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They are not supposed to have emotions. They are not supposed to feel. Barkley's special programming has created something the world has never seen before...a robot that thinks for himself....

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Barkley Reviews

  • Mischenko
    2018-10-02 10:33

    Please visit our blog for reviews and an interview with Logan Keys! Wow! I loved this short story about Barkley Five Oh, the robot. Barkley sort of reminded me of Johnny Five fromShort Circuit in a way with how his personality changes over time and he becomes more human minded. I just loved it. It's short and sweet, emotional at times, and I loved the ending!Thanks to Logan Keys for sharing it. I'm very much looking forward to reading more of her books. 4****

  • Larry H
    2018-09-29 10:19

    Oh, man, this story...and Basia, this is all thanks to you!!Barkley 50 is a robot built in a not-too-distant future. He is programmed to mimic emotions and although he may not understand what the emotions mean, he starts to recognize how they make him feel. Little by little, he becomes more and more intelligent and perceptive of his surroundings and the behavior of the people around him.As this story proceeds, Barkley moves from owner to owner, further and further into what appears to be a tremendously bleak future. At times he is a companion, at times a protector, a bodyguard, a friend, but the more he understands of the human race the more he realizes that there is a real risk that humanity may not survive. But what does that mean for him? Will he be left all alone in a world that never quite understood or was ready for him?The closer I get to humanity, the more I see them for what they are. Scared. Simple. Lazy. Genius. Humans. Messy, nutty, stronger than anything—screwed up, cutting and running, life bringing, humans. Courageous, kind, selfless, magical, passionate, organic, weird, and uncomfortably comfortable, humans...loving...and about to be extinct, humans. Everything I hate, and everything I'm longing to be...human.Logan Keys' story is moving, heartbreaking, awe-inspiring, thought-provoking, and even a little frightening. Barkley is truly one of the most unforgettable characters I've ever read, and although the length of this story worked so well for what Keys was trying to accomplish, I could have read an entire novel with him as the main character. He's truly the embodiment of nearly every robot-believing-it's-human I've ever seen.For an author to pack so much emotion, so much suspense, so much plot, and so much meaning into 40 or so pages requires tremendous talent. Keys has that in spades. This is the first thing I've read of hers, but it definitely won't be the last. And Barkley 50 won't leave my mind anytime soon. The author and Le Chat Publishing provided me a complimentary copy of the story in exchange for an unbiased review. Thanks for making this available! See all of my reviews at http://itseithersadnessoreuphoria.blo....

  • Starjustin
    2018-09-24 12:14

    I loved it! It was a tad bit difficult reading in the beginning(for me personally) however, all comes together as the story goes on. Thanks Logan Keys for the great forethought and imagination in writing Barkley Five Oh, a wonderful short story.

  • Bradley
    2018-10-17 08:33

    ROBOT. :)First off, I thought this was a much better and less high-handed approach to Asimov's Centennial Man and I appreciated the dark humor much more in this story, too! :)I must admit, I'm already a fan of the author because she's fun to talk to, so this here *might* appear to be a horribly prejudiced review in sick favor for a writer who just happens to be cool. BUT LET ME DISABUSE YOU OF THAT NOTION. ;)Honestly, the robot story hooked me right off the bat and I felt more for Barkley than any of the humans he outlasted, but how fun it was to watch them go about their lives and think themselves so clever! :) It's refreshing to have a regular robot become an actual likable Everyman that everyone unconsciously revolves around. But of course the story is much more than that, and I think it's superior to Asimov, thank you very much, and not least because it's a modern-type story with our oh-so updated sensibilities. :) So, bravo! :) Clear and clever writing and an engaging story with an awesome character for the win!And I'm NOT EVEN SAYING SO because I think the author is cool. There. :)

  • Michael Finocchiaro
    2018-09-24 07:34

    Short but great story from the perspective of a robot assistant who deals with having emotions and sees the consequences that they reek on humankind. There is a little Asimov here as well as a little Philip K Dick. It was a very original tale, I'd like to read more from this author.

  • Stacy
    2018-09-29 15:31

    I think Barkley Five Oh was a good short story about a possible future living with AI (artificial intelligence). The robot is purchased, but develops human-like emotions in dealing with its human companions, positive and negative. Kind of scary, considering how far the science of AI has come, and the developments that are happening everyday. Although the application of giving AI emotions is still a puzzle to researchers, the robots that have been developed are frighteningly human-like. two examples, and there are many more for those interested in pursuing the subject. Stephan Hawking, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates have all stated serious misgivings about artificial intelligence, which I think is interesting in light of the story. I received a copy of the story in exchange for an honest review. for interview with the author!

  • Basia
    2018-10-19 13:28

    Wow. 6 AM, and my face is STREAMED with tears! This STORY! Friends and fellow-readers, few would believe this about me, that it's even POSSIBLE, but I'm at a loss for words. Well ... almost! ;)Barkley five oh is the most precious, lovable, darling, pure and good robot I've EVER had the pleasure of meeting. I want to have him and keep him and squeeze him and love him and never ever let him go. In this story, we share as he experiences his 1st human interaction, watches as humanity progresses through multiple mass-level, life changing events. And throughout all this, he grows. He learns. He lives. He evolves. But most of all, by the end of the story, he makes off with our hearts! Or at least, he did with mine .... : )I can absolutely see Barkley five oh appearing in other stories. Or better yet, perhaps a book of his very own?!? For you see, I think this short story's ending makes it the PERFECT Barkley Five Oh (0.5)-type of publications we see popping up all over the place. It has all the makings for it, being a little prequel, one that doles out just enough to GUARANTEE I'll be back, clamoring for more! HIGHLY recommended. A powerful short read.My genuine thanks to the author and publisher for the review copy of this heart-touching story.

  • Ari Reavis
    2018-09-22 09:12

    I knew this would be a great read because I love this author's Last City series, and I was so right. I don't know how the heck the author packed so many emotions into such a short story. I was angry, sad, happy, disappointed, elated, you name it. Barkley loved so much, even when his emotions were turned off, and I wanted so badly for those undeserving people to love him back. Seeing the world through Barkley's eyes was funny and a harsh reality. How people allowed themselves to be manipulated and abused. How they fought over such petty things. Reading about Barkley not only feeling new emotions, but trying to figure out why he felt them was so captivating. The ending was just the best. I was literally in my room like Great read from start to finish.

  • Bhavik
    2018-10-05 15:23

    I would like to thank Logan Keys,the author and Le Chat Publishing for the review copy of this heart-touching story in exchange for an unbiased review!GR Rating : 4.74My Rating : 4.25 ( Simply because I felt like I wanted more of this)Meet Barley Five Oh.A robot with feelings , one who can upgrade, downgrade,can learn new things and is one of a kind and one who is a companion, a protector, a bodyguard and a friend sometimes!Now don't think that this is another dystopian world with Machine Vs. Human plot but this is rather a plot wherein you journey the book with the perspective of Barkley and the various emotions that he feels in different situations , life changing situations each chapter (emotions that have been introduced/programmed into his system)and the way he learns and improves and grows and evolve each time.The closer I get to humanity, the more I see them for what they are. Scared. Simple. Lazy. Genius. Humans. Messy, nutty, stronger than anything—screwed up, cutting and running, life bringing, humans. Courageous, kind, selfless, magical, passionate, organic, weird, and uncomfortably comfortable, humans...loving...and about to be extinct, humans. Everything I hate, and everything I'm longing to be...human.This barely a half hour read with 5 equally engaging chapters pack a real punch and make you feel the same way Barkley Five Oh feels , be it his confusion , his anger , his love , his infatuation , his worry , his sadness , his curiosity and yada yada.Each chapter shows another chapter in his life in continuity over no. of years.He was present now and he will probably remain a witness till all humans die and yet he will live on..his miserable yet good life~Logan Keys has done a wonderful job and I could have definitely read this even if it was a full length novel! To pack such a story in mere 35-40 pages is a talent in itself!I heartfully thank Logan Keys for writing this wonderful book! :)

  • Logan Keys
    2018-10-10 12:04

    Hey guys! I just did an awesome review about Barkley and more at : it out!Also, for those of you wondering, will Barkley get more? I hope so! If I have time to add two other acts to his story, I WILL! He's a brilliant character in my head, and is patiently waiting to tell you how they will try and go on from where it left off :DI can't thank you all enough for supporting this story! I never in a MILLION YEARS thought this little robot would be getting such a following :DTruly, thank you, bottom of my heart.Check out this wonderful video review for Barkley. you for your support, guys! I think we can expect to see MORE of this fabulous robot because of you. Logan

  • Eunice
    2018-09-24 08:13

    F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C! Absolutely fantastic!Barkley Five Oh was short, sweet and emotionally poignant. I immediately connected with the characters and the story-line was packed with raw emotions ranging from love in its purest form to the darkest moments of human beings and humanity as a whole.Leave it to Logan Keys to make me fall in love with a robot!This is a must read!

  • Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon
    2018-10-15 07:34

    ***** 5 Cranky Stars *****This is a fantastic short story, multi-layered and makes you think.Barkley Five Oh is a robot who wants to be human. Throughout the course of his journey, he has to negotiate what it means to be human from other humans who are flawed and at times, could do with a lesson in humanity themselves.There are the coded messages, the layers, the areas of grey that Barkley Five Oh has to manage, but don't we all? Does he make mistakes? Of course, but we all do.This is an interesting creation type story about those who create and the myths that what we cling to about the value of humanity. Backdropped against a dystopian world, a deeper message unfolds. Flesh and bone people, human beings - the very thing Barkley Five Oh wants to be - don't really value their humanity. In fact, they may not be the true inheritors of the flame.The ending gave me plenty to think about and I'd recommended this book for all ages.

  • L.L. Hunter
    2018-09-23 12:26

    This is such a unique story. I loved the language used in the beginning, before Barkley was programmed with more emotion. This story broke my heart several times. I just wanted him to have a happy ending. Until the end of the story... Aww. I loved the ending! I recommend this short to anyone who is looking for a story with heart.

  • Ðawn
    2018-10-05 11:16

    4 solid stars.A great light sci-fi read. Only 40 pages but very entertaining.There are 5 chapters, each one tells of a different part of Robot Barkley's "life" as the world changes around him.Told in the first person from the persepctive of robot Barkley Five Oh, we start out with his life with his original owner, (Chapter 1), then each chapter shows him with a new owner, in a new time/place as the world in thrown into war which eventually leads to the extermination of all human life. (no worries, there is a HEA)The beginning was a bit rough and took some time for me to get into. I suspect this may have been the authors intent.. to make the reader feel like to the world, new to understanding, and as each chapter continued, Barkley became wiser, more human and the writing seems to reflect that.All great stuff, I wont spoil it. There is a little conflict, not much, and a bit of sweet romance.Overall a really enjoyable light (very light) sci-fi read. Extra kudos for originality!This book is still free. So go and grab it!

  • Leslie
    2018-10-08 12:15

    I am not able to write a review that would give this book the amazing review it deserves! Loved it!

  • Christine Bowden
    2018-09-24 12:12

    Noooooo don't stop there! So interesting and different. I love Logan Keys can never predict what will happen. She always paints a vivid picture with her words. Oh and I need another book to go with this one!

  • Monica Peavy
    2018-10-21 09:13

    A good story, of future robotsWritten here starts with the basic thoughts of a robot who lives with a human owner. We hear Barkley's search of his emotions through many different futures as he gradually gains more and more personality. Fun to read.

  • Megan Bailey
    2018-10-01 14:11

    Logan Keys likes to punch me in the feels. This short story is a robot's-eyed view of humanity in a futuristic world- the dark parts, the beautiful bits, the sympathetic and the unforgivable. Barkley's struggle with his own emotions and what it means to be human was captivating and layered. The author is incredibly talented. Her stories stick with you long after the last page.

  • Carolyn Waddell
    2018-09-25 09:26

    BARKLEY FIVE OHBy author Logan KeysI love science fiction and adore science fiction that has robots!! This wonderful story by Logan Keys brought my two favorites together!!Barkley Five Oh is a robot with something extra. He can feel emotions and his emotions grow stronger as he moves his way through the world.This book made me really care about this robot.It's cool to see how Barkley Five Oh changes as his situations change.I don't know how to put my finger on it...but my emotions towards Barkley Five Oh changed and grew as he did.In the end, I wanted to adopt him!! Barkley Five Oh is a delightful story!*Logan Keys is a phenomenal science fiction writer. Each of her works are unique and thrilling to read.*I suggest picking up her other titles if you are a fan of science fiction and dystopian dramas "Gods of Anthem" and La La Land" are both aces!

  • Tracy
    2018-10-07 13:06

    ***BIASED REVIEW***I'm using the disclaimer because I did do some work on it though I wasn't compensated. (I never asked to be.)My honest thoughts when I first heard about the story was "That's some spartan writing, to cover that long of a period in so few words. How can the story be rich and feel complete?" No, a million times no. It's rich and vibrant and full of the amazing parts that make us human. I will say that this story is moving and complex regardless of its length. So don't let the page or word count fool you. I truly love this book and I love B50!

  • Amy Bartelloni
    2018-09-28 14:09

    I love the way the dystopian world unfolds in the background of this story, while in the meantime, Barkley Five Oh is learning what it means to be human. There is a lot going on for a short story, and it left me with a lot to think about. In some way, Barkley's struggle is something we all deal with, what it means to love and lose, how to deal with out emotions. The end ties it all together perfectly, too, with a degree of hope for the future.

  • Roger
    2018-09-21 11:09

    My first read from a (to me) new author, Logan Keys. It won't be my last. A different kind of storyline, I don't do spoilers in reviews so you'll have to read it yourself to see what I mean. Good character development, which I always like. The storyline develops by leap by leap, chapter by chapter and is extremely well done and is a good fit for the story's narration. You really need to read this short (30 minute) read to appreciate just how good this author is.

  • Stas
    2018-09-26 15:31

    Quite peculiar. Needs a little more proofing.Very enjoyable and somewhat disturbing. I can't even call this pessimistic. For humanity - maybe. For Barkley - definitely not. A little disturbing, but no worse than Bradbury's Martian Chronicles. RECOMMENDED