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Having escaped the dangers of The Keep, Desiree is determined to free Blake. But when a government-enhanced converter goes rogue, the ensuing battle for power, control, and lives makes Blake’s rescue a secondary mission. As Desiree struggles to overcome past demons and new, stifling expectations, she faces converters more powerful, dangerous, and desperate than ever. To prHaving escaped the dangers of The Keep, Desiree is determined to free Blake. But when a government-enhanced converter goes rogue, the ensuing battle for power, control, and lives makes Blake’s rescue a secondary mission. As Desiree struggles to overcome past demons and new, stifling expectations, she faces converters more powerful, dangerous, and desperate than ever. To protect those she loves, redeem the convergence, overtake The Keep, and honor the Conclave, Desiree will have to redefine her future.THE CONCLAVE is the intense, action-packed final book in the Converters trilogy; the conclusion of Desiree’s journey....

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The Conclave Reviews

  • Julie Carpenter
    2018-11-11 15:43

    Oh my HEAVENS!!!!! I'm coming off of an intense page turner read, a bibliophile adrenaline rush?! So good!!! I can't decide if I want to sit on all my thoughts and savor it all or start my review.... Ok I sat and enjoyed for just a little bit...mental thought processing time! This book was awesome and now it's over!!! Bittersweet!!!This is one of those reviews where I'm sure I could ramble for forever on my thoughts and feelings and experience while reading this book. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to say now so just bear with me and enjoy the ride. It might be kinda long...just warning ya!This book was absolutely power-packed with EVERYTHING! Now, that may not mean anything to you if you haven't read the books so I better clarify what I mean. After reading the other books in the series,(click on the links for each to read my reviews), The Convergence and The Keep, there are plenty of unresolved moments, issues, character relationships, etc. So when I say power-packed with EVERYTHING, what I mean is all of that is tied up nicely, answered and delivered in this book in a very satisfying manner. Nothing is left undone, because well, it's the end of the trilogy.I won't leak any spoilers for those of you who haven't read the previous books so you're safe to read on if you were wanting to avoid those.We have a pretty good amount of characters that have been introduced throughout the books, some villains and some who appear to be villains. There has been resolution in the two previous books in regards to those characters but just be won't know what's coming in this book. It took me completely by surprise! Some of these bad guys, you just know they're plain bad and evil and no good, but then there's some that you are on the fence about, whether they are or aren't and some you just never see coming. Well let me tell you to just sit back, enjoy the ride and all the reveals you may not have expected. I had a couple sneaking suspicions towards a couple people but in all honesty was a little shocked by one in particular. And you'll know who I'm talking about after you read the book, remember no spoilers here!There are several new characters introduced in this book. Ryker(steer clear of him at all costs-not a spoiler in saying that, you know that from the get go), Jian(ladies this smooth talking, handsome man has eyes for only one of you, well ok that's not true, he's a ladies man through and through but he sure has his eyes on the one who seems the least attainable), Petr and Andrea(members of The Conclave who have come to make sure some of the issues of The Convergence group are resolved). Between these new characters and all the previous characters, we've got a lot of tension building and a lot of beliefs that are going to collide. Buckle up tight!The problem is is she going to protect those she loves as well as healing from all the emotional and moral turmoil from The Keep(stay away from The Keep-but go read my review of it because it will all become clear, kind of) and save Blake? The Convergence have some well kept secrets that Desiree is a part of and when those start to unravel and become known it will put Desiree in some positions that will push her limits and test her love for those around her. Maybe that sounds too harsh but boy, oh boy, she is pushed and pulled and tested from every which angle as well as so many other characters.I loved watching all the choices put upon these many characters. I loved how after everything they've been through and are going through in this book, you can see their true character emerge and it will either be very startling or very awesome to watch, er um, read. I mentioned to stay away from The Keep, right? I honestly wouldn't touch it with a 99 1/2 foot pole(I couldn't resist a little tribute to The Grinch). But in all seriousness, I wouldn't go anywhere near that place. Looks can and are very deceiving there. Run away, run away faster!From one intense moment to the next, The Conclave keeps its intensity churning and spinning you and pushing you through the ringer. And the intensity is something else because let me tell you something, Tenille Berezay can write! Her words are just magical, the imagery she creates, the thoughts she creates, everything is definitely well worth reading this book just to experience her command of prose. I was highlighting quotes like crazy just so I could easily find some of those thoughts and moments in the book that I thought were beautiful and beautifully worded(even the intense moments).I'm sure you can already tell from the 5* rating and all my rambling thoughts so far that I loved this book!(And series) It was so hard to put it down, I would suggest carving out a week of your schedule so you can start with book one and not come up for air until after you have finished the trilogy. If you've read the other two, then when this one releases in July grab it and give yourself a day to enjoy, you're gonna not want breaks in between!I realize I haven't even talked about our MCs, Blake and Desiree's relationship. Yeah, Tenille can definitely write an amazing romantic relationship, lots of intensity there too, all clean for you clean reads lovers. I've got several quotes marked up between these two as well in my highlights that I'll pick one(or two) and share below.Denny, oh Denny! He's still the same loveable and funny, comic relief character that you just can't help but love. And let me tell you he's got some pretty awesome and crazy moments throughout the book.Mr. Wright, Jade, Michelle, Mr. Knightly, Talbot, Dr. Matthews, council members, Brad, Timothy, Darya, and many more characters who we've seen throughout the previous two books all have so much that I could say but I can't so I'll just say again buckle up and hold on for the ride!At the risk of making this its own novel, I'm going to add a few(maybe a few more than a few) quotes and then I'll end! Oh, I just can't wait for everyone to enjoy these books! I might be Fan-girling just a little bit here. *blushing and grinning and shrugging* Ok, really, here's the quotes now(and in no particular order, just a few random ones from my many, many highlighted ones-some humorous and some the complete opposite)!"Don't discount him, Talbot." I smirk. "He survived a helicopter crash, being under heavy fire, an attack from three converters-""-and I killed a cougar.""With a stick.""Death-pole""It seems like the more secrets we have, the more threatened we are." Without turning back, I answer,"Then maybe it's time to stop hiding.""You should have seen him, Desiree. Even with you in is arms, he seemed invincible. No. Because you were in his arms, he was invincible. In that moment, I knew it was both of you, together, that Amplified Industries needed. That I needed."Pulling Denny toward me, I say, "I survived this once. I will survive it again." I force a small smile. "The hardest part of the battle is having the faith to know you can win. And I already know."I certainly don't feel stronger. Too many parts of me feel dead, beaten down. While the living, thriving parts writhe, telling me to turn around and rush away. Back to...nothing. There's not a place on earth I feel safe. Not a single place I want to be. Not without Blake.I lay back, the cold steel pressing through my clothes, reaching deep. The rip of the velcro straps makes me twitch. As the restrains tighten across my ankles, wrists and head, panic blooms. I'm overly aware of my blood pumping through every vein, like it's anxious, prepped to be taken. Like it's looking for a way out. The table flips me face-down and I close my eyes as a needle is pressed into my spine. As I go numb from the neck down, I imagine a cliff...The pain hits instantaneously, breaking through my feeble barrier. My body lurches, pressing against the restraints. Like guilty thoughts, they burrow into my skin, carrying hurt. My neck tightens, pulling my chin skyward. I clamp my mouth closed and my teeth grind, crushing my contained scream. The pain delves deeper. I attempt to reclaim my safe place. Blake's nose brushing against my ear, his hand touching my temple. Lights flash through my mind. Not the bright beautiful kind, but sharp shooting daggers. They pierce through my skull, jabbing into my brain, searching for an escape. My scream breaks free, the sound joining the lights battering my mind. Then, all the focus from my brain is taken away by a pain behind my heart. This pain...this devilish, machoistic pain shifts through the shredded parts of me. Through the insecurities. The doubts. The guilt. The evil."I can be patient," I say, determined to use the time for some serious self-evaluation. Dr. Matthews laughs, his enjoyment growing at my glare. "Funny girl."Suddenly, the torture of the transfusion, the terrifying dive and near-death swim are all worth it, if only for this one moment. If only for this little sliver in time. Because-when he says my name-I don't find a stranger in his eyes, but the other half of me.Denny puffs up under all the attention. "Great, but then again I'm always great."Inside, a little girl squeals, holding up a white flag and a sign professing lifelong adoration. Shoving my inner fan-girl aside, I curve my eyebrow in a mimicry of Blake's. "Right. Focus."Yeah, I have A LOT more that I wanted to add but I refrained! Honestly go grab this book and see what you think. It is one of my top favorite YA series.Content: Fighting, some blood but nothing overly graphic. A character who is a ladies man who has some mild innuendos throughout. Some kissing. I would say this is a clean read and would let my own teenagers read it. You might want to read it first to see what your comfort level is. I'm pretty careful in what I let them read/watch.I received an ARC from the author. No review was required. All thoughts and opinions in the review are my own.Happy Reading!!!

  • ☆Stephanie☆
    2018-11-14 13:51

    Title: The Conclave (Converters #3)Author: Tenille BerezayPublisher: Tenille Berezay, 2017 (July 21)Genre: YA Fantasy, YA Science Fiction**I received a copy from the author free in exchange for an honest review**This review can be found on my Blog, TeacherofYA's Tumblr, or my Goodreads pageMy Review:I have been following Tenille since her first book, The Convergence, came out. I am part of a program called ebooksforreview and I requested her first book in the series after reading the blurb. A book about a hidden group of society that can convert energy into practically superpower-like skills? SIGN ME UP! I reviewed that book and the second, The Keep, right here on my blog. Another indie author, I believe in Tenille's storytelling talent. Yes, I love the big pub books like everyone else, but someone needs to speak up and say, "Hey, this book is amazing and I need to share it with the world."Here's the cover for The Conclave:Now, you know how hard it is to write reviews for sequels, and especially trilogy books. However, I think I can explain the series without giving too much away about awesome! Let me give you some backstory instead of just diving in, okay? That way you know the premise that leads to the third book.Desiree Morgan starts our series as a girl who can use this amazing ability to connect with her energy inside and it makes her stronger and faster than her peers. When a new kid at her high school, Blake Thomas, tries to get close, Desiree is wary. She just needs to get through the remaining time in high school as a "normal kid" and she can relax. Besides, what kind of kid moves in the end of senior year? Blake is obviously someone she wants to keep away from her.But when Blake hires Desiree to teach him horseback riding skills, she can't escape the desire for the extra income. And Blake is loaded. But when Blake starts hinting about Desiree's secret abilities, Desiree starts to wonder where this Blake person came from...if his name really is Blake.In The Keep, Desiree and Blake are running for their lives with Desiree's little brother in tow. The group Blake works for wants Blake back, but he wants to be with Desiree. They know of another Convergence, called The Keep, and they hope they can stay there until they can decide their next move. An island paradise, the two relax for the first time in months.  Unfortunately for them, The Keep has even more secrets than Blake's own group, and Desiree and Blake may think they're guests, but they soon realize they are actually prisoners. Which brings us to The Conclave, the final book in Tenille's trilogy. Desiree and her brother Denny have escaped The Keep, but Blake had to stay behind. After failed attempts to retrieve him, Desiree knows she must return to The Keep and the monster that thinks she's dead. All she cares about is Blake...where is he and why hasn't he returned? This book is filled with surprises, double-crosses, and an ending to a series that makes your heart pound with every sentence. And it also makes you unbelievably sad that this is the final book in the series. Normally, I would evaluate for class appropriateness and age range, but with this series I think it's pretty simple: I don't usually recommend sequels for classroom material (even though each book is amazing on its own) because it's too confusing. The first book, The Convergence, could be used as a standalone, but it would severely limit the material as so much happens after book one. With that said, I just recommend it for all-around enjoyment outside the classroom and because of the lack of inappropriate material, suggest that readers from MG and up could enjoy Tenille's saga. Let's cut to the chase: I give The Conclave, as well as the whole series, ★★★★★. Another indie winner for me!How does Tenille's series sound? Are you intrigued?

  • Mylissa's Reviews and Book Thoughts
    2018-11-02 12:37

    Once again we are immersed into the world of converters, with Desiree Morgan struggling to fit into a world she didn’t choose, but where she most certainly belongs.Blake is being held captive in The Keep whilst Desiree and Denny work hard to figure out a way to free him from the grips of Knightly. As if that isn’t hard enough, Desiree is thrown into a power battle to take down a rogue converter, and try to save the world of convertors.This book had a lot of twists in the plot, keeping me on the edge throughout most of it. I would definitely say this is a lot more action packed, and the romance is merely a very small element to the book.This book also is the final decision making moment for Desiree. After all the loss, pain, confrontation and hardship she has faced, she needs to decide what she is finally going to do. Join the world of convertors and make the difference everyone believes she can make, or choose the safe, easy way out, and try to keep Denny out of all of the danger and force him to also grow up much sooner then he should.This book also is a real revelation as to who really is the enemy all along. Help comes in from unexpected corners, and betrayal comes from even more unpredictable sources. Desiree, Blake and Denny need to trust their instincts, trust each other, and ultimately rely on what they know to be the right choice regardless of what the masses may tell them to do. Once again their true character shines strong and immovable, fighting for what they know to be the right course, making them real heroes and convertors worthy to follow. This series has been such an exhilarating read. From the first lines in book 1 to the very last words in book 3 Berezay has had me on the edge of my seat rooting for these three to make it, to take a stand, and to somehow figure out a happily ever after. I don’t know how she pulled it off, but she did, and she literally blew me away in the process. What a debuting series, I definitely have high expectations for her next publication.

  • Patrick Hodges
    2018-11-02 17:27

    You expect certain things in the final installment of a trilogy. If the series is well-written, then tensions have been building to a head for two whole books until, finally, all is revealed. Everyone finds themselves squarely on one of two sides, and the knock-down, drag-out battle royale that follows will likely have a high body count.These are things I expected when I started The Conclave.And I got 'em.I won't go into the finer plot points. All that needs to be said is that Desiree shines once again. In her, Ms. Berezay has crafted a heroine that anyone can get behind and root for, and surrounded her with a cast of characters that are well-realized and well-written. With so many agendas flying around, I could only wonder who would be wearing the black hats at the end!The ending left me satisfied (and a little breathless), and I look forward to more of this great author's work.

  • Michelle Lynn
    2018-11-15 14:41

    This book is like a rollercoaster. Every time you think you're about to get off, it takes you around again. There's so much action and so many twists between these pages that it's just insane. Blake is still trapped at the keep, under the control of a manipulative madman. Desiree and Denny were able to escape and make it back to a very cold welcome in Portland. They don't want her there, the girl who stole away their leader and destroyed much of what they had, evil as it was. What's surprising most to her is that Talbot, a man who'd befriended her when few did, is the coldest of all of them. They must get Blake back. That is priority one until the government comes calling, needing help with a mission that'll take Desiree right where she wants to go back to - the Keep, Blake. She has the chance to bring him home. This is by far my favorite of the three. It's just insane with betrayal after betrayal and a love story for the ages. Blake and Desire go through so much for each other. It's inspiring. If you haven't already, read this series!!!

  • Tenille Berezay
    2018-11-04 19:26

    First of all, I love these characters!!! I loved writing them, I loved forcing them to grow and discover their strengths. I just want to keep writing them, but they deserved an ending (and my reader's some closure). The epilogue was the easiest thing I've ever written. I knew exactly where I wanted these character's journey to take them, I just had to get them there and tie up all those loose ends (the hard part)! But I sincerely hope you enjoy reading about their journey as much as I enjoyed writing it! Happy reading and thanks for being willing to give The Converters Trilogy a try!

  • Reads & Reels
    2018-11-16 14:41

    My Thoughts…What a ride! This series has been non-stop tension, thrills, and action! The conclusion to The Converters Trilogy is a very strong finish and I enjoyed it immensely.I don’t want to give the goods away, which is always challenging when you’re not reviewing a stadalone novel, so I will simply say, that The Conclave picks up from where The Keep left off.Desiree and her brother Denny barely escape but had to leave Blake behind, and this book is primarily about getting Blake back. That said, this story is also about Desiree coming to terms with who she is and what she will do with her life.The writing is excellent and the story is really exciting! Also, a new character is introduced! I will not say if they are friend are foe, but this person is a very interesting addition to the storyline. The ending has a doozy of a twist too! I sure didn’t see it coming, and really, this book is just a ton of fun!I can’t recommend this trilogy enough! It has everything! Action, romance, the paranormal, and betrayal. You just have to give it a go!Rating… A

  • Sheila gullick
    2018-11-16 12:56

    Absolutely loved this seriesAbsolutely loved this series. Could not put it down. Loved and hated the characters. I wish this wasn't the end of it. Action and more action. I will be looking for more books from this author