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“Deep Dish is one delicious read. Mary Kay Andrews has cooked up a tale y’all will savor to the last bite. ”—Paula DeenBattling TV chefs—a handsome Georgia redneck and a struggling young professional woman—find themselves competing for a coveted weekly time slot on national television in Mary Kay Andrews’s delightful New York Times bestseller Deep Dish. The incomparable Ma“Deep Dish is one delicious read. Mary Kay Andrews has cooked up a tale y’all will savor to the last bite. ”—Paula DeenBattling TV chefs—a handsome Georgia redneck and a struggling young professional woman—find themselves competing for a coveted weekly time slot on national television in Mary Kay Andrews’s delightful New York Times bestseller Deep Dish. The incomparable Mary Kay offers heaping portions of humor, heart, and sass that fans of Fannie Flagg, Jennifer Crusie, Adriana Trigiani, Emily Giffin, and the Sweet Potato Queens simply will not be able to resist, as the winner-take-all cooking competition gets intense, especially when love ups the ante....

Title : Deep Dish
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Deep Dish Reviews

  • Bark
    2019-01-16 14:58

    Regina is a 29 year old cooking show host who has worked her butt off to get where she is in life. She's having a lovely affair with her production manager and life is simply perfect. Blech. Fortunately (for me who is bored to tears at this point) it comes tumbling down when he decides to hop in bed with the wife of the show's main sponsor & they can the show. Not too bright of a guy. Now Gina, at the ripe old age of 29, has lost her guy and her show and fears she'll lose her home which she shares with her younger deadbeat, sassy (and terribly annoying & immature) sis.Coincidentally a cooking network is interesting in picking up her show but there's a hitch (wouldn't you know it?), they are looking to fill a time slot but have another show they're also pursuing. For some odd reason, the other show "Vittles" hosted by a hunky outdoors-man named Tate who catches his food & cooks it too shows up in town and begins shooting in Gina's studio and using her makeup/hair guy. This didn't make sense but I could have dozed off and missed something. Anyway, now she's bumping shoulders with this guy, who she thinks is hot moments after a horrid breakup with the other snake and you can guess what kind of hijinks will ensue from here -- especially when the network decides to pit them against each other in a new reality show with the winner getting the time slot.This book either annoyed or bored me. So many of the characters are vaguely irritating. The heroine is a hypocrite who cooks light, organic food but either starves herself or stuffs herself with chemically laden pork rinds (or something just as gross). This was disturbing to me. Also though she's nearly 30, she acts very immaturely for her age, especially when she calls Tate "butthead" on several occasions. None of this junk was cute or endearing. Couldn't the author have come up with an insult worthy of a 29 year old woman? My 13 year old comes up with better jabs than butt-head. And don't even get me started on her stylist who burns her hair off and instead of being lucky he's still in a job insults her about her looks. I suppose if the book were more interesting these little things wouldn't have bothered me. As it was, the only bright spot was the cute, rambunctious setter pup named Moonpie who had more personality than anyone else in the book (probably because he couldn't speak).

  • Lori
    2018-12-19 19:46

    I'm a big fan of Mary Kay Andrews but this book completely fell flat for me. I never once cared about the two main characters and it seemed like the book went on and on and the "boom" all of the sudden boy loves girl. Um....what??? When did that happen?It's an ok read, not terrible, but absolutely not worth the $25 hardback price tag!

  • Kristin Groves
    2019-01-17 20:07

    This book was a disappointment compared to other books that I have read by Mary Kay Andrews (Savannah Blues is my favorite). She is, by no means, an author of literature with a "big L", but her novels are generally less generic and predictable. However, it would still fulfill a desire for an easy, light-hearted read and you do get some cooking tips throughout the read and a couple of Ol' Southern Favorite recipies at the end. Maybe the Tomato Soup Cake recipe will improve my rating.

  • Nancy
    2019-01-13 19:42

    This would be a fun read for anyone who enjoys the Food Network / cooking shows.

  • Julie
    2018-12-22 14:46

    Funny story.....not rocket science, but then I knew that going in

  • Ani
    2019-01-05 16:57

    This is one of my favorite Mary Kay Andrews books. I feel like with this book she went back to her original format of the sassy, southern gal though involved in turmoil is surrounded by a vivid array of characters who will help her get out of her funk.Plus it's all about food! Though I wish the main character who is a chef would have eaten a bit more often. I understood that since she works in the food business she probably gets tired of sampling all the time. Though I doubt I would be. Funny and a real page turner.

  • Adam
    2019-01-02 16:52

    Post listen review: Not the best and not the worst of the lame romances that I have been forced to listen to. It's really hard to go through all the audiobooks in the library without getting a LOT of romance in there. Here is the plot such as it is. Two chefs are in competition to become the next star of The Cooking Channel (because the name the Food Network was already taken). One is a woman who has just had her heart broken by her scumbag producer that cheated on her and lost her the sponsor of her local show. The other is a ruggedly handsome man who has his own very popular local cooking show where he hunts and kills stuff and then cooks it. The two cooks hate each other. Then they don't. Then there is a misunderstanding and they hate each other again. Then the misunderstanding is cleared up and romance ensues. Yawn.But I have some questions for this book and romance books in general.1. Is this really the only formula for romance?2. Does every stylist have to be a gay African-American man (this book and a few others) or a plump but vivacious woman (other books with a stylist)?3. I know this book is about the south but do you have to resort to names like Zeke and Tate? I am gonna guess there are more Rogers and Johns in the south than Zekes or Tates.4. Have you watched hunting or fishing shows? (not the extreme kind just regular hunting and fishing ones) Cause I don't think those guys could be described as having amazing abs and killer physiques. From what I have seen they are either fat or scrawny. (also since when do people watch cooking shows for the "hotness" factor? That's not exactly what Rachel Ray or Martha Stewart bring to mind for me)5. If you have to insist that every man that a woman sees is physically fit, for goodness sakes throw a scene in where he lifts weights! You show the women starving themselves to look good, the guys are obviously doing some work here too.6. When you have a female character who is constantly commenting on how hot several guys are (not so much in this book but in others) it is not that believable that they would be serial monogamists.7. We all really see it coming that these people that hate each other will get it on by the end of the book so just get it over with already.8. Let me get this straight people who produce a show called "Fresh Start" think a show with name "Vittles" has a stupid name? 9. The supportive but reckless sister that makes the main character always realize that she is in love, is annoying. Can we please cut her and have the stylist perform a double role for that?10. Can someone else please listen to the next romance for me so I don't have to?Pre-Listen Guess: Oh man. Romance and reality cooking. I don't know what could be more opposite of cool than that.

  • Paul Pessolano
    2019-01-12 20:44

    I must start off with the fact that Mary Kay Andrews, aka Kathy Hogan Trochek, is one of my favorite authors. She writes about the South, and primarily southern Georgia. Her books are delightful reads that the reader can lose themselves in. They are easy reads that combine southern living and traditions, interspersed with some laughter, and maybe a little mystery."Deep Dish" tells the story of Gina Foxton who is the star of a cooking show, Fresh Start, in Atlanta. She discovers her show is being canceled due to the impropriety of her boyfriend and producer.The "Cooking Channel" is looking for a new show and feels that they can up their ratings by having a cookoff between Gina and Tate Moody. Tate Moody is also a chef with a cooking show. The "Tatester" has a show called "Vittles", and is known as "Mr. Kill It and Grill It".Tate and Gina are put on a remote island off the Georgia coast and are pitted against each other in a best out of three cooking contests. Needless to say, they become bitter rivals, because the winner of the cookoff will get their own show on The Cooking Channel.The reader is treated to the competitiveness of Gina and Tate. The first test is to find something on the island to prepare for a meal, the second test blows up in everyone's face and seals the fate of our competitors, and the third test gives us our winer, but was it won fair and square.

  • Robialice
    2019-01-04 16:58

    Fluffy fun chick lit. I take issue with the man and woman falling so quickly in "love", c'mon, can't he just say he's interested in her? Noooo...after a couple weeks of a completely antagonistic relationship, he's in love. C'mon, that's not real. It's so bad, it's not even good fiction!The "Next Food Network Star" type plot device made for a fun backdrop, but feels hackneyed as all the characters view a cooking show contest as new and innovative. Maybe if it were 1998 not 2008 it would be.A fun beach read.

  • Patty
    2018-12-20 16:09

    You know what? I LOVED this! Delish food discussion, fun characters, and a great setting (I love me a deserted island.) Perfect escapist summer read. This could be a new fave!

  • Janet Martin
    2019-01-12 18:06

    Not her best, but still a mostly fun romance

  • 78sunny
    2018-12-23 15:04

    Das Cover hat mich gleich angesprochen. Es sah nach einem schönen Contemporary-Geschichte aus. Ich wurde auch nicht enttäuscht. Das Cover hat mit dem Inhalt des Buches zu tun, da wir es hier mit Essen bzw. Kochen zu tun haben. Ich finde das Cover wurde wunderbar arrangiert und ich finde die Farben sehr harmonisch und ansprechend. Inhaltlich geht es um Gina, die eine erfolgreiche Kochshow hat. Sie hat einen Freund/Partner, der gleichzeitig auch eine Art Manager für sie ist. Leider bemerkt sie erst zu spät, dass er nicht treu ist und noch dazu auch ihre Karriere mit seinem Fremdgehen ruiniert. Gut gefiel mir, dass Gina nicht lange rumheult und in Selbstmitleid zergeht, sondern sie versucht ihre Karriere zu retten. Die Chance bietet sich ihr als jemand Interesse an einer neuen Kochshow äußert. Leider hat sie für den Job noch einen Konkurrenten. Tate Moddy ist ein eher rustikaler, natürlicher Typ, der mit seinem Hund und seiner Managerin eine eigene Art von Jagd- und Kochshow gemacht hat und nun nach neuen Aufgaben sucht. Seine ganze Art gefiel mir von Anfang an super und auch sein Hund brachte wieder (die Autorin scheint einen Fable für Hunde zu haben) jede Menge lustige und süße Momente in die Story. Beide wollen also den Job, aber man merkt Gina an, dass sie richtige Existenzängste hat, wohingegen Tate alles etwas lockerer nimmt. Das war sehr angenehm. Auch die Mischung zwischen Liebesgeschichte, Freundschaften und dem Thema Kochshow war wieder toll gewählt. Ich finde die Autorin weiß genau wie detailliert sie auf ein Thema eingehen muss und wo die Grenze zu ziehen ist. Wirklich spannend ist das Buch natürlich nicht, aber das habe ich auch nicht erwartet. Es ist sehr vorhersehbar. Im Prinzip wusste ich schon weit am Anfang des Buches, wie es ausgehen wird, aber das störte mich nicht. Ich fühlte mich einfach wunderbar gut unterhalten. Die Autorin bringt ein paar kleinen Überraschungen in die Story, die alles etwas aufpeppen.Die Nebencharaktere sind sehr interessant, spielen aber im Vergleich zu anderen Geschichten der Autorin nicht eine so große Rolle. Lisa, Ginas Schwester, ist super sympathisch, allerdings kann ich sie altersmäßig nicht einordnen. Das war teilweise etwas merkwürdig, da die Sprecherin ihre Stimme sehr kindlich herüber bringt, ihre Handlungen aber erwachsen sind. Interessant waren aber auch der Maskenbildner und Tates Managerin, sowie die beiden alten Frauen, die sie auf einer Insel kennen lernen.Die Liebesgeschichte entwickelt sich langsam, aber ich fand es sehr natürlich und stellenweise witzig. Die beiden passen gut zusammen und man fühlte es knistern, wenn sie zusammentrafen. Die Autorin schafft es nicht nur bei der Liebesgeschichte eine sehr ausgewogene Mischung von leichtem Humor und Emotionalität zu kreieren. Ich musste sehr oft schmunzeln. Tate ist ein echter Traumtyp mit seiner ruhigen, zuvorkommenden aber auch teilweise sehr verschmitzten Art. Gina ist teilweise etwas anstrengend, zumindest wäre sie das für mich, wenn ich an Tates Stelle gewesen wäre, aber er hat ja die Ruhe weg gehabt.Das Hörbuch wurde von Rike Schmid gesprochen, die ihre Sache sehr gut machte. Sie schaffte es mich komplett in die Geschichte zu ziehen. Ich hatte nie das Gefühl verwirrt zu sein, was eine Betonung von Sätzen oder die Zuordnung von Charakteren angeht. Lediglich einen männlichen Charakter sprach sie eher fraulich und seine Stimme ähnelte dann der von Lisa, aber das war noch okay. *Fazit:*Das Buch war ein absolutes Wohlfühlbuch. Ich musste sehr oft schmunzeln und habe richtig mit der Protagonistin mitgefühlt. Die Charaktere waren sympathisch und die Autorin bewies ein gutes Gespür dafür, wann etwas zu viel werden würde und wo dann wieder Abwechslung her musste. Die Hörbuchfassung kann ich absolut empfehlen, da die Sprecherin ihre Sache sehr gut macht. Die Autorin gehört mittlerweile zu meinen Lieblingen.4,6 von 5 Sternen

  • Gail Cooke
    2018-12-23 18:56

    You don't have to be a foodie to enjoy this lightly romantic, often laughable look behind the scenes at a television cooking show. Couldn't be more contemporary although, of course, fictionalized by the busy pen of Mary Kay Andrews (Blue Christmas, Hissy Fit, Little Bitty Lies, etc). Fans know that she delivers on-target often tongue-in-cheek looks at her characters and situations - fun listening and reading!I thoroughly enjoyed Isabel Keating's narration of "Hissy Fit" and wrote, " a fun, thoroughly enjoyable listening experience." My response to Deep Dish is the same. Keating is an experienced stage actress and a Tony nominee for her role as Judy Garland in The Boy From Oz. Perfectly voicing aces chef Gina Foxton, she imbues her with equal parts southern charm, savvy, and spice.Gina is an important chef, a prime preparer of southern foods, and has her own cooking show, "Fresh Start" on Georgia Public Television. She means the word "Fresh" literally, and is more than upset when someone provides what she calls a fake cheese for one of her filmings.However, she soon has a great deal more to be upset about - her very popular show is canceled when the prime backer backs out (pun intended). Why? Because her boyfriend and the producer has been sleeping with the backer's wife. But Gina's not going to stew forever. She knows that the Cooking Channel is looking for a new face and a new star. She sets her chef's cap for that job and finds that the Channel can't decide between Gina and Tate Moody, a handsome hunk who hunts, fishes and has a show of his own - what else but "Vittles"? The Channel proposes a cook-off to choose the winner.It will come as no surprise to Andrews's listeners/readers that more than spaghetti sauce begins to simmer in the kitchen and soon comes to a rolling boil with lots of merry mishaps and love among the ladles. Nonetheless, as is said, "Too many cooks spoil the broth," so who will be the winner?Enjoy!- Gail Cooke

  • Kristen
    2019-01-15 18:45

    I was highly impressed by this novel, and also by how much I was invested in their lives by the middle of it. By the end, all I could think about was how I didn't want to finish the book because I didn't want it to end. My only complaint about the whole book is that I didn't feel Gina and Tate were developed enough. Yeah, we know what their physical appearances are, but I wanted to know more about Gina, so that I could put myself a little more in her place and relate to her. When I first started this book, I got through at least 30 pages and was bored and didn't think I'd be able to get into it. There was so much description of the south and about southern people that it almost was predictable. But, oh! that is why you have to go a little further even when you think it won't be that good, because now this is my favorite book!It went from being predictable to a fun getaway vacation book, where, as the tension grows between Gina and Tate, the more fun situations they are being placed into. You get to picture them on an island off of Georgia which took even me to such a fun escape, right here in the south which I thought I knew too well. I love the character D'John and his antics. I could picture him like he was a person I actually knew. "Precious Jesus Lord!" and some of the things he says had me laughing out loud. I enjoyed the Zeke character as well and had the perfect real life vision of him as well as a few others, as if I were casting them in a movie. The best books, in my opinion, is when everything comes together like you are in a movie, but for an author to be able to describe things that well is pure talent. This is the first book by Mary Kay Andrews I have read, and I plan to read them ALL. I sure hope they all have as much romance as this one did, but I'm also very glad I own this book, so I can go and read it again whenever I want!!

  • May
    2019-01-12 14:06

    The whole set up - A battle of the sexes between two southern cooking show hosts, and the way we're shown how they're SO compatable if only they'll simmer down and see... well it had my hopes exceptionally high that this could be "the one". The next favorite added to my all-time best list. I made my guess as to what would happen, it did EXACTLY. So predictability is high here, but that wasn't the problem for me. I wanted it to go where it did, that was fine. The problem is that the book doesn't know what it wants to be. If it was going to be a romance, it needed a lot of background cut out of the beginning, and focus in on the two main characters. If it wanted to be more "chick lit", it should have taken a page from classics like Bridget Jones or Shopaholic and given us just the heroine's story, and really given her a story outside of the romance. Instead we're left in la-la land where everything is ok, nothing is great.Mary Kay Andrews has mad skills and I love her writing - but this was a wholly unsatisfying read. The characters deserved better. The charm and comedy of the early pages simply didn't carry through. The "they are in love with each other now... because I say so" with no reasoning, no thought process, no proof just doesn't work for me. That said, still 3 stars. If I suspend all reality, if I pretend the author proved that Gina had some personal growth and Tate has a thought in his pretty head then it was pretty dang good.

  • Alexis
    2018-12-21 22:05

    Eh. I probably won't be reading anymore of her books. While I appreciated the easiness of this read I disliked every single character in the book. They were all whiny, immature or just vapid. That's a lie. I liked Moonpie, the English Setter. He reminded me of one of my dogs and showed more personality than his owner, Tate Moody. I was also put off by the obnoxious "dialect" (and I use that term loosely) the author used for her characters. "Daggunnit" is not a word many southerners spout out and I have NEVER heard someone say "swimps" instead of "shrimp." I was insulted. Even though both main characters were well-educated and smart enough to each nab their own cooking shows they still used cliche phrases and their "accents" make them sound illiterate. I would only recommend this if you're completely bored and have started a reading challenge to finish 52 new books in a year.The worst part? I'm fairly certain that Gina, the female protagonist, has an eating disorder. She always chirps about fresh, local produce and cooking healthy and then we see that she doesn't really eat. If she does, it's pork rinds and diet coke in secret. The two times we see her eat a true meal (breakfast, both times) she is mocked by two separate people...her ex and her potential nemesis/future lover. wtf kind of message is that!?

  • Iowa City Public Library
    2019-01-15 21:52

    I enjoy Mary Kay Andrews books. They are set in the South, have quirky but lovable characters, and are funny. My brain doesn’t have to work very hard when I’m reading a Mary Kay Andrews book, and some days that’s just what I need. Andrews takes a break from the BeBe/Weezie stories and cooks up a "dish" that will make fans of television cooking shows smile. Gina Foxton is the host of the regional cooking show Fresh Start. There is a strong regional following for the show and it catches the attention of executives from The Cooking Channel while they are scoping out a rival show, Vittles, hosted by Tate Moody. To cook up publicity for The Cooking Channel, and to find a "hot" new show, a cook-off between Gina and Tate is planned on a remote barrier island. Food Fight pits Gina and Tate in an ultimate cooking contest where the prize is a coveted national show. Who will win the prize? The southern belle or the rugged outdoors guy?Fun, adventure, and recipes. ~~ Enjoy ~~ --KaraFrom ICPL Staff Picks Blog

  • Nadeen
    2018-12-31 19:10

    Let me start with a disclaimer: i don't mind a predictable plot if there are other elements that make a book more ... Because I had fun listening to Savannah Blues, I put this one in my audio queue. After the first 10 minutes, I knew where it was headed and how it would end. It was a fun listen - a slight book,an audio book equivalent of a bathtub book, so I gave it two stars and held myself back from tossing it over the side of a row boat.. The plot- there was one- was supported by characters who were little more stereotypes. It had it all- demure Southern woman, gay hairdresser, wild sister and hunky backwoods man complete with his own dog. There might have even been moonshine or maybe the glint off the beer cans confused me. In any case if you are looking to read one of her books, try Savannah Blues; it's characters are just a shade wackier and makes you appreciate what she is capable of writing: predictable plots with funny characters. On that note, she does need to dial it back when it comes to the names she saddles her characters with for they are just cutesy enough to make you salivate for the odd Lisa and Michael...

  • Allison Severson
    2019-01-19 15:57

    Love her books. Funny, light, a perfect addition to your beach bag or when you want a really light read, a total chick-flick. Also love that most are culturally situated in the south. Can't wait to go to Savannah someday, as Savannah Breeze and Savannah Blues have me intrigued. This is the story of two small-time TV-chefs, who get the chance to compete for a spot on a bigger network. She always includes southern recipes after the epilogue, though I've never tried them.

  • Meredith
    2019-01-01 20:47

    Cute. Reality cooking show with some romance. Fun and foodie, and who cares if it was realistic. Good for housework-listening.Abridged audio, read by Isabel Keating, who I thought made a Southern gay black man sound like Rosie Perez, and had other interesting takes on character dialect, but was good in straight narration/main female parts, and she's been a finalist for an Audie so what do I know.

  • Jo
    2018-12-28 18:51

    I enjoyed this book. It's a bit different from the usual design and antiquing books she writes. This is a perfect book for any reality TV fans. You will pick up some good cooking tips, too. Once again, I fell in love with Moonpie the dog. He's my favorite! Stranded on a island was a page turner for me. Great book to read and relax.

  • Katherine
    2019-01-08 16:56

    This author's works continue to delight me and make me laugh! The story and characters were entertaining and I enjoyed all the humorous parts and plot twists. I would have rated it higher had it not contained so much swearing. It wasn't really needed to tell the story well, so I found it distracting.

  • Christina
    2018-12-19 20:00

    Not my favorite book of hers (hard to compete with the Savannah series) but a good read overall. I didn't give it a four because about halfway in it started to ramble and I wondered how an editor could have helped it out a little. Of course, I'd still like to meet the "Tatester" in person!!

  • Debra
    2019-01-07 15:00

    Probably my least favorite of her books, this one is more a romantic caper set in the world of food tv and reality shows. Light, quick, enjoyable....if it wasn't so big it would be a good beach book.

  • Carmela
    2019-01-09 13:56

    Being married to a professional chef it was funny to read some of the crazy things chefs do to meet their deadlines. It was a good read but it always gets me when one character falls in love with the other so quickly. Not saying love at first sight doesn't happen but it just seemed a bit forced.

  • Laura
    2019-01-04 17:53

    I don't have anything against this book, but reading it after The Glass Castle and before Atonement, I couldn't really get past the "fan fiction"-ness of it. Natty Lite? "I Love You" out of the blue? It was fun to read about what they cooked, but I think I like a meatier book :)

  • Carrie
    2019-01-11 21:10

    From the very beginning, I knew what would happen and who would end up together, BUT it was so cute and fun to read anyway! This is a perfect book to read when you want to take your mind off of other stuff and just escape...I love these kinds of cutesy books when I'm in the mood for them.

  • Kerry
    2019-01-07 17:44

    As usual, cute story with fun southern details and characters. I have a hard time giving chick lit more than a 3. This one is around 3.5 for me.

  • Sheila Roberts
    2019-01-04 21:52

    Great fun!

  • Kate
    2019-01-17 18:12

    rival cooking shows. Not bad