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Title : Rise of Restless and Ruined
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ISBN : 35173475
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 395 Pages
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Rise of Restless and Ruined Reviews

  • Dianne
    2018-11-15 09:13

    I received this book from Hilary Thompson through Book Funnel.Be careful what you wish for…Zorander craved the power of his father’s crown. Being the eighth son, the throne would never be his, unless he devised a way to eliminate his brothers and stand as the first son. Little did he know, childhood wishes could come true, but the price he would pay may be too high.RISE OF RESTLESS AND RUINED by Hillary Thompson introduces King Zorander, a young man with a dream, unaware of what his future would bring. Dark, filled with intrigue and the machinations of a young man who was determined to never be looked down on again. Had he hoped to bring greatness to his future kingdom, not knowing what would lay ahead or did he wish for too much?A quick read that would seem to be the perfect prequel to the series that follows!

  • Nancy (The Avid Reader)
    2018-11-06 12:07

    The eighth son of King Erikal and Queen Jessamal of Riata, Zorander Graeme wants to be king so bad that he uses magic by wishing that his brothers were all dead so he could be the First Son and then he could one day be the king.Zorander had been bullied by his brothers all his life because he was the youngest so therefore that made him the weakest. Zorander wanted people to look up to him and respect him. He thought the only way to do this was to be the First Son and then the King. But what Zorander never really understood was that there would be consequences to using dark magic and he would have a debt to pay. I am glad that I finally got around to reading Rise of Restless and Ruined as I have loved reading both books in SoulShifer Series, Shadow of Shift Soul and Twist of Truth and Tomorrow. I wanted to know more about the King and Queen of Riata and how they became the king and queen and what made them the way they were.The SoulShifter Series has been an epic journey one in which I truly hope to take again one day in the near future maybe, hopefully. I would recommend Rise of Restless and Ruined to anyone who loves reading about magic and suspense. I don't usually comment on the cover of a book but I can't pass up this opportunity to comment on this one. I love this cover as it has all my favorite colors in it. It is just beautiful.

  • Aviar Savijon
    2018-10-29 08:14

    A great fast paced fantasy explosion of words, well written and a story line you just got to read to see all what happens. Loved it

  • Tera Comer
    2018-10-29 07:48

    Quick paced read that has plenty of plot twist to keep you wanting more

  • Myriam
    2018-11-14 04:14

    This is another story placed in the same world as the Wrath of Witches from the Six Queens Collection, but there is no connection yet between these two stories. This story is slightly longer and it features Zorander, the eight son of the King who was never meant to inherit the crown, and yet it happened. The story describes the chain of events that led to Zorander's ascension to the position of the King. I have no idea how the author managed to develop his character so well, and at the same time include the full-length-novel amount of intrigue, romance and death. The other characters are interesting and developed as well. I am even more interested in the series now. I am also very curious to see where and how these events will be referenced in the series, as I suspect they occur generations before the series start.The series so far contain Wrath of Witches (Six Queens Collection), Rise of Restless and Ruined (SoulShifter Book 0), Shift of Shadow and Soul (SoulShifter, #1), and Twist of Truth and Tomorrow (SoulShifter #2).

  • Christine Lowe
    2018-11-18 11:18

    This is the prequel to Shift of Shadow and Soul by Hilary Thompson.In Rise of Restless and Ruined we see how Zorander Graeme, the eighth son, became the First Son of King Erikal and Queen Jessamal of Riata. He was not born to reign, he was created. Zorander was tormented unmercifully by all of his brothers not just because he was youngest but also because he was perceived as weak and helpless. They did not know he wished each of them dead. Zorander's childhood nurse Ferulla was half witch and helped him to make his wishes come true. He didn't know there would be unwanted consequences for his wishes. This prequel gives the reader insight into how the Restless King became the ruler of Riata.

  • Ann O'Nymos
    2018-11-02 10:00

    I got this book for free by signing up to the authors newsletter. I was hooked to the SoulShifter series by book 1 and was glad to find this read before book 2 came out.I would think you could read it after book 2 too, but I'm not sure if you would get into this world so much if this is your first book.Here we get a bit of insight of the Restless King and his history, why he became what he is and also we get introduced to his queen Mara and see what decisive role she plays. I was actually a bit disappointed by SoulShifter #2 Twist of Truth and Tomorrow as I was expecting to see more of the King and Queen in there.Rise of Restless and Ruined is a fast pace, not very long story but packed with a lot of information that will make you want more.

  • Stella
    2018-11-19 09:04

    Rise of restless and Ruined - part of the soulshifter books - is a complex, dark and deep short story prequel explaining how the restless King became the Ruler of Riata and the reason he is potrayed the way he is. Also introduced is his Queen, Maya. It is a tale that takes you on an intriguing dark journey involving these two main characters. For such a short read the book is packed with a tremendous amount of detail and information. As usual Hilary Thompson's writing is excellent as she leads the reader into this fast paced, action packed story. Gifted to me by the Author for an honest review.

  • Rachael Hansen
    2018-11-05 08:17

    This book was amazing! I can't wait to read the rest of the series. It has a alot of plot twists and constantly leaving you wanting more! This books is the ultimate be careful what you wish for. Zorander was the youngest of 8 brothers in line to be king. One by one his all of his brothers died by a so called "curse" only it was Zorander doing that he became the crown Prince and future king. Only death wasn't the end of Zorander torturemended brothers. They know what he did to them and seek payment. What will happen to the new King and Queen of Riata?!?

  • Nadine
    2018-11-19 09:01

    Too cruel for my likingThis prequel starts out with death. Grim and bloody. Cruel and cold. Zorander has had a hard life. Seven older brothers have tormented him all his life. Yet I couldn’t feel any sympathy for him; there wasn’t anything to like about him. There was no love. At all. Too much lust for power. And I REALLY didn’t like Mara and her weird magic. So cruel! Oh, I can tell it’s well written, but this just wasn’t to my taste. I will try book #1 though, because that’s about other people. Maybe I’ll like the people in that book better :)

  • Kim Owens
    2018-11-02 03:59

    Rise of Restless and Ruined (SoulShifter Book 0) is the first book I have read by Hilary Thompson and I was blown away! While the story was a little slow to get started, I was very quickly drawn in with her well-developed characters, intense story-line, and her incredible taken to paint portraits with words!This is an opportunity to explore a whole new world of magic, shape-shifters, intrigue and even romance! I have to know what happens next in the series!

  • Teri
    2018-11-13 07:14

    Loved it! The action the magic. I don't know if I want to feel bad for him since he was preyed upon early and unbeknownst to him. I mean but then the evil he does and then it comes back at him even worst in Mara. She uses him against himself and takes over his descent. Can't wait to read more from this author.

  • Tammy
    2018-10-29 04:09

    We go a little deeper and darker in this short story. Zorander's descent into darkness is explained and Mara's part in it. At first I was going back and forth between liking Zorander and not liking him. I felt sorry for him but the way he went about things was just evil. Can't wait for the next book. This is one of my favorite series of the year.

  • Tamara Scammell
    2018-11-01 05:05

    I like the story and the characters

  • Susan Jungman Notte
    2018-10-23 12:17

    I've enjoyed reading this book. I just couldn't put it down. I had to see what would happen next. Now I want to know how it works out between Zorander and Mara.

  • Natashasiberian79adgmail.Com
    2018-11-08 03:59

    Best use of a prequel ever! Gives such a tantalizing look at the problem without giving away the entire series. Left me wanting more.

  • Mandie
    2018-10-29 09:05

    This book was amazing!

  • Amber Christiansen
    2018-11-21 03:58

    So tragic, yet so good. Told from the perspective of the villain of the future books, this prequel shows the rise of the Restless King.

  • Debbie
    2018-11-20 12:02

    I enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it.

  • Natasha Clark-French
    2018-11-20 12:10

    I'm so grateful to have received an eARC of this novella. Shift of Shadow and Soul has been one of my absolute favorite books this year and this prequel brought a great deal of enlightenment as to why things are happening the way they have and will continue to. The writing is flawless and the character depth is perfection. Every moment and emotion are easy to identify with and the story itself is enthralling. I absolutely loved it! Finding out why Zorander became the evil, oppressive king we know has been an intriguing journey. Thompson is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and I can't wait for Twist of Truth and Tomorrow! It should be any week now 😍