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Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00GQOFWR0Widowed at twenty-five, Sawyer Hartwell has no choice but to return to her hometown. Broke and alone, the intention was to heal and find herself again, but how can she heal in a place filled with so much sorrow and memories she yearns to forget? Dean Preston has regretted leaving Willowhaven since the day he rode off on his motorcAlternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00GQOFWR0Widowed at twenty-five, Sawyer Hartwell has no choice but to return to her hometown. Broke and alone, the intention was to heal and find herself again, but how can she heal in a place filled with so much sorrow and memories she yearns to forget? Dean Preston has regretted leaving Willowhaven since the day he rode off on his motorcycle six years ago, destroying the only love he had ever known. Returning too late, he's found small comfort in a new life with Lily, but with Sawyer back he's not sure of anything anymore. The time has come for Sawyer and Dean to face the past, to learn from their mistakes. The road to healing is paved with old wounds, each one threatening to tear them down completely. Carrying their own scars close to their hearts, they must both confront what's gone before or lose their second chance. The measure of who we are is what we survive. Who we become is up to us....

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Me After You Reviews

  • Anna
    2018-12-20 16:21

  • Rashika (is tired)
    2019-01-12 13:19

    Actual Rating 3.5I actually came across this book not so long ago and fell in love with the cover. I immediately checked it out and felt like I had hit the jack pot because this book had a second chance romance and I am a sucker for those. This book may not be the best thing I’ve ever read but it definitely did not disappoint. In fact I was very happy with the book and it wasn’t even because of the romance.I don’t usually like reading books that involve the death of a spouse because it always seems as though there isn’t enough mourning. I realize that everyone deserves a second chance at love but does that mean you forget about the person who you were married to? Or say stuff like ‘I didn’t love him as much as I loved you’? Whenever that happens, I just get extremely annoyed.The author really did a good job with that though. I don’t think I can describe how happy it made me that the main character’s life did not revolve around finding love but it also involved healing after the death of a loved one.Oh she was attracted to Dean alright, they had history together but the fact that he was back in her life didn’t mean she was ready to move on with him.What I also loved about her was the fact she didn’t compare her love with Dean to her love for Grayson. She may not have loved Grayson the same way she loved Dean but that didn’t change the fact that he had been there for her and she had loved him. The author didn’t try to push Grayson out of the way. His ghost was always looming in the back, even in her HEA, she just made his death easier to deal with for the main character.Dean wasn’t the best love interest out there. I wanted the two to get their HEA but I was more in love with Grayson than I ever could be with Dean. I did like him as a character though. Some people may think the fact that he continued helping Josh out was a stupid thing to do but I actually liked that. He was willing to give his friend a chance until he went too far. He realized when that happened. He didn’t blind himself to that. The point is that he didn’t just give up on his friend even when things seemed hopeless, no matter what anyone said, whether it was Sawyer, Lily or Adrian, he wouldn’t take shit about his friend. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the actual romance either. There was some regret but the choices both characters made weren’t the best. The relationship of the secondary characters was a lot more enjoyable for me (that’s a new thing for me). I think the problem was that Sawyer could act like a Mary Sue from time to time. She needed to be stronger for a change instead of having everyone rescue her all the time. I understand she is dealing with grief but still.The fact that Dean actually dated Sawyer’s best friend really annoyed me. If he had really loved Sawyer he wouldn’t have done that to her. I suppose his reasons weren’t as bad as they come seeing that Lily was actually there for him when no one else was but it still annoyed me. I don’t know if we’re meant to like Lily or not but I certainly did not like her. For starters, she broke the bro code (strike one) and she chose a relationship over her best friends. Strike two. Out.The writing could have been better as well. Some of the sentences were just awkward but it didn’t bother me too much.In the end this book was enjoyable. The author made me hope for the ‘right’ things. It wasn’t about the happy ending but the journey towards one. It was an engaging tale of loss, second chances, regret and love. I definitely recommend this book to someone looking for a light read.This review has also been posted on my blog

  • Christine
    2019-01-09 20:21

    There are moments where I am so bored outta my brains I go "window shopping" online for new books just know that's what we do as women, and I know I made a pact with my sweets Anna that we wouldn't buy any new books until we get through the mountain of books we already have on our ereaders but for some reason this book was calling my name and I just couldn't resist! Sorry Anna ;) But this book?! Holy cow!! I do not have the right words that can describe how much I loved this book! Sawyer becomes a young widower at the age of 25. She loses her husband in a brutal murder and with a mountain of debt she has no other choice but to leave the life that she built with Grayson in Seattle and return to the home she vowed she would never return to. Dean has his fair share of demons. After making the worst mistake of his life he up and left his home, his friends and his one true love. That will always be his one true regret but he has learnt to deal with the decisions he made in his past and has made something of himself. He is forced to move on with his life and has found comfort in the arms of another, but there is still that voice in the back of his mind that wonders if he can ever truly love Lily the way he loves Sawyer. When Dean has an unexpected run in with Sawyer, all his feelings from the past come flooding back full force and he starts to wonder if this is his second chance to win back his jackpot or will his love and loyalty to Lily, the person who helped him bring him back from a dark time in his life be enough to keep him from claiming what he knows was meant for him and only him?My thoughtsI absofreakinglutely LOVED this book. It had such a sad beginning but that ending was perfect! The moment I read the blurb I just knew this was a ME kinda book. There was absolutely no steam or no smut but you know what? That's what I loved about this book. Even without hot scenes that leave me panting like a bitch in heat, this book kept me interested and I couldn't help but devour and keep reading until I was done. It was such a sweet story and I loved the dual POVs. You could really feel all the pain and the regret that both of these characters felt and their love for each other as teens was so freaking sweet. Even the flashbacks Sawyer has about Grayson were so dang beautiful that you could see why he was able to pull her out of her heartache and bring her back to life.This is a definite must read in my book. So if you're looking for something real, and beautiful then get your butt off here and go get it!! It's written so beautifully and the characters are awesome. I couldn't help but feel the pain that Sawyer had to live through and I shed tears alongside her. Beautiful I tell you!! This is a story of an epic love that lasts through the ages. It's a story of second chances, love lost, love found, and forgiveness and friendship. I words!! Just trust me on this one and go get it!! You won't regret it!! 5 EPIC LOVE STARS

  • eileen
    2019-01-01 16:04

    Check out more of my reviews at Singing and Reading in the Rain!I didn’t expect to like this one. The beginning was slightly rocky, but the last half was fantastic and well-developed. Sawyer, widowed after her husband Grayson was murdered, returns to her hometown of Willowhaven, where she runs into her old boyfriend, Dean Preston. Dean, having left Sawyer unpredictably when they were eighteen, and Sawyer rekindle their old relationship, despite Sawyer’s hesitation to talk to Dean in order to spare her heart getting broken again. At first, it was a lot of the same back and forth action. Sawyer and Dean would bump into each other while doing errands, Dean would attempt to flirt with Sawyer, she would shut him down and run away, and repeat. For the first third or so, that’s all that they seemed to do, run into each other, act awkward, leave, and wallow in their feeeeeelings. As much as this portion was needed to establish the later story and build a relationship between the two, it felt particularly redundant and slow after a certain amount of encounters with each other.Sawyer and Dean’s relationship, having already been developed before the book started, had the potential to either be well-developed aspect to the story that enhanced the overall book or a poorly-handled subject. With the flashbacks in the middle of a scene to inform us on both Sawyer and Dean’s romance in high school as well as Sawyer and Grayson’s relationship before Grayson died, I didn’t feel as if I was in the dark with the intricacies of their stories. We got memories on a need-to-know basis, giving us backstory whenever a character brought up their past or it would enhance the story to get a certain moment in time. In the beginning, flashbacks were doled out to form a strong foundation and expose Sawyer and Dean or Sawyer and Grayson’s relationship. As the plot progressed, the flashbacks were used as fine details when Sawyer and Dean began to grow closer again. I loved how Mindy handled the flashbacks and used them to her advantage. With them, you weren’t expected to just believe everything as it was thrown at you; there was a layer underneath it.The cute thing about Me After You was how the chemistry between Sawyer and Dean. They had never stopped loving each other, and it was almost as if they were falling in love with each other again. They definitely had a natural chemistry and I loved their romance. It’s typical of a new adult romance, and there was nothing particularly steamy or special about their romance, but the circumstances under which they fell in love and the struggles of their romance compensated for it. Challenge after challenge was thrust onto them, and between all of it, they managed to find each other. Even though both of the characters had already grown up between high school and the beginning of the book, there was also more to be said about their development after they found each other. Sawyer came to terms with her grief over Grayson and learned to be happy again.Me After You by Mindy Hayes is a perfect book to read when you’re in the mood for a carefree book that also contains a darker undertone. Right after finishing, you’ll feel warm inside, and if you read this book in the right mindset, you’ll love it.

  • Beth McCraw
    2018-12-27 20:58

    I was fortunate enough to receive an eARC of this wonderful story for review. I was actually reading something else when I got it, but once I read a few lines, I was hooked and had to finish!Without giving away any spoilers, this story is about Sawyer who recently lost her husband, and what she goes through to get her life back together. I felt so much for Sawyer and what she went though, and just loved her from the beginning. Some special people from her past comes back into her life, and you couldn't help loving them as well, especially her best friend Alix. She's a firecracker! I loved Dean as well, and you could tell that he really loved/still loves Sawyer. Throw Aiden into the mix to aggravate Alix (I'm so waiting on their story!!) and its like being with friends that you've known forever! I laughed (Alix kills me), and cried (Dean killed me too) and everything in between. I loved this so much and recommend it to anyone that wants a honest to goodness love story with no cliffhanger. It was so refreshing to not have to wait months to find out how it wraps up!!I'll definitely be on the lookout for more from Mindy Hayes!

  • Melanie
    2019-01-19 13:19

    Loved this story of love, loss and finding yourself. Sawyer was lost, heartbroken and missing her soul. Coming home was the best thing for her in more ways than one. Dean was a shell of a man after walking out on the love of his life. When his second chance comes around he takes it and runs with it.This is a great story of first loves, second chances and moving forward.

  • Christine
    2019-01-04 21:01

    Hero dumps h. Heroine comes back to find out the hero is dating her BF. Then he is not sure about what to do?!?!? No thank you.

  • Marci
    2019-01-10 20:57

    SO. GOOD.

  • Crazy about Bookz
    2018-12-23 16:11

    There are two songs, singing in my head when I read this book, The Art of Letting Go and First Love Never Dies."Put away the pictures, put away the memoriesI put over and over through my tearsI've held them 'til I'm blind, they kept my hope aliveAs if somehow that I'd keep you hereNow here it comes, the hardest part of allUnchain my heart that's holding onHow do I start to live my life aloneGuess I'm just learning, learning the art of letting go"- The Art of Letting Go by Mikaila Letting go of someone special to you is really, really hard! I can't imagine the unbearable hurt and devastation that Sawyer felt when she lost her husband in a tragic way. I feel the emptiness she felt, the loneliness, the hurt. Being with someone who is almost perfect and accepted you with all his heart suddenly gone... How can you move on with the memories of him buried inside you? But going back to her hometown will only adds up the heavy feelings she have when she meet again the person who broke her heart and still carry it with HIM, Dean."Maybe first love never ever diesThat's why I'm still in love with youHold me close and look into my eyesAnd tell me you don't feel it tooThe way it used to be when you told meIt would be forever, you and me together"- First Love Never Dies by Eugene Wilde and Joanna WilderDoes first love really never dies? In this story I'm a believer that even after so many years apart it would still exist between two people who cherished each other so deeply. But can you forgive the person that leaves you behind, the only person you love unconditionally? The irony of the story is what if the person you fell in love already belong to someone else? Urgh! I'm torn!The story of Me after You is about Sawyer who lost her husband and lost her first love. Her struggles to move on and to start a new life without complication. But destiny has other plans for her, when she reunited with her first love.The story is well written and very clear. It was full of emotions, you will cry and laugh. I love the story line and the flow of it, fast pacing and page turner, you wanna know what happens next to them, what's the reason/secrets of Sawyer and Dean, it is very addicting.I love the characters in the story, hope Alix and Aiden will have their separate stories cause I love their chemistry and Alix hope to find someone like her in my life lol to make my life even brighter. It was written in Sawyer's and Dean's point of view which is nice because you will know the different story of the two. All in All it is a nice beautiful love story. Love it and looking forward for more from Ms.Mindy Hayes. Kudos!

  • Alison Jansen
    2018-12-20 16:25

    I received an ARC of this book in an exchange for an honest review.What a beautiful heartbreaking and eloquent book. This was a fabulous read, that captured my attention from the beginning and kept me hooked all the way through. I so wanted the heroine of the story to have a happy ending, and believe me it is iffy that she ever will. She has so much heartbreak for someone so young, she was jaded and miserable and just cruising through life, not really living but just surviving, its all she thinks that she deserves. This story was so well written, I felt ever emotion and heartache with both characters, sometimes I don't really relate when reading from a male POV, but the author writes Dean's POV so well that I can feel his pain and anguish, regrets and determination.Sawyer and Dean were high school sweethearts. They had a love that was intense and passionate and destined to last forever, until Dean does the unthinkable and ups and leaves. This leaves Sawyer devastated and alone, she waits for him to return but when she cant wait any more she leaves town and attempts to move on. Enter Greyson, so sees Sawyer as someone who needs saving, and he does just that, he helps Sawyer heal her heart, until he is murdered 4 years after entering Sawyers life, and she is left a Widow. Sawyer, unable to deal with any more heartbreak returns home, something she never planned on doing. Just to kick her while she is down, she discovers that Dean had returned years earlier and is now dating one of her best friends from high school. Even though she is heart broken from her husbands death, she still has feelings for Dean, and promises herself that she will stay away from him, becasue 1. she still hasn't forgiven him from breaking her heart years ago and 2. she thinks that it will be disloyal to her husband. But life has a way of just taking over and the tension and attraction between the two is intense, Dean is determined to win back Sawyer and make her forgive him, becasue there is no way he is going to give up on his second chance at happiness, even if he was the one who screwed up the first. Sawyer although still in love with Dean believes that there is too much pain in their past, and too much water under the bridge, and is determined to not let Dean back into her heart.The journey that these two take to get back together is hard and full of tears and miscommunications, and misunderstandings. But when they find their way back it is magical. This is such a lovely story and I'm so excited to have read it, and am definitely looking forward to the next in the series!!!! I think I know who it will be about!!!"I've made peace with losing Grayson. My heart misses him, but it copes better with losing him than I thought it ever would. He wasn't the one I was supposed to spend my life with. He was a scenic detour along the way."" You should know...I never stopped loving you. I loved Grayson, and for a time I belonged to him, but my heart always belonged to you." I shrug. "Always."

  • Heather
    2019-01-15 20:16

    Read more reviews atThe Anonymous Book Life.Actual Rating: 3.5 starsThis is an emotion driven story, about a young woman and her struggle to move on after multiple heartbreaks in her young life. It is a story about finding something to live for, when nothing seems worth it. Me After You had me engrossed from the first few pages and took me on a roller-coaster ride of emotions to the very end.The beginning really caught my attention; it was very abrupt and set the tone for the rest of the story. The opening has us at the funeral of Sawyer’s husband who has been murdered. I had so many questions after the first few paragraphs, and I was extremely happy to not be left hanging and to receive all my answers. I was a little mad at Hayes for making me really like the dead husband, Grayson. Through well placed and timed flashbacks we get to see how he and Sawyer meet and how their relationship progresses. I knew that I liked him when he asked her out for “coffee or hot chocolate,” as a non-coffee drinker I find it is nice to see that others don’t assume everyone drinks coffee.Most of the characters that Hayes introduces are likable enough, though they are not without their flaws. I felt strongly for Sawyer and I can’t imagine all the heartbreak she has had to go through in her 25 years, first with Dean and then with Grayson. I really think that she was written in a realistic fashion of a grieving young wife and that, to me, made the story infinitely better. I did not care for our main characters best friends. They both rubbed me the wrong way and if I found out my best friend lied to me, even to protect me, about something as important as what Alix lied to Sawyer about, there would have been hell to pay.Dean was tough for me to get behind; he made some terrible choices, both by leaving Sawyer and then some when she returns. As the story progressed I found it a bit easier to understand his reasoning for leaving, but I will probably never understand him not telling her that he has still wants her right away. I just kept thinking to myself, ‘You know you want her, so tell her!!’Overall, I really enjoyed the story. In some parts it felt a little slow and repetitive, but it was worth it in the end. Hayes really delivers a sweet, yet heartbreaking tale. I would be interested in seeing what else she has to offer us.

  • Amanda Louder
    2019-01-02 19:11

    I absolutely loved this book! Such a great story with depth and character. I found myself not being able to put it down as I rooted for Sawyer and Dean and for their love story. I love that Mindy is able to give you all the feels while keeping the book completely clean.

  • Jessica Surgett
    2018-12-21 13:10

    I cried. The whole. Time. So you know it's good. Read it.

  • Mindy
    2018-12-30 14:20

    I won't lie. It's my favorite book that I've written.

  • Taylor Freeman
    2019-01-15 18:09

    Rating: 5 heart wrenching starsHayes did such a wonderful job with this book. It dragged me in literally from the very first page. I couldn't believe what I was reading and I was only like one minute in. This book had me wanting to ball my eyes out. The power of emotions in this book was so strong. The words blew me away leaving me clutching to something to keep me grounded.This book is about heartbreak, lost love, second chances, and knowing how to pick up the pieces and try to live again. I can't wait to read more by Hayes and can't wait to meet her this month at Utopiacon. It'll be an honor to meet the person who wrote these beautiful words. -Taylor

  • Suzanne
    2018-12-26 13:22

    A lovely book that is just so easy and so smooth to read.

  • Vicki Trask
    2019-01-16 17:58

    From the very first page you become invested in Sawyer’s story. She’s so broken and she has so many little moments that people can relate to. I love her as a protagonist. She can be dark and angsty sometimes but she’s healing. That’s the whole point of this story. It’s about healing and doing what you need to do to recover from a tragedy. And of course there are two men that she’s loved and lost who are melt-in-your-mouth perfect. There were a few moments where I just wanted to thank Mindy Hayes for writing such wonderful male protagonists. Yes, I count her former husband, Grayson, as a protagonist because he’s such an integral part of the story. Then there’s Dean. He’s a modern love story. He’s lovesick and desperate and lonely and so incredibly sweet to Sawyer (most of the time) that you will fall in love with him just as hard as she did.It’s all thanks to Mindy Hayes’ beautiful writing style. I love her first person narrative. It’s so emotional and beautifully written. She has this incredible ability to create poetry through her words – especially when it comes to Dean and Sawyer. You're left yelling at the page: "you were so perfect together. What happened? There has to be a reason, I know there has to be a reason. Tell me your story." And she does. She tells a beautiful story about two people who need to heal and are drawn to each other even after so many years apart. It’s a fantastic love story.And speaking of gushing, here are my random notes while reading:Such a sad opening. Two pages and I already want to hug SawyerOh my goodness I'm already in love with poor Grayson. Her memories of him are perfect. I want some hot chocolateAnd then there's Dean. I'll tell you more about him in a minuteSawyer is such a believable character in my mind. Mindy just bottled up all that relatable, emotional energy. BravaAs far as first kisses go: I'm a tiny bit melting around the ankles. It was pretty sweetAh small town life: makes for great gossip"My heart recognizes him" - I mean, how beautiful is that linePoor Dean is the love struck darlingSo many questions that need answers. Mindy makes sure you have to keep readingPoor Lily. I feel like I'm going to keep saying that about herYou gotta love a girl who can get away with making death jokes about your best friend's dead husbandEvery group has a JoshDamn it, Dean. Stop being love sick and sweetI can already see the horrible disasters that shall arise. I can't waitYup, you totally love Dean through Sawyer's eyesI give up: Dean and Sawyer are now a favourite couple of mineOh right, there's still so much of the story we don't know. I love this pacingPoor LilyLess Poor LilyIt's a dandelion and I'm a puddleThere's something about Mindy's prose that makes me want to write love poemsI'm gushing again, aren't I?SorryCrap. *hugs character I didn't really expect to want to hug*One sentence and I'm scoffing at Alice for inadvertently creating more conflictDefinitely less Poor Lily as I go throughI do appreciate that Mindy is trying to do justice to the relationship that Dean and Lily have. It can't be easy for themI didn't think it was possible to love Dean more"Holy emo Preston, Batman."I can tell this is going to end badly and I already love itAiden you're a hopeless, endearing little turdJosh's new leap into jerk-dom is unsurprisingPoor LilyDean just tugs at your heart strings like a freaking harpExcellent: sex fantasies. We're making progressDean willing to give and Sawyer not giving in return is kind of bugging meMuch better - ugh, so gooeyHer change was sudden but natural - I'll grant youMiscommunication - the sincerest form of relationship issuesJesus, Dean, I already love you. Stop it, alreadyIf that's really the reason you did what you did, I'm going to kick your assWhat the f*ck?Don't do it.Holy sh*t. I'm speechless - mostlySweetie, that's sweet but kind of stalker-ishOh wow, I really wasn't expecting that last bit

  • Wolfie
    2019-01-14 20:03

    Real rating: 4.5 starsWriter PersonIn a way, I feel like all contemporary romances are the same. Even the ones that are different are the same. Does that makes sense? But regardless of that, I feel like this brought up an interesting scenario and an even more interesting way of dealing with loss.I felt like it had a message about soul mates and those mythical happily ever afters. I loved every second of it.CharactersLike with most books where romances are involved, I loved the guy way more than the female protagonist. Sure, I felt for Sawyer. She's 25 years old and she's been through some crazy stuff. When it finally revealed how her husband died I was shocked. Shocked.She really isn't so bad of a person. She's relatable, like any good female protagonist. She provides some insight, like any great female protagonist.When she's confused, so are you a bit. When she's wrong, you want to yell at her. When she's right, you're fist pumping.Now. Dean. Sa-woon. I'll admit I was conflicted for a while. He's trying to move on with another woman, just like the summary says. Lily seems nice enough. She knows all his secrets. But what about Sawyer? What matters more? I felt like the book was trying to say something about that, but I couldn't figure out what. But either way, Dean was great. And I LOVED reading from his POV. It was such an amusing and thought-provoking perspective. He's loyal and funny and weird at times (in a good way, of course).PlotHere's where I was surprised: Every contemporary romance ends the same, right? They end up together. I mean, DUH. What's the point if they don't end up together? Even if something tears them apart, something else will bring them back together.That being said, I was so afraid they wouldn't get together. NOTHING was going right. Everything went wrong wrong wrong. I tried to convince myself that it didn't matter. They'd end up together. They have to. Right?This I was sure of. And I won't say whether or not they did because the fact of the matter is that I CARED. I wanted them to end up together. Clearly they were perfect for each other.There are other themes here, too. Besides the romantic love, there's also loyalty and friendship, family and dealing with loss. Dealing with betrayal and trying to start over. Maybe it's been done before, but I like how Mindy Hayes handled her story.Rating: 4.5 starsWhy: Thought-provoking and deep. I was hooked.Recommendation: it's not ALL romance, but it is certainly there, whether it's a flashback or present day. I would recommend this to those who like contemporary, romance or not.

  • Janae's Book Obsession
    2018-12-19 16:05

    Excerpts (I sorta picked a lot.. I couldn't help myself.): Some lovey and some heart-breaking just to see how amazingly written this book truly is"Remembering is the worst part. There's a brief moment between sleeping and waking where Grayson lives. In those few perfect moments, he's not gone. He's alive, and he's sleeping peacefully next to me." (Kindle Loc: 1081)"I'll be okay. At least that's what I've been telling myself, but I'm still waiting for the day I will feel okay. I don't know how to fix me. I'm stuck in a whirlpool of misery that fights to drag me under, and I can't get out." (Kindle Loc: 1346)"Loving Dean is like fireworks when it's not the Fourth of July. It's the sudden and explosive and it scares the crap out of me." (Kindle Loc: 2520)"It's there in his green eyes, everything I know that is reflected back from mine. I love him. I don't say it, and neither does he, but we know. It's as if we want to savor the moment, the moment we first realize we're falling... and falling hard. I shift down his body, hovering over him, and lean in to kiss his mouth. He breaths my name before our lips mee. All I say is, "I know." Because I do. Anyone can say it, but knowing that it's true is what makes it real." (Kindle Loc: 2836)"I've never stopped loving you, and I didn't want you to pull further away from me just when I was getting you back. I don't know how to not love you." (Kindle Loc: 3192)"Let me fill the crack. Let me make you whole." (Kindle Loc: 3765)Gahhhh! Some of those make me feel what they were feeling while I was reading! LOVE this book! Now onto my review...Review: This book.. Wow! Just wow. This had so many feels I can't even count them. The book made me feel like I was there experiencing it firsthand. I was a sobbing mess at times, others times smiling and other times I was yelling at both Sawyer and Dean to DO something about their situation. I can't even begin to describe how amazingly written and lyrical I found Me After You was. Hayes wrote an awesome and heartfelt novel.In the beginning Sawyer is heartbroken with the loss of her husband. Andddd I'm pretty sure I was crying by the third page. ;) Throughout the book we get to see her come to terms with his passing, we watch her fall in love all over again with her first love. It was truly an epic and beautiful story. I LOVE this book! I can't recommend it enough!I can't WAIT to read more from her! Seriously pick this book up NOW! You will not regret it! 5 awesome, beautiful stars! ABSOLUTELY loved this book!

  • Sabrina Olteanu
    2018-12-20 13:10

    I received this book in exchange for my honest review. Thank you Itching for Books and Mindy Hayes for giving me the opportunity to read Me After You.Started reading this story and my first questions was: Is the author trying to make me cry or what? The beginning of the book was so sad I was sobbing and I couldn’t stop. I was afraid to keep reading; I thought I couldn’t handle such a sad story. But it get’s better and I loved the entire story. The roller coaster the author created was perfect!Sawyer Hartwell needs to get back home in Willowhaven. She has lived the last couple of years in Seattle with her husband Grayson. Unfortunately, she becomes a widow at the age of 25 years old, because her husband gets killed. As if loosing the one she loves wasn’t enough, she is practically forced to move because she in over head buried in debt. So, she packs everything up and leaves everything behind, thinking she can make another life home. Sawyer didn’t realize that back home was where she met Grayson and it’s full of memories. She promises herself she will never love again, she won’t open her heart again just to me broken.Dean Preston it’s another troubled soul. He regrets even now after all these years, they day he hoped on his bike and left his town, his family and his one true love, Sawyer. Returning home wasn’t easy for him, but he tries to start a new life, possibly a family with a new girl, Lily. But, Dean doesn’t feel like Lily is the one and only for him. After a while he ends up bumping into Sawyer and his feelings get even stranger. Is he still in love with Sawyer? Can he ever love Lily the way he loves Sawyer?Getting to read and to know Dean and Sawyer was an interesting journey. The first couple of times they have accidentally met, Sawyer tried to keep her distance, being scared she is going to suffer again. I understood her, but at the same time, I thought she was really struggling too much to keep away from Dean. I sensed the connection and the love between this two from the start, although I could sense the pain, the sorrow and the regrets as well. This was the perfect book for me, especially because it was from alternative points of view! It was a combination that leads to real life stories. Loved it! I highly recommend this book!

  • Autumn
    2019-01-09 14:04

    Me After You is one of the most heartbreaking stories I've read in awhile. Obviously from the synopsis you are aware its a tale of loss. The story takes place in the present as well as the past something I rather enjoy in my books.Sawyer left Willowhaven 5 years ago after the love of her life (who cares she was only 18 when she left some people find their soul mate early) told her he no longer loved her and was leaving for good. She vowed never to return but after the brutal loss of her husband, Grayson, she returns to pick up the pieces somehow. She moves back in with her parents and attempts to mourn/grieve her husband poor thing is DESTROYED. Sawyers depression was so beautifully written, there were times where I would feel the heaviness of what she was dealing with and had to put my kindle down to give myself a reality check. Slowly her best friend Alix brings Sawyer out of her shell. And thank god for Alix because she really helped the story along. As Sawyer comes out of her shell she ventures out of her room and the house even. What she didnt expect was to run into Dean, the love of her life. He broker her heart when he left he made damn sure no one could find out where he went. Dean returned after a few years only to find out Sawyer moved to Seattle. He painfully moves on and begins dating one of Sawyers best friends, Lily. He also opens up a motorcycle repair shop and does pretty well for him. Hes content with the life hes leading but when he sees Sawyer the old feelings pop up, not that ever left. His mission through out most of the book is to get Sawyer to talk to him again. He knows hes fecked up. You cant help but root them on. Watching their pasts and knowing how good they were for each other was sweet and gave soo much to the story. I personally dont live in a world where one sitting reading is an option between my A.D.D and three kids im lucky if I get an hour at a time, Id like to think if it were possible I wouldve read Me After You in one sitting. It's DAMN GOOD!

  • Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson
    2018-12-26 21:03

    He takes a step toward me and I bolt. This can't be happening. I can't handle any more bombs right now. And Dean Preston is a bomb with the power to decimate my entire world. What's left of it, anyway. ***Forced to go home to the one place she swore to never return, Sawyer comes face to face with her past. A past full of pain and secrets. A past that is confronting her at every turn. Will Sawyer be able to move on and get past the hurt? Or will it end up consuming all of her?*** I don't want you. Those were his last words before he walked out of my life completely. You don't realize what damage those four words can have until you hear them aimed at you from the person you love the most in the world. ***I hate how long it took for every truth to come out. More than half the book I am wracking my brain to know what it was that made Dean drive Sawyer away and him out of Willowhaven. But I can happily say that it was a love-hate. Because I also loved that it happened. I know it had to happen. Had the author told us from the get go the story would have been done and over. Sort of. Because more secrets spill from the pages when we learn of Dean's mystery send off. Secrets he isn’t prepared to be dealt. It was a book full of secrets, pain and heartbreaks. I loved Sawyer. I loved that she never discounted her love for either man in her life. She owned up to her feelings and that made her such a wonderful person in my eyes. Had she have told us that her feelings for her husband were never really there I would have quit the book at the moment it was revealed. But I whole heartedly love her for the person she was. This book pushed and pulled at me. It took and it gave. And when I finished the last sentence I had a smile on my face. ME AFTER YOU was wonderfully written and had such a clean, yet beautiful romance that peppered the pages. This was such an amazing story for any and all. 5 Stars!

  • Waiting For Wentworth
    2019-01-10 21:22

    I'm glad I had the opportunity to read Me After You because I really enjoyed it. It was a super sweet story with terrific characters and a very clean romance. I made a short list of the things that made this book so enjoyable for me:•Dual POV •Protagonists are likable and relatable•BFFs are wonderful•Angsty and emotional without being over the top dramaticWhile I couldn't personally relate to Sawyer, I still thought she was a great character. I think the thing I really enjoyed most about her was that she didn't compare Dean and Grayson, or her love for them. She had a different type of relationship with both men, and they brought different things to her life, but that didn't mean she loved one more than the other. I'm glad the author didn't trivialize Sawyer's marriage to Grayson for the sake of the story. I liked Dean from the beginning. Even though he made some really bad choices, I thought his heart was in the right place. He truly regretted how his actions hurt Sawyer, and he really tried to make things right. You can't find fault with a guy who can admit his mistakes and try to find a way past them. I loved the relationship between Sawyer and Dean. I enjoyed their interactions and I loved that their relationship was built on familiarity. I was happy to see them getting their 2nd chance at happiness. I enjoyed the secondary characters more than I thought I would. Aiden was someone who I didn't expect to like in the beginning, but I adored him by the end. Alix was a great friend and was very protective of Sawyer. Me After You was a quick and enjoyable read. It's a heartwarming tale about love and second chances. The story and the characters blend together to make it a very entertaining book. Sawyer and Dean had an interesting journey to their HEA. You should pick this one up so you can see for yourself how wonderful it is.

  • Kristine Hufancia
    2019-01-01 18:10

    the story is an interesting one. we can see a woman that had her heart broken rremendously but then was able to piece it back then broken once again. It was painful reading sawyer's grief and lost. She chose what both her heart and mind chose and stand firm with that. But then something came and knocked her back down again.Yes it was actually dumbfounding how long it took her to really go out their and try to live a life after the death of her husband, but who am I to judge? I don't know how she felt but the author made mee see how clearly devastated she felt. i loved her parents. they both had unique way of caring for their daughter. It just saddening that it took months before Sawyer was able to contact her brother.Dean. Well, Dean is a weak man. He lose confidence in himself and the love Sawyer has for him. The constant torment he had from his father. I feel pity to him. It is not an amazing feeling to be always belittled and knocked down every single day by the person that should be supporting him. But even so, you can't help but commend him for the way he fought his inner demons to come back stronger than ever. He came with a fierce determination to prove himself worthy for Sawyer. Too bad he was too late. But what they say about a man with patience will soon be payed off and that indeed happen.Their journey to fight what are holding them back from being together was really a good sight. It was slow yes but the joirney just made it amazing.We can see how one is the perfect fit to the other. They make themselves two parts of a whole.This books is really interesting. It has drama and romance. It really is good so I recommend it for something light and heart warming to read :)Credits to author of course for the awesome job:)

  • Lisa
    2018-12-27 16:03

    Me After You by Mindy Hayes is an amazing book. Filled with angst and regret and guilt and first true love. Oh I was so hooked. I love when a book literally has me in its grip when the emotions run high. You know, that grip on your heart squeezing a little at the pain of your characters.Sawyer is back home much to her dismay. It's been weeks and nothing is getting easier. Nothing. Her husband is dead. ointlessly dead and he's never coming back. Now she' sback in Willowhaven where she swore she'd never be again and she's just learned Dean is back too. she's the only one that didn't know. Her mom, her best friend, they never said anything! Dean is her one that didn't just get away, he practically ran away screaming. She thought him leaving her was going to kill her but she picked up and moved to Seattle and met Grayson. But now he's gone too.Dean didn't think he'd ever see Sawyer again, but now maybe he has a chance to set things right. If she will let him. Oh, and while he's doing that he should probably decide what to do with his girlfriend Lily. What a mess. He left for a reason but never told her why. He didn't mean to come back to Willowhaven but perhaps it's fate that they both be here now. Or maybe it's just a dandelion wish.A beautiful must-read (pack your own tissues, chocolate and wine)!

  • Adriane
    2018-12-31 14:02

    This was a sweet book. Kind of a weird way to categorize this one I know. Long lost love, being a widow at 23. But it was kind of a sad book at the same time.See, it was kind of that bad boy in love with the good girl book, but you really don’t even get that many elements of that. It was truly a relationship book. The book focused on Sawyer, who, when she lived in Willowhaven was totally in love with Dean. But Dean never felt totally worthy of Sawyer, so he left and Sawyer had to get on with her life.Fast forward six years and Sawyer is back in Willowhaven and putting her life back together after the brutal death of her husband and running into her ex all over the small town.I really liked the readability of this book. I sat down and read this one in about two and a half hours. Again, it was focused on the relationships that Sawyer had. It is told in alternating viewpoints between Dean and Sawyer with flashbacks to the past to fill us in on the stories that had happened. I enjoyed the sequencing and the pace of the story. I found it easy to follow and well told.I also loved the side characters of Aiden and Alix or Felix as Sawyer calls her. The tension between them is great and I can’t wait to read the book between them!Overall the book is fun and cute and just a great story!

  • Amy
    2019-01-03 20:56

    I know that this has not been officially released yet, but I have connections. ;)All I can say is wow! Well, ok. I can say a lot more than that. As you may know, this story centers on Sawyer, a recent widow who returns to her hometown to deal with her broken life. While there, she discovers that Dean, the man who broke her many years earlier, has also returned. Sawyer learns about forgiving and forgetting and picking up the shattered pieces of her life and moving on. I immediately identified with Sawyer, even though I have never been through her kind of anguish. She responded to things in much the same way I imagine I would in her situation. I felt with her and for her. And Sawyer's best friend, Alix, is a fantastic character. I loved her guard dog side. She was one of the brightest points in the book. She added a levity to the book that was so necessary but not silly or goofy or contrived. We should all have Alixes for friends. Fun loving Aiden and loyal Grayson (the latter told in flashbacks) were also great characters. My heart felt for Grayson in many a scene.Overall, this was a fantastic read. It was heartbreaking and hopeful and devastating and humorous and simply beautiful. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy as soon as it becomes available!

  • Brittany Elsen
    2019-01-11 17:20

    I don’t usually like contemporary books but I love Mindy Hayes. I will read anything she writes because her writing is always so beautiful and emotional.Sawyer’s life is utterly heartbreaking and while some readers might be annoyed with the way she handles it all, I found her reactions to be very human. There were many times throughout the book I felt her grief pour from the pages. Losing a significant other at such a young age would be crippling even for the strongest of people. While seeking solace in Willowhaven, Sawyer finds out that Dean is also back. Dean was her first love and left a gaping whole in Sawyer’s heart the first time he walked out of her life.Dean as a character is quite flawed. He isn’t always your knight in shining armor type of character and a lot of times doesn’t do the right thing. But I find these types of characters more life-like. Sawyer and Dean’s stories will keep you reading past your bed time and walking around the next day like a zombie.This tale of first love will leave you both clutching your heart and wearing a reminiscent smile. There is not one person that doesn’t remember their first love and those feelings! I would recommend this book to all my adult YA readers and for the mature teenagers.

  • Misty
    2018-12-21 18:00

    This was almost a 3-4 star book. I thought it was just some round about way of writing a young love gone bad and then rediscovered story. But then I got to the end and in 2 paragraphs, I realized what the book was actually about and I got it. It's not about losing your first love or running away or becoming a young widow or facing your past or re-finding your first love. It's about the sort of loss that only those women who've experienced it can understand. It's about the way that life really is split into two parts. Me before you and me after you. It's about how even if you never "met" and only carry them close to you for a matter of weeks or months... They impact every piece of your soul when they're gone. I'm not going to elaborate further because that was a profound moment for me and I hope other people see it. I'm not actually sure that everyone does. (I just read a bunch of reviews and nobody mentions it). But in the end, worth reading. And I'm always a fan of supporting our talented indie writers!

  • Wendy
    2019-01-02 16:25

    4.5 stars!! This book was so good! If you like Anna and the French kiss and other books in that genre, then you will love this! Bonus: it isn't trashy in anyway, yet I was still always dying for sawyer and dean to be together! Love when books play out like that! The switching POVs was handled seamlessly. I felt the pain and emotion of both dean and sawyer equally. I was so nervous about the deceased husband. Ahh. I just didn't know if I would be able to root for dean knowing that Grayson was so good to sawyer, but it was written so perfectly. It all came together better than I could have imagined. I guess that's why I'm not a writer. Well done! I'm not grateful for how exhausted I have been today... since I stayed up all night reading, but I don't regret it. Nope, sure don't!