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“Houston, we have a major attraction.” After years of dealing with a heart condition and an overprotective mother, Airin Delaney is finally having her first taste of freedom in Waikiki—and it’s intoxicating. But it’s nothing compared to the out-of-this-world attraction between her and astronaut Hunter Bryce. Airin is determined to shoot for the stars and experience her fi“Houston, we have a major attraction.”After years of dealing with a heart condition and an overprotective mother, Airin Delaney is finally having her first taste of freedom in Waikiki—and it’s intoxicating. But it’s nothing compared to the out-of-this-world attraction between her and astronaut Hunter Bryce. Airin is determined to shoot for the stars and experience her first real kiss.All Hunter has ever wanted is to explore the universe. That is, until a certain black-haired, wide-eyed beauty shakes him to the core. Hunter knows almost nothing about Airin, not even her last name. All he knows is that she’s the kind of girl he could fall over-the-moon in love with. Unfortunately, the timing couldn’t be worse. While Airin is celebrating her first night of freedom, Hunter is celebrating his last—before embarking on an eight-month mission.It was only supposed to be one night. But sometimes that’s all fate needs to change two lives forever....

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Show Me Reviews

  • Arabella ~♡AB♡~
    2019-05-02 23:43

    3.5 ★'sA very different feel to Tell Me which was one of my 2017 faves, Show Me follows Astronaut Hunter (Caleb's brother for those who have read book 1) and a very sheltered (virgin) but very intelligent heroine.They both want to travel to Mars (yes really), and connect really well personality wise, and have a strong chemistry.I really enjoyed it, it was a fast easy read.A complete standalone, you can enjoy this without reading Tell Me, but in my opinion, nowhere near as gripping.

  • Geri Reads
    2019-05-23 19:12

    The first book in this series really blew me away. It was one of my favorite reads last year so I was really excited to be granted access to an early copy of the book from NetGalley. Unfortunately, Show Me didn't quite hit the mark the way the first book did. Airin and Hunter are perfectly fine characters with their own hopes and dreams. Airin is a well drawn character whose contentious relationship with her mother was the highlight of the book for me. I love the mother-daughter dynamics. There were times when I really didn't like Airin's mom but at the same time, as a mom, I feel for her and understand where she's coming from. Hunter is good hero but not as fleshed out as Airin. He's likable enough but he's boring to read. I liked that he's an astronaut, which is quite unique in romancelandia, but I wasn't captivated by his character enough to care. Aside from the lukewarm characters, I wasn't really thrilled by the insta-love, insta-lust, insta-connection they had. There's nothing wrong with this trope. In fact, lots of people love it. I'm just not one of them. I did love how science-y this book is. Loved the references to it and how important it is to the characters. Other than that, this was disappointing.This is just my opinion though. The things in this book that didn't work for me might work for others so don't count this book out yet. Who knows, you might end up liking it. ARC provided by the publisher

  • Carol
    2019-05-11 23:59

    3.5 stars.First observation after reading this book, it was so different from "Tell Me". While that book had a more realistic storyline with a lot of depth and intensity this one was definitely much lighter and more of a fantasy. Along those lines I really did enjoy this story and I liked all the "realistic" information revealed about NASA and space flight. It was obvious that the author had done her research.Maybe I also believe that a manned space flight to Mars is possible but realistically I don't see this happening 10 years from now, but what do I know.I do however like a dreamy love story and even though it wasn't set in space but down on earth, it somehow reminded me of the movie "Passengers" with Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.These two characters reminded me so much of the movie characters.Airin was so sweet and trusting but also smart and ready to explore a new world and Hunter was so affected by her that he felt compelled to make choices that were so different from his set goals . Overall a really good and interesting read for me.

  • Irene
    2019-04-22 17:54

    3.5 starsShow Me by Abigail Strom is an emotional and entertaining read.The story is well written, the plot is entertaining and I my attention was held all throughout the book.I enjoyed watching the relationship between Airin and Hunter develop. I found them likable characters that shared an instant attraction and the more time they spent together the more their connection grew. I also enjoyed learning about out of space and what NASA puts their astronauts through and how life is for them. I feel the author did her homework and made it easy to follow as a reader.The only thing that held me back from giving Show Me a higher rating was the deal Hunter and Airins mother make. I wasn't a fan and to be honest Airin is more forgiving than me lol Overall, Show Me is a quick, heartfelt romance that will pull at your heart strings and leave you with a smile on your face.Show Me is released on January 2, 2018 and available from Amazon -*An ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for my honest thoughts.*

  • Shirley Cuypers
    2019-05-19 21:47

    Original review This book was provided by the Publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Netgalley and Montlake Romance!Show Me is a story about Airin and Hunter. Airin has always had the dream of becoming an astronaut, but years of dealing with a heart condition crushed that dream. It was such an unrealistic dream until she met Hunter. Hunter is an astronaut who wants to go to Mars and explore the universe. They meet one night and since then, they can’t keep each other out of their heads.Show Me is such a beautiful cute romance book. I didn’t really know the synopsis anymore when I started reading Show Me, but I was immediately hooked. I love that this story is about space and astronauts because I always thought that it was so cool to be an astronaut. I also love how Airin and Hunter are, they are so cute and adorable yet so sexy!To be honest, I’ve never read the first book Tell Me. I started reading Show Me and I didn’t know that this was a sequel until I saw it on Goodreads. You can perfectly read Show Me without having read Tell Me because there are other main characters. You still have Jane and Caleb from Tell Me, but the main focus is on Airin and Hunter. After having read Show Me, I cannot wait to read Tell Me! I really love Abigail Storm’s writing style and I really loved Show Me!

  • Dísir
    2019-05-22 15:58

    Unlike its predecessor, ‘Show Me’ is written in a very different vein—much more than just an astronaut looking to fulfil his lifelong dream beyond Earth’s atmosphere and a woman so sheltered that the whole world seems new. If ‘Tell Me’ is an opposites-attract story, ‘Show Me’ continues this trend in a different way. Unlike Caleb and Jane who are inherently different in their personalities and what they wanted out of life, Hunter and Airin are opposites in in their experiences though there’s the ironic twist of the latter having much to teach the former as well. There was something whimsical and lofty about ‘Show Me’—I essentially thought this read like a dreamer’s book with lots of hopes that pour through the pages—where talk extended beyond present reality to interstellar travel and the inevitable rush of philosophising that comes with it. The undertones were great: the ideals of humanity vs. the pragmatism needed about reality as we know it, the long-debatable merits of space exploration, the politics that comes with it. I wasn’t entirely thrilled though, with the extremes in Airin’s and Hunter’s experiences; too often it comes across in many books as the manwhore and the virgin trope and the inevitable comparisons of how special a heroine is in contrast to his countless other flings. And I was even less enthused about a meddling mother whose protective desperation turned so manipulative that it caused most of the rift and the push-pull dynamics in the story.It’s not easy to rate this story nonetheless. Strom’s writing was enjoyable and there were parts that I could relate to, just as there were bits that I couldn’t, like Airin’s wide-eyed honest cataloguing of every new thing. Hunter’s and Airin’s HFN ending was given that same dreamy tinge, though the look into the future remained just that—a veiled hope that still left me wondering if this was a pairing that could weather the storms. *ARC by the publisher via Netgalley

  • Lucia
    2019-05-03 18:45

    A sweet and slightly unique romance between two opposites with a shared love of spaceShow Me is a sweet and slightly unique romance between two very likeable characters who share a passion but their pasts have been very different. This new adult style read is mostly a sweet and light-hearted read with a little bit of steam but there is an angst that underlies the story to keep things intriguing between Airin and Hunter. While this is part of a series I haven’t read the first book and followed along no problem, making this a standalone, well written read. If you like cute romances, especially with a science theme, give this book a read - I liked it for something a bit different. *I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book via NetGalley. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed here is my own.

  • Jane
    2019-05-17 17:43

    I want to thank Abigail Strom, author and Goodreads First Reads Giveaway for the eBook Kindle copy of Show Me that I won in the Giveaway.Airin Delaney, is in Hawaii with her famous mother. She goes out one night and meets Hunter, an astronaut about to go into a biosphere for NASA for eight months. The first night she gets back to her room before she is missed using back entrances. Two nights later she goes out again and meets Hunter again and after a romantic walk on the beach they decide to drive to his house on the other side of the island. A car accident, Hunter makes a big mistake, Airin's mother demands a deal with Hunter and Airin gets a chance to stay in Hawaii to take time to decide what she wants to do next and in her future without her over-protective mother's interference. Hunter is in training for a chance to go to Mars on the first mission taking a crew with NASA. Some of the things sounded too far out to be things considered for a mission of this sort and some of it sounded pretty on topic for such a mission. I loved the description of the Hawaiian setting.

  • Jenea Whittington
    2019-05-10 15:43

    Show Me is the second book in the Me Series, which at the time I read this I want aware it was part of a series. But it seems that you don’t necessarily habe to have read the first book. I had no issues, it was different characters. On to the story now. Airin has had health issues since she was a little girl, and has lived a severely sheltered life because of them. She’s a little socially awkward of course when she ventures out to a bar of all places for her first outing. It doesn’t take long before Hunter, who happens to be quite handsome steps in and saves her from a man who is just an ass. And Hunter doesn’t seem to mind her awkwardness, he’s rather intrigued by her. But with his upcoming training mission with NASA, it will take him away for several months and he doesn’t want to start something he can’t continue. But destiny seems to have already intrigued and is taking them both down a different course.Airin was a little naive sure, but she was so sweet and so smart. Her love for space was something I enjoyed. And for a girl who lived a sheltered life for so long, she sure did know what it was that wanted to do with her life. Hunter’s attraction to Airin wasn’t superficial, it was more. They connected through their love of science and space, but don’t get me wrong the physical attraction was strong just the same. But never over powering to their story. It had it’s up and downs but it was such an enjoyable read following them on their path. Show Me was a sweet, kinda steamy romance, certainly worth reading.

  • Lenore Kosinski
    2019-05-06 15:44 received a free copy through NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review/opinion.4 stars — While this story did NOT go in the direction I assumed it was going from the blurb (honestly, I thought she was going to get pregnant and there would be a secret baby that he wouldn’t find out about until after he finished his 8 month mission…WRONG), I still very much enjoyed this one! It was the perfect read to followup a WWII historical, as it was quick, fairly light, and with a solid romance!I was sucked into this one basically from the first page. The characters were fun, I felt their initial chemistry and attraction, and the story went in some interesting directions. I wish I hadn’t had the false assumption, because I did keep waiting for something that wasn’t going to happen. But once we got to a certain turning point I was able to just enjoy the story I had (instead of the one I thought I was going to have…hahaha, if you read the book, you’d understand this is a bit of a meta comment). I was a bit concerned with the glaring secret that you could tell from the moment it was introduced was going to blow up and likely provide the conflict/climax. I’m not a fan of intentional lack of communication/hiding something, but in the end it wasn’t dragged out like I expected, so I was OK with it (even if it was entirely predictable).Airin was kind of a hoot. I loved that the fact she was so sheltered resulted in her just speaking whatever was on her mind…she felt very innocent, but not necessarily in a bad way…just untainted by the societal expectations that many other women would have. It was kind of refreshing. But at the same time, she wasn’t a pushover…she was actually very strong and smart. I loved that she was so accomplished even as she was sheltered, and she wasn’t afraid to go investigate world when it was opened up to her. And while she did get some guidance (a lot of which came from Hunter), so pondered things on her own and used it as just that…guidance to help her make her own choices. I also appreciated that not only was she biracial (which helped my diversity challenge), but being half Iranian (Kurdish?) in particular provided a few unique challenges/history. It didn’t come into play very strongly, but it wasn’t just a passing mention either.And Hunter was both frustrating and super sweet…it was kind of unexpected. I expected this typical alpha male, and while he had a lot of those qualities, I absolutely loved seeing him just so taken with Airin. Honestly, he didn’t see her coming. He was so happy in his world with his own view on how it should be, and she just kind of shook him up and made him consider things in a different light. I loved that. I loved seeing his struggle with his feelings. I loved seeing him open himself up. And while yes, he did make some bad choices, being in his head, I understood how he came to certain decisions…don’t agree with them, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d anticipated. It’s not everyday that an author can make me tolerate willful secret keeping, and the inevitable blow up when the secret is out.And they really were super cute together. I LOVED their parabolic flight, and I was so satisfied with how their relationship inevitably developed. I expected not to be, but I was.I was not impressed with Airin’s mother…that surprised me a bit, I didn’t expect to be so mad at her. But at the same time, while she wasn’t completely redeemed, I liked that by the end I understood her more. Even if she made a huge mistake. And I appreciated how Airin stuck to her guns.One thing that I wasn’t expecting was how much discussion there would be about astronauts, and all the things required to become an astronaut, and the whole mission to Mars stuff. I don’t know how accurate any of it was, but it felt believable, you know? And it made me think about it. I liked that too.So yeah, solid first read for the year. I love it when I start the year off right, you know?

  • Alex (HEABookNerd)
    2019-05-05 22:52

    Series: Me #2His mystery woman had managed to get under his skin with one kiss, and spending time with her tonight was that last thing he should do.Ever since Airin was diagnosed with a heart condition, her life has been managed and controlled by her mother. All her childhood dreams of traveling to space and living life to the fullest were put on hold; but now her heart is fixed and her health is as good as it’s ever been. But when her mother still won’t let go, Airin takes things into her own hands and sneaks out while they’re on a trip to Hawaii.Meeting Hunter is unexpected, joyous, and sexy. He’s handsome, smart, and Airin has never been so attracted to someone before. Even better, he’ll be spending the next 8 months in a NASA biosphere running Mars simulations, meaning he’ll make the perfect one night stand to end her virginity. But when things don’t work out as planned, Airin has to take a stand against her mother and find out what she wants to do with her life. She never intended to spend more time with Hunter but now that they’re roommates she learning what it means to be on her own.Watching Airin find her independence was really great and I loved all the growth and self-exploration she goes through in this book. In particular, I appreciate that Airin grows in all areas of her life and not just romantically. She makes new friends, re-finds her passion for space travel, and determines where she wants to go next academically. Hunter also grows in this story but really I feel that Airin is the main focus. I loved all their talks about space and travel to Mars and what it means to be an astronaut. These portions were beautifully written and really captured the essence and desire behind space travel.I really enjoyed the unique circumstances of Airin and Hunter’s romance. When they first meet their interactions are so sexy but also really cute. Airin knows she’s a bit awkward because she’s spent most of her life alone or in hospitals but she’s so earnest about it. Airin and Hunter have amazing chemistry and they were on fire when things started out. Of course, circumstances (I won’t give too much away) stop things before they can get too far and Hunter pulls back after making a deal he quickly regrets. At this point, the pace slows down quite a bit but I still enjoyed it. This was a perfect example of how you write a believable romance between two people who are just trying to be friends. They might not have engaged in sexy times until well into the story but you can really see the development of their relationship as they come to understand each other and fall in love.When I started this I didn’t realize it was the second in a series but it can still be read as a standalone and I certainly intend to go back and read the first, Tell Me.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.Find this and more on my blog:Happily Ever After Book Nerd

  • Romance Rehab
    2019-05-03 23:51

    All reviews originally posted on the blog: Strom is a go-to author of mine for comfort reads. You know, literary mac and cheese, or biscuits and gravy. Her books are warm and funny and sweet, with likeable characters and nothing too over-the-top angsty or plot-twisty. Just good, solid, character-driven romances. Show Me, like it’s predecessor, Tell Me, was another winner. While they’re still part of a series, Show Me and Tell Me are completely different. They can easily be read as standalones, which is nice.Airin is an interesting heroine. She’s super smart, but has lead a sheltered life, due to a life-threatening childhood health condition. She’s just getting her first taste of real freedom when she meets Hunter, an astronaut. (Astronauts are kind of rare in romance land, so I appreciated the fact that Hunter wasn’t a billionaire, rockstar, mafia member, or part of a biker gang. But I digress...) A joke is made early on that Airin is an alien intent on observing humans on Earth, and that’s a pretty accurate assessment of her personality. She truly has no experience interacting with anyone who isn’t her mother, or an employee of her mother. Watching her grow and thrive as a character throughout the story was kind of delightful.Hunter is just a genuinely good guy. There’s nothing really alpha about him, which is a nice change of pace from the stuff I’ve been reading lately. It’s a good reminder for authors everywhere that romance heroes don’t have to be possessive alpha jerkoffs to be sexy.I even liked Airin’s overprotective mother, Dira. I’m sure some readers will cringe at her actions, but as a mother, I totally understood where she was coming from. She did what she felt she had to do to protect her baby, and I admired her for it. (The fact that she’s an intimidating, genius-level scientist added quite a bit to her awesome factor, too, in my opinion.)So, why not a 5-star rating? Well, it’s a relatively minor thing, but all the space travel talk got in the way of the romance a little (in my opinion), and Hunter did something fairly early on in the story that I felt was out of character and made me want to throat-chop him a little. (I won’t give anything away, but there’s a mild betrayal of Airin’s trust, and I just felt like Hunter was too principled to do something like that, even when he didn’t know Airin all that well. I think he would’ve stood up to Dira.)I’ll also warn y’all: Despite some early sexual chemistry between Airin and Hunter, this is a very slow burning romance. Anyone looking for romantic erotica should look elsewhere. The pace of the romance didn’t bother me at all, but readers who like reading lots of hot sex scenes in their contemporary romances might not like this one as much as I did. But, minor quibbles notwithstanding, Show Me is a light, low-angst, easy read featuring likeable characters and a well thought-out backstory/plot. While I didn’t think it was quite as compelling as Tell Me, it was still highy 1-clickable and is definitely worth a read. Disclaimer: We received an ARC from NetGalley at no charge.

  • Cheri
    2019-04-26 19:00

    **I received an ARC of this book courtesy of Net Galley and the publisher. All opinions expressed in my review are my own and given freely. **First, I want to address that when I posted my review of Tell Me I listed it as a standalone. With this story I realize I was wrong and the author has it listed as part 2 of a series with Tell Me listed as the first book. That being said, you absolutely do not have to read one book to read the other. They are more a series in the way they have strong female leads who spent their lives sheltered in some way but find a way to break out of that shell and experience life to its fullest. At least that’s the way I see them…making the series name “Me” very apt in my eyes.The books I’ve ready by Abigail Strom tend to be very real. They have heroines and heroes I can imagine knowing in real life going through experiences I can imagine in real life. While this story is in no way a science fiction or fantasy book (which, I believe, this author also writes, but under the nom de plume Chloe Hart. I have yet to read those works though), it takes the category of fiction a bit further than those other stories. I mean, how many of us can really say we know an astronaut? Or the grown child of a genius billionaire scientist? So there is a bit of handing over the reins to the author and trusting where she’s leading with this book. Airin and Hunter are both regular people under their titles and experiences. They both have their flaws, their weaknesses, and their strengths. Down deep, people are people.I always say I can judge how well an author is doing their job by how often I talk to the book as I’m reading. Let me tell you, Airin’s mom had me yelling at this book. For that matter, so did Hunter. Ugh! The mom is so frustrating! That she could get me riled up only tells me the author did her job of getting me to feel the things her characters are feeling. I also cannot tell you how many times I yelled, “Just tell her!” to this book. My husband may have been counting as I would somewhat startle him each time I did it.Another indicator of a good story is how badly I want to learn more once I’m done reading. Well, I really want to go to Hawaii even more now. And I’m super curious about what strides are being made toward a real mission to Mars someday. I guess that should tell you something.I’ve been lucky enough to read quite a few books by this author in the last month. I’ll have to dive back into her older works (or those of Chloe Hart) to get my fix.https://allingoodtimeblog.wordpress.c...

  • Nina Silva
    2019-05-18 21:06

    I adored this latest Abigail Strom novel.  I’ve read several other novels by her and when I saw this title on NetGalley I knew I had to try it.  I was not disappointed.A major part of this novel is the journey to Mars.  That might seem a bit odd for a romance novel.  However, it’s clear Abigail Strom did a lot of research into the life of astronauts and the preparations for Mars exploration.  I’m no scientist and can’t dispute the technology she presents.  I liked it though.  I found the technical descriptions were interesting.  The jargon and explanations used were creatively woven into the story.  Dialogue where more technical issues were discussed flowed well. I found the conversations to be believable and well-scripted.The characterization is well-done for the most part.  I enjoyed watching Airin struggle and fight for independence.  Because of her sheltered upbringing she is inexperienced but not naïve.  She has a good understanding of people’s motivations and is refreshingly, quite self-reliant.  She’s extremely intelligent and unafraid to show it.  It was an entertaining juxtaposition to have a character who can discuss the merits of compressing hydrogen to conduct electricity, yet has never had to make her own coffee.Dira, Airin’s mother, is another key player in this story and she is also quite well drawn.  I wanted to dislike her for the way she tries to control Airin, yet I still felt for her.  She’s a complex character and her impetuses are mixed.  Beneath it all, however, is simply a mother terrified for her child.The Hawaii setting is vividly described.  I could almost smell the flowers and if I closed my eyes I could see the double rainbow that enthralled both Airin and Hunter.  I was just about to pack my things and head to Hawaii when the giant cockroaches showed up.Some things I liked:The science element as a major part of the story.The technical details were seamlessly worked into the story.Airin’s battle for independence is well described and shown.The Hawaii setting.Hunter is a former fighter pilot turned astronaut. How sexy is that?!Something I didn’t like:I felt Hunter maybe needed a little more fleshing out. He’s an extremely likeable character but somewhere along the way his motivations and actions seemed not to mesh.Beautiful characters, drama, spicy romance, science and a gorgeous tropical setting all combine in this well-paced, delightful novel.  Try it!Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley and Montlake Romance.  This did not affect my opinion in any way.

  • Jodi
    2019-05-08 18:47

    I received an ARC of this book. I would give it somewhere around a 3.5-3.7. This was my first Abigail Strom book so I wasn't sure what was in store for me. Sometimes going in to a book with no expectations can be pleasantly surprising. It was apparent to me that Ms. Strom did her homework. I thought the research about space, astronaut training and life, and Mars was fascinating. And it was evident that she really researched the science of the space program itself- from zero gravity, to funding and beyond. Aerin Delaney has led a relatively sheltered life. Recovering from chronic heart issues, her childhood was spent mostly in isolation, and immersed in learning. This has made her somewhat socially awkward, and almost a foreigner to typical life. Hunter Bryce is in Waikiki for his brother's wedding and then to enter a bubble of sorts- an 8 month astronaut training program to prepare for an eventual flight to Mars. A chance encounter outside a bar provides the meet-cute for these two. But, although sparks fly between them immediately, anything further is out of the question. Hunter will be out of communication shortly and Aerin will need to return to her placement under her mother's thumb, and under the watchful eyes of bodyguards. But fate has something different in store for these two. Hunter's carefully laid plans are changed in an instant. And Aerin decides to try life outside of her mom's shadow. The two bond over a love of space and science. But the physical attraction becomes the slowest of burns. What lies in store for these two? A future in the stars? Ms. Strom does an excellent job of weaving the science into the storyline. Aerin is sweet, unassuming, but incredibly intelligent. Hunter is sexy, loyal and stubborn. They make a great pair. I felt the plot moved a bit too slowly at several points and I was disappointed with the ending. It felt kind of like a letdown after all the pair had endured. I think perhaps the POV made it difficult, at times, to connect with the characters and their emotions. But overall, it was an interesting read.

  • E-Reader Addict
    2019-04-26 20:02

    Less than two weeks into the new year, and I already have a contender for my Best Books of 2018 list!Show Me is a charming, heartwarming, and truly unique story the likes of which I haven’t read in a really, really long time. With an uncommon plot and delightful characters, I could hardly put this book down.Airin Delaney had grand plans for her future when she was a young girl. But years and years of dealing with a serious heart issue resulted in squashed dreams, and an extremely overprotective mother. Despite the sheltered life she’s lived, she’s intelligent and curious about life. At the age of 24, she’s finally healthy and ready to spread her wings. Her first attempt at doing so lands her in the orbit of Hunter Bryce. Who happens to be an astronaut.Besides her outward beauty, Hunter is completely enamored by Airin’s guileless charm. Together, they are endearing and sweet. Their conversations are witty and humorous. Airin’s lack of experience with life is amusing to Hunter, and as they spend more time together, Hunter begins to question the beliefs he’s firmly held in regards to his career, relationships, and his life. Even though I could see the major conflict for this book coming from a mile away, I still loved this book. When things blew up, it was handled rationally and maturely. There was no angst. Just a couple who needed to figure out how to manage the twists and turns life can take you through. And I loved every single page!*thank you to NetGalley and Montlake Romance for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review

  • Jesey ~ Schmexy GIrl~
    2019-04-27 22:11

    Dreams and goals, we all have them. What if something got in the way of those? An illness, an accident….falling in love? What would you do then? Show Me by Abigail Strom is a story of all of the above.Airin (LOVE that name and spelling!!) has a medial past that is is harrowing. I have so much respect for her, learning her battles and how she has overcome them and now watching her be strong emotionally to experience things that we all take for granted each and every day.“Hunter would never know her secrets, and she would never know his. They would never grow close, never become friends, never —“Hunter (sexy astronaut? yes please!) is amazing from the get go. He is a gentleman and he is protective. He is sweet and passionate, in all that he does. Hunter has BIG dreams and goals for his career and he is determined to not let anything get in the way of that, maybe…What the hell was it about this woman that made his willing to fuck up his life? That made him want to do anything — anything — to keep her safe?These two were amazing on their own, yet together they were so much better. I watched as they fell, resisted, and eventually united. Their lives were so different from one another but so were much the same. The setting, the story and the things that you will learn while reading this book all combine for a memorable story!

  • LJT
    2019-04-22 23:43

    3.5 Stars!​​​​​I have read quite a few books from author Abigail Strom and liked them very much. Her latest offering, Show Me, is an interesting narrative with a plot that is most definitely replete with originality. If you enjoy the idea of space travel combined with some sizzling romance, then this book is for you.After twenty-four years of surgeries and therapies, Airin Delaney's heart is absolutely perfect. She has always wanted to be an astronaut and travel into space. Her overprotective mother, a renowned scientist and entrepreneur, is on the cusp of making space travel to Mars a reality. Before Airin can explore her dreams, she wants to experience her first kiss. Luckily, she bumps into astronaut Hunter Bryce and they share an instant attraction. Hunter can't wait to make Airin his, but there are many obstacles they need to overcome in order for their dreams to come true.This is the second book from the author's Me series and it can be read as a standalone. The Hawaiian setting is absolutely breathtaking and the secondary characters are engaging as well as fun. Overall, a solid read. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

  • Jen
    2019-05-15 20:46

    To see my full review of this title, visit the So Few Books blog at:! I loved this love story! The attraction the author generates between the two main characters is so strong that you can feel it coming off the page as you read. That they were both such unique individuals in rather bizarre circumstances made the story that much more intriguing.Things definitely didn't go how I would have expected at several different junctures.... The fact that Hunter is the big brother of Caleb from "Tell Me" went totally unnoticed by me at first, despite reference to their relationship and situation in the opening segments of the book. But once I realized that, it made it all the more fun to read. This is definitely a book that I would recommend. In fact, I wish there were more brothers so that there could be future installments in the series. I received a free eBook copy of this title from NetGalley and have willingly provided an honest review.

  • Jessica Covey-Wannamaker
    2019-05-20 21:08

    Airin and HunterAirin has recently gotten freedom from an trapping medical condition and over protective parent. Hunter is destined to be a lone wolf as he focuses on his mission to mars. Space is his priority.These two meet by chance, changing both of their lives in directions neither ever predicted. He is her first every thing, including the first to set her towards her past dreams saying they werent over. She was the first he wanted to share his life with and take with him on his space mission. This book combines the beauty of space travel, science, and the loce surrounding professionals in positions where they do not always get to be with the one they love. I really enjoyed reading this. Full of interesting details about space with real sceneros.I think the ending needed an epilogue- do this pair make it as a couple? Does she become an astronaut? Do they get to Mars? Do they get married? Do they have kids? Either way an entertaining read.

  • Margaret Sholders
    2019-05-08 22:51

    This is a good book for a scientist who wants to go to Mars! Abigail has to have a super story line. Hunter was in with his brother's bachelor party. He meets Airin (Erin). She was on the fun for having been in the hospital for years. Major Spoiler! Dira is her mother. She is the owner of DelAres for trying to be first on Mars. They are using a biosphere for 8 months. Airin is trying to be away from her mother. The three of them are dueling with this work. Hunter has always wanted to be an astronaut. Airin has wanted to go to the Space forever! Dira doesn't want her to go. This is an adult book and I recommend you to read it! Would you want to rocket to Mars? Will Dira ever let Airin be herself? Is Hunter still wanting Airin? Don't let this book get away from you! You won't regret it! Enjoy your reading!

  • Carolyn's
    2019-04-29 22:10

    3.5 starsScience and space exploration buffs will love this story of a romance between two people as well as their passion for space exploration.Airin has led the most sheltered life due to a lifelong illness and is trying to break free from the tight reigns of her overprotective mother. Hunter is a man on a mission and Airin is proving to be a major distraction that he can't help. The core of this story is Airin and Hunter's gravitation to one another despite what's best and the plans years in the making. There is tons of information dealing with space exploration, NASA and Mars that was interesting but overloaded the story for me. I love Abigail Strom's writing and unfortunately this one just didn't click with me but will not stop me from continuing to read her books.

  • Becky Wise
    2019-05-12 19:55

    Show Me is a brilliant read. Abigail Strom made this such and amazing read. I love the Astronaut aspect because I don't think many have touched on it that isn't sci-fi. Show Me pulled me in and didn't let go. Airin stole my heart. I love how she finally is getting that chance to take her life in her hands. Hunter is amazing. I love that he's the Astronaut going after his dreams. Airin and Hunter have amazing chemistry and I love how he pushes her to realize her dreams can come true. I even love that there's that overbearing mom. This is an amazing read. I can't wait for more from Abigail Strom.

  • Becca
    2019-05-21 21:53

    I read this book via NetGalley.This is the first science-y romance novel I've read, and I was impressed with how it was written. The characters always gave off an intellectual vibe, and the scientific plot line never failed to impress me. Even more impressive was the plot twists that kept me on my toes. I never would have guessed what the characters' personal lives were like, and I like how more details were revealed as the story went on. I love how the relationship between the two main characters developed slowly, making the story more intriguing. Every little detail in this story makes it perfect. I would recommend Show Me to anyone needing to fall in love with a book!

  • nikkigracereads
    2019-05-01 18:43

    3.5 starsThis is the first book I’ve read from Abigail Strom and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. The storyline was different to any I’ve read recently, and it was full of information that I actually found very interesting! Airin was sweet and extremely innocent, yet she had a certain strength about her that I loved. She may have led quite a sheltered life, but she knew exactly what she wanted for her future and was determined to get it. While I couldn’t necessarily relate to her, I found her character to be really refreshing! Based off this book, I would definitely read more from this author.

  • Pontiki
    2019-05-22 17:56

    Unique story about an astronaut and a woman who wants to be. Airin is a strong woman, facing heart problems since childhood. Her mother is a brilliant space scientist, who is overprotective. Hunter meets her at a bar, and their attraction is immediate. But he's going into an 8 month biosphere program. Or so he thinks. As their lives change course and they fall in love, there are many things they learn about themselves and each other. Really like all the characters and the great way space travel is incorporated into the book. Excellent book. KU

  • KimberlyDawn
    2019-05-09 23:00

    Show Me is the second book in the Me series. Show Me is about two very different people with similar interests. Airin has spent most of her life in a bubble to protect her and her health from risk. Hunter is a man that is getting ready to explore the universe. Thinking this might be their only night together, things looked to be heading one way. In this book you see them both grow and develop as the story progresses.

  • Lori
    2019-05-17 18:44

    I was given a free copy of this book from NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. My favorite parts were few and far between. I have read several books by this author and I've enjoyed all of them. They are not too steamy or too clean - they have the right mix. You can feel the chemistry between the characters and the conflicts they endure. I thought that this book was on a subject that was a little "out there" and seemed a tad unrealistic.

  • Sanna
    2019-05-09 17:07

    First and foremost, I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for a review.I requested Show Me by Abigail Strom particularly because I had just read Rikki and thought it was pretty good and wanted to read another book from the author. Unfortunately, I didn't like this book as I did with the other. The first thing that stood out to me was the format. I don't particularly like third person stories. I like to get into the head of the characters and like POV better, especially for romance/relationship stories. Because of this format, I didn't really get into the story too much. I lost interest about a quarter of the way in.Second, the characters didn't stand out much for myself. I didn't fall in love with either of them nor did I feel compelled to cheer for them as a couple. It lacked chemistry, which leads me to my last point... the story seemed much like a fanfiction than a novel. I can't really explain, I just didn't feel the story come together.Overall, this story wasn't for me. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't what I was looking for.

  • Bette Hansen
    2019-05-18 21:44

    While I did enjoy this book and found the writing and character development top notch, the story just failed to grab my attention the way other books have. Some of the events where a little hard to believe and I just didn't feel the connection between Airin and Hunter. I loved the first book in this series but this one is completely different. Again it is a well crafted book it just wasn't for me.