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In a utopian future of wood and animal power, a hero must arise. Pratima lives in a world with no petroleum; a quiet world of books and peace and study. Her world changes when she is sent on a deadly quest. She will face danger in India, and attempt to prevent the unleashing of a grave danger on the land....

Title : Pratima's Engines
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ISBN : 35685536
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Pratima's Engines Reviews

  • J. Schlenker
    2019-05-20 14:26

    Two stories, definitely unique, so unique that I had to pay particularly close attention to follow them. I applaud the author for his ability to create such a rare futuristic existence. What I got from both stories was that libraries are above all else, and those who work at the libraries are greatly honored and people you don't mess with, but as in most societies, futuristic or not, there is human nature and corruption. The knowledge of the past is safely guarded by the librarians, although there seems to be some knowledge of the past such as planes. It is now a woodpunk society. I had to look up woodpunk. That was a completely new term to me. Basically, there are no longer any modern conveniences, such as airplanes.I particularly liked that the heroes of the stories were both women. The author also did a great job in portraying the dialect in the second story. Getting a dialect down is especially hard as is creating a whole new world.

  • Tiger Hebert
    2019-05-14 18:51

    Pratima's Engines is a really quick read that serves as a great introduction into S.A. Gibson's Protected Books series—where books and the knowledge they contain are safely guarded secrets.In this story we get to meet Pratima Patel, who is, of course, the main character of Pratima's Forbidden Book. I really like the way that the author used a secondary character's PoV to allow us to see Pratima. He does a good job giving her a confident and regal presence that comes off as fearless. In short, the character seems well drawn. What interests me the most though, is the world that the author has created. This book is just a teaser, but what I know is that we are in a post-apocalyptic/utopian sort of world where it seems like petroleum, electricity, and munitions are gone—and the knowledge of them is carefully guarded by Librarians. I'm really looking forward to reading more of this series.

  • Joyce Hertzoff
    2019-04-24 19:34

    Two enchanting linked short storiesPratima's Engine and Lakisha Decides are two delightful and exciting linked stories set in a future after a Collapse has eliminated modern technology and warfare. The Library sets and enforces worldwide laws. Seen through the eyes of two teenage girls, the first in India and the second in the Carolinas.

  • Bill McCormick
    2019-05-04 18:46

    Set in an alternate timeline where librarians control what knowledge is, and is not, made available, Pratima’s Engines is a fascinating look at an alternate reality. There are two short stories, the titular one, and Lakisha Decides. The former is set in India and the latter in the American South. In these, Steampunk inspired, stories readers are introduced to a world war is a bare memory but technology is kept at a bare minimum. Society is, essentially, feudal with librarians being the dominant class. In order for this type of society to work Gibson has given librarians sets of skills not normally associated with the profession; they are skilled spies, weapons experts, and fighters. But they also maintain all the traditional attributes of being roving scholars. In the first book Pratima is a spy sent to discover whether a Dike is violating the laws and attempting to overthrow the government. She is aided in her duties by the story’s narrator, a deaf girl named Ameena. Together they have to navigate political intrigues, social prejudices which apply to the handicapped and women, and work out how best to save the day. It’s a great read and an enticing vignette into a new world.In Lakisha Decides we are introduced to a young lady named Lakisha. A young, African-American, girl who is coming into her own and shows the potential for rising above her social status. She assists, and later befriends, a librarian named Asante. In this story corrupt businessmen are attempting to cheat land owners out of their lands and possessions. To do this they must first destroy all the records and titles kept in the libraries. This book has far more librarian directed action than you might expect at a library, but it’s a fun read and Gibson nails the local patios with ease.I honestly enjoyed both books and would happily recommend them to you.

  • Jacqueline Simonds
    2019-05-10 13:32

    This is, in fact, 2 short stories: “Pratima’s Engines” - which describe a Librarian in India seeking out a Duke with banned weapons; and “Lakisha Decides” where a young Gullah girl meets a Librarian who will assist her in many ways. Both are excellent and serve as introductory pieces to larger series.I found “Pratima’s Engines” to be particularly intriguing for the POV Gibson picked: a very intelligent deaf girl who reads lips. You don’t see many differently-abled characters in Sci-Fi, and Gibson handles it well and subtly. I would happily have read an entire novel featuring this character.“Lakisha Decides” highlights the problems of today as well as then, in that land developers wish to take Lakisha’s Low-Country homeland. But this is also a coming-of-age story, so Lakisha sets the course for her entire life on what happens.The author’s work here is so sure-footed, imaginative, and thoroughly thought out, it is almost hard to DISbelieve such a world of no-tech and warrior Librarians exist. If you are looking for an entirely different take on “Steampunk” look no further than S.A. Gibson’s “Woodpunk” post-apocalyptic worlds.

  • G. Gaynor
    2019-05-16 15:25

    3.75 out of 5 StarsI really liked the concept of the world and was drawn to the Librarians. It was a bold option to take, having the reader get to know the Main Character through the eyes of another, especially someone in Ameena's situation.I would have liked to see more consistency in the way the story was delivered, but overall it was a good read.

  • S.A. Gibson
    2019-05-01 13:51

    What is woodpunk? You ask. Woodpunk is fiction set in a time that does not have technology more advanced than those techs that were developed on the route to the use of wooden tools, equipment and structures.Humans existed most of their time on this planet. From the beginning of using tools, humans found use for wooden implements. Clubs, bows and arrows, staffs, wagons, wheels, and thousands of other tools were made from wooden products.The idea of an age of woodpunk implies that there are no internal combustion machinery or electricity or steam engines. A woodpunk story can be set in the future or the past. My stories, A Dangerous Way and Pratima’s forbidden Book are set in an alternate future about 100 years in the future.