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The forest is full of secrets. Nessa Kurland is adjusting to life as a weregirl—she is transforming with ease and running with a pack she cares for deeply. Her boyfriend Luc is a fellow shifter, and Paravida, the corporation responsible for unethical genetic experiments on the residents of Tether, has pulled out of town, leaving the community safe. But that’s just how it aThe forest is full of secrets. Nessa Kurland is adjusting to life as a weregirl—she is transforming with ease and running with a pack she cares for deeply. Her boyfriend Luc is a fellow shifter, and Paravida, the corporation responsible for unethical genetic experiments on the residents of Tether, has pulled out of town, leaving the community safe. But that’s just how it appears on the surface. Nessa returns home from a run with the pack to find an FBI raid and the shocking news that her mother Vivian is being held without bail for violations so serious she may be facing life in prison. What did Nessa’s mother, a small-town vet tech, do to threaten Homeland Security? Vivian’s secret past leads Nessa to discover there is more to her own story than she ever imagined. The wolves that are running through Tether’s woods are not the same pack Nessa knew before. These are not all natural wolves. And they are breeding. Nessa’s transformation is only just beginning. In CHIMERA, the second installment in the Weregirl trilogy, Nessa confronts the truth of who she is, where she comes from, and what she has to do to survive....

Title : Chimera: A Weregirl Novel
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Chimera: A Weregirl Novel Reviews

  • Montzalee Wittmann
    2018-10-21 09:29

    Chimera: A Weregirl Novel by C.D. Bell is a book I requested from NetGalley and the book publishers and the review is voluntary. I have not read the first book but I did not have trouble getting into the story. I found this a great story for young teens or young adults. The suspense and intrigue of the FBI and the corrupt/unethical genetic experiments happening in Paravida Corporation and what her dad has to do with it was chilling. She finds out so much about her mom's past also. A great story with lots of twists and turns and secrets.... A very exciting story to be sure!

  • Sophie (Blame Chocolate)
    2018-09-24 15:19

    Full review at Blame Chocolate.I probably loved this one even more than Weregirl! Is it even possible?The plot was absolutely insane and intricate, the characters as awesome and relatable as ever, the relationships incredibly realistic, the whole atmosphere just so cool and engaging… I could not, for the life of me, stop reading. I only ever did because life was happening at the same time! (Ugh, life)There were some tiny things that bothered me, from Nessa’s occasional confusing reactions to her inability to piece clues together before I did, but overall there were very few negatives to point out about this wonderful book. I could see there was a lot of work put into making this as cohesive and plausible as possible, despite the paranormal vibe.Chimera definitely stepped it up and became this epic Weregirl version on steroids. If you enjoyed the first one and/or would like to give the trilogy a try, I can’t recommend it enough! For fans of werewolves and kickass heroines.

  • J.A. Ironside
    2018-10-19 07:16

    ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewReally enjoyed this second installment in the weregirl series (although - and be ready for a level of serious pedantry here - the word weregirl always makes my eyes water and my teeth ache. Were is an anglo saxon word for man. It has nothing to do with wolves or shapeshifting so 'weregirl' literally means 'man-girl'. I realise I need to let this go.) Chimera started off at the same pace as Weregirl. A little slow and leaving me feeling that the book was good but not all absorbing. Then once again at the halfway mark everything just off. The pace sped up and there were some serious moments of anxiety. The ending was perfection. I also really like Nessa and her relationship with the taciturn Luc. There's also a look at family dynamics both of wolves and humans. Overall this was a solid YA sci-fi/fantasy read.

  • Sandra
    2018-10-04 14:13

    REVIEWAfter reading Weregirl I really wanted to know more about Nessa Kurland and her family. I also still wanted more of the shifter genre too. I had questions I wanted answering upon finishing Weregirl and was looking forward to the answers.The main feature of this cover is the back of a girl's head. The girl has two plaits either side of her head. The hair is a mixture of browns and grey. The girls neck has fur that has a kind of mottled brown look to it. The byline on this cover says, "the forest is full of lies".Prior to reading this book I of course had the obvious thought that this girl with animal markings was Nessa in a part wolf/girl form. However that is not the case and wow when it is revealed who this is, well it's most certainly a wow moment in this second book of the trilogy.So as the blurb reveals Paravida have left Tether and everyone is safe, or maybe they feel safer. . .but are they? Nessa is adjusting well under the circumstances to her ability to transform into a wolf. In fact that's where this book picks up, Nessa is out in her wolf form running through the woods with Luc. Luc was born with the ability to transform into a wolf, and one day not that far away his human side will walk into the woods, transform into a wolf and never return to his human form or life again.It's whilst Luc and Nessa are chasing around, kind of playing in their wolf forms that they scent Paravida wolves. They follow the trail of the wolves when Nessa scents something familiar, however it is not so familiar to her in her wolf form. The two wolves then smell blood, meaning the wolves they are following are hurt. Eventually Nessa's wolf brain/memory clears and she recognises the smell as one she has been around in her work at the vets surgery. The smell is anaesthesia, meaning the Paravida Wolf has been shot with a tranquilizer gun. Luc and Nessa finally find the end of the trail and discover the tyre tracks. Whoever tranquilized the wolves have taken the bodies with them. Obviously somewhat puzzled Luc and Nessa make their way back to their little cabin behind Lucs home but far enough into the woods to be hidden. They change back to their human forms and hug and talk about what they have just discovered. Luc and Nessa have been dating a while and are comfortable with each other in both their human and wolf forms. I personally think Luc is a large part of the reason Nessa has adapted to her wolf so well. He has taught her about the transformation process, how to supress it and how to make it happen when you need it. Nessa still has to transform at both new and full moons. Nessa has also gotten to a point where she can move in and out of wolf form at will. Nessa merely thinks of her family to enable her to switch back easily into her human form. To become a wolf, Nessa think about the way she feels running as a wolf to transform into her wolf. Luc and Nessa's discovery soon becomes the least of her problems when she returns home to find the FBI and Homeland Security in and all around her home. Using her wolf hearing Nessa hears snippets of different conversations going on. Upon entering the house she and her family live in she first sees a worried Delphine, whose face instantly relaxes when she see's her older sister. Nate however is in an even worse state than Delphine. Nate is in the corner alone, as far away from the bustle as possible, hugging his knees and becoming more and more upset by all the people and police in his home which is usually his sanctuary. The officers are using Geiger counters and are searching every room and drawer and cupboard in the house. It's then Nessa's eyes finally land on her mother who is continually asking the officers what they are looking for. Vivian is sat at the table in an awkward bent forward position as her arms are in handcuffs behind her back. The officers pull Vivian upright to a standing position to take her away with them. Vivian has just moments to give orders to Nessa for her to call Aunt Jane to come get them. Vivian's other instructions are for Nessa to phone Dr Morgan to ask for more shifts at the vet surgery and to continue Vivian's work there. Both calling Aunt Jane and asking for extra shifts at the vets instantly make total sense to Nessa. It's the latter suggestion confuses Nessa somewhat as she is certainly not as qualified as her mum so couldn't possibly perform her duties at the veterinarian surgery. I also enjoyed reading the sections that featured the Paravida wolves. The Paravida wolves had been scientifically created and raised by human researchers at the secret laboratories on the Paravida Corporate Campus North of Tethers town. These wolves had been purposely bred to be highly aggressive and were isolated from each other, kept in individual cages instead of being allowed to co-exist or form a pack as they would naturally do. In this book, Chimera these wolves had escaped into the wild, fighting each other, starving or ransacking garbage for food. Sadly this meant they had no idea of how to interact with natural born wolves. Luc has taken on the task to attempt to teach them what being part of a pack is and how they should be co-existing with each other and other wolves in the area. I love the relationship between the Paravida wolf Jack and one of the Tether wolf pack resulting in super cute sounding baby wolf cubs. There's some great scenes within the book of Luc and Nessa playing with these wolf pups. There seemed to be a lot of things that had happened after the ending of Weregirl yet before Chimera begins, such as the whole Nessa & Luc relationship and also the incident where Bree, Luc and Nessa break into Paravida and take a box full of files and documentation. This box is mentioned as maybe being the information that the FBI and Homeland Security were searching for in the Kurland home? The box and it's contents could perhaps be a factor in Vivian's arrest too? The box is mentioned a couple of times and then nothing else about it. An envelope is found in the important roll top writing desk made or restored by grandpa, yet this piece of treasured furniture hadn't been mentioned before, in fact I initially thought that the girls were looking for a number/envelope in a roll-a-desk telephone number gadget from the description! To say there is a lot going on in this book is an understatement where in book one, Weregirl the plot initially felt a little slow, in this book, Chimera everything happens so very, very fast! We even get to meet Nessa & Delphine's father. There are many questions around and concerning their father. The one that immediately came to my mind was, well who is Nate's father? Then there is the whole ethics of the scientific experiments her father is doing. The shock that her mother once approved and did similar experiments herself. Then Nessa comes face to face with an experiment that should no longer exist. I could seriously go on and on and on about everything that happens in this book.Another issue Nessa has to deal with is the increasing support in her previously peaceful loving town of Tether for hunting and killing the wolves. . . .all the wolves, not just the Paravida one's. There are some fantastic scenes where Luc and Nessa are trying to help the wolves to leave the Tether wood and escape from impending death.I really grew to love the character of Nessa even more in this book. Nessa goes through lots of changes from the person she was in Weregirl to who she is at the end of Chimera. Nessa has to deal with losses of things and people close to her. Nessa has to become more independent and confident, she has many choices ahead of her with very few people she can discuss them with. What should she believe about her mother Vivian, Why has she been arrested? Why is she so set that Nessa should avoid her father along with any help he ever offers? Then there is her father, how come he is so rich? and the rest of the Kurland family so poor? What sort of experiments is he really doing? How should she feel when he reveals Nessa is named after his mother Vanessa? Nessa was very young when her parents split but she does have flashbacks to that time, which she uses to decipher the lies within the truths she is presented with.Nessa really goes through the ringer in this book, she has to accept that what she has with Luc is not permanent. Nessa feels pulled in many directions during this book by her mother, her father and her pack, the Tether wolves. Nessa has to deal with the feeling of ostracisation when some of the people of Tether turn against Vivian. Nessa also deals with bullies at school who seem to love talking about her mothers arrest. It both annoys and upsets Nessa, these are the same people whose pets Vivian has saved or treated for free when they were down on their luck and money. Poor Nessa seems to solve one problem only to have another one land in her lap.Another much smaller character within Chimera that I really liked a lot was Vivian's court appointed lawyer, Zach Chandler. Zach is young but knows what is needed to help Vivian and when because of his firm not wanting to go up against a large company like Paravida reveal they would take a plea for a shorter jail sentence instead of going the whole way through the court to free Vivian he meets with Nessa, explains the situation and gives her pointers on where to find the right sort of help. My immediate thoughts upon reading the last page in Chimera was, Wow I really, really hope there are more books to come in this series! I now know, after a little research that this book is part of a trilogy. This book covered so much but I would truly love more! Loved it! I would love a novella or two, perhaps covering Nessa and Lucs relationship and him helping Nessa come to terms with what she transforms into. Also a novella on Vivian set before she returned to Tether, so we know exactly what she took part in and how she argued with Nessa's father about the ethics of what they were doing and maybe even more about Vivian after the ending of this book too. Every time I think about Chimera and its ending all I can think is wow when can I read the final book in the trilogy?

  • Savanna Crowe
    2018-10-18 07:30

    Chimera was so good! I thought Chimera was better than the first one and had a better pace to it. There were some good plot twists in it. I stayed up all night (into morning) because I wanted to know what happened next. ( until 3:00 a.m)Within the first 20-30 pages something happens that has me asking questions. (With her mom) I thought that the story of Daniel and her moms back story was well written. ( by the way I thought Daniel's work was super creepy and weird) I overall really enjoyed this and would totally recommend this series! :) 5/5 🌟

  • Beth Stefl O'Grady
    2018-10-10 11:07

    As much as I loved Weregirl, Chimera blows it out of the water! I could not put this book down. The plot was suspenseful and moving, and the plot twist (I won't spoil it) was intense, I can't wait to see where it goes from here!Equal parts exciting and heartbreaking, I would highly recommend Chimera. I appreciate a strong female protagonist and the story arcs kept me engaged.

  • Rakshita
    2018-10-04 10:30

    I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Here are my thoughts on it:I really liked the writing style of this book, it was fast paced and fluid. There were certain instances where my heart beat faster in anticipation of what was going to happen next!"People live inside the stories they tell themselves. Others see about you the things that you believe.”This is my favorite quote from the book, it's so thoughtful. Also, the whole storyline is engaging and there were times where I couldn't take my eyes off it. “A chimera is a mythical beast that combines several different species. It’s also a scientific term for any organism that contains genetic material from two individual zygotes— or two species."Personally, I love to read about genetics and DNA sequencing, this book even explained a few of these processes which garnered my attention and also made me attached to it."Wolves did not keep secrets from one another. They didn’t worry about having enough money or finishing school or winning races . They didn’t interfere with nature and have to figure out what was too much and what was enough. They were nature." I enjoyed reading the scenes where Nessa and Luc were running with the other wolves. It was so well written and the pups were so adorable. I like how the perspective about wolves is so different than the usual.Overall, I enjoyed reading this book and would definitely recommend it.

  • Paige Green
    2018-10-20 11:30

    Rating: 4.5/5Genre: YA FantasyRecommended Age: 15+ (werewolves, FBI, and... more werewolves! Oh MY! Also, some slightly mature content)I receieved a free copy of this book courtesy of Chooseco! Thank you so much! All opinions are my own.The forest is full of secrets.And who knows them better than Nessa Kurland, a sixteen-year-old cross-country star with a secret of her own: she can transform at will into a werewolf, and her power grows stronger with every moon.Nessa returns home from a run with her pack to find an FBI raid and the shocking news that her mother, Vivian, is being arrested for violations so serious she may be facing life in prison. What did Nessa's mother, a small-town vet tech, do to threaten Homeland Security? Vivian's secret past leads Nessa to discover there is more to her story than she ever imagined.The wolves that are running through Tether's woods are not the same pack Nessa knew before. These are not all natural wolves. And they are breeding.As the lines between science, nature, and magic fade into one another, nothing is as it appears. And the wolves are not the only creatures in the woods.Nessa's transformation is only just beginning...Filled with romance, tragedy, perseverance, and adventure, C. D. Bell's CHIMERA is a breathtaking continuation of Nessa's story, as she confronts the truth of who she is, where she comes from, and what she has to do to survive. - Amazon.comI will say that I loved this book much more than the first one. The beginning starts off slow and right where we left off in the last book. However the story soon picks up and the reader is racing to the end with the main character. I liked how much more developed the main character became along with all of the other characters. I felt that the author made tremendous improvement between the first and second book in terms of writing, character development, plot development, and pacing. A+ in effort for the author!I only had one complaint and it was how the book ended. There were so many unanswered questions and so it almost guarantees that I'll have to reread the series in the future and then read the final book in the triology. Verdict: I thought this book was so much better than the first book and I thought this book did amazing to build tension and make the plot a thousand times more interesting then in the first book. Definitely a series you need to check out if you're looking for a werewolf book or a different kind of fantasy book altogether.

  • Annie Deo
    2018-10-01 11:06

    I haven't read the first book in this series, but that didn't hinder my reading experience with Chimera. Obviously there was some backstory I wasn't familiar with, but it was fairly easy to fill in the blanks. My rating is 3.5, but I've rounded up to 4 stars to take into account that I probably would've had greater investment in the characters if I'd read Weregirl.PROSI'm very picky about the YA books I choose to read because there are a lot of toxic tropes and unfortunate themes prevalent in the genre, but fortunately Chimera ticks all the right boxes to make this an enjoyable read. We have a mature level-headed female protagonist who has several meaningful platonic relationships instead of revolving around boys, which is a massive plus for me! I love that Nessa has a close bond with her brother and sister, being protective of her younger siblings and doing her best to look out for them. Nessa's mother is also an important part of the story - even if she's not always an active on-page presence, Nessa's thoughts frequently return to her since the major elements at play in Chimera involve her mother's health and scientific background. And it's great to see a healthy female friendship depicted in this book with Nessa's best friend, Bree, who is featured throughout the story so she isn't just a token female friend, but someone who impacts Nessa's character and storyline. It's realistic and refreshing that her character doesn't revolve entirely around Nessa either, instead she has her own life and relationships that she's pursuing in the background - but when it matters, she's there for Nessa. <3Now onto the romantic relationship...a lot of times in YA, the main couple are ride-or-die for each other and have no perspective outside of their relationship; being with each other is the only thing that matters and they have no other considerations or priorities. I have to praise the author for taking the time to flesh out character arcs and motivations for more than just the lead, since in this case, we see Luc struggling to reconcile his love for Nessa with his long-held desire to turn fully wolf and retreat from the human world. I'll admit, I'm not overly invested in his character, but that would be due to having skipped the first book so I don't really know Luc since he spent most of this book off-page due to his wolf responsibilities. It's just really refreshing to me that we get to have these teenagers facing conflict over where their futures lie and how their paths are likely to diverge, but instead of angst and tears, it makes them appreciate the time they have together even more and they make the most of their brief moments sharing hot chocolate in their secluded cabin. This is what makes me root for a couple, not OTT drama!Moving onto the plot, there is solid intrigue with the evil corporation Paravida plotting to scapegoat Vivian and exterminate the wolves. They seemed a little overpowered at times, considering the ease with which they manipulate the legal system and turn the town against Vivian, but I can see how corrupt corporations have an advantage when it comes to promoting their agenda in court and in the media. More successful is the family drama with Nessa meeting her estranged father and negotiating that tricky reunion while trying to find ways to help the wolves and cure her mother. CONSI had some issues with occasional scenes where Nessa seemed to be written a little younger than her years and unrealistically naive. The court scene was strange in this respect because Nessa clearly identified the people loitering around with cameras as reporters, but then she becomes confused at one of them asking her questions:---Was this someone she was supposed to know? An old friend of Vivian's? Some distant relative she'd met once and didn't remember?Who was this woman? Why did she seem to know Nessa when Nessa did not know her?---A few minutes later, she says that she thought the reporters were in court for another case, so again, she knows what these people are there for, yet she still somehow thinks maybe the first reporter trying to interview her on-camera is a distant relative or family friend? There was also a climactic scene near the end of the story where this cropped up - (mildly spoilery) characters are in danger and it looks like there's no way out...then a solution is found, but Nessa forgets about it a few minutes later and is at her wits' end, trying to think of how to save lives, whereupon she comes upon the same solution that was just employed in that same scene! Again, she clearly remembers the details of what just happened as it's referenced at the time, so this isn't an editing issue, but the fact that she doesn't think to use that escape method until later is baffling. A rather nitpicky point I want to make is that it's jarring how the narrative referred to Nessa's mother as 'Vivian' even when it was from her point-of-view. Most people don't think of their mom by their first name, so reading paragraphs like this pulled me out of the story:---But in the hospital bed, Vivian looked worse than Nessa had imagined. (...) But still, she was Vivian. She was Mom. Nessa saw Vivian make the same half-smile she always made, as if to smile fully was to tempt fate. ---Even if we assume that the story is being told from an objective POV instead of Nessa's, that bolded line doubles down to suggest that Nessa is thinking of this woman as Vivian, and the continual jumping back and forth is very clunky.Speaking of Vivian, her character has a few bizarre moments with the flip-flopping when it comes to accepting help from the children's father. For instance, I understand she has ethical disagreements with Daniel over how far to push the boundaries of science, but I can't help judging her for being a terrible mother since she never touched the child support payments he made when her family was struggling and badly needed that money!Disclaimer: I received a free digital copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • glimpses_of_me
    2018-09-22 09:20

    I was still swooing over Nessa and Luc when I started Chimera. My main thought was: C.D.Bell made me wait all the way to the last page to see my babies together, she better not mess that up! LOL Luc is no shadow of doubt my favorite character. Why? because I identify with his personality. He rarely says anything and when he does it is only the necessary. He is always on task. He is also the character that made my heart ache throughout the book, but that is one spoiler I wont give away. Just know, that if you love him as much as I do, it will hurt and make you angry and make you smile... conflicting emotions all the way!Nessa's character is a little different here. In Weregirl she was your every day teen. She was a runner trying to best her time to get scholarships; she had a normal-ish family ('cause no family is truly normal); she was brave, but not unafraid; she knew the wolves chose her but had little trust on herself.In Chimera Nessa is a lot more confident. School is no longer a priority. Family is. Understanding her mother's past and getting to know her estranged father takes center stage. She is willing to take chances and trusts herself a lot more.For the first half of the book I felt exactly the same way I did with Weregirl. A bit uncertain... the 'good but not great' feeling playing along in my mind constantly.But just like in Weregirl, about half way through the story picked up and got very intense. I was suffering some serious anxiety issues towards the end of that book! Goodness... so much happened!I believe that Weregirl was a little better than Chimera. Hence I gave Weregirl 4.4/5 and Chimera 4/5. The reason neither book got a 5 from me was that the first half of both books was not as gripping and intense as the second. And the reason I believe Weregirl was a tad better was because it was more consistent and believable. For example, in Chimera Nessa's mother is said to hate her father, to the point she would rather die than ask for his help. Yet towards the end her mother asks Nessa to move in with her Father. What?!The ending was PHENOMENAL! I was afraid the whole way through of what would happen to Luc and eventually also to her mother. Their endings were beautiful. Sad in many ways.... I freaking cried my heart out... but beautiful! I would even be happy if this was the end and I got no answers to the trillion questions left open. It was that Perfect!Now's lets talk book covers......Chimera was an arc (thank you thank you thank you Weregirl team!!!)But Weregirl I purchase at a small local store near me. Why? because I loved the cover. That is it. No other reason. I barely read the blurb. The title and the cover just sang to me. I had to have it. You see, I have a weakness for pretty book covers and for shape-shifting stories! (if you've known me for a while you know my obsession with a certain dragon-man series for example)Then I received Chimera................................No offense guys, but what?! I am a visual person. Were I out in a store looking for books without ever having heard of Weregirl I would not look at Chimera twice. The series went from stunning book cover to 'lets hide this in the back'Sorry. Truth must be told! Anyway... if you've read this review this far you know to ignore the book cover. The book was great. Go Read.For more YA reviews check out or my bookstagram @glimpses_of_me

  • throneofshatteredbooks
    2018-09-28 09:14

    I was provided with a copy of Weregirl and Chimera by the author and publisher for an honest opinion. Thank you Chooseco for the opportunity to read these books.In Weregirl we follow a high school Junior named Nessa Kurland who's main goal is to get a scholarship in cross-country to escape her small town. She gets noticed by one of the best runners in her team and was invited to run in the woods at night for practice. To Nessa's luck she runs late and while trying to catch with her teammate she runs into a trapped wolf. While trying to help this wolf Nessa unfortunately get's bitten by a white wolf who happens to encounter her while helping the trapped wolf. She then starts noticing changes in her body, and that she in now running a lot faster than usual. Overall, I really loved this book and could not have expected any more from it. I really loved the pace it set for the reader. It wasn't a slow story and I never felt like it dragged on either. The writing was really good and easy to follow. I felt like it flowed really well with the book and didn't falter.I really enjoyed reading in the perspective of the main character, Nessa. She has us going on adventures and also I saw myself relating to her in some parts of her real life. Except the part in which she becomes wolf, obviously not a spoiler. I really loved the way the first book wrapped up and left you wanting more from it. I quickly pick up the second book, Chimera which was just a little slower. I blame it on the fact that I might have been on a bit of a slump. In this book Nessa has to deal with a lot more problems. Which I don't want to spoil for you guys, but you will be on the edge of your seats. Trying to find out what's going to happen next. We're on a different adventure with Nessa and this time it's a bit more serious. This book was also just amazing as the first one. If you love the show Teen Wolf and love werewolf book with teenage main characters than this book is for you. I promise you'll enjoy reading in. Especially because its set at a great pace.

  • Emily
    2018-10-13 08:21

    My rating: 4.5/5 starsI received this book as an ARC from the publisher (thank you specifically to Lizzi Adelman for reaching out to me) in exchange for an honest review of the book. Chimera comes out November 1, 2017 and the first book in the trilogy is out already.I won’t go into too much detail about anything that happened in the book as I don’t wish to spoil anyone that hasn’t read it yet, or that wants to read the series if they haven’t started it.Chimera picks up, I want to say, about a year or so after Weregirl ends. It starts off with Luc and Nessa playing around and then catching the scent of Paravida wolves. I enjoyed this scene, especially the very beginning of it. It was nice to see them playing around again after all that went down in the first book, Weregirl. At this point, I was interested in what would be the story line for the Paravida wolves. Would they be forever aggressive? Would they become completely tame? Would they end up blending in with the normal wolf packs?Well, the answer to all those questions ends up being answered throughout the story. A story that weaves together the complex life of a 16-year-old girl as well as her life as a werewolf. This story, in contrast with Weregirl, is more about Nessa and her life as a wolf now that it’s been a year and she has gotten accustomed to being one. The reason I mention this is because this is one of the several pros I had for this book. While I did enjoy reading about Nessa’s human life in the first book, I felt that it might have been a little too much about her life as a human. In this story, though, it’s primarily about her time as a wolf (with Luc) and still trying to figure out what the deal is with Paravida.Overall, I thought Chimera was better than Weregirl. It moved at a faster pace than Weregirl did, which I really enjoyed. I did not feel as though there were many (if any) moments that could have been taken out, and the story would’ve been fine without them. This, I thought, was a major improvement from the first book where I felt that were quite a few moments throughout that book that could’ve been taken out.Now, onto another of pros. The cover. Before I read the book, I didn’t know how I felt about the cover. After reading the book though, I love the cover. There’s a section of the book that explains what is on the cover and when I realized this, the cover immediately made sense and I now fully support the use of this cover design. Also, may I just say, that was a hell of a weird scene to read (in the best way possible).I really love the whole plot with Daniel and thought it was well executed. The whole thing with him and the Chimera’s gave me the creeps. The plot twist that involved him and a certain someone (when we’re first getting to know who his character is) was good and not something I expected at all.Another of my pros was the scene with the wolves and the soldiers in the woods. I thought this scene was very well written and detailed perfectly. Especially that Luc part. That got me in the feels. Speaking of Luc, I love him, he’s such a great character in the story.This book had me on a roller coaster of emotions. First, I was happy, then anxious, nervous, confused, shocked, weirded out, then sad, and finally happy again. Take all of that as you will, I’m not spoiling about what had me feeling all those emotions.Overall, I would recommend this book (and the first book in the series if you haven’t read that). I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot wait to read the last book of the trilogy, which will come out…whenever it comes out.

  • Helois
    2018-09-23 09:14

    I didn't read the first book in the series, but found myself quickly immersed in the story, and while I don't think it's completely necessary to read the first book, it may help to do so, simply for some more background information. While I found the writing style fluid and the story progressed at a good pace, it does start of kind of slow, which I suppose is ok, most books seem to start off slow, I find it's because setting the story takes some time. The plot is very intriguing with the suspense of the FBI and the unethical and corrupt practices of Paravida and other scientists bring to mind all the ways humans should stay away from tampering with nature.With plenty of twists and wonderful characters, this is a great read for teens, young adults..well anybody really.Nessa is a teenage girl..but she's also a wearwolf, not from birth but because she was bitten. Her boyfriend Luc is also a wearwolf, but he was born that way. They "run" with a local pack of wolves...however the woods is full of scientifically enhanced wolves..wolves that don't act like regular wolves...they were accidentally released by Paravida. These wolves are extremely aggressive and will attack humans. Nessa and Luc try to keep them away from town. But then something odd happens..Nessa's mother is arrested by the FBI and charged with genetically enhancing the wolves and releasing them onto the public. Nessa must not only continue to help Luc keep the wolves away from town, but she also finds out her mother was a scientist, her father is still alive and running labs that may or may not be unethical himself. It's a lot to deal with..can she save her mother, the wolves and herself?*I received an advance copy from netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

  • Summer
    2018-10-18 15:16

    I'm really glad I got hold of an ARC for this, because it was a very cute werewolf book.The werewolf protag Nessa is now comfortably dating Luc, guarding the local wolf pack, working on the rehabilitation of the escaped evil science wolves, and has a great secret hideout cabin in the woods with hot chocolate and pillows. Live the dream, Nessa. Live the dream.This book has a lot more science and less magic than Weregirl, as Nessa and Bree continue their high-school-level espionage attempts against various evil corporations as (view spoiler)[ Nessa's mom Vivian is framed for creating the evil science wolves (hide spoiler)] and Nessa uncovers dark family secrets in an attempt to clear her name. (view spoiler)[ I thought the Doctor Moreau-style genetic engineering was a little silly - hybrids aren't inherently scary or evil, and chimeras don't quite work that way, but I'm prepared to cut sci-fi some slack.(hide spoiler)]The book had a wide emotional range, from warm domesticity to tragedy, so don't go in unprepared for (view spoiler)[ people dying and/or turning into wolves forever(hide spoiler)] but overall it was a breath of fresh air, and the Weregirl series is turning out to be one of the best YA werewolf books I've read. Thank god for writers who interpret animal nature as "very interested in running and smelling things and playing with puppies" and not "stalking and aggression". I wouldn't put the Weregirl series with standard guns'n'spells wolves'n'vamps urban fantasy - it doesn't contain much romance or violence, and is closer in tone to magical slice of life books like Howl's Moving Castle or accidental mystery books like the Echo Falls series.

  • La.Tasha
    2018-10-18 13:18

    I received an arch free for an unbiased review through NetGalley and publisher. I have read both books in the Weregirl series and I do believe Chimera has indeed surpassed my sequel expectations. It was of course slow going but I felt like it was slowing reintroducing me to the world of Nessa and Luc. I personally enjoyed the slow climax but I do fear people tend to want plots rushed in order to capture their attention, so it might be a negative impact for those who find it difficult to submerge into a book. I also enjoyed learning more about Nessa and Luc. It definitely offers a clearer understanding into each of their motivations as the series progresses. Overall I feel it hit points on emotional connection, good plot twists, history development, and supporting motivations. I do also feel that their are new questions that will be answered in the third book and I am excited to see where this will lead. I marked as a four star because it was a worthwhile investment to read but it is not a book it would return to simply to re-read as a enjoyable story among my favorites.

  • Robyyn
    2018-10-02 08:25

    I received Chimera from the publisher and netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Chimera continues the story of Nessa battling with the company Parvida and trying to manage her newly found werewolf status. The Parvida wolf pack has started descending on the town of Tether and multiplying at an alarming rate. Her and Luc are trying to keep them at bay when Nessa’s has a major family crisis and her father reappears in her life. She may not have time to save both Tether and her family from collapsing.I enjoyed this book far more than the first one. I felt the characters got deeper and it went further away from the typical werewolf teenage love story. I think it leaves a lot of mystery still open and I’m very interested to see if Daniel ends up a good or bad guy, and what happens to the Other Delphine. I loved the Luc and Nessa story and how it didn’t end with them running off into the sunset together. Can’t wait for the next one

  • Klancy Hoover
    2018-09-28 15:06

    Thank you to the author and @weregirl_book on Instagram for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.I didn’t think that Nessa and Luc’s relationship was very realistic. The beginning of the novel sort of threw them together. Though, their relationship did build as the story progressed, especially toward the end. And the ending was amazing. I cried. Kleenexes were definitely needed. I’m still not sure how I feel about the cover. If I was in a bookstore, I probably wouldn’t pick it up. I tend to gravitate toward bright, colorful covers so the cover of Chimera probably wouldn’t catch my eye.But like I said, the ending was amazing so I’m glad that I was given the opportunity to read it!

  • Lenni Jones
    2018-10-07 11:07

    I’m very disappointed that I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the last. It was so much fun reading from the moment where Nessa was bitten to where she saved her brother. I enjoyed reading about how Nessa was coming into her powers, but she was done with that in this one.I DID enjoy that Luc and Nessa we’re together in this one. They’re very cute, which made the ending very sad. I’m actually scared to read book three because I don’t know if I’ll like what the author does.I’ll stop now before I spoil anything. I just wanted to say that this book was okay, but not fantabulous like book #1.

  • Donna
    2018-10-12 09:03

    teen/paranormalThis story starts right where Weregirl left off. This story picks up steam as it goes and by the end is a full blown locomotive. There are twists and turns and secrets and lies. We get a whole new cast of friends and enemies and are not sure where a few of them fall. We find out more about Nessa’s family and there are a few surprises there. This story left me panting for the final book in the trilogy.

  • CrazyCat (Alex)
    2018-10-13 10:18

    Heartbroken? Hopeful? I don't know how to feel. A great story, well written and an emotional roller coaster. The ending was so sad, even the little hope given, couldn't help me feeling much better. A must read and highly recommended. I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. Thanks to NetGalley and Chooseco!

  • McKenzi
    2018-09-24 12:02

    What a rollercoaster of a plot (in a good way!)

  • Connie
    2018-10-19 11:10

    what a great wrap up to a fantastic series. I'm not going to put any spoilers but Nessa grew a LOT in this book and family is all that we have in life.

  • Dschaper54
    2018-10-17 12:04

    Excellent story line in this continuation. Twist at every turn. Read it, you will not regret it.

  • Sandra
    2018-09-27 11:04

    I loved this second book even more than the first! No spoilers yet I will say that you will come to care for the characters in the story.

  • John Martin
    2018-10-07 08:00

    i loved the book after reading the first one i had to get the second one but it was sad for me towards the end but its a perfect book for someone that likes fantasy.