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Lucy sees dead people. Naked dead people. As a medium, Lucy helps the recently departed transition to the other side, but lately she’s noticed a disturbing trend among her ghostly visitors. Every night she’s plagued by horny spirits intent on acting out their unrequited sexual fantasies—and it looks like she’s stuck with them until she can work through some unrequited fantLucy sees dead people. Naked dead people. As a medium, Lucy helps the recently departed transition to the other side, but lately she’s noticed a disturbing trend among her ghostly visitors. Every night she’s plagued by horny spirits intent on acting out their unrequited sexual fantasies—and it looks like she’s stuck with them until she can work through some unrequited fantasies of her own. When six-feet-of-sexiness Jake Cox arrives on her doorstep, Lucy hopes her dry spell might finally be at an end. But Jake isn’t there to apply for the job of her personal gigolo. The mouthwatering PI has been assigned to watch over Lucy—and keep his hands to himself—until a particular horny phantom pays her a visit. The freshly murdered mafia accountant is exactly the kind of ghost that gravitates toward Lucy—nerdy, horny, and desperate—but when he appears, his supernatural juju may be more than even she can handle. To bring down a mob boss, Lucy and Jake will have to ignore their attraction—and keep the poltergeist accountant from ripping a hole in the fabric of the universe. **Previously released as THE GHOST SHRINK, THE ACCIDENTAL GIGOLO & THE POLTERGEIST ACCOUNTANT** ...

Title : Love in the Time of Poltergeists
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ISBN : 35747749
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Love in the Time of Poltergeists Reviews

  • Mrs. Missive
    2018-09-27 13:14

    I found this book browsing around Mary Hughes' website. I was VERY interested in the topic, because I was working with a similar idea and was curious to see how Vivi Andrews handled the topic herself. I think I may have stumbled upon a new favorite author.The Ghost Shrink takes us into a world where mediums help ghosts pass over or "transend". Lucy is an employee of the business that processes these cases. Lucy gets a special group of ghosts who are basically horney professionals. Due to her own sexually frustrated lifestyle she attracts repressed/rejected individuals. Lucy's sexual frustration hits critical levels when Jake Cox (I know right?) comes knocking on her door. Unfortunately Jake is not there just for her pleasure...he's a P.I. who needs to get info from a recent murder victim.With a LOT of missed sex opportunities, awesome humor, and a little supernatural twist, Vivi Andrews crams a LOT of great story into a little novella. I will definitely be reading more of this author.

  • Nancy
    2018-10-20 15:13

    With this title, what's not to like? Lucy Carmichael is a medium. She helps the dead resolve their "issues" so that they can pass on. Lately all of her "clients" seem to have been sexually deprived while living because they sure want her now that they're not! Her boss thinks she needs to get laid so this type of ghost will back off. Lucy agrees with the thought, however; admitting this to her boss isn't gonna happen.So, when someone bangs on her door, she gets the idea that Karma, the boss, has sent her a boy toy. WRONG! Jake Cox is a private investigator who feels Lucy is about to visited by the ghost of a recent victim that he needs to interrogate. He is also her boss' brother. He is also horny and gorgeous. He feels the same about her but was cautioned by big sister that he is not to lay hands (or anything else) on Lucy or the ghost won't show. “I’m sorry,” he bit out sharply. “It won’t happen again.” “It won’t?” Lucy knew the pathetic, desperate whining tone had crept back into her voice, but she couldn’t help it. She wanted it to happen again. She needed it to happen again. He couldn’t just get her all hot and bothered and then walk away without fulfilling even one little fantasy. Could he?"Then the ghost falls in love with Lucy and things get more complicated by the minute....A good book that had me laughing all the, lust, murder, mayhem....what more could you ask for? Seriously, the characters were great, a new plot twist that I enjoyed and I highly recommend this one.

  • Jodi
    2018-10-19 10:17

    This novella could have used a stronger editor. It had some seriously cute moments. Our heroine is a medium who helps ghosts resolve their issues so they can get to the other side. But lately all her ghosts are sexually frustrated and think she can help them with that particular issue. Her boss tells her it's because she's sexually frustrated. And she is until a sexy PI shows up needing to talk to the next ghost scheduled to show up at her door. It turns out he was murdered and the PI needs information on the mob boss who ordered the hit. The sexual tension is hot, the characterization is strong considering how short the story is. The visuals are good. But there is a lot of awkward wording which made me want to start highlighting my Kindle with red. I realize this author has been quite prolific but her prose needs tightening. She certainly has the right creative touch!

  • ♡Karlyn P♡
    2018-10-02 14:13

    Cute short story, an off-beat romance romp with some nutty ghosts

  • Sarah
    2018-09-21 12:27

    Great storyThis was a great read. Laughs and a sexy guy! Who could ask for more? It is definitely worth reading anytime.

  • Tracy
    2018-10-13 12:00

    3.5 Stars.I picked up The Ghost Shrink, The Accidental Gigolo & The Poltergeist Accountant after reading the second story in the Karmic Consultants series, The Ghost Exterminator. I enjoyed that full length novel so much that I had to start from the beginning with the novella that started it all, and while I admit I enjoyed The Ghost Exterminator quite a bit more, The Ghost Shrink, The Accidental Gigolo & The Poltergeist Accountant was cute and fun.Lucy Cartwright is a medium, but she's been sexually frustrated for so long that her energy is connecting the most prurient ghosts to her for help transcending, and frankly, she's getting a little fed up with short, balding, overweight accountant-type ghosts stripping down in her bedroom and bumping and grinding their way towards her bed. A call to her boss for help with the embarrassing situation ends with a suggestion that Lucy rid herself of her frustration to rid herself of the horny ghosts. To put it bluntly...and a bit crassly...she needs to get laid.Considering that the helpful, if difficult to take care of at the drop of a hat, suggestion came from her boss, it wasn't Lucy's fault that she assumed the tall, dark, and delicious-looking male who banged on her door the next morning was an...employee bonus from the boss. He introduced himself as Cox, after all. Imagine her mortification, then, when she realizes that Jake Cox not only isn't a gigolo that her boss set up to help her out, he's a private investigator and the brother of said boss.Really, would becoming one of those horny ghosts be so bad after she dies from embarrassment?Jake needs Lucy's special brand of help and Lucy needs special help, full stop. And they both want each other badly. Toss in a couple of horny, pathetic ghosts and a murder investigation and you have the fun, silly romp that is The Ghost Shrink, The Accidental Gigolo & The Poltergeist Accountant.It's a light read, and it's told with Andrews' quick-witted and carefree style that goes down so easily. As a novella, it lacks in the depth of plot and character definition areas, though enough is provided for some fun. My only real problems with it were that it was a bit too light for me, almost slapstick, and Lucy and Jake's seismic-level attraction was a bit shallow for my tastes. There just wasn't enough time in the story, which even for a novella leans more towards the shorter end, to develop a relationship between them that was based on anything but physical attraction, so that didn't quite work for me.Still, this is a novella that isn't supposed to be taken too seriously, just enjoyed for what it is. It may not have been totally to my taste, but The Ghost Exterminator definitely was, and I've already downloaded The Sexorcist, which is the third book in the series and the second full-length novel. I will say, while I enjoyed seeing Lucy and Jake's introduction, as I'd met them in The Ghost Exterminator, ultimately either of those stories could be read as stand-alones. Reviewed for

  • Debbie Benson
    2018-10-18 13:06

    Jake comes pounding on Lucy's door because his sister said that Eliot's ghost would come see her. Jake is attracted to Lucy but is warned not to have sex with her. Lucy is unlucky to get the sexually frustrated ghosts because she is too. After a little poltergeist activity due to Eliot, the bad guy is caught. As soon as he is finished with the police, Jake is on his way to Lucy where they solve their mutual sexual frustration. Jake tells Lucy that he willing to put with the ghosts if he gets her.

  • Steph
    2018-10-10 08:04

    The title of this one is almost as long as the story, but this little book is packed with laughs. Lucy is the Ghost Shrink, or so she considers herself. She "helped the deceased work through their issues and move on to the next plane. The white light. Whatever." Her boss just happens to be Karma, "pure sex. Walking, talking sensuality." Lucy classifies herself as the girl next door and she's having a bit of dry spell in the sex department. To top off that bitter piece of cake, her sexual drought seems to attract the ghosts of horny businessmen. The first one we meet, the Larrinator was a riot in his ghostly and ghastly attempts to seduce Lucy.Karma advises her to change the energy she puts out into the world, if she wants to change the type of ghosts that pop in. She can't believe her luck when "Jake Cox walked through her door that afternoon like a walking, talking gift from Cupid." When he tells her that Karma sent him, she's a bit mortified, and more than a bit Thank.You.God. She's convinced her boss has sent (the Accidental) Gigolo to help her "change her energy".Jake's a PI and he needs to talk to the Poltergeist Accountant who should be arriving at Lucy's very soon. There have been a series of murders and he's investigating them. Who better to help him that the girl that talks to dead people. I could go on and on, but really, at this point I've already told you too much. The story is short, so take your time reading it. I promise you'll be drawn to these adorable, sexy, funny characters just like I was. I look forward to continuing with the series.

  • Lexie
    2018-10-09 07:27

    I had read THE NAKED DETECTIVE on a whim--the title sounding interesting and the cover being intriguing I thought it would be a fun read. And it was. What could have easily been a rather cheesy plot was instead amusing and engaging. Same can be said for this story (with the long title). Though Lucy's almost constant horny thoughts made it a little difficult to pay attention the plot at times, I found a lot of the situations she was put in to be funny (like the warehouse, at the end).I feel kind of bad whoever inherits the job from her, remaining sexually frustrated in order to help the departed obviously had its drawbacks. Since this was the introduction to what would become Karmic Consultants, there was a lot more background on Karma and the Group itself. Not a whole lot, Jake wasn't (to my knowledge) part of the Group despite his ties with Karma and Lucy had her own problems to work out with them. I like that Andrews doesn't use her characters' handicaps (in this case Lucy had to stay frustrated for the right ghost to come to her) as a crutch. Jake and Lucy still managed to convey a potent chemistry even though they were basically 'hands off'.Its fast paced, quick witted and filled with plenty of puns. Or misunderstandings in Lucy's case (I was laughing when Jake first showed up and Lucy is thinking 'Mr. Cox? Really? Obvious much?'). I understand these two make an appearance in THE GHOST EXTERMINATOR, a full length novel I'll soon be starting in hopes its as enjoyable as its shorter cousins.

  • Jeannie Lin
    2018-10-03 12:04

    Hooked from page 1! This is the sort of story that makes me hunker down and devour it whole.Lucy Cartwright is a Ghost Shrink who helps the newly dead work out their issues and transcend. Lately there's been a slew of horny ghosts showing up in her apartment at night, to hilarious effect. When her boss reveals that it's her own sexual frustration somehow calling out to the spirit realm, Lucy is mortified. When sexy Jake Cox shows up at her door, Lucy's libido responds in a pounce-first-ask-questions-later sort of way and she's even more mortified.I loved this story. The writing was fluid, the humor natural and effortless. You can't dismiss it as just a light and quirky sex romp either. I found myself fascinated with Lucy's descriptions of her experience as a medium and the various psychic impressions she receives from different spirits. There's some pretty nifty worldbuilding that Andrews manages to sneak into this story when you're not looking!On top of that, I loved how Vivi Andrews turns a phrase. I'd read one other story in a Tickle My Fantasy anthology, Carolina Wolf by Sela Carsen, and remember also noting how cleverly written it was. After reading Ghost Shrink, I totally want to pick up the rest of the Karmic Consultant series as well as the other the Tickle My Fantasy stories.

  • PepperP0t
    2018-09-24 08:58

    Fun!This is a very brief read that can be done in a couple of hours. We meet Lucy Cartright a counselor for the recently departed of a certain persuasion. Lucy has more ghostly business than she'd like to be able to handle right now. What she'd like is get her hands on a real live guy to while away an afternoon or ten! Enter Jake Cox guy extraordinaire who can fulfill those fantasies that Lucy can't stop having. But -- business first can Lucy persuade her latest client to go toward the light so she can see how many of those fantasies Jack can really fulfill? Will the appearance of Jake in her life have an effect on the type of clients she usually has?I really enjoyed Lucy and her lively inner conversations. She had me laughing from page one. Jake brought his own favors to the party and was a good match for Lucy. And Mr. Mellman - how could I leave him out - as if we needed more comic relief. The combinaton of the three of them can lift any depression. Now for the nits that really need picking. - it was only one, but it was big for me. Of course being a short story the wrap up had to be quick -- but it was way too convenient. It would have been worth it to make the story a little longer to avoid some of the conveniences.

  • Laura
    2018-10-03 13:58

    A quick, fun paranormal romance novella. This is a sort of prequel to "The Ghost Exterminator" (it contains the story of two minor characters from that book). Although I usually like a bit more story than novellas contain, this one was the perfect length for the story being told. It was amusing, I liked the characters, and I wasn't annoyed by their instant chemistry (why I wasn't annoyed, I'm not sure, because generally I do not enjoy stuff like that). Not the most amazing story ever, but I enjoyed it.Technical notes: I got this e-book while it was a promotional freebie through B&N. The formatting on this e-book from B&N is a little strange - occasionally there are huge spaces between paragraphs, but other times there's just one extra line of space between paragraphs. My Nook also seems to have no real concept of page numbers for this e-book. The very first page of the story said it was page 35, and it thinks there are 281 total pages. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the software on my Nook or with the e-book itself, but all the other e-books I've read lately seem to have a much better concept of page numbers.

  • Calisto
    2018-10-19 08:11

    Lucy is a sexually frustrated ghost shrink who seems to only attract 'clients' with similar pre-death problems. Enter Jake, the gigolo her boss sends her in order to solve her 'frustrations'. Or so she thought. Of course, Jake is anything but a gigolo. He's an ubber hot PI looking for information to put away a dangerous mob boss with the help of a sexually frustrated - and newly dead - accountant who is sure to visit Lucy. Madcap amusement ensues.This is a short and amusing niblet. Lucy is cute until she has a TSTL moment. I liked the idea of a ghost shrink that helps the newly dead overcome their life angst's before moving on 'into the light'. In fact, I really liked the universe.This is an easy, if a bit uneven read, mostly due to it's length. The sex is ok, though at times I felt it was ridiculously out of pace. Still, it's a fluffy beach read that will make you smile. I definitely liked the universe enough to seek out the next in the series.

  • 2018-10-03 08:21

    This was a very quick read, and I really wish it was longer, but it was still absolutely adorable. A great little story, and a very intriguing plot. Lucy is a shrink and helps ghosts come to terms with the fact that they are dead. She helps them transcend and move on. She has a tendency to attract the horny, sexually repressed male ghosts, because she is so frustrated, herself. Enter Jake Cox, P.I. Sinfully hunky, and the brother of Lucy's boss. He needs help with a murder case, and his sister, Karma, has a feeling the ghost will be visiting Lucy. Seriously hot sparks fly, and Eliot the ghost gets seriously protective of Lucy, then has a showdown with the man who had him killed.The only reason I didnt give this story five stars is because it is so short. Vivi really impressed me as an author with this story, and I really wish it had been longer, but I will most definitely be continuing this series. Really enjoyed it.

  • Sarah Crawford
    2018-10-09 14:16

    Lucy is essentially a psychiatrist for ghosts to help them resolve their issues and move on into the light. Someone named Karma is her boss. Lately Lucy's been getting ghosts that try to be very sexual for her (as much as they can be without a solid body).A private investigator shows up saying he's investigating a murder. Lucy is attracted to him sexually, but if she has sex then her ability to attract the particular ghost they want will be damaged (it seems her sexual drive is not being satisfied so ghosts that were people that had sexual problems are drawn to her and her boss wants her to avoid having sex so the one ghost will show up.)There's a funny scene between the investigator and a ghost that is trying to protect Lucy. There's also a great scene when the ghost confronts the mob boss who had him killed. The book is cute and quite funny at times.

  • Brandi Doctoroff
    2018-10-02 10:08

    This "cheesy" paranormal romance had me from the first line. It is a quick novella, but I just couldn't put it down. The title is what captured me originally, but the fun didn't stop there. Poor Lucy is a medium that has a lot of pent up sexual frustration, and until that gets resolved she will be visited by extremely horny ghosts. Lucy's boss, Karma (isn't that adorable!) has called to let Lucy know that in order for these ghosts to go away, Lucy will need to be sexually satisfied. Lo-and-behold, in comes PI Jake Cox! He is quite the hunk and just what Lucy needs to get her fix. I loved the writing style in this novella, Andrews has a way with words that just made the entire story flow quickly and smoothly. This is book one in the Karmic Consultant series, and I will definitely be checking out the rest of the books in the series.

  • Cherie
    2018-10-21 11:21

    As a consultant to the dead, Lucy Cartwright receives nightly visits from the dead, usually from horny or sexually frustrated ghosts who have trouble moving on for one reason or another. But when she's visited by a live, hunky PI named Jake Cox who's investigating a murder and believes one of Lucy's ghosts has the answers he seeks, the sexual sparks between them are immediate and potent. Unfortunately, until Lucy's Cassanova ghost pays her a visit, the hookup between her and Jake is an itch that just can't be scratched since it would mean no more visits from the hornball ghosts.This was a cute little short story. Some of the dialog seemed a bit cheesy at times, but mostly that was in the ghosts, and of course that's how they were supposed to be. As a short story, it held my interest even if the eventual outcome was a bit predictable and happily ever after. :)

  • Marie
    2018-09-27 09:17

    This was an absolute gem. I was laughing throughout the entire story. It's a quick read, but packed full of action and comedy. I don't know if I could have laughed that hard for much longer - the length made a good match for the tightly-packed story. Trying to string the action and laughs out to make the story longer or trying to add more in to the story just would not have created the same punch.The action and laughs start from the very beginning. Who would have thought that a medium would counsel sexually-frustrated ghosts so that they can transcend from the earthly realm? Not only a fresh idea in paranormal stories, but a riot of laughs at the antics Andrews provided for the characters.Looking forward to reading the full-length novels in the Karma Consultants series.

  • Kelly
    2018-10-06 12:14

    I make no excuses as to my complete love for all things Vivi Andrews. What can I say? The lady can write. I read book #2 of this series first and I pretty much adored the world that was created. So I stepped into this book knowing a little bit about it (as opposed to book #2, which was a completely delightful surprise) and IT WAS JUST AS GOOD AS I WAS EXPECTING IT TO BE.Jake is a tall, hot, manly drink of water and he's a perfect foil for Lucy. Poor, put-upon Lucy and her revolving bedroom door of ghosts. Let's face it, that would suck. Big time.So, I liked the book. I liked Lucy and Jake. I like Karma and her smoky sex voice. I like the world here. *thumbs up*-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

  • Parajunkee
    2018-10-15 10:04

    Featured on Parajunkee.comI now am a complete FanGirl of Vivi Andrews. I was impressed with her short Serengeti Heat and now partaking in The Ghost Shrink... {quite a mouthful} I'm smitten. If you haven't experienced Ms. Andrew's this one, it is free right now at Amazon! It is a wonderful introduction to a superb writer.Read More...

  • Jessica
    2018-10-06 10:04

    I liked Lucy quite a lot, she's funny, sweet and awkward in a way that I can totally relate to, but I never really felt like I got to know Jake that well. And while their attraction to each other was believable, the other elements of being in a relationship aren't really addressed. The conflict was interesting and there was a lot of humor in the storytelling, I just wish it had been a longer-form story. My reaction might be related to how much more I enjoyed later books in the series, though (which I read before I went back for this one).

  • Adrienne Testa
    2018-10-19 09:02

    People save your money, not worth your time. The author was more into the romance part of the story instead of the Poltergeist. Lucy Cartwright is a medium who helps sexually repressed ghost cross over. Jake Cox is the PI needing to speak with a dead mob account, Eliot Mellman. Mellman likes being dead and doesn't want to cross over. He wants to confront the mobster he worked for. Of course Mellman sends Jake into the warehouse without telling him about the guards and Lucy goes to help him. The story abruptly ends with Lucy and Jake in the after glow of sex.

  • Vivian
    2018-10-09 14:23

    This is a surprisingly fun and complete short story. I don't know how short because there is no info for number of pages, which bugs me to no end, but that's another complaint.This is the story of a medium who helps ghosts transcend into the afterlife. She's got Karma for a boss, her sexually frustrated state of mind sends some interesting ghosts to her bedside, and a hunky gigolo who isn't actually a gigolo ends up on her doorstep to add to the excitement.Great if you have a few minutes for a quick, fun story :)

  • Kristan A
    2018-10-06 09:04

    This is a delightful romp that kept me laughing from start to finish. Take 2 parts madcap comedy, toss in an adorable girl next door and a too-sexy-for-his-shirt detective, add nerdy ghosts with issues, throw in a dollop of apocalyptic danger, sprinkle generously with lust and romance, stir...and enjoy!

  • Heather T
    2018-10-16 14:13

    1) The author needs to get her artists right. It's Munch, not Van Gogh that did the scream.2) It lacked depth and wasn't entertaining enough for me to ignore that fact.I know some of you love her, but I was frequently bored. There was one moment where I laughed, but not enough. Maybe her other series is better.

  • Crystal S
    2018-09-28 15:02

    I enjoyed it enough that I'll probably read more in the series. Resolution of the conflict was a bit too convenient and rushed, but it was a novella. The romance was lacking, but this is a problem I frequently come across in short stories, since there is not enough time to have an "adventure" and build a relationship. Overall, I thought it was actually pretty cute.

  • Jacqueline
    2018-09-25 08:14

    Okay, I gave this a try because I was amused by the title, 'cause I'd just tried another book in the series, and 'cause it was very short.Ya, I really shouldn't have. Also, again with the TSTL female protag running straight into dangerous situations without a thought? What's up with that?

  • VLynch
    2018-10-10 08:03

    If your looking for a quick easy read with some steamy romance and a dash of comedy this book is for you. I read it overnight when I was having issues sleeping, it made good company. It was sweet, charming, and it even had a few chuckles here and there.

  • Jenna Anderson
    2018-09-26 13:14

    Sorry - I just couldn't finish this one. The plot was unique but seemed like a cross between a bad porno and Disney channel script. I see that some of her other titles are getting better reviews. Maybe I will try one of those.

  • April
    2018-09-27 14:28

    This was a nice steamy read!1 I really liked the story and look forward to more of the series!Flighty feisty heroine meets serious cop! This is a favorite combo for me! I loved the story and there was plenty of adventure besides all the hot steam!