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One hot night changed everything.Life is simple…until it’s not. As owner of a successful bar in Nashville, I have everything a guy could want. Well, almost everything.I don’t have her. Josie Jensen. Bookstore entrepreneur, ice cream connoisseur. Smart. Funny. So off-limits I should get arrested for being near her.In a moment of madness, I forget the golden rule: friends doOne hot night changed everything.Life is simple…until it’s not. As owner of a successful bar in Nashville, I have everything a guy could want. Well, almost everything.I don’t have her. Josie Jensen. Bookstore entrepreneur, ice cream connoisseur. Smart. Funny. So off-limits I should get arrested for being near her.In a moment of madness, I forget the golden rule: friends don’t sleep with friends. It’s the best and worst way to ruin a friendship.Now we’ve moved from friends for life to baby on the way. My major mess-up? I once said I didn’t want a family. Ever. And that woman has a memory like a steel trap.I only want to protect her from my baggage—things I can’t control.What if being with me robs Josie of her chance for a perfect life?There’s nine months between secrets and the truth....

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The Possibility of Perfect Reviews

  • Michelle Mulvey
    2018-12-27 15:57

    The Possibility of Perfect is book 4 in the Stand By Me Series by Brinda Berry. I haven't read the first 3 books but, I was totally able to read book 4 and understand it so, I assume this can be read as a standalone.I loved this book from start to finish. It seemed pretty long but, the author covered so much and she gave us insight into some of the past of these characters. The main characters Josie and Dane were both amazing. Josie and Leo are twins who grew up and were best friends with Dane. They were so close that it was like they were all siblings. When they were teenagers, Dane and Josie both started to see eachother alittle differently. Dane always wanted Josie. He couldn't stop thinking of her and her sexy body. Josie was always Inlove with Dane but never voiced her feelings. So here are these two best friends who would love nothing more then to hook up with eachother but are afraid it will ruin their friendship so they never give in to the urges. They would get together on Thursday nights for a movie night. One Thursday, something happens and Dane finally gives in to the urge and tells Josie, I'm going to kiss you now, I really don't want you to stop me, but now's the time if your going to. After the kiss started on the couch, they ended up in Dane's bed. In the next few days, it was obvious by giving in to the urge, they did ruin their friendship. Josie would ignore Dane every chance she got. He told her he knew it was a mistake and she deserved someone much better then him. All that did was get Josie to become more annoyed with him. When she ends up pregnant, Dane tries as hard as he can to get Josie to agree to them being together but all she does is fight him on it saying he only wants her because she is pregnant. He had his reasons for not wanting to be in a relationship with Josie and once you read the book, you will understand his reasoning. Ellen is a sick woman and Dane cannot stop thinking about what could be in his DNA. Will Josie and Dane find their way or will Dane's issues tear them apart. Such an amazing read!!! Well done Brinda Berry!!! I loved this book

  • Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson
    2019-01-05 15:22

    Dane and Josie have always been the best of friends. But one night turned all that around. Will their actions force a divide in their friendship or will something more grow from it?I cannot tell you how excited I was to start this book. I went in knowing absolutely nothing about it because it hasn't even graced Goodreads by the time I got it. But when Berry asks me to read one of her books, I do it!! I was excited because I have yet to read a story by this amazing author that I didn't like. Every book I have read by her has been 5 star worthy. I loved me some Dane in this book. So glad we finally were able to dig a little deeper into him and find out what makes this guy tick. He had me smiling in all the right scenes and nearly brought me to tears in some of the tougher ones. He dishes out the feels and you just can’t help but love him. Class A guy right here. Even for someone who played the field all his life. Seriously, you are going to adore him.But guys, I honestly feel like if I say too much more, it will ruin the story for you and we cannot have that now, can we? But know the story was amazing, the characters are incredible, the romance heats up the pages, and this author can write one heck of a book. I was sucked in the whole time and finished it rather quickly. And that is saying something with my reading schedule lately. I wholeheartedly give this book ALL THE STARS!! It is a definite must read; especially if you have been following the series. 5 Swoony Stars!

  • Sara
    2018-12-26 16:00

    The possibility of perfect by Brinda Berry a fab four-star read. This is the forth book in the Stand by me series, but can be read as a stand-alone, you definitely don’t have to have read the previous books to get the story. This is a story of best friends to lovers and how just because you say something once doesn’t always make it true, and sometimes that one utterance can make someone think something that may change their own path in life. Can true love ever see its self on a straight path again.Dane runs a successful bar in Nashville, it accommodates his life well, providing him with money and girls galore, the only problem is that he has a best friend who happens to be a girl and one night something goes array and he treats his best friend the same as he treats other women in his life. Something he will regret for a long time, as she has always put up with him but this may just be the thing that breaks them.Josie Jensen has a good life, she may only have her brother left in her life, but she has a successful book store and a best friend that she has secretly been in love with for years. When one night with her bestie leaves behind a problem they have nine months for solve. But will Josie ever be able to forgive him and get back to how they were? They will be tied together for life, will they be able to be best friends for life? Brinda Berry writes a great story, and makes you want a bestie like Dane even though he has negative points, he’s sill someone you want in your life.

  • Abbie Roads
    2019-01-03 13:02

    Are you a sucker for Friends to Lovers stories? This is one you shouldn't miss.Sometimes men say the dumbest things. And Dane seriously stuck his foot in his mouth at the worst possible moment!Josie is a strong woman who refuses to settle for less than all of Dane's love. Her wit and humor leap off the page and are just flat out endearing. She also loves books--what's not to love!I loved how Dane really has to work for what he wants. And I especially love the chemistry between these two. It's a delicious combination of sweet and spicy.I zipped through the pages to see how these two characters turned a big oopsy into their happily-ever-after. Great story! One of my Brinda Berry favorites!

  • Chantelle Smith
    2019-01-02 21:06

    Dane thinks he has everything he could ever want, owner of a successful business, great friends & family but there is one thing missing from his life. Josie Jensen. She is his best friend, bookshop entrepreneur, ice cream lover, smart, funny but also completely off limits, not only is she his best friends twin sister, she also the one girl he can’t be with so that he can’t ruin her chances of having the perfect life. Until one steamy night changes it all and they both broke the rule! Friends do not sleep with friends.But we move pretty quickly from being best friends to having a baby on the way, but Dane made a pretty convincing argument of saying he didn’t want a family, ever. Now she can’t help but hold it against him.He now has nine months to prove to her that they can be the real thing, but also try and keep her protected from his baggage. It’s the one thing he can’t control, so what if being with her ruins her chance of having the perfect life? Will the secrets and truths revealed be enough to show her that they can be more?The Possibility of Perfect is book 4 in the Stand by Me Series, from author Brinda Berry it can be read as a standalone or as part of the series. This is the first book I have read from this author so you don’t have to read the previous three books in this series for the story to flow. But after reading this I’d love to read the other books in this series and whatever else Brinda Berry has to offer.I loved every minute of this book. It had me hooked from the very beginning until the very end. It is another great read of friends to lovers with a twist. This book had various themes throughout it from love, heartache, passion and some emotional scenes that can be hard for some people to read. I really think this gave this book an added depth to the story line and to me it even gave the book a slight mystery as you never really knew what the character could be capable of. There is a great deal of emotions in this book that just radiate from the characters that as the reader I could truly feel, such as; love, passion, heartache, fear, determination. These are all things that each of the characters have felt in their own way at multiple times through this book, which had made me laugh, smile, distressed, happy sad and also routing for these characters that finally deserve to get what they really need from each other and love itself. This book had some great scene between these two main characters and I loved reading their interactions with each other. the time they spent together and how they quickly became in sync with each other and in each other’s lives. But you could also tell from early on in the book that these two had a real connection that will truly last a lifetime. These characters have an undeniable connection whether as just being best friends or that someone that each can love unconditionally in which they could be passionate, and heated. Whether that was in everyday life they had an amazing dynamic together that just flowed and brought out the best in each other.Another great thing with this story was the flashbacks you get to read from the years that Dane & Josie growing up together, you get to read of things they face back then and where their connection really started and formed.I loved that we got this book in POV form, as it really gets you to understand what the characters are thinking and feeling in certain situations rather than read it from someone else’s POV.Along with our two main characters there are many secondary characters that stand out in this book, and I can’t wait to delve into their stories and see how they all are entwined with each other.Josie is a girl after my own heart, runs a bookstore, has a love for the physical copy of book to well and truly be loved. But she is also independent, headstrong, stubborn, funny & witty and a generally all round amazing women that captures the heart of Dane from a very early time. I love the connection that these two develop, and how grown-up and calm she takes the news of her pregnancy. She is real when it comes to not wanting just to be with Dane out of the fact she is carrying his child. She is determined to prove she can do this on her own. But all she wants is to have Dane want her as much as she wants him. But being stubborn is about to cause problems when Dane is ready to face this commitment and wants to prove he is for her in the long run.Dane is your typical alpha male. Protective, Possessive. But his other incredible quality’s all shine through. He is caring, sweet, loving, generous, headstrong and sometimes stubborn, but you can never ever fault him on his determination. He will do anything to prove to Josie that what can happen between them will be real and for the best. You never really know of the fear he faces through this book, but I’m so glad that he confides in his best friend. I really loved reading this couple’s journey, as they start their new beginning.I’m so glad that these two characters get a HEA, and hope this isn’t the last we see of all these characters. This is a brilliant captivating book of love, passion, secrets and truths and a great Friends to Lovers Story that will hook you from the start.

  • Bobbi Wagner
    2019-01-19 14:58

    The Possibility of Perfect (A Stand By Me Novel Book 4) by Brinda Berry is the fourth book in her A Stand By Me series. This story can be read as a standalone even though it is part of a series. I recommend reading the rest of the series, you will enjoy them as well. This is a story about best friends and their relationship changing to lovers overnight. I enjoy this author's writing style and how she can hold my attention throughout the book. I find it difficult to read a story when it doesn't pull me in but this one is not like that at all. She had me pulled in from the first word. The characters are creative and connectable. They are true to life and you will find yourself being pulled in by them. They will take you on a roller coaster ride of various emotions anything from happy to sad to compassion. Find out what happens when best friends all of a sudden find themselves in a totally new relationship.Dane thought he had it all, a successful business, great friends and family but something was missing. He was missing the one thing he can't have, her. She is his best friend until one night changed all that for him. He had made a statement saying he didn't want children or a family but will he regret saying that one day? Now that he broke the golden rule, they have a baby on the way. He only wants what is best for her which means not him. He just wants to protect her from his baggage but can he control that? Josie Jensen is smart, funny, owns her book store and ice cream shop. Her life changed after on night, but he doesn't want a family, what will she do? Is it possible for him to convince her that he was stupid to say he don't want a family when the truth is he wants her and their baby? Will he ruin things for her to have a perfect life? Dane and Josie's relationship is one that they are best friends and they have one golden rule, friends don't sleep with friends. What will happen when they break that rule? They seem to have a real connection between them. When the situation changes and Josie turns up pregnant, will he be able to convince her that he wants to be a part of their child's life? You will enjoy their banter back and forth between them as they start a journey neither one knows where it will end. Both of these characters are strong and they really make this story flow together. I believe that they complement each other and you will find yourself wishing for their HEA. Josie is independent, funny, and stubborn. She has a determination that she can prove that she can be a parent on her own, she don't need him. Will she let her stubbornness get in the way of her happiness? Dane is protective and possessive. He just wants to protect her, that is what is important. He wants her to have a perfect life with someone who can give it to her. He knows that his baggage isn't good but will that be what stands in their way? There are a few twists and turns in this story that you will never see coming but you will want to know what they are so you will need to read this story to find out.This is my second book by Brinda Berry and she will not disappoint with this one either. I can't wait to see what else she has for us. Brinda lives in southern US with her family. She loves to surf the internet, writing and to laugh. She writes about strong women and swoon worthy men. She loves peanut butter cookies, flip flops and good friends. This is a fast paced story that will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen next. This story keeps you engaged until the end and you will want to see what happens at the end. I had a hard time putting this book down and I think you will too. I highly recommend this book as I know you will want to see what happens to best friends when they break the golden rule.

  • Denise Owens
    2018-12-31 20:08

    The Possibility of Perfect is a romance novel by Brinda Berry, is part of the “Stand By Me” series, and the chapters are told in alternating points of view. The book is about two people, Josie Jensen and Dane Delacroix, who have been best friends since they were children, and then years later spend a night together, and have sex.Dane has been in love with Josie since they were children, but he never felt that he could get involved with Josie, since his other best friend is Josie's twin brother, Leo. Dane manages the bar that his father opened and is now retired from called Dastardly Bastards. He has never had a relationship that has lasted more than a month, and he never wants to get married or have children. He wants his relationship with Josie to go back to the way it was before they had sex because he feels like he's lost his best friend.Josie has been in love with Dane since they were children, but she never told Dane because she never thought he thought of her as anything but a friend. Josie's and her twin brother, Leo's parents were killed in a car accident when Josie and Leo were just 19 years old. Josie owns a used bookstore called Dog Ears Bookstore, and the house her parents left to her; they left Leo their cabin in the Smoky Mountains. Josie is trying to go back to a best friend relationship with Dane after he begs her to be friends with her again, when Josie discovers that she is pregnant with Dane's baby.After Josie goes to the cabin to let the news that she's pregnant sink in, Dane drives up to cabin to make sure that she's okay since she hasn't answered any of her text messages from her brother, his girlfriend Harper, or Dane, because he wants to make sure that she's okay. “I know that you have a right to be angry because it's my fault. All my fault. But I want to go back to having you as my best friend. I need it. I need you. There's something I need to say and you'll understand why we can't work.”, says Dane. “Oh?”, says Josie. She thinks that if he says that he's in love with someone else that she'll projectile vomit all over him for sure. Then Dane says, “It's not you or you and me together. It's just me that's the problem.” “What are you talking about?”, says Josie. “I don't ever want to get married or have a family. Ever. And you deserve more than waiting around for me. I've never had a relationship that lasted more than a month. I know what you want out of life. A husband, kids, the whole nine yards. You get stuck with me, and it's not going to happen.”, says Dane. Josie is stares at the back of his head fighting back tears. “Ok. Thanks for confiding in me.”, says Josie. Dane says, “So you understand? We're cool?” Josie then says, “I'm pregnant.”This book follows the change in the relationship between two best friends when the relationshipchanges from a platonic one to a sexual one, and when the result of that one time sexual encounter is a pregnancy. I don't want to discuss anything else about the book because I feel that it would be giving too much more about this wonderful story away.I really enjoyed Brinda Berry's writing. She starts out letting the reader know at the beginning of the book that the two best friends had a one time sexual encounter, and shortly thereafter lets us in on the fact that Josie is pregnant, but she leaves us hanging until the ending if we have a happily ever after, and why Dane is so dead set against marriage. I really enjoyed this book and I recommend it for all lovers of romance.

  • Angelina Smith
    2019-01-11 12:54

    The Possibility of Perfect by Brinda Berry is book 4 in her Stand By Me series and can be read as a standalone.Dane Delacroix may be confident with women but all that seems to go out the window when Josie Jensen is involved. He spends most of his time unsure what to say or ends up saying the wrong thing. He's known Josie, and her twin brother, Leo, for most of his life and she's his best friend but he's felt more towards her for a long time. He's always held himself back until the temptation becomes too much one Thursday “standing movie night” but he knows she deserves better than what he has to offer and is determined they'll return to being best friends and nothing more.Josie Jensen’s life isn't going as she hoped but it looks like one of her dreams may come true when things become heated with Dane one Thursday evening. However, she soon realises that it was a mistake and he'll never feel the same for her as she does for him. Then she makes a startling discovery but knows she can do it alone and doesn't need Dane who has made it clear that they'll only ever be best friends. Once she shares the news with Dane, he seems determined to step up to his responsibilities and wants to become even more involved in her life. Can Josie deal with letting go of her dream and settling for what Dane is willing to give her?This is the first book I've read by Brinda Berry and it's a really great best friends to lovers story with a HEA that leaves you with a big smile on your face. I really enjoyed The Possibility of Perfect and will definitely be reading the other books in the series. There's a preview of The Beauty of Lies, book 1, at the end of this book and I can't wait to learn more about Leo and Harper’s story.I loved Dane and his continued ability to say the wrong thing to poor Josie. There's some laugh out loud moments thanks to Dane and these start right from chapter one. We also get to see Dane’s journey as he discovers the truth about what he really wants and also beliefs he's had based on recent discoveries about his past. I really felt for Dane who tried his hardest to combine his past and present but it didn't go as hoped and he's left trying to find a balance that does work. Dane isn't a bad guy and despite him (unintentionally) hurting Josie, I never felt hate or anger towards him as he honestly thought he was doing the right thing for her.Josie had already dealt with so much but didn't let it destroy her and that's partly thanks to the help and support from Dane who was there when she needed him the most. She'd spent so long hoping for more with Dane but he never showed her anything other than brotherly love. Josie is a strong and independent woman, and I believe she would've coped fine without Dane if he'd decided not to become involved. She'd never be alone anyway because she'll always have Leo and Harper, along with their other friends, to help her no matter what. Josie did frustrate me sometimes though as she could be a little harsh with Dane who explained his reasons to her and she could also be stubborn.I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a heart warming love story that has you laughing and keeps you gripped throughout. The Possibility of Perfect is well worth the 4 stars I've awarded it.

  • Nancy J. Sandidge
    2018-12-26 13:16

    Title: The Possibility of Perfect ( A Stand By Me Novel Book 4)Author: Brinda BerryStars: 5The Possibility of Perfect is Brinda Berry’s fourth book in the Stand By Me series. This is the first book I've read in this series and was able to read this as a standalone without being lost. But I can't wait to read the others in this series. :). This book’s central characters are Dane and Josie. Josie and her twin brother have grown up with Dane. They vacationed together, as well as spending any other time together. Josie considered Dane her best friend. And she has been in love with him as long as she can remember. She never thought that she'd get her chance to be with him. All that changes on one of their weekly movie night. Finally Josie gets the night she always fantasized about. It was even more than she could ever imagine. That is till the next day, and he treats her like a hook up. He has always kept from having long relationships. There is something in his past that scares him from having a true couple type relationship. Josie has something to tell him. Will this be the one thing to finally bring them together? Can learning about Dane’s secret be the undoing of their relationship as a couple, even before it gets started?Dane has always had a thing for his best friend, Josie. But he has never given into his feelings. Always afraid of losing her if he did cross the line, or breaking a bro code with Josie’s brother and Dane’s other best friend. He gives in one night when he can't fight his attraction anymore. He revels in the way she feels and how incredible they are together. But after the night they were together he tries to convince himself it was a mistake. Which in turn alienates Josie. He struggles to get his relationship back with her to “normal”. With Josie’s feelings hurt, he is finding out that it's a struggle to get his best friend back. When Josie gives him news that is life changing, he is elated but scared beyond belief. There is something In his past that makes him more worried about their future. Will this secret make Josie run? Will his stubbornness to make her make a promise what really drives her away? Or can he scale the walls of doubt for the hint of the possibility of perfect with his best friend and the love of his life? I love stories with the theme of friends to lovers. It's sweet and enduring. It gives you hope that love can conquer all. Dane is an amazing character. His struggle hit close to home, and all I wanted for him was to get his happiness. The author was able to portray that struggle that was easily related. Josie was a kindred spirit to me. I connected with the fact she is a twin. It was easy to understand her relationship with her brother. It was just another aspect that allowed me to have even more of a personal experience with this book. It's a definite one that I will read over and over.

  • Laura Furuta
    2019-01-16 14:17

    The Possibility of Perfect (A Stand By Me Novel Book 4)By: Brinda Berry5 out of 5 starsThe story The Possibility of Perfect (A Stand By Me Novel Book 4) by Brinda Berry is a new adult/coming of age romance book. This is the story of best friends Dane and Josie. They have always been best friends. Dane has always been the one person that Josie could confide in. Then in one night, they go from best friends to lovers. Now they find themselves with a baby on the way. Dane wants to take care of Josie and the baby. One problem, he had previously made a statement that he didn’t want a family. What will happen next? Will Dane be able to convince Josie that he truly does want to take care of her and their child or will he keep pushing her away by his words and actions? This is the first book I have read by the author and I found that she has created a story that had me mesmerized. I also fell in love with the characters of Dane and Josie. They both find their lives changing and are having to adapt. I really, really loved Josie’s character. Even though tragedy has touched her life she still owns her own bookstore and is a smart, independent woman. She needs to be given an award for being so calm as Dane kept putting his foot in his mouth when talking to her. In flashbacks, you come to realize that Josie has loved Dane for some time. It is not easy for Josie to believe what Dane tells her as he has made conflicting statements in the past and she doesn’t trust him not to break her heart. What will happen next between Dane and Josie? Ok, I know that people don’t always say the right things at the right time, however at first Dane seems to have this perfected down to an art. After speaking he realizes that he shouldn’t have said it, but by then it is too late. After learning of the baby Dane does explain to Josie his reasons behind his statements however he has really hurt Josie and she begins to push him away. From there Dane in on a mission to prove to Josie that he is serious about taking care of her and their child. As I read further in the story my initial opinion of Dane changed and was fully rooting for him and Josie to find their happy every after. Can Dane keep old fears in check so as not to undo the progress he has made with Josie? What does the future hold for Dane, Josie, and their child? This is the fourth book in the Stand By Me series. It can be read as a standalone. It also is a wonderful book to get lost in for the afternoon. I look forward to reading more of the author's books in the future.

  • Tracy Wilkin
    2019-01-10 14:56

    Who wouldn’t be curious and craving to read a book with a title, The Possibility of Perfect? It certainly raised my level of inquisitiveness to epic proportions. This book is number four in the Stand by Me series by Brinda Berry. I have not read the previous books in this series, but plan to rectify that immediately. Josie and Dane are in love. But like any good romance, there is the element of suspense, angst and drama to set the scene for a riveting and sexy read. They cross the line from best friends to lovers , which leaves Dane backpedalling so fast, I am surprised he didn’t give himself whiplash. After a baby gets thrown into the mix, life gets very interesting for them, further complicating an already awkward situation. Josie knows what she wants , but will not settle for Dane being with her out of obligation. She wants all or nothing. She has loved Dane for most of her life and will not be happy with anything less than everything. I just freaking love Josie’s personality and the way she deals with what happens in her life and just gets on with it. She is, in my opinion, is just what Dane needs. She is just perfect for him.Dane struggles to fully commit. He is totally devoted to Josie and the baby, but the demons that he wrestles may prove impossible for him to overcome. He battles every day to be the best he can be for Josie, but he will do anything to protect her and their unborn child. Even if it from himself.Their battles are hard fought, but one thing never comes into question. The level of love they feel for one another. The fact that their future is uncertain does nothing to change the depth of their feelings. They are soulmates, and I prayed with everything I had that they would get that future. Forever together was their right.Brinda Berry gives readers a realistic, dramatic and sensually sexy best friends to lovers story that will stop your heart, make you cry, and leave you blissfully happy with life. Immersing myself in The Possibility of Perfect was effortless and hugely entertaining. I didn’t know what to expect when I began Dane and Josie’s story, not having read anything by Brinda Berry before, but I am so, so thankful I got the opportunity. I cannot wait to escape into another Brinda Berry best seller and give The Possibility of Perfect a deserving 5 stars.

  • T. S. Peters
    2018-12-26 17:19

    The Possibility of Perfect by Brinda Berry is the 4th installment in the “Stand by me” series. It works well as a stand alone title. Readers get the chance to meet bar owner Dane Delacroix and bookstore owner Josie Jensen, as well as a supporting cast of friends and family. Josie and Dane have been best friends since they were small children. They have also been secretly in love with the other. For Dane, no matter how tempted he was, she is had always been the one woman he couldn’t have. However, one impulsive and passionate night changed everything. Later, Josie is pregnant, Dane is torn and miserable. Can love heal their emotional scars and bring them together forever…Ms. Berry offers a title that is chocked full of painful emotions and passion. Dane has to deal with not only his own secrets and emotional baggage but the knowledge that it is solely his fault for destroying his relationship with the most important person in his life. His own personal demons make him afraid of commitment, causing him to push Josie away. At the same time, he wants desperately to both repair his past bond with Josie and become her lover. Josie is a strong, confident and independent woman. She has been in love with him since she was a teen. His actions after their night of intimacy leave her both angry and confused. he refuses to settle for anything less than both his whole heart and the respect she deserves. As a result, they bicker and push each other’s buttons – a lot.Although Josie and Dane’s relationship doesn’t lack heat or passion, there is a noted lack of sweaty, raunchy, graphic sex. This might be because Ms. Berry is more known for her YA writings. There are a few passionate kisses and quick touches. Since the two lead characters were so close for so long and the emotions between them are so intense and this is an adult title, I kept hoping for more sexual content. Ms. Berry does a great job drawing in the reader and getting too emotionally invested in characters. The reader gets their HEA, but there is no emotional resolution. This left me feeling dissatisfied with the characters growth and made the pacing feeling both paced and rushed. Overall, it was an interesting read with believable, imperfect characters that left me hoping that soul mates can be found in the best of friends.

  • Angela Hayes
    2019-01-01 20:14

    5 StarsThe Possibility of Perfect is the fourth book in the Stand By Me series by Brinda Berry. In a moment of weakness two best friends give in to the attraction that has been simmering between them. Their passion will have long lasting consequences that neither is really prepared for. They cross the friend’s line, and now things will ever be the same. Josie is independent, smart and quite sassy. She owns a quirky little bookstore in town. Her parents have passed away, so her brother and her friends are the only family she has. Dane is her best friend, who she’s secretly loved for a long time. Sleeping with Dane has really complicated things, and she’s hurt that he so obviously regrets it because he’s avoided her for days. Their night of madness results in Josie falling pregnant. She won’t force him into a situation he never wanted, because he told her once that he never wanted a family- ever. So Josie is determined to prove that she can do this on her own. She begins to distance herself from him, so she doesn’t get hurt any more than she already is. Dane owns a popular bar in Nashville. He appears to have it all- it seems that he loves his single life- has good friends and family, lots of women on tap and to top it off, a successful business. He has wanted Josie for a long time, but friends don’t sleep with friends, not to mention that he thinks she deserves to have a great life and find happiness- but he doesn’t think she would find that by being with him. By giving in to his feelings and experiencing an unforgettable night of passion with her, has turned their world upside down and he just wants everything to go back to the way it was. But with baby on the way, he has a lot to consider now. He can feel Josie pulling away. Will he finally reveal the truth behind his statement? What hasn’t he told her? Will this baby bring them closer together, or drive them apart? Will Dane reconsider his position on fatherhood and relationships? He has nine months to work it out. Another fantastic addition to the Stand By Me series. The story is beautifully written and completely captivating. I know when I see Ms. Berry’s name that I am going to love whatever she has written. She just has a knack for developing wonderful storylines and crafting interesting, relatable and appealing characters.Thank you Ms. Berry!

  • Kerry Baker
    2019-01-17 16:15

    The Possibility of Perfect by Brinda Berry is the fourth book in her Stand By Me series. Although not required to be read in order, I myself have only read this book, I would recommend doing so as I feel there is a great build up you will miss out on if read as a standalone. That being said, I read this book as a standalone and did enjoy it thoroughly.Josie Jensen loves her best friend. She is in love with her best friend. And after spending a night together she hopes that they are about to take the next step. That is until Dane does everything he can to keep his distance after that night.Confused as to what could have gone wrong Josie tries to cut him out of her life. Except, finding out she is pregnant, stops any idea she might have had.“I can’t ask you to leave me any more than I could leave you.”Dane Delacroix wants nothing more than to throw caution to the wind and declare his love for his best friend. Having been in love with her for years he could give anything to be with her for more than a night. But the secret that he is hiding stops him from taking that step. The secret he is hiding could change everything, including the way Josie looked at him.When Josie announces that she is pregnant it feels like the decision has been taken out of his hands. Although he will do everything he can to protect her from he fears that haunt him.“I don’t know how to propose like those guys in the books you read. But I’m asking you to be mine. I want to be yours because I’m selfish and a jerk.”With a rocky start and an even more turbulent relationship Josie and Dane struggle to find a way that works for them. But with the baby tying them together they know they have to find that balance. And when Dane asks Josie the impossible, she knows it is up to her to show him a new way to love.This book was great. Although I wished I had read the first three in the series beforehand I still flew through reading this book. Easy to read while still being gripping I was drawn in right from the wedding at the start. Fascinated by their relationship I was excited to see how it would progress as the story went along. I was no disappointed. Definitely a book I would recommend.

  • Mom's Guilty Pleasure
    2018-12-31 16:22

    The Possibility of Perfect (A Stand By Me Novel #4) written by Brinda Berry4 starsThis was a sweet, emotional, second chance, humor filled romantic read. I enjoyed the friendship, respect, acceptance, forgiveness and love between the characters in The Possibility of Perfect. I loved the writing style where Brinda would take you back to their youth. I felt it gave you a deeper connection with the characters. This book is the fourth in the series, but definitely may be read as a standalone. You will want to go back and read the first three once you start to get to know a little about the other characters that are mentioned in this book as well. Josie aka Butterfly and Dane pulled at my heartstrings the most out of all the books in this series. You just can't help but fall in love with them. “Little does she know, I’d sacrifice my soul to make her happy. I can’t be honest with Josie about my true feelings and sabotage her future. She deserves a perfect life and I can never give her that.”Josie Jensen has been interested in her best friend since she was in elementary school. They've gone through everything in life. They have been one another's support and biggest cheerleader. They've shared celebrations, loss, heartache and their dreams. They thought they've shared everything with one another, but they've both been holding back huge secrets that one day may destroy their hopes, dreams and friendship. “She handed me a gift wrapped in euphoria and ecstasy and emotion.”Dane has been attracted to his best friend since they were kids. He has never let her know, because he's been holding onto a secret and is afraid if she knew he’d lose her forever and he couldn't imagine a life without her in it. One night Dane and Butterfly let their true feelings be know and it changed everything. Will they get a chance at real happiness? Will the distrust be too great to give them a chance at their dreams? Will they lose everything, including their friendship which they both cherish the most?“You think your charm and wit can take the place of honesty. My feelings aren’t hurt. My soul is.”

  • Angela Shirley
    2018-12-27 15:58

    The Possibility of Perfect is the friends to lover story involving Dane and Josie best friends for so long that one night may change the dynamic of the friendship forever.Dane, Josie and her twin brother Leo have been friends since they were young but as the friendship between Dane and Josie grew into best friends Dane has always since his teenage years had a crush on her. Until in their adult life they indulge in one night of passion but will the friendship survive.Josie has always had a thing for Dane even as teenagers she has wanted to be more than friends. Until one night when they were just having a movie night the lust over took both of them and she has one night of passion which rocks her world. Although the weeks after the act there friendship becomes awkward and comes to a point at a friend’s wedding. Dane corners her at the wedding and wants to talk through the awkwardness but unfortunately Dane makes things worst by suggesting options other than the one Josie is really looking for which a relationship with this sexy man.Josie starts to feel nauseous and is discussing this with her brothers girlfriend Harper who suggests she may need to take a test, when Josie givens in a takes the test her world is thrown into turmoil. So Josie tries to escape to the family cabin to get her feels in check but Dane followers her their where she tells him the news.The story goes through the ups and downs of the relationship between these characters, I love the vulnerability for Dane’s character and the added factor of his family history and somehow this being the reason why he did not want children and also the fact that if he starts relations with his best friend will they be able to sustain the relationship with the added pressures of a family. I have not read the other three books in this series and I followed the story in this book as a stand-alone. As this is the first book I have read by this author I will definitely read the others in this series.

  • Kaitlynn Taylor
    2019-01-14 14:06

    The Possibility of Perfect- Brinda Berry4 out of 5 starsThe Possibility of Perfect by Brinda Berry is book 4 in the Stand by Me series, having not read the first three books I can confirm that it can be read as a standalone. All the characters are properly introduced and it’s told with lots of detail leaving no room for questions. This is a great friends to lovers story, it’s fun, sweet, and heartfelt. It’s told from both the main characters POV with some flashbacks in between, having those flashbacks really helped me better understand Dane and Josie and their relationship. This was an easy read, one that I couldn’t put down!“I’ve waited so long for you to wake up and see me.”Book 4 follows Dane and Josie, two lifelong friends. Josie has had a crush on Dane for as long as she can remember but she’s hidden her feelings for so long until the night they connect on a much deeper level, a night they’ll never forget. She expected that things would be different between them after the night they shared but she was wrong. Dane admits that he regrets what they did and didn’t want to jeopardize their friendship for a relationship, while she was hoping to finally have the chance to be with him. Their friendship is strained after that night as Josie tries to avoid him as best as she can, going out of her way to ignore all his texts and calls. But Dane is persistent; after all it isn’t just about the two of them anymore. Josie allows him back in but with her guard up; will he finally admit his feelings to her before it’s too late? I loved this story and thought that it was the perfect blend of sweet moments, humour, and of course drama. I am so thankfully that Josie didn’t lie to Dane about something so important, like how most books usually do. The characters were really relatable and I enjoyed that the supporting characters made so many appearances. I can’t wait to read the first three books so I can read more about the rest of the gang!

  • Kelli
    2018-12-21 17:56

    Book Review: The Possibility of Perfection (A Stand By Me Novel)Author: Brinda BerryFIVE STARS The Possibility of Perfect is the fourth book in the Stand By Me series. It can, however, be read as as stand alone novel. Very entertaining read. Brinda Berry touches on subjects such as schizophrenia, unexpected/suprise pregnancy, best friends, adoption, and loss.After knowing one another and being best friends for the majority of their lives, Dane and Josie finally gave into the attraction and had a night that neither of the can forget. They experienced the pleasure of each other bodies and the thrill of being with each other sexually, but at what cost? Where do they stand with each other now? Why can they not seem to look each other in the eye? Will they be able to move past this and continue their friendship like it was or has this ruined everything? Josie is a very independant woman and Dane is a typical man who has decided that he doesnt want a family. No kids, no wife, nothing permanent due to his biological mothers condition. He does not want to take a chance on turning into what Ellen has become. Josie wants Dane plain and simple. She wants the family, the marriage, the life together. Can they make this work? Now they have another thing in common and they are both bound and determined they will do what they can to make this work, but, will Dane change his mind about marriage and a family? Can this be the thing that pushed him into a family forever? Dane and Josie love each other but can Dane put his past behind him long enough to try forever with Josie?Wonderful book. I am now going to go get the other three and find out what brought the others to where they were in this book. This was my first Brinda Berry book and I am looking forward to reading her again!

  • Tracy Antonelli Manderson
    2019-01-15 15:01

    The Possibility of Perfect by Brinda Berry 5 out of 5 starsThis is the first book that I have read by Ms. Berry and I simply loved it.. I didn’t due this book justice the first time as I read this story I had a lot going on and had to stop reading so it took me three days to read this story the first time the second I just breezed through this book. That’s how good this story is. We meet Dane and Josie who have been best friends since child hood. One night changes everything!! Can they be friends after such night? As you read the book you can tell they love each other but this are holding them back and Dane is the major road block.Josie Jensen is a confident bookstore entrepreneur, who knows what she wants and won’t settle for less than the whole package. She is Smart and funny and with her whit she had me laughing out loud. Dane is a sexy man with a successful bar in Nashville, He have everything a guy could want. Well, almost everything. Not Josie she is so off-limits he should get arrested for being near her.In a moment of madness, he forgot the golden rule: friends don’t sleep with friends. It’s the best and worst way to ruin a friendship.Now they moved from friends for life to baby on the way. A major mess-up? Dane once said he didn’t want a family. Ever. And that Josie has a memory like a steel trap. He only wants to protect her from his baggage the things he can’t control. What if being with me robs Josie of her chance for a perfect life? Will Dane tell Josie his secret? Can Dane move on from his baggage and have a normal life? Will they have a happily ever after?The characters are well developed and I also enjoyed the secondary characters the way they played off on each other was hilarious.I highly recommend this book… And I look forward to Leo’s story.By Tracy

  • Angelina Frazzini
    2019-01-03 16:15

    The Possibility of Perfect (A Stand by Me Novel #4) by Brinda Berry. Even though this is the fourth book in the series, it can be read as a standalone but characters from the first three books make appearances in the fourth book. This book is a best friends to lovers romance that tells the story of Dane and Josie. Josie has loved Dane for as long as she can remember. After a moment of weakness, Josie can't help but feel hurt and upset with Dane but she can't blame him for not reciprocating her feelings. Now, however, circumstances have changed and while she won't blame him for not feeling for her what she feels for him, she realizes she at least has to forgive him and go back to being best friends. The more time they spend together, the more Josie realizes Dane has secrets. Dane has known for a long time how he's felt about Josie but of course everyone knows you can't go after your best friend’s sister. And now he's messed up so bad he's not sure he and Josie will even be friends anymore. When she shares her news, Dane will do anything to make her realize just how much he cares for her. He still can't help but believe that his presence in her life as more than a friend will ruin her life. He has to share his secrets so she can understand where he's coming from. Will Dane’s secrets clear the air? Will they give a relationship a chance? This book is written in both Dane and Josie's point of view along with flashback chapters that show different parts of Dane and Josie's past together. The characters were so relatable and you could feel their pain and fear as though you were experiencing the feelings yourself. I really enjoyed this book even though I didn't read the first three books in the series.

  • Lisa
    2019-01-15 19:04

    The Possibility of Perfect (A Stand by Me Novel #4) by Brinda Berry Rated 4 starsJosie is in love with Dane. Dane is in love with Josie. Neither knows how the other feels. They have been best friends since second grade. They had one night together and Josie thought it was bliss. While Dane enjoyed it he knows she deserves better than him. He is a guy who struggles with commitment among other things. When he gives Josie's not you it's me speech...then finishes with he never wants children or marriage so she is better off...she blows him away by saying she is pregnant. As the months tick by Dane needs to prove to Josie that he is "the" guy that she wants and needs. That he doesn't now want her because of the baby. The baby just freed him up to be able to say things to her that he wouldn't have before because he was afraid of losing their friendship then her if things went sour. This was a good read. The story had some amusing comments that made me chuckle. One time she was trying to get out of a parked car (while pregnant) and Dane parked too close to the next car. She was making comments about not being able to fit or the baby will just pop out. His reaction was priceless. I did also enjoy that Dane was being not romance book romantic but Dane romantic. I love that he warmed her towel up in the dryer before she got out of the bath. So sweet!We did get to meet up with some of the amazing characters from the previous books but they did not hold large parts in this one. Basically they helped these two and were not show stealers. So I would also say even though this is book 4 in the series it is not necessary to read the previous although they would help enrich this book.

  • Katie Kearney
    2019-01-06 13:08

    The Possibility of Perfect by Brinda Berry is the forth book in the Stand By Me series. Each book in the series can be considered stand-alone. This book is a best friends to lovers story, an amazingly told one at that. Dane and Josie have been best friends since they were kids. Each holding back what they truly feel for one another.Josie owns a book store that's not doing so great but it's her passion.Having already lost her parents she's had a hard time. Her once constant is Dane, she knows that he's always there. And no matter what happens she can count on him, things change drastically when they take things to a different level one night. Then Dane messes up the after fact pretty bad and Josie is at a loss. Dane has always loved Josie,his "butterfly" but she's always been off limits. One night changes all that but he turns around and can't stop putting his foot in his mouth. He's scared to be with her knowing what hides in his bloodline. He thinks she deserves way more than he can offer.Their lives are about to take a turn neither expected but they vow to make the best of it, even after Dane says things that make Josie question his commitment. Can Dane convince Josie to give them a chance? Can Josie stop doubting herself and Dane long enough for them to find their happily ever after?This was the first book I'd read by this author and in this series and I wasn't disappointed. This book was a light and emotionally heavy read at the same time. Light because of the amazing relationship between the characters and heavy because of everything they have to go through. I'm excited to read the rest of the series and anything else by this author! Giving this one a five star review.

  • Debi
    2019-01-09 17:03

    The Possibility of Perfect ( A Stand By Me Novel Book 4) by Brinda Berry5 StarsThis was my first book by this author and I already can't wait to go download the first three in this series. This is a standalone, I never felt lost reading this, but I could tell there were backstories I was missing regarding the other characters, so can't wait to find out what those are. This story flowed perfectly and I loved the storyline. Josie owns her own bookstore, she's smart, sassy, and in love with her best friend. A best friend she crossed the line with one night and knows he regrets it since he avoided her for days after. Dane, owns a bar in Nashville, has great friends and a very supportive family. He's been best friends with Josie and her twin brother since they were kids. One night while watching a movie he lost control and he and Josie crossed the line, that one line that can ruin a friendship. Now she's not speaking to him and him not being into relationships, just wants to get back to what they had. He wants her to have everything she has ever wanted with that one perfect guy and as much as he wishes it could be him, it just can't.As close as Josie and Dane have been their whole lives, there are things that Dane has never shared with her, things that prevent him from ever being a husband or a father, but when their one night turns into expecting a baby can these two keep within their friendship and just have a baby together, or will Dane be honest with Josie and get her to trust that he really does want it all with her?This was a fantastic book, I fell in love with everyone in this book. I can't wait to see what is next or who is next and to catch up with what the future holds for all of them.

  • Sunday
    2019-01-18 13:05

    The Possibility of Perfect by Brinda BerryFour StarsThe Possibility of Perfect is the fourth book in the Stand By Me Series by Brinda Berry. This book can be read as a stand alone. This is the first book I have read by Brinda Berry, but I'm looking forward to going back and seeming what I missed in the first three books in the series. Dane Delacroix has been in love with Josie Jensen since they were children. Dane is best friends with Josie and her twin brother Leo, and he never wanted to ruin that so he never let Josie know his feelings. Dane manages a family owned bar now that his father has retired, Dastardly Bastards. He has never had a relationship last more than a month, and thinks he doesn't want any lasting relationships that include love and marriage. That all changed with one night of passion with Josie. Now he just wants it to go back the way it was before having sex with Josie.Josie Jensen has also been in love with Dale since they were children but never let him know because she didn't think he felt that way about her. Josie owns a bookstore, Dog Ears Bookstore. After Josie sleeps with Dale the one time, Dale begs her to go back the their best friend relationship because he is afraid of losing her. Josie decides to go up to her brother’s cabin and think thing over, when she dicovers she is pregnant with Dale's baby. On finding out he is going to be father, Dale has nine month to convince Josie that they were meant to be together and make their relationship last. Will he learn they can be best friends and lovers? Will they both let down their trust issues to see what will happen in their future. Read this book to find out if they will have their happily ever after.

  • Jana
    2018-12-29 13:24

    The Possibility of Perfect is the fourth book in Brinda Berry Stand By Me series and unfortunately I have not read the previous three books which was a slight oversight as I am pretty sure I would have gotten even more out of this book having had read the other three as I would have known much more about the dynamics among the people etc. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic book and I know that I will be utilizing my KU and read also the other three before Brinda comes out with a fifth book!The Possibility of Perfect is the story of Josie and Dane who have been best friends since they were kids. It is a great story of how best friends become lovers and what are the pitfalls they need to avoid or fall in and dig themselves out of … I loved how the writer jumped back in time to give us more insight into both Josie and Dane and their relationship.Dane is a great guy, loved by everyone, a successful business owner, has a great family but there is something missing and there is a burden he carries that has fundamentally changed his plans and expectations when it comes to his future. Josie is smart and funny and owns her own book store where no e-readers are allowed! She lost her parents in a plane accident so it is her and her twin brother Leo and ‘grandma’ and then of course all her friends, including her best friend Dane … Best friends that have ONE golden rule – friends do not sleep with friends …It is a great rollercoaster story of what happens when best friends break the ONE golden rule and there are consequences that affect their lives for at least next 18 years and then the burden that Dane is carrying … I could not put the book down until I was at the end so be prepared for a long night!

  • Martha
    2018-12-24 16:04

    ONE HOT NIGHT CHANGED EVERYTHING‼The Possibility of Perfect by Brinda Berry is the fourth book in the A Stand By Me Novel Series. It is a stand-alone and is a best friends to lover romance.Having the same best friend since Dane was a child has been great! He owns a very successful bar in Nashville and he loves his work and his best friend Josie. They can tell each other everything and talk for hours about nothing. Until she won’t talk to him about anything.Josie Jensen owns a book store and she loves it and ice-cream and Dane. She has inherited it through one of life’s tragedies and that makes her love her store that much more. She is a smart and independent women. She loves her simple life and doesn’t want it to change until her and Dane have a night of craziness. Dane has a big problem with putting his foot in his mouth. His brain has no filter especially when he tells Josie he never wants to marry or have a family. Now she has to tell him the cold hard facts, he is going to be a daddy. How will he ever get her to truly listen to him because he says everything wrong. There is also a secret he has been keeping about his family history. I loved the back and forth with Dane and Josie. Brinda Berry told their story going back and forth from the past to the present. Can Dane convince Josie that they can make it and how will he do it?I love this romantic comedy I found myself shaking my head thinking what did you just say to her? Brinda Berry has written a brilliant book that was a pleasure to read! Every book in this series is so well worth reading. I cna’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

  • Katie
    2019-01-16 21:18

    The Possibility of Perfect (A Stand by Me Novel # 4) By Brinda Berry4 stars!!This is the second book that I have read by this author, it is the fourth book in the series and it was exactly as I expected – well written, a great storyline and with likeable characters! It can be read as a standalone but I would recommend reading the other books in this series too as the characters do overlap! This was a lovely friends’ to lovers’ story with a few bumps along the way and definitely some unexpected twists. Josie and Dane had been best friends for years but there has always been this simmering yet secret attraction to each other (although it seems obvious to all other people except them!). After one hot night together they are suddenly thrust together with the news that a baby is on the way! I loved that the story was told from both characters POV, this is by far one of my favourite styles to read. I loved both Josie and Dane. Josie was a great character, full of feistiness and independence but she still needed that comfort from those around her. Dane was just so lovely, whilst it seemed frustrating at times that he wouldn’t commit to Josie because we were getting his POV too I could fully understand his actions. He did some very romantic things for her that made my heart melt a little! I thought the twists throughout the story were really great and the story certainly kept my interest! I will definitely be going to read the two stories that I am missing from this series and I look forward to reading more from this author in the future. A really great 4 stars read that I highly recommend!

  • Birna Björnsdóttir
    2018-12-23 15:10

    I just finished reading The possibility of Perfect, by Brinda Berry.I. Loved. Every. Single. Page!This book blew my mind away! Right from the start, I really felt a deep connection with the characters, so deep that it felt like I had been a mutual friend of theirs since childhood! Within a half an hour, I could almost anticipate how Dane would react to a sassy statement from Josie and I could almost hear Josie’s witty comeback!I don’t know how many times I groaned, rolled my eyes, cursed, laughed and yes, cried a bit, at their lives, the events that has helped shape them and their emotions as they tried to find a new rhythm to march to - together. Being a new couple and finding a happy medium can be challenging enough, but to have an unexpected baby on the way with your best friend? That you have some serious chemistry with? Well, I can’t even begin to imagine how I would cope with that but Josie and Dane find a way to give it their all! I love the other characters as well but most of all - I love how this isn’t your typical romance story.I did not read the previous books in the series and I didn’t feel like I missed a thing so I will say that this book can definitely be read as a standalone although I admit that I will be going back and purchasing the other books as soon as possible!Brinda Berry and her books have just become my new obsession! I am only giving 5 stars because it won’t give me the option of giving 10 stars! This book has humor, deep emotions and characters that you can really relate to! Pick this series up today folks!

  • Heather B
    2019-01-02 16:07

    The Possibility of Perfect, by Brinda Berry, is the fourth book in the Stand By Me series. Each book in this series just keeps getting better. You do not need to read the previous books in the series to understand The Possibility of Perfect, however, I do recommend reading them to get some back story on other characters that are mentioned in the story. Can best friends be lovers? Can a one night lead to a happily ever after? Josie and Dane has been best friends most of their lives. They have always supported one another and have been there when needed. However, that friendship is put to the test and then some when the lines are blurred.Josie is a compassionate individual. She has strong values and knows what she wants in her life. She has strong family ties and believes in what she says to others. She stands by her friends when they need support. She is independent. I wanted to hug her character because she is definitely a girl next door type, but at the same time there were moments I would want to hide in a closet because she definitely is feisty and forthright when it is called for.Dane is just wow in this story. I wanted to box him up and transport him home! He may lose his way time to time, but once he realizes what he needs and wants, he goes all out. He is a great friend. He is strong and just plain out a panty melting male!Brinda Berry is one of my favorite authors and her stories just flow effortlessly from chapter to chapter. The author's writing style is clean and enchanting. There is something that just speaks to her within the story to capture your interest and imagination as the author shares the story.

  • Christy
    2019-01-17 20:18

    4 Stars!This is a sweet love story about best friends becoming lovers. Dane and Josie basically grew up together and are the best of friends. Josie has a twin brother so Dane hung out with both of them and they were basically like family. Until the day Dane and Josie crossed the line of friendship. Their relationship changed to the next level, a more intimate level. Dane has always wanted Josie but with the history of his past, he's afraid he doesn't deserve her and doesn't want her burdened with his past.Josie has been in love with Dane for forever. But she thinks Dane doesn't love her like she does. It doesn't help that Dane is always pushin her away and saying the wrong things.There is a lot of confusion and stubbornness between them. They are both blind to what the other person feels for them. It got annoying at times because Dane is obviously trying but Josie continually doubts him. An unexpected turn of events brings both Josie and Dane together. They definitely go through a lot but I loved seeing them work together and Dane is so sweet to Josie. This was a beautiful story with flashbacks of Josie's and Dane's history together and what led to the present day. The flashbacks work nice to put some backstory but at times I thought they were too short like I needed more of their past. You can tell Dane was attracted to Josie but I wanted to know more from Josie's perspective. She obviously had serious doubts about Dane that was from past experiences.I love the idea of them being best friends and turning into lovers and dealing with the hand they were dealt. The love between them was beautiful to read about.