't."Just read it. Seriously. There was nothing I didn't like about this book. But be warned, you may need some serious cooling down while reading it, like an ice bath, or an igloo.

  • Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’
    2019-02-13 23:58

    Oh my word!! All I can say for that beginning was Whoop Whoop!!! LoLThis book was so awesome, from the first page till the last page. I loved it! Chance was so my kind of guy, totally alpha from the moment they met. And Dane #sigh#...I loved how they all just clicked and connected with each other. I loved how the Dane and Chance knew what they wanted even thought they were so young, Even though Jade had her doubts. But they made it known exactly what they wanted and they never deviated.Chance:Jade:Dane:I love the humour, loved the best friends relationship between Liberty and Jade. I have three words for this book: Sexy/Sassy/Hilarious!!!Can't wait to read Liberty's story!!! Going to be so Awesome!Awesome job Lila Rose <3

  • PJ
    2019-02-15 16:58

    3 Kinda Sorta StarsThe biggest comment I can make about this book is that it felt rushed. All of it. The story. The sex. Yes, the scenes began okay. But too quickly, with a grunt, they ended. :( We readers aren't asking for pages, but, come on! Give us a couple moans and groans to work with! Especially with three people and all those limbs to wrangle. ;)Ultimately, I was let down because of the whiplash about-face of the too-conservative-at-first female MC. Nuh uh, no way. Wouldn't happen. But, maybe that's me feeling jealous as hell! :D

  • JJ -
    2019-01-27 19:09

    This book can be described by 3 H’s:1) Hot2) Humorous3) HeartfeltAnd it’ll leave you Horny and Hungry for more!Jade is a BBW with a big attitude and a big heart. A hardworking woman focusing on taking care of herself, she isn’t actively looking for love. However, she isn’t gonna turn down a sexy stranger that seems as into her as she’s into him.“Sweetheart, I do admire your voice, but I’d like to hear your name and move on to more pleasurable moments, if that’s okay with you?”As soon as the lust clears, though, she finds out some unexpected and unwanted surprises about Chance. I can see understand her hang-up over the age difference; though, I don’t know that I would make as big a deal about it as she did. Once he’d proved himself serious and mature—which didn’t take him long—I’d have followed my heart and loins instead of fighting it so hard. I was more concerned over the fact that Chance is getting into clubs and drinking at 18 than I was over their age difference. Of course, I’m from the US, where legal drinking age is 21. Maybe that’s why it seemed odd as I was reading.“Let me tell you, Jade, he wants you, and he’s gonna get you.”Chance was probably my favorite character in this book. I mean, I only hated the ones you were supposed to hate, but I just had a special affection for Chance’s relentless pursuit of Jade, his sexy-and-I-ain’t-afraid-to-play attitude, and his openness about who he is and what he wants.“Hi, I’m Chance, and I’m the man who will marry your sister, and this is Dane, our other partner in bed.”There’s no hiding, no shame, no lies with this boy—just brutal honesty. And I loved that about him. No games. He’s out for what he wants, and he’s going to do what it takes to make it happens.“Do you want to see me do this with a guy?”I was gifted an ARC of this book for an honest review, and I didn’t read the synopsis or anything before starting it. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised when Dane was thrown into the mix. He upped the sweetness (and hotness) factor of the relationship. Where Jade is feisty and Chance is dominant, Dane is loving and affectionate. And he’s a doll you want to shower love on in return. As soon as Chance asked the above question, I knew what was coming, and I knew it was going to be Dane, and my interest level increased significantly (though it wasn’t lacking in the first place). “Just because we’re making out, doesn’t mean I forgive you two. You both have a lot of sucking up to do.”I thoroughly enjoyed this book. And it wasn’t just because it was a hot, threesome read. This book was fun and humorous, too. I seriously LOL’d at some parts in this book. I won’t give anything away, but I will say that when Jade got her hands on a BB gun, I was struggling to not wake my sleeping husband and child with my laughing. It’s quite often that books make me smile, but it’s not so often that they make me laugh out loud. Kudos to Ms. Rose for creating such an enjoyable, chuckle-inducing story.The only part of the book that I wasn’t a huge fan of was the fact that Jade pretty much refuses to cuss. It’s not that I think there’s anything wrong with that (because it’s actually admirable), and I realize it was part of the vision the author had for Jade’s character. It just seemed a little out of place for me. I guess I felt a book with dirty content warranted dirty language from everyone. A stupid concept, I am aware, but that’s just how it felt when I was reading it. However, that’s insignificant, and I only added it because I agreed to give an honest review. Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and I can’t wait to read Liberty’s story!

  • Caroline
    2019-01-17 20:49

    This was my first ever m/m/f book and I over it.jade worked in a clothes shop and attended her new work persons party where she met chance. After things happened she found out it was her friends brother and he was also a lot younger. she tried to forget hum bit that didn't work when he was always there. After being out altogether jade sees something she likes and chance introduces her to his friend dane and things begin to happen.chance is the more dominant one he knows what he wants and when he wants it where as dane is quiet and is shy. The both of them are great and together with jade they are awesome. I can't wait for the next book xx

  • FMR Book Grind
    2019-01-17 21:09

    Ashley's Review4 StarsSo this would be one of those genres I read to ‘escape’ my personal reality, if you will…I would NEVER participate in a ménage relationship, but I LOVE reading them! (Also, there are some M/M scenes, so if you don’t like reading that…you have been warned.)No, this is not the greatest love story ever told, but it is fun, and HOT, and these three main characters really care about each other. Some people (including Jade herself) would call Jade a cougar…let’s just say she’s a wee bit older than the delicious young men in this story. But as far as I’m concerned, age is just a number. Chance and Dane are amazing, and persistent, young men. And they really know how to treat a lady. ;)There were a few times during the story where I just wanted to slap Jade. She has this complex that she’s fat, and really not all that pretty, and that she doesn’t deserve everything that she wants. There are multiple men throughout story (even more than just Chance and Dane) that find Jade attractive, and even try to tell her that, and she just won’t believe them. For me, in some scenes anyway, the secondary characters made the story! Jade’s best friend, Liberty, is a riot, and she is in on some very fun scenes, plus she tends to be a voice of reason for Jade. And Jade’s brother and dad? They’re hilarious, and help to create some very funny, awkward scenes! Of course there are a couple of other secondary characters that are witches with a capital B, but there’s always bound to be one or two of them. :-)Overall, I enjoyed reading this book, and I can’t wait to read Liberty’s story!

  • T.L. Smith
    2019-01-24 23:52

    The wonderful Lila Rose gifted me a copy of this book for an honest review. How to start this review hmmm...This book will make you Sham wow your panties, yes you heard me right. SHAM WOW THAT MOFO. Jade is one lucky girl, to not only have one gorgeous guy, but two. Lucky sod she is. This book is by far my best read of 2014 so far, and I am eager to see what else comes from this wonderful lady.

  • Aimie
    2019-02-03 20:06

    I could not put this story down for a second. I picked it up at 9:40pm and didn't put it down until I finished it at 2am. I didn't even stop for a bathroom break. This book left me feeling so happy. It was funny and sweet and a happy, happy read. I can't wait for the next book to come out and I'm only glad I've found this one two weeks before the next one releases. This is my second Lila Rose book and she is fast becoming a favourite author for me.

  • Amy Davies
    2019-02-15 16:53

    Omg! Why didn't I read this sooner? This is one hell of a HOT book!! I love Lila's books and this just adds to it. The instant connection between Chance and Jade is amazing and sexy as hell. Then add Dane into the mix and its off the charts. The sex scenes should be read in private ;) Honestly this book is amazing. It's a must read!!!!!

  • Escape Reality with Books
    2019-02-06 16:53

    Holy f***ing hotness! This is one sinfully erotic ride! This book needs to come with a ***Warning, You may experience damp panties and be in a constant state of desire – Please proceed with eager anticipation!***Jade is a 25 year old fashion store employee who goes to a party at a co-worker and friend’s house. Turning up at a mansion, Jade discovers April’s snobby parents have hijacked the party so she escapes and hides out in a room waiting for her friend to join her. In this room, she has a steamy first encounter with a sexy, well-built man who turns out to be April’s 17 year old brother, Chance. He turns 18 a couple of minutes after their encounter. Shocked and horrified by what happened, she can’t quite come to grips with her attraction to a “boy” as she puts it.Chance is on a mission to make Jade his despite her misgivings about his age. A few hilarious encounters occur until one night they are at a Club and meet up with Chance’s equally gorgeous 19 year old best friend Dane. The three of them engage in a sexy-as-fuck threesome the night before Jade is to move to another City for a month to set up a second fashion store for her boss.What follows in the month she is away and the remainder of the book is a story of lust filled passionate encounters between the three of them proving that love doesn’t have to exist just between two people and there should be no age barrier. Jade is a hilarious character. She chooses not to swear and the words replaced instead of swear words made me laugh out loud numerous times throughout the book. She also has a way of finding herself in awkward situations which are also laugh out loud worthy.Chance is 17 and turns 18 within the first couple of chapters of the book. He is a self-made millionaire after having luck on the stock market at the age of 16. Even though he is young, he has been the provider for his family and the main carer for his older sister April, who is still young at heart, thanks to their parents’ disinterest in their kids.Dane is 19 years old and has been best friends with Chance for years. He was involved in the stock market win with Chance and is also very wealthy. Chance and Dane also own investments together.Jade’s family and friends consist of her brother Damien, her dad and her best friend Liberty. Her brother and father are shocked when they find out she is having a relationship with two men. Liberty is all for it as she can see how much the three of them care about each other. She is a ball of laughs and comes out with quips such as “Jesus, Jade, why not just hump Chance’s lump?”Now to the hot stuff…33% in and my jaw dropped! The first sex scene between Chance, Jade and Dane was so sexy and raunchy that a blush spread across my cheeks, I was biting my lower lip, my nipples tightened and I had to cross my legs to ease the ache! I felt like I was a voyeur hiding in the room watching them go at it and I LOVED IT! Ever other sex scene between them left me feeling hot and bothered.Lila Rose has written a funny, erotic, sweet and sinfully delicious story.I cannot wait to read Liberty, Liam and Damien’s story next.I was given a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Tanya.

  • Rebecca
    2019-02-07 00:04

    In Left to Chance, Lila Rose gives her readers a steamy and sexy read that goes beyond normal conventions and shows that even though Jade, Chance, and Dade’s relationship might be unusual as long as each person is committed to making it work, age and other people’s opinions shouldn’t matter.Jade is definitely my kind of heroine; she’s feisty and sassy, and she gives as good as she gets. Jade’s comfortable in her own skin and can rock any outfit simply because she has the attitude to pull it off, but one area Jade is a bit insecure in is the relationship department, so it makes her go a tad crazy when she attracts the attention of not one but two gorgeous younger guys.Chance may only be 18, but in that short amount of time, he’s had to grow up quickly, taking care of himself and his sister. Chance is a take charge kind of guy, so when he sees Jade hanging out in the game room at his parents’ place, it’s game on, and in no time, he has Jade naked and panting. But when she finds out how old he is, she does everything in her power to stay away from the tempting, delicious man. But Chance is having none of Jade’s brush off, and so not only does he get Jade to give into the passion they felt once before, but he adds Dane into the mix, making one of Jade’s deepest desires come true, and unexpectedly forming a deeper bond with his best friend, one that has limitless possibilities for all three of them.Dane’s the third member of the threesome, and even though he wasn’t originally a factor in Jade and Chance’s attraction, he’s just as committed as the other two. Dane has always had feelings for his best friend, but he didn’t think Chance felt that way about him; needless to say, it’s a learning curve for both Dane and Chance when they start everything with Jade, but it’s something they both want desperately, so they are willing to do whatever it takes.I really enjoyed Left to Chance. Jade’s a very relatable character and her struggles will resonate with readers. Her insecurities and hesitations are presented realistically and definitely fit what Jade goes through in the story. Chance and Dane couldn’t be any better book boyfriends. They are alpha males who know how to treat their woman and each other. The only thing I would have liked to get a bit more insight into is Chance and Dane’s backstory. One chapter is from Chance’s perspective, but it doesn’t completely paint the picture I need to understand how connected they’ve been since the beginning. But despite wanting a bit more about them, Left to Chance is an entertaining and hot read. I hope Liberty gets her own story; she’s just as feisty and funny as Jade.A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.4 poison apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)

  • Ariana *mommy's late night book-up*
    2019-02-01 19:03

    4 LOL stars!Ok, so I was instantly drawn in by this books cover and synopsis and just knew it was something I simply HAD to read. Although extremely different than what I had expected, this book was still a great read! I have been reading so many serious, heartbreaking, dark books lately, that this was a pleasant surprise in a change of pace. Left To Chance had me cracking up like crazy, and I nearly destroyed my computer from spitting out coffee on it. Let me tell you, this is not the love triangle you would expect from some of the other popular books you have read. It is not your girl meets guy and falls in love, then girl meets other guy and falls in love and has to chose between the two…ultimately breaking one's heart. Oh no, this is girl meets man and his best friend. Gets involved sexually with BOTH men…. at the SAME time. Thats right. One girl and two guys getting it on. Not only does the girl fall for both men, and they both fall for her… but the men fall for each other as well. How on earth could that possibly work? That was one thing I still couldn't grasp how on earth a 3 way relationship was going to work, and how all their friends and family were so accepting of it right off the bat. The sex was HOT… and I mean burning in the fiery pits of hell hot. Three cold shower in a row and I still could not bring down my body temperature. I was a little unsure how I would feel about it all once the men started doing dirty things to each other, but I was pleasantly surprised at how sexy Lila Rose made it. Although there were two hot guys in the story, my favorite is still Chance. Something about him really just made me all tingly inside. He was funny, and protective, and so incredibly sweet. Oh, and did I mention HOT?!?!?! He really seemed like the kind of guy who would do anything for the girl he loved. One negative for me was the whole time frame for Jade to have fallen in love with both these guys. It was almost instantaneously. I would have liked to have seen a little more buildup before the professing of love, but then again, I do not think this book was meant to be realistic. Another was the fact that Jade did not swear and curse. Instead she used other silly phrases which at times were hysterically funny, but other times it became to be too much and took away from the going-ons of the story. Especially when it was a steamy scene. A couple times the phrases she would say actually made me cringe, but then was followed up by another which made me nearly pee my pants. All in all this was a fun and exciting read for me and I would definitely recommend it to others. This was the first book I have read by Lila Rose, and I can say without a doubt this will NOT be the last! I cannot wait to read more by this author.

  • Julie
    2019-01-27 17:56

    Really cute, funny fluff read & then bang, some hot threesome action! If you are into threesomes be aware that this isn't your typical M/F/M relationship. I wonder how they write this - M/M/F? Take the book for what its worth & don't worry about the unrealistic aspects. A woman in a relationship with two men would be hard to define to your family & friends. But there is some bisexuality aspects to this book, hopefully I'm not giving too much away, but I seriously doubt that would easily accepted. Anywhoo, Jade is a 25 year old curvy blonde who meets young hunk Chance at a party. Jade is so funny & cute, and Chance doesn't open up to people easily but right away, off goes his shirt & he professes his love for Jade & away we go! There is an age difference which wouldn't mean anything to someone in their 30s but Jade is 25 while Chance & his best friend Dane are 18 & 19. It isn't an issue with maturity because both of these men are geniuses & have established businesses. It is more like Jade can feel her emotions being all tied up & this situation might just boil down to Chance & Dane sowing their wild oats. Jade is insecure about her figure & slowly realizes, truck a duck, TWO men adore her! Who cares about her size! Yes, Jade doesn't swear so there are lots of funny things that slip out of her mouth. What the sheep! and Truck a duck! are two of my favorites along with her admission that she was "flipping wetter than a soaked mop." Beneath the fluff & all the hot sex we have a little bit of a story - Chance being the genius that he is basically supports his whole family which he resents and Dane didn't have a good childhood. Nothing gets Jade more excited than her two men kissing passionately, touching each other intimately so once her hormones build they are all on board with this crazy threesome!

  • Book Junky Girls
    2019-01-17 16:56

    Jade just wants to hang out with her new friend, but what was supposed to be a fun visit at her house turns into a boring party her friends parents are throwing Jade hides from it in the game room when she meets hot, hunky, Chance who knows at first glance that he wants Jade. Being plus sized means someone like Chance showing her attention doesn't seem real, but what happenes after her fun romp when she realizes his age she freaks, and when he relentlesly persues her, Jades life is turned upsidedown.Jade is strong, smart, and oh so sassy. She happy in her skin and never afraid to speak her mind, even if that does get her into trouble sometimes. When it comes to men though she's insecure, until you get her into a bedroom, or office, or hotel room.... that's when things get wild with her.Chance might be young in years, but he's got everything going for him, and when he sees something he wants he goes after it with a passion. He's also not afraid of what he wants and showing it, even if it's not traditional or conventional.Dane is a sweetie, young too but like Chance knows what he wants and goes for it. It might look like he's along for the ride but all three characters bring something great to this story.This isn't a sappy romance where the characters roll over and give up when things get tough. It's a kick ass novel with a smart mouthed heroine, and sexy men who knows just what to do to get their way. There's lots of steamy scenes and sweet scenes and then there's the fall out of your chair, laughing so hard your crying scenes! The flow in the book is great and I loved every minute.The secondary characters also added allot to the story and I'm excited to see them get their stories in the future as well.

  • Sinamen Reads Romance
    2019-02-08 19:02

    3 stars for the overall story 6 stars for the hot sex. We only have 5 stars you say? Well, dammit the sex was off the charts hot!! Jade is a curvy girl that has a one night stand that she considers a mistake but he considers it to be a life changing moment.This story does not start off slow. No not at all. We get HOT sex in the second chapter and I liked it (hangs head in shame) Then later on we meet Dane and we get more hot sex. This book is full of hot sex. So much so that you don’t truly see the building of a relationship between the three it just a lot of great sex. Favorite character: Jade’s best friend Liberty. She kept it real and even though she was living vicariously through Jade she handled Jade with tough love. Favorite part of the book: Jade running to Dane and Chance’s rescue when they didn't need to be rescued. Also when she got over the age issue. In the beginning yes I had a problem with it but after a while it wasn't big deal. What didn't I like: Based on the timeline and the number of dates they went out on, it seemed too quick to be “in love”. In my opinion there wasn't any growing time in their relationship and to be honest whenever the three of them got together they were having really hot sex. Overall the story is well written with characters that are relatable and entertaining. I will definitely pick up the next book because I’m also very curious to see how Liberty’s story plays out. Thanks Lila Rose for the opportunity to read this book!!

  • Jolene
    2019-02-10 23:00

    Well.... That was definitely different. So hard to describe this book. Went in thinking 2 guys, 1 girl but didn't know how it would work and if believable. It's not just them wanting and falling for her and her wanting and falling for them both but also the two guys who are best friends also have an attraction and love for each other. So this isn't just about the 2 men which are surprisingly young wanting to be in a relationship and sharing Jade but all 3 together with Chance and Dane also getting it on. Not sure how I felt about the guy on guy action, the 3 together was steamy and hot but at the same time still weird. It is very quick insta love and not long later with family knowing the 3 are together, can you say.... awkward. This book had a good flow of writing, characters were very loveable and the interesting, rare, unpredictable, unconventional novel did have me hooked reading. Just found it hard to visualise Jade with the description of her weight and not being able to see it as you don't know her size or weight but she gets described as curvy but also fat. Looking forward to the friends book as would like more of this threesome. I'm hoping Liberty's story doesn't follow in the same way though.

  • Raunchyrudereadersblog
    2019-02-07 18:00

    Got say I'm a huge Lila Rose fan., and she didn't disappoint with this.Chance and Dane were smoking HOT. I thought the ages in the book would put me off but it didn't, it was written so well.Chance was 18 and Dane was 19, and Jade was 25, but Chance and Dane are so much older and had to grow up.Now Jade I loved her she was funny and just a great female character. I Love Lila's female characters in books, they are awesome.Lila also doesn't cuss and swear so she has the funniest sayings to replace swear words.When Jade and Chance meet, they are at a snobby party at Jade's friend house who turns out to be Chaces sister.They have an instant attraction, but Jade doesn't think he is into her because she is a bigger lady, but they have the best sex ever, where Jade thinks it was a one night thing, she's wrong it changes her life for good.Then she meets Chance's best friend Dane and they all have an attraction to each other, which is so HOT!!Both Chance and Dane are young, and sweet but they know what they want and don't stop until they get it.This is a fun sexy read with a kick ass heroine and hot males, The sex scenes are off the charts.Would highly recommend.

  • Paige
    2019-02-13 16:43

    Hmmmm well that was different! I gave this one a go because reviews said it was hot sexy and was definitely all those things but the storyline behind all that was weird and I'm having trouble getting my head around it. Don't get me wrong, I was hooked on this book. The guys were hot, boy was Chance a straight shooter! the girl was funny and cute in a weird way. The sexy times were smokin. It had a lot of good things and is definitely one I will not forget.....Reading M/F/M threesomes scenes are hot but it's not just not fun or a one time thing in this story it's more and while I really enjoyed this read that was one thing I found hard to get around but maybe that's just me. . It won't stop me from reading this authors next book about Jades friend. I'm hoping for a little more on Jade and her "men" I'm more so wanting to know what the future holds for them all and how long it sticks or how it all works out

  • Colleen
    2019-02-04 21:11

    If there were more stars I would definitely give it more than 5. Holy hotness this book was amazing. It was a perfect blend of sexy and humor that would have you smiling or laughing out loud.Jade meets Chance, by chance, when she goes to a friend's party, and what follows is a humorous sexy encounter that has you taking turns between laughing and fanning yourself. She tries to end it when she finds out that he is younger than her but Chance isn't going to give up. He introduces Jade to his best friend Dane which puts an interesting spin on their relationship.I just love the thoughts that we are privy too from Jade, she would be a wonderfully funny friend to have. You would never be bored with your life after meeting her, I am sure.This is a definite must read.

  • Rebeka Duran
    2019-01-29 18:10

    3.5 StarsSo I'm rating the story in whole 3.5 Stars but I'm rating the sex in it at 5 STARS!!! LolThis book is M/M/F... pretty freaking hot if I do say so myself.This is one of my favorite genres so I knew it would keep me reading.This story also has some funny to it.It's also just a fluffy sexy story.Jade was a different kind of character. she doesn't curse and she not your typical skinny girl.Then there are her men...Chance and Dane. HOTNESS... BUT.. younger than Jade.Now I will be honest and say the age thing kind tripped me up at first. After a while I didn't think about it.I'm thinking...well hoping...that the next book will continue with the M/M/F theme with her Jade's best friend Liberty.

  • Danny Jeffery
    2019-02-09 19:05

    Let me start by saying I was lucky to win a copy of this book in a FB competition and I'm so happy I did as I thoroughly enjoyed this book.This novel contains a M/F/M relationship and I have to say that I've read a few M/F/M books and this one is up there as one of may faves to date.The blurb outlines the basic plot for you. What I will say is that Lila delivered a really funny yet really touching book in parts and by the end I was sad to see I had finished it as I really had it enjoyed it that much. Left to Chance brings humour, great story, great characters, heartfelt scenes and absolutely scorching sex scenes. I 100% would happily recommend this book and it has been one of my favourite reads of 2014 so far.

  • Jessica Coody kennedy
    2019-02-07 01:10

    Sexy, Sassy, and Hilarious Lila Rose is absolutely amazing. I loved this book by four sentences in and it only got better. Jade is sassy, snarky and a beautiful plus sized women (thank you Lila) who falls for the ever charming and handsome, but young Chance and let me tell you those two sizzle the sheets together!! Then enters Dane another smoking hot sexy young man. Chance's best friend who has lusted after Chance for years and now wants Jade as well. If you thought Jade and Chance were sizzling together just wait, the three of them together creates utter book lust! You meet so many characters throughout this story you will fall in love with. Highly recommend this book to everyone that loves a great, well written menage' story. Lila rocked this out and I look forward to more.

  • Tracy Supple
    2019-02-10 20:55

    I was lucky enough to receive a ARC of this from Lila Rose. This is absolutely scorching hot I mean have a couple of spare panties lying around cause you will need them. This is a M/F/M story I have read a few but nothing like left to chance the sex scenes in this story are hot hot hot. You get to meet Chance Jade and Dante the main characters there relationship starts rocky but my god the sex between them is on fire. Jade is worried about the age gap but Chance and Dante are not ones to be easily put off. The banter is brilliant between the main characters and the supporting characters I was hooked. Not one for spoilers all I can say is if you want to see if Chance Jade and Dante get their HEA and enjoy scorching hot sex scenes you really need to read this book

  • J a c i n t a
    2019-01-20 22:11

    This book is by far the best read from the lovely Lila Rose. Lila was kind enough to give me a copy after her first edits and said excuse the spelling mistakes and bad grammar but after I finished reading it was like excuse me while I go change by jocks for like the millionth time ;)If you love menage books, two guys and one girl then book is for you. Lila got straight into it and didn't mess around with the hot, naughty stuff right up front and then it just got naughtier, dirtier and OMG!!! This book will have you melting in your panties, grabbing onto B.O.B but will say this will not cut it. You will need the real thing.HOLY HOTNESS!!!xoxo

  • Natasha
    2019-01-27 20:12

    4.5 starsHoly hell!! This is the hottest book so far from this author. It's so hot your fingers will be burning from how hot the Kindle will be from all this super steamy scenes and clicking really fast so you can get to the next page. You will seriously need a 12 pack of batteries for your B.O.B and if you don't have one you'll need one or you'll just but jumping your partner every 5 seconds. There were some sweet touching parts between the three. And some funny moments...and I loved the relationship between her and her friend Liberty. Can't wait for book 2. Liberty is a fiesty one.

  • Rachel Rule
    2019-02-09 16:44

    Freaking loved this book! It's so hot and had me laughing out loud so much... I loved the story line, yes things happened pretty fast threw out the book, but I just loved how it all flowed! Chance & Dane are young, but mature and go for what they want which happens to be Jade!! Also love that this is set in Australia since I'm an Aussie ;-) Jade cracks me up the most just loved her! And gosh damn the sex scenes are fant-freaking-tastic!!! Really looking forward to liberty's book, who is Jades bestie!

  • Liz Lovelock
    2019-02-17 19:10

    What can I say? Just WOW!!!This is one sexy, sweet and a fantastic read! Left to Chance is my first M/F/M book and I can gladly say I really enjoyed it. I love Lila Rose she is an amazing author. I highly recommend this book to everyone even if you aren't a fan of M/F/M this one will surely change your thoughts. I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading. So get your copy as soon as you can! Thank you Lila for allowing me to read Left to Chance. I love your work! I seriously can't wait for the next one.

  • Dee
    2019-01-26 00:49

    This story was just okay for me. Humour can be subjective and a lot of it missed the mark, for me. I'd like to say the sex was hot, some was, but a lot felt forced and awkward, given the characters ages, maybe that was the point? That said, given the boys were so young I thought the story might have a New Adult feel to it, but it didn't, they acted years older than their biological age. All in all the story was well written and edited, just not entirely for me, so take a chance (see what I did there, lol) and grab a copy, you might be pleasantly surprised.

  • Faz
    2019-02-08 17:05

    Four hot threesome stars!!Who doesn't love the idea of being ravished by two men? Come on it can't just be me ... Well then you don't know what your missing ;)I loved this quick naughty read it was HOT!! I loved Jade she was funny as well as a dirty bitch lol! And both Dane and Chance were unbelievable hot and sexy!!If your looking for a hot quick threesome read you'll love Left To Chance so have at it people :)