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For the past two years, Bailey Morgan has lived a double life: high school student by day, ancient mystical being by night. As the third Fate, Bailey literally controls the fate of the world, but as Plain Old Bailey, her life is falling apart. She’s got a tattoo that was supposed to be temporary (but isn’t), friendships that were supposed to last forever (but might not), aFor the past two years, Bailey Morgan has lived a double life: high school student by day, ancient mystical being by night. As the third Fate, Bailey literally controls the fate of the world, but as Plain Old Bailey, her life is falling apart. She’s got a tattoo that was supposed to be temporary (but isn’t), friendships that were supposed to last forever (but might not), and no idea what her future holds after high school graduation.Then Bailey meets the rest of the Sidhe, an ancient race defined by their power, beauty, and a sinister habit of getting what they want at any cost. Before Bailey knows it, she’s being drawn into an otherworldly web more complicated than anything she weaves as a mortal Fate.From the Trade Paperback edition....

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Fate Reviews

  • Anne
    2019-05-17 17:16

    I enjoyed reading this, which sort of surprised me because there were more than a fair share of stupidly juvenile actions/thoughts from the main character. That usually annoys me more, but I think Barnes is a good enough writer to get away with things like that. Also, I am not the target audience. DUH.Sometimes I forget that, and the giggly-squealy thing the characters in books like this do gets more face-time in my reviews than it probably deserves. I, personally, don't remember witty banter being part of the normal conversations with my BFFs...back in the day. However, I am an Ancient Being (or so I've been told), so it's possible I've forgotten just how I interacted with my friends in high school. But I doubt it.As far as the actual plot goes, I thought it was really good. I haven't read the first book, Tattoo, but I still found it to be easy enough to follow the story in this one. I'm not sure if there is a third book coming out, but this one ended in a way that wouldn't necessitate it.I'm definitely going to read Tattoo, at some point, though.However, if you're looking for a reason to read this author, I would suggest her Raised By Wolves series. It's the reason I decided to snatch this book up, and by far the better of the two series she has written. At least, this Ancient Being thinks so.Raised by WolvesTrial by Fire

  • Maura
    2019-05-16 14:09

    I recommend for anyone who wishes to read this to read the first book, Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. This book was fairly good. Their was only one real fault to it in my opinion. But I'll talk about that later. First I would like to say that Jennifer did an amazing job in this sequel it just as good as Tattoo in the fact that the characters are well described and the dialog is well written. Tattoo was a interesting book that was a real page turner and I was happy to read a sequel and have the four best friends continue their journey of otherwordly events. Even though they've grown up I can still picture them as I did two years ago when I read Tattoo. Even though it's been Tattoo I still have their first book adventure in my mind (this shows you how one book can really stick with you if it's well described or well written). Now the fault with this book is that I found the love realtionship between Bailey and Alec not really developed good enough. It wasn't that it was two rushed it was more like it didn't have enough time to develop. So by the end of the book it not developed enough *in my opinion* which left a really not-so-great-ending. I found reading this book was very hard to read at times and I couldn't finish it in one sitting. It took me a week to read this book. I found I read a bit slower so I could understand what was going on. Why I recommend for people to read the first book first is because even though I read the original I still have forgotten things which are mention in here and aren't completely explain and can seem confusing. They were to me. Anyways on my scale this book deserves a 3 star rating. Don't get me wrong this was a absolutely good sequel for such a well done book like Tattoo.

  • Adele
    2019-04-26 14:09

    I found myself enjoying Fate a lot more than it's proceeding novel, Tattoo, as the girls were older and the setting was more firmly planted in that of high school. The issues were the same as you might find in a multitude of YA novels - fears of losing friendships in the college transition and crushing on guys. This novel, however, throws in the fact that Bailey is the third Fate, a whole heap of Greek God-inspired faeries and you have this novel.The characters are again very well crafted. Each with their own distinct personality that side swerve from being cliched or stereotypes. Barnes have a deft touch and writes these girls like she knows them personally. The humour that is evident throughout is one of my favourite aspects of Barnes' writing as the zingers always come from out of the blue and they always scratch my funny bone.Even better is the presence of a mysterious dark shadow that Bailey can feel approaching. I was blind sighted by the reveal of the "baddie" and I am normally someone who guesses the big reveal far in advance. I loved that Barnes' mythological research weaved effortlessly through the friendships, the romance and the mystery to create this fresh and supernatural take on the teen world.I really enjoyed this tale and eagerly await Barnes' next release.

  • Holly
    2019-05-10 21:51

    Fate, the sequel to Tattoo, brings back some adorable characters, loyal to each other forever.Bailey is the third Fate from Greek Mythology, which can totally mess up her life when she can't change her own fate. Turning her part-time Fate job, she learns that she has to make a choice that, well, isn't entirely her choice. She has to choose her Fate life or...her Fate life.I love the girls. Zo is loyal to a fault and forever trying to protect her friends. Delia is a total fashionista who likes to take charge, yet she has a heart of gold. Annabelle is brilliant and shy. Bailey is probably your average teenage girl, plain and self-conscious. I related to her.I love the way the mythology is infused with the story. Greek mythology trumps the Romans any day. So I know my Greek gods. It was cool to see how Barnes turned them into real people and explained how things were blown out of proportion in the day.Really, this story is about life and what it means when one chapter is ending and another is about to begin. Bailey is a senior in high school and worried what will happen to her and her friends when they head off to college. Will they be together? It's real and it's relavent.

  • Page (One Book At A Time)
    2019-04-24 17:56

    I picked up this book a long time ago, not realizing that it was a sequel to Tattoo. I honestly picked it up because of the pretty cover. I didn't read it right after finishing Tattoo, so I didn't remember what had happened in the previous story very well.I'm not sure if that lapse in between stories contributed to my inability to get into this story. I almost gave up on this book a couple of times. I felt like it had a hard time getting past the Sidhe background. It was long and drawn out. The action was reserved for the last little bit of the book. It really wasn't enough to make the book really worthwhile to seek out.I did like how the ending turned out. The Sidhe were trying to make Bailey play by their rules, when they didn't really apply to her. She something entirely different, so she should be an exception to the rules. I also enjoyed how the Sidhe represented different gods/goddesses throughout history. I enjoy when a book can take different views from different cultures and wrap them into one story that makes sense.I would probably pass on this book unless you enjoy other books by Barnes, or have all ready read Tattoo.

  • Tez
    2019-05-17 17:53

    The fate of life lies in the weaving hands of a part-Sidhe teen in Jennifer Lynn Barnes's Fate.When we last met her in Tattoo, a supposedly temporary tattoo awakened Bailey Morgan's Sidhe blood. Now in her dreams she travels to Nexus, and meets with two ancestors who help train her powers. Together they are the three Fates, but the Otherworld is starting to bleed into Bailey's human life.The main theme here is choice, and if you actually have one. Though Celtic mythology is commonly associated with Sidhe, the author's decision to add Greek mythology to the mix pays off. Bailey is a rare find in fiction - a character whom is not only extremely relatable, but also rather likeable, and her friends are the best friends a girl could have. Not to mention the mother who regularly bakes cookies, so obviously Zo understands the importance of our favourite foodstuffs. It's so refreshing to read teen characters who aren't obsessed with popularity, designer brands and multiple suitors. Though it lacks the shocks and surprises I require to declare something a five-star read, this is a solid quality four-star occasion.

  • Kristin
    2019-05-14 17:06

    I thought this sequel was even better than the first book. The main characters seem well-developed and realistic and the issue of dealing with graduation and worrying about the changes it brings is really relatable.

  • Angel
    2019-05-03 19:55

    I really liked it I'm all in for books and what happens so yeah

  • Huda Al-Anbar
    2019-05-13 18:09

    Liked the first one better,this one was all over the place

  • Kathy Martin
    2019-04-21 16:06

    In this sequel to TATTOO only Bailey retains her magical powers. She is one of the three Fates whose gift is life. But that is only her night job. During the day she is a high school senior along with her three best friends and dealing with normal high school stuff. Bailey is facing the thought that things will change when they all graduate and she is afraid that they will lose the closeness that has been a part of her life since they were all toddlers.Bailey doesn't know that she might be going farther than she had thought. Because she is part faerie, she is coming to the Reckoning. She is supposed to restore balance by choosing either the Seelie or Unseelie courts and living in the Otherworld all the time. Both the Seelie and Unseelie courts are putting a lot of pressure on her. Because the world isn't in balance, immortals are able to come to Earth and create mischief. Bailey and her friends need to find a way to restore the balance and keep Bailey on Earth. I really enjoyed this story. I could empathize with Bailey who didn't want things to change. I also really liked the relationship between the four friends who each had distinctive personalities.

  • Lynndell
    2019-05-13 14:09

    Fate by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, the second book of the Tattoo series, begins with Bailey back as the Third Fate, the Fate of Life. She is told by the other two Fates that her Reckoning would begin that night. Morgan visits Bailey and her friends at the mall, once again, and this time her gifts are mirrored pendants for each of them. Bailey doesn't know what her Reckoning entails but eventually she learns that it involves making a choice that can affect her for eternity. Bailey and her friends meet immortals, some nice and some not so nice. The sense of humor and loyalty are brought into the sequel to Tattoo and make Fate a charming read , 5 stars!

  • No, David! No!
    2019-05-11 19:07

    I read it quickly, and enjoyed the story. I thought it was better than the first book (Tattoo). I really like the characters (although I have yet to convince my mental image that Zo - with all her attitude - is a little pixie of a person). There were a couple of times that I thought the main character was being a little dense. Other than that, it was a fun read.

  • Shelby
    2019-04-23 17:07

    Not as good as the first, but I liked it all the same. 3.5 stars

  • Christine
    2019-05-13 14:48

    Eh. Easy read that I kind of skimmed through to get the major plot points, and felt the ending was lackluster.

  • Joy Landers
    2019-04-27 19:01

    disappointing compared to the first book. too much time spent in the otherworld

  • Krystle
    2019-05-15 13:54

    Of course, this is the sequel to Tattoo. The writing has improved from the first book marginally, and the super juvenile voice has been toned down a bit in few places but it’s very in-your-face and super annoying in lots of others. I thought the large amount of recapping in the beginning of the book could’ve been cut out because why waste pages when you can move into the story that much faster?The story was still pretty shallow but it did make an attempt to be a lot more complex. I actually found the plot about who the mysterious voices, what the Otherworld fairies, and the whole connecting them with Greek mythology intriguing. Well, enough so that I stayed up in the morning getting through a pretty thick portion of the book in one go.I can’t tell you how irritated I got with the main character, Bailey. Sometimes she was just so dense and stupid that I just wanted to slap a nice, fat telephone book at her (because those hurt!). Not to mention the only real reason she developed crushes on any of the guys she liked was because they were cute/hot/good looking?! Could we be anymore superficial? Zo, Delia, and Annabelle were such blatant teenage stereotypes you can’t spin it any other way. Having Annabelle be the “super smart/genius girl” who’s also super pretty was just way too convenient. Yes, she finds out and solves all the riddles and problems the characters encounter throughout the story.The ending absolutely annoyed me beyond belief. It’s not bad for it to have a happy ending but now all of them get superpowers too?! NO. I mean, what’s so bad with them being happy they were alive and having a special bond through the Sidhe Courts which ensured would always have their friendship? Seriously? I would have been perfectly fine with that. But in the end everyone was turned into some super sparkly (I exaggerate but there was a scene where the fairy guy had sparkling skin written about!), uber powerful Mary Sue that I’m totally not going to dig ever.I know this sounds like a super scathing review but this is how strongly I felt about it. There were cool things about this book that I enjoyed despite my overly critical nature. I love Morgan in this book (as I did in the previous book), she was just super cool. One of those powerful, mysterious faeries that always gives the quartet the coolest gifts. Not to mention the advice she hands out is not the blatant info-drop stuff that Annabelle does. Bailey as the third fate was actually kinda neat and I loved reading about her adventures in the Otherworld and how she worked during her mystical job. Highlights of the book I’m sure.Okay, so her writing’s better and the plot was actually a lot better crafted in the previous one. It’s a fast and simple that doesn’t require a lot of though but it would have gotten a way, way better grade if there was no superpowers-inherited-yay ending.

  • Arya
    2019-04-20 17:16

    Ok. . .why did I like this book? That is a hard one. I didn't like it because the idea was completely original - I mean it wasn't completely so that can't be it. I didn't like it because it was remarkably well written, though I thought it was written well. I LOVED it because well, to put it nicely - it was FREAKING AWESOME!! I could totally understand the main characters mind set. It was funny, sweet and anyone who can pack that much mythology into a book has got my undying respect! Ms. Barnes had fairies, Olympians, Sidhe - what else could any self-proclaimed fantasy fanatic want? Bailey is the third fate - the fate of Life. Ever since she vanquished Alecca she has gone every night to the Nexus to weave. But things are changing. The Sidhe blood which flows through her veins is making itself known. It is time for her Reckoning, and one of the two courts will have her obedience - either Light or Dark, Seelie or Unseelie, Heaven or Hell. This is a time for change, and the girl who used to be a "balance unto herself" has now thrown the whole world into chaos as she under goes the unbalances of life. Her life force is linked inexorably to the doorways between the Otherworld - Avalon, Mount Olympus - Fairyland, and Earth. The fabric of restraint is weakening and the Sidhe are wrecking havoc on Earth. If Bailey is to save the world once and for all she must be Reckoned.Zo, A-belle and Delia - the three friends who helped Bailey overthrow Alecca are at it again. They are there for her in every since of the word - from helping her fight the very essence of fate, to keeping her up-beat around her new crush. But the love which these friends share might be the means of Bailey's Reckoning, for the gods and goddesses of Olympus do not fight fair, and anything that will "help" the young fate choose is considered fair game - they will even stoop to blackmail.In this story was found, danger, excitement, fairies, gods, love, blackmail, terror, schemes - all the makings of a good story. This book is woven together with the deftness of the third fate herself. I fear I will give away what makes it so magnificent with I continue so let me end by saying - the Spice Girls rule! This book introduced me to Wannabe and I LOVE it!!

  • Maria
    2019-04-26 21:55

    *WARNING: Do not read this review if you have any interest in reading Tattoo*Fate is the second (last?) book in a series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. The first novel was Tattoo, which you can read my review of here. I have to say that this book was so much better than the first! Although the great characters were still there – Zo, Delia, Annabelle and of course, Bailey – this time, we were brought more into the mystical/magical side of the story. There was more suspense, romance, story-telling, and less explaining which made the book flow better and more enjoyable. Fate basically starts exactly where Tattoo left off. Bailey is a third fate now – weaving life for humans while also being half-human herself. She’s trying so hard to have a normal senior year when her magical parents tell her that she needs to be “reckoned” – meaning, she will have to choose between her human life or her Sidhe one. But how could she possibly choose? She loves her 3 friends as if they were her sisters, but she has also grown to love the magical world she visits each night. Well, in comes Morgan, a character we first met in Tattoo. She gives Bailey a few hints here and there on how to get herself out of her predicament, but never fully tells her what to do. Morgan is hardly ever seen in the novel, but she is definitely my favorite character. She is confidence, powerful and fiercely protective of the four girls. I love her!The romance in Fate is pretty decent, but not spectacular. I love the male characters in the story – they definitely provide the humor in the story. But I wish we could’ve spent more time with them. If you’re going to include romance in your story, I (as a reader) want to fall in love too…with this novel, I only kind of liked the guys. All in all, Fate was a major step-up for Jennifer Lynn Barnes and I highly recommend it for everyone. If you want more of the background story, read Tattoo first, but I think just reading Fate is good enough.Maria

  • Sarah Kelsey
    2019-05-15 18:57

    I want to give this 3.5 stars because I will be shoving into the hands of every high school girl who can't get enough urban fantasy, but I won't be pushing it on any adults. It's a great book for teen girls. This followup toTattoocontinues the saga of Bailey, the high school fairy-human half-blood, and her group of friends. This particular installment reminded me of The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhoodbecause of the close friendship between these four girls and the climactic scene, which I won't spoil here. Barnes has impressed me with her plot and her characters. She is certainly writing for young adults so, while the lines of her stories might be a bit predictable to a seasoned reader. I appreciate that she structures her plots in a way that are excitingly tense and feel real, but also do not cross the line into territory that young readers often don't feel ready to traverse. She taps into the anxiety of the average teen, but she doesn't foist adult problems onto adolescents who certainly have plenty of stress to deal with as tweens and teens. Barnes hits a good middle ground, and I think that is, in some ways, more difficult to do than writing just for children or just for adults. She's writing for people who are halfway between, but she does it adeptly. I'd still like to see her try her hand at an adult novel. I'm curious to see what she'd do. I will not be surprised to see book 3 in a year or so. She's set up a battle between her protagonist and a rather powerful group of antagonists. Surely sparks will fly.

  • Caitlín (Ink Mage)
    2019-05-18 15:18

    Henry David Thoreau said, "Read the best books first or you may not have a chance to read them all."I currently have lots of books piling up, and this is NOT one of the best ones so I'm putting it down. At least for now, but probably forever. The ideas of Jennifer Lynn Barnes's books have been cool, but this one is nothing new since it's the sequel to Tattoo (which I doubt was ever intended to have a sequel in the first place) and Bailey still has the same powers only now the Sidhe are being annoying/freaky in different ways.All the talk of "psychic boob convos" got on my nerves--they're high school seniors for heck's sake! Could they possibly be a LITTLE more mature?!--and the plot seemed like it was going nowhere. Also, way too much italicized font used to represent time spent in the "Otherworld," a name Bailey imaginatively--note the sarcasm--"invents" for the Sidhe's world. (Having heard the name before, I Googled it and found this Wikipedia article that could be where JLB got her entire idea from.)Reading this (I think I got *maybe* 100 pages in), I kept feeling like I'd read it before, either in one of JLB's previous "supernatural" books or in her Squad series (which are pretty much two of the worst books I've ever managed to finish).Not recommended.

  • Olivia
    2019-04-28 19:51

    ""And I've repeatedly called you that anyway," Delia replied helpfully. "And FYI, threatening Bailey is a no-no. In the words of the immortal Spice Girls, if you want to be my boyfriend, you've got to be nice to my friends.""-Delia Wow! This book was not what I expected at ALL! Fate is the second installment of the Tattoo Series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. In this book, Bialey and her friends, Delia, Zo, and A-belle, are on another adventure; this time involving Bailey's Reckoning and powerful otherworldly Sidhe courts. When the Fab Four get another visit from an old friend Morgan, they know something big is going to happen. Bailey then meets Alec; a mysterious geek who knows what Bailey's tattoo means. Soon, Bailey is wrapped up in choosing witch court to belong in, and if Bailey doesn't choose carefully, she may never see her friends again.I really don't know what to say about this book. It's so different from all the other faerie books I've read. I love the author's technique. She really brings out the vharacters and shows their true emotions. And this book was down right hilirous from a little smile to bursting out laughing. Barnes didn't fail to impress me this time around. i can't wait to read her other series!

  • Stacey
    2019-05-10 14:58

    This is really close to a 5. I really really really really enjoyed this book, but I can't say that I loved it for some reason.It is book 2, for the characters and although it is not necissary to read Tattoo first, I plan on going back and reading it, and would suggest doing so. I imagine Tattoo is not nearly going to be as good of a read since I already know the outcome of the story from reading Fate.Fate was a really great twist on what it means to be a teenager and feel like you are in between two worlds, high school and adulthood. Throw in some "Greek Gods, Sidhe, fairies, whatever" and you have a really really great story that teases you until the very end! Honestly. I am GOOD at picking up hidden things in books, and can usually figure things out early. This one took more thinking, and it wasn't until almost the end of the book that things started to really fall together for me. This was good and frustrating! Interesting balance to have...and if you have read the book that will make you smile.Oh ya, and it always helps when there's another fictional character for me to crush on. Sigh. I need help!

  • The BookWhisperer
    2019-04-19 17:15

    Jennifer Lynn Barnes continues Bailey Morgan, Sidhe and one of the three fates, story with a bang in Fate. [return][return]Bailey has grown accustomed to her new life as the one of the three fates. Bailey Morgan by day and weaver by night she has learned to accept her responsibilities, and understands her role in the the grand design. With Bailey and her three friends in their senior year, she is finding herself struggling with the changes that lie in her future. Unknown to her, things are about to get a lot more complicated when the fates introduce her to the otherworld, and with it is coming a decision that is not only life changing but could take her away from the mortal world completely. Will Bailey, Zo, Annabelle, and Delia find an answer that will allow her to continue living life as she knows it, and will Bailey be able to find a place in her future for her friends. [return][return]Jennifer is young and talented. I expect a lot in the future of this author. I look forward to seeing if this series continues and what becomes of the enthralling characters. Barnes writes captivating story, that carry the reader effortlessly through the last page.

  • Julie Culpepper
    2019-05-06 15:18

    I found this book because my sister recommended it to me. The book it called Fate because the world is depending on her, literally. Bailey Morgan weaves life, she goes into the other world while she is asleep. The other world is a world full of Sidhe. It used to be where humans could go into the other world, and Sidhe could come down to earth, but laws were broken and they stopped it all. Sidhe belonged in the other world, and humans lived on earth. The Other world is beautiful, different colors on everything and the ground turns into mountains as you stood there. The book is about Bailey and her three friends. They all went to the mall and got fake tattoos from this woman named Morgan. Annabelle, Zo, and Delila. The tattoo's came with powers, but eventually they wore off. But Bailey's never did. Bailey is half human, and half Sidhe. To find out that she is the most powerful person in the Other World. I think the author is telling you that no matter how hard things get, never give up or stop trying. I recommend this book to anybody that likes mystical things, and magical things too. Out of all of the books I have read, this is one of my favorites.

  • Jennifer Wardrip
    2019-04-21 16:13

    Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToo.comSenior year of high school is supposed to be about making memories with your friends and having the time of your life. So why does Bailey feel that her world is about to come crashing down?Her three best friends are excited about life after high school, while every time she thinks about the future, her stomach becomes tied with knots.Could it be that Bailey doesn't really have a choice when it comes to her future? While she lives the life of the average high school girl, her life is far from normal. She's part of the three fates that weave and control the destiny of the world. The Sidhe world has rules that Bailey doesn't understand. She suspects something's about to happen when she's brought into the Sidhe world for the first time.When the truth comes out, will it forever change Bailey's view of the world?Jennifer Lynn Barnes starts this sequel of TATTOO two years later. She perfectly blends normal everyday life in high school with a supernatural world. Plus, the powers of friendship shine through in this novel and will resonate with readers - particularly those ending their own high school careers.

  • Michelle Rebar
    2019-04-21 15:06

    An awesome follow-up to TATTOO. Previously, with the help of her friends, Bailey Morgan defeated an ancient evil and discovered that she was Fate. Yes, actual, tapestry weaving, what's gunna happen to me, Fate. Now she has a lot of learning to do about her new powers and status and she is torn betwen two worlds. Her own indecision just might be causing a tear in the fabric between the two worlds. Bailey must make a choice between the human world she's always known and the Otherworld of Sidhe that she longs to be a part of. Of course there are those who want to influence her one way or another. If only she knew who these people were, what creatures or gods they were supposed to be and why they were trying to ruin her senior year. FATE is a very interseting blend of mythology, legend and lore. It poses the possibility that all legends came from the same basic ideas and the Greek Pantheon, Roman Gods and Seelie Court are one in the same.

  • Kana
    2019-04-25 18:05

    I did not read the first book in this series (I think it's a series?) but I did enjoy this installment. The language was a bit childish, drew out scenes it didn't have to, and some of the situations were a bit unrealistic (hint: Bailey and Alec not being able to stay in their chairs during class. Cute but really?). But the story was PG enough, light hearted for the most part, and solid. I am on Chapter 10 and I've already guessed Alec is James. (How else would James have been able to feel so comfortable with Bailey and talk like a human teenager, not a fairy. Oh and the knowing what the tattoo meant. Oh yeah, and the fact the vampire girls are all over James and yet are warning Bailey to stay away from Alec. Yep, same dude.) But that doesn't mean I'm not enjoying the revelation unfold, it's sweet. I'm not sure if I will read the first book, but I certainly am enjoying this one. In a word, I would say it's sweet.

  • Bethany Huang
    2019-05-05 14:04

    What do you expect when a tight knit group of BFFs are together? NNothing but the normal popular ladder to climb up. In this case, it's completely different. Bailey,Delia, Ze and Annabelle got temporary tattoos at the mall. Each of them received different and uniquely special powers with the tattoo. Delia, Ze and Annabelle's powers faded away with the tattoo. Why haven't Bailey's powers disappeared yet? Bailey is the third fate of the world- which is why she gows to Nexus every night she sleeps. Bailey's reckoning falls on her, and she ahs to decide whether she wants to become a part of the Unseelie court or the Seelie court. Choosing her friends and remaining human isn't an option. Will Bailey find a way to keep her friends while she's sidhe? Fate has astounding plot, riveted with all of the elements needed for a amazing story.

  • Mei
    2019-04-19 22:02

    SynopsisSet two years after the events in Tattoo, Bailey and her friends are getting ready to graduate from high school and move on with their lives. Unfortunately, Bailey is not ready to move on, or away from her friends. Plus, everything is complicated by her work as a Fate and the quickly approaching Reckoning. Can she find a balance in her life?ReviewThis novel was at least as enjoyable as the first novel. I really enjoyed the fact that Bailey's friends would get mad at her for "moping" as many teen novels really focus on the angsty side of life. The new characters were interesting, though I found some of the references to Greek and Roman mythology to be a bit confusing and muddled in this installment. My RecommendationThis book is great for tweens, there are no questionable elements like sex, drugs, or rock'n'roll. 3/5

  • Synobal
    2019-05-19 18:49

    I read the first on a more or less a dare of a friend. I picked up the second because I can never leave a series complete. This book is a bit weaker than the first. Bailey spends a lot of it alone and trying to work through her issues with minimal input from her friends and because of this she doesn't feel like much of a character. Most of Bailey we see is through her comments and thoughts on her friends and with out them she feels weak and not very fleshed out. Also I can't help but feel that the plot was a bit weaker this time as well. The over all resolution while a bit obvious was satisfying and there was a bit of a twist. I am glad to see that it looks like Bailey's friends aren't going away and will play a bigger role in any future books which will hopefully make them better than this one.