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IN THE WEEDS is a boisterous ‘70s tale of gas, grass, ass…and Vietnam. While serving there as an Air Force pilot, Slats Kisov directs bombing runs from a plane so small that the armament doubles if a passenger climbs in wearing a shoulder holster. Slats returns to the US a changed man, one determined to live a life of harmless banditry from the cockpit of an airplane. WarIN THE WEEDS is a boisterous ‘70s tale of gas, grass, ass…and Vietnam. While serving there as an Air Force pilot, Slats Kisov directs bombing runs from a plane so small that the armament doubles if a passenger climbs in wearing a shoulder holster. Slats returns to the US a changed man, one determined to live a life of harmless banditry from the cockpit of an airplane. War has left Slats something of an adrenaline junkie and, using his exceptional low-and-slow flying skills, he begins to smuggle marijuana into Florida from the Bahamas. He is aided in this venture by his friends the Morales brothers, members of an improbable family of immigrants seeking their own unique form of artistic freedom. They’re moral people…who just also happen to be money launderers, gun molls, and poetry-spouting bulimic Cuban marijuana farmers. Slats generally enjoys good fortune as he strolls through life, but his luck takes the occasional appalling turn. Much of the trouble comes from Bobby Ray Pistle, police chief of Farth. He’s the sort of man who considers the Klan an upstanding civic organization, and he views Slats as nothing more than a Hebraic hippie who prefers the company of minorities to that of paler folk. The chief soon comes to suspect that Slats is smuggling the same weed he’s been smoking, though Pistle’s bulb burns too dimly to find proof. But when the chief discovers his lusty ex has fallen for Slats, it’s time to fish or cut bait. Slats fights many battles – with the Viet Cong, hijackers, PTSD, and mother nature herself – but no enemy proves more perilous than the chief....

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In the Weeds Reviews

  • Martha Cheves
    2018-11-10 09:03

    In the Weeds - Review by Martha A Cheves, Author of: Stir, Laugh, Repeat; Think With Your Taste Buds; and A Book and A DishI sat on Bian's bed, staring out the only window in the tiny room. She'd been looking west, toward the Everglades. The fleeting patches of sun a couple days ago probably would have seemed familiar to her, perhaps like her memories of Vietnam. Here, she'd known nothing but strangers, uniforms, and pain. But perhaps a familiar sight, and a memory of home, drew her toward the unknown.I left her room and descended the stairwell, just as she must have done. I turned left on the landing toward the exit and found myself looking at the eastern edge of the Everglades.I dropped to my knees to get a child's perspective, and could clearly see a gap in the vegetation, the start of a trail. I stood and followed it, then closed my eyes. Burrowing as deeply into the mind of a young girl as I could, I took a fresh look down the trail. To a hurting and exiled orphan, this must have looked like a path to freedom. I took my bearings, like the pilot I was, then marched back to the orphanage.This young child, aging around 4, was brought from Vietnam to the US to start a new life. She had been burned over thirty percent of her body and one of her legs had been amputated below the knee. She is lost and looking for someone or something that might make her feel that she is safe and cared about.This young child will also be what brings Vietnam veteran "Slats" Kisov, back to a new start of his own. Slats flew an O-1 for the Air Force as a 'spotter' who would fly low enough to spot the enemy and report their position to the pilots flying the F-4 Phantoms. After being shot while on a mission, he was eventually sent home to what should be a normal life. It didn't take long for Slats to find his life was going to be far from normal. When you combine PTSD, pot, a girlfriend who used to be the sheriff's wife, the fact that the sheriff is a member of the Klan, and a hurricane that should have taken his life, you find a man with a really mixed up life. Just the kind of life only a child can smooth out.This book is full of Vietnam War history. I've know several who served during this terrible war and when asked about events as I read them, they assured me that what I was reading was true. All the way down to the orphans that were brought over, some in very sad health. Reading about some of the events we were never told here in the states, it broke my heart to know what these men went through. So when Slats took his flying ability to an illegal level, I actually worried about him making it through the dangers of his actions. I've read hundreds of books and have to say that this one is written in a fashion that made me feel like I was listening to a real person as he told me about his life. It's very believable and well worth reading.

  • Michele Stegman
    2018-10-25 11:50

    In the WeedsIn the Weeds by Mark Ozeroff is a story of a Vietnam veteran working through his own brand of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the early 1970’s. Sometimes gallant and heroic, Slats Kisov often does more than just bend the rules and the law. But through it all, he retains his own morality, which includes helping the weak and helpless without thought of his own personal loss or gain.This one-man vigilante wrecks havoc on those who trample the rights of others and he does so with a huge helping of humor. I laughed out loud on every page. In the Weeds reminded me of M.A.S.H. Lots of humor even in the midst of war and ugliness. Slats is far from perfect, however. He learned to smoke “weed” in Vietnam, and sees no reason to stop when he comes home. It is more than a comfort to him and, as a pilot, he sees no reason not to “help” out a family who grows marijuana by flying loads of their crop into Florida. Ever at odds with the local police chief over civil rights, brutality, and the cop’s downright stupidity, Slats eventually gets into big trouble with the law. While watching helplessly as other veterans succumb and spiral downward, inviting death rather than live with their PTSD, Slats maintains his humor. Through the support of a girlfriend, the weed growing family, an airplane, and a little girl, Slats learns to deal with his own demons and stop his own self destructive life-style.In the Weeds is heavy on the flying aspect of Slats’s life, providing details about flying and airplanes that only an experienced pilot could supply. But those details are well-written and interesting. Any pilot will greatly appreciate this book. Mark Ozeroff twists the English language more than Slats twists the law to provide a read that, although troubling at times, never lets up on the humor. I highly recommend this book.

  • Lora Leathco
    2018-10-22 09:06

    In the Weeds is quite a page turner. Slats Kisov goes from one adventure to the next barely able to stay out of serious trouble. We first meet him in the air battles of Vietnam where he saw more action than escorts in Las Vegas. The journey continues after he returns home as he takes some hard knocks and matures into a family man with a better understanding of how to live with PTSD. If you’re looking for a book you won’t want to put down, this is it.

  • Jon Bennett
    2018-11-17 05:06

    The antagonist, Slats, begins the story as an anti-hero. His wit and general disregard for convention added a layer of humor to the story. The description of combat in the first part had me captivated, and as the rest of the story unfolds, Slats progression made for a great plot as he battled his nemesis, a racist small-town sheriff.

  • Turnip
    2018-10-28 09:54

    Mark Ozeroff is an excellent write but I think the story itself could have been a little tighter. With that said, it was a really entertaining read!