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A twenty-four-hour romance about two teens who meet—and perhaps change their minds about love—on a train ride to Upstate New York in the middle of a snowstormOne train ride. Two strangers.Noah is a hopeless romantic. He’s heading back home for one last chance with his first love, whom he broke up with when he went off to college.Ammy doesn’t believe in true love—her parentA twenty-four-hour romance about two teens who meet—and perhaps change their minds about love—on a train ride to Upstate New York in the middle of a snowstormOne train ride. Two strangers.Noah is a hopeless romantic. He’s heading back home for one last chance with his first love, whom he broke up with when he went off to college.Ammy doesn’t believe in true love—her parents being prime examples. She’s escaping from a mom who can’t take care of her to a dad who may not even want her. That is, until one winter night when Noah and Ammy find themselves in the same Amtrak car heading to Upstate New York.After a train-wreck first encounter between the two of them, the Amtrak train suddenly breaks down due to a snowstorm. Desperate to make it to their destinations, Noah and Ammy have no other option but to travel together. What starts off as a minor detour turns into the whirlwind journey of a lifetime, and over the course of the night they fall in love. But come morning their adventure takes an unexpected turn for the worst. Can one night can really change how they feel about love...and the course of their lives forever?...

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Love and Other Train Wrecks Reviews

  • Stacee
    2019-02-09 10:00

    I do enjoy a story with a known and specific time frame to it, so I was pretty eager to get to it. I liked Noah. He’s sweet and maybe a bit nerdy, but pretty adorable. Ammy is smart and loyal and having a hard time with what’s going on in her life. Because of that, she lashes out. A lot. So much that I struggled to root for her. Plot wise, it was like a YA Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. I enjoyed all of the little mishaps and obstacles they had to deal with. There is a slight reveal that I wasn’t expecting and how that’s handled was frustrating and satisfying at the same time. Overall, I did want to love this book like crazy, but just couldn’t fully get behind Amy’s journey. **Huge thanks to Katherine Tegen Books for providing the arc free of charge**

  • Sam Kozbial
    2019-02-06 14:59

    I really enjoyed Konen's last book, The Romantics, and had high hopes for this book. I am happy to report, that Love and Other Train Wrecks delighted me in many of the same ways.•Pro: Noah was a sweet cupcake and I loved him. He was not perfect, as I found out, but he had a huge and beautiful, if slightly misguided, heart. •Pro: I loved the dynamic between Ammy and Noah. Eavesdropping on their conversations was quite a treat, and seeing them go from strangers to enemies to friends to more warmed my heart. •Pro: Both Ammy and Noah were nursing some serious guilt, and Konen's slow reveal really had quite an impact. •Pro: This was a physical and emotional journey for both Ammy and Noah. As they shared their stories with each other, they realized a lot of important things about themselves. •Pro: There is a lot of bookish love in this story, as both Ammy and Noah are book lovers. I have to award bonus points for that. •Pro: There were some humorous travel snafus a la Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. I felt bad to for Ammy and Noah, but I also couldn't hold back my laughter. •Pro: The duel point of view was used quite well, and I was especially fond of when Konen had those little overlaps. I love when we get to experience the same moment from both POVs. •Pro: I am going to give Konen a round of applause for that big speed bump she threw in there. I did NOT see that coming. •Pro: The ending is a big YES! from me. If you read this, you will understand a why I liked it so much. (hint: I got closure.)Overall: This was a trip worth taking! I really enjoyed making this journey with Ammy and Noah as each of them "unpacked" some of their emotional luggage and filled in those spaces with much better things.*I would like to thank the publisher for the review copy of this book.BLOG | INSTAGRAM | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS

  • Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd)
    2019-02-11 15:44

    2.75 Stars"'Here goes,' I say, without turning to her.I slide the safety latch on the bottom. Then I grab the long handle in the middle. It turns under my weight, easier than it should be. The door opens, and there it is. The whole world in front of us.Our adventure, beckoning."This is a good winter season contemporary, but I only really connected with one half of the couple, so the entire story fell a bit flat for me. I love the meeting and sense of serendipitous adventure that Ammy and Noah find themselves in - even with the many snags, their journey is nice to see. And I did think the romance was sweet and fluffy, with a healthy dose of snarky and angst. Unfortunately, I wasn't the biggest fan of Ammy. I just didn't really connect with her, and our personalities didn't mesh well. Plus, I found her to be annoyingly indignant at times, and it kinda rubbed me the wrong way. Despite not loving Ammy, I though the story was nice and enjoyable for the most part.I received a copy of the book from Katherine Tegen Books via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

  • Stephanie
    2019-02-17 14:58

    This book felt like...well, a train wreck. In order to write a review that is as concise as possible (I hope), I'm going to divide my observations into three main areas. First I thought Ammy was awful pretty much from the time she mocked The Hunger Games right up until the end of the book. Her snobby taste in literature aside, she's one of those feminists who apparently thinks it's okay to make rude comments to men for reinforcing antiquated gender norms by daring to (gasp!) politely offer to carry her luggage (through a freaking snowstorm). The nerve!Now, of course, offering to carry Ammy's luggage isn't the only horrifyingly masculine sin Noah managed to commit throughout the course of this book, and Ammy was kind enough to call him on all of them - including blaming him for a ridiculous set of circumstances that was as much out of his control as it was out of hers. And the worst - the absolute worst part is that Noah bought all of it hook, line, and sinker. He spent half the book apologizing for things he never should have had to apologize for while Ammy used her crappy home life and a pair of X chromosomes to justify her crappy treatment of him without ever really apologizing.And I just can't. Call me crazy, but I think it's possible to raise a generation of strong women without bringing men down in the process, and I fully believe you don't do that by encouraging behavior like Ammy's.The irony is that Noah spends half the book waxing poetic about his ex-girlfriend - a girl he eventually comes to realize wasn't a good person for him to be with because she couldn't love him as he was - while simultaneously falling into lust with a girl who treats him just as badly, if for different reasons. He was basically a doormat who sold his soul for a chance to make out with a girl he'd known for less than twelve hours. Story StructureSo, I actually read the first five chapters of this book via Epic Reads First Five and liked them, which is why I checked this book out from the library in the first place. However, after how disastrously I reacted to Nicola Yoon's The Sun is Also a Star, which builds a(n) unrealistic romance along a similarly condensed timeline, I should have known better. Look, I'll buy that two people can meet under a difficult set of circumstances and then forge a connection that will eventually lead to a meaningful relationship (and maybe, just maybe, to a forever romance), but I just can't swallow "meant to be" and "she's the one" on the basis of a string of bad decisions and some Super-8-Motel-Cheetos-for-dinner-style making out. I need more than that. And this book didn't deliver.Reality of the Physical CircumstancesOkay, so I admit I'm a big stickler for small details, especially in books that are set in the real world. Bend reality all you want in a fantasy or a futuristic sci-fi world, but please, for all that's holy, have someone reality check your contemporary real-world novels before you publish them. I may live in Maryland, where an inch of snow shuts down schools for the day because we don't have the experience or infrastructure to deal well with snow events, but I've been driving for 22 years. While I'm sure they deal with snow in New York better than they do here, I'm still not buying for a minute that an Enterprise would rent a Ford Mustang (presumably still a rear wheel drive vehicle, as most sports cars are) to two teenagers during a snowstorm that shut down the freaking bus line. Or that an entire 55-mile stretch of roads would be magically cleared by snowplows (which are never once mentioned in the course of the book) overnight following a snowstorm that continued at least into late-evening.Nor do I believe that Noah and Ammy would have traveled 20 miles in 25 minutes during said snowstorm. Most people would have found a hotel in town instead of trying to drive home to begin with, especially given that both of them would have been too late for their respective engagements anyway. And that's not even taking into account the ridiculous sequence of events that led up to that point (such as how they managed to sneak off of a stalled Amtrack train without setting off a buttload of alarms) or the fact that apparently, in this book, the sun has fully risen by 7:02 a.m. in early January in New York (or at least risen enough to warm up a hotel room and blind someone walking out the door of said hotel room).Does it really take that much extra time to read for these kinds of details? To Google something as simple as what time the sun rises in early January in New York (oh, hey, I did it just this afternoon and found out that the sun rose at 7:19 a.m. this morning, January 23rd, which is three whole weeks after the day this book takes place)? Or to craft a story that doesn't depend so heavily on events that simply wouldn't happen in real life?Maybe this is a nitpick on my part, maybe most people don't care, but dear Lord, I do. So, yeah, I guess that's about it. Bottom line: Definitely not my kind of book.

  • Shannon (It Starts At Midnight)
    2019-02-07 15:43

    You can find the full review and all the fancy and/or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight 2.5*I have some of the mixed feelings about this particular book. Obviously the best way to decipher said feelings is with a good old fashioned list.Things I Liked:A train trip! Who doesn't love that idea, it sounds so fun, and kind of a cute, old-fashioned way to meet.Shenanigans ensue. Obviously, a mundane train ride does not a novel make. So some stuff has to happen that interrupts said comfy ride. And our main characters have to figure out what to do about it.Character development for the win! I did not really love either character in the beginning. Ammy was pretty full of herself, and I couldn't decide if Noah was a doormat or just an outright fool. But, as the book goes on, the characters do begin to realize some things about themselves, so that's good news.It was a super quick book and held my attention. Things I Did Not:So. Much. The Hunger Games Hate. At first, I was mildly irritated, because hi, that is my favorite series of all time, and the characters spend half the damn trip (fine, I am mildly exaggerating, shh) making fun of the books, the movies, and basically using it as a way to insult one another. I understand full well that this is a huge personal preference issue, but I kind of don't like the idea demeaning anyone based on something that they enjoy? It just rubs me the wrong way. And honestly, in a book, it irritates me to be making fun of another book. I could be reading too much into it, sure, but it aggravated me and this is my review, so there you have it.This is a very character driven book, and I didn't care for the characters. Ammy is just... ugh. Look, you guys know I am usually super lenient with characters and flaws, because who among us doesn't have flaws. But Ammy was too irritating, too self absorbed, and I just couldn't handle her. Especially while she was making fun of my favorite books. Noah was running around trying to be a different person for some ex-girlfriend. Their relationship was totally unhealthy, and I wanted to yell at him. But he was okay, he didn't really bug me like Ammy did. Like I am totally down with characters having to grow and learn, like Noah. Otherwise, what's the point of the book? But I think for me to like Ammy, she would have needed a personality transplant, and I guess I missed that chapter.Bottom Line: In a super character driven novel like this, in which we're really only seeing the two main characters, it's hard to love the book if you don't connect to them. And I kind of didn't.

  • Karla Mae (Reads and Thoughts)
    2019-01-21 13:01

    *ARC Kindly provided by Katherine Tegen Books thru Edelweiss for review*I was blindsided. Just when I thought I would get a quick story about two strangers meeting on a long train ride & falling in love, I get a book divided into three interesting parts. Love and other Train Wrecks spans an entirety of a day (or two). On a very short and quick time frame, a lot happened.The story introduced us to two strangers (Ammy and Noah) who boarded the Amtrak going to the same destination but for different reasons. Sounds familiar? Yep, it did remind me of Jennifer E. Smith’s The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight with the quick time frame and two strangers meeting in an unconventional way. Up until I came into around 9% of the book that I know the plot line will be somewhat different. And that I might also know what the twist into the story might be. 😉“Sometimes it takes meeting a stranger on a train to get the courage you need to finally stop asking yourself what if.”Ammy and Noah wound up sitting with each other. Started talking about random stuffs, getting on each other’s stranger’s nerves. Until. The. Train. Breaks. Down. Both are in time crunch and needed to arrive at their destination at a certain time. With the train broken and people on hold until it gets fixed, they wandered off and started their crazy wild adventure to reach their destination on their own.Noah boarded the train with an elaborate plan to woo and win back his ex. The more I get into the story, the more that I feel like he’s being pushed by guilt instead of love in winning his ex-back. Reading from his point of view made us see how their story unfolds and what happened that leads up to their break up. I loved Noah. He has flaws but he's also such a sweetheart and the emotions he showed in the story felt so raw and real. He loves to read, a bit nerdy and adorable.Ammy boarded the train to attend her father’s wedding/promise ceremony. The more I get into the story, the more that I feel how she’s being eaten up by guilt by leaving her mother alone in an unstable emotional state. Reading from her point of view made us see how complicated her family life has been ever since her parents divorced; how she feels blind-sided by it. But we also get to see how she’s trying to cope up with it, take care of her mother at the same time maintain a good relationship with her step-mom and step-sisters. Ammy was just an okay character for me. I actually find her snarky and snobby at first, but I thawed up on her attitude as I get to know her more in the story.Love and other Train Wreck is filled with Ammy and Noah’s adventures and misadventures. The second part of the book made me feel like I was watching an episode from Series of Unfortunate Events because it feels like all odds are against these two. But then, the adventures and misadventures honestly made the reading experience more fun and enjoyable.The romance was just okay and expect the insta-love, of course. I could’ve settled even if they ended up just friends.The ending feels a bit rushed because the conflicts were easily untangled. I want a more definitive conclusion, I guess.Love and other Train Wreck was a cute & quick story about two strangers, seating with each other on a long train ride then later learned about letting go and moving forward. It was cliché and cheesy, but I ate up the story like a candy. I love the humor, romance, adventure and misadventures. Overall, a fun and entertaining read.*For more reviews, please feel free to visit Reads and  Thoughts*

  • Amy
    2019-01-31 14:42

    Reminded me of whichever story in Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances where the teens are stranded on the train in the snow and then they have to leave the train and trek out into the snow and fall in love, etc. (It's been a while since I read Let It Snow, can you tell?)

  • Jaye Ashryver
    2019-01-21 10:57

    Not even halfway done when I decided to write this review and haven't changed anything since then, if that tells you anything.Love and Other Train Wrecks begins on a train with Ammy heading to her father's wedding with his new wife. On the train she meets Noah, a boy on his way home to try to win his ex-girlfriend back, with flowers and a romantic plan in hand. A massive snowstorm is happening and soon the train breaks down. With a leap of faith, Ammy and Noah head off the train trying to find other ways to get back home in time.I'm just not a fan. I went into this book expecting a nice fun and cute YA read. What I got wasn't any of those things, except for the fact that this book is indeed YA. My issue might start from the fact that I don't like 24 hour romance books in the first place. They are the ultimate of insta-love and I will never be behind it. If I knew this was one of those before I started, I might not have bothered.The thing is, the romance is not good at all, and neither are the two main characters together. Ammy is cynical about love while Noah is a hopeless romantic. Ammy is also pretty pretentious and rude almost the whole time, blaming Noah for every bad thing that happens on their adventure and being an all around jerk, which using her parents divorce as an excuse to be a judgemental person. Put a sign on her that says "no fun allowed zone". Noah of course is a pushover, who never stops saying sorry for things that aren't even his fault. Besides that, I didn't hate him as much as Ammy. But my GOD was the dialogue between them so cheesy.Plus what is the deal with all The Hunger Games hate? Around the first few times I was going to let it slide but it kept weirdly going on, for Ammy to insult Noah for liking it and then for Noah to realize that The Hunger Games isn't proper literature at all. (???) Bro this book itself is a YOUNG ADULT novel, get out of here with that.As for their adventures of trying to get home after their train breaking down and them getting lost, it was fun. I had a few laughs at all the issues that came up but at one point, I had to throw out my suspension of disbelieve. There were also a LOT of coincidences and things that just worked out too perfectly. Some things weren't that believable at all but I'm not going to get too hung up on it."Paintings are supposed to be pretty," I argue. "They're supposed to wow you. Books are supposed to remind you that life is hard for everyone. That other people have it even worse than you. I know you know, that because you love reading as much as I do.”Art isn't meant to be just pretty and to say that was insulting to every artist who puts their heart and soul into making artwork that goes beyond being "pretty". And there are many different reasons for reading a book and not every single one of them is to "remind you that everyone has it worse". I love to read. Say my favorite thing to read is books about cats and only about cats. Do I suddenly not love to read because I'm not reading a book that reminds me life is hard? The idea of reading for enjoyment shocks me too.This book was an actual train wreck and I'm not into it.

  • Nikki
    2019-02-15 15:39

    Full review posted on Nikki's Novel NicheA cute story that proves that sometimes the journey can start off rocky and rough but the struggle is worth it in the end.I really liked both Noah and Ammy and felt their characters developed nicely throughout the story. Both start off kind of naive and self-centered but begin to have some realizations as their adventure progresses. There were a few points of the story that I found myself thinking “WTH, why are they doing this, what are they thinking!?!” giphy1Then I remembered that I’m old already and make different life decisions now, lol. After thinking back on what I probably would have done at their age, I have to admit that I probably would have made some of the same decisions.I assumed this was going to be just some cute-sy girl meets boy, boy gets girl and lives happily ever after story but it was much more than that. Both Noah and Ammy are dealing with events in their past, trying to come to terms with them and move past those experiences. On top of that, the amount of misfortunes these two encounter creates numerous moments of hilarity and you can’t help but feel bad for them at some points. And right when you think the obvious happily-ever-after is going to occur, Leah Konen decides to put us all through the wringer with a surprise twist to keep us guessing.Thank you to Edelweiss for providing me with an e-ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Forever Young Adult
    2019-01-26 12:02

    Graded By: StephanieCover Story: Simple But CharmingBFF Charm: Torn x2Swoonworthy Scale: 4Talky Talk: Unfavorable ComparisonsBonus Factor: Misadventures In TravelFactor: Plot TwistsAnti-Bonus Factor: Awful GrownupsRelationship Status: SeatmatesRead the full book report here.

  • Laura's Book Addiction
    2019-02-01 17:33

    "Noah is a total romantic, I realise. I mean, I knew he was sappy-hello,cheesy flowers- but this is a different kind of romance. The desire for the world to be magical all around you." Love and Other Train Wrecks is the perfect YA novel. It's funny,sweet and a little sad. I wanna meet Noah on the Amtrak and go on a adventure!!

  • Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
    2019-02-07 09:33

    If you're in need of a contemporary to cure your winter blues, pick this book up! FULL REVIEW

  • Sara (sarabara081)
    2019-02-08 16:59

    You can find more of my review at Forever 17 Books.I adore books with a romance steming from strangers meeting one night through extraordinary circumstances, especially when it comes to delayed traveling and crazy adventures. In Love and Other Train Wrecks we have two strangers who wound up next to each other on a train that breaks down. They decide to take a risk and embark on a crazy adventure to reach their destinations but didn’t plan on the feelings they would develop in the process.Noah was my favorite of the two characters. He was a little nerdy but pretty adorable and sweet. He is on board the train with an elaborate romantic plan to try to win back his ex and the more we find out the circumstances of their relationship and the breakup, the more we discover it’s guilt driving him instead of love. It was like we are seeing all of the ways they didn’t work as he is realizing it and that just opened his eyes more and more to the girl he is having this adventure with. Ammy was heading to surprise her father at his wedding, burdened with her own guilt of leaving her mother behind in such a fragile state. Her family life is quite complicated and she was struggling with her place among it all. Ammy wasn’t quite as likable for me but I understood her motivations though maybe not so much how she went about it. The two of them sort of butt heads at first, and well on and off throughout their adventure, but they decide to work together to reach their destinations, even when fate seems to be throwing them off course at every turn.As far as the adventure went, I thought it was a lot of fun and I had to laugh at some of the predicaments they got themselves into. The romance felt a little flat to me though. I didn’t feel much chemistry between the two of them and perhaps that was because Ammy was a little prickly, especially with all that is going on in her life. The ending felt a little rushed as well and I wanted more from it. But the author was able to create a cute story about letting go and moving on with a little twist thrown in that made the book overall enjoyable.

  • Dayla
    2019-02-01 16:52

    I received an advanced reader copy via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.This was an adorable read that spans the entirety of a day and then some. I loved how cheesy some of the lines were and the whole concept was something I ate up like candy. One of my only complaints revolved around Ammy’s constant reminder that Noah was acting too boy-ish in offering to carry her things or in the comments he made. I get what the intention was, but it just came off as a bit snobby. She is a hella judgmental person who admittedly changes her ways, but wow, it was tough sometimes. Noah had his moments too where he played the role of “knows exactly what to say” guy. While some of their comments and attitudes frustrated me, the combination of her no-nonsense attitude and his naïve and romantic way of thinking was actually pretty entertaining. My second complaint is regarding Ammy’s familial situation and its resolution. It’s a mess and I kind of feel like it was a tangled mess that got untangled a little too easily/quickly? I’m horrible with grudges, so I always find it so difficult to believe that one can be dropped so quickly (in the span of a day?). Though there’s a comment thrown in there to let us know that not everything is resolved completely, it was all finished off with a pretty bow. It left me feeling kind of confused as to how such huge topics got resolved so quickly when they were so monumental during the whole book. I didn’t really mind the insta-love in this because considering the circumstances, it makes sense. Plus, it was inevitable. I’m a sucker for a one-day adventure romance. Despite my negative comments, I really did enjoy this book for what it was. It had humour, romance, adventure, and a quick pace. Once I truly started it (during the day and not minutes before falling asleep), it was hard to put it down. I will admit that I liked Noah a lot more than Ammy (if that’s not obvious), but the chemistry between the two was what made the book shine. Happy reading!

  • Melannie :)
    2019-01-25 16:35

    Love and Other Train Wrecks has a lot of reasons not to work out. Surprisingly it does. I mean we are talking about two teens meeting and falling in love in the course of twenty four hours, some of you may say—oh dear, insta love. Not at all. Yes, it turns out to be a romantic story (after a while) but I wouldn’t even throw the word love—yet.Noah and Ammy find themselves stuck in an unmoving train during a heavy snow fall. They both have places to go, and fast. And although they didn’t hit it off right away, they come up with a plan so together they can get where they are going.You can imagine all sorts of trouble gets in their way, and it is good, ‘cause otherwise they wouldn’t have gotten to know each other that well.I had a couple of problems with Ammy at the beginning. I just thought she was being so rude to Noah. And I get it, everyone can have a bad day, and she was having a really bad one, but I would never be nasty to anyone no matter my own condition. I also thought she was like that at the start because Noah was a stranger, but at the end when the trouble rolls in paradise, she went back to being mean. But I guess that’s just her personality, you’re forgiven Ammy.In the end, I had fun even though I figured out the twist from the start and I wish I hadn’t. But it was a good way to spend a rainy afternoon inside.

  • Nia •ShadesOfPaper•
    2019-01-27 17:59

    For more review follow my blog shades of paperThis was a very light hearted book, and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I was really anticipating this novel, and though it ended up not being what I had in mind, I still think it was a very cute book, and it was really funny.I really enjoyed the whole romance thing. It was definitely on the fast side, but their relationship was very well done and hilarious that I didn’t particulary mind. I adored the interactions between both main characters, and their development throughout the story.Something I also really liked seeing in this book was that one of the characters realised was in an unhealthy realtionship at some part of the book.It was a very fast paced story, and I think it would be such a great movie. I was picturing everything in my mind while I was reading it, and somehow it seemed perfect like a screen play.Overall, it was hilarious and funny, and a lighthearted read, and though I saw some of the twists at the end coming and were a bit predictable, I still really had a great time reading it.Actual rating: 3.7⭐️

  • Amy
    2019-02-01 10:42

    Cute story! I liked the two teen characters who meet on a train, which breaks down in a blizzard. They both desperately want to get where they are going so they flee the train in search of other transportation. Along the way, they get to know each other. There’s a twist that I saw coming, but still a sweet story!

  • Ms. Yingling
    2019-01-28 15:44

    E ARC from Edelweiss PlusThis was rather fun, but it's more of a YA book due to language. Bonus points for including some adventure with the romance, and fantastic descriptions of riding on commuter trains on the east coast. Felt like a movie from the 1950s. Definitely investigate for high school.

  • Laura
    2019-01-22 17:35

    I didn’t feel the drive in the plot the way I suppose I should have, and I thought it needed more editing (lots of rumination and repetition). That said, this was good, especially if you’re looking for a book on overcoming broken relationships (familial or romantic) and enjoy travel stories. It’s definitely more for a teen reading YA than an adult reading YA, of course.

  • Sidni
    2019-01-20 17:34

    I liked this book! It was fun to read and I always wanted to keep reading. There is a little plot twist that may or may not shock you. I really like how the point of view between Ammy and Noah switched often. It gave me a good look of how the two felt while on their trip.

  • Sarah
    2019-02-17 12:42

    (I received an advance copy of this book for free. Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss.)This was a contemporary romance story about a guy and girl who met on a train.I liked Ammy and Noah in this story, although I thought they were kind of nuts at times. Getting off of a train to go walk in the snow with a total stranger sounds a little too risky to me!The storyline in this was about Ammy and Noah meeting on a train on the way to New York. The train then broke down, and Ammy and Noah got off and started to walk to catch a bus instead, thus starting an eventful journey. I did think that this was a little crazy though, and I wasn’t expecting the little twist we got thrown near the end. The ending to this was okay, and things ended happily enough.★★★★★★☆☆☆☆6.25 out of 10

  • Jane
    2019-01-25 15:51

    Err.. it’s just kinda bad, fam. Completely unlikeable MC & uninteresting love interest & abstractly interesting plot elements that read as super boring (maybe due to pacing?)

  • Rebecca
    2019-01-17 13:51

    The only thing I liked about this book was its cover.

  • Amy Layton
    2019-02-01 14:53

    Given the fact that I just recently took the Amtrak, I can testify Ammy's whole introduction and general perspective on the modern-day romanticization of trains.  But really, this book is about much more than just transportation failing.  It's about sticking it out, making friends, and being true to yourself.  Because this is told from both Ammy and Noah's points of view, we are able to see both sides of the story--but not the whole story, which is what makes this book so intriguing and allows for a decent amount of plot twists!  The whole of this is just hits all the right points.  It has all the right cliches, all the right plot twists, the right pacing, the right's just.  It hits all the spots.  And one thing that I truly enjoyed about this book was the language used--I thought I was reading about 23 year olds until partway through the book when Ammy mentioned she was in high school.  I was just so pleasantly surprised--not because I think other books water down the language they use to discuss young adult characters, but because this language was just so set apart and had an individual voice of its own.Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and I think it's definitely worth a look!Review cross-listed here!

  • Kireinahon
    2019-02-04 13:34

    Okay so this story picks up with Noah and Ammy ( pronounced like Sammy but with an A) who are on their way in a train to Hudson. At first I was thinking a train, it'll be over fast but no its more like the long haul trains where you spend a good 3 or so hours on there to your destination.Leah has some hilarious accurate descriptions of other passengers and literary jokes that I admit I didn't get all the time but it was quirky and fun.Ammy is down in the dumps about life and in particular romance. She is not a happy camper. Her parents have recently separated so she's dealing with that and it's not just that her disposition is normally depressed or agitated.Chuck in Noah who is about as romantic and studious perfection in a guy you could ever ask for. He is literally on the train to visit his Ex and make a huge grand gesture to get her back.Isn't that the sweetest or what!So when these two end up sitting next to each other on the train they clash and it quickly descends into book wars and snarky comebacks (mostly by Ammy) .When the train breaks down and is stuck in a massive snow storm you know that things are gonna get started and that's literally when the whole book gets going. Noah, whose friend was stuck in a similar situation for over 7 hours, has the bright idea to walk in the raging snow storm to catch the bus to get to Hudson in time for both of their plans which is only a few hours away!​​Ammy agrees and off they go into the snow...The only trouble, Noah has no idea how to read a map and they end up stranded pretty quickly.All the while through their adventure the pair get to know each other and often play question games to figure out each others back story. We also get POV from the past to give us a clearer understanding of the story, so for example how Noah came to break up with his ex- girlfriend Rina and the story behind Ammy's parents separation. Noah and Ammy go to a few places on their way to Hudson like a near deserted cafe, a museum and eventually a car hire shop.All seems to be more or less going to plan until they start to have feelings for each other and then it gets tricky. With Noah still planning to make his grand gesture to his Ex, Ammy feels like her feelings are unwanted and that nothing will happen plus add on the whole romance ban she placed on herself and you have one confused main character.When the storm becomes too much and the pair have to stop for the night, their newfound friendship takes a whole new level.With the morning light some revelations are revealed and throws their relationship off a cliff.It's not until they arrive at Hudson that we really get an answer as to what their friendship really means because they're too afraid to talk to each other. To be vulnerable. This book is 100% cutesy and has a lot of cute scenes that make your heart go awww... Noah's character especially was written well and is rememberable.It's a fun, light read of YA contemporary fiction that I enjoyed. Was it romance? No, not really? Did that detract from the plot? No, it just make it more about the friendship and family relationships that were going on.I really enjoyed Ammy's mother who has some heavy anxiety issues because I have a few people in my life that are like that so it's refreshing to feel like I'm not the only one experiencing it or being exhausted by it.I would totally recommend this book to anyone looking for a  John Green type of book or just a dally into YA or for anyone looking for a filler.

  • Lisa Rowland
    2019-01-18 13:49

    I think my favorite thing about this book was visualizing Noah eating a fist full of French Fries with ketchup, because how does that even work.That aside, I'll be the first to admit: cheesy romances aren't my jam. Fully knowing this I still just hated this book, and heaved a sigh of relief when it was over.I get that this book had some throwbacks to an old movie, but in this day and age expecting a teen in high school to meet up with a college guy on a train and to just hike off into the unknown together is a little absurd. At least put in a little social media stalking on her end, or sending a pic to a friend in case she winds up missing, etc. Still, the author committed, and things just went downhill from there.Spoilers ahead~ (view spoiler)[Before they even got off the train there were issues. I mean, the guy's favorite book is Beloved, you know something's not right. Ammy's whole "a mile??? What is a mile?? How long is that?? I don't understand what 20 blocks means??" helplessness deserves an eye roll (except wait, that might excite Noah a bit too much). Finally he convinces her to go with him, because he's a bro (a bro-nerd as a matter of fact) and the author waits a whole chapter or two before fleshing out Ammy's backstory. The one where she used to frequently go hiking with her dad. Because hikers can't possibly walk a mile. Later it's revealed that her first hike when she was 8 was a fully 6 miles, but I guess she's losing a lot of energy in her old age.Of course, when they go the wrong way and hit a no trespassing sign they all of the sudden get fired on with no warning, because that seems legit.Then you get more walking, blissfully ending in the infamous dinner where you eat fries by the fistful and make fun of people for order double cheeseburgers (but only if they're female).More walking, at the glorious pace of one mile per hour (have you tried to walk that slowly? Because trust me, you have to TRY to walk that slowly).Bumming rides from people that don't know what's in 1/2 a mile radius of their home, because by this point you can't possibly walk 1/2 a mile. (hide spoiler)]Honestly, the parts of this book I could complain about drag on and on, but I don't really want to waste more time thinking about it than I already have. The only decent sub-plot was how messed up her mom was and how she tried to entangled Ammy with her toxic behavior/attitude, because that seemed like a legitimate reaction from a person with her circumstances.

  • Kimberley
    2019-02-07 17:43

    I received an ARC of Love and Other Train Wrecks via Edelweiss+ in exchange for an honest review.***2.5 stars***Lately, I have mixed feelings about how quickly "love" happens, so maybe this was the wrong book for me. I'll admit that up front. When two people meet and fall for each other, I feel like the circumstances under which that happens should be believable. When I tell you that this book challenged that notion, it's not hyperbole. Ammy and Noah meet, as strangers, on a train. However, when the train breaks down, and Noah suggests the two de-board, and hike to a bus station, in the freezing cold, in hopes of catching said bus to their intended destination...ummm, NO! ESPECIALLY since he's suggesting this to her within an hour of meeting her, and with little in the way of conversation beforehand. This would be akin to a person meeting a stranger, on a city bus, chatting politely about the weather, for 10 minutes, and then inviting that person home for dinner. I just Okay? No. If they were embarking on a cross-country train ride, and had been in constant conversation, over a series of days, then maybe; but to suggest leaving together, after a few minutes, and then have that someone actually AGREE to do it? No. Nope. Never.Why would any girl do that? Why would any PERSON do that? The fact that the stupidity doesn't end there is putting it lightly. However, once you go full-on, out of your mind, in the decision-making category, why not continue, right?To be fair, I understand the suspension of disbelief is sometimes necessary to truly embrace a story. Ammy and Noah may have met in a very conventional way, but their unconventional arrival at love is supposed to be part of the enchantment here. That said, I made sure to remind myself of that fact every time things got sketchy in the belief department. Which it did...a lot. The characters were likable enough, but it's clear they had very real emotional issues: Ammy annoyed me early on because she came across as selfish and bratty. Perhaps the mother in me was being overtly critical though; I immediately chose sides with Ammy's mother once I realized what placed Ammy on the train in the first place: the decision to attend her cheating father's commitment ceremony before he's even divorced her mother. Ammy makes the decision to forgo her mother's request for her not to attend in favor of having a break from the madness her father's leaving has caused. Once I knew Ammy's reasons, it was tough to completely embrace her. By the time I was clear on Ammy's whole story, I disliked her less, but still felt she should've handled the situation better. As for Noah, nothing about him was spectacular. Sure he was a good guy, with a caring heart, but he was also gullible and easily led. That didn't appeal to me because it was immediately clear he needed to be a stronger, more sure, young man. His sudden attraction to Ammy made him wishy-washy--especially since the point of his trip was to woo back another girl--and I didn't much care for his ability to be so cavalier with his heart and who was willing to hand it to. Both of them were such messy characters. The twist near the end was a touch surprising, but hardly jarring and, by the time it presented itself, my response was one of well that figures as opposed to any level of astonishment. Perhaps if I'd cared about the outcome of any of these people, it would've hit me in a different way? No idea. Overall, I didn't dislike the book, I just had a hard time connecting with the characters or buying into the situation they so willingly placed themselves.

  • Morgan
    2019-01-22 17:37

    Love and Other Train wrecks is an adorable winter time contemporary that takes place over the course of about two days, following Ammy and Noah as they meet on a broken down train ride and set off on an adventure together.I really love time frame stories; they feel more contained, and to me almost give off a snow globe like effect. The pacing is usually faster, moving the plot along while still allowing for character growth and development, so I was really excited to dive into this one.Ammy is a bit jaded when it comes to romance and love after witnessing her parents’ relationship deteriorate, while Noah is a hopeless romantic on a mission to win back his ex-girlfriend. I really enjoyed both of them, but Noah was definitely my favorite of the pairing. Ammy is a little hard to root for sometimes. She is fiercely loyal and full of snark, both of which are great. I am all for a snarky character and I appreciated that from her when it was in a joking way or harmless, but there were a few times where it felt like she was being a little too mean, just because she could be. She’s definitely hurting and has a lot of family drama weighing her down, but it was a little exhausting when she would overreact to certain situations. She did grow throughout the novel though, coming out with a better understanding of why sometimes things happen the way they do. By the end I was glad she got who and what and where she wanted.Noah is so sweet and too precious for this world. He’s nerdy and loves to read (so does Ammy, so that was another plus for her) and just all around he felt like a really good guy. He’s definitely made mistakes in his past and it’s clear he has regrets, which is a big point of conversation between Noah and Ammy, and leads to an unexpected discovery.Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The ending was sweet and satisfying, making it a great winter read to cozy up with on a cold day.*Thank you to Katherine Tegen Books and Edelweiss for the free arc in exchange for an honest review*

  • Kaylee Gwyn
    2019-01-29 14:55

    Ughhhhh I’m stuck between 3 and 4 stars so I usually round up....let’s say about 75% of the book is 3 stars and the last 25% make it 4 stars?Ammy is trying to get to upstate NY for her dad’s commitment ceremony via Amtrak and encounters Noah, who is also headed to upstate NY to win back his ex-girlfriend. The train breaks down en route and MADNESS ensues. It’s really a fun premise and I enjoyed watching the characters work together to get where they needed to be. There was a lot of personal growth for both characters along the way, and EVENTUALLY a sweet romance. But the first half of the book was kind of hard to get through, thanks to one of the characters....Basically I loved Noah and found him incredibly relatable. AND NORMAL. And then there is Ammy (not Sammy minus the “s”). She is grouchy, rude, unnecessarily short tempered and all together unlikable. Which makes it hard to see why Noah would ever have romantic feelings for her, let alone want to willing continue on a seemingly impossible trip home. The author tries to wave Ammy’s abrasiveness off as “snarky” and uses the fact that her family is falling apart as reason to justify her mean actions. I really think Ammy could have been better written and her character adjustment alone would have EASILY made this a 5 star book. I liked the book! It’s normally exactly the kind of book I want: an adventure with romance and character growth thrown in. I just hate that I could have LOVED the book if Ammy wasn’t so dang grouchy ALL. THE. FREAKING. TIME. Also, I wish the epilogue was longer (don’t we all...). I would recommend this book and I’m glad I read it...but I’ll always wonder why they heck the editors didn’t ask the author to maybe make the main character a little more likable (since, you know...she is a driving force of the plot).

  • ReenieT1721
    2019-02-11 14:33

    The short version of how I feel about the book and my review told through emojis: 😊🙂😶🤨😐😮😑😳😲🙂😊👌The long version of how I feel about the book and my review told through actual words:I originally became interested in the book because it was added to my eBook library since it has a cute, artsy cover and adorable title. I waited until the last minute to try reading the book because I was so busy and tired that I returned it, placed a hold, waited a few weeks to get my grubby little hands back on a copy, and then read the other half that I didn't reach in one night.Love and Other Train Wrecks was an okay book. I don't know if it's just me, but there are A LOT of books being written about NYE and transportation issues lately. It didn't particularly interest me as the book dragged on and on again. I have nothing but respect for Ms. Leah Konen and her writing, but this book just wasn't for me. Yes, I did like that plot twist at the end and the elaborate characters created.The characters were rather bland because there were a lot of cliches repeated multiple times. I don't mind rereading the book, but I would prefer not to. It was a quirky, offbeat book, but the chemistry between the characters is lacking the spark.I recommend the book to people looking for a young-adult book that focuses on a couple being trapped together and slowly building sexual tension.Ugh, I'm almost falling asleep at my computer, and I can't wait to finally get enough sleep tonight.Happy Tuesday!with love,Reenie💋