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She's a good girl ready for her turn to be bad. He's a hard-ass set on resisting the inevitable. When temptation lives just around the corner, who knows what wicked wonders will result?Shea Dresden doesn't need her PhD to know she's more brains than bod—too much bookworm, too little bada-bing!—but this is getting ridiculous. Her sexy nextdoor neighbor, the sinfully irresisShe's a good girl ready for her turn to be bad. He's a hard-ass set on resisting the inevitable. When temptation lives just around the corner, who knows what wicked wonders will result?Shea Dresden doesn't need her PhD to know she's more brains than bod—too much bookworm, too little bada-bing!—but this is getting ridiculous. Her sexy nextdoor neighbor, the sinfully irresistible Ryan McCall, has been going out of his way to ignore her for months now. She's flirted, asked him out, done everything but beg—and still come up empty-handed.Tired of waiting for what she wants, Shea hatches a scheme to snag the stubborn ATF agent once and for all. It's the perfect plan, and she's willing to do anything to make it work. But when her little strategy backfires, Shea finds she's being rescued instead of ravished. And she still wants her mind-shattering night of sexual ecstasy. What's a desperate woman to do?Rock his world, of course! Shea's not about to take another no, especially when she's already got the sexy stud in her bedroom. She may have to swallow her pride to get what she wants—but by the end of the night, it's Ryan who's paying all the lip service.Ryan McCall's been burned before, and he knows better than to play with fire. Too bad the shy little scholar living right nextdoor affects him like gasoline on an open flame. He's done his best to stay the hell away from her, but once he gets that first taste, he knows he's in some serious trouble. Shea may be looking for wild times between the sheets, but Ryan soon finds he's ready to convince her to take a chance on a bad boy like himself—forever....

Title : Against the Wall
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ISBN : 9781419951114
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 208 Pages
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Against the Wall Reviews

  • Eastofoz
    2019-01-14 15:33

    Ok, what's this book about???? ---apart from the sex-fest that they have from beginning to end with the stomach roiling "awwww isn't that sweet" gag-me ending?! This is another one of those sub-zero plot erotica novels. They didn't do anything. They went to the movies and dinner --the only two scenes where they didn't have sex--and that lasted a few paragraphs at best. Plus I thought the sex was gross at times. Shea has a fountain in between her legs I swear with all that creaming and trickling she did down her thighs and then there's Ryan-- that guy's thingy scared me! We're talking bone chilling creep out fear! "Thicker than her wrist in width", "so long that he has to tuck it up to his hip in his jeans", "too big to wrap her fingers around" (!!) . What the heck kind of appendage is that???? And how could anyone want to have that baseball bat shoved up her--ok maybe that's just a personal preference here and again to each his/her own but that grossed me out. I didn’t particularly care for either character because there’s nearly no character development –maybe some for Shea because she’s now “sexually liberated” I guess. Ryan is just too much everywhere—Mr Do What I Say all of a sudden which I gather was supposed to evoke some kind of borderline dominance tendencies, I don’t know. And then he’d get all mad at her during sex –totally left field there. It’s like the author had to throw in the fight scene, the tough guy scene and the syrupy HEA because they’re “part and parcel” of a story.The writing was soooooooooooooo bad too, repetitious, over the top, repetitious, virtually no story, repetitious, a bunch of words plunked down on a page mimicking a story line and REPETITIOUS--gee do you think the repetition was glaring! It was 200 pages that could've been done in 30 without the idiotic ending "I want to have a baby with you--let me f--k you to next Tuesday first because you have so much luscious creaming c-- in that pretty glistening p---"!!! . After a week they get hitched because they're "in love" --"in heat" is more like it. So to put it in plain English, I didn't like the book.

  • Heather
    2018-12-28 19:27

    This is a really hot book! Shea is a sexy PhD bookworm type who's secretly in love with her neighbor Ryan McCall, but he doesn't seem to notice. Shea decides it's time to MAKE him notice, so she heads out to the neighborhood dive bar where Ryan hangs out to try and "pick him up". When he's not at the bar and trouble follows her home, Ryan comes to the rescue! Ryan has been infatuated with Shea ever since she moved in to his apartment complex, but she's so innocent, he thinks she's too good for him. When he saves her from a man attacking her, passion rears its head. There is no way to deny it now, he has to have her. This book has smokin hot sex! Wow! I dont think I have read anything by Rhyannon Byrd before this, and she might be one of my new favorites! The heroine wasn't stupid, and she made rational decisions with her emotions. She even pursued the object of her lust before he noticed her. I love that she was no shrinking violet, but Ryan was dominating and masculine and very very sexy. This is one very hot read!

  • Raine
    2019-01-07 14:34

    Shea is on her way to getting her PhD and has moved in and been living next door to Ryan, who is an ATF agent, for the last three months. Shea is a geek and a brain and knows that she isn't the usual type of woman that Ryan normally goes for as she isn't as stacked as the women that Ryan usually takes home, but that doesn't stop her from flirting with Ryan and asking him out for coffee, movies, or dinner. Ryan thinks that Shea is too good for him which is why he keeps declining her advances and stays away from her. During one of Shea's schemes to get Ryan to notice her she gets into trouble where Ryan has to save her. Watch out! This is where it starts getting steamy!!! I love this book and the characters, Shea and Ryan. They get together because of the conflict in the beginning of the book, but throughout the rest of the book the conflict for both of them is more internal. I only started reading this book because it was listed in a GR group discussion that it was a great dirty talker book, which I was in the mood for. Let me say this book is now my #1 choice for dirty talking heroes. Not only is Ryan great at dirty talking to Shea, but the things he is thinking is also haaawwttt! The only thing I have an issue with is that there is no follow-up book to their friends Heather and Derek. I really wanted to read about them!!!I'm can't wait to read more books by author Rhyannon Byrd.

  • Sarah
    2018-12-31 16:12

    23/3 - 2.5 stars because there was a whole lot of SEX and not much else to this book. I can only think of one scene where there wasn't any sex and they spent most of that scene looking at each other with heat in their eyes and then when the heat became unbearable he dragged her back to his apartment for more sex. There was also way too much discussion of fluids, she began to sound like a leaky tap and how is that sexy?! I have read one other of Byrd's books, Take Me Under, which I thought was fantastic, so I know she can write, which makes me wonder whether this book was an aberration due to either how early on in her career this was written (one of her first solo books) or the publishing company it was written for (Ellora's Cave seems to publish a lot of 'sex first, plot later if at all' books). Lucky for me I read one of her more recent books before I read this one, so I haven't been put off by the constant repetition of the same phrases, an obsession with fluids, or the lack of plot, because I know she got better with experience (and possibly a publisher change). I wouldn't run out to get a hold of her earlier stuff, but I would for the sequel to Take Me Under.

  • Daisiemae
    2018-12-24 19:37

    I am turning into a huge fan of Rhyannon Byrd. This book will take it's place on my keeper shelf, and I know I will read and re-read this book in the years to come.A couple of words of warning to some readers. If you are offended by harsh language or sexually explict material, this book is not for you.Shea Dresden is a self-proclaimed geek. She is smart, funny and desperate to make her sexy, next door neighbor to see her more than a friend. Determined to get him to see her as more than his geeky friend, she decides to wear an uncharacteristically sexy outfit and show up at his favorite hole in the wall bar he frequently attends to pick up ladies.When he is not there that night, Shea is attacked by an overzealous admirer.Ryan McCall is a tough as nails ATF agent. Being scorned before in the past, he has a love'em and leave'em attitude. He has no time for romance and certainly makes huge efforts to squash any more-than-friendship-ideas he has about the smart, irresistable next door neighbor Shea. When he discovers she has been attacked, he is livid at her for going to his favorite and less than savory bar, dressed to kill and looking for him. Soon, he discovers he wants more of Shea than fun between the sheets. (and fun it certainly was)I loved this book and I am looking forward to reading all books written by this author.

  • MBR
    2018-12-25 13:12

    Against the Wall is the novel that first introduced me to what Rhyannon Byrd can deliver in the erotic contemperory romance category. Filled with blistering scenes of raw and explicit passion between an aggressively alpha hero who is reluctant to get involved, with a plucky and innocent heroine who is more than willing to fight for the man she wants, Against the Wall is an erotic romance that truly lives up to its name delivering more than one against-the-wall-smexing scene before half way through the story.35 year old Ryan McCall is an ATF agent who spends his days chasing gutter scum and his nights seeking mindless pleasure from women who knows the score before getting down and dirty with him - that Ryan doesn't do commitment at all. But all that changes from the moment he meets his neighbor, the sweetly innocent Shea Dresden who might just be the one to make commitment free sex a thing of his past, if he were to allow Shea to get past the walls of defence around his heart.27 year old Shea is determined that her sexy as sin neighbor Ryan would take notice of her and deliver her from the sheer sexual frustration that seems to be a part of her ever since it stood up and took notice of the lethal sex god that Ryan seems to be. But what Shea wants from the sexy ATF agent is much more than sex, a fact that Shea knows would drive Ryan away instead of bringing them closer, a fact driven home by the 3 months during which Ryan has ignored all her attempts at making him sit up and take notice that she is very much interested in getting down and dirty with him.Ryan can barely control himself when he lets his mind think about the sexy, impish creature that is his neighbor, if his possessive streak a mile wide when it comes to her is anything to go by. When Shea gets assaulted by a drunken lout driving Ryan into a rage that refuses to be tamped down, all the sizzling sexual energy that seems to simmer between them bursts forth, refusing to be held back letting Ryan know that just one single taste of Shea would never ever be enough where he is concerned.Thus starts a week of sex-fest during which Ryan stakes his claim on the woman who has the ability to bring him to his very knees with a single look, a fact that seems to terrify and exhilirate him at the same time. But the question of the hour remains; will Ryan ever be able to let go of his past long enough to take the plunge into the future with the woman who is his match made in heaven?As I mentioned before, Against the Wall is erotica in its most explicit form, delivering blisteringly raw and hot passion between two individuals that some might find to be a bit too much. But, being a book of the erotica genre, for me, I found the raw energy that practically pulsates between Ryan and Shea to be just what I needed as I ventured out to re-read this book, the scene at the bookstore that has always been on my mind prodding me along.Ryan is a total alpha through and through, a bit aggressive and a bit of an ass at times when his raw emotions come to the surface. But I totally loved him for who he is and who he becomes as the story progresses along and nearly devoured him to pieces by the time I reached the epilogue. Shea is a wonderful heroine whose head over heels plunge into falling for the stubborn Ryan doesn't stop her from going all the way to get what she wants, even with her vulnerable emotions so close to the surface where Ryan is concerned. The way she gives as good as she gets and lets her tender side heal Ryan is what made me fall for Shea all the way.True, there isn't much story telling apart from the sex fest that continues throughout which Rhyannon does so well. I would have loved to know more about both Ryan and Shea and the story would have been more fulfilling if they had been allowed to grow as a couple outside their sex hazed environment. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this one even the second time round and would recommend this to fans of erotica who don't mind one electrifying sex scene after the other in their erotica.As I finished this off the charts hot little number, there was one question ringing incessantly in my mind; is Rhyannon ever going to write the story of Ryan's sexy partner Detective Derek Kiely and Shea's best friend Hannah who seem to make a pretty darn explosive couple of their own? Oh well!Memorable Quotes:And not just any man, honey, her incessantly complaining libido chimed in, but Ryan McCall, the sexiest damn thing we’ve ever set eyes on!She looked up at him from beneath her long lashes and suddenly her lips curled into a wicked smile full of carnal possibilities, feral and hungry and God-it’s-about-time! Then with trembling fingers, she pushed the silky dress right off her shoulders. It fell to the floor in a quiet swoosh of fabric, and she was standing before him wearing nothing but a minuscule black lace thong and her sandals.Ryan felt his stomach drop to his feet and his heart lodge in his throat. Oh, hell. The last of his control shot to pieces as the raging hunger she always ignited in him blazed to life.“I just need to kiss you,” he murmured softly…roughly, his face already lowering to hers, big hands pressing against the slender line of her back, pulling her into his wide, tall frame while he pushed her harder against the book-lined wall. “I just need the touch of your lips…your taste in my mouth,” he rasped, voice thick with wonder. “I don’t know how you fucking do this to me, but I’m dying for it like some junked out addict.” Rating=4/5 Original review posted onMBR's Realm of Romance

  • Holly
    2018-12-22 16:33

    Shea Dresden is ready for her turn to go bad. She's all dressed up and ready to grab the bull by the horns, the bull being Ryan McCall. Her sexy neighbor has been evading all her attempts to seduce him, all her attempts to show him that she's a good girl who can be naughty. Unfortunately, Ryan isn't out tonight and she's attracting the wrong sort of attention. Defeated, she goes home, unwittingly luring one of the dregs of society after her. Luckily, her neighbor Ryan is home after a hard days work as an ATF agent and he hears her screams and comes crashing to her rescue. When he sees the man attacking her, his rage is ferocious, his protective instincts towards his pixie like neighbor roused to a murderous fury. After the bad guy is dragged away, Shea is delighted with the turn of events. She has Ryan McCall in her bedroom, and she's going to end this day the way she had planned out. If you're looking for a lot of good, hot, nekkid sex, then this is your book. Rhyannon Byrd has written a simple, straightforward romp in the sack and not much else. It was hard for me to get into this book. Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind to read it. Who knows. I was hoping for a little more of a storyline or heck, something more than reading a lot of loosely connected sex scenes. The premise had really interested me and so I guess that's why I'm disappointed. Don't get me wrong though, for what this book is, it's good. Filled with a lot of imaginative and fun positions and toys. There was also a scene in Borders Bookstore that I'm sure I've never seen happen. Wow. Hot. Read this book when your looking for a little spice before your honey comes home, and speaking of honey. OMG. You'll never look at that innocent little teddy bear bottle of honey the same way again. I guarantee it.

  • Ladiibbug
    2019-01-03 16:33

    This Ellora's Cave book had the erotic and sex, but the characters and plot needed much more development. And the sex is without an emotional connection or much of a relationship, so for me it's .... just sex.As another GR reviewer stated, it's like a bunch of loosely connected sex scenes without much else.Both Ryan and Shea need more depth and development -- both are pretty one dimensional.I have another title by this author from the E/C sale, otherwise I'd probably pass on more of RB.

  • Erica
    2019-01-07 15:21

    The story could have been better, if it weren't so continuous and they actually DID something else instead of each other, then there would be something to really talk about.

  • Karen **Mrs. Northman**
    2018-12-30 20:35

    So incredibly HOT. You will never look at a honey bear the same ever again.

  • PepsiGirl
    2019-01-06 20:26

    This story drove me nuts, I almost gave up on it. The inner thought processes took up probably 85% of the first eighty pages. All the fantasizing going on in Shea's head and then we get to hear Ryan do the same thing in detail how they would do the other one. But then, nothing. It went on until finally a situation causes Ryan and Shea to be in close contact with each other. Finally, right, well sort of. Ryan is being all noble and acting like a horrible dick to refuse her advances. Right, like that really happens. Then he finally snaps and goes all alpha bad boy on her and almost loses it, he pulls away from her after making her very vulnerable and she immediately turns pitt bull on him. This was so confusing how they played mind games and then the next thing you know he's manhandling her and it got pretty rough, but she liked it, of course. It was f'd up, and they couldn't keep their hands of each other, I mean they really couldn't. Some of it was hot, some of it I wasn't buying. This was one fractured romance with non stop sex that kept you reading Ryan's turn around and subsequent realization that he was so in love with her was painful to read. Is it because most guys are this dense, maybe. Shea wasnt to good about letting him know how she felt either so they both deserved a boink on the head, there was something missing from this. A plot? Well let see, if the plot was girl wants to jump guys bones repeatedly until she can't walk, well mission accomplished!

  • Chris
    2018-12-25 13:14

    Tea: This cup is smokin'.Overall, an excellent erotic story, an undiscovered jewel.A really hot book, and my only complaint, too bad it wasn't a series.The story follows a woman, tired of waiting for the man she wants, her next door neighbor,who always keeps her at arm's length. Enter a break in that he of course investigates (since he's a cop). But she's not letting him squirm away this time, as she sets him in her sights, she discovers new expressions in her own sexuality, and he discovers a woman who can keep up with him.Excellent characters, tension, sex scenes, and a really good story.Great book to read on a relaxing get away, or a good read while in a nice hot steamy bubble bath with a cool and tasty drink at your side.

  • Elisa
    2019-01-15 19:30

    Seriously, don't read this if you want an actual story line. I'm not sure I would even call it erotica so much as just one sex scene after another. They finally stopped having sex long enough to go out of the house on a 'date' and ended up (spoiler alert) having sex in the book front of another couple!Yup, that pretty much says it all.

  • Pinky
    2019-01-19 18:35

    lu il y a quelques années, un pur erotica que j'ai trouvé excellent. Les scènes sont très hots/explicites et nombreuses. Pour les amateurs du genre

  • Leonie
    2018-12-25 18:24

    [image error]This was just an ok read for me....

  • Bet Lantaff
    2019-01-07 16:16

    This story was all thought and little interaction -- other than sex. I got half way through it before I gave up. Each chapter I read was 3/4 thinking by a character on what they wanted/will/would do with their partner, 1/4 telling them what they were going to do, and 1/4 doing it. Any relationship, to me, was all in their minds. I found myself skipping pages until I got to some conversation between the H/h. When I did get to conversation, it was confusing. They wanted each other but would touch each other. They loved each other (how, I never did figure out since they kept their distance from each other since they first met) but they would tell their partner to leave. I've read other books with the same premise as this story and they were good. This one was very lacking but if Ms Byrd were to rewrite it a bit, I'm sure it would be a good read.

  • Anita
    2018-12-24 13:31

    I stopped reading this book at around page 70 of 200. That's a third of the pages, and almost all of them were filled with hand-wringing and internal pep talks...macho BS abounded. It was like a bad country western song without a cowboy, but supposed to be erotica. By page 70, the two main characters had gotten to third base. I'm getting sick of erotica that uses this particular theme: bad boy doesn't want to corrupt "good" girl with his dirty, awful sexual desires. (Translation: he thinks she doesn't want to have fun in bed.) Good girl shocks him with her responsiveness to all his dirty deeds, then wins his heart with sex. Turns out the dirtiest of his desires hardly rates an R, much less the X you expect from erotica. Bleh.

  • Shinyfox
    2019-01-09 19:33

    This book was full of very repetitious writing. And a lot of sex scenes, as one might expect. But when I picked it up I didn't realize I was about to delve into a book that was practically ALL sex scenes. I would have liked a little plot in there somewhere, or character development, but was disappointed on both fronts. I would not recommend this book, unless you're just looking for sex scenes, and even then I would strongly caution against it. You can find better, more tastefully written sex scenes in other books.

  •  ~*~Princess Nhya~*~
    2018-12-21 19:24

    This book was okay. IMO there was way too much sex and not enough depth to these two characters to justify the "undeniable" pull they seem to have had toward one another. But the last 3 chapters Ms Byrd was able to redeem these two a bit. Other wise I would have given this one 1 Star. It's an okay quick read. With a decent HEA. Just too much sex and not enough emotion or depth to balance it out. If you want a quick Hot sex read with enough emotion as a porn flick then this is for you. Otherwise I would not recommend it.

  • Nisha
    2019-01-01 21:15

    It's really all just sex. There is little development. Some parts are kinda unexpected but really thick on sex scenes. It was tedious after awhile, since there was little variation in the descriptions. There were the inane times when he got mad at her while they were having sex. and vice versa. That was weird. An ok read, but I had to force myself to finish it. Halfway through, I just skimmed through.

  • Cindy
    2019-01-16 15:28

    Little plot - lots of sex scenes [in bed, on the floor, on the table, in Borders Books next to Voltaire and, of course, against the wall...:] I just wonder when these people sleep??? On the plus side, it's very readable. Fair warning, you may never be able to look at a honey bear the same way again...

  • Mollie *scoutrmom*
    2018-12-25 14:12

    This was erotica masquerading as erotic romance. Ninety percent of the writing was sex scenes. There was nothing resembling a plot or character growth, just one stubborn guy realizing through sex that he has fallen in love.Perilously close to porn. The fact that it was well-written is the only saving grace.

  • Tiffany
    2018-12-19 19:40

    I've had this on my Kindle for a while and finally read it. I had read reviews prior to starting it, so I was aware that there's not much plot. Going in with that knowledge, I didn't have very high expectations but still thought it was a decent read. I could have done without the epilogue, but overall I liked the book.

  • Marina (Living In Our Own Story)
    2019-01-11 18:31

    Quite a hot read.I enjoyed reading this book and I gotta say that it was quite hot and interesting read. The only thing I experienced some difficulties with was that quite often the pov was changing from one character to the other few times per paragraph. But still a good book to read for a quiet night at home :)

  • Dannielle
    2018-12-31 13:34

    This book is basically just sex. There is a little bit of a storyline thrown in, but not a whole lot of depth. Certainly some interesting positions and locations for naughty stuff. But I like a little more to my stories. Plus it just seemed that until the ending Ryan fell into the typical male role of losing his train of thought once he sees a naked woman. Just didn't love the story.

  • Ashezlynn
    2019-01-02 14:32

    Oh hey author, can I have a bit of story with my sex .......... please? ...........I read a lot of naughty but damn was this ever painful, started off like okay maybe it'll be sweet........ARGH. Read it because it was suggested in an RL Mathewson comment. Wish I hadn't bothered, luckily I got it from the library and can return it without feeling horrible because I paid money for it.

  • Carisa
    2018-12-29 16:21

    This book had a lot of scenes, little plot, not much romantic connection between H/h, and although I liked Waiting For It more, the raunchy, hot scenes were very good for an erotic reading.SCENES/CONTENT: many/eroticGENRE/TONE: contemporary/dramaLENGHT: 206 pages

  • Danijela
    2019-01-18 14:14

    This is a plain erotica novel. Hot steamy sex from the beginning to the end. So when you want to read something and not keep track of all the action, then this is the book. Because is dosen't have a plot.

  • Elena
    2018-12-27 15:11

    There really was no story here.... It had a good line but I felt like there was no development of any kind. I mean they just lost me sometimes, they had this weird mental talks out of the blue and they got to silly conclusions. The last fifty pages I almost threw the book

  • Netanella
    2018-12-23 20:32

    Having read the "Bloodrunners" series first, this sex-fest was a large departure from what I expected of this author. Nevertheless, the story was enjoyable and despite the non-stop sex, there was an emotional element that elevated this from simply smut. Although it was definitely smutty.