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Sometimes love is right on your doorstep... Eliza Shaw has never met a crisis she couldn’t manage. If her father thinks she’s going to take his attempt at selling the family home out from underneath her, then he clearly doesn’t know her at all. She‘ll chain herself to the banister if she has to... Kyle Kendrick doesn’t have time for the hassle of an eviction. He definitelySometimes love is right on your doorstep... Eliza Shaw has never met a crisis she couldn’t manage. If her father thinks she’s going to take his attempt at selling the family home out from underneath her, then he clearly doesn’t know her at all. She‘ll chain herself to the banister if she has to... Kyle Kendrick doesn’t have time for the hassle of an eviction. He definitely doesn’t have time for Eliza Shaw’s drama – even if she does look distractingly gorgeous when she’s furious. His sister is arriving in Good Hope and he needs a home. Now. Neither Kyle nor Eliza is thrilled at the idea of sharing the house, but it’s the only sensible solution. Now if they could each just stop fantasizing about their new roommate this crazy plan might just work. And if they’re lucky, what started out as playing house could end up giving them the home and family they’ve both desperately yearned for. ...

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Say I Do in Good Hope Reviews

  • Suzanne
    2019-05-20 00:08

    Eliza Shaw was kind an antagonist in previous books in the series, so I was worried I wouldn't like her in this one. But I shouldn't have been concerned - I really enjoyed reading her story. Eliza's father sold her beloved home, and between coping with that, heading up a wedding competition, and dealing with normal life in Good Hope, Eliza has a lot on her plate. Her relationship with Kyle was excellent - I loved the ways the communicated with and supported each other! And I like how all of our beloved town characters are progressing. There were some really touching parts of this book too - I won't say more because of potential spoilers - but it was not a shallow story. My thanks to the author for giving me an advance copy to read and review!

  • Marcia
    2019-05-09 17:01

    I really enjoyed Eliza and Kyle's story. In previous Good Hope books Eliza was a character I didn't really like. She came off as brusque and judgmental, sometimes just plain mean. Meeting and getting to know Kyle brought Eliza the acceptance and love that she had previously only felt from her grandmother and brother. A softer, but still strong Eliza was such fun to meet. I received an advance copy in exchange for an honest review. Can't wait for the next Good Hope book!!

  • Beth
    2019-05-22 15:57

    I just love Cindy Kirk's writing style ... I so wanna move to Good Hope, or at least visit for a while. take a vacation there? It is just a happy place, gorgeous views, or at least I can see it in my mind when Cindy gives her writing skills a whirl. I love it. My favorite in the series was the one set in fall ... book 4 "Forever in Good Hope", 'cause you gotta say why you love a series, and for me I wanna break it up and give you a reason ...there are so many reason why I love this series, but the season FALL is my downfall ...any thing fall related I am immediately hooked ...but please don't get me wrong ... they are all such fun reads. 2nd fave was "Christmas in Good Hope" because any good series as a Christmas addition and any quaint little town in 10 times better in Christmastime, right??! I love love her cover selections, I hope and pray it is okay that authors are compared, they should take all respect that I am trying to give ...for me there are so many books to read out there, and 2 authors so far are in that section for me ...when I have been reading books and I need a get away from those heavy weight down topics I run to Debbie Macomber and now I have added Cindy Kirk to that party, She is just a gem. I appreciate all details. I love these characters, I like 2 picture who would play them all ... or at least in my Good Hope they would. wink wink. I would not call these standalones, I guess you could read them separately, for me personally I would so say please read from the beginning and find your fave. Can't wait for another read from Cindy. Check her out! (:

  • Julie Eichelberger-Ford
    2019-04-25 20:55

    Cindy Kirk has created a wonderful town and stories to fill it. This is the 5th in the Good Hope series and in my opinion, the best so far. I recommend that if you are going to read this book that you have plenty of tissues handy because I can guarantee that you will cry while reading it. This is Eliza and Kyle's story. In previous books, Eliza has come off as a mean, standoffish person but as the story unfolds readers learn what has created her hard shell and also see the softer side of her. Kyle is coming to terms with the fact that he just learned that his father is not his biological father and is now dealing with his 12 year old sister who was a victim of bullying back home. When Eliza and Kyle agree to share a house until the legal system can determine ownership, it is the beginning of their journey into their happily ever after. A great story. I received an advance copy of this book from the author however the thoughts and ideas presented in this review are my own.

  • Anita
    2019-05-11 23:58

    Eliza Shaw is stunned when the house she has been promised is sold from under her by her father. Kyle Kendrick, a builder, buys the house for his sister to stay while visiting Good Hope. They both decide to share the house and find out they can fulfill each other’s dreams of a life filled with love and family.Some authors are gifted. They can draw a reader into a story, whereby the reader forgets about the world around them. They become friends with the characters, and find themselves ‘living’ the events of the story. Ms. Kirk has that gift! This story was about strength, and the knowledge that you can open your heart and still maintain that power. But, I was saddened by the demise of one of my favorite characters in the book. Every time I read this author it ends up being a five-star experience. I can’t wait for the next one! I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing it.

  • Mary
    2019-04-24 19:18

    I received a copy of this book as an ARC reader for a honest review.Wow, the story of Eliza and Kyle had me wanting to swipe the pages faster than I could. This was a great open and reveal regarding both characters. The addition of a sibling to the story to bring out Eliza to the more human side was a great addition as well. All of the other little side stories helped round the book out as it does take a village to make things tick. Books 1-4 have all been terrific but I think for me, this book jumps to the front of the list! Thanks!! Can't wait for the next Good Hope book!

  • Anitajt
    2019-05-09 16:54

    After reading the brilliant previous 4 books in the series about the Bloom sisters I can honestly say I wasn’t holding out much hope for Eliza’s story as she was a character whom I disliked, she was domineering, overbearing & bossy. Yet, when I started to read her story it totally pulled me in and I got to understand why she is like she is. The love of a good man certainly helps Eliza find her happiness. I really did enjoy this story and couldn’t put it down.“I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing it”

  • Lisa Huggins
    2019-04-29 22:07

     "I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing it."In previous Good Hope books I didn't care fire Eliza's character. But in Say I do, Eliza became more likeable and endearing. The romance between her and Kyle was pure that ROMANCE. Cindy Kirk has done it again. can't wait for the next Good Hope book.

  • Bette Hansen
    2019-05-13 17:09

    Fantastic small town romance!! Excellent writing, intriguing characters,and a great storyline made Eliza and Kyle's story fun to read. I highly recommend this one.

  • Cheryl
    2019-04-25 21:10

    Great read. Enjoyed Kyle & Eliza's story. Glad they got their HEA. Love the small town charm and the way they come together.

  • Monica Christie
    2019-05-05 21:16

    "Before you judge a person, walk a mile in their shoes." When I read this book this saying came to mind.I read all the books in the series and I feel you need to read the other stories to get a good understanding of Eliza.While you might think she unforgiven, cold and she thinks she is better than everybody else, you start to understand what she shows on the outside is not what she is on the inside. Finding somebody who can see past how she acts Kyle knows exactly the type of person Eliza really is.I liked watching them work together to help Kyle's sister. This was a great read and I can't wait to read more from Good Hope.I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing it.

  • Annette
    2019-05-07 21:13

    Eliza was promised that her late grandmother's house would be hers. When her father sells the house without any notice she is devastated.Kyle is temporarily working in Good Hope and because his 12 year old sister, Lolo is coming to stay with him for a time, he wants a real home for her. Lolo was being bullied in school in Kentucky. And her best friend,who was also being bullied even attempted to take her own life. It is decided that Lolo needs a new start at least for a time. Kyle has just purchased a wonderful Victorian home.Kyle did not realize the home was a part of a family situation. When he finds out that Eliza's heart is broken, he and Eliza work out a solution. They will temporarily share the house until there is an answer for everyone. So, the large house has Eliza, Kyle, Lolo and Katherine, an elderly cousin of Eliza's. Katherine has returned to Good Hope because after moving away, she missed her friends and family.The four people become like a family. Katherine and Lolo become very close. And as time passes, Eliza and Kyle become comfortable with one another. In fact, they begin to like one another. Eliza is a private person who does not want the entire town to know what her father has done to her. Kyle is willing to go along with keeping her secret. People in town begin to believe the two of them may be an item.Eliza and Kyle believe the two of them may be an item.Good Hope is a small town populated by people who care for one another. When there is a need, nearly everyone in town comes together to provide whatever is needed. In the previous books in this series, the main characters have been the Bloom sisters. Eliza was on the edges of the stories. But, she appeared to be a cold and unfeeling woman when in fact she was simply used to being self sufficient.Her life is devoted to Good Hope and she is responsible for many events running smoothly. In reality, her history has created a person who is afraid to show emotion or feel much in her heart. Her father has held her at a distance. It has colored her feeling of self worth.Kyle has come to Good Hope because he needs to determine whether the father who raised him is actually his biological father. He was raised in a family where love is easily given and he is open and easy with the world. He has hired a crew and they are restoring a theater which has played a big part in the history of the town. Kyle's warmth and humor begin to thaw Eliza and help her find out who she truly is. She sees things she can do to help Lolo find confidence in herself. And a small baby named Sarah Rose falls in love with Eliza. Slowly, Eliza falls in love with Sarah Rose. Eliza even learns that Katherine is not the woman she had always believed she knew.Life can be interesting and fun if you are willing to share it with others.Ms Kirk has created another story filled with warmth and humor. Although this is part of a series, it works as a stand alone. The story includes explanations of relationships and histories which make things easy to follow. I have liked every one of the books in this series. The characters are wonderful people who would make good friends. The plots end with a happily ever after. But, before we arrive at that HEA, there are actual problems with actual pain which can intrude on the happiness.Just as in life, things do not always go smoothly. And at times the sorrows can be wrenching.I received this book from the author. I am voluntarily writing this review and all opinions are my own.

  • Susan Gorman
    2019-05-23 19:03

    Sometimes a secondary character creates a spark in the storyline and catches the reader’s attention. The character might resonate with readers or be the one character that readers dislike with a passion. Eliza Shaw is the character many readers disliked in the Good Hope series. Her feisty, take charge attitude, community spirit, sense of style and her rivalry with Bloom sisters caught my interest—and I began to look forward to reading about her. I felt sorry for her when her “more than friends” relationship with Jeremy Rakes ended. Although Eliza was originally cast as the antagonist to the Bloom sisters, her character developed beyond that one dimensional role in the last two Good Hope books. Cindy Kirk took a huge risk in pairing the determined Eliza with easy going Kyle Kendrick in this well- paced story. Eliza Shaw is devastated when she learns that her father has sold her home to Kyle and she has no intentions of moving! Her grandmother promised that Eliza would inherit the beautiful Victorian home. The fun begins when Kyle and Eliza compromise and agree to share the house until the legal paperwork is resolved. The couple begins to bond when Kyle’s sister Lolo comes for an extended visit. Lolo has been through a tough time and needs a change of scenery. Eliza remembers that she felt alone was teased in junior high. Loved when Eliza saw Lolo’s first fashion faux pas and transformed her outfit for church in 10 minutes. I liked how Eliza and Kyle worked together to make sure Lolo felt secure in Good Hope. Family is important to both Eliza and Kyle. Cindy Kirk provides Eliza’s backstory through conversations with Eliza’s cousin Katharine and several heart to heart conversations between Eliza and Kyle. Eliza’s relationship with her father explains her determination to succeed. Kyle’s situation is different from Eliza’s. His parents have been supportive but, much to his surprise he has learned that he may have a sibling in Good Hope. I loved the speed dating questions when Eliza and Kyle talked about honesty and trust in a relationship—it was a turning point in their relationship. Say I Do in Good Hope has all the small town warmth and charm that I adore in this series. Cindy Kirk’s descriptive voice shines in this novel. She includes so many details that make this novel relatable; birth, death, weddings and new beginnings. This is my favorite story in the series. I feel the friends to lovers romance between the strong willed Eliza and easy going Kyle was perfectly written. The last few chapters had a few surprises for the couple—and the ending - -especially the grand gesture made me cry!

  • Susan
    2019-05-19 16:20

    I went back to see where it was I had my first, “Wait...what?!?” thoughts about Eliza and it was book two. And I haven’t cared for her throughout the series. She has been harsh and just not a nice person. Now we finally have her story. I wasn’t sure when we’d make it to her and it took me a while to get around to mustering the energy to read this book. However, in true Good Hope fashion, it went fairly quickly and I liked it.Kyle moves to Good Hope and buys a house from Eliza’s father that she has been living in and thought was going to be hers as it was promised to her by her grandmother before she died. Kyle allows Eliza to remain living in the house and throughout the book we see her layers begin to peel back and her character is developed, as is their relationship. Kyle’s sister, Lolo, added a little awkwardness to it for me, but it ended up working.There were some secondary characters thrown in you have to keep up with and you need to remember relationships to keep the dynamic straight... Katherine, Eliza’s Brother (Ethan). They are important to fill in a few gaps but also for moving forward.What I didn’t care for was the relationship of Lindsay and Dan with a side of Owen. My, “Wait...what?!?” has shifted to Lindsay. I didn’t care for her at all. Maybe there will be more later about them.This book touches on love, family, community, grief just like the others...the whole range of emotions and it may just get you right in the feels.I don’t think it’s a solid 4 stars, but I think it’s more than 3 ... it’s a good series and definitely worth reading, but read them in order.I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing it and the opinions are my own.

  • Shannon
    2019-05-15 19:01

    I was excited to receive an advanced copy of Say I Do In Good Hope to provide this voluntarily review. It is the fifth book in the great Good Hope series, and it is the first one that does not focus on a Bloom sister. I will admit that in the four preceding books, I did not care for the character of Eliza Shaw, the protagonist in this novel, so I was not sure I would enjoy this book as much as the others. Surprisingly the author was able to turn a very unlikable character into someone a little less edgy and cold. The scenario in this story is a little less believable than others, but it is definitely a good read to help you escape your own day-to-day responsibilities. Eliza is a very strong-willed woman who is blindsided by her own father and feels betrayed. Kyle Kendrick was introduced to us in a previous novel when he came to town with an ulterior motive. As the story unfolds it develops these characters into likable people trying to stand up for themselves and the ones they love. They are thrust into an unconventional arrangement, but allow themselves to be sympathetic to the other person's plight. It is always easy to imagine the close-knit community of Good Hope and enjoy following the lives of it's inhabitants. The author has a wonderful way of focusing on two main characters in each book, but still give us a glimpse of how life is going for all of the other people we have been introduced to in previous novels. The book includes just enough drama, intertwined with lightheartedness that makes you want to keep reading. It makes me want to re-read the first four books just to see if I feel differently about Eliza now that I understand her motivations a little bit more.

  • Kristine
    2019-05-08 23:20

    Author Cindy Kirk began the Good Hope series by focusing on the Bloom sisters, four women who shared loving parents and childhood adventures but found their own paths with diverse careers as adults. Their choices took three of the sisters to other cities. Ami, the eldest, finds her passion in baking and her roots firmly planted in this small Door County town. The adventures start there, so we begin to learn about the people of Good Hope: the movers and shakers, the secrets and grudges, the closeness that both nourishes and sometimes smothers when people are lifelong neighbors. This fifth book continues to explore small town life in unexpected ways. Eliza Shaw’s role and influence in Good Hope have been part of each story. A beautiful single woman with a strong ego and steely determination, she seems cold and not very likeable.The story opens with a surprise that would be devastating to anyone who thought their life was in order. Eliza’s ability to navigate the turbulence provides the plot; our Good Hope friends and some newcomers round out the story. Cindy Kirk adds depth to her characters as she weaves surprises, family drama and events into another endearing story. I came to admire Eliza, a character with little charm until she learns to trust — with a little help from her friends.I’m ready for the next Good Hope story! I’ve been given an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review, and honestly, I love this series. I’ve reread each book — sometimes we need to see that love wins.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-29 16:20

    Cindy Kirk has created a town that I would love to move to. The inhabitant of Good Hope are "good" and give you "hope" that there is still good people on this earth who care for one another. This is the fifth installment of the Good Hope series. I have read each of these books and have come to love most of Good Hope's residents, except for Eliza Shaw. In the previous books, Eliza was portrayed as a cold-hearted individual; however, in Say I Do in Good Hope, you learn that Eliza Shaw acts this way to protect herself. When she was in middle school, she was nicknamed Olive Oyl and those feelings associated with bullying made her build up walls and appear standoffish. The book begins with Eliza learning that her father sold the house she is currently living in. Eliza's grandmother had promised Eliza would receive the house as her inheritance; however, the will was never updated, so the house went to her father and he sold it to try to get her to leave Good Hope.The new owner of the house is Kyle Kendrick, a builder who is living in Good Hope while he remodels the theatre. Kyle is a compassionate man who soon realizes what Eliza's father has done to her. Kyle offers to let Eliza remain in the house as a roommate. Soon, Kyle peels back the protective defenses that Eliza has built around her heart and love blossoms. “I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing it.”

  • Barbs
    2019-05-21 19:51

    I have read the first four books in the Good Hope Series. Christmas in Good Hope, Summer in Good Hope, Be Mine in Good Hope, and Forever in Good Hope. I love the characters and town. This book details the relationship between Eliza Shaw and Kyle Kendrick. In the previous books Eliza came off as standoffish. In this book we learn a there is different side to her and find out why she is the way she is. What made her create this hard shell. Eliza's father sold her beloved home to Kyle. They agree to share the house until the legal system can determine if Eliza has any rights to the home. Eliza starts heading up a wedding competition in Good Hope. Kyle has his own issues going on. Kyle is coming to terms with the fact that he just learned his father may not be his biological father, and is now dealing with his 12 year old sister who was a victim of bullying coming to live with him. The book is well written. I enjoyed how their relationship progressed. I loved the way they communicated with and supported each other. This book did not disappoint. I already liked the surrounding characters in the book, and catching up with the Bloom sisters. I am looking forward to more stories from the Town of Good Hope. I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

  • Robin
    2019-04-30 23:17

    In this 5th book of the Good Hope series, Cindy Kirk focuses on Eliza, who was an antagonist in the previous 4 Good Hope series books. Kyle was introduced in the previous book, who we learned is Jeremy Rakes half brother, recently purchased Eliza's family home without her knowledge and the two are end up living together, with LoLo, Kyle's sister and Katherine, Eliza's aunt. In this novel, we are able to see Eliza's softer side, as she plans the Wedding event. Originally, Lindsey and Dan were to be the bride and groom, but when their engagement is called off, Kyle an Eliza step in. It is nice to see Kyle as Eliza's prince charming, a key theme of all of the Good Hope novels. The Bloom sisters are still involved in the events, and it now Eliza is part of the family when she marries Kyle. Family and finding love are big keys in all of Ms. Kirk's Good Hope novels, and it was amazing to see this theme continue in this novel. I am looking forward to the next book to read Hadley's story and to see why she did not want to be involved in the wedding event and what her back story is with Brynn. I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing it.

  • Mars Girl
    2019-05-03 21:51

    This is perhaps one of the best of Cindy Kirk's Good Hope novels as it focuses around the often misunderstood character of Eliza Shaw. I really identified with this character because I too am a guarded person and so the slow unfolding of her romance with Kyle Kendrick felt real.I love the plot -- the situation with Eliza's house getting sold behind her back by her father and her refusal to leave as the new owner, Kyle, moves in. The stubborn refusal of Eliza to leave and Kyle's willingness to let her stay makes for a great situational story and Eliza is forced to slowly let people into her life when she previously kept herself excluded.I think the situation with her father was wrapped up a little too quickly at the end. I think it's okay to keep children and parents estranged because that is real life -- we dont always make amends when our ideas of ourselves and the ideas of our parents clash.I was surprised that little Mindy's situation played out the way it did -- usually only happy things happen in romance -- and again, I dont see why romance cant be realistic with the bitterness and the pain as well as the joy. Because that's life. So I was ultimately pleased with how this situation played out, though, of course sad, but a book should jerk your heart strings.

  • Mandy
    2019-05-21 16:57

    I received an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review. Once again, I am thrilled to be back in Good Hope and learning more about its residents! It was a little strange at first to get a glimpse of the world outside of the Bloom sisters, but reading about Eliza and Kyle was almost as good. At the outset of this book I found it slightly disorienting, but I don't blame the author for that one! I think I had issues getting into it because Ms. Kirk had painted such a full picture of Good Hope and some of the peripheral characters so well when she started the series with the love stories of each of the Bloom sisters. Once I got past the first few chapters I found myself thoroughly inhabiting Good Hope, but through the eyes of Eliza. It was an interesting view, considering she was a character I previously had a difficult time liking. But, as with all good authors, Ms Kirk was able to fully flesh out Eliza and her motives and I found myself easily connecting with her and the love she has for her town of Good Hope. The mystery of Kyle's connection to the town eventually comes to light and that was definitely a satisfying conclusion. Once again, another winner from Cindy Kirk and I look forward to the next story from Good Hope.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-23 17:08

    I really liked the 4 previous "A Good Hope Novels" ... but book 5 really takes it over to the love level. I loved this book, there is no other way to describe how much I enjoyed this book. Even though I had a super busy weekend I still found the time to sit and read ... which is a testament to hold this book had on me. Getting behind the 'evil-cold-hearted-woman' mask of Eliza was extremely enlightening. Seeing her open up to Kyle and his sister Lolo was amazing. Add in Katherine and they made a great family. And!, we can't forget Eliza's new status as baby Sarah Rose's BFF ... yup, go ahead "Say I Do in Good Hope" take my heart, it's completely yours. Kyle's realization about the DNA test, no matter the results, was heart warming. The heart breaking moment at 65% I can't even type about it, there were tears. It was so much fun getting to catch up with all my favorite Good Hope couples.So overall:lots of happylots of lovelots of realizing that you need people as much as they need youand a little bit of sad/tearsIt is pure enjoyment and a great read.*edited to add -- I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing it.*

  • Gillian
    2019-04-28 21:17

    I picked up a Christmas in Good Hope last year looking for a light holiday read and boy did I ever fall in love with Ami Bloom. When I saw that there were more books in the Good Hope series I was so excited. At first when I realized the next book wasn't about Ami and Beck I was said, but have grown to love the whole Bloom family. Say I Do in Good Hope is not about a Bloom sister, it's about Eliza and I won't lie I was worried. She was not my favorite person in the other books, but once you really get to know her and get to see her back story you will fall in love with Eliza just like everyone else in Good Hope. I love the town and the people. While I think the ending becomes pretty clear early on it doesn't take anything away from the book. The story progresses at a great pace and even kept me up late a few nights not wanting to leave the fabulous world that Cindy Kirk sets up for the readers. I am so excited to read the next Good Hope book and see more of the world of Good Hope and the next love story that will play out. I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing it.

  • Sue Stewart
    2019-05-17 23:21

    Having read all the previous Good Hope books, Eliza was not one of my favorite characters - to say the least. And I really didn't think Cindy Kirk was going to come up with any type of story line that would change my mind. Boy she sure did prove me wrong!!!!!!!!!Eliza's dad selling her Grandmother's house right out from under her, ignoring the fact he knew it was meant to go to her, forces her to stay and live with the new owner Kyle Kendrick. This was the Perfect platform for me to really get to see Eliza at her finest. And Kyle pushing every one of her buttons, just so he could get to enjoy her response - had me glued to my kindle to see what would happen next! And then his sister moves in and her aunt moves in!!!! What an amazing cast of characters! They force Eliza on an emotional roller coaster ride that she sure wasn't expecting.And Kyle - what a Keeper! I loved every page of this story - felt like I had moved right in with then and joined them on this incredible journey!! I truly hated to see it end. Wow, Eliza may actually now be my favorite resident in Good Hope!!! You really need to read this book and see what you think. If you have not been reading this series, you are really missing out on Outstanding stories!"I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the publisher and am voluntarily reviewing it."

  • Pam
    2019-05-04 00:00

    You know the saying "You can't judge a book by its cover". It's true in the case of Eliza Shaw. In the other Good Hope books, she's been an interfering, judgmental pain. In this story, the author delves into why Eliza is the way she is. Her father has taught her that women are inferior to men in business & she shouldn't show her emotions. Inside, Eliza has a compassionate, softer side. Kyle Kendrick has come to town to help renovate the theater. His younger sister is coming to stay with him. Instead of renting a house, he fell in love with a house & purchased it. Unfortunately, it was sold out from under Eliza by her father & she didn't want to leave. Instead of evicting her, Kyle asked if they could share the space.The sparks started flying instantly but both Kyle & Eliza are fighting the attraction. I enjoyed this book. The author is able to show a softer side of Eliza that appeals to the readers & has an explanation for her behavior. The interactions between Eliza & Lolo and between Eliza & little Sarah Rose are adorable, sweet & sometimes funny. Another good addition to the Good Hope family.

  • Gail Hounslea
    2019-05-21 22:58

    This is the fifth book in the Good Hope series which I have enjoyed very much. We had met Eliza Shaw in the previous books and she wasn't the most lovable of characters. The other four books were about the Bloom sisters and Eliza had her sights set on Jeremy the Mayor of Good Hope but his first love had always been Fin Bloom and in Forever in Good Hope we see that Eliza is not going to get her happy ending with Jeremy.After her father sells her beloved grandma's house from underneath her she resolutely decides she is not moving out and it is stalemate when Kyle Kendrick who has bought the house wants to move in to make a home for him and his sister. To the background of a wedding competition that Eliza is organising and the Cherries the community group she heads up this tale unfolds and Eliza lets her guard down and she and Kyle become friends.I love this 'Good Hope' series and this book didn't disappoint. I can't wait for the next one.I received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Crystal
    2019-05-23 23:09

    I received an advanced copy of this book from Book Funnel for unbiased opinion. I am always excited to read a new story from Cindy Kirk. This story is about Eliza and Kyle, both of which we met in the previous Good Hope stories. Eliza’s house is sold out from under her to Kyle by her father. Neither of them are willing to give up the house for their own reasons; they decide to keep the house together. Add in a teenager, a feisty older aunty, and a meddling town and an entertaining story ensues. The previous books in the series only give a small glimpse into who Eliza is. This story allows the reader to know what makes her tick. Kyle is the perfect guy for her in that he has the patience try to understand her and help her grow as a person. Eliza is also able to help Kyle realize what is truly important in his life.This book also follows up with characters from previous books, which is always great! This story will make you laugh out loud, smile and shed a few tears… I want to live in Good Hope with the characters

  • Bandora
    2019-05-22 21:00

    If you had told me that I would be looking forward to reading Eliza's story after the first or second book in the series, I would have laughed at you. A perfect example of appearances can be deceiving, as the series progressed, she became more human but the jury was still out on how relatable she would be by the time I started this book.It turns out that Eliza and I are a lot a like. As always the supporting characters are just as important to the story and I got to enjoy meeting new characters while getting to know Kyle more while I cried some tears as I said goodbye along with the town to another beloved character.Overall the story does a good job at getting to know Eliza's background explaining why she behaves the way that she does while at the same time relating it to Lolo's young journey and seeing how Kyle found a way to lower her barrier open her to love.Like all Good Hope stories, I ended it with a smile and ready to see who is going to find love next.I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an unbiased review.

  • Cathy
    2019-05-01 17:10

    Say I Do in Good Hope (A Good Hope Novel Book 5) is the latest in Cindy Kirk's small town romance series. We have met Eliza in earlier books, and she portrayed a very solid ice queen image. This book takes us beneath the brittle shell to find a heart devoted to her hometown. Eliza has hit a personal low...she lost the man she thought she would marry to his first love, and now her father has sold her beloved home, a legacy promised to her by her grandmother. When Kyle arrives to claim the house he purchased, he finds Eliza unwilling to budge. Soon they find themselves in an unlikely partnership...could it lead to something more permanent? I will admit that Eliza didn't have my sympathy in previous Good Hope novels, but discovering the woman driven to hide her true self was quite a treat. I can't wait to return to Good Hope again to become more immersed in the lives of people I have grown to care about. I received a complimentary advance copy of this book from the publisher and I am willingly giving this review.

  • Dawn Gambino
    2019-05-03 17:55

    I really wasn’t prepared to be drawn into this book as I was with the others in the series because I hadn’t warmed up to Eliza the way I did with all the Bloom sisters. Boy was I wrong!! What a fabulous story. The journey Eliza took was touching and heart warming. We watched her soften throughout this story and accept love into her life in a way that was unexpected. Kyle was the perfect match for her and it was enjoyable seeing their banter grow into something you build forever on. I like seeing her develop feelings for Lolo and take her under her wing, it gave Eliza character we can better relate to. Her friendships with the sisters also deepened in this story, which hopefully will play out in future story lines in Good Hope. Once again, Cindy Kirk wrote an incredible story that draws a reader in and fills you with emotion for the characters. I’m fond of the Good Hope residents and I hope the stories continue on and on. Thank you Cindy Kirk... it’s another one to add to my favorites.