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Six years ago, I was accepted into an exclusive BDSM commune that caters to the gay elite, and molded into the submissive of every dom's dream. Under the ever watchful eye of Master Croy, my savior, I spend my days fulfilling my masters' every fantasy. It has become my solace. The only place I’ve felt at home. They respect me for who I am. Made me into the man I’ve become…Six years ago, I was accepted into an exclusive BDSM commune that caters to the gay elite, and molded into the submissive of every dom's dream. Under the ever watchful eye of Master Croy, my savior, I spend my days fulfilling my masters' every fantasy. It has become my solace. The only place I’ve felt at home. They respect me for who I am. Made me into the man I’ve become…It is my hope that I never have to leave… Until now… Because of him. The master who makes me feel. The gray haired God who sees me as more than a slick hole and pretty face. I’ve never felt this way before. Things are changing. I’m changing…But I don’t know what it means. My home is here. I can’t leave. But what about him? Master Kellan. I think he wants me. And, Can I tell you a secret? I think I want him, too. Warning: Contains shameless, make your toes curl, sexual M/M content. Adult F'in language. A smidgen of mushy love. Taboo elements including those of consensual BDSM relationships. And whatever else that makes it unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18. Standalone Romance Novel 65k Words Long - See some of your favorite characters from the Corrupt Chaos MC series and the Crimson Outlaws....

Title : His Master
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ISBN : 35276562
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His Master Reviews

  • Bink Cummings
    2018-10-31 15:34

    It's LIVE on Amazon & FREE with Kindle Unlimited!!! Hellz Yes!!! It's time to get turned on. Get your Copy Now!! Amazon US: UK: AU: CA:'s Finished!!! Will be out June 1st!!! Keep an eye out! Update: 5/4/17 - It's almost finished. Will be published the last week of May/First week of June!! Keep a look out!!! It's a novel! Thank you for your patience. It's coming along! Yes, I am writing this... Yes, it's taking longer than I'd like but I am enjoying the story thus far. As of 1/26/17- I am 17k into this novella.

  • Shin Mon Thway
    2018-10-22 14:31

    This was really difficult to rate for me. I had very high hopes for this book since I loooved “ His Boy” and it was a five stars for me. First few chapters of this book, I loved but the rest .. “meh”. 😕 I mean it took me about a day to read this one and usually I can finish this kind of short novel in 2 hours. So I hope you get the point. 😌My major issue is with one of the MCs. I have nothing to say for Michael since the building of his character is quite nice. He’s been abused, tortured, raped and used for his whole life before he worked in a high profile brothel. He’s broken .. really broken inside and he dare not trust this master who wants to keep him as his and his alone. And Corey or judge aka master, I have a lot of issues with him. First of all, the guy is married. Uh ... I hate cheating bastards even in the fictions. My motto, “get divorce or break up if it’s not working out”. Why cower and cheat? And he’s a judge, A JUDGE!!! And he acts nothing like a judge.I don’t mind him being a judge as a character but can’t he at least he divorced or separated with his wife in this fiction? Apparently, the guy has been closeted for his whole life but no problem at all fucking his sub in the kitchen at the brothel where everyone can see. And that guy is very emotionally unstable. 🙄 Imagine “Kim Kardashian getting fat and PMSing during that crisis” .. yup, you got that right? I’m sure you get the picture. 😂 And while he’s realizing that he’s in love with his sub, no scratch that, his PAID sub aka the high profile prostitute, because he misses him, he made his secretary cut her hair short, make her wear jockstraps and fuck her. I just don’t know how to connect with this character because he’s like “Miley Cyrus going through wrecking ball” phase.😂For the storyline and plot, eh, nothing much is going on. You must have watched “Pretty woman” before .. right? Change Julia Roberts being a woman to man, sprinkle that with a bit of BDSM, there goes your story. 🙄😂 Again, I always feel bad for having to leave negative reviews on books because I understand that every book is an author’s babies and as parents love children, these authors treasure their books. But no matter how much I try to love this book, I JUST can’t. For what it’s worth, the sex was filthy, kinky and hot though when it comes to that. Even that, the smut was super cheesy. 😏3 I don’t know what to say stars⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • warhawke
    2018-11-13 17:42

    Genre:MM Erotic RomanceType: StandalonePOV: First Person - DualRating: Michael had never felt belong his whole life until he was taken to the BDSM commune at House of Red. As a resident submissive and trainer, he was content with how he defined himself within the community. But a Dom who had his eyes on him wanted much more. Master Corey Kellan was a well respected distinguished gentleman. Even though his mind said Michael was off limit, his heart told him otherwise. But with a secret to carry on his own, he must find a balance in order to make their relationship works.I think the dynamics of D/s relationship in M/M romance is an interesting aspect to explore. I was eager to find out in this book, but it didn't exactly turn out the way I expected. “How would that work? Would I be your dirty little secret? Someone you can’t be seen in public with?”I like how Michael was passionate in his craft. Being a sub is not just a hobby but a lifestyle for him. It's the only thing he knew and it became his comfort zone. I also like his gritty background but I felt it's a wasted opportunity when it wasn't utilized towards his character evolution. I am supposed to be the master of control. To be cool and calm and have my shit together. Having Michael in my life obliterates my entire equilibrium.Kellan was not exactly someone who I'd pictured as a Dom. He was too soft for my liking. While I always appreciate character's vulnerability, he was to pussy whipped - or it is cock whipped? Haha! Outside of those walls, I’m what? A gay man with no job experience outside of fucking. Who’s going to hire me? Hell. Why does Master even want me? Aside from my ass, what else do I have to offer?The book started promising with the light, funny feel that I could enjoy. And I like that the story had the possibilities of having more weight; unfortunately it wasn't fully explored making it insignificant. Also it didn't help that the ending was too toothache inducing.As for the sex scenes, I enjoyed the light, amusing scenes. There's a certain element in M/M sex scenes that always make me excited lol! I'd love for the other scenes to be more filthy though :pHis Master is a story of facing fears and accepting oneself. It would appeal to fans of M/M light BDSM romance.🍆 🔌 🍆 . . . (F)BR With Kinky Twinsie CC . . . 🍆 🔌 🍆For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

  • Gigi
    2018-10-20 20:36

    Made it to 10%. Willing sex slaves living in a commune, ready to drop thou at a moment's notice for any man who asks, isn't my thing. And the MC romantic interest? (view spoiler)[Married with 3 children (hide spoiler)]. ["br"]>["br"]>

  • Jan
    2018-11-14 17:28

    @60%This is not working for me.Can I blame my previous book? It's so bloody difficult to get into something after finding a 5 star story :(I was left in such a high.It's sure hot as fuck but that is not enough to keep me going. It's missing something essential, the "it" that keeps you wanting to read and find out what is coming next. Besides, Master's double life is doing my head in.Peace!

  • CC
    2018-11-05 15:28

    3.5 Stars! Corey Kellan is a respected judge and married man with teen kids but lives a closeted life. In trying to balance his true self, he is a Master at the House of Red where male submissives are at their beckon call. After years of being at conflict with his hidden side, Kellan starts to develop feelings for a much younger submissive and it forces him to make important decisions. “He’s my addiction. And with that … my apparent destruction.” At 28 years old, Michael is a kind and timid submissive who suffered a lonely and abusive past. Settled in his chosen role at House of Red, Michael feels at home in his surroundings but always looks forward to his time with Master Kellan. Always adhering to the commune’s rules, Michael is shocked when Master Kellan breaks the rules by pushing him to discuss how they feel about each other. “Never in my life have I felt this exposed – vulnerable. Never have I cared what anyone truly thought of me. Of what I could offer them, aside from a wet hole.” Knowing the risks, Kellan isn’t about to retract his feelings but when the realization hits about their plans, Michael faces substantial consequences that compounds Kellan’s protectiveness and need to provide a home for Michael. As they begin their new life together, each have their own inner conflicts to overcome. For Michael, he’s been conditioned by manipulation and subjugation for most of his life so learning healthy boundaries is a challenge. With Kellan, he’s always hidden his sexuality but the love he feels for Michael gives him the courage to be more open while he still needs to taper his possessive feelings.“Stick a fork in me; I’m a goner. Owned. Possessed. Head over fucking heels.” Jesus. This is some new shit.” With Kellan and Michael trying to find their own way, the constant in their relationship is the master/submissive dynamic, as both need to maintain their roles in order to remain true. Kellan feels privileged to receive Michael’s gift of submission and he needs Kellan’s dominance which leads to some kinky moments that steam the pages.“Gathering a generous dollop of frosting, I smear it over his hole, down his taint, and across the underside of his low hanging balls. I lick my lips. It’s time for dessert.” For some time, I’ve been wanting to try this author and I’m glad I did but it left me wanting much more. His Master offers a chance to delve into some difficult themes considering Kellan’s circumstances of being secretly gay and married. In waiting for conflict, it turned out to be mild despite what was anticipated. As for Michael, his character also had tremendous opportunity to show his transition from a foster home kid to commune submissive to being in a family of his own. While these two had some ups and downs, the pulse of the plot remained steady without many spikes. That said, I would still consider reading other books by the author, as her writing style is engaging and endearing.His Master offers an unconventional M/M romance that is about acceptance and taking a chance on love. With light elements of BDSM, this book would appeal to those with an open mind who like a romance without much drama but with some spicy components. *This was a (F)BR with Twinsie Hawkey*For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

  • Angela
    2018-11-08 20:19

    EDIT 6/6From the author's Facebook post"Author Winning-- When you offend readers so badly they stop reading a book because some of my raunchy rawness isn't for everyone...#BinkForTheWin #Bahahahaha #IAintMadAtCha"Most of the DNF reviews aren't because we are offended by "raunchy rawness" and more because the older MC is a mega douchebag. This is listed as m/m romance and romance readers have some expectation of being able to relate to and root for the couple in the story. So keep winning in this manner and see if readers come back. Original review: The cover and the blurb for this book had me all kinds of excited. I showed all my friends and we all got to reading. And then we all stopped pretty quickly. This could have been so great! It sounded like a gay version of Exit to Eden where the subs were actually submissive and everything! Super kinky sex resort type of place that spawns a romance between a Master and a sub. Awwww. So delicious to my kinky heart. But straight up we find out one of the MCs is a married, cheating bastard. How can I be invested in a romance involving this piece of trash? He's just gross. He does terrible things. I'm shocked that this same author was able to write a decent m/m romance about a Daddy who loved his boy's ass more than any other Daddy in the entire world. I had expectations for a quality kinkfest romance that were apparently misplaced. Such a shame. Glad this book was free. Just saying.

  • J *deep in the heart of Texas*
    2018-10-19 13:26

    DNF @ 50%I basically gave this one a go because I knew it would be hot. #sorrynotsorry And it first. But then it became kind of ridiculous. And I liked Master (I can't even remember his real name) less and less. And it was kind of cheesy. So yeah, this one wasn't for me either.

  • Trio
    2018-10-27 16:15

    That was such an amazing story. Everything that happened to Michael- how his character changes from the opening scene, his life in the commune, and everything after he leaves - it is just so beautifully told. It's like watching it all happen as I read it, I got so emotionally invested... Corey's character is fantastic too and his evolution is probably equally profound, but Michael's just hit me harder.Also, promised at the end of the Epilogue isdue out at the end of this summer. (Aren't these some of the most gorgeous covers?) When I stumbled uponlast year I read it in one sitting, then I promptly bought the audio, which I've listened to more times than I can remember. It's my ultimate comfort listen 'cuz I love the daddy-kink and Dorian Bane and Nick J. Russo are just perfect together doing it *ahem* I hope they plan to narrate this one too... calling Dark Night Sound!Sorry, mild distraction there...So there are lots of references to characters in Cumming's series MC Chronicles series (which of course I've never read, being it is M/F) but the characters are all very intriguing. Someday hopefully I'll get the urge to delve into that world because I love the way this author writes! The love connections are intense, the sex scenes are incredibly hot and creative, and I love the darkness behind Michael's story. It was so moving to see him find his Master - and I'll definitely be reading this one again.Thank you for the gorgeous story Bink - it was fantastic!

  • Cadiva
    2018-10-27 13:45

    Hot, hot, hot! Scorching relationship led BDSM taleJeeeeze where's a bucket of ice when you need one?! This is just my sort of BDSM kink, light on the SM elements and an emotions led Dom/sub relationship which is beautifully depicted in all its glory.There are a couple of moments which are harsh but once Michael agrees to leave the commune and become his Master's only, things kick off at a pace which is both scorching hot but also powerfully emotional.It may be a little unrealistic, given how fast Judge/Master ditches his old life but I truly believed he was that in love and had found his soul mate. I've not read any of Bink's motorcycle club books but I never felt lost with the characters who also crossed over into this one.

  • Theresa
    2018-10-30 13:33

    Gorgeous cover. DNF @ 52%. A closeted married-with-children judge, Corey, who conveniently has a brother who is prez of a MC, steals away his favorite prostitute, Michael, from a brothel. Everything was rough and OTT - the sex, the characters, and the relationships - business and personal. The writing was sensational too. I didn't get an emotional connection to read this as a romance. On the other hand, I couldn't ignore how crass it was to read it just for the porn factor. The author didn't make me care enough about Corey to continue. Checked this KU book back in @ 0%.

  • 2 Chicks and a Book (Melissa Filla)
    2018-10-31 20:33

    first let me say that I flove Bink's take on MM books. It's more than hot sex. it's characters you fall in love with, storylines that suck you in, and the feeling button that gets hit hard.His Master was amazing. I mean besides hot sex that made my socks fly off, but I ugly cried 3 times in this book. Our heroes are Corey (master) and Michael. I don't like to give spoilers but I will tell you their story was amazing. talk about overcoming obstacles(emotional or physical) to be with the one you love. Michael and Corey's story made me cry. Their happily ever after started out a little unconventional, and it was so much more than BDSM (even if it started as that). It was 2 people finding themselves while building this amazing relationship. I love Michael. he's so sensitive and just vulnerable. you can't help but love him even more. Michael was the one to make me cry. Corey what can I say sexy silver fox with a alpha dom sode, YES please, but there was more to him when you peeled the layers back.all in all I recommend this read. If you have read His Boy and fell in love with Justin and Asher, then Corey and Michael are your next couple to fall in love with. I cannot wait for Master's Vlogger. great job Bink another homerun!!!!!!

  • Denise H.
    2018-11-07 18:31

    *** BDSM fans will be engaged ! ***So beautifully written, so riveting, enthralling, and intense. I found myself in wonder of these two characters. I frowned, cried, smiled, and understood the mindful deep thoughts from each man's POV. The sex is dynamic, explosive, passion filled, erotic, dirty and raw. This is D/s done correctly, with a true Dom and a willing sub. We see sex scenes that will leave you speechless. In the beginning I did not like that Michael, 27, was sexually available to any Dom in the House of Red, but later that is remedied. Master Corey Kellan, 40, fell in love with his sub, Michael, and vice versa. Michael does suffer horrendous abuse by the club members after they taped his and Corey's conversation about getting their own place and Michael leaving the House. I cried. The rescue of Michael from the house was wonderful, with Corey, his brother and the Biker Club that reinforced the retrieval. That was marvelous! Michael had been there six years, so he learned to adapt to his new freedom and having one loving Master. Corey also had to come out to his family. There story is amazing, with deep thoughts, wild sex and a HEA with a magnificent epilogue. Highly recommended. ENJOY ! =====================Triggers, (view spoiler)[BDSM, sexual abuse, gang rape. (hide spoiler)]=================["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Tammy Anderson
    2018-11-08 19:42

    5 Say YES, MASTER Stars** A Passionate, Intense, heart-wrenching, vulnerable, loving & genuine story.**If you let the walls guarding your heart down, you can open it to an amazing life of forever love.My words will not do this book justice! His Master is a beautifully written M/M story with a Dom/sub- Master/slave relationship. There was so much depth and feeling to the story. This woman, Bink Cummings, definitely knows how to take you on the emotional ride of your life… Imagine, your ride starts with anticipation, blood starts flowing as you incline to the feeling of passion and excitement, you go over the peak, your heart in your stomach with anguish and vulnerability and you end the ride with a feeling of exhilaration and love. Let’s just say she does not let you off this ride, till the very last two words in the story, THE END. Michael is the sub, who I absolutely ADORE. He had an extremely hard life growing up, that he built a wall around his heart, and did what he had to in order to survive but also believed it was not possible for a better life than the one he was dealt. Little did he know, there was someone out there that would break his all to high walls down!Master Kellan, is the Dom… He has not truly opened up to the outside world and what he truly wants in his life. He fights his feelings because of his status in society/family, and he cannot believe he feels this way for someone. But when this man figures out exactly what he wants and realizes he cannot live without, he fights tooth and nail to get his HEA! Master Kellan and Michael definitely have some obstacles to overcome.. But these two were intense with so much with passion and love for each other!I am a huge one-click Bink Cummings fan and absolutely adore her!! She never disappointments. Her stories are amazing and she makes you feel so many different emotions. This book is a definitely NEED TO read!!! As always, love seeing characters from her other books…Way to rock the M/M world with His Master!!!! ❤ Much Love, BC!

  • Eugenia
    2018-10-19 17:31

    Lots of sex. And sex. And love.This was a very hot and steamy ride from the get go. Written in the present tense, with dual, first person POVs this book held my interest throughout. I read it in one sitting.Now, Bink Cummings starts us off in a D/s commune. The subs must submit to any Dom at any time, in any way, shape, or form without question. The Doms are paying members, although some do live there. The story follows Michael, a young, experienced sub and grey-haired foxy Master (Corey/Judge). Both have feelings for each other, although the rules stipulate that feelings no be discussed. Of course, this is the drama of the piece: they share their feelings and then....well, lots of bad and good things happen.There was a lot of sex in this book. It was pretty much mostly sex, although somehow or other, Bink Cummings managed to squeeze in some plot and characterization. The S/M aspect played a small role, although the D/s was front and center for the two characters. It was not the traditional D/s relationship, which was refreshing. Warning: there is a gang rape scene.Michael, was an interesting character and I want to know more of him in the next story. I liked him and just wanted to give him a hug. Master went from hot and in control, to a jealous mess, to a happy master squeezing the life out of his HEA with Michael.So, if you're looking for lots of sex, some play, lots of submission and the sweetest, cutest sub ever, this is your book. If the idea of a D/s commune gets your panties in a twist, well, it doesn't last too long in that setting. So, take it for a ride, who knows, you might push past a limit.

  • Maria
    2018-10-24 19:33

    I made it through and I'm still here. Take away some of the off the mark plot points, which had nothing to do with the overall story, and it becomes an entertaining, fantastical read. Being a judge, having a wife and kids and screwing your secretary. Could Bink have made this man, Master, any more of an asshole? Funny thing is, Master never comes across that way. I'll tell you why since I happily finished this book. The fact that so many didn't like it gave me more reason to want to see what the fuss was about. The double life was nonexistent and not paramount to the story. Seriously. Why Bink chose to make this character married with children, I don't know. He could have been Santa Clause and it would have had nothing to do with this story. The entire novella was solely focused on Master and Michael, nothing else. We get a couple lines in the beginning and some weird kumbaya at the end. I disregarded the beginning and rolled my eyes at the end. The skanky secretary tidbit at the beginning was unnecessary and I didn't buy it. The same thing for Master being a judge. Like Master would never fall under the radar. So, all in all, I liked the relationship between Master and Michael. It was fun to read, somewhat silly, but I went with it. Oh, and the sexy times were smoking hot. The cover? Perfect. That silver babe is Master. Spot on. I'll continue to try more from this author. Just, next time? Leave out the wife and kids. You'll get a lot more readers. Cheaters suck ass. Period.

  • Mary B
    2018-11-06 16:34

    This is not your typical m/m romance. It's a beautiful, sexy, intensely kinky, sexy, emotional, (did I say sexy?) BDSM gay romance. The first of its kind that I have personally come across, and let me tell you, it blew me away! I love a good romance, with all the lovey dovey sappiness! *sigh* I'll read that all day long! I enjoy BDSM reads that take you to another world most people are too afraid to enter, yet leaves you satisfied in the most delicious of ways. And although new to m/m, I find it erotically pleasing in many ways. If you find all these appealing, then His Master is the book for you! The Dom/sub relationship is private, sexual, fierce and loving. To see this played out between two men who are basically opposites in every way- from age, looks and background, paints a very different yet beautiful picture of what passion and true love is. The heart knows no prejudice. When a soul finds its match, all is right in the world.This is the second m/m book that Bink Cummings has written. This woman knows what she's doing! Like all of her books, you feel like you're sucked into the story with every word read. Her unique writing style flows perfectly. And has the best balance of love, humor, angst, emotion and sex. This book is no different!

  • Abbey's 1 Click Book Blog
    2018-11-03 13:29

    wasn't for me unfortunately, so didn't continue on.

  • Trio
    2018-11-08 19:41

    yay, I'm so looking forward to this one I can't even tell you!

  • *~*~*Kael*~*~*
    2018-10-19 13:37

    Okay so I read a few reviews and wasn't impressed. Then I read Gigi's review and knew I needed to safeword the hell away from this book!! Pass. Hard HARD pass!!Also, what on earth is it with some authors involving cheating as part of the plot or subplot, and thinking that it'll somehow make one of the MCs seem more appealing?!!? Are you fucking kidding me?!!? It might be the author's idea of a good fantasy/story/whatever, but it sure as hell isn't mine!! I'm aggravated and I didn't even read the book! So it's clear this book, and apparently the author, just aren't for me! So, Book, let's part here and agree that in this case, it isn't me, it's definitely YOU!!

  • Kylie The Bookaholick
    2018-10-26 15:31

    5 Guide Me Master to find My Reason for Existence Stars.Hold on to your emotions readers Bink brings it to you in a form like no other book of hers has done. Yes this is another M/M book, but this story is like none you have ever read before. Like her note at the beginning of the books states remember to practice safe, sane and consensual sex. If that warning alone is not enough to get you ready for the ride she takes you then hold on to you panties!!!!What starts off as a typical gay man having sex with other gay men is quickly corrected. What it looks like from the surface, is going is honestly no where near where this story actually reaches! Micheal is a sub who all he knows is serving the Doms at the House of Red. Occasionally he is asked to train new men to become full-time live in Subs. Micheal has accepted his life behind these walls and accepted that this is the life for him. His daily routine is the same and this order suits him. He thrives on order and routine oh and serving his doms to fulfill their ever need. But love was never and option. Love is a foreign concept for him. One cannot find love while at the House of Red.Master Kellan is one of the doms who frequent the House of Red to fulfill needs that are not satisfied out in the real world. Love is a foreign idea for him although he has a story hidden in there too. Master Kellan, a man of judgement, begins to fight his feelings, because a man of his composure can not actually be feeling this way can he? Micheal the sub begins to admits to himself that Master Kellan is becoming his favorite Dom. But admitting feelings is against the rules. Love is absolutely forbidden. This is a tale of fighting for what is right while trying to not disrupt ones complete foundation. Your past can help define you, but will you make it define you life and affect where the decisions you make. Prepare readers to be taking on a fight for you life. Be prepared to break those chains that have defined you and set a path for your future that does not own you but helps you live live to your it's full potential.

  • Sarah Brown
    2018-11-10 15:20

    Oh my gosh! I suck at reviews. Or I guess I suck with words! His boy was amazing!! Corey (master) and Michael will make you fall in love with them. Bink book his boy and his master are the only 2 m/m books I've read. And I couldn't get enough. Her writing is out of this world. And her perviness (not a word) helps too. Because the sex scenes will make ya squirm in your seat. Michael comes from a hard background and overcomes stuff that will make your head spin. And in my eyes his master is his true hero! I love how a touch of BDSM was thrown in. And I loved to see what the others were up to in Carolina rose. I've missed whisky. Might have to visit her again. I love how Bink makes her characters strong and kick ass! (Just like her) I was given an ARC and I just want to say thank you! This book....I couldn't get enough, and highly recommend it, even if you've never dabbled with M/M before! Give it a try. I don't regret it!!

  • AussieMum
    2018-10-17 18:43

    DNF 27%. No rating. I have an extremely open mind when it comes to fiction, I read a bit of everything and I really enjoyed His Boy by this author. But I just can't keep going with this one. And it's not the sex commune that I have the problem with, it's the two MC. There's way too much telling and being in these MC heads isn't funny or quirky or appealing. Right off the bat, Michael doesn't have much of a personality and Corey...he's a big, obsessive, cheating, mess who will fuck anything. Neither have given me any reason to care that they should leave the commune and be together. And honestly, when the MC are unappealing, all the "hot, dirty sex" they have together on page is pretty much just "ewwww".This isn't for me but plenty are loving it. Thankfully it's on KU. Give it a try. To each their own.

  • Chris
    2018-10-20 16:29

    I really enjoyed this even though there were some questionable moments with Master Kellans behavior ! He was somewhat erratic and times but was able to be calmed by his sub Michael. I loved the epilogue ( although a little too easy ) but was glad for happiness ❤️

  • Farrah
    2018-10-20 15:27

    Dnf - Not my cup of tea

  • H.
    2018-10-20 19:26

    Not my definition of a Romance. MC is a closeted Judge with Kids,cheating on his wife with his secretary and his boy.There should be a warning about that."Master"is a weak,insecure douche,not someone who deserves that title.DNF at 14%.

  • Heather
    2018-10-22 18:21

    Tantalizing ReadHis Master is a story that allows serious readers to do what they love most about reading...escape! A tale of two men who form a bond that many would never think possible. Master, a professional middle-aged man, who comes to terms with who he is and who he loves. Michael, a young man, who has endured a life of hardship and turmoil, yet finds the strength to leave the only place he has ever felt safe to take a chance on love. These characters are written with a depth of emotion readers may not expect from this genre. Tantalizing, salacious sex that makes you weep in its glory and heart wrenching vulnerability that plucks at your heart strings is found throughout His Master. Author, Bink Cummings, has once again given her readers the ultimate joy in reading...the pure escape!

  • Christy Godfrey
    2018-10-28 20:33

    What an amazing story, and the cover, so hot! Michael and Corey are now one of my favorite couples! I cried for Micheal, what he went through was so heart breaking! It was a nice change for a character to not be afraid to go for what he wanted, and boy, did Corey want Michael! There was no hesitation on his part once his mind was made up and that was sooo attractive! In true Master fashion, he knew what was best for Micheal and didn't hesitate to do what was needed. I also loved getting to see what the others in Carolina Rose have been up to and look forward to the novella about Micheal's Vlogging, hot! I received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Mandy Hard
    2018-10-22 12:24

    Omg. Okay so I'm not great at the writing thing so bear with me. This book was just wow. Bink's His Boy was my first m/m, yes she popped my cherry (thanks Bink) and I didn't think it could really get much better cause I freaking loved that book. But I will be the first to admit I was wrong. Master Kellan is well (for lack of a better word) yummy. Oh and Micheal I just want to hold and hug that man. I also love how supportive Price is. This is a great read and I would recommend to all m/m fans. If your not a fan of m/m I still recommend giving it a try. Great story and lovable characters. Bink puts her heart into every book and you can't tell it. Holy hotness factor. Normally when I read m/m I just read but while reading this I found myself wishing I could be there in person for some of the scenes. Thanks for the amazing story.

  • Laura Daniels
    2018-10-18 12:15

    This book was amazing.... I just couldn't put it down. I would Say this is the best M/M book I have ever read, I have read about 10-15. Ant this is in the Top 20 books off all Times out of all genres. Even if you normally don't read M/M give it a try this books will knock your socks off!