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Her blood holds secrets better left in the shadows. Coren and Sy push forward to StarsHelm, continuing their mission to kill the Restless King of Riata. The magic they’ve learned just might be enough, but Coren’s recurring dreams of seven golden brothers warn her the King is hiding a twisted truth. While Coren struggles with Riata’s secrets, Resh and Nik travel to Weshen tHer blood holds secrets better left in the shadows. Coren and Sy push forward to StarsHelm, continuing their mission to kill the Restless King of Riata. The magic they’ve learned just might be enough, but Coren’s recurring dreams of seven golden brothers warn her the King is hiding a twisted truth. While Coren struggles with Riata’s secrets, Resh and Nik travel to Weshen to present the General with an ultimatum – accept the magic’s return, or fight a battle no-one could win. Weshen isn’t the only country in danger, though.The witches clash – southern Sulit against northern Brujok. If Queen Mara can turn the Lord of Witches to her side, the noose of Riata will slip even tighter around the world. Coren knows her twin siblings are hidden somewhere in Sulit, and with civil war beginning, she must choose again between saving her family or saving her country. Witch…Shifter…Shadow. As magic awakens, tomorrow grows uncertain....

Title : Twist of Truth and Tomorrow
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Twist of Truth and Tomorrow Reviews

  • Nancy (The Avid Reader)
    2018-10-27 11:31

    Twist of Truth and Tomorrow picks up where Shift of Shadow and Soul left off with Coren and Sy on their journey to find the Restless king and kill him to save their families and their people on Weshen Isle. On their way to the Restless King’s palace Coren and Sy have a lot of different obstacles that they must go through before the end of their journey. They must fight witches and Brujok in order to reach the king. The Brujok protect the king and queen and the palace from all harm.Coren only wants one thing and that is to protect the ones she loves and cares about; her family and friends. Coren and Sy must come to terms with who they are and their magic in order to defeat the king and save their people. How far are they willing to go to save their family and their people?When Coren was a young child her twin brother was banished from Weshen Isle for using magic. Everyone believed him to be dead. All through Shift of Shadow and Soul I kept thinking that he could still be alive. And while reading Twist of Truth and Tomorrow I kept thinking the same thing what if he is still alive? Every new character I was introduced to on Coren’s journey to finding the king I would think this could be her twin brother but it was never revealed if that character was her twin or not. I won’t give it away and tell you if her twin is alive or not but I will say the ending just blew me away I was not expecting it at all. There was so much with Twist of Truth and Tomorrow that I never expected. I would think I had it all figured out and then bam I was thrown another twist to keep me wanting to know more. It took me a while to read Twist of Truth and Tomorrow but like Coren and Sy life kept throwing obstacles in my path as well. If you like magic and mystery with lots of twist and turns that will blow you away then you are going to love Twist of Truths and Tomorrow.

  • Ann O'Nymos
    2018-10-29 03:25

    This is book 2 in the SoulShifter series and must be read in order. It picks up right after book 1.Coren and Sy are on their way to StarsHelm to kill the Restless King with Kashar (Coren's father) guiding them while Resh and Nik make their way back to Weshen to convince the General (Resh & Sy's father) that magic has returned.There are so many loose ends and suspense lingering that it is sometimes hard to catch all details. Will the Lord of the Witches turn out to be the one I suspect? Has Kashar an agenda of his own? What about Corens little twin siblings? They seem to play an important role for the Sulit. And what will happen to the Restless King – I never suspected that.....While the first book was following Coren as main character, this book has now more or less four main characters and lots of plots and subplots. This makes it a bit harder to get engaged. Also, a little less romance in this book. But all comes together in the end and makes you yearn for the next instalment.And again, the writing is captive and the characters are rich. I really grew fond of Resh. He is hard to judge and has protential to go either way – be a saviour or destroyer. This seems to be possible for a lot of characters in the SoulShifter books. Indeed, this is a story of twisted truth and events today will define tomorrow. I can't wait to read the next book to see how Coren, Sy, Resh and Nik can mend themselves, their people and country.If you like the SoulShifter series than subscribe to the Author's newsletter and you get a short background story of the Restless King for free! Definitely worth it. I received a free copy for this honest review.

  • Jessica Woods
    2018-10-26 10:26

    Twist of Truth and Tomorrow is one of the best fantasy novels, I have read this year. Book 2 begins where SoulShifter book 1 ended and should be read in order. Coren and Sy continue their journey to destroy the evil king and save their people. Deceit, lies, and manipulations all come to light in this epic story of prophecies and destiny. Coren is a strong leading heroine, admirable for her fight for justice and loyalty to her family. Coren,Sy, Nik, and Resh all worm their way into the reader's heart as the story quickly enthralls and leaves you craving for the next book in the series. My voluntary review is based upon an advanced reviewer's copy.

  • Christinaraven
    2018-11-22 07:41

    Book 2 begins soon after book 1 ended with action and twists from the very start that runs all through the story. I started reading it and just had to finish it to see what secrets and answers would be reveled this time. There were a lot of plots and subplots and crazy things happening all over the world that ended up being all tied together. Coren, Sy, Resh and Nik were in the thick of it all and were a blast to read about. Plus more players and characters were seen and heard from this time. I received a free copy and my honest review is that I liked reading about this crazy addicting world. The twists were a blast.

  • Ola Adamska
    2018-10-26 06:36

    Book 2 in Brand New captivating series by Hilary Thomson. I hope book 3 will be also that good.Coren and Sy still Travel in order to get to The Restlesking. But what about Keshar Coren's father? How will their relationship go? No one would be able to suspect some events. Are There more SoulShifters? And what about Coren's incomplete shift? I promise a read full of surprises, magic and dealing with obstacles.Resh and Nik Travel in order to bring Magic back to Weshen people. How will it go? And Lord of Witches will blow your mind - I never suspected that!Great piece of Fantasy read

  • Cali Jewel
    2018-11-11 05:49

    Highly addicting action packed adventure filled with danger and mystery in a struggle to save the world where magic is re-awaking or did it ever really leave? Loving this series! must read in order though. Excitedly waiting to read what happens next. This book picks up where book one ended and the struggle continues for Coren and Sy. The Witches are also on the brink of a civil war southern Sulit against northern Brujok and Coren must chose between rescuing her twin siblings hiding out in Sulit or finishing her journey to save her country? Loved every heart pounding, action packed twist.

  • Maria Arcara
    2018-11-11 09:31

    I hate that this is a middle book with the ending (as yet) unpublished - I want to know what happens! I'm completely invested in Sy, Coren, Resh & Nik's story! Can't wait to see what happens with the twins, Penna and Kosh! Am chomping at the bit to find out how Mara & Aram's story plays out.... and the heart and Shadow, oh my gosh! Ms Thompson definitely set up the plot for action & adventure; I found it (as well as book 1 and the prequel novella) to be full of complexities, intrigue and emotion-eliciting scenes. I think the story is really well written, developed and paced. I don't feel deprived of closure after this book even though there's still so much left to learn about these characters because I like how Ms Thompson wrapped up a couple major storylines here. I feel she did a great job creating desire to devour the remainder of the story without the feeling of being left with a cliffhanger - thanks for that, Ms Thompson! And thank you for another wonderful read!

  • Natasha Clark-French
    2018-10-23 03:29

    If you love strong and compassionate characters, true friendships, lots of magic, a little death and a little romance, and an epic storyline then you'll love these books.This is one of my favorite series this year! Shift of Shadow and Soul captured my heart from the very beginning so when I received an ARC copy Twist of Truth and Tomorrow I almost cried. Sometimes sequels don't quite live up the first book but ToTaT didn't have that problem at all. It's not one of those books where you can't guess what will happen so each twist (haha get it) is a comple surprise. There were times when I was just floored by the sudden information. This is a series that I will cherish and reread regularly. My goal is to have this complete series in Hardcover and have them forever and ever! I definitely recommend you give it a try.