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Dear Reader,Considering that I'm married to Cedar Cove's private investigator, you might think I enjoy mysteries.But I don't -- especially when they involve us!Roy's been receiving anonymous postcards and messages asking if we "regret the past."We don't know what they mean....On a more positive note, we're both delighted that our daughter, Linnette, has moved to Cedar CoveDear Reader,Considering that I'm married to Cedar Cove's private investigator, you might think I enjoy mysteries.But I don't -- especially when they involve us!Roy's been receiving anonymous postcards and messages asking if we "regret the past."We don't know what they mean....On a more positive note, we're both delighted that our daughter, Linnette, has moved to Cedar Cove to work at the new medical clinic. A while ago I attended the humane society's "Dog and Bachelor Auction," where I bought her a date with Cal Washburn, who works at Cliff Harding's horse farm. Unfortunately Linnette is less enthusiastic about this date than I am.Speaking of Cliff, the romance between him and Grace Sherman is back on. But that's only one of the many interesting stories here in Cedar Cove. So why don't you drop by for a coffee at my husband's office on Main Street or our house on Harbor and I'll tell you everything that's new!Corrie...

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50 Harbor Street Reviews

  • Suzanne
    2018-11-10 17:05

    A bit too sweet, but I'll read em' all. I'm tossing up with this one, as I've rated everyone of this series so far a 4. Very very nice, too nice, everything falling into place easily. I know these books have their place but just so sickly sweet. Every meal is described and every moral is in check. I'll keep reading as they're a given easy read. I honestly do enjoy them, they just lack oomph and any type of challenge. It's a Christian theme that's not at all edgy. I know, they're not meant to be! Addendum ** 5 minutes after writing this. Who am I kidding? I start a new book and keep referring back to Cedar Cove. They really are lite n easy'..

  • Dawn
    2018-11-13 16:16

    I liked the book, it's entertaining and fast-paced.I have one very shallow complaint. I request that Macomber no longer describe what people are wearing. I find the clothing choices to be huge character turn-offs. When a young and pretty Linnette dons a vest with sequined Christmas trees on it for a hot date, I physically cringe.When a grown woman in her 50's tries on several outfits and decides on a "blue denim jumper with big yellow daisies painted on the bib and a yellow turtleneck underneath" for a date with her new love, I just cannot even begin to understand what is happening at the Cedar Cove store. Who is selling this stuff?! I even went to check the copyright date but I don't feel like 2005 can warrant this type of behavior.That being said, I'll be starting the next book in the Cedar Cove series momentarily.

  • Tammie
    2018-11-11 19:17

    50 Harbor Street is the fifth book in the Cedar Cove series. There are a lot of different story lines covered in this edition. More I think than in past ones. We visit Roy and Corrie and the story line with the mysterious postcards they have been getting is wrapped up in this book. We also visit Olivia and Jack, who I feel have become somewhat annoying as a couple, but they deal with something serious happening in this book. We visit Grace and Cliff, who are still on again off again, and I wanted to pull my hair out when they broke up yet again in this book! Thank goodness that story line is gets completely resolved in this book. Also we visit Maryellen and Jon and their frequent love scenes that are all written pretty much the same; Charlotte and Ben and his good for nothing son; Cecelia and Ian and the upcoming birth of their baby; Allison Cox and her troubled boyfriend; Rachel and the weird Nate/Bruce situation; Justine and Seth who deal with a devastating loss; Linnette and Cal; Gloria and Dr. Timmons; and even Warren Saget is back in this one. Whew! Did I miss anyone?This series is definitely set up just like a daytime soap, but without the salaciousness. Sure people have sex, get pregnant, can't make up their minds about who they love, etc. But there is no cheating on spouses or anything like that, and they always end up doing the right thing in the end. On another note, After reading this book I think the TV show based their version of Warren Saget on a combination of Ben's son David who isn't in the TV show at all, and the Warren in these books. David reminded me so much of the TV version of Warren with his manipulative scheming.I also need to mention that I completely agree with another reviewer who pointed out how awful the clothing choices are in these books. I cringe every time there is a description of what Grace is wearing. Thinking back on how put together the character was on the TV show, it's hard to imagine 50 something Grace wearing such out of style clothing like the denham jumper with daisies and the turtleneck, which were even out of style when these books were written. And also the 20 something character Linnette putting on the sequined Christmas vest for her hot and sexy date. Spare us the ugly details next time Ms. Macomber!Like the clothing, I end up ignoring a lot of little annoying things in these books. All the books in the Cedar Cove series have the same formula and so do every one of the relationships, which drives me crazy sometimes, yet for some reason I keep on reading them. I just need to know what happens to these characters, so of course I will be continuing on.Review also posted at Writings of a Reader

  • Drebbles
    2018-11-18 21:57

    Someone is sending anonymous postcards to Corrie and Roy McAfee who live at "50 Harbor Street" in Cedar Cove, Washington. Roy is a private investigator who initially thinks the postcards refer to a past case of his, but he soon suspects otherwise. Their daughter Linette recently moved to Cedar Cove to work at the new health center. She is attracted to Dr. Chad Timmons, but much to her dismay, while he doesn't seem interested in her, ranch worker Cal Washburn is. Other residents in Cedar Cove have their own problems and worries. Judge Olivia Lockhart Griffin worries about her husband's weight and eating habits and pushes him to exercise with disastrous consequences. Olivia's mother Charlotte recently married Ben Rhodes and is pleased when Ben's son David reaches out to her, but Ben warns her that David may not be what he seems to be. Navy wife Cecilia Randall is pregnant, but having lost a baby daughter shortly after giving birth, she is very nervous about losing this baby and it doesn't help that her husband Ian is at sea. Cecilia isn't the only one worried about her pregnancy, Maryellen Bowman is pregnant and having complications that may force her husband Jon to make a painful decision. "50 Harbor Street" is a good soap opera like book. Debbie Macomber is a good storyteller who creates characters that are real and that readers care about. Although the book focuses mainly on the McAfee's, there are numerous subplots going on. Macomber will focus on one set of characters in one chapter, another set in the next chapter, yet another set in the next and so on throughout the book which can be confusing. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for which character is featured and I often had to flip back to see what had happened several chapters back. There is a character guide in the front of the book, which is helpful, but in the future it would be better if Macomber cut back on the number of plots and characters in the books. With so many characters, Macomber does an amazing job of continuity through all the books (this is the fifth in an ongoing series), even referencing things in past books, although there is no mention of Nate's girlfriend which was a conflict in his relationship with Rachel in past books. While some of the plots in the book are unique, like the threatening postcards, other plots are a bit repetitive - isn't there one woman in Cedar Cove that can have a complication free pregnancy? Fans of Debbie Macomber and especially fans of her Cedar Cove series will enjoy this book.

  • Marianne
    2018-10-29 18:01

    50 Harbor Street is the 5th in Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series. Once again we join the residents of Cedar Cove in their daily lives. The mystery of the anonymous postcards being sent to the McAfees is finally solved as someone from their past returns to their lives. Olivia’s determination to get Jack fit backfires on her. Newly married Charlotte Jefferson-Rhodes and her family have encounters with her new stepson, David. Grace’s relationship with Cliff Harding continues on a rollercoaster ride.Maryellen and Jon Bowman run into financial difficulties. Linette McAfee goes on the date her mother won for her, with Cal Washburn, and has to make a choice. Rachel Pendergast, of Get Nailed fame, reconsiders her relationship with sailor Nate Olsen when she learns of his family background. Allison Cox takes up with a young man who looks like a bad boy. And finally, a tragedy befalls Justine and Seth Gunderson. As usual, Macomber solves some mysteries, tantalises the reader with further cliff-hangers, and dispenses small doses of wisdom and romance along the way. Another enjoyable read.

  • Sarah
    2018-11-19 16:58

    Though I continue to enjoy the town life surrounding Cedar Cove I found this instalment predictable and since each book repeats background information from time to time so that it can be read individually if someone were to pick it up unaware it was part of a series of books I found myself skim reading paragraphs here and there as I already knew the background sections of the book relayed.Don't like to do reviews with spoilers if it can be avoided so will just say I worked out the postcard mystery ahead of schedule and hope that the next book will reveal that the events at the end of this book were set up intended to frame a certain character that I predict is likely to be proved innocent and not as bad as his image portrays.

  • Ladyacct
    2018-11-18 17:05

    The current situation and some other things were good there is getting to be too much repeating what happened in the previous books for my taste, I REALLY HATE that, I feel as a reader who picked up the books from the beginning I am being vomited on with info from previous books. Case in point, practically half of chapters two, three, and four are rehashing of books one through four. I noticed in book four there was a leaning towards a 'filling in' but was hoping it wasn't going to happen but alas it did.

  • Becky Ames
    2018-10-28 18:04

    I'm so into these storyline. I knew Gloria was going to be the estranged daughter as soon as she came on the scene. Curious to see who really started the fire at the lighthouse.

  • Jeanine Lent
    2018-10-21 19:57

    This was the 5th book in the Cedar Cove series, & it is just as good as the first 4 books. 50 Harbor Street is the home of Roy & Corrie McAfee. Some issues that started in book 4 are resolved here. Other new things will continue on book 6. For instance, Roy & Corrie McAfee were getting anonymous postcards, which worried them a lot. We do find out who has been sending them & why. There is another mystery which starts in this book, but we have to read book 6 to find out some answers.Fans of this series know about Grace & Cliff, Justine & Seth, Olivia & Jack, Charlotte & Ben, and many more couples & families. We meet Ben Rhodes' adult children & learn why he doesn't have much to do with them.Debbie Macomber writes about friendship, first & foremost, but also about romance & love & family. Her stories are feel-good stories, without being sappy, & the author adds some suspense in them for excitement. They are not stereotypical romance novels either. Something I like about her stories is that they include several different generations of people. Anyone, from any age bracket, from teenager to senior, can find someone they can identify with; and the interactions between different age groups makes the stories that much richer.The next book is "6 Rainier Drive," which is the home of Justine & Seth Gunderson. :)

  • Jonel Boyko
    2018-10-25 22:11

    What a wonderful story! Macomber seamlessly tells the tales of the lives of those who live in Cedar Cove in such an unforgettable manner that I can’t stop thinking about it. She not only told a wonderful story, but was also engaged my emotions. I found myself trying to unravel certain parts of the story while also hoping for the best for others. All the while, Macomber brings this small town to life in such a manner that I felt as if I were actually there.I absolutely love bouncing around between all the characters’ lives. It gives the novel such a small town, homey feel. I finished the novel feeling as if I’d had a wonderful conversation with a close personal friend. This intimate method of character development really gave me insight into who everyone was, where they came from, and what they’re headed to. I appreciated the way that the various points of mystery passed one another. The way that everyone’s lives and troubles were so real and had me completely wrapped up in them. They completely captured my heart. Once again Macomber has painted the world with the wonders of small town life. Her characters captured my heart and invited me into their lives for a short while, also leaving an open invite for a return visit.

  • Collyn
    2018-10-19 21:07

    Another great addition to the series! Two new, obnoxious characters were added during this book. Anson Butler and David Rhodes. I wanted to ring Anson's neck and ask Allison Cox what in the world her hang up on this bad boy was/is. He's nothing but bad news!! David Rhodes needed a huge dose of common sense knocked into his noggin. Blah! I sure hope they are able to find this Anson character in regards to The Lighthouse arson. Anson / Arson.. What's the difference? Here's to hoping David Rhodes makes NO MORE appearances in Cedar Cove!I was happy for the Randall's and the birth of a healthy baby boy, Aaron.. but felt awful for the Bowman's and all of their tragedies. Thank goodness Jack Griffin is recovering well and that Grace and Cliff are finally man and wife! I called Gloria being the Roy & Corrie's long lost daughter who was sending post cards/gifts from the moment it was made known the adopted baby was a girl. I'm happy it all worked out for the family!Another great addition to the Cedar Cove series! :)

  • Christine
    2018-10-21 17:04

    Book 5 in the Cedar Cove series focuses on private investigator Roy McAfee and his wife Corrie. They are concerned when they start receiving cryptic postcards and a fruit basket from a mysterious source. While they work to solve the puzzle, their daughter Linnette moves back to town after completing a physicians assistant program. As with other books in this series, Macomber notes the important plot points from previous books and follows multiple characters throughout the story. While the person responsible for the mysterious postcards is not so mysterious to the reader, I enjoyed the interactions between Roy and Corrie. Their daughter Linnette was grating at times and unrealistic. Macomber showed her age by describing a sparkly holiday sweater as something Linnette (in her mid-20s) would wear on a date. I had to laugh at that! All in all, this was once again a quick, gossipy read that is perfect for the beach or airplane.

  • Claire Moss
    2018-11-14 21:59

    Difficult to keep up with all the characters and plots in fact I'm still not sure of who knows who and why, it was probably a mistake reading the 5th in the series first, the main plot lines were quite predictable I think I prefer the blossom street series better but I will persevere as I like the author, it is a little annoying jumping from one story to the next every chapter but it does build up the suspense and I'm always eager to read on :)

  • Jessalee Shields-Dulaney
    2018-11-15 21:06

    I am really enjoying Debbie's Cedar Cove series. I cannot read them quick enough but then I don't want them to end. I have had several surprises so far and looking forward to reading more. I highly recommend this series and most definitely this author. She is one of my favorites. I truly want to make Cedar Cove my home and all of the characters my neighbors.

  • Amanda
    2018-11-19 22:21

    I suppose if I were reading these as they came out, all of the re-hashing the previously told stories for all of the charcaters would be helpful. However, reading them in succession, I feel like I'm getting cheated out of a quarter of a book worth of new material. I think the character descriptions would be sufficient. Anyway... already started on the next one.

  • Kim Dempsey
    2018-10-26 16:15

    I really didn't care too much for this book. I found it had way too many storylines and didn't follow it very well. The ending drove me nuts, I didn't seem to get closure on one of the storylines. This is one book you can skip.

  • Teri Pre
    2018-11-10 18:08

    Love this series!

  • Bookish Enchantment
    2018-10-24 15:06

    Just like a typical American soap. Love it. So easy to read and relax. Looking forward to the next installment.

  • Amy Vida
    2018-11-05 21:03

    It was a well written book, but just too much work keeping track of all of the characters.

  • Kim Smiley
    2018-11-06 23:21

    It's really difficult sometimes to review these books because I read them back to back. It's hard to remember where one left off and one began. I'll try and be as accurate as possible.This book dealt mostly with Cliff and Grace. They are just constantly on again and off again. We finally get some closure with this couple as a decision is made for them to either stay apart or be together.The Macafee's daughter Lynette is brought into the story. She's working as a physician's assistant at the new clinic in Cedar Cove. She's smitten for Dr. Timmens who works there, but her Mom bought her a date at the dog and bachelor auction so she goes out with Cal, who works at the ranch for Cliff. He's a good guy, but stutters. She likes him more than she thought she would, but it's hard for her to give up on the Dr., since she's had her sites on him for a while.Speaking of the Macafee's they are still receiving weird post cards and such, and that mystery is solved as to who is sending them as we learn of a deep dark secret this couple has from way into their past. And it was a regret that is finally rectified. Newlyweds Olivia and Jack are driving each other crazy. He's a slob and she's a neat freak. She wants him to diet and exercise and he wants to eat double cheeseburgers and fries. This issue comes to a head and not in a good way.Cecelia is finally pregnant again and her husband Ian is terrified that she'll have another baby that will have a heart defect. She spends more time with her boss's daughter Allison, who starts dating Anson, a very troubled kid who likes to dress "The Matrix" goth style. He's trouble and in the end, it looks like he may be responsible for a devastating loss for Seth and his wife.John's wife ends up pregnant again and it's a pregnancy with complications. This challenges the couple as far as their finances and taking care of the baby. She wants him to forgive his family and let them back into his life so they can help, but he's resisting all the way.And Charlotte and her new boyfriend take things a bit further with their relationship.Good story, loved it! Already on the next installment!

  • Plum-crazy
    2018-10-25 22:11

    Oh dear & I had been hearing such good things about this author I was sure I was going to love this book, but sadly it wasn't to be. There seemed to be so many characters - all with a potted history, possibly they appear in other books as I believe this is one in a series & maybe it was just to act as a "refresher" to readers - & each chapter seemed to introduce a whole new family.....& why, oh why, did so many have names beginning with C? Corrie, Charlotte, Cecilia, Cathy, Carol, Cliff, Chad & Cal... Then it was onto G - Grace, Gloria, Goldie... There were far too many characters for me to get involved enough to care about their individual lives, loves & problems - & boy did they have problems...anonymous postcards, teenage arsonists, problem pregnancies & miscarriages, unrequited love & broken romances, it's all going on in Cedar Cove (eeek!!! even the town name has two "C"s!)Passable but predictable reading & not for me.

  • Maria Passia
    2018-10-30 18:22

    Roy, a private investigator and his wife, Corrie have been receiving anonymous postcards for some time, asking if they ''regret the past''. Could it be someone who believes he's been wronged by Roy during one of his cases or is the truth closer at home? Linnette, their daughter, has just moved to Cedar Cove and Corrie decides to play matchmaker! Will Linnette agree? Of course we also learn about the other people of Cedar Cove and their stories! I love the world Debbie Macomber has created! Roy and Corrie's story is moving and I'm very glad of the outcome. There are also hilarious moments, like the Dog and Bachelor Auction and Linnette's date with Cal, the man her mom chose in the auction for her! An entertaining and emotional story!

  • Linda
    2018-11-13 21:56

    Roy and Corrie McAfee have been receiving a series of enigmatic postcards at their home on 50 Harbor Street, Cedar Cove, Washington, for several months. They are addressed to Roy and ask if he has any regrets for anything he has done in the past. But Corrie suspects the postcards actually refer to something SHE did years ago ...There's always something happening in the town of Cedar Cove. Once you visit, you'll want to go back and get re-acquainted with the friendly folks you meet along the way.

  • Jill Cohen
    2018-10-23 22:15

    I have been reading this series straight through and thought this was not one of the better books in the series until the last chapter. I had another book lined up, but after the last few pages there is no way I can ready anything but book 6 in this series.One thing I love about this series is that the story evolve over three to four books, so you really get great insight and detail.I will be starting book six later on today

  • Leslie Lamb
    2018-10-26 23:08

    Cliff and Grace get married, Maryellen is pregnant again and has to go on bed rest. Allison Cox likes a boy named Anson. He gets in trouble cuz he set fire to something. Later, he gets a job at the Lighthouse, is doing really well, but that place catches on Fire. Did Anson do it, or was it someone else? Jack has a heart attach after working out on the treadmill for just 15 minutes. It takes him awhile, but he starts to change his attitude and eating habits.

  • Deborah
    2018-10-19 19:04

    MisunderstandingsI chose this rating because the storylines bring you into the families personal lives the misunderstandings and misconceptions the love life everything. The people Cedar Cove are close knit community are there for each other good or bad that's what makes this book good. As far as suggestion you book I suggested the people that love to read good clean Romance but with a little help here and there that Fades

  • Carleen Hyatte
    2018-11-09 16:21

    I love this series so much. This series is such a fast easy read which I think can go around all the time. The couples are very nice, and they feel like they progress in through all of the book. It leaves me wanting more which is great in all around.

  • Kay
    2018-11-16 15:16

    This isn't one of my favorite in the series. I have very little interest in Allison and Anson's story. Also there are so many characters, I'm forgetting who is who. I read the previous 1-4 but it has been a while. Maybe should include a list of characters.

  • Camandwmm
    2018-11-08 14:55

    Continuation of same characters from 44 Cranberry Point. Really feel like I know the characters. Disappointed in ending of this book - too many unfinished things, so need to read 6 Rainier Drive to find out the unfinished items.

  • Lu-Anne
    2018-10-20 18:57

    Love anything written by Debbie Macomber