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Condom dresses, space helmets, and vegetable coats have debuted on fashion runways—now a dead body is the trend. Filleted and stitched into a gruesome skin coat, a corpse worn by an anorexic model saunters down fashion’s biggest stage. The remains are identified as Annabelle Leigh, the teenager who mysteriously disappeared over a decade ago from her boyfriend’s New York CiCondom dresses, space helmets, and vegetable coats have debuted on fashion runways—now a dead body is the trend. Filleted and stitched into a gruesome skin coat, a corpse worn by an anorexic model saunters down fashion’s biggest stage. The remains are identified as Annabelle Leigh, the teenager who mysteriously disappeared over a decade ago from her boyfriend’s New York City mansion. After years of seeking the truth, new evidence puts golden boy Cecil LeClaire at the center of the crime. He teams up with Ava Germaine, a beautiful and badass ex-con with a knack for breaking codes. Together they investigate the depraved and lawless modeling industry behind Cecil’s family fortune. Model agencies promise the American Dream, but what secrets hide behind those emaciated scowls? In high fashion modeling, selling bodies is organized crime....

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  • Erin
    2018-10-13 18:25

    Dark mystery that for the most part read like an erotica. Not really my cup of tea, but I see that publication is now being moved to 2018 so perhaps some things will be changed.Thanks to Aurelia Press and author AC Moyer for a digital galley in exchange for a review.

  • Carolyn
    2018-09-26 14:21

    I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley to read and review but now the author has posted a note that the book will going through a 'traditional publishing process' and will not be published until 2018. I think that is a good thing and can only improve it. It's an interesting book, deeply and darkly cynical in an over-the-top way about the fashion industry. Quite gruesome and confronting, filled with murders, rape, sex slavery and models plucked from anorexia wards and put back after shows. More horror and erotica than crime and not a book I enjoyed reading. While I found the writing incisive and often darkly humorous, I found the characters very underdone and very superficial, the plot disjointed and the book overly long. Several times I nearly abandoned the book from boredom and being constantly told that the fashion industry equates to sex slavery, but I hung in there and the plot did pick up in the last quarter of the book, where the main characters, wealthy scion of the fashion industry, Cecil LeClaire and clever whiz kid Ava Germaine start to work out what is going on. Hopefully, the final version will be much improved by a good editor by the time this is published and the book will appeal to those who enjoy this sort of very dark, gory thriller.

  • Stacey
    2018-09-26 18:18

    Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.“Condom dresses, space helmets, and vegetable coats have debuted on fashion runways—now a dead body is the trend.Filleted and stitched into a gruesome skin coat, a corpse worn by an anorexic model saunters down fashion’s biggest stage. The remains are identified as Annabelle Leigh, the teenager who mysteriously disappeared over a decade ago from her boyfriend’s New York City mansion.After years of seeking the truth, new evidence puts golden boy Cecil LeClaire at the center of the crime. He teams up with Ava Germaine, a beautiful and badass ex-con with a knack for breaking codes. Together they investigate the depraved and lawless modeling industry behind Cecil’s family fortune.Model agencies promise the American Dream, but what secrets hide behind those emaciated scowls?In high fashion modeling, selling bodies is organized crime. ”I initally requested this novel as it was about an ‘anorexic model’ and as someone who struggles with this eating disorder I thought it would be an interesting read as I have not seen a mystery involving this issueThe mental health representation in this book is awful. First of all, the model does not have anorexia. The models are thin and are being starved by their agents. They are not suffering from an eating disorder. Being a size zero and having anorexia ARE NOT THE SAME THING.The author clearly has not done any research into the illnesses she is writing about. At one point a character says ‘so you have schizophrenia?’ when what she actually meant was multiple personality disorder/ DID. It does not take a lot to Google the illness you want to use. Within 30 seconds, you will realise they are two completely different conditions. It is honestly infuriating.I hated pretty much all of the characters and didn’t really care about what was happening to them. The constant references to designers and their lavish lifestyle just annoyed me more.In terms of plot, this was very predictable. I’ve read a few reviews commenting on the ending, and I’m sat here thinking ‘how did you not see it coming?’. I worked out the plot twist very early on. Size Zero has probably been the worst mystery I have read this year.The writing isn’t bad but the author uses a lot of crash language which I think many readers will feel uncomfortable reading. At times I’ve found myself caught off guard and I am someone who isn’t usually bothered by such things.I have noticed the publication has been pushed back to 2018 so hopefully some changes will be made.2/5*

  • Hannah Golding
    2018-10-15 11:26

    A dark and thrilling read that never let's up on the tension, 'Size Zero' offers not only the glimpse into a lifestyle we see only on the cover of magazines, but delves further into the pages, pulling apart the literal blood, sweat and tears that makes or breaks a human in one of the world's toughest industries. Fashion.'Size Zero' opens to Karolina, an aspiring model ready to showcase herself to the world. What she delivers is far from triumphant; human remains that pull us into a mystery over a decade old, and introduces us to the enigmatic duo of Cecil LeClaire and Ava Germaine.Cecil LeClaire wants nothing more than to exist away from the spotlight, from the childhood that propelled his family to such notoriety and the looming disappearance of his adolescent sweetheart Annabelle Leigh. But, when her remains turn up on his sister's catwalk, his desperate need for answers to Annabelle's missing years and his name to finally be cleared forces him to join up with the elusive Ava Germaine, a youthful ex-con given a second chance to continue the good fight that saw her incarcerated.Beautifully written, AC Moyer knows her craft and you will not be disappointed as she takes you from catwalks to parties to behind the curtains of the depraved lifestyle that will continue to haunt you long after you finish the final words.

  • Robin
    2018-10-17 13:29

    OK, so I haven't read this but am recommending on the basis of a librarian colleague who loved it. Me, at the risk of sounding on the irreverent side, my first thought regarding the description of the cape-wearing model was:Entertainment show interviewer: "And Who are you wearing?"Model: "Oh, this old thing? It's a Hannibal Lecter."

  • Cat Ellington
    2018-10-23 18:19

    Is beauty really only skin deep?As the old adage goes, its concept may ring factual to some. But in many cases, when the subject factors around the innermost soul of Man, it can be downright ugly . . . And evil.For a surety, one will never look at the high fashion industry (or at the models who strut the Milan, Paris, and NYFW runways, whose faces also feature on the glossy covers of high fashion magazines) in the same way again after he or she has completed AC Moyer's ferocious anecdote, Size Zero. Masterfully-written by the smart-as-a-whip author, Size Zero is a brutal, bile-in-the-throat novel of self-loathing, perversity, and depravity - even the same three that exists within the immoral individuals who act as the "gatekeepers" of the ridiculously expensive high fashion industry. Courageously walking the tightrope of truth over a canyon of scorching lava—like a natural born Wallenda—Moyer has designed an haute couturesque novel which showcases the degeneracy of the industry of high fashion and extreme luxury in a most brutal and unflinching spotlight, with great attention paid to the detail of both her hemmed dialogue, and expertly stitched character development. Moyer morphs nonfiction with fiction in such a remarkable way that its content will leave you in absolute awe. For such prose is Size Zero—representative of tremendous fieldwork done on behalf of its creator. And for this, she is deserving of commendation. I admire this author already, as do I her two main co-protagonists, Cecil LeClaire and Ava Germaine. And she, AC Moyer, can now claim a new fan, for lack of a better word, in me. Ingenuine in delivery and unstoppable in page-turning pace, with an ending that will leave your psyche drenched in a dark, semi-sweet scent reminiscent of Jasmin Noir, Size Zero is five-star fabulous, to say the least. • It is my kind pleasure to thank Aurelia Press, as well as NetGalley, for the advanced copy of "Size Zero" in exchange for my honest review. Analysis of "Size Zero" by AC Moyer is courtesy of Reviews by Cat Ellington: Date of Review: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

  • Carly Horan
    2018-10-21 18:11

    Size Zero is one of the only books I've ever read that I've finished in one sitting. I didn't know what to expect at first, given the premise of 'modeling' made me think of whiny girls and America's Next Top Model. But it's not that AT ALL. Size Zero is dark and twisted. Here, the models are powerless, destroyed, and weak, controlled by a cast of domineering main characters. Somehow, this book manages to be beautiful and ugly at once. From a stellar character, Margaux, wielding an erotic, ivory cane and a revolver, to models enduring something that could only be called indentured slavery, to an incredibly detailed action scene in Bologna Italy, this book has it all. The LeClaire Mansion, also the modeling agency, creates a clear, lived-in world, one I'd actually want to visit. The twist at the end SHOCKED me, but also made complete sense in the world of the story. And that says a lot, given I almost always know the ending in murder mysteries around the midpoint. This is not your average crime novel. I cannot wait for the next books in the series. I received an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

  • Gkm
    2018-10-14 11:13

    I was immediately drawn into this novel. Size Zero is a dark portrayal of the modeling industry, definitely not the glamor every one associates with modeling, which adds a unique depth to the story. The main characters are well developed and provide enough humor to lighten the dark background of the book. Ava Germaine is one of those strong female characters that I could relate with. We first meet her as she wears a frilly dress, while also breaking into a car. And there's also Perdonna, a strong, domineering fashion designer who also happens to be blind. These strong women play well with the main character, Cecil. A complex story line provides a mystery that I wasn’t able to solve until the very end of the book. This is one of those books that is impossible to put down and I look forward to reading more from this author.I received an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

  • Maria
    2018-10-08 11:14

    This book was given to me through the goodread giveaways by the author A. C. Moyer, and I'd like to thank you for that. The book was a big slap to the beatiful face of fashion.I liked the book, but I found myself confused at times. Is it going to be a second book, because I have a lot a question that I think should be answered?

  • Navidad Thelamour
    2018-09-29 12:15

    I was not a fan of this writing at all. From the very first page, I was turned off. The narrative jumps around in a disjointed manner that nearly gave me a headache, and the punchlines usually fell flat at best. There are several attempts at wit here that never hit the mark (raccoon/coon, for one), and this novel didn't really seem to delve any deeper than the surface of stereotypes (model on cocaine, trust fund kid still spoiled and under his mother's thumb). There were literally moments when I sighed with disgust (Don't worry; you're too rich to go to prison) and knew there was no way I'd get through this one. I'm sure that there's a market for this sort of novel. There are readers who would absolutely relish the scandal here. However, I am definitely not that reader.Big DNF.

  • Mindy
    2018-10-04 12:37

    Well if you're in to truly dark and disturbing psychological thrillers, you might like this book. I say might because, for a thriller, there is an awful lot of sexual scenes thrown in as well. That being said, I didn't actually expect the twist until much later in the book than usual. Even with psychological thrillers, I usually figure things out (or at least suspect them) fairly early on. I also felt like the story wasn't drawing my interest from the start but about halfway that shifted. Hopefully this is something they plan on changing with the delayed release date. Overall, not a bad read, just sort if mediocre. I would like to thank the publisher, author, and Netgalley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Mike Stack
    2018-10-04 15:18

    My rating: 4.5/5I got this book at bookcon and my rating is in no way affected by any outside influences.This book is such a riveting tale! Definitely not for the faint of heart, but if you want a good, sexy, sometimes witty book this is definitely for you.Each character is damaged in a way that hits you so hard you can barely breathe. With each twisr you can barely breathe. Each reveal... you can barely breate. This book takes you on a ride from page one to the very last sentence. My reader rating: 17+ for explicit nudity, explicit sexual situations, graphic violence and gore, and language.I really hope this becomes a series!

  • Alex
    2018-09-28 10:22

    I wanted to love this book - the first three chapters had me completely hooked, but somewhere shortly after that, it took a turn for the bad... very bad. The story is definitely unique and almost could have worked but what bothered me most was the character development. Take Cecil, the main character for example: at first he comes across as kind and generous (despite the drinking problem), but as soon as he goes home to NY he becomes a salacious playboy, then a chaste hurt soul missing his lover, then... well, you get the point. His character wasn't consistent at all, along with numerous other characters. Oh well, I would still give this author another chance.

  • Arlene Arredondo
    2018-10-21 15:33

    You will never see a Model the same way again. A.C. Moyer immerse the reader in a nightmarish and superficial world, where perfection doesn't exist. There is always someone more beautiful, more tall, more thinner, and the competition could be deadly. It is frightful because of the difficult topics that make the plot. Eating disorders, slavery, human trafficking, murder, kidnapping. This is a page turning thriller, with enough suspects to keep it interesting. Full with unexpected twists and graphic violence and sexual content.Note: I received an ARC for review and an honest and unbiased opinion.

  • Karen Miles
    2018-10-02 13:11

    Thank you to NetGalley, A.C. Moyer, and the publisher for providing me with an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. The premise of the boom was interesting, which caused me to request a copy of the book. I thought the book was going to bea mystery/thriller but it mostly a cheap porn.Unfortunately, I was very disappointed in this book. I could on,y get through 8% of the book, when my usual cutoff for a book I do not like is 10%. The writing was not stellar and the characters did not draw me into reading more. The plot was scattered but not in a good way.

  • TDCbookreviews
    2018-10-07 12:22

    Size Zero by A.C. MoyerGenre: MysteryAbout the book: Cecil LeClaire is the suspect of his first love's disappearance years ago. Her dead body has just now turned up at his sister's fashion show in New York. He teams up with Ava Germaine, an ex-con to find out who really did it.Review: The story was a real page turner. It was intriguing, sexy, and mysterious. I would like to read more.Author Page/Website: where you can purchase: Rating (Out of 5 Stars): 5 out of 5 stars

  • Kim Raccoon
    2018-10-06 15:28

    This was dark, interesting, and chock full of disturbing imagery and descriptions.Where it fell short is the story telling. At times it seemed as though the author couldn't keep track of what they were writing, leading to disjointed scenes or awkward movements by the characters. The story didn't drag, but it did seem a little distracted.Also, considering that Cecil is supposed to have a ridiculously high IQ, he didn't come across as being that smart. Ava did, though.All in all, it kept my interest, kept me guessing, and was a well done gritty-dark story.

  • Brittany
    2018-10-08 11:19

    I enjoyed this story and the authors voice for the most part, but sometimes it felt a little over the top. The writing could be over-the-top and ambiguous, so it sounded like the author was trying to say something profound that didn't make much sense. There is a lot of rape and murder in this book, so it's certainly not for the faint-hearted. It's full of gratuitous violence, to the point that I was wishing there had been less.

  • Joellen Carroll
    2018-10-23 17:16

    Didn’t get on with this at all. I’m normally quite easily pleased, but I found this a real drag to read. Couldn’t relate to any of the characters at all, and didn’t think their actions reflected their personalities throughout the book. Wouldn’t recommend.Also! Found some of it read like really crap porn? Not my thing.

  • Sully82
    2018-09-27 13:39

    I got this book at BookCon and the back cover grabbed my attention and the author was nice and was engaging so I purchased it. It was a great read and I highly enjoyed it. There were a few cringe worthy transphobic and trans negative parts that I didn't fee was needed but the book and the story was well told and enjoyable.

  • Sydney
    2018-09-29 11:28

    The author used autistic as a descriptor for ugly, misshapen lion statues. That is disgusting and horrible and pissed me off. Not to mention the sloppy writing and constant mention of how fat non-models were.

  • Jennifer
    2018-10-06 10:27

    I enjoyed this book, but stopped short of giving it 5 stars because it seems to be shocking just for the sake of being shocking at many points, as opposed to using any shocking details to further plot or character development. I won this book from a goodreads giveaway.

  • Laura Bartnick
    2018-10-07 13:26

    Riveting and awful. I was educated and the education became a drug. I am become a sympathizer with the trap and trapeze of the modeling world which never held an allure for me anyway. The art of a body is like that of music and fashion. But art is a gift not a slave industry.

  • Leslie Francis
    2018-10-12 16:39

    Interesting and disturbing look inside the world of high fashion.

  • Jolie
    2018-10-22 12:14

    Review coming when the book is published (no date as of 7/3/2017).

  • Becca
    2018-10-15 12:25

    Honestly, I couldn't get past the first chapter. I found the writing sophomoric and the characters paper thin. Ah well-- to each his own!

  • Milli (MiracleMilliReads)
    2018-10-17 13:33

    This book could not be more real!! I could not stop thinking about everything and how true the events in this book really are. Size Zero is the dark and scary life of the modeling industry. The characters were amazing and very developed that made the story seem ever more real and darker. Cecil LeClair, son to the famous model agent Margauex LeClaire, is a ver wealthy rich hot young man. He is taken back when he finds out that his first love, Annabelle Leigh, who has disappeared 10 years ago, was found. The worst part was that she was found stitched into a skin coat that's worn by a model in fashion week. Cecil teams up wth a fashion rival that works for another model agency and full of secrets Ava Germaine to find out what really happened to his first love. I am so glad that this is a series because THAT ENDING!!!!! Super shocking and fits extremely perfect with the theme behind the story. I did not like how being so handsome and rich, Cecil was so obsessed with masturbation. He had a rough childhood, but OMG it was just a constant creepy, nasty thing from him all the time. Overall, It was an amazing read and I recommend this to EVERYONE.

  • Joyce
    2018-09-26 15:16

    4 starsThis is a very suspenseful book that illuminates the scandals behind the world of high fashion. In it Cecil LeClaire and his friend Ava Germaine team up to investigate that world. Cecil is the somewhat spoiled owner of a B & B and the son of a very wealthy and needy woman. As he and Ava look into the world of high fashion, they discover a corrupt and depraved business that is hidden from the general public. Ironically, Cecil’s family business is the fashion industry. This of course causes Cecil to question his and his family’s participation. This novel is well written and plotted. It is a morally horrifying read. In it we meet two new and exciting characters. I hope that take on more investigations in the future. This is a great mystery that needs to be widely read.I want to thank Netgalley and Aurelia Press for forwarding to me a copy of this book for me to read.

  • Jenna Morrison
    2018-10-15 12:20

    I received a copy of this via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.This book is a brilliantly gruesome story set in a dark, horrifying fashion world where models are being murdered. The author takes all the down sides to fashion to another level. The characters are mostly awful people, especially the rich, with Ava being the only exception. This works well however, given the subject matter. There is some dark humour throughout the book too, which keeps the story from getting too much. The book is really well written, and difficult to put down. I would recommend if you are looking for a good horror/mystery and aren't too squeamish.