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A collection of four short stories to introduce readers to the series by the different authors. The stories include Ninjas & Nephilims (Enlighten series) by Kristin D. Van Risseghem, Jonah's Curse (Midnight Chronicles series) by Rhonda Sermon, Prince of Hawks (Unweaving series) by Sarah K.L. Wilson, and Wrath of Witches (Shift of Shadow and Soul series) by Hilary ThompA collection of four short stories to introduce readers to the series by the different authors. The stories include Ninjas & Nephilims (Enlighten series) by Kristin D. Van Risseghem, Jonah's Curse (Midnight Chronicles series) by Rhonda Sermon, Prince of Hawks (Unweaving series) by Sarah K.L. Wilson, and Wrath of Witches (Shift of Shadow and Soul series) by Hilary Thompson. This edition was free on the authors joint mailing list....

Title : Six Queens (Enlighten #0.5, Midnight Chronicles #0.5, Unweaving #0.5, Shift of Shadow and Soul #0.5)
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ISBN : 36611632
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Six Queens (Enlighten #0.5, Midnight Chronicles #0.5, Unweaving #0.5, Shift of Shadow and Soul #0.5) Reviews

  • Dianne
    2018-11-13 23:18

    What a clever way to meet the magic created by the words of four authors! SIX QUEENS is a collection of four short stories that are all part of larger series written by these authors.Each short story is just a bite-sized taste of what these authors offer, along with some author information at the end of each story. Rhonda Sermon’s contribution is JONAH’S CURSE is the story of a young man who needs magic to save his life. He must decide if the cure is worth turning away from all those he loves.Kristin D. Van Risseghem’s NINJAS & NEPHILIMS a special child is born and will be protected at all costs by two unlikely allies, an angel and a Nephilim. When tragedy strikes, they will make a decision that could have far-reaching repercussions.Hilary Thompson’s WRATH OF WITCHESA young prince seeks a talisman and will join forces with a young woman in search of a friend. Can they work together to reach each of their goals? Can they trust one another to assist in their unique quests?Sarah K.L. Wilson’s PRINCE OF HAWKS is the tale of a young prince who wants to physically soar like the majestic hawk. When his family is attacked and killed, he finds himself a young king now preparing to lead his warriors into war. A little dark, with a lot of story to follow.If you are always on the lookout for new authors, new stories and new series to follow, this is collection is a nice sampler to try. Available only through the authors by joining their mailing list! Before you say, no way, remember, independent authors must promote both themselves and their work and this group has done a wonderful job of putting their best foot forward!For Reviews & More:

  • Nancy (The Avid Reader)
    2018-11-13 18:06

    Ninjas & Nephilims (Enlighten #0.5) by Kristin D. Van RisseghemA Neophilim and an Angel are assigned to take care of a little girl from the day she is born. Day after day they go out sit outside of her house watching over her and keeping her safe.Ninjas & Nephilims was a great introduction to the Enlighten series. I can’t wait to read more of this authors work and find out more about the characters in this series. Jonah’s Curse (Midnight Chronicles #0.5) by Rhonda SermonA young man, Jonah suffers from a curse, an illness and the medicine that he takes for it is killing him. In order to get the magic that he needs to stop the curse he has to leave the ones he loves cares about the most in this world and go fight with their enemy. I really enjoyed reading Jonah’s Curse and hope that in the near future I can find out more about Jonah and The Midnight Society. Prince of Hawks (Unweaving #0.5) by Sarah K. L. WilsonThe Prince of Hawks wants to soar through the air like a hawk with his own body and not through the mind and eyes of the hawk. One day his home is attacked and his parents are taken from him. After his parents died he took the crown from his dead father’s head and placed it on his own. He will now lead his men into battle. This is not the first book by Sarah K. L. Wilson that I have read and I certainly hope that it is not the last. I have enjoyed reading this little introduction into the world of the Unweaving Chronicles. Wrath of Witches (Shift of Shadow and Soul #0.5) by Hilary ThompsonResh the second son of a king sets out to find a talisman, a dagger and runs into a woman called Shanta who claims she can find the dagger for him. But first she wants Resh to help her find her friend. Shanta contacts a witch in town who tells her where to find this dagger. So Resh and Shanta take off on their journey to find Shanta’s friend and the dagger.Wrath of Witches is not the first book by Hilary Thompson that I have read nor is this the first book in Shift of Shadow and Soul world that I have read. The Shift of Shadow and Soul is an amazing read. I can’t wait to read more in the Shift of Shadow and Soul world and more byf this author.

  • Angel Leya
    2018-10-23 18:19

    Four short stories--and yes, they are delightfully short--to introduce readers to four fantastic writers. Each story is about a 15 minute read, and gives you a good taste of the author and the series they're presenting. Quite satisfying, too.Wrath of Witches by Hilary Thompson is a fun romp with a shady and soulful pickpocket who meets a talented paladin chasing his destiny.Prince of Hawks by Sarah K.L. Wilson dives into the life of a warrior prince whose day is about to be ruined.Jonah's Curse by Rhonda Sermon is about a time traveller's heartbreaking decision.Ninjas & Nephilims by Kristin D. Van Risseghem follows a Nephilim as he seeks to protect a little girl whose importance he doesn't yet fully understand.Each of these stories were good, though I think I enjoyed Wrath of Witches the most. The characters were interesting, a steamy romance appeared to be brewing, and both sides seemed evenly matched, which I enjoyed.Jonah's Curse was interesting, because I've read The Midnight Society, and this back story shed some light on one of the characters.Ninjas & Nephilim felt a little sparse, but I love the premise and the story sets up a fair amount of anticipation for the series.Prince of Hawks was a beautiful, cultural fantasy experience, and I love the main character, Resh. I'm curious to learn more about him and what he can do, as well as what comes of the proposal at the end.In all, I really enjoyed this collection. The Six Queens reign supreme! :)

  • David Caldwell
    2018-11-17 19:11

    I received a free copy of this collection for signing up for the combined newsletter of the four authors in exchange for an honest review. The collection is intended to introduce new readers to the various series by the different authors.I was a little torn with this collection. Two stories are epic fantasy, one is paranormal with angels and demons, and the last is a time travel story. I am not a big fan of either time travel or angel/demon series. I enjoyed both fantasies though and look forward to reading more in those series. Looking at the individual stories. The first story was Ninjas & Nephilim by Kristin D. Van Risseghem. This is the angel/demon story. It felt rushed , like the author was in a hurry to get the story done. There were several editing problems including continuity issues. In places , it was hard to figure out which character was talking because they would contradict what they said a few moments earlier. (For example, one character answers a question by saying yes and the other replies with they will take that as a yes.) Very little really happens in this story. It felt more like a scene for a larger story that was stretched to fit. (2.5 stars)The second story is Jonah's Curse by Rhonda Sermon. This was the time travel story. My biggest problem with this story was that I had a hard time connecting with the main character and his motivation. He suffers from an illness (curse) and the medicine that holds the pain at bay is also killing him. His only choice is to leave everything and everyone that he loves behind and go work for their archnemesis. I get (sorta) the reasoning but who would ever trust such a person? The archnemesis would have to know that he was trying to betray her at every step, it just isn't logical.But since this is just an introduction, perhaps the author pulls it off in the actual series. (3 stars)Prince of Hawks by Sarah K.L. Wilson is next and the first of the fanatsies stories. The story nicely sets up the situation for a war between two neighboring kingdoms that have long been at peace. At this point, I am not exactly sure how I feel about the main character. He seems a little stiff and after this story, he will also be heavily burdened so he probably won't loosen up. Still, The story makes me want to see how the young prince makes it through considering his story leaves him with a bleak looking future. (3.75 stars) The last story (the second fantasy) is Wrath of Witches by Hilary Thompson. This seems to be the start of a great action fantasy with witches, paladins(fighters), thieves, plenty of fantastical monsters, a quest for an artifact, and even some romance and humor thrown into the mix. This is the kind of story that first drew me into fantasy and games like Dungeons and Dragons. (4.25 stars)

  • Krystal
    2018-11-03 20:22

    I really enjoyed reading this collection of short stories. It gives you a little preview of what's to come in their collection of books that are to come...Loved it and i can't wait to see what magic these amazing authors can create. No doubt I'll be picking up the following books.

  • Jackie
    2018-10-21 21:12

    Wonderful introduction of some awesome authors. I’ve read some of these authors stories and they’re fantastic.

  • Shruti
    2018-10-29 23:11

    This was a nice collection of stories. I enjoyed reading them and plan to read the individual series further. Despite being short these were quite captivating. Great short read!!

  • Kristen
    2018-11-15 16:03

    Nice set of shorts to introduce you to these authors and worlds.

  • Myriam
    2018-10-21 22:00

    *Ninjas & Nephilims (Enlighten series) by Kristin D. Van RisseghemI had slightly mixed feelings about this story, but I still bought the series as I was curious. When I say mixed, I mean this story did not give me enough insight into the world and the concept as the other three did. Nevertheless, the writing style is a quite interesting.*Jonah's Curse (Midnight Chronicles series) by Rhonda SermonThis is a prequel to the time travelling series Midnight Society. I am not sure whether these characters are featured in the first book, but the story gives a good idea of time manipulation featured in this series as well as the opposing factions teaming in the power struggle.*Prince of Hawks (Unweaving series) by Sarah K.L. WilsonThis is the prequel to the series, but it is best read after the first book as it reveals some details unknown to Tylira, main female character of the series. The prequel deals with life changing events, which occurred right before the first book and involve Prince of Hawks, the main male character of the series. These events started a chain reaction of epic proportions, as it becomes clear in the first book. The reading order is: Teeth of the Goods (Unweaving Chronicles #1), Lightning Strikes Twice (Unweaving Chronicles#2), and Thunder Rattles High (Unweaving Chronicles #3). Unweaving Chronicles is also available as box set. Great series from a great author.*Wrath of Witches (Shift of Shadow and Soul series) by Hilary Thompson.This is the prequel to the series, and it gives a great insight into the writing style of the author, the characters, atmosphere of the world and a bit of character development. It refers to the search for a particular artifact. It definitely made me interested in the series and the author.