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A courtesan afraid of true love...Youth and beauty are a courtesan's greatest assets. At forty-one, Lady Ruth Attwood appears to have lost both, as her latest lover just abandoned her for a younger mistress. Struggling with the knowledge that she's no longer considered desirable, she's uncertain whether to be offended or flattered when a younger man makes her an unusual ofA courtesan afraid of true love...Youth and beauty are a courtesan's greatest assets. At forty-one, Lady Ruth Attwood appears to have lost both, as her latest lover just abandoned her for a younger mistress. Struggling with the knowledge that she's no longer considered desirable, she's uncertain whether to be offended or flattered when a younger man makes her an unusual offer. In need of funds, she agrees. But then she does the unthinkable. She falls in love.And a gentleman ashamed of his true nature...Despite his reputation as a man's man, Baron Garrick Stratfield has never been with a woman. His physical impairment is such that he knows not even a whore will touch him, and he needs a mistress who's willing to be kept without sharing his bed. But passion is just a delicious kiss away, because his new mistress is wreaking havoc with his senses. Worse yet, someone is not only out to ruin his reputation, but frame him for murder....

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Pleasure Me Reviews

  • Rane
    2018-09-24 10:48

    I love reading Courtesan/Escort romances, perhaps because of Robin Schone’s The Lover or that is shows another faction of the human spirit of overcoming classes and those whose past are not pure white, or perhaps I watch Pretty Woman way to much, no matter the case, and while this book didn’t live up to the hype I had for it, it was still a very engaging read that had me reading to the end. Lady Ruth has just been tossed aside by her lastest protector for a younger woman. At Forty-one Ruth is at a cross-roads in her life dealing with her sexuality, her age and what other think of her. Her life changes again when she meets Barron Garrick Stratfield at a ball, and after he saves her from a few snubs from the set, Ruth and Garrick part ways until they meet again as they bid over Crawley Hall which both unknown to either want to buy to be built into an orphanage. Each meeting leads them both drawing closer to one another secrets and a sexual tension either can resist. Both leads have some deep wounds, thorns that have fester over the years. Ruth not only dealing with being a courtesan after so many years, but her age now comes into play and the What Ifs start popping up into her mind. Knowing it’s time to move on, she’s trying to help orphans for a better life and more options, something she didn’t have at the time. She’s very leery and with good reason of Garrick who while may be a younger man, makes her forgot her age and sees her as a sexual, desirable woman. She finds it odd how Garrick fights the attraction between them while offering friendship and when the truth behind Garrick’s actions are reveled Ruth is drawn even closer to him even when she knows it may well be her heart broken in the end. Garrick maybe a great kisser, but because of his abnormality he happen to be born with and after his evil Uncle (who was became Garrick and his siblings guardian before Garrick kicked him out) belittled him at a tender age. Garrick has hidden himself away from anything sexual, until he meets Ruth, even against his better judgment can’t keep his hands off . Ruth and Garrick both help the other deal with one another insecurities and their pasts.Like any chain, it’s only as strong as it’s weakest link, and sadly the characters for me fell into link. Both were strong characters, caring and dealt with a lot of hardships that only made them stronger were it could have broken anyone else. My problem was the merry-go-around they got stuck on. I can understand about the insecurities, I wouldn’t be human being if I didn’t have my own insecurities, but I don’t dwell on them like Ruth and Garrick did. Of course they were scarred and hurt by those around them that only caused their scars to deepen and re-open, they keep going back to square one. In any relationship, couples go through hurdles and when we thought Ruth and Garrick finally were over one hurdle it was like the same hurdle was here again. Ruth was point blank about Garrick’s abnormality, she even laid herself on the line in being blindfolded and tied up for Garrick to feel at ease when they first have sex, and still Garrick doubts her. Garrick proves to Ruth how much her age doesn’t matter, going out of his way to shower her with affection and still she doubts him. *headdesk* Their insecurities almost became a sort of character and monster Garrick and Ruth danced around and hid behind when things got a little to heavy for them. They were suppose to be stronger then that and even then strong people can be weak, but together the TRUSTand LOVE they put in one another and everything they went through should have been proof enough for them to have moved on from one hurdle and moved to another. My other trouble I had was the disbelief Garrick showed toward the end, and this cliché used many times over, of Ruth showing her love by putting herself into her own downfall and scandal and the Garrick not believing in her and only after someone (a stranger, policeman etc) says what she did, does he finally believe. I liked Garrick but by this point in the book I wouldn’t have minded kicking his butt to the curve. It would have been 10X better if he came to this knowledge on his own instead of someone else, because he believed and loved Ruth and knew her better then to spread a lie. Even the ending had this same cliché with Ruth’s father whom was narrow-minded only believed the truth of the his wife and Ruth’s mother he supposedly loved and he kicked out of his house, only after he found a journal of the truth did he believe after all these years. Wasn’t even given some groveling from the old geezer either!There were some bright spots in this book, the time when Garrick and Ruth weren’t hiding behind their insecurities and were together were some of the best moments and how much they grew to fall in love with one another. Burns is a strong writer and it shown in great shades in Pleasure Me, but not with the characters sadly.

  • Ðawn
    2018-10-11 18:26

    5 stars. This is one of the better virgin hero romance novels I have read. The story is well written with no editing issues I could see. It is a stand alone and loaded with wonderful, sensual and beautiful love scenes.The chartacters are well developed, the pace is steady and I could not put the book down.The hero as well as the heroine had troubled pasts and when finally revealed them one another, it was clear they were truly made for one another. The chemistry between the two was intense and beautiful.Here we have a 29 year old hero who is a virgin due to a physical defect. I imagine it is difficult to for a writer to justify this with any sort of plausability, but this author has done it spledidly. He meets 41 year old courtesan Ruth who helps him overcome his reservations about being with a woman while he in turn helps her to overcome her age insecurities.I really love the fact that the h is older than the H. She obviously has a lot of problems dealing with growing old especially being a courtesan. I can totally relate to this being 47 myself, and I truly felt her insecurities about getting involved with a younger man for fear he will inevitably leave her for a younger woman as had all of her lovers before. What she doesn't see is that age is just a number and that although she is 41, she is still beautiful physically and the H thinks so too. This is such a unique and refreshing theme that women of all ages can relate to. Why is it that in the eyes of society it is ok for an older man to be with a young woman and not ok for an older woman to have a younger man? I give double kudos to the writer for bringing this topic out.I will definately be reading more from this author.

  • Mandi Schreiner
    2018-09-28 12:34

    Favorite Quote: “A teacher of mine once told me that some women like to hear a man whisper naughty words into their ears.” His teeth nibbled at her earlobe. Her knees gave away, and only his body kept her from sliding to the floor. “Are you one of those women, my lady?”Forty-One year old Lady Ruth has been a courtesan most of her life and a very successful one at that. However, her latest lover has cast her aside for someone younger. Ruth isn’t quite sure how to feel about this. She knows this lifestyle will not last forever, but she is sad to see her younger years have passed her by. Determined not to let her former lover get the better of her, she decides to make an appearance at a ball that night. Word of her split has already made the rounds though and to start the ball she is the center of viscous gossip.Baron Garrick Stratfield can’t stand to see a woman hurt, and when he hears Ruth being cut down, he intervenes on her behalf. Ruth thinks he is only being nice because he pities her and they part ways. They soon find each other again when they both want to purchase the same house. Unknown to the other, they both have interests in two separate orphanages and they both need to expand. The more they run into each other, the more their attraction builds. But this attraction has many barriers.Garrick is only 29. Ruth knows he is younger, and assumes if they entered into a relationship, he would eventually cast her aside as well. Garrick on the other hand is a virgin (obviously a tightly kept secret). He has had a mistress in the past, but never entered into a physical relationship with her. He has a physical impairment, that causes him much shame, and can’t bare to be naked with a woman. Garrick can’t get sex out of his mind when he is around Ruth, but his shame outweighs his desires – at least at first.Pleasure Me is one of the most sultry and sensual historical romance books I have read. Garrick has this intense vibe about him, but he is also a virgin and carries around such shame about his impairment. This vulnerability is such a contrast with his outward persona. It makes him out to be such a fun hero to read about. He is sexual, and he is a seducer, he just can’t complete the deed due to his shame. He is alpha in everything in his life, except when a woman wants to have sex.Ruth and Garrick have such amazing chemistry, yet both are so reluctant to make that step forward to a physical relationship. Monica Burns builds the tension ever so slowly. They truly become friends first, even though that step is even hard for them. Ruth is so obsessed with her age and how society will judge her if she is seen with a younger man. Garrick is so obsessed with his physical impairment and how a woman will judge him if he unclothes himself. There is no easy road for them. They fight, they don’t communicate – but there is this magnetic force pulling them back together. They have much in common – both involved in orphanages and both had traumatic childhoods which have sculpted them into the adults they are today. Best of all, as we go through the steps of their friendship, the sexual tension Monica Burns gives us is off the chart.The author blurb on the front of the cover states, “I have never anticipated a love scene with such fervor before,” and I can’t agree more. I literally couldn’t put this book down. I NEEDED to get to the eventual love scene between the virgin and the very experienced courtesan. Best of all – the scene plays out beautifully. It is not rushed, spanning a couple of chapters. I don’t want to give anything away – but it is done with such an erotic twist. Not only is the build-up amazing, the actual love scenes really, really pay off.The first 95% of the book I loved every word. Right at the end, I think it veers off course just a little. A betrayal comes into play that seemed a bit forced to me. Otherwise, this book is fantastic. Pleasure Me made my smexy heart beat in all its glory. I love this book.Rating: A-

  • Amy
    2018-09-27 15:34

    I wanted to love this story and given the chemistry of the characters I thought I would, however, to be honest the story was borderline, exhausting. Garrick is completely obsessed with his physical abnormality and Ruth is completely obsessed with her age and how society will view her being in a relationship with a much younger man. Both obsessions took center stage through the entire book and as a result I felt drained and ready for the story to be over instead of anticipating a HEA. I give credit to Ms. Burns for creating well developed and passionate characters, but the continued self-deprecation of both left little satisfaction in the final outcome of this couple.

  • Elis Madison
    2018-09-23 14:34

    Lady Ruth Atwood is 41—not a good age, for a courtesan. Her last protector dumps her for a younger model—and refuses to pony up on the large house he promised her. If she sells some of her other stuff, she can probably buy the large house herself. She helps run an orphanage, and the kids need more room. Baron Garrick Stratfield is handsome, and despite the fact that he's got a reputation as a ladies' man, he's actually never been with a woman. Seems he has a deformity down there The first woman he tried to do the deed with was party to a cruel game by his uncle—the two of them scorned and laughed at him and left him certain that no woman will ever want to touch him.Garrick wants the large house too—and for the same reason. To protect his reputation, he also needs a new fake mistress—the last one has gone off and married, and some guys who hate him are putting about that he secretly plays Backgammon. She's sensitive about her age. He's sensitive about his man bits. The love scenes are very tentative and very sweet (still sexy, though). And the bad guys add just enough drama to keep it from being too angsty for my tastes. I'll give it a 3.7.

  • Pepa
    2018-10-01 17:47

    Entretenido.No sé muy bien los barámetros para que un libro se catalogue de erótico o no. El sexo tarda en aparecer y no he encontrado más que en otras novelas eróticas de época (por ejemplo Nicole Jordan que no se cataloga así)La trama gira y gira y gira, hasta resultar algo cansina en dos detas, el problemilla de él y la edad de ella y eso provoca que parece que en muchos momentos la historia se quede ahí dando vueltas sin avanzar. Luego hay otra pequeña subtrama que da un giro y puedes volver a descansar del temaMe ha gustado más de lo que esperaba ya que a pesar de que hay algunas escenas de sexo (no muchas) hay una trama que acompaña y unos personajes que no resultan planos

  • Katie(babs)
    2018-09-25 16:26

    I have a small number of authors I always rely on who give me a well-written, unique story. These authors are either comfort reads or ones who are willing to take a chance and write unconventional characters and storylines. Monica Burns is all of the above. She gives me the comfort I need, while writing excellent romance and with characters who are not the ho-hum, been there, done that I’ve seen countless times before. Her latest release, Pleasure Me has a perfect combination of what I love in romance. We have a semi-alpha type hero who has been scarred from an event in his younger years due to a horrendous relative. Because of that, he feels he’s less than a man and has never been intimate with a woman. The heroine is considered past her prime at 41 years old, a courtesan who should retire and never been seen again. Both Baron Garrick Stratfield and Lady Ruth Attwood are two maturely written characters I had the delight to read about set in a Victorian London, England at the turn of the 19th century.Virgin alpha hero + older experience heroine in Victorian England = Win!Ruth has just been tossed aside by Lord Marston, her recent protector, for a much younger woman. At forty-one, Ruth knows her options have become limited. She’s ready to retire as a courtesan, but it pains her to do so. Not because of the pleasure she may receive from a man, but the idea that she’s dried up and lacking in her sexuality because of her age. Ruth has a kind heart, for she volunteers her time at an orphanage. Her goal is to purchase Crawley Hall to make into a new orphanage that the odious Marston had promised to give her. Unfortunately for her there is another interested buyer- Barron Garrick Stratfield.Garrick wants Crawley Hall for his sister Lily, who also helps the orphans (coincidentally the same ones Ruth is involved with). The moment Garrick sees Ruth at a ball he’s bowled over by her. Her advanced age doesn’t concern him. He wants her as his mistress, but in name only. The reason is Garrick feels he’s has abnormality that makes him less than a man. His uncle who, became his and his siblings’ guardian after his parents death, found out what he has and made a point to ridicule Garrick when he was only seventeen and coming into his sexuality. Because of that event, Garrick has never been sexually active, other than kissing, because he dare not let anyone see him naked. But with Ruth he longs to be with her naked and do everything a man would do with a woman he desires. At first Ruth wants nothing to do with him because he’s too forceful, too young for her, and knows all the gossip about his prowess from other women. She assumes he’ll eventually leave her for another woman, especially since he’ll need to get married and have heirs. And since Ruth is past her prime and because of her reputation, she can never have a future with Garrick.At first Garrick only offers her friendship. But Garrick has a bad habit of kissing Ruth every change they’re together. Ruth is undone by his skillful kisses. If he can make her almost climax with his lips, she can only just imagine what he’ll be like in the bedroom. And when Ruth invites him to her bed, he has one request- she can never see him naked and must wear a blindfold. Ruth allows this since she wants Garrick badly, but he’s unlike any of her past suitors. Something about Garrick if off. He’s more than willing to offer her pleasure, but not receive anything in return. And when she finds out what Garrick is hiding and why, she tries her best to get him to trust her, hoping that when they break off, it won’t be too painful. But Garrick isn’t the type to walk away, because now that he has Ruth he’ll never let her leave him.Passion is the key word here. Monica can write such unbelievable sexual tension. I really can’t find any fault with the way Garrick and Ruth interacted with one another. They have this deep pull toward one another. Garrick ultimately holds back because of his fear and loathing over his body. Ruth’s reason is because of her age. These two may seem to harp on a great deal about their faults, but it’s written in such a way that makes perfect sense why they think the way they do.I had a few “what if” moments with Garrick. What if he’d only gone to a doctor at a younger age to discuss his deformity as he thinks it to be (to announce what it is would take away from the enjoyment of the story)? But if he had, then the story would be very different from the way Monica has envisioned it. Garrick is the type to keep things closely guarded, and for a man of that time to be open and honest, even with his physician, may have caused more psychological damage. Because of that, Garrick puts on an amazing front, a self-assured man who will not be messed with, even as his enemies accuse him of being a sodomite because he’s not a braggart when it comes to his sexual conquests. It’s very telling how male society views themselves when it comes to the number of women they have conquered. Monica gives a great psychological study, as well as a woman’s status and respect among her counterparts with Ruth. Pleasure Me is Monica’s best book to date. It’s mature and smart reading that doesn’t get better than this. I really had high hopes for Pleasure Me when I first heard about it. If there's a virgin hero, and one who’s younger than the heroine, you have me on board to read. Monica has sold me hook, line and sinker. Those who are bored with historical romance because it’s the same old stereotypical trite stories, Pleasure Me is perfect in taking away those blah feelings. I’m giving you another call to action to buy. Pleasure Me as a fabulous read and one of the best books released for this spring season.

  • Jaime West
    2018-09-26 18:46

    Book Buying Addict BlogI originally bought this book because I was interested in the switch of the stereotypes normally presented in a romance novel. The usual 25 years old virgin and the 30+ man whore that has shagged anything with two legs..This story presented a 29 year old man, Garrick Stratfield, who had never been with a woman, he was dare I say it, (gasp), a virgin. And a 41 year old woman who is, yes you can roll your eyes, a Courtesan/Mistress, Lady Ruth.So I bypassed the title (cringe) slipped my book cover on it and dived into it.Well... I am not impressed.*spoilers*The story premise was disappointing. The only reason Garrick Stratfield, our hero had not been with a woman was because he was missing one ball. His uncle Beresford, humiliated him when he was about 17 years old and it scarred him emotionally from that day onwards. Lady Ruth was ditched from her last patron for a younger mistress, and so she is insecure about her age, as she is 41 years old. Did her a favour, if you ask me.So self esteem is a big issue in this book. But the thing that irritated me the most was the repetition, it was constant. Garrick's humiliating memory is repeated almost every page. I got the point. Lady ruth is so fixated on her age, that she uses it as an excuse to end her relationship with Garrick and therefore forcing herself to be alone. I just couldn't feel sorry for her after awhile. The colloquialism was terrible. The first time I read the word 'rod' I cringed, by the third and fourth, I was rolling my eyes praying for it to be over, so I didn't have to imagine Garrick with his rod and only one ball, with all this emotional insecurities. I probably sound a little insensitive at the moment, but phooey!You can use, cock, dick, penis, love wand, might wang, dingle dangle, shaft, member, even stiffy, don't ever use the word ROD. (oh god, penis isn't in my thesaurus) And never ever ever call a woman's doodah, a cunny!!! What is that?? urck!! And do not have your hero, in the midst of sex with your heroine, compare sexual intercourse with his hand. People, what is going on?? Focus!!!!Furthermore, do not under any circumstances have your hero call the heroine a 'whore.' WHAT THE??Well if anything, it was a lesson on what not and how not to write, sex, romance, characters emotional background, etc etc..It was degrading and disappointing. Garrick's growth in this story was just to have sex, which he did and after about 3 visits he was an A+ student. (they refer to eachother as tutor and pupil in the story) Lady Ruth never really grew much in this story, she is dismissive of Garrick's feeling up to the last few pages and annoyingly obsessed about her age.I think the Author could have built a better background or character arc for Garrick and Lady Ruth, something that could have been more believable. Maybe I had too high expectations for this story and its possibilities to take me outside the norm and status quo.. I am usually the first person to praise a book, even if it doesn't strip me bare and tear my heart out, but this one.. I don't rate it.

  • C Joy
    2018-10-11 18:34

    This is the first Monica Burns novel I've read! Amazing!The title might be misleading for those who just want more erotica, or expecting a lot of hot and passionate love scenes, but this novel is a gripping tale of how two people struggled to find happiness amidst a cruel society. The characters were unpredictable and really complex, there were a lot of layers to them and the storytelling was fast-paced it really got me hooked. For a novel branded as erotica, it has fewer scenes than I expected, but it had substance.This is a story where both the hero and heroine are tortured, both had difficult childhoods, but they are really caring people and they're devoted to orphans, and both of them have deep secrets. It's not difficult to like the both of them and I liked how the conflicts pile up after one another, they got of at a smooth-turned-rocky start and I loved Garrick's tenacity in pursuing Ruth.I found myself being lured in Ms Burns's writing that I became teary-eyed in some scenes, I felt the character's emotions and I was really impressed with the quality of the novel; reading this has been a breath of fresh air. Not that I was disappointed for the lack of love scenes, they were expertly written and they were perfectly in line with the story. The author really built the anticipation and I was anxious to find out how each scene would play out.The tone was never dragging, the conversation at a minimum, and actions spoke louder than words, the words themselves misconstrued and uttered with different intentions in mind. Garrick's character is not the usual alpha male who's a domineering ass, he's really in tune with Ruth, one can't blame her for having insecurities about her age and her fears aren't really unfounded. Ms Burns really did a good job of keeping me in suspense, not the type that I'll whine "get over it already" but there's the anticipation.One other thing I noted about this is the long-term effect of ridiculing a child. It messes him/her up and this story has a lot of cause and effect. It's far different from the historicals I've read and I definitely felt the romance here. What this story tried to convey is age is just a number, it's no barrier for true love. Like one of the characters said, " not let happiness slip away from you, no matter what the reason." It stuck with me because a lot of people aren't really content with what they have they always find excuses.So on that note, thank you Vikisha for recommending this to me, and I'm definitely going to read her other works.

  • Carolina
    2018-09-25 15:52

    3,5 estrellasUna historia de amor bonita y sencilla. Pronto mi opinión sobre ella en mi blog.

  • Renae Pérez
    2018-10-13 17:50

    Once upon a time in Ye Olde 2011, I’d never known the great joy of the addictive substance known as romance novels. I was young and naive, and possibly a bit snobbish, thinking I was too good for “those kinds of books” (insert elitist sniff). Also, you know, reading such books was quite scandalous in my Ultra-Conservative household. Tsk tsk. Anyway, I saw a review for Monica Burns’ Pleasure Me, thought that the story sounded quite good/different than one’s usual preconceptions regarding romance. Virgin heroes? Middle-aged heroines? What what? I was intrigued, so I oh-so-sneakily obtained a copy, devoured it...devoured it again. And then like 5 more times in the next year or so.Pleasure Me honestly changed my life, so now, 5 or 6 years after the fact, I figure I owe it a proper review. It’s the least I can do, really.Looking back, this is kind of a weird book to be one’s first romance novel. It really doesn’t have many of the more popular tropes that one sees today. No rakes, no wallflowers, no comic interludes—it’s not even Regency! Rather, Pleasure Me is a Victorian romance featuring a no-longer-20-and-fresh-faced courtesan and a virgin Baron. And if I were to describe the plot in a sentence, I’d say something like “This is a book about two people overcoming extreme anxieties/traumas...and also screwing each other silly.” Really, the plot is actually kind of nonexistent when I examine it, but it doesn’t matter so much in the long run. (Because the sex is great.)I think it’s the particular tropes here that appeal to me so much, that drew me into reading it in the first place, and that consistently draw me back—I think I’ve read this almost 10 times, honestly. The Virgin Hero trope, for one, is huge for me. For some reason it’s really refreshing to have the roles switched and see the male protagonist in a position where he’s uncertain, inexperienced, and isn’t superlatively great. It’s also about the furthest from overconfident mansplaininess as you can get. And Burns really does well with Garrick’s characterization in this area. The reasons for his virginity will be discussed below in the section of the review dedicated to Trauma & Angst, but for now: yes. I liked how the whole thing was handled.Ruth being a middle-aged courtesan was/is also an appealing aspect of the book. Shy, bookish wallflowers who’re convinced of their lack of appeal until some roguish lord convinces them they’re beautiful might be The Big Thing, but I like Ruth. She knows she’s gorgeous, she’s confident in her own intelligence and seductive qualities, and also dedicates her time to charities when she can. Again, she deals with lots of Trauma & Angst, but we’ll discuss this later.So, obviously the very nature of the two tropes just discussed lends A whole lot of sex. I feel like there’s a bit more sex in Pleasure Me than one would generally expect to find in your average romance, which was wonderfully titillating for me the first time I read this. And, now that I’ve read plenty more romances, I can now admit, also, that the spiciness level of the sexual content is Hot, much hotter than typical romance novels, which I find to be consistently medium or medium/mild. Honestly, this book is...mostly sex, with some character angst thrown in between. And now to the promised Trauma & Angst. Basically both our heroine and our hero spend much of the book throwing themselves massive—and I do mean massive—pity parties. Ruth is pathologically self-conscious about her age; she feels that she’s old and ugly and unlovable and tries to run away from Garrick because, obviously, he could never love an ancient hag like her. Garrick naturally overcomes her objections over time, but it takes the whole book.Garrick, meanwhile, has remained a virgin until the ripe age of 29 due to a highly traumatizing event when he was 17, in which his abusive uncle set him up to be “seduced” with the intention of making fun of him, and in the process discovered that Garrick was born with only one testicle. Yep. Garrick spends the entire book in an agony of shame and humiliation because...only one ball. Again, this anxiety is relieved by Ruth and Garrick learns how desirable he really is, blah blah blah.So, having highlighted to two main prongs of Burns’ attack, let’s simplify. The format of this book is usually: 1) a casual conversation between Garrick and Ruth, 2) a scene where one of them agonizes over their unique trauma, 3) a sex scene, 4) more internal angsting, 5) a conversation where one tries to convince the other to set aside their trauma, 6) more sex. Repeat, repeat, repeat.Uh...I feel like I’m talking very dismissively about this book, even though it’s the Most Important Romance I’ve ever read and definitely the one I’ve re-read most often. The thing is that Pleasure Me is super readable and super sexy, but when you examine the plot with any level of scrutiny, it’s not great. Which is why I haven’t reviewed it until now, because it’s my favorite and I must protect it at all costs. Which I will do.Anyway, who reads romance novels expecting quality prose and storytelling? Pfft. Silly women reading silly novels written by other silly women. “Quality” is for Manly Stories About Manly Things. Like Hemingway. And John Green.What Pleasure Me has going for it, and what I love about it, is the Super Steamy Sex Scenes (honestly my favorite of all time), the really hot chemistry between the characters even when they’re not engaged in coitus, the relatively unusual/unique characterization, and the way Ruth and Garrick’s tropes interplay. Also nostalgia, but that should be obvious by now and beside the point.Briefly: The book that made Renae a lover of trashy fiction, featuring age differences, virgin heroes, angst, and lots of sexytimes. 10/10 would recommend.

  • LWB Marissa
    2018-09-22 15:30

    Pleasure Me is the first historical romance I read by Monica Burns, I was already familiar with her Order of Sicari Novels and I loved those. So I wondered if her latest historical romance could mesmerize me in the same way as her paranormal romances. I guess I was not prepared for Baron Garrick Strattfield; he knocked me off my feet with his raw, intense, masculinity right from the start. And I immediately felt sympathy for Lady Ruth Attwood and was vexed on her behalf, in only 18 pages (the first chapter) I went through a whole range of different emotions, so yeahhhh this story had my undivided attention.Lady Ruth Attwood is a 41 year old courtesan. She fears she is no longer attractive since her last two lovers have left her for younger women. She struggles with the fact that she is considered old and now has to figure out how to proceed with her life. Then she meets Baron Garrick Strattfield who is obvious younger than her, the attraction between them is instant, but she keeps her distance. Having a younger lover is just “not done” in the Ton, but Garrick makes her an offer she can’t refuse. The undeniable attraction is obvious from the moment Garrick and Ruth meet in the entryway of some party, and it only grows stronger throughout the story. But both have to deal with their personal issues, and these issues stand in the way of forming a deeper connection. Another thing that stands in their way of finding happiness is the Ton. Breaking the rules of the upper class society equals social ruin so Garrick and Ruth are under a lot of pressure. I love how Monica Burns brings Ruth and Gareth to life and puts them through the emotional wringer to find and accept themselves and each other. Their dialogues are emotional and full of controlled passion; you can feel their sexual tension from start to finish.Both Garrick and Ruth have insecurities. From page one it is clear that Ruth is hung up about her age and the fact that all the men in her life leave her. Her father’s refusal to acknowledge her forced her to become a courtesan. She is smart, independent, compassionate and very stubborn. But most of all she is a real classy lady with her heart in the right place and although she always longed for a family of her own, she knows that will never happen. To protect herself and Garrick from further heartache she keeps throwing her age in Garrick’s face to stop him from getting any closer. But does that stop Garrick at all, nooo and it made me love him even more.Now Garrick’s masculinity rolls of the pages in huge waves, a real alpha male, very protective of the ones he loves, fierce, honorable but also gentle. Yet he has to live with an embarrassing birth defect and his uncle has humiliated him to the bone for it when he was a kid, because of this he has never shared a bed with a woman and denies himself the chance to find true love and happiness. So he overcompensates by trying to be the best in everything else he does. Garrick pulled at all my heartstrings and I was rooting for him the whole time! As Pleasure Me is a character-driven story mostly focused on Garrick and Ruth, I found it refreshing to read that Ruth is the one with all the experience and that Garrick is the virgin in the bedroom. It was touching to see how their trust in one another grew page after page and how they slowly broke down each other’s walls. Pleasure Me is not the average historical romance read, it is intense, passionate and emotional. You don’t have to be a historical romance lover “pur sang” to enjoy it; I dare to say it is one of the better upcoming historical releases.The secondary cast of characters enhance the story even more, most of them linger a bit in the background yet somehow as the story enfolds it turns out that some of them have influenced the lives of both Garrick and Ruth profoundly in the past and continue to do so in the present time. The plotline is straight yet invigorates around page 220 when it becomes clear that someone is out to ruin Garrick. I loved how Monica Burns effortlessly interweaves all the pieces of the plotline and the characters to a fabulous, hot read. Her fluent, smooth writing had me hooked from the start. The epilogue ends the story perfectly and left me completely contented and with a big smile on my face.Monica Burns is an author to keep your eye on because Pleasure Me is breathtaking, intense and sheer passion with a capital P!

  • Cid Tyer
    2018-10-06 18:35

    Pleasure Me is a historical romance that features an aging courtesan and a young nobleman crippled by a hidden birth defect. Ruth Attwood is a woman who has not chosen her place in the world, it was a last resort but despite the circumstances that pushed her into becoming a courtesan, she behaves with grace and dignity. Ruth Attwood is the kind of person you want to know, and the kind of woman who could be very dangerous Garrick Stratfield and his secrets.This is unlike Monica's other books in that there is no immediate, serious physical danger to the characters. Pleasure Me is more about two people finding themselves and each other. That's not to say that there isn't external danger, but they stand to hurt one another far more than others.Each of the characters has a crutch: Ruth is hung up on her age, and Garrick believes his defect is more debilitating than it really is. I read this book straight through, so if you're like me, you're probably going to get to the last quarter of the book and shrug each time Ruth brings up her age. I pity Garrick getting through that stone wall! But it was Garrick's crutch that really hooked me. At a young age he was mocked for his defect and has spent much of his adult life compensating; so much that he's let much of life pass him by. I cheered for Garrick the whole time. He stole bits of my heart as I read. The characters, in Monica Burns style, come alive; not just Ruth and Garrick, but Garrick's sisters and Ruth's friends.The supporting cast is just as endearing as the two main characters. Ruth and Garrick are not the only ones with a story going on in this book. A lot of books seem to forget that life goes on for people surrounding the pivotal couple, but not in Pleasure Me. The whole cast of characters connect with you on some level; from the character who got the second chance at life, to those struggling through the pitfalls of life.As with Monica's writing, there's plenty of hot, steamy stuff between the sheets and everywhere else. There's also other elements of Ruth and Garrick's lives that intertwine through the story that just goes to show that age and disability mean a person doesn't live and do great things, even if those great things are small acts of kindness.I love Monica's books; they make you feel, and not all writers can do that.

  • Carrie
    2018-10-05 16:49

    2.5*Grade CWhile I did get pulled into the story and felt compelled to know what happens to everyone, overall I didn't think this books was especially well-written. It feels very old school to me, being overly dramatic and over-wrought. This book was recommended on the Amazon romance forum years ago in the category of "older woman/younger man." That aspect of the story was fine, until the end when the author uses a rather silly device to try and make Ruth feel better about their age difference. I did appreciate the fact that Ruth was a courtesan. I've read a few books with a courtesan as heroine, and I felt the author handled that aspect of the book quite well. No apologies for doing what had to be done to survive.It's probably just coincidence, but it seems every second historical book I've read lately features an orphan or an orphanage. That's fine, but I'm ready to have another plot device used to show the goodness of the main character(s) or the badness of the villains.

  • Maria
    2018-09-25 16:38

    My first Monica Burns book and W-O-W. I loved it. I especially loved her depiction of an older (41) heroine. Such a refreshing change from the early twenty-somethings that you usually find in historical romance. This one also takes place in Victorian England (instead of the usual Regency period that I read). Burns writing style is both lyrical and elegant and her characters are full-bodied. I loved Lady Ruth's pride and vulnerability--something that sometimes never goes away no matter how old you get. And Garrick was handsome, seductive, and endearing. Read more on my blog:

  • Dinjolina
    2018-10-12 18:30

    Yawn.It was so booooring! And it took forever to get started!Im just not in the mood to read this right now. I know I always finish my books but I just do not have the time to torture myself.It's not bad! I mean I guess it's not. But man!I promise do go back to it.One day. :/

  • Aivlis
    2018-10-01 16:45

    3,5. Entretenida, aunque se repite en muchos aspectos, entorpeciendo el ritmo, y quizá le sobren unas cuantas páginas para darle un poquito de agilidad.

  • Yelania Nightwalker
    2018-10-13 10:25

    *Reseña basada en la lectura del libro en inglés*Ruth y Garrick se conocieron en un baile, después de que él la salvara de los insultos de una cortesana más joven. La atracción entre ambos es inmediata y cada vez que se encuentran en las semanas siguientes, ese deseo entre ellos va en aumento. Desafortunadamente ambos han tenido una vida difícil. Ruth se vio forzada a ser cortesana y cuando su edad empieza a ser el motivo de poner en riesgo su futuro, ella sólo puede refugiarse en el orfanato que dirige. Garrick por otro lado, soportó los malos tratos que su tío le propinó, por ello tiene un trauma profundo que le impide intimar con Ruth. Pero pensemos en una mujer que a sus 41 años se siente vieja -y recordemos que para los estándares de la época ya lo era-; y ve a Garrick -más joven, guapo y rico, un hombre que puede tener a la mujer que desee-, un momento animándola, dejándole  ver que su diferencia de edades no importa, haciéndole sentir joven y al otro, alejándose de ella y poniendo tontas escusas. ¿Qué pensarían? Pues tal y como Ruth lo veía, Garrick podía sentir cosas por ella pero al saberla vieja, perdía el interés. El pobre Stratfield se las veía a palitos tratando de no herirla, queriendo estar con ella y a la vez alejandose por su impedimento físico. La lucha entre los deseos, la normas sociales, sus propios miedos y prejuicios, etc., es realmente palpable, se siente esa conexión con ellos. Lo mismo que la pasión que hay entre ellos, pero hay también algunas actitudes que de pronto parecen no encajar, sobre todo en lo que se refiere a Garrick. Me gustó la novela lo suficiente como para ponerle 3 estrellas, aunque por la mitad del libro o así, hubieron un par de capítulos que se me hicieron muy pesados, eso le restó puntos. También el hecho de haber visto que la novela cae en muchos clichés, creo que para otro lector que no tiene problemas con las historias que tienden a llevar una línea ya trabajada por otros autores, situaciones que las vuelven predecibles, pueden encontrar Compláceme, de su agrado. Fue un acierto que en la edición en español, no mantuvieran la idea de que ella accede a estar con Garrick por la necesidad que tiene de dinero, sí es cierto que ella necesita fondos, pero sucede más bien del modo contrario. Y la cuestión del asesinato no es un tema central en la trama, se desarrolla a lo largo de todo el libro con detalles al azar, pero cuando las cosas se tuercen, no hay emoción; y terminan resolviéndose unas páginas adelante. Lo que parece más bien algo de relleno y lo vi innecesario. Ya el problema de Garrick y la lucha de Ruth con su edad era suficiente. El final predecible y de nuevo, innecesario y cayendo en los mismos tópicos que mencioné antes. El problema de Garrick no es algo que haya visto antes en una novela y me gustó que se abordara. Creo que ningún chico debe sentirse apenado o creer que nadie lo va a desear, sólo por "ese" detalle. Lo cual no lo hace menos hombre, y si alguna mujer lo piensa es que tiene serios problemas. No sólo se hace el amor con el cuerpo sino también con el cerebro y si ahí se está bien, lo demás es lo de menos. En resumen, Compláceme de Monica Burns, fue una linda historia que pudo estar mejor.

  • Katie Michaels
    2018-10-19 12:39

    Somehow I missed out on this book when it first released back in 2011. That was a pretty spectacular feat, looking back and seeing how much some of my book buddies really loved it. Pleasure Me is chock full of some of my favorite tropes and while it wasn’t 100% perfect for me, I really enjoyed the story.Lady Ruth is a 41-year-old courtesan who has just lost her protector to a younger woman. She must face the reality that she is growing too old to be an ideal mistress. It makes her question her self-worth and convinces her she will never find another man. Instead, she decides to focus on the orphanage that she runs.Garrick is gorgeous and smart and powerful. He’s also 12 years younger than Ruth. But when he encounters her at a ball, he is helplessly drawn to her. The attraction only intensifies when he wants to buy the same property she does for his own orphan charity.But here’s the thing, Garrick is a virgin. Yes, a delicious virgin hero. But he has no plans to change his virginal status. He considers himself deformed, and oddity no woman would ever want, because he has only one testicle. I chuckled writing that, but it was very serious business to Garrick. His one attempt to bed a woman ended in laughter and ridicule mixed with derision over his abnormality, and he swore to himself he would never invite another opportunity for a woman to hurt him like that again.Unfortunately for Garrick, people are starting to notice that he has no lady loves in his life. There are even rumors that he might bat for the other team, so he concocts a plan to create the appearance of Ruth as his mistress. Only in his proximity to her, is he unable to keep the ruse from becoming reality.This is my first book from Monica Burns and let me tell you, she is great with longing, angst, and sexual tension. I was glued to the page, waiting anxiously for every touch kiss and exchange between these two. They both fight their attraction so hard, Garrick because he did not want his secret revealed, and Ruth because of the age difference and her belief that Garrick would eventually dump her for a newer model. So big kudos for that. And also for the love scenes, which were hot as hell.The problem I had was that these two drilled their insecurities into the ground. Long after Ruth had clearly accepted Garrick’s testicular state, he still did not trust in her when the chips fell. And, I swear to God, if I had to read about Ruth bemoaning her age one more time, I was about ready to jump in the book just to slap her mouth closed. I get that these insecurities were the hurdles to this couple getting together, but at a certain point, enough was enough for me.That said, my irritation was not nearly enough to keep me from enjoying what worked so well here. Honestly, some of the scenes were so good, I stayed up way past my bedtime, unwilling to put the book down just so I could enjoy a few more pages. This was my first Burns book, but it won’t be my last. If you missed this one the first time, you should pick it up and give it a try now.Rating: B/B+*Review copy provided by author

  • May
    2018-10-14 18:50

    Compláceme es una novela erótica histórica que cuenta con unos personajes un tanto peculiares y con una trama bastante entretenida y buena. Es la primera novela que leo de esta autora y había leído buenas reseñas en inglés así que lo cogí con bastantes ganas.Sin duda lo que más me ha gustado ha sido Garrick, un protagonista con un trasfondo y una profundidad bien marcada; con un defecto físico del que hace un mundo y que lo hace estar sumamente acomplejado; y con una personalidad que lo lleva a generar unas apariencias totalmente falsas. Me ha gustado su personaje porque muestra mucho el pensamiento de la época y porque crea una mentira a su alrededor que a veces incluso llega a creer el mismo personaje.El personaje de Ruth es el que menos me ha gustado de todos, creo que queda demasiado desdibujado y que no llega a cuajar la idea de que es una mujer muy atractiva -tanto que a Garrick no le llega a importar la diferencia de edad que hay entre ambxs-. Aunque sí me ha gustado mucho que rompa el tópico de la edad que hay para el amor, algo que es original cuando la mujer es mayor que el hombre al contrario del tópico.La trama no es muy elaborada ni tiene muchos giros. Pero se disfruta desde el primer momento puesto que es Garrick el que le da vida a la historia y hace que sea verdaderamente interesante. Realmente la trama no es más que la superación de Garrick de sus peores temores e inseguridades.Al mismo tiempo el ritmo es algo lento, quizás demasiado, lo que hace que la novela se lea de manera un poco lenta.Las escenas eróticas no son muy abundantes, por lo que yo diría que es romántica histórica con escenas eróticas subiditas de tono. Hay muy pocas escenas y no es que la autora se detenga precisamente en describirlas.En resumen es una novela erótica para lectorxs de romántica histórica, con una trama original y diferente pero que se encuadra en la típica relación heterosexual de la época sin muchos precedentes. Es una novela entretenida y para pasar el rato, pero no me ha resultado nada del otro mundo.

  • CoffeeTimeRomance andMore
    2018-10-17 14:41

    Pleasure Me is a hot book with some very enticing scenarios within the pages. I really like how Ruth seems to know exactly what Garrick needs when it comes time for his lessons. The chemistry between the two main characters seems to crackle with energy and a vibrancy that you do not always see within a novel. The obstacles that Ruth and Garrick have to overcome are many and while it really helped the plot out, I was a little deterred by the trust issue which was not really solved until the last few pages. Overall, Ms. Burns has written a novel that is full of passion, danger, and two people who have overcome unbelievable hardships.DanielleReviewer for Coffee Time Romance & MoreFull Review:

  • Artemissia
    2018-10-18 10:51

    Voilà une histoire que j'ai particulièrement savourée. L'héroïne sort un peu des sentiers battus même si je n'ai pu m'empêcher de faire un parallèle avec Amanda, l'héroïne de Kleypas (dans Sous l'Emprise du désir) qui était un peu dans la même situation. Sauf qu'ici l'héroïne de Monica Burns est une courtisane. Dans l'ensemble c'était une histoire sympa avec des scènes assez épicées et tout. Non, j'ai vraiment passé un bon moment.

  • Jan
    2018-10-02 13:48

    Here's the editor would have said (hopefully) take out some of the heart seizures, bile, nausea and teeth-grinding. The plot was great but I never felt like I really 'knew' the characters. Disappointed I paid $9.99 for this book.

  • Gillian Meers
    2018-09-28 10:52

    This isn't usually my kind of book, but I read the excerpt posted on the author's website and was taken in by the evocative writing, and the engaging characterisation...

  • Laura
    2018-10-13 17:47

    I'm not going to give a history of what the book is about because, honestly, if you've come to read the reviews, I'm assuming, you've read the synopsis above. So in order to not repeat what you've already read, here I go with my review. Monica Burns has been a favorite of mine for a while now because of books like this. Her characters are believe able and like able. The heros are always 'book boyfriend' material and the heroine's are the kind of women you would want to be friends with if they were actual people. Yes, the heroine, Ruth, made me roll my eyes a bit with her 'I'm too old' feelings, but because of the backstory given you know why she feels that way. The hero,Garrick, is also written well and his backstory also explains his hang ups. I liked the older woman younger man theme,too. You don't see that too often and this was a good take on it. I always judge a book by how I feel at the end. If I can't wait for the ending then I know I'm not going to give it a good review. I haven't had that problem with a Monica Burns book. I didn't want this one to end...yes! It's that type of book. OOOH and if you read Kismit then you will be happy to know that Shaheen and Allegra make an appearance.

  • Joann Maggio
    2018-10-16 14:41

    Pleasure Me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️by Monica BurnsAt 41 years of age, Lady Ruth Atwood was past her prime as a courtesan. Although, her beauty still remains her age appears against her. As a woman, she finds herself at a crossroad in life. Accept her age and dedicate herself to her sponsored orphanage or peruse another patron.She attends a ball, the first one after her patron dumped her and is whispered about and ridiculed. Enter Baron Garrick Stratfield her rescuer. Garrick finds her gorgeous and is attracted to her. He carries quite the reputation as a ladies man all for nothing as he is a virgin with a physical defect he was born with. This two people each have insecurities which hamper the development of their relationship. He will not reveal the stigmatism he hides but he can see the fear of age in Ruth. Soon he becomes her pupil tutored by her in sex. Even after multiple encounters he refuses to reveal his true torment which causes problems In the relationship.The sex scenes in this novel were, indeed, scorching.The characters were a bit weak but understandably so.I did enjoy this book but be prepared for a lot of sex.

  • VLH
    2018-10-16 13:40

    I had high expectations for this book, but was ultimately disappointed. The setting was good and pretty original considering how many books are set in the Regency era or the old west, but I couldn't relate to either the hero or the heroine. The heroine harped on and on about her age to an insane degree. The hero's secret seemed way overblown and the additional plotline about the orphans was more a distraction than an entertaining side-story. Also, the e-book version was riddled with errors. I'm not reflecting this in my rating, but it was pretty noticeable and repeatedly pulled me out of the story.

  • Annette
    2018-10-23 17:35

    A May-December romanceUsually I'm not a huge fan of courtesan s finding love. But this story caught me up. She doesn't know he's 12 years younger but he does. He is a virgin. Interesting concept. Intriguing story. They have much in common but they both fight against it, at different times. Enjoy!

  • Katherine
    2018-10-04 12:38

    On one hand, Pleasure Me has the older heroine/younger hero trope. And he’s a virgin! But the hang ups each has, while significant to them, were thrown up every damned chapter. I wanted to smack both of them. If they would have just talked to each other. There was far too much eye rolling on my part while reading. Bought from kindle

  • Donna Foster
    2018-10-04 17:38

    This was great!This was different and very enjoyable. I liked the story the characters, two lovers with so much going for them and so much against them! Thank you for a great read!