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Launching a brand-new series, Kristy Cambron explores the collision of past and present as she discovers the ruins of a French castle, long lost to history.A thirteenth century castle, Chateau de Doux Reves, has been forgotten for generations, left to ruin in a storybook forest nestled deep in France's picturesque Loire Valley. It survived a sacking in the French RevolutioLaunching a brand-new series, Kristy Cambron explores the collision of past and present as she discovers the ruins of a French castle, long lost to history.A thirteenth century castle, Chateau de Doux Reves, has been forgotten for generations, left to ruin in a storybook forest nestled deep in France's picturesque Loire Valley. It survived a sacking in the French Revolution, was brought back to life and fashioned into a storybook chateau in the Gilded Age, and was eventually felled and deserted after a disastrous fire in the 1930s.As Ellie Carver sits by her grandmother's bedside, she hears stories of a castle . . . of lost love and a hidden chapel that played host to a secret fight in the World War II French resistance. But her grandmother is quickly slipping into the locked-down world of Alzheimer's, and Ellie must act fast if she wants to uncover the truth of her family's history.Sparked by the discovery of a long forgotten family heirloom, Ellie embarks on a journey to French wine country to uncover the mystery surrounding The Sleeping Beauty--the castle so named for Charles Perrault's beloved fairy tale--and unearth its secrets before they're finally silenced by time.Set in three different time periods--the French Revolution, World War II, and present day--The Lost Castle is a story of loves won and lost, of battles waged, and an enchanted castle that inspired the epic fairy tales time left behind....

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The Lost Castle Reviews

  • Deanne Patterson
    2019-05-17 14:51

    Amazing! You will need to keep the box of tissues handy and a lump in your throat is guaranteed! What does a grandmother with Alzheimer's, an 18th century French woman and the grandmother's granddaughter all have in common? How about foxes,French wine and a brooch ? This story about the Sleeping Beauty is remarkable, partly based on fact part fairy tale. Beautiful sumptuous you will swear you are there with the vivid descriptions described within. Three story lines taking place here that I'll admit are slightly confusing to keep track of at first but the more you read the easier it is to understand and it all masterfully ties together at the end. Cambron is a master storyteller here and I don't know how her next one can beat this one as she's at the top of her game here!Pub Date 06 Feb 2018 Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson--FICTION for a review copy in exchange for my honest review.

  • Lori
    2019-05-08 20:54

    This novel is unique in that it has three storylines in different time periods going on at once. All the stories revolve around a castle and vineyard in the Loire Valley. I’ve traveled here and love this setting. The stories go back and forth between Gilded Age, WWII and the present. The transitions between these stories could’ve been better, trying too dicipher when and where the story was took a lil time to figure out. I still really enjoyed it overall & would recommend.

  • Olivia
    2019-05-15 18:44

    {4.5 stars}When this book ended, my brain couldn't stop whirling. Everything came together so well—all three settings, 1789, 1944, and Present day. I'm so amazed how Krisy Cambron weaved all three stories into one. It is her most well-written, easy to follow stories yet. And it is only the first of a trilogy—I can't wait for the next two!Three woman—Avaline, Vi, and Ellie. They each have stories that reach into the heart of mankind and reveal raw emotions. I couldn't decide who I preferred more. There is something special about each woman that made me anxiously await for each of their chapters.The descriptions were phenomenal. Everything came to live through the imagery words and it really did feel like a fairy tale, adorned with the most glorious sights and scenes. There are dark and sad moments, but so many happy times too. The theme of the story is faithfully living the life God gives each of us.Spiritual content was more than in The Illusionist's Apprentice, but still light and minimally threaded throughout. Somehow, though, it seems stronger because of the way this author brings to life her theme and intentions of a beautiful story. The romance is soft and sweet. It never came too soon, but followed the story perfectly. Content: There are several kisses, some slightly detailed, but all written sweetly. There are a couple social drinking scenes, and a setting involving a winery. There are a few intense scenes surrounding war, and some blood mentioned. Nothing overally detailed on that account. Also, there was one phrase that I consider a profanity, and it was why I took a half of star off for an otherwise phenomenal book. This is the type of book I could read again and view it through fresh eyes. Also, a warning: once you start this, don't put it down for too long in between reading times. It will grip you far too much ;) If you've never read Kristy Cambron, then you must try one of hers. Because her stories are the type that will linger for years to come, ones I would consider a classic in every essence of the word.“'Titus says the land is a witness of the generations who have come before. That it stands resolute. It's the same yesterday. Today. And who knows what tomorrow will look like. He likens it to God's influence over creation. That He's immovable. Steady. Watching from a distance, yet ever-involved. A bit like a lost castle, hmm?'”*I received this book from Thomas Nelson publishing in exchange for an honest review*

  • DJ Sakata
    2019-04-28 19:52

    Favorite Quotes:“Don’t borrow trouble,” Grandma Vi had always said. “Don’t borrow— but be sure you don’t set out to buy it either.”Tears, the real kind— the ones that meant everything was about to change and she must weather it all with newfound courage— refused to leave them be.My Review:The Lost Castle was not an easy or relaxing read, as the storylines were active and highly eventful while taut with tension, peril, infirmities, family drama, and three unexpected and inconvenient romances. Ergo, it required additional effort and attention to keep it straight; however, it was well worth the time and cranial investment. The book covered three different timelines and involved a French vineyard, the family who operated the vineyard, a ruined castle, and three different feisty females who made all the difference. I cannot imagine the staggering amount the research required to pull this one together. The first two timelines were rife with wartime stressors occurring during the French Revolution and WWII, while the final timeline involved solving those lingering mysteries during the present day. The writing was atmospheric, highly emotive and deeply felt, scenically descriptive, and so vividly detailed that I fell right into each story feeling as if I could smell the flowers feel the vibrations of the bombs, and hear the gunfire. The characters were uniquely appealing, endearing, enticing, heroic, and continually intriguing to me. Their tales frequently squeezed my heart, although near the end it also stung my eyes, burned my throat, and had my chin quivering. I enjoyed my time in France but I also picked up a few new words to add to my British Isles Vocabulary List, as one of my favorite characters was Irish. My first new addition was “chancer” a British term for an opportunist who takes advantage or manipulates others to their own benefit; then “olagonin’” meaning moaning/complaining; and finally “craicing” an Irish word for having fun. It’s always a bit of craic to pick up new slang.

  • Sarah Sundin
    2019-04-29 13:56

    As intricate as a French tapestry, as lush as the Loire Valley, and as rich as Ellie’s favorite pain au chocolat, The Lost Castle satisfies on every level. The three timelines weave and build upon each other, as the three heroines navigate dangerous times and unravel ancient secrets. Kristy Cambron’s writing evokes each era in loving detail, and the romances are touching and poignant. C’est bon!

  • Elizabeth
    2019-05-17 21:58

    I loved this book. The cover was enough to get my attention. But the goodness, it was amazing! I gravitate to these types of books, but adding a third period to the plot was a wonderful idea.The plot itself unravels slowly, moving between three periods in the Castle's history: the French Revolution, World War II and the resistance in France and the current time. I was briefly concerned that I would be confused, but that was not the case.The central story revolves around Ellie, a young woman whose grandmother is in a nursing home afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease. She asks Ellie to travel to France to find the lost love of her life. Well the story had me there. I was hooked. As it continues, we meet Ellie's grandmother as a young woman and a cast of characters who originally inhabited and visited the Castle many years before. I devoured this book. It had everything I was looking for: a great plot full of history, a castle, great characters and an author who knew how to write. Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for the opportunity to read and review this book.

  • Megan
    2019-05-19 19:56

    “The Lost Castle” by Kristy Cambron is one of those rare books that I am still thinking about days after I've finished reading it! I had heard so many good things about this author, so when I saw she was writing a story centered on a ruined castle I had to read it! I love castles—my wedding took place in a castle-like building and my dream vacation was to Scotland to see castles, of course!"The Lost Castle" by Kristy Cambron is the first in the "Lost Castle" series. The beginning immediately draws the reader in with questions and enchantment. Ms. Cambron wows with breathtaking settings and landscapes. She has an eye for detail and includes lavish descriptions of the setting and food (I became very hungry while reading this book!). The reader is transported from a castle ball, to revolutionary Paris, to French vineyards, to a French chateau and back to present day. There are three different stories going on in this novel, all set in different time periods. It is a bit confusing at times keeping all the storylines and characters straight at first, but by the end Ms. Cambron does an amazing job of weaving all the stories together. The ending is so amazing, with many plot twists and surprises!Ms. Cambron presents a story that points to the ultimate Story. She shows us through these tales that life is a story we are writing and a gift from God which we cannot waste. We must live each moment to the fullest because we are never guaranteed tomorrow!Content: This is a clean read. I would give it a PG rating for some violence related to war and a few other things. Some examples are: references to a "dame" and a woman being a "kept" woman, violence related to war, mention of a man drinking himself to death, and a man assesses a woman's figure.Rating: I give this book 5 stars.Genre: Christian Fiction; Historical; Romance; Multiple Timelines I want to thank Kristy Cambron, NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for the complimentary copy of this book for review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I express in this review are my own. This is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s CFR 16, Part 255.

  • Mia
    2019-05-10 21:07

    Solid five along with a box of tissues. You ripped my heart with this one, girl!I've been trying to compose myself to write a proper review but I've failed miserably. So I'm just gonna try to get some words out without giving away too much of the plot.Kristy Cambron is one of my favorite authors and I first fell in love with her stories through her split-time WWII books, therefore I knew how masterfully she could write this type of story. Even so, I confess I warily started out "The Lost Castle" because we wouldn`t be taken through only two different time-settings but three...But I should not have doubted. Right from the beginning, this book owned my heart.When you see ruins, do you believe in a potential story there or do you just see a decaying useless place? Do you see possibilities or just waste?The historical settings tell the stories of Aveline during the French Revolution and Viola Hart during WWII and how each one of these brave women came to a magnificent castle. Theirs is a world torn apart by wars challenging human beings to survive and to not treat each other with hostility. And, honestly, once you've seen true devastation and once you've experienced desolation, how can you go back to a naive and protected life? I dived into these two stories from the beginning and held my breath many times. My heart also melted through sweet moments of tenderness woven here in there, which promised to be more than a calm before the storm, but an honest building of camaraderie to see through battles coming ahead. Present day, we follow Ellie Carver in search for answers about her grandma, the one person who she used to think she knew best of all but who might actually have secrets never shared with her granddaughter. In the brisk of loss caused by Alzheimer, Ellie is willing to cross sea and valleys in search of a story before it is too late. I adored this setting with Quinn butting heads with Ellie, and Titus's sense of humor adding the perfect spice to keep me turning the pages. Oh, and don't get me started on the descriptions of wine country France and small enchanting French villages - oh la la!Nevertheless, I didn't put much faith in this part, didn't believe in its potential to add depth to the story or to make me connect and understand the characters. May I say I was so wrong, so very wrong. The author brought everything together so beautifully and organically that I shed tears through most of the last quarter of the book. I was (am) awestruck.To be able to provoke such strong compassionate and thought-provoking feelings through the entire book, one, may I point out again, set during three different timelines, is a true work of art and surrender of a gift. In sum, the past stories were about two women working alongside their people to persevere, maintain a legacy, keep hope alive and find contentment in not just being, but genuinely living. And so they (re)build a story greater than themselves. The present time story is also about restoration and the opening of eyes to the gifts we each have been given. But, in addition, it is also about rediscovering and reawakening of an ever-present and ever faithful Love that overflows and exceeds understanding.*Many thanks to the publisher for providing an ARC. This is my honest review.

  • Julie Carpenter
    2019-05-17 20:39

    Confession...I've never read a book by Kristy Cambron before. She is a new to me author. I actually get her newsletters and have enjoyed reading those and seeing what she has coming up. I kept seeing this book pop up on friend's reading shelves and happened to see it on NetGalley. I debated. The cover is gorgeous and the synopsis sounded very intriguing to me. After a little more debating, I took the plunge. Best decision ever! I really didn't want this book to end. I didn't want to set it down. I just wanted to stay immersed in it and the three storylines. It was such a beautiful read. The way the author gives us a little teasing glimpse of the castle at the beginning then whisks us away and dips us into three storylines was very well done. Each of the three stories being told throughout the novel don't seem very connected other than the castle, but the further the stories evolve, the more they are interconnected. I couldn't read fast enough to watch it all play out and see how the author was going to connect certain aspects. Very well written. Beautiful writing for sure.You might be a little unsure at the beginning for what is happening because each chapter gives us a short glimpse into one story then we're pulled from that and put into another story. After the initial introduction of each story, the continuing chapters start off with a glimpse of that story's characters' past, then halfway through, the chapter jumps back to the current time for their story. Hopefully that makes sense. Maybe it would be better to say that each chapter shows two different moments in time for that particular story and characters. Don't skip ahead, just enjoy the journey. We have a modern-day story, a story set during WWII and a story set during the opening of the French Revolution. And yes, it all revolves around the castle, three women, and three beautiful hearts.Ellie is our modern day story heroine. She is on a race against time. Her grandmother has dementia and is declining quickly. She is terrified, she is hopeful, she is willing to do anything to have a moment with her grandmother one last time before she is gone forever. When her grandma starts talking about the Sleeping Beauty's castle and the fairy tale, Ellie is unsure what to think about it. But her grandma seems to have a strong moment of clarity that Ellie knows it is important. She soon finds herself setting out on the adventure of a lifetime. What she might find scares her, what she might lose scares her, what she stumbles upon completely touches her heart and soul. But finding a way to uncover everything about it is crucial and proving very impossible. Will the people at the estate next to the Sleeping Beauty castle help her? Will they have the answers she needs or will she return home unable to solve the story her grandmother sent her to discover?Lady is our heroine for the World War II story. She has many hidden secrets. She's in danger. When she encounters a beautiful, hidden and sleeping castle she can't help but stop. Yet, she might have just placed herself in more danger stopping than continuing on to her destination. After all the horrors she has been a part of and witnessed, she doesn't know who she can trust and if her heart will ever heal. But the castle calls to her. If she can unlock its secrets maybe, just maybe she can find a way to save herself in the process.Aveline is our French Revolution heroine. She is about to celebrate her betrothal to Phillippe, the Duc et Vivay's son and become one of the highest ranked aristocrats in the land. Her experiences leading up to the French Revolution have changed her, have shaped and molded her. The night of her engagement ball, the castle is attacked and she is left scarred and needing to discover the depth of her character. What choices will she make to save those she loves, the land she is coming to love, and the man who is coming to heal her inner scars?Oh, just writing about these characters and rethinking/reliving their stories in my mind right now brings back the beauty of this novel. Definitely lots of suspense, heartache, struggles, healing, love for the land, a beautiful history of a sleeping castle and a story showing how lives and generations can and are connected. We just have to reach out to find them.Read it! I can't say anything more than that to express how much I recommend this story. Kristy Cambron definitely has a new reader to enjoy her beautiful stories. Content: Clean. There are moments of peril due to the subject matter of the French Revolution and WWII but nothing graphic. Sweet love stories that are clean, just kissing. Some talk about God but nothing preachy, it fit the stories and time periods very well.I received a copy from the publisher, Thomas Nelson, via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions in the review are my own.Happy Reading!!!

  • Rachel McMillan
    2019-05-15 19:43

    "But then the brooch, the photo....the discovery of a lost love and the breaking open of a story she'd never known existed. As fairy-tale romances went, Ellie had to admit that finding him in the photo and giving him her grandmother's decades-long answer to a secret proposal was up there" The three separate time periods --modern day, WWII and the French Resistance and the height of Revolutionary France are interwoven well with the crux of their action emblemized in a decaying castle in the Loire Valley. While the descriptions and historical verisimilitude are exceptional throughout, I found myself a little disappointed when it turned to the modern setting once more. Mostly because Cambron is such a superb historical writer and it is in these instances that her voice truly comes to life and the world is painted in such a deft and intricate way.Personally, my favourite story was that of Avaline and Robert: the second son of a duke who manages the vineyard in the cottage adjacent the eponymous castle. Their love story was heart tugging and unfolded gracefully and naturally on the page as well as set during a time period I wish was involved more in CBA fiction. Fans (like myself) of the Alice Network will appreciate the tenacity and verve of Vi's mission as well as her budding relationship with Julien.It is Ellie and Quinn's story that I felt the most detached from ( though Titus' link in the chain that binds the centuries was incredibly poignant. That being said, I fell deeply into this accessible and immensely readable tale. It just meant ( in a good way) that since the interlocking historical events were so heart-pulsing and fascinating, the modern counterpart became ( quite understandably) a duller shade in comparison.Cambron did well at putting the ticking time of Alzheimers on her modern frame --- comparing its destruction to the wars that threatened the the preceding portions of the complex book. And some of the words cultivated magic: "Spring was toying with them, keeping Paris under skies of a colourless gray, plaguing the streets with a chilling drizzle that refused to release its steadfast grip in winter."All in all an exceptionally smart and well-plotted look at an enchanted castle shrouded in an enchanted wood with a keen eye for historical detail and a fresh fuse of imagination. 2 out of the 3 narratives get an A+ for me. I would love to read more about Avaline and Robert--- that just deserved a novel of its own. Indeed, readers, go find Robert--- he is one of my favourite heroes this year. read it!

  • Sarah Monzon
    2019-05-10 17:38

    I wouldn’t be able to choose a favorite storyline woven expertly through this book if forced, and that, dear friends, is the mark of a truly terrific split-story novel. Each thread, whether taking the reader through revolutionary France, the resistance during the Second World War, or lead by the heart of a loving granddaughter , I was immersed and enchanted. If I could board a plane for France right this minute, I would. These stories will stay with me long after turning the last page and I can’t wait to return and visit the characters who’ve become my new friends.

  • Natalie Walters
    2019-05-10 22:05

    A story unknown; a castle ruin with a secret held; and the captivating history of three women connected in a provincial fairytale landscaped through revolt and war. I was intrigued from the very beginning as three timelines begin the tale a single mystical character--a castle. Set in France, the attention to setting transported me instantly to the French country side where foxes playfully weave through ripened vineyards of The Sleeping Beauty castle, Château des Doux-Rêves. I love how easily I was integrated into the story though it did take me several chapters to get acquainted with the flow of timelines. I loved the different plot lines and felt like it satisfied so many of my favorite genres proving Ms. Cambron is a masterful storyteller. I enjoyed the formidable romances developed among characters of strength giving me cause to root for their happily-ever-after. The complexity of each plot entwined with enough suspense, drama, and mystery offering a page turning story impossible to put down.The Lost Castle satisfied my book loving heart immensely. This is one of those books I'll happily and enthusiastically recommend whenever possible. *I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

  • Hayden
    2019-05-16 20:07

    Dual storylines are something you either love or hate, and I've felt both emotions depending on the book. They are, after all, tricky things to handle, and The Lost Castle isn't even a dual storyline: it contains three different plot threads and time periods that alternate with each other. While they all interweave together beautifully at the end, the format isn't without its issues: every time I'd get interested in one plot, it would switch over to another. That could be a little frustrating and hindered me from becoming attached to any of them. (That being said, even with all the time-jumping, I didn't find the book confusing) Strangely enough, I think my favorite section was the modern-day one with Ellie and Quinn, which is unusual given that I almost always like historical settings best. All three romances were sweet, and the book was very clean: I wouldn't have a problem handing it over to my younger teen self.It was a little difficult for me to connect with this book, but I think that is less of a reflection on the author's talent and more of a personal preference issue on my part. I really liked the dreamlike feel of the novel, which I thought was more pronounced in the modern day sections (which might be why I liked those best?). I'm very curious to see what a second book in this series would look like, and I look forward to finding out.I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

  • Kristin
    2019-05-13 21:05

    Note: Kristin reads and reviews both Christian and secular fiction on A Simply Enchanted Life. Out of respect for my readers, I am including a content review. This content review will help you decide whether this book is suitable for you.Content Review:Christian or Secular: ChristianProfanity: NoneSex: NoneViolence: Mild. Non-graphicTrigger Warning: NoneDisclosure: NoneThe Lost Castle is book #1 in The Lost Castle series by Kristy Cambron. Titles for future installments have yet to be announced. Sign up for Kristy Cambron's Newsletter to stay informed about this series.The Lost Castle is a beautifully written masterpiece. Kristy Cambron writes fiction that feels like you're reading a classic. Her beautiful descriptions paint a lovely picture for me. I say it often—I crave beautiful words on paper. Kristy's books give me that and more. She is one of the few authors of modern day that possesses a melodic quality to her writing—the same tone and romantic aura that seeps from the literary greats like Dickens or Austin.Here's what I loved about this book!Do you ever consider your legacy? Will you make a difference in this world? These are things I consider often. Now that I'm nearly middle-age, I wonder if people will remember me when I'm gone. Will my words or actions have an impact on anyone? Will I leave a legacy? The Chateau de Doux Reves is a thirteen-century castle that is steeped in history. We are taken on a journey with Ellie as she pieces together her grandmother's connection to the castle. The story is unique in that there are three timelines, modern-day, WWII era and the French Revolution. For each age, there are three strong women that readers are introduced to. This book made me smile at times and cry at others. The author captured the uncertainty of life in a heartbreaking beautiful way. She captured life—with all of the ups and downs.Everything about this book was on point. The cover. The love. The loss. The heartbreak. And most of all—the triumph.Do I recommend this book? Absolutely. Preferably with a good cup of coffee (or wine—read the book to find out why) and definitely a box of tissues.This book was provided to me by The Publisher. I was not required to write a positive review, and have not been compensated for this. All opinions are my own.This review was originally posted on A Simply Enchanted Life

  • Melissa
    2019-04-27 21:47

    Life Fully Booked review of The Lost Castle : Read full review hereThe Lost Castle is an achingly exquisite tale about love, loss, and family. Cambron’s ability to paint pictures with words will entrance readers and take you on a journey you will never forget.

  • Amanda
    2019-04-25 13:46

    Based on the synopsis, I wasn’t sure if this was a book I would enjoy but because I’ve read 2 books by Kristy Cambron and loved them, I decided to give this a try….I’m very glad I did.This story follows 3 women in 3 different time periods and centers on a castle in France. I enjoyed the storyline of Avaline, who lived in the 1700s the best. Each character was very developed and their stories were woven together beautifully at the end.The setting is very atmospheric, so much so, that when I would pick up my book to read, I would tell my family, “I’m going to France!” Kristy Cambron’s writing is beautiful and descriptive, I can see her becoming one of my favorite auto-buy authors.The story did slow down a bit in the middle but for the most part was very engaging and interesting. I highly recommend it!My Rating: 4.5 starsI received this book from Booklook Bloggers to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own

  • Damaris Tonner
    2019-04-19 19:49

    Kristy Cambron captured my heart with her debut album The Butterfly and the Violin and I have been following her ever since, reading each of her novels as they come out. I was ecstatic to be accepted to read the ARC for The Lost Castle prior to its publication. What a beautiful piece of literature this is!The Lost Castle timelessly weaves together three stories of three women in the picturesque French countryside of the Loire Valley, around a castle that encompasses the French Revolution, World War Two, and present day. Cambron brilliantly paints an incredible story of loss, love, and triumph - even amidst the darkest days of revolution, war, and losing a loved one.Kristy does a beautiful job of creating an awe-inspiring landscape through her words, painting delicate portraits of the world around her characters. "Sunrise was already streaking yellow in a line across the stone floor, piercing the chapel with colored light sifted through the stained glass. Strange, but Vi could hear birdsong in the stillness, a melody just as lovely as ever. And a loud cry cut the morning—a hawk maybe, circling somewhere overhead. It was peace. Defiance even, as if nature itself resisted war with beauty in the birth of the day’s first moments." I really loved her descriptions of nature and the colourful backdrop she placed her characters into. I also appreciated how Kristy tied all three of the stories together. I'm not typically a huge fan of criss crossing dates so much in a book, but Kristy did a masterful job of linking all three together with the castle as the main backdrop and touchstone that she kept coming back to. As always, Kristy's characters themselves shone beautifully and their relationships with one another sparked intricately and effervescently.In short, Kristy has managed to write not only a charming fairytale about a French castle, but a timeless story about loss and love that revolves around a familiar landmark such as the ones we all know and love. Kristy takes a lofty thing like a castle, something that we usually reserve for shallow stories or noble poetry, and brings it to the human level: reminding us of the true things in life that transcend boundaries or time itself, things like loss, adversity, strength, and love. Thank you so much to Kristy Cambron, the publisher, and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my fair and honest review.

  • Mary
    2019-05-08 20:47

    “I think all along, it’s what she was trying to tell me. That the story we’re writing in this life, day by day, it’s a gift from God and we can’t afford to waste a moment of it.” -EllieThe meshing of three stories, each in a unique time period, into one book is a work of art in this latest novel by Kristy Cambron. In the year 1789 we meet Aveline Saint-Moreau, wealthy and beautiful young aristocrat, engaged to be married to Philippe, the Duc et Vivay’s heir; followed by Viola Hart, a Resistance fighter in France during WWII in the year 1944; and last is Ellie Carver, a young woman in the present day struggling with her grandmother Viola’s fading health. All three young women are connected through history in a very unique manner. As Ellie works to resolve a mysterious photo, a castle called The Sleeping Beauty, a brooch, and a mysterious marriage proposal, she meets Quinn Foley, slightly rebellious grandson of Titus Vivay and her life becomes linked with his in ways she could not have predicted. Kristy Cambron helps us to realize the importance of awakening to the gifts around us as she weaves this intriguing tale of love, war, sickness and health, as well as faith and inspiration. The two historical storylines were very strong and appealed to me the most, but the present day telling of Quinn and Ellie’s story adds to the overall book. She does an excellent job of combining historical people and places in with her fiction. If you love historical fiction or romance, this book will definitely appeal to you on so many levels. Wonderful read! This copy was received from Netgalley and Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for an honest review. The above thoughts and opinions are wholly my own.

  • Julia Wilson
    2019-05-16 15:55

    The Lost Castle by Kristy Cambron is the most delightful Christian historical and contemporary romance. Like a cosy sweater, Kristy Cambron's stories just cocoon the reader from start to end.The novel has a triple timeline mainly set in France - late eighteenth century, 1941-1944 and present day. As the story unfolds, the reader takes great delight in travelling through the time periods.The stories are linked by strong, brave women. Women who are educated, know what they want and will go to extraordinary lengths to get it.Love never dies. The love stories are beautiful. Love and legacy last down the years. Our lives are as they are because of those who have gone before.War is cruel. "War changes everything." War produces men and women who are prepared to fight evil and unjust regimes in whatever way they can. Ordinary men and women take a stand. "Sometimes peace must be earned with sacrifices of those willing to run into the fight." There is a time to run away and a time to say enough is enough. "I want to do something."The Nazis invaded France. Life changed. The novel shows how even in times of war, we can have an oasis of peace. "Vines... a mirage of normalcy in their war-ravaged world."At times of great hardship, we may question God's goodness. "Surely God would see them. And would intervene." We have to trust that God is good even when life says otherwise. The novel reveals how God can use us to do His work here on earth. "He's been an answer to her most desperate prayers."Whatever we are going through we must not lose hope or we will be lost. "We're determined to cling to hope."There is the hard topic of Alzheimer's. It is a cruel disease, robbing us of our loved ones bit by bit. "Alzheimer's progress in stealing their world." When we look at our grandparents and others of their generation, it is all too easy to just see them as 'old.' We forget that they were once young. That they loved and they laughed and they lived. The novel reminds us of this.The Lost Castle is a perfect delight. I adore Kristy Cambron's novels and cannot get enough of them. I am excited each time I pick up one of her novels and sad when it ends. I have read every novel that Kristy Cambron has written and each one is my very favourite... until the next one comes out.If you have not yet 'discovered' Kristy Cambron, you can. Pick up a copy of The Lost Castle and delve in today. You will be glad you did.I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.

  • Fiction Aficionado
    2019-05-10 15:58

    Goodness me, what a jumble of emotions I’m processing right now! Tears, smiles, the lot! It’s safe to say you’re getting a lot of bang for your story buck with this latest release from Kristy Cambron. Not just two, but THREE different time periods weaving together to flesh out the story of the silent character in this novel: Château des Doux-Rêves—the castle of sweet dreams, or more affectionately, The Sleeping Beauty.Through the years this castle bears witness to joy and sorrow, fear and courage, devastation, determination, and love, and all of this is bound up in the stories of three women: Aveline Sainte-Moreau, preparing to be presented to her betrothed, the Duke et Vivay’s son, on the very day the Bastille is stormed in Paris; Viola Hart, a young woman hiding from the Nazis in the Loire Valley in occupied France; and Ellie Carver, Viola’s granddaughter, on a race against time to deliver her grandmother’s decades-overdue answer to a secret proposal she’s never spoken of.You’ll want to keep your wits about you, particularly in the early stages of the novel, as the story does move around a bit between the different time periods. I found it easier to settle into the novel when I was able to read for longer stretches rather than a chapter here and there, and my hint would be to pay more attention to the date that heads the historical sections than I initially did! We meet both of our historical characters at a critical point in their story, and then their stories both progress forward in time as well as filling in the events that led to the point where we first met them. If that sounds daunting, please believe it’s worth it and not as difficult to follow as it sounds!Each story was engaging in its own right, but I confess it was Viola’s story that most intrigued me. I daren’t say too much, lest I give spoilers. I simply recommend you settle in and enjoy the unfolding story as Ellie seeks to discover the secrets of the The Sleeping Beauty of the Loire Valley.I received a copy of this novel from the publisher through TLC Book Tours. This has not influenced the content of my review, which is my honest and unbiased opinion.

  • Cassie
    2019-05-19 15:38

    A beautiful novel. Review to come.

  • V. Palmer
    2019-05-13 18:53

    Kristy Cambron has written a fairy tale that should go down in history! Who cares that this particular story is fiction? History books, you've been warned. *deadpan stare* The Lost Castle weaves together a present day search into the past, all the drama of a girl-on-the-run World War Two story, and the angst of the French Revolution. The modern storyline built more off of the World War Two storyline, but you see beautiful hints of the French Revolution storyline peppered throughout them, too. The heroines are spunky and endearing. While I especially loved Quinn, each of the heroes are dashing and worthy of a good swoon in their own unique ways. The gorgeous romance takes your breath away, and you may find yourself tearing up before you've reach the end of the novel.As a fan of all things vintage, I've thoroughly enjoyed Kristy Cambron's novels and her vintage writing flare! The Lost Castle was no exception! The end result of these equally enchanting stories will have you blotting your eyes with the soul-deep knowing that something powerful, beautiful, and strong can stand the test of time. That God was, is, and always will be the Master Builder of our walls. <3Four Stars ~ The Lost Castle is breathtaking, bittersweet, and beautiful! The Lost Castle is a timeslip novel, and make note (grab some paper!) that you will want to devour the author's other vintage novels immediately! Check out my review for her pervious novel, The Illusionist's Apprentice, if you don't believe me. Amazing!I received a copy of The Lost Castle by Kristy Cambron published by Thomas Nelson from BookLook Bloggers. All opinions expressed are my own.

  • Cafinated Reads Molly
    2019-04-27 19:38

    I'm a historical Christian fiction lover, but sometimes I find the multiple time lines hard to follow. However, reading this beautifully moving novel by the very talented Kristy Cambron was so easy to follow and was absolutely captivating. This book has what I call "all the feels". It's incredibly detailed, with characters that are chiseled magnificently. Each time line brings the reader to a character that will make way into your heart and stay their long after the book is finished. The beautiful ruins of the castle that Ms. Cambron describes come to life for me. I could feel myself transported to the heart of France, finding the castle and living the life of these three women, Avaline, Vi and Ellie. I loved that feeling! It's not often that a multi timeline can do that and I was so pleased that it did. Watching Ellie deal with her grandmother, brought back memories of my own dealings with Alzheimer's with my grandfather. It was a bittersweet time for me! This incredible story is filled with longing, hope, faith, and finding love. I turned page after page of this 4 star novel until I reached the final one. I shut the novel, sat back and reflected on all I felt through this book, from smiles, to sadness, to butterflies in my stomach. Ms. Cambron has created another keeper in my opinion. This book will be one that I recommend to all, and have already asked my local libraries to carry it for others to read! Well done, Ms. Cambron! Well done! *I received a complimentary copy of this book from Book Look Bloggers/Publisher and was under no obligation to post a review, positive or negative.*

  • Amy
    2019-05-17 15:05

    The Lost Castle is the beginning of a whole new series by Kristy Cameron called The Lost Castle. What a fabulous start to the series. I have loved all of the other books by this author and this one does not disappoint. I believe it is my favorite that she has written to date. The story is so beautifully written and so vivid in detail, I felt like I was right there among the main characters, Avaline, Vi and Ellie.I cannot wait for the next book in the series. I give The Lost Castle a well deserved 5 plus stars. Such a great read!I received this book from the publisher, but was not required to write a review. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.

  • Beth Vogt
    2019-05-16 16:57

    Against the backdrop of France, Kristy Cambron weaves together the lives of three very different women with vivid emotion. Months after reading The Lost Castle, I am still recalling certain scenes that brought me to tears. I also appreciated the themes of family, loyalty, and courage.

  • Brittany
    2019-04-29 18:59

    Admittedly, The Lost Castle was a bit of a slow start for me. There were three timelines of stories being told and I had to get used to jumping between time periods. However, once I fell into the rhythm of the storytelling, I really did enjoy seeing how things came together.All three time periods were interesting to me. My favorite storyline, by far, was the tale from the late 1700’s that revolved around Aveline. I was always anxious to get back to her story. I was not very fond of the story that was set during WWII for most of the book. I don’t know why, however, I did find that as this plot came to a close, I changed my mind and really appreciated seeing what Lady Vi had gone through and felt that her tale was integral to the entire book. Finally, I did enjoy the contemporary sections of the novel. The descriptions of life in France were especially beautiful and the main character, Ellie, did some deep soul searching and experienced a good bit of emotional growth during this setting.The author really did a beautiful job of making me feel immersed in whichever time period I was reading about and the way she tied everything together by the end of the novel was impressive. I’m looking forward to reading more in this series.(4.5 stars)I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.You can read this review on my blog:https://brittreadsfiction.wordpress.c...

  • Susan Snodgrass
    2019-05-03 20:59

    I fell in love with Cambron's work in her first novel. She writes very convincingly in a dual time period. This time she again writes in more than one time period. Three major time periods, but goes back and forth with five, actually. I understand why she had to do it for this story, but it was a bit confusing for me. I wish she'd kept it to just two. I think the story could have been told quite well with a dual timeline.Ellie Carver's grandmother is slowly slipping away from Alzheimer's when she begins telling Ellie of the past and her part in it. A lost love, a brooch and a valley in France call out and Ellie sets out to discover what has her grandmother so disturbed. Her journey takes her back many years, even a couple centuries. A tale told well, but here is where I lost interest, when the 1780s came into play. It was written so well and captured my interest in every respect but this one. I'm sure Cambron's fans will enjoy this very much.*My thanks to the publisher for a preview copy of this book . My opinion is entirely my own.

  • Perfumegirl
    2019-05-19 15:00

    This book follows 3 women in 3 time periods. It would have been a 5 star read for me except I don't like it when each chapter switches between women and their respective time periods. This 1 book could easily have been turned into a trilogy. All in all though it was very good.Content: language ~ nonesexual ~ noneviolence ~ mild

  • Cupcake Book Lady
    2019-05-10 16:57

    A castle in a forest inspires the stories of three women, scattered across centuries. Adeline is engaged to a Duke in 18th century France, though her opinions are more aligned with the “rabble” than the wealthy aristocracy to which she will belong. But when the Duke’s castle is burned by angry serfs, and Adeline as well, on the night of her engagement party, she must hide and find a new identity until her fiance returns.Viola was witness to a bombing at her office in London during WWII and has also decided to also subvert conventionalities and the expectations for women and join with Allied forces in France to stop the Germans from taking over. She is a linguist who will summon her deepest courage, and meet the most unfathomable man, and carry a story with her to the brink of Alzheimer’s for her granddaughter to find.Ellie has no one left but her Grandmother, Lady Vi, and is shocked to discover she knows little about the most dominant and enchanting period of her life. Ellie flies to a French chateau beside a winery, where she meets a delightfully obstinate old man, his amazing cook of a wife, and their Irish grandson, who will, often reluctantly, help her unravel the secrets of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, and the brazen women who brought it back to life. The Lost Castle is part historical drama, part women’s empowerment, part love story, surrounding a fairy-tale castle where “the stories were written in generations of weathered stone."It made me laugh, made my heart race, made me cheer on characters, and made me ugly cry! It was like a combination of The Notebook, Ever After, Titanic, and Wonder Woman, set in a wine valley in France beside a castle. I loved it!For discussion questions, similar books, or a themed recipe of Pear and Walnut Mini Pie Bites, visit:

  • Tracey
    2019-05-11 14:01

    This is my first Kristy Cambron book and I can see why so many readers have been singing her praises. The Lost Castle is one of the most intelligent mesmerizing books I've ever read! The book has three timelines going with stories of Aveline from the 1780's, Vi from the 1940's and Ellie from present day. This is a book the reader will have to pay close attention to so as not to miss the clues as the mystery of the castle, The Sleeping Beauty, unfolds. As layers of history are peeled back, I found myself so intrigued I couldn't stop reading if I'd wanted to. Each woman has her own struggles going on, situations and choices in the face of hardship and yet each one triumphs in the face of adversity. This book is full of history and suspense, and the loves the three women encounter along the way. I was especially drawn to Robert and his sense of honor and family loyalty, I would love for his and Aveline's story to be further explored and written about. From the very prologue, The Lost Castle described Ellie's view as "an ethereal memory she had lived herself", that is what this book is for me, a book I didn't just read, a book I experienced. It directed my focus to the key verse noted, from Isaiah, "Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; You will be called Repairer of Broken Walls." That is what this well told and well written inspirational story does, it reminded me of a powerful truth, with God's help in repairing the broken things in life, we can all be restored. Masterful from start to finish!I appreciate Thomas Nelson making a copy of The Lost Castle available for review.