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Please note: Spirit Stones is a second edition and was originally released in the RONE award-winning Highland Winds anthology. Also, please enjoy a bonus paranormal romance short story included in this edition. Sheona MacLeod has a gift. Connected to the spirit world, Sheona engages with souls long departed. Caught in the middle of the most vicious battle she has ever witnPlease note: Spirit Stones is a second edition and was originally released in the RONE award-winning Highland Winds anthology. Also, please enjoy a bonus paranormal romance short story included in this edition. Sheona MacLeod has a gift. Connected to the spirit world, Sheona engages with souls long departed. Caught in the middle of the most vicious battle she has ever witnessed, she is captured by her bitter enemy. Armed with only her gift, can she escape his clutches and return to the safety of her clan? Malcolm MacDonald seeks change. Exhausted from the centuries old feud between his clan, the MacDonalds, and the MacLeods, Malcolm sees no future for any of them. His enemy’s intoxicating daughter stirs a need for peace within him that drives him to risk everything—except her. Together, they can change destiny—if they dare. At the climax of one of the bloodiest feuds in clan history, Malcolm and Sheona forge a powerful bond strong enough to break the shackles of prejudice and hatred....

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Spirit Stones Reviews

  • Barbee
    2018-12-28 21:28

    Another amazing read by the talented writings of Kate Robbins of The Highland Chief Series. Kate is a truly gifted author and I am always mesmerized by everything she has ever writtenIn this story it starts of in the Isle of Skye in the summer of 1596 how gifted ten year Sheona MacLeod, the daughter of the Clan MacLeod Chief, is playing hide and seek with a little friend and she meet a beautiful enchantress in the forrest. This enchantress is surprised someone so young and gifted has the ability to even see her, but can sense she has special abilities and is a good lass as well. The beautiful enchantress offers Sheona a gift to touch these beautiful magical stones where she will be able to hear and sometimes see the dead ( spirits).The precocious and bright child she has questions whether it's good or bad. Once confirmed they are good she touches them. The enchantress explains that sometimes the spirits may just want to talk and other times might ask to give a message and Sheona agrees. Being the young child she is secretly hoping her deceased mama will contact her.Bracadale, Skye 1604The MacDonald's and the MacLeod's are two enemy clans who have been at war for the past two years where most don't even know why or how it even started. Sheona goes to the village to heal the old sick mid-wife in the village and finds herself caught in a war. Sheona finds a root cellar to hide and is captured and made prisoner by of all people the enemy Laird MacDonald's son Malcolm. Malcolm MacDonald who is instantly smitten by Sheona's beautiful looks and wants to have his wicked way with her. Sheona lies saying she is the smithy's daughter not knowing what would happen if he knew she were the Chief MacLeod's daughter. Plus she know knows his father Laird MacDonald is known for his brutal cruelty to all MacLeod and if he knew who she was God knows what would happen to her.Malcolm is smitten with her and falls for her wit as well as her beauty and hates this war as much as her but he also releases she is high born and not a smithy's daughter as she claim's especially after passing his dead body with no remorse! He also realizes by her clothing and high born speech she has to be a lady and is determined to find out exactly who she is. He is also extremely possessive of her and is determined to make he his and find some resolution to this senseless war as well!Will Sheona trust and allow Malcolm to make her his? Will she return his feelings and allow her enemy the brutal Chiefs son to even touch her period? Plus when she is taken to MacDonald lands she hears a spirit who in some ways is her savior. This story has so many interesting plot twists and turns you will not be able to put it it down just to keep up with all the fascinating events. It was absolutely an excellent read that I think anyone who reads it will cherish.

  • Rhonda
    2018-12-23 21:15

    HIGHLANDER MAGICThe fabulous Kate Robbins has brought to us another terrific book. Spirit Stones brings passion, romance, humor, and with the fast pacing twists is the very opposite of boring! This talented author makes it possible for the reader to become engaged with the characters and seems as if they are right there within the story.The heroine, Sheona MacLeod has a special gift, while only a child she was given some special stones by someone on the Isle of Skye during the year 1596. Now she engages with soul’s long dead, sometimes through hearing or actual sight. The hero, Malcolm MacDonald is seeking change for his clan. The two clans are feuding. During a battle Malcolm captures Sheona and takes her hostage. She tries to hide her identity as she had heard of the MacLeod cruelty and hopes they do not discover who she truly is. Can her gift help her escape, or will it bring another ending entirely! These two enemies must come to terms between themselves in order to save their clans.I highly recommend this book and any other book written by Kate Robbins to anyone who enjoys reading romance. I would like to own every book written by this author.

  • Nicole Laverdure
    2018-12-28 16:31

    Wonderful and sweet Scottish romance! Kate Robbins is one of my favorite writers of Scottish adventures! She never disappoints me! I absolutely loved Spirit Stones!Again, she just delivered another fantastic and romantic tale, which is short, fun to follow and very well written. It's the story of Sheona MacLeod, who was given, some magic stones by an enchantress on the Isle of Skye year 1596. Eight year after, on the same island, feuds are raging between the MacDonalds and the MacLeods clans. Sheona is being held captive by Malcolm MacDonald, the clan chief's son, so she must keep her identity secret. A wonderful and sweet romance will develop between them. Beautiful chemistry! The spirit stones, will hold a key role in this story, but I won't say how. Loved the scene when Sheona and Malcolm have to ride the same horse on their long journey, it so cute! You have to read SPIRIT STONES! This novella is fast paced, filled with tenderness, passion and a touch of humor. Another Scottish adventure to recommend! Spirit Stones is part the Scrolls of Cridhe, Highland Winds bundle!

  • EllieDynek
    2018-12-21 19:06

    When I first began this book, and discovered that the main character Sheona MacLeod had the power to converse with the dead, I have to admit I was a little bit skeptical. But when she encountered Malcolm MacDonald, and the two of them began a rather raucous and argumentative relationship, my opinion quickly changed. After starting off as captor and captive, and then becoming husband and wife, I was constantly torn between laughing out loud at their continuous insults being hurled at each other, and swooning at the romantic gestures that each of them made for the other. Combine that with the mystery of the otherworldly occurrences with Sheona and her ghostly acquaintances, and this becomes a fantastical story of love and life, and the importance of both in a person's life.

  • anne pavlish
    2019-01-07 17:12

    Hooked at page oneThis is a book that had me hooked by the end of the first page. Romance, suspense, justice, and a touch of the paranormal. All made believable by this author. Good descriptions but Kate didn't go overboard or get carried away to the point of boredom. Only two or three typo's easily overlooked. I love a happy ending and the couple having to work for it. 5 stars

  • April
    2019-01-17 18:16

    "Spirit Stones was originally published as part of the Scrolls of Cridhe Highland Winds Collection." I reaf this in the Anthology and loved it. Another adventure filled eith passion and love. A wuick read. A Novella packed with a lot of emotion and magic. "Spirit Stones" is an enjoyable and satisfying read!Rating : 4.5Heat rating : MildReviewed by : AprilR

  • Linda
    2018-12-20 15:06

    Loved this bookIt's a really sweet story. Set in the 1600's when there were castles and feuds and abductions by the victor. A romance about such an abduction and the other-worldly. It's very good and I'd recommend it.

  • Hrafnhildur
    2018-12-23 21:05

    Perfect for a very lazy Sunday read

  • ella lanham
    2018-12-22 15:19

    More books by Kate RobbinsI have read four books by Kate Robbins and I can't find anymore. Has she written and published anymore books. She's an amazing writer.