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From RT Book Reviews New Adult Award Winner, K.K. Allen comes a new and suspenseful small town mountain romance.Lost in the shadows of a tragedy that stripped Aurora June of everything she once loved, she’s back in the small town of Balsam Grove, North Carolina, ready to face all she’s kept locked away for seven years. Or so she thinks.As one of the victims of a string ofFrom RT Book Reviews New Adult Award Winner, K.K. Allen comes a new and suspenseful small town mountain romance.Lost in the shadows of a tragedy that stripped Aurora June of everything she once loved, she’s back in the small town of Balsam Grove, North Carolina, ready to face all she’s kept locked away for seven years. Or so she thinks.As one of the victims of a string of mysterious disappearances in the small, picturesque Appalachian Mountain town, darkness has become her home—her safe blanket when the world reveals its true colors. But as the walls of darkness start to move in on her, she knows the only way to free herself from her past is to face it, head-on. She just needs to figure out how.Upon arrival, Aurora isn’t expecting her first collision to be with the boy she left all those years ago. The boy who betrayed her trust with no regrets. The boy who is no longer a boy, but a man with the same stormy eyes that swept her into his current before she ever learned to swim.She’d thought he was safe. He’d thought their path was mapped out. Turns out neither of them was ready for the crash at the bottom of the cascade....

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Waterfall Effect Reviews

  • Angie Crabtree-Liezel and Angie's Book Blog
    2019-04-21 11:27

    This book was so beautiful yet dark at times. It’s a masterpiece and I’m so honored to have been chosen to read it. This is my first book by Ms. Allen and I’m sitting here questioning myself why I waited so long to read her. I could not put this book down. I started it yesterday evening and stayed up until late last night reading until my eyes were too tired. I dreamt about this book. I woke up with it being the first thing on my mind. I couldn’t stop thinking about it until I finished it today and my mind is still so wrapped up in everything that I read. Aurora consumed my thoughts. She’s the easiest and most likable character I’ve read in awhile. There was no going back and forth between liking her or not. You just did. Her honesty, strength, stubbornness, weakness. I loved every part of her. Jaxon was no different. Waterfall Effect has so much depth. I could live in its pages, reading each word over and over again like it’s my first time. I love romantic suspense books and K.K. Allen has shown to me why this book is one of my Top 2018 Reads this year!

  • Aurora (Whoo Gives A Hoot)
    2019-04-17 08:44

    *Read more of my reviews at Whoo Gives A Hoot*Where do I even begin? I feel as if there are no words to properly describe the abundance of feelings that I experienced while devouring this addictively captivating read. This is the kind of story that will engulf you so deeply that it will be nearly impossible to put down.Waterfall Effect by K.K. Allen is a beautifully written and hauntingly emotional tale that will capture any reader whole body and soul. This is a story filled with suspense, forgiveness and second chances. I have never read a book quite like this one before and I think that it's a breath of fresh air to experience something so unique and breathtakingly dynamic. My heart is still soaring hours later from the effects of the story. I'm in a trance and I have no clue when it will end.Aurora and Jaxon's story is one with a lot of heart and soul. No reader will deny the chemistry between these two and the raw emotion that bleeds from the pages. The beauty amongst the tragic horror is an absolute delight and unlike anything I have ever seen before. K.K. Allen has truly outdone herself this time and there is no doubt in my mind that this extraordinary book deserves a THOUSAND star rating. So make sure to ONE-CLICK this story today!

  • Lisa Sylva (The Book Bistro)
    2019-04-14 11:44

    I’ve Fallen In Love With My Own Waterfall Eyes!K.K. Allen leaves me speechless! This story is unbelievable and jaw dropping leaving you wondering the whole time. My brain was in constant “thinking mode” throughout this whole book. I definitely put this book in the Romantic Suspense genre, it’s just so so good. The author gives you so much in this book, she gives you a beautiful love story with a big “are you kidding me” bonus to it. Needless to say, putting down this book to do things in my real life was extremely difficult. I finally waited till all the creatures were stirring, not even a mouse to read the whole book right on through the whole night. Yes, an all nighter! I had too, I was not leaving this book until I read “The End”.Here you have a young woman who spent her summers in Balsam Grove, a very small town with a magical scenery for all that love to hike and enjoy nature. Her family cottage is in the woods where she learns of all the beauty that surrounds her including one, beautiful male being named Jaxon Mills. The two met very young in life because Jaxon lives with his family close by. The only problem is, the timing was all wrong and there was way too much going on to take what they created and continue. One of course decides to leave after the town ostracized them but years later this person needed to come back for closure. The closure needed is truly essential with all that happened. The “welcome back committee” wasn’t so welcoming and now you have an addictive plot that has grown from the very beginning into this intriguing, emotional story that needs to be told in its entirety. And it is filled with so much juicy goodness!“Who would have known that the things I shut out to survive were the same things that could bring me back to life? Because that’s how I’ve felt since coming back here. Like I’ve been waking up, trading darkness for light.”Of course I can’t tell you the story because what would be the point? I read this book and I became so involved with it emotionally that I felt as if I was a member of Balsam Grove, living as a fly on the wall to all the action and juicy goodness that takes place.Love, sadness, mystery, justice, injustice - the adjectives could go on for days. It’s without a shadow of a doubt an addicting read and is 100% recommended by me to get this book. Whether you decide to or not, I really hope you decide to read and if you don’t, rethink your indecision. I am so impressed with the author’s ability to capture your emotions and really awaken them throughout this story. Her words flow in such, that you are always left captivated and spellbound throughout the whole book.#MustRead*this review is affiliated with The Book Bistro

  • Jeannine Colette
    2019-03-26 13:42

    I usually become so obsessed with a book that I read in a flash because I need to know what happenes next. Sometimes, this causes me to skip parts of the book because my eyes are flying through the pages. This was not the case with Waterfall Effect. This book is so rich with imagery, dialogue, internal conflict and PASSION that I needed to take it slow. Every word, every scene, every breath of the characters was felt in KK Allen's gorgeous writing. It was almost like making love. Waterfall Effect wasn't a wham bam thank you, ma'am. It was a sensual night with a lover that I didn't want to end. So what's it about? Aurora ran from town seven years ago, leaving behind Jaxon Mills, the only man she ever loved. Now, she's back and that soul crushing love between Aurora and Jax never died. Neither did the town's darks secrets....and when they come to light you better be ready for the action!!!!An angsty, passionate, sinfully addicting, second chance romance with a susupensful twist that will have your heart racing a million beats per minute. Bravo KK Allen on an outstanding read!

  • Jessica *The Lovely Books*
    2019-03-29 07:45

    “Even heroes have their weaknesses.”K. K. Allen has quickly become an author where I don’t even have to read the synopsis to know I’ll fall in love with the beautiful way she has with words. After Up in the Treehouse, I said I’d follow her anywhere. And here we are with Waterfall Effect—a story that’s about forgiveness, redemption, and love. It’s always about love. Then there’s me—the one whose fallen so deeply, I don’t know how to get back up. Do I even want to? Regardless, THIS IS A STORY you mustn’t skip. For so many reasons but the main one being that the writing is simply poetic and beautiful. “My mind is spinning when I give in to the memories of the boy that made my heart beat against my chest the way the water beats against the boulders.”Aurora is the center of trauma and scandal from being taken, held captive, and left for dead by the hands of a monster. Resulting in Aurora becoming terribly broken. Leaving behind her home, the only boy she ever loved, Aurora seeks life elsewhere as she tries to pick up the shattered pieces of her heart. Then six years later, she’s back and everything’s remained the same yet everything’s different. But the town wants her out—and they’ll try their damnedest to do just that. Luckily, Aurora’s a strong character and when she arrives in Balsam Grove, idle threats aren’t going to make her back down. “He’s different than I remember in more ways than one, but the feelings swarming in my chest are all the same.”Then there is the story of the boy she left behind, Jaxon. The love they had for each other is the kind of love thats one of kind, bone-crushing, and deeply passionate. How could two people who were always meant to be, fall apart the way they did? Even from the prologue, the story between the two was intoxicating. I HAD to know about Jaxon and Aurora and their impending downfall. Told between—past intervals—the present, with the POVs from mainly Aurora and sometimes Jax; we’re presented with a story full of raw pain, heartache, and in the end, hope. “I wanted to fall. To let his rapids carry me and take me over the edge. I wanted to live in his waterfall. Not drown in his cascade.”I fully recommend this to all readers looking for something deep and meaningful. The story deals with a heroine that suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. I thought Allen did a great job with bringing to light the realistic effects that mental health can have on a person. I too, suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. At times it can be a complete nuisance. Overall, I’m completely and utterly enchanted by the Waterfall Effect. I think readers will feel the exact same way once they’ve read through the first few pages. “I just wanted to feel whole again. I thought it was this place that made me feel whole, but now I’m starting to realize it was you.”*Thank you to the author for providing a copy for an honest and unbiased review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

  • K.K. Allen
    2019-04-01 11:35

    Releases February 28!!! Pre-Order for 99Cents -“I wanted to fall. To let his rapids carry me and take me over the edge. I wanted to live in his waterfall. Not drown in his cascade.”

  • Paige
    2019-04-15 12:44

    4 “Remember” StarsI wasn’t exactly sure what to expect going into this book. It was my first Ms. Allen book and the blurb left much to the imagination but I was captivated. Plus the stellar writing made meant I felt every emotion as I read.Aurora June’s life is nothing like she dreamed when she was a child. After a tragedy befell her, her family and the entire small town in which she lived, her whole life changed. For years she’s tried to move beyond the life altering day that effected her whole life. Moving back to the town she left, she’s trying to put the pieces of her broken life together and move on. She doesn’t expect to run into her childhood sweetheart and breaker of her heart on the first day back. She doesn't expect feelings to still be there. And she doesn’t expect all the secrets that will be made known to change everything. It’s been a while since I’ve read a romantic suspense novel and it captured me from the very beginning. I was consumed with finding out what exactly happened and was pleasenly surprised that I didn’t expect the outcome. This book has definately made me a fan of this author and I’m exicted to now read through her back list. I voluntarily read an ARC of this book. A is for Alpha B is for books.

  • Dylan Allen
    2019-04-03 11:24

    The Waterfall Effect is suspenseful, gripping and yet at the same time, romantic and lush. It transcends genre and trope and shows off Ms. Allen's vivid imagination and her beautiful, fluid prose. 5 stars!

  • Sarah
    2019-04-21 07:46

    I was so excited to receive an ARC of this book! K.K. Allen is one of my favorite authors and this suspenseful romance did not disappoint. This story is set in a small mountain town over several years time. The depth of the main characters is a slow unraveling that is both wonderful and unnerving to uncover. The connection and history between Jaxon & Aurora was beautifully written even amidst the tragic and horrific past events involving Aurora, her father and their quaint small mountain town. When they reunite after several years time you can feel all of the passion, love, hurt, regret, and hope between them. You can't help but fall in love with their love, and hope that the secrets of their past will only reveal the truth and allow them to rediscover each other and their dreams. I love Aurora's strength and courage despite all that she has survived, and when she must face a small town who turned their back on her. She portrays the ideal strong, independent woman fighting to figure out just exactly who she is and where she belongs.

  • Talon
    2019-03-31 09:39

    I wasn’t completely sure what to expect going into this book. I didn’t read the blurb but the cover was so alluring to me I just had to have it. I needed it. Plus, I have enjoyed many of Allen’s other books, so I knew I would at least like this one. But when I finished the book I was completely satisfied, way more satisfied than I even thought I would be. And by saying that I have to add this: Not knowing what this book was about- intensified my experience in the greatest way. “Jaxon has always been the wild rush of the creek barreling by, a force powerful enough to alter even the sturdiest of landscapes. And he halts me with his eyes- icy gray orbs with a stormy finish. Cold, dark, mysterious- alluring.”This is not just a romance. And for that- I was very thankful. Not that it wouldn’t have been a bad thing, as a reader I have just been wanting more than that here lately. I was so surprised to know that there was so much suspense and even a well thought out twist within this book. I was happy to know that K.K. Allen branched out into something and wrapped it up so neatly. No plot holes to be found. I was a happy reader.“You came into my life like the fastest river, unsure of where you would end up. And then you leapt- from that rock at Hollow Falls when you were fifteen years old. You leapt and you crashed into my world. Even then, I saw you. I didn’t realize what it meant- I wouldn’t allow myself to figure it out- but I could feel it.”K.K. Allen’s writing in Waterfall Effect is electrifying and piercing. That is the only way I can put it. When she writes, whether from Jax’s POV or Aurora’s- you feel. You feel so much. Not only was the writing completely engrossing, I loved the metaphors within this story and the way they all related. When you read this book, you will see what I’m talking about. It’s hard to miss.Waterfall Effect was a meaningful read on so many more levels than just romance. I was hooked from the beginning and all of that alone sets this book apart from most of the others that are currently out there.

  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee
    2019-04-05 12:31

    This is my first read by this author and it certainly won’t be my last as I loved this story. After an unbelievable ordeal Aurora June left everything she knew to try and move on. However years later she’s back in town to deal with her past. Unfortunately the town isn’t very welcoming. Jaxon loved Aurora and then she left. Now she’s back. His feelings for her didn’t go away so can they be rekindled. The story is told in the past and present with two points of view. Aurora and Jaxon are two great characters. I loved the secondary characters too as they added so much to the story. This is a brilliant well written story. The author has a great way with words. If you enjoy romantic suspense with lots of feels then I definitely recommend this read.I’m looking forward to reading more from this author.

  • Vivi Chatzikiriakou
    2019-04-21 09:43

    "When a storyline takes the reader's mind along with its flow then it's a great story to be read! Waterfall Effect by K.K. Allen is like a strong current drifting the reader into its deeply emotional havoc.""I received a complimentary copy of this book and have volunteered to leave a review."Book rates: 5+starsPlot: 5+starsCharacters: 5+startsWriting: 5+starsPacing: 5+starsCover: 5+stars(I'm in a loss of the right words and I feel this review is going to be a disaster...)K.K. Allen is an author who I've been introduced recently and have the honor to read her current upcoming book. She became immediately one of my favorite by only reading Waterfall Effect. That fast!!! The main reason? Her writing. Ethereal with its poetic lines. Riveting with the mixed feels and the mystery it delivers; Furthermore, her extremely charismatic narrative which helped me easily visualize and be transferred to the breathtaking landscapes of Balsam Grove. It was magical!! For me, Waterfall Effect is a phenomenal story which no one should miss reading.Years ago, in the lands of Balsam Grove, a calf love started to bloom. Every summer Aurora June was under the spell of Jaxon's Mills presence, waiting for him to finally notice her. Six year ago, Aurora and Jax spent their summer tangled to each other and dreaming their future together. And then, abruptly everything around them fell apart. She was abducted, held captive and found in the hands of a schizophrenic monster. Now, Aurora is back to Balsam Grove, in an attempt to deal with the darkness of her past and to pick up the shattered pieces of the heart she left behind. Her only goal, to find the redemption her soul desperate needs. What she finds is strength, hope and the infinity love of Jaxon's Mills.Aurora's story collides with Jaxon's. Both tell their POVs, either revealing the past or the present, and that is tremendously helpful and enlightening. Is unfathomable the love they shared back then and right now. The intensity of emotions and how the relationship between Aurora and Jax unfolds was written perfectly, lulling me into the hedonistic haze they create. I adored every word, every line they shared together. And then, there is the mystery; The author does a great job of encompassing mystery, agony and suspense with the love story. I was hooked and I honestly couldn't put it down. Each chapter a teaser to keep reading more. I was frustrated, anxious and nervous for them. And then, the author hits me hard taking my breath away. It was a heartbreaking moment and at the same time a revolution. I'm so glad I came across this book. I'm so honored I came across K.K. Allen...I hope I intrigued your imagination a little and make you grab the book, finding out what's really happening because there is no way to tell you myself. Until next time, enjoy your free time reading great books with the most unforgettable stories.Vivi

  • Yvette (Booksandbandanas)
    2019-04-08 07:19

    Another KK Allen hit. But come on, we already knew that. This book is a massive, suspenseful, love story. K.K. Allen brings this story and these characters alive with her beautifully crafted words. Words that make you feel so many emotions on so many levels. The suspense in this story, the kind that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The kind that makes you question who can you trust. It all comes together perfectly with this authors need to craft a perfect story. This is a second chance or maybe we never had a chance love story. The past and the present blend together to showcase all the loose ends that will somehow fit tigger at some point. If you are looking for a love story set around a mysterious town with waterfalls catching all the firsts, and lasts, open these pages. This author never seizes to blow me away.

  • Rohina
    2019-04-19 07:32

    You came into my life like the fastest river, unsure of where you would end up. And then you leapt- from that rock at Hollow Falls when you were fifteen years old. You leapt and you crashed into my world. Even then, I saw you. I didn’t realize what it meant- I wouldn’t allow myself to figure it out- but I could feel it. There are some books that keep you awake until the wee hours of the morning and when you turn the last page of the book the first thought that comes to your mind is — "This was worth it." Being my first 5 Star of 2018 this is one of those books where losing sleep is so worth it. Cover to cover, Waterfall Effect is a poetic prose that is meaningful, captivating, thrilling and above all breathtaking that left me in awe of this story as I turned the last page. To be very honest, I hadn't read the blurb nor had I seen the cover when I signed up. I just saw the title of the book and the name of the author and I just knew I had to get it simply because of the fact that K.K. Allen is an immensely talented writer who goes not deep not only in her characters and their psyche but all the psyche of the setting and the way it plays with the story which adds to the reading experience. She was four years younger, and her feelings for me weren’t subtle. Around my friends, that was dangerous. That night haunted me for two damn years—until I saw her again and could finally make up for everything we’d lost. Can we do it again? Yet another tragedy has brought her back to me—first her mother’s death, and now her father’s. But will she stay this time? This is the story about a girl who is the centre of a tragedy that has left her in pieces. Leaving behind her home and the only boy she ever truly loved with all her heart and soul, Aurora sought a new life that allowed her to pick up her shattered pieces.Six years later, Aurora is back in the mountains — still trying to piece her heart and her life back together — in the same town where everything was destroyed. The quaint little town that she once called home looks the same but its history and its people are marred by the spine-chilling tragedy and one thing is clear — Aurora June is not welcome.My mind is spinning when I give in to the memories of the boy that made my heart beat against my chest the way the water beats against the boulders.This is the story about a boy who was left behind in the aftermath. Jaxon Mills' love for Aurora June trespassed any and all tragedies. It was the kind of passionate love that seeps into your bones and never let's go.Six years later, he is standing face-to-face with the shell of a girl he once loved. Told in between the past and the present, mainly from Aurora's point of view and a few times from Jaxon's; Allen gives us a story that is raw and painful but shines with a glimmer of hope for everything to get better.I was the riverbed, trying to hold steady in the roughest water. Time was the river, and it continued to move over me, fast and furious on its way to the plunge. He said that every boulder I set up was me trying to stop time—stemming from a fear of moving forward and a fear of returning to where I came from. Waterfall Effect is not typical romance, it's more than that. It is about fighting with yourself and learning to stand up. It's about finding strength in the face of a tragedy. Add into all of this a well-plotted suspense and twist this book will keep you hooked. As I've already said — cover to cover I am in complete awe of this book and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something "more" in their books.5 Stars! ★ Buy Waterfall Effect (Kindle) _________________________For more reviews and recommendations:✦ Facebook Page ✦ Main Blog ✦ Twitter*ARC gifted by author in exchange for an honest review.*

  • X. Rhodes
    2019-04-25 08:30

    This book grips you. Thrills you. And makes you anticipate every move. As a contemporary romance, the pulls of first time love turns this thriller into a book well written and packed with so many emotions. The angst draws you in, making you want the happily ever after for the characters as well as the town the story is placed in.The details throughout the entire story made it feel as if you were a part of the scene. Either as the character who’s speaking, or as a bystander watching from the outside. You could smell the same smells, taste the same tastes, and visualize each setting as if you had been there before, familiarity rushing through you. The fear, the love, the hate, and the happy; all emotions course through you. Making you scream “just kiss already” or “what happens next.” Waterfall Effect is one of those stories that sends you to the edge of your seat at every of the page. It’s one of those stories you won’t be able to put down, even when you have to wake up early for work the next day. You’ll be loosing sleep, and it’s a million times worth it.A must read for any genre lover, or a person of any age. You’ll be contemplating every persons intentions, every sentence someone speaks, and will shock you to keep turning those pages. It’s a definite five-star read that will leave you reading.Jaxon and Aurora are stripped apart by circumstances of their past, bound by their passion of art and forbidden love. Their story is one for the ages. With six-seven years between the time they have separated those old feelings with crush them, and make them contemplate the truth of what their wicked past had confirmed.I can’t stress this enough, this is the story of 2018. A must read for everyone! You will not be disappointed.

  • Reading with 2 book lovers
    2019-04-15 12:27

    this is such an amazing read, I've waited so long that I did a little dance when I seen it was live!this second chance romance is well written, gives you so many emotions, has a heap of passion and is intriguing right till the end, ideas hooked from the first chapter to the last."My Aurora. No Distractions. Just us."Aurora and Jaxon make such an amazing couple in this small town mountain book.If you love waterfalls you will love this book.Ms Allen kept me on the edge of my seat with suspense to find out what happened in the past and what's going to happen in the present! I volunteered to read a copy of this book

  • Cassandra Curiel
    2019-04-15 14:45

    *ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*"He gave me adventure when the rest of the world gave me rules."If you've been following my reviews for a while then you know my epic love for K.K. Allen right? Well if you didn't then welcome to a(nother) glowing review for this wonderful woman. I can't even begin to wrap my head around the masterpieces she manages to put out into the world. Each story she comes out with is tremendously better than the last even though they were already amazing to begin with. I'm so proud to say that this was no exception.I was already half in love with this novel due to its title. Give me any word that relates to water and I am yours. With that said, my expectations were already way too high before diving in but a part of me just didn't want to admit it in case I was insanely let down. But I shouldn't have worried since K.K. Allen only managed to blow my high expectations to smithereens and left me gaping like a loser. Her writing is always incredibly addicting but here it only increased in momentum with every page.This story introduces us to 18 year old Aurora who is the only survivor of serial disappearances that happened in her town. She is forced to leave everything she used to find solace in behind because of it. Then the story skips 6 years and we follow her as she is forced to face her dark past once again. I loved and appreciated Aurora as a main character to no end. It was one of the most interesting rides I've ever been on as we got to discover who she was alongside her. She broke my heart way too many times every time she questioned her own darkness. I wanted nothing else than to hold her tight and chase her demons away BUT, that's where my second favorite character comes in.My beautiful Jaxon. Aurora and Jaxon have a past that got in the way of their happiness once but we got to see their relationship develop into something beautiful and enchanting. I couldn't get enough of Jaxon's heart and passion. The way he treated Aurora had me tearing up and melting into goo. His patience with her as she struggled with panic attack after panic attack made me sob like crazy. I didn't only fall in love with his heart but I also fell in love with their relationship. All I have left to say is that I loved the way they ended up and I couldn't be happier for them. The ending of this book was the least they deserved and I will forever hold this book close to my heart because of it.Now, let's talk about the setting of this novel. Waterfall Effect takes place in an Appalachian Mountain town that is mush too beautiful for words. I was ultimately excited to see how the title would tie into the story and I couldn't have asked for a better move in K.K.'s part. The way she described the details surrounding this town made me feel as if I was actually there, right beside these wonderful characters. I never wanted to live inside a book as badly as I did in here. Another reason I bonded with Aurora was through our overwhelming love for waterfalls. The only difference between us was that she actually got the opportunity to spend time among them, unlike me. From now on, whenever I feel like experiencing a waterfall, I will surely pick up this novel so I can live vicariously. Also, this novel was FULL of sharp twists and turns. I felt like I couldn't even get a chance to catch my breath before K.K. threw another epic turn at me. I still can't believe how masterfully she wielded every plot line in here. She had my undivided attention even after I had finished the book and that's the least I could expect from an author. I will definitely be recommending this book to everybody I stumble across.I can't wait for the next one!"Perhaps it wasn't the darkness that kept me from remembering. Maybe I was just avoiding the light."

  • Siobhan
    2019-04-04 15:27

    It has been a while since I read a romantic suspense book that really blew my mind, so it’s no surprise to find out Waterfall Effect instantly grabbed my attention. It sounded like the perfect book to remind me why I enjoy the genre so much, the perfect book to satisfy my desire.Fortunately, I was not mistaken.Within pages, I was sucked into this story. It took mere chapters before I was lost, unable to put the book down. This one gripped me from a very early point, for so many different reasons, and I found it difficult to turn my attention away from the story I was enjoying so much.The first thing to grab me was the writing. It’s one thing to say a book is well written, but another to find as many beautiful lines as you do in this one. I feared I would find myself bored of the water metaphors, yet each one seemed to be more beautiful than the last. The story flowed so well, certain lines bathing you in beauty – honestly, I was in love with the words.Beautiful words are one thing, yet they are not enough to hold my attention. I need a good story too, and this one certain delivers. During this story, I dealt with a little bit of disappointment. Romantic suspense falls upon a continuum – some will be romance heavy, others will be suspense heavy. I prefer the latter category – those with lots of suspense. Waterfall Effect, however, is the former category – heavy on the romance. There were times when a part of me was hoping for a wee bit more suspense, where I wished it was more in line with my tastes, but this is just a personal preference. Later in the book we do get more of the action, there is a mystery throughout, and the suspense does exist – it may not have been to the level I usually like, but it worked. The story grew slowly, things develop in such a way that you’re constantly curious as to what will happen next, and I found myself won over by the more romance heavy read. In terms of the story, I think my favourite part was how I was kept guessing. I did work out who the bad guy was, although there were plenty of times where red herrings existed to throw me off. I doubted so many of the characters, found myself willing to shift my belief. When we get all the details at the end, I found myself loving the way all the details came together. It may not be to the level of my crime fiction books, but for a romantic suspense read this one certainly keeps you on your toes in relation to the characters and motive. Speaking of the characters, I loved them. I really enjoyed our main characters, came to love them so much. There was such history there, so much to enjoy. The side characters were a lot of fun, too. I love romantic suspense stories told in little towns, but the town needs to be done right. A lot of this comes down to the characters, and in this one we were given a great cast. There was good, bad, and those sitting in the grey area between. There really was so much fun to be had with the characters.Overall, I adored this one. I was addicted throughout, and there is no doubt I will be reading more K.K. Allen in the future. If you’re looking for a great romantic suspense book, this one is well worth the read.

  • Elsa Gomes (BookishAurora)
    2019-04-05 12:46

    ➳ Rate: 5++ Waterfall Eyes starsMy first ever K. K. Allen read and guys I'm completely sold on her books! For real, I had already heard so many good things from some of my friends from Instagram so I was super excited to finally dive into her words and this book sounded so good I had to read it.I'm not even a little disappointed with it, I'm actually kind of surprised at how much I loved this book and the blend of romance and suspense in it. Seriously, I just loved it and I'm dying to pick up all her other books and more books like this one. I love to broaden my horizons, specially into genres or sub-genres that I end up loving, this is definitely one I have started reading recently and am loving so much. And this book is definitely a favorite inside this romance sub-genre! I loved Allen's writing and just basically everything, they way she told the story, strategically and beautifully blending past and present, how she presented the characters and brought them back together and definitely the whole mystery plot line, wow just WOW. She had me guessing beginning through end what had really happened to Aurora all those years before, and I honestly say that the truth never really went through my mind. And believe me when I say that is one of the best things, because some books nowadays are just too damn predictable so it's refreshing when a book comes along and the author is able to surprise me and keep me guessing and on the hedge of my seat until the very last minute. Who doesn't love that?I would love to tell you everything I felt and throughout this book but I don't want to go into detail otherwise I'll spoil you and we can't have that. Just know that I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who loves romantic suspense, who has read and loved previous K.K Allen books and just anyone who loves to be pleasantly surprised while reading a book.Jaxon and Aurora's story is an EPIC one and you'll go through every damn emotion in the book while reading what happened between them in the past, watching them fall into each other again and fighting for their love and their lives. Their story was honestly so heartbreaking, sweet and just damn beautiful to read. These two will have you crying, laughing, fanning yourself over their fiery chemistry, specially when said chemistry finally combusts. I might be repeating myself here but I just honestly loved these two and this book. MUST READ, for sure.“I can’t believe you’re bringing me to Mountain Look.” She laughs when she makes the connection. I smile. “You fell in love with the stars out here.” “That’s not all I fell in love with out here.”➳ARC kindly provided by author, in exchange for an honest review.➳ Follow me on: Blog ⁕ Instagram ⁕ Facebook⁕ Twitter

  • Lindsey (Linz Readz)
    2019-04-09 07:27

    *6 Shooting Stars*This book is… EVERYTHING! It quickly became my favorite book I’ve read so far this year. Not only that but it has set the bar extremely high for all other books I read this year. Allen has plotted and beautifully written a top hit. First of all, this cover is so BEAUTIFUL! I am obsessed with this cover. If not for my past experiences with K.K.’s writing, this cover would have been a sure fire one-click for me. Not many times does a story live up to the cover but this one absolutely did. Allen’s writing is so beautiful and vivid, you feel like you are in this alternate world right there with these characters who you could almost reach out and touch. She has painted a perfect painting with just the right balance of romance and suspense that you can’t help but get swept away in the story. Jax and Aurora are one of those couples that will stay with you for a long time after you’ve finished reading their story. Their chemistry is undeniable and the raw emotion emulated between the two is as powerful as a riptide. It’s no secret that I love second-chance romances and I’m so happy that Aurora and Jax got a second chance. They are the perfect complement of each other. They complete each other in a very special way. Working through their pasts was emotional, and at times heartbreaking, but the pain was worth it in the end.I absolutely love suspense/thriller novels so once I knew that one of my top authors was writing a romance with suspense added in, I couldn’t pick it up fast enough. Everything about this book was perfect: the amount of suspense, the romance, the beautiful and vivid setting, the emotions, the character development, and the ending. I will definitely be diving back in for a re-read soon!If you read one romantic suspense novel this year, make sure it’s this one! Note: Even if you’re not the biggest fan of suspense books, I HIGHLY recommend you give this one a try. The romance is the forefront of this story and the suspense is a very nice subplot. Grateful to have received an ARC to honestly review.A Few of My Favorite Quotes“But as the days blended into nights, and the nights into days, I found my control slipping. I became a pebble in a stream, facing an impossible river after the heaviest storm.”“The brooding hunk of meat that just swayd his ass into his art studio?”“Maybe we had to chisel away the soft rock to find a platform sturdy enough for us to stand on --- together.” “They say before death, life flashes before your eyes. But what about before life begins again?”“...when you realize you’ve lost your way, look up, Aurora. The answers are in the stars.”Quotes have been taken from the ARC and are subject to change in the final version.

  • Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon
    2019-03-30 07:23

    5 Cranky StarsK.K. Allen had me clutching my imaginary pearls with this one. Sweet puppies I didn’t see that coming at all. I sat on this review for all of 15 minutes before I decided it’s best to get my thoughts out now. Much more fun that way! Am I right?Aurora will always live with the stigma of her father’s illness looming over her. She’s the daughter of a paranoid schizophrenic who’s done some unspeakable things even to Aurora. When we see her again she is returning to Balsam Falls. A town that would rather metaphorically burn her at the stake than see her grace their streets except for one man. Aurora is trying to make peace with her past and hopefully make a name for herself in the future. What she doesn’t expect is that nothing in her world is what it seems.Jaxon didn’t expect to see Aurora again. It’s been 7 years but his heart still beats for her. He’s made a nice life for himself with a canvas and wine business but his muse left when Aurora blew out of town. When she steps back into town his feelings are mixed with excitement and trepidation. He wants to get back the girl that was his but still has so many answers that only she can give him. Jaxon wants to heal her but, in the process, he starts to heal himself as well.I’m beginning to think there is nothing K.K. Allen can’t write. She tackled a mystery romance (is that what we are calling this) like it’s something she writes often. Sure, at times I wanted to smack some sense into these two because well hash out your issues like the adults you claim to be. I wanted to hate Scott but couldn’t. He meant well despite going about it all wrong and weird. People!!! That twist that thing that makes it a mystery threw me. I thought I had this story pegged then the rug was yanked out from under me. Sneaky sneaky. I think everyone should dive into this sexy mystery with heart feet first!! Just like Aurora and those waterfalls.

  • Book Maniac Forever
    2019-04-17 14:27

    ⭐️ 5 "Waterfall Eyes" Stars ⭐️K.K. Allen completely mesmerized me with this phenomenal story. Waterfall Effect is an emotional second chance romance where the passion and intrigue kept me riveted to my book all read long.“To have truth, one must find courage to seek light in the darkness.”With the Appalachian Mountains as a backdrop, this story describes beauty, the blossoming of first love and second chance in a spectacular way. I really loved the main couple so much. It’s clear from their first meeting after six years apart that Aurora and Jaxon have unresolved feelings for each other. Seriously, every scene with these two is charged with an intense magnetism, but also sadness and hurt.“You are a gift, the most beautiful gift in this cruel fucking world.”Aurora and Jaxon have a lot of heartbreak to surpass to trust each other with their hearts again. The past is still foggy for Aurora, as she tries to remember the events that took place years ago and started the collapse of their relationship.The balance between romance and intrigue is absolutely amazing. There’s sweetness, heartbreak, love, heat, suspense and all the in between. As the romance rekindles between Aurora and Jax, the level of suspicious events is growing and growing. The last few chapters, everything unfolds in a maelstrom of revelations that had me transfixed.“I was chained in darkness, starved from the truth, gutted and heartbroken by events I never quite understood, and robbed of a future for too damn long. But not anymore.”K.K. Allen proved once again with this magnificent romantic suspense her immense talent. The writing style, but also the emotions delivered through her words are sublime. If you haven’t read her books yet, she’s a must read author and this Waterfall Effect is so far her best work in my opinion.** ARC received in exchange for an honest review **

  • Danielle R (Spellbound Stories)
    2019-04-10 09:36

    “…of how easy it was to fall in love. Deep, soul-crushing, heart murmuring, mind-bending love…”I have been so lucky lately to seemingly read one great book after another. If you read a lot, you know that usually you’ll go from a five star to a three star because not every author or book can be everything for everyone! Well, until K.K. Allen wrote Waterfall Effect anyway, because make no mistake, this book cannot be rated with enough stars. Waterfall Effect will check all your boxes from start to finish with heartache, passion, forgiveness, redemption and a love so deep that it spans the course of years and years. I often find that books are categorized as one genre/subgenre and really, they do not fit the mold. When K.K. Allen marketed this book as a romantic suspense, she was spot on! The suspense, intrigue and mystery that are the bases for Waterfall Effect begin on page one and keep you one pins and needles throughout the entire book. You will pick up this book and not be able to pull yourself out of the story. I even stood at my stove making dinner for my family while I read. “…My thumb catches her first tear, but my heart catches the next…”In Waterfall Effect, Aurora June has survived what others could not. Traumatized, held captive, and ultimately left for dead, Aurora’s nightmare is not over. Although she was a victim, Aurora finds herself at the center of a scandal so large and horrific it nearly topples a town. With only one option to survive, Aurora walks away from everything… including the man she is desperately in love with, Jaxon Mills. Allen writes of Aurora decision, “Goodbye is the only way forward.” After nearly seven years away, Aurora returns to Balsam Grove; To the boy she left who has since become a man and the town that scorned her. But Aurora is stronger than she knows, and that strength will be tested once again. How did a love so destined to be, fall apart? How could Aurora leave behind the boy that consumed her body, mind, and soul? (Buy the book to find out, cause there will be no spoilers from me 😉 )“I wanted to fall. To let his rapids carry me and take me over the edge. I wanted to live in his waterfall. Not drown in his cascade.”There is no denying that K.K. Allen’s Waterfall Effect is exceptional. I did not read the blurb before I started the book. I just saw K.K. Allen’s name attached to a romantic suspense and jumped on the chance to read it. I am sooo glad I did! Waterfall Effect is exquisitely well written with a plot that will keep you hypnotized from cover to cover. The pace is perfect. Utterly perfect! And as it’s written in duel POV, readers get both sides of the story…Jaxon and Aurora’s. K.K. Allen’s wrote an intense and meaningful romance that deserves far more than 5 stars. You will fall in love with the characters and be consumed with the story until the final domino falls. The romance…absolutely scorching and swoon worthy. At times while I read I would get goosebumps. The cover art for the book is just gorgeous and is perfect for the tale that K.K. Allen gave us. The more I read, the more enchanted I became until the final chapter jumped out at me and I realized that it was over… and the threat was one I never saw coming! I have loved so many books this year. And I can not possibly maintain a favorite because your reasons for loving a book vary from each book and/or author. Without a doubt I will read Waterfall Effect again… and again… and again. This book is never going to get old. The story was just. so. perfect! You don’t want to miss your chance at reading what is sure to be a five-star read for everyone, so grab your copy of K.K. Allen’s Waterfall Effect immediately.

  • K.Ramjohn
    2019-03-26 13:39

    Waterfall Effect was an engrossing, captivating, thrilling story that had me hooked from beginning to end. Told in dual point of view, this tale is told in both the present and the past, giving us glimpses of this couple Aurora and Jaxon and how their relationship began and then progressed. The story has all the feel. It will take you on an emotional roller-coaster ride and then totally shock the life out of you. With twists and turns along the way, this story will have you on your toes wondering what's going to happen. This well-written tale had so much to it. Yes it was a romance, but it was also about finding yourself, forgiveness, friendship and so much more. Of course the mystery and suspense both added to making this a fascinating read. I absolutely loved this second chance novel. It was detailed and descriptive and so beautifully written that its deserving of more that 5 stars. I highly recommend this story. Its a must read for everyone. *I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.*

  • Pam
    2019-04-04 15:35

    What a rush this incredible book is! KK Allen has managed to get every element I love into this story. First we have Aurora. The beautiful heroine who has suffered unimaginable tragedy in her young life. Then we get Jaxon. The man who has loved her for most of their lives. This was absolutely one of the best second chance love stories I have had the pleasure to read. Aurora has returned to her childhood home to find herself and for some much needed closure. So of course she soon crosses paths with Jaxon. This leads to some flashbacks that truly show the depth of feeling these two share. The way the drama plays out in this story will leave you breathless. I thought I had the monster that caused Aurora all her heartache figured out but I was wrong! When I tell you KK has hit on every element that makes an amazing story I was not kidding. The secondary characters added so much to the book and the way KK was able to use the Water theme throughout the story was just a thing of beauty. This is the must read of 2018 thus far for me.

  • Anne Milne
    2019-04-07 11:35

    I love finding new authors I really couldn’t have picked a better one to start with. I love thrillers and when I read the blurb I couldn’t wait to get started. There are six words in the prologue that stopped my heart and from that moment I was hooked. I was breathless with anticipation as I read the story every word just drew me in and under the spell of the world the author created. You know from the blurb that Aurora has a connection to the girls who went missing but it is so much more than that. Jaxon her first love her first heartbreak, he is intrinsically linked to her past present and future.A story full of surprises that I never would have guessed in a million years . reviewed by Sweet Spot Sisterhood

  • Stephanie Rose
    2019-03-28 07:40

    My heart was in my throat for most of Waterfall Effect for so many different reasons. The love Aurora and Jaxon shared was palpable even after so many years apart and my heart broke for them both. I flipped the pages on the edge of my seat, not knowing where the story would go next and worried and suspicious of everyone. When I thought I had it figured out, I totally didn’t and I’m in awe of KK Allen’s beautiful writing and and storytelling. Five “waterfall eyes” stars!

  • GCK'SBook Review Blog
    2019-04-23 14:40

    More than 5 star <3I wanted to live in their waterfall! <3 This story was EVERYTHING!!!It is a wonderful story about love, trust, secrets and survival. I loved K.K. Allen’s released books so far, but out of all her books, Waterfall Effect is my favorite. I am really fortunate to have a chance to read it. It stole and broken my heart, and then put together its pieces perfectly.Read more:

  • Court
    2019-04-07 11:44

    K.K. Allen has a wonderful way with words. Waterfall Effect is an amazing story of forgiveness, suspense, and love. The moment you meet Aurora you feel her pain and heartbreak of what she is going through. This story takes you on her journey of realizing she can't live a life of numbness anymore and is also trying to figure out if she can overcome her past. I love Aurora and Jaxon, their love is one that cannot be ignored and experiencing their journey is amazing. I felt as if I was in this story experiencing the suspenseful mystery of their past and how both of them choose to deal with it. Love this story and could not put it down!

  • Tiffany Elliott
    2019-03-26 12:32

    My first book I have read by K.K. Allen! She didn’t disappoint me at all! I loved the romance, second chance and suspense! Absolutely loved this story!