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When a terrorist attack is unleashed on a major US metropolitan area, the lives of a beautiful scientist, her military lover, and two FBI agents become intertwined. As the government races to contain the spreading damage and the FBI closes in on the perpetrators, the officer must choose between protecting his lover and the oath he took to defend his country. A captivatingWhen a terrorist attack is unleashed on a major US metropolitan area, the lives of a beautiful scientist, her military lover, and two FBI agents become intertwined. As the government races to contain the spreading damage and the FBI closes in on the perpetrators, the officer must choose between protecting his lover and the oath he took to defend his country. A captivating suspense thriller full of sharp turns and surprising twists, Linda Wells’s story is so frighteningly real it could have been pulled off the day's headlines. Her deft handling of multiple viewpoints lends breadth and emotional depth that resonates long after the cover is closed.As chilling as it is erotic and sexy, Dead Love will draw you in from page one as its relentless pacing drives toward its shattering climax....

Title : Dead Love
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Dead Love Reviews

  • Todd Simpson
    2018-12-30 14:39

    I really enjoyed this story. It was so well written and easy to read. I must say Linda Wells certainly knows how to capture a reader’s attention, as there were parts in this story that had me totally captivated. It’s great losing all comprehension of time and reality, when you are reading such a great book. Dr Suzy Chen thought her life was going so well. She had the man of her dreams, Lieutenant Colonel Maxwell Graham. He was definitely a man’s man. Intelligent, muscular and a fabulous lover. She had a great job, wonderful place to live, and her life had certainly fallen into place. Except for one small secret. She needed to help her family out, and to do this she would have to put a lot of innocent lives at risk. Suzy was a smart women, and she had certainly planned on covering her tracks. If she could just get through this hurdle, and do what she has been asked to do, however appalling it was to her, then she would be able to get back to her perfect life again. Great characters and an interesting plot, definitely made this an enjoyable book to read.

  • Linda Wells
    2018-12-30 21:52

    KIRKUS REVIEWS:"Wells delivers a debut thriller about a biological terrorist attack, the people determined to stop it and the woman at the heart of it all.""A tightly, plotted, satisfying mystery-thriller."

  • Aditi
    2019-01-05 17:45

    Well let me first clarify, from reading all those reviews that it is clearly mentioned in the author's profile that she is working on another novel of the Dead Love series, called Dead Promise. Hence the book actually climaxes with a very promising cliffhanger and maybe it was the author, Linda Wells's intention to leave us guessing what's going to happen next. Now coming to the book,Dead Love by Linda Wells, what can I say, it has got a pot-boiling, bone-chilling, sweat-dripping plot, in-short, mystery at its best!! As said by the noted American Protestant clergyman, Douglas Horton,"While seeking revenge, dig two graves - one for your enemy and the other for yourself.", similarly, in this book too, the she-devil, forgot to mark those words, maybe she was used as a pawn to perform the deadly terrorist attack, but still she forgot to be little bit more careful. It’s about 4 lives getting intertwined so surprisingly under very deadly circumstances. Georgina, an FBI agent, who investigates the recent terrorist attack in New York city along with her hot and handsome partner, Mark, another agent. Together, they take the city by storm. Dr.Suzy is an assistant director of a bio-chemical research firm, Edgewood and her hot new sexy lover, Max, an NCS agent. Max and Suzy are in a relationship but eventually, Max learns a lot of secrets about his lady-love which might jeopardize his relationship with her. A recent pandemic breaks out in the heart of the New York, possibly a terrorist attack on America. All the clues, leads to that research facility, Edgewood. Georgina, a.k.a, George and Mark starts up an investigation in that facility and soon figures out that one of the vials of a deadly flu virus is empty and hence it becomes quite obvious that someone inside from this research firm might have done this. Dr. Suzy was under George's eyes of suspicion from the very beginning. But as soon as the plot gets thick and deep with mystery, the author leaves us with a confusing picture, possibly a cliffhanger.The author seems to have a natural flair for penning down these thrilling mysteries. From the very beginning she has made sure that we get a clear picture of what kind of terrorist attack it's going to be, so the characters might not have any idea what this attack was all about, but we guessed it in the very first chapter that it was some kind of pandemic threat but we didn't know what kind of virus yet. Very slowly the author peeled the layers of this mysterious attack. I really enjoyed how she flawlessly described about each of the two victims, complete with their back story and their present scenarios. Seems like she has a natural way to tell her stories so vividly and strongly, it makes you look at those hidden clues and hints so clearly. The characters are marvelously well-developed and by look-wise, I must say, everyone is picture perfect, and I can so easily connect with those characters. Next we come to the point which makes the book very hot; the rocking-hot chemistry as well as physical pleasures between Suzy and Max! According to me, their chemistry is too hot to handle. Also we can sense that there is undercurrent between George and Mark, but alas, in the end of the book, we finally see them expressing themselves to each other. All-in-all, the book is highly thrilling as well as very engrossing, with the right elements of twists and turns in almost every last pages of the chapters, thus making it a total page-turner.Last but not the least, a huge thanks to the author, Linda Wells for giving me this opportunity to read and honestly review her book.So guys go for this book, because the mystery of this book is going to keep you on your edges till the very end. And remember, the mystery doesn't end in this book, it continues!

  • Maxwell
    2018-12-31 17:36

    I'll start out by saying that I'm a high school boy. My teacher received this book, along with multiple others, before their mass-publication through some lottery-type website. Long story short - each kid in the class got a book, read it, and is now writing reviews. Note: my teacher definitely did NOT know the contents of the book, and told everyone of that fact. She is also not responsible for me choosing this book, for I could have exchanged it and was offered the opportunity.Expecting a slightly promiscuous terrorism mystery, I was quite surprised by the intense and painfully detailed sex scenes and then LACK of detail in the actual story. Honestly if the whole book were written with as much delicacy, detail, and, frankly, excitement as the sex scenes, it could have been good. I mean, it could have also removed a few of the more unnecessary characters. If it would have just focused on FBI Agents Georgiana and Mark going after Dr. Chen, I could have gotten me a lot more engaged. Instead I had to devote myself to more than one chapter about the subway maintenance guy who gets sick. Who cares?Speaking of characters, I feel as though while they were more than one-dimensional, they were nowhere near properly developed. You could probably chalk that up to there being too many characters, as well. Granted, you kind of get into the background of Suzy Chen, but she isn't the only main character. At least, I don't think so? There are so many people to keep track of! Sure, we know EXACTLY what they look like, and most if not all of them are gorgeous enough to put Absalom to shame. I've never heard (or read, I guess) more sexualized descriptions of so many people. Chris Christie would've sounded like a golden god if described in this book. Another thing, any time they list out any department involved in an investigation or anything of that sort, they say the FULL NAME (with the exception of the CDC and FBI). It's a minor thing, but this book is FULL of minor little annoyances that pile up. I can only read "New York Metropolitan Transit Authority" so many times before I have to put the book down for a bit.Now, going past the harsher of my criticisms, the story was actually fairly interesting. Could it have been done better? Yes. But, it was enough to keep me reading. A terror attack in the subways of New York? Fascinating. Some sex scenes? I won't lie, it's not like I skipped them, those were arguably the best written parts of the book, which brings me to my final point...Next time, Ms. Wells, just write a book of pure smut. It's what you're best at, and there's no shame in it! This was obviously an erotica novel buried in a lack-luster plot and less than stellar writing. It's like you were bored writing the rest of it, and if that's the case then I'd suggest just going all out. Bathe your audience in smut, and do it the Linda Wells way.3/5, not awful but not great. One of the more exciting choices for a school project, I must say.

  • Susie Spizzirro
    2019-01-03 16:47

    Dead Love by Linda Wells I won this signed copy on Goodreads. Thank you Linda Wells for this opportunity to enjoy your bookI love the way this story begins with a warm family. How easy it would be to do something like this at a major airport, bus station or any place where people gather on a regular schedule. It is scary when you think about the disasters that men cause for others. I enjoy this story very much and it did give me pause.

  • Sharon
    2018-12-30 20:33

    Really good romantic suspense (adults only). The ending implied this will turn into a series. Strong lead characters. Good read.this was a goodreads giveaway

  • Vernon Keszler
    2019-01-11 20:54

    Great suspense story about the beginning of a terrorist-like biological pandemic.

  • Doug
    2019-01-13 18:53

    DEAD LOVE has a very strong story that is both plausible and frightening. The characters tell the story effectively and I found myself wanting them to survive. The descriptive details, including secondary characters, places and government agencies, created the real feel of the book. The sexy tone and love relationships made DEAD LOVE an enjoyable read.

  • Mark
    2019-01-14 15:37

    A really good novel with a shadowy figure in the middle of it thee are clues of course. rather like unraveling two forensics cases at the same time 4 stars I wiil be watching good readfs and amazon closely from now on

  • Caryn Watson Watz Books and Teasers
    2019-01-12 13:35

    Struggled a bit to get into it but once I was it was hard to put down

  • Elizabeth
    2019-01-06 19:50

    This book had a very interesting title and cover. I never follow the "don't judge the book by the cover" rule. This book was very different than what I am used to reading. It was a free book on Amazon a few months ago. I don't think I would pay for the book. However, it was not a bad book - just very odd. SPOILER ALERT: This book is about a chemist that releases the H5N1 virus out in the New York subway. It was unlike any other virus and very contagious and deadly. As you can image the virus spread very quickly to multiple major cities as symptoms did not start until hours later. Each chapter of the book was about a I deferent person. It would switch back between people randomly (not a fan of that). It seemed like the chapters were out of place - almost like author thought of other things to say but made chapter and didn't organize them on the revisions. The book was a very read and I read it in a few hours, but the ending was just no -existent. The chemist that did this died, her boyfriend found out when FBI was at her house, two cops started dating at the end, and randomly some new character appeared in Epilogue talking about how good his organization was and nobody would discover who was behind the attack in the subway. There was no ending in my opinion. WHAT ABOUT THE TWIN SISTER?! She was getting out of the prostitution situation and going to Hong Kong to then being released to biological mother to return to the United States. A few chapters before the ending the twin sister was being sent to Hong Kong, but nothing else was said. Is there a second book that I don't know of?!?

  • Andrea
    2018-12-26 15:56

    I haven't read many mystery/crime novels, and I was very impressed with the well-planned plot, which was complex and involved many government agencies. The story was also well-researched and the events were vivid. The characters were engaging and had great depth. They jumped off the page and drew in the reader, as you could feel their fear and emotional ties. The dialogue was also realistic, smooth and flowing. What seems innocuous at first, triggers a multi-layered terrorist threat that keeps the reader guessing until the last page. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a fast-paced thriller. A real page-turner! I look forward to reading more books by this author.

  • Barbara
    2019-01-09 18:38

    This book had a great plot and I enjoyed reading it but I was very disappointed with the ending. I was reading along and it just ended. There was not conclusion to the end, there were so many things that needed wrapping up that didn’t.The story line was very good but I had to go back a few times to figure out who was who since the author jumped around a lot. She also thought the book needed a lot of sex in it which wasn’t necessary. The story of having terrorism hitting New York City is a great story. It’s a fast read if you want a quick easy read.

  • Krissys
    2019-01-06 15:29

    You know those stories that have you making the same face over and over when the story is decent but something slips in that's past believable in something that a character would actually do?Yeah. Not a horrible story... however I was left feeling more confused than fulfilled.

  • Billy Adams
    2018-12-24 14:47

    Dead love was an intellectual, fast paced thriller. Linda Wells hit the nail on the head with the strong personalities of the characters Suzy and Max, . I enjoyed the main character Suzy because she was smart, sexy, and powerful. Im not much of a spy/thriller guy, but I would reccommend this to all my friends.

  • Tracey Billing
    2018-12-19 16:52

    I really only want to give this a 3.5 because of the ending, I would give it 4.5 if the ending was different, it just kinda stopped and that was disappointing. I really enjoyed the book overall though, it was interesting and kept me intrigued the whole way through. I just would have liked more follow up at the end.

  • Giselle D'general
    2018-12-27 21:39

    I enjoyed reading this book up until the end, very good storyline but very disappointing ending which made me very annoyed and regretful that I read it in the first place, too much questions left unanswered.. Maybe there would be a part 2 :/

  • Bill Davis
    2019-01-02 19:49

    A total waste of time and Internet bandwidth.

  • Joan
    2019-01-18 18:32


  • Jennifer
    2019-01-17 13:54

    The book was well written and had a good story line. It did not end very well at all. It left us hanging and was disappointing.

  • Kesha Manswell
    2019-01-03 14:35

    This book was so good it creeped me out. I enjoyed the story line very so real it was frightening but hated the way it ended & hoping there's a part 2

  • Billy Adams
    2019-01-12 13:59

    Cannot put it down

  • Hilma
    2018-12-24 14:30

    Great Beginning but...The book starts off well but sometime after the first few chapters it laps between the character stories and Dr Chen's timeline in an off manner.