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6 RAINER DRIVECEDAR COVE, WASHINGTONDEAR READER,As you may have heard, we've recently had quite a shock. My husband, Seth, and I lost our business, The Lighthouse restaurant --- to arson. The investigation continues. The prime suspect is a young ex-employee named Anson Butler, who disappeared right after the fire.So Seth and I are trying to sort out our lives. (And let me6 RAINER DRIVECEDAR COVE, WASHINGTONDEAR READER,As you may have heard, we've recently had quite a shock. My husband, Seth, and I lost our business, The Lighthouse restaurant --- to arson. The investigation continues. The prime suspect is a young ex-employee named Anson Butler, who disappeared right after the fire.So Seth and I are trying to sort out our lives. (And let me tell you, this kind of crisis is not good for a marriage.) In the meantime, life goes on for everyone else in Cedar Cove --- with marriages, births, reunions and even the occasional scandal. One of the most interesting pieces of news is that Cal, who works on Cliff Harding's ranch, is now rescuing wild mustangs from Wyoming.I have to run --- I'm meeting an old friend, Warren Saget, for lunch. Let's talk soon, and I'll fill you in on everything that's happening in town!JUSTINE...

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6 Rainier Drive Reviews

  • Suzanne
    2018-10-23 13:55

    Ahh. I've just breathed a little sigh of contentment. The Cedar Cove books are neat. Neat with mostly right and moral characters, neat with just the right amount of angst and tension. Neat with fighting, and with the making up. Neat with wrapping up just so, and so so neat at leading us into the next instalment. Bobby and Teri were my favourite characters here in no. 6, and lucky for me we get to know more about these two in no. 7. There's a splattering of the 'bad guy' element here, when the quirky international chess extraordinaire Bobby is shaken when he realises his nail technician and new wife has been threatened! He doesn't like to lose and will not let this happen! I'm also keen to follow up with Rachel, Bruce and Jolene. I giggle sometimes in Cedar Cove, where the fashion and eating habits seem so straight! I don't know how food can seem that way, but everything in this series does in a way. Even where Teri talked about birth control. It's neat and sweet and all things nice. I'll be back for more. Did I ever tell you about a 'book whisperer' that I know? Thank you Marianne.

  • Kati
    2018-10-28 16:01

    I really like these books, but I wish the author would spend a little less time reminding us of past events from previous books. I realize she does this so people who start in the middle of the series aren't lost, but I'd rather she just assume we'd read the previous books. For those of us who have read the previous books it gets redundant.

  • Debby
    2018-11-15 16:44

    I've read Books 1-6 of this series. I realize that there is a loyal fan base who adores Debbie Macomber, but I'm not as dedicated as they are. The pluses to this series, is that this is good "clean" reading. No R-rated sex scenes, and no blood and gore. The reason I kept downloading the audible books is that I got suckered into wanting to know what happens next... I can't stand having plots that leave you hanging. By the way, the audio book narrator isn't my favorite. I have to speed up the audio, because she narrates in a maddening slow pace. Anyhow, I'll probably listen to the last book, so I can know what happens. I'll tell you what makes my eyes roll so much... why is it that so many of these women are such whiners?! They get mad at "their man" and won't speak up. It seems like they play games, and that strings out the inevitable reconciliation. Still, these books are G-Rated plots and that's not a bad thing.

  • Tammie
    2018-10-22 22:02

    I liked 6 Ranier Drive about as much as the rest of the series so far. The negatives for me were that the book repeated itself unnecessarily a lot. I got bored reading about Maryellen being on bed rest and Jon and his issues with his parents. This was the main part of the book that I found to be really repetitive and I'm glad those issues are resolved now. Also I was disappointed in the Cal/ Lynette story line andthought it ended up being pretty pointless with Lynette acting pretty childish and Cal being a bit of a jerk. Also The Teri/Bobby whirlwind romance was a little weird. Bobby himself is just weird. And I thought Seth was really written out of character just to add drama to the story. The positives were Olivia and Jack are finally pleasant to read about again, and some long running story lines were resolved. I'm halfway through the series now and still hanging in thereReview also posted at Writings of a Reader

  • Jeanine Lent
    2018-11-17 18:12

    I just love reading the Cedar Cove series. This is the 6th book, out of 12, in this series. I can't wait to get book number 7, to find out what will happen next. Each book contains some of the characters from earlier books, & the author also introduces new people & new situations. There is so much drama, but not silly, soap opera-like scenarios. They are very realistic people, which is what makes the stories so enjoyable. I can relate to many of the people & what they go through, in their lives. There are family stories, romances, life & death, mystery & suspense. Whenever I am reading one of Debbie Macomber's books, I hate to put it down. I love the techniques Ms. Macomber uses. For example, each chapter is about a different person or family. So, at the end of each chapter, which usually has a bit of a cliffhanger, I have to wait a while to find out what happens next. At the end of each book, some issues are resolved, but some are left unresolved. That's what makes the reader want to read the next book, as quickly as possible. Another trick the author uses frequently is the surprise twist. I become complacent, thinking I know what direction one of the stories is going, until I get hit with a genuine surprise. That is one of the reasons her books are so good. Also, the people are very realistic & endearing. I know that some readers DO feel there is a soap-opera feel to these stories, but I disagree. I have met many women in my life, & there are, indeed, some women who do not speak up when they should, or who push good men away, or who will even leave town when there is a break-up. I have gotten frustrated with some women I have known, but the reality is that not all women are strong & stand up for themselves. There are also women, in real life, who are are "wimpy" &"whiney," & we see some of these types in the books. However, many women, in real life, ARE strong, including myself, & we see women who are strong in this series of books, too, such as Olivia & even the teenager, Allison, for example. We also see a wide range of men in these books. There are some kind, loving men, & there are some not-so-nice guys, too, ranging from being unthinking to being downright mean, though I'm glad this last type is not seen very often. Also, I'd have to say that, as far as sexuality goes, it is quite G-rated, & I prefer it that way. The author gets across the sensuality & sexuality of the characters very clearly, but leaves the details of their sex lives behind their doors. That makes for a much more interesting story, in my opinion. The intensity of feelings certainly comes across to the reader very well, & sometimes, what's left to the imagination can be more intense than when it's put down in words, in a book.Anyone can enjoy her books. The people are multi-generational; so, whether you are a teenager, an adult or a senior, there are people to relate to.Well, it's time to go to the library to get book number seven, of the Cedar Cove series. :)

  • Shelley
    2018-10-20 21:13

    SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERSI've read the Cedar Cove series in order so 6 books now and I have to say that I'm really glad Macomber grew as a writer AFTER writing these books. The Blossom Street Series is wonderful, but Cedar Cove has a ton of issues. 1. Justine and Warren Saget. Come on now. Anyone who had been married 5 years and had a child would not allow this guy to continue pursuing her. The first time he mentioned wanting her back, a mature woman would have said "You're insane and don't ever come near me" and would have kept to that statement. Not Justine. She allows him to continue visiting her at the bank, she has lunch with him, etc. Ridiculous.2. Terri and Bobby Polgar. I have realized that every single woman in Cedar Cove is apparently totally emotionally damaged. ALL of them push away the men in their lives while still hoping they will continue to pursue. WTF?? Get therapy, all of you.3. Linnette and Cal. Really? So Cal decides he doesn't want to be with Linnette and her solution is to break her lease, break her work contract and leave town?? Again, what is wrong with all the women in this town?? The fact that she's a Physician's Assistant is just disturbing because she's completely stupid apparently. So the guy broke up with you. Get your girlfriends together for a big cry fest, eat some Ben & Jerry's and move on. You don't leave town obliterating your life because of a breakup. What's going to happen when you break up with the next guy in the next town? You're going to leave then too? GET A GRIP.Sadly, the most mature characters in the town are Allison and Anson and they're teenagers!!

  • Michelle Burgard
    2018-11-01 17:46

    Five Lighthouses!This series will always be one of my favorites. It has everything including characters to love and hate, ones to make you cry, ones to make you smile and ones to make you laugh. Well done, Macomber. On to book 7!

  • Nancy A. Norman
    2018-10-20 21:56

    Surprise ending!More interesting twists in this story. Some not what I expected at all. I did miss Olivia and Jack as their part in the story was smaller.

  • Marianne
    2018-11-18 21:07

    6 Rainier Drive is the sixth full-length novel in the Cedar Cove series by Debbie Macomber. Once again, we join Olivia, Grace, Charlotte and all our favourite characters in Cedar Cove to learn what’s happening in their lives: Seth and Justine Gundersen discover what it takes to come to terms with the destruction of their restaurant, The Lighthouse, by fire; Allison Cox finds her faith in her boyfriend, Anson Butler’s innocence of fire setting is tested; Linnette McAfee begins to doubt Cal Washburn’s feelings for her; Ben and Charlotte Rhodes realise that they both have sons who have disappointed them; hair stylist Teri Miller falls for a famous chess player; Maryellen’s pregnancy puts a strain on the Bowman household until Jon’s estranged parents come to help out; Rachel Pendergast is forced to meet Nate Olsen’s disapproving mother; and after renting Grace’s house at 204 Rosewood Lane, Cecelia and Ian Randall find they have a tough decision to make. There are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments in this novel, as well as a few tears, and the nystery of the fire is solved. This has been aptly described as good-spirited gossipy writing, and fans of the Cedar Cove series will not be disappointed.

  • Nirit
    2018-10-21 20:49

    From the first page of this book I thought I knew who the arsonist was. But when I found out who it was, I was completely surprised. It was great how Debbie Macomber managed to blindside the readers up until the end of the book.I loved the story of Linnette and Cal. I was heart broken with Linnette, and I hope that the next book will bring her a new love.The romance between Terri and Bobby is interesting and funny. I`m looking forward to find out what is waiting for them in book no.7

  • Samantha Clysdale
    2018-11-16 21:56

    Not my fave. I really dislike Justine and Cal in this book. Justine having the poor me attitude and having her own way. Cal for not being straight forward.

  • Susan
    2018-11-15 17:44

    6 Rainier Drive by Debbie Macomber is the 6th book of the Cedar Cove series set in fictitious small coastal town Cedar Cove in Washington state. This latest installment of the soap-opera style series provides the latest updates in the lives of Cedar Cove residents introduced in previous books, and picks up immediately after the previous book in the series, 50 Harbor Street. Justine and Seth Gunderson are struggling to cope with the destruction of their beloved The Lighthouse restaurant. Seth is restless and anxious to begin rebuilding. Justine is not sure she wants to sacrifice so much of her life again to run a restaurant. Their different perspectives create a serious rift in their relationship, at a time when they need each others' support. Former boyfriend Warren Saget is waiting and hoping to win Justine back.Teenaged Allison Cox is desperately in love with bad-boy Anson Butler, prime suspect in The Lighthouse arson case. She is the only one who believes he didn't do it.Maryellen Bowman is on complete bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy. With the loss of the restaurant where her husband worked, they are struggling to pay bills. Maryellen longs to turn to her in-laws for help, but Jon is adamantly against it. It takes a life-threatening crisis for the family to begin to heal.Cecelia Randall and her husband Ian fall in love at first sight of Grace's charming house at 204 Rosewood Drive. They blissfully rent the house, and plan to make many happy memories there, that is unless the Navy transfers Ian.Linnette McAfee is happy in her relationship with Cal. Wishing all the best for him, she urges him to overcome his stuttering with a health coach. Then Cal suddenly departs for Wyoming, and Linnette senses their relationship is threatened.Rachel Pendergast gets tremendous satisfaction from her relationship with Jolene Peyton, a motherless young girl who adores her. Jolene's father Bruce is good friends with Rachel, although not a romantic interest since he is not over the loss of his wife yet. However the time spent with Bruce and Jolene cuts into Rachel's available time to be with her fiance Nate Olsen.Teri Miller is a talented beautician at Get Nailed salon, where she works with Rachel. She watches top-ranked US chess player Bobby Polgar lose a televised game, and decides she must go cut his hair. Little does she know how her life will change.Eventually the arson case is solved, Allison's dream comes true, and Maryellen delivers her baby. The book ends with another cliff-hanger, to be resolved in 74 Seaside Avenue.The Cedar Cove series explores themes of family, friendship, love, loyalty, trust, duty, integrity and responsibility. It's enjoyable, easy and fast reading for light entertainment.

  • Drebbles
    2018-10-20 18:05

    As "6 Rainier Drive" begins, Seth and Justine Gunderson are still reeling from the loss of their restaurant, The Lighthouse, because of arson. The police suspect their ex-employee, Anson Butler, who ran away, set the fire, but his girlfriend, Allison Cox, is convinced he is innocent. As Seth and Justine disagree about whether or not to rebuild The Lighthouse, other residents in Cedar Cove, Washington also have their own struggles. Mary Ellen Bowman is on bed rest due to a difficult pregnancy and her husband Jon has reluctantly agreed to let his estranged father and stepmother help out. Linette McAfee is dating horse trainer Cal Washburn and is upset when he decides to go to Wyoming to rescue wild mustangs. Rachel Pendergast is dating navy man Nathan Olsen but is aware that his mother doesn't think a nail technician is good enough for her son. And Rachel's coworker, Teri Miller, is in an interesting relationship with chess player Bobby Polgar. Debbie Macomber's "6 Rainier Drive" is a cozy if unchallenging read. Those who have read the previous five books in Macomber's Cedar Cove series will enjoy this book, but newcomers may be confused with the large cast of characters. The book is almost five hundred pages long, but could have been much shorter with some good editing. The writing could have been tightened up; not only does Macomber have too many characters to begin with, she also adds scenes with miscellaneous characters that aren't necessary and add nothing to the story. Macomber would have been better off developing some of the romances in the book. For example, while the Teri and Bobby romance was a lot of fun (Bobby is a nice, refreshing, and fun character) it would have been better if the romance developed over the course of a few books. It felt rushed to me. However, Macomber is really good at creating characters readers care about for better or worse: I really liked Bobby; by the end of the book I really disliked Linette. Also, the story line with Jon and his father and stepmother was very touching. Readers who like soap opera type books will love Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove series.

  • Trish (trishie7)
    2018-10-23 21:54

    i like the CC series. however, why does everyone get pregnant so quickly. also, they fall in love so easily. after 2-3 dates, they all seem to be engaged right after that. linette kinda bugs me in where she didnt want cal to go. ok, yes, i understand she doesnt want to because they are starting a relationship and he did not discuss it with her. but after knowing how important it was for him and the cause, she still wasnt supportive just because she wanted him nearby. if you love him, you would support him. in any case, i guess it wasn't love for them both -- it was just abrupt how this transpired. one minute they were making out/2nd base and the next minute he is shipping off to WY.... its like a whole chapter was missing. then while he supposedly was in love with linette, he falls in love with the vet. the storyline just had a lot of missing holes.

  • Marilyn
    2018-11-04 18:47

    I'm not normally a big Debbie Macomber fan-most of the stories are pretty schmaltzy but this one was pretty good. A lot of characters to keep track of-who's married to who and we have Grandmothers, daughters and granddaughters. It's about the mysterious arson of a popular restaurant, a little bit of a mystery, romance type story. Thankfully there is a cast of characters at the beginning to help you keep track of everyone.It was long, maybe could have been shorter although this is the 6th book in the Cedar Cove series so maybe all these characters were in the first 5 also.It was a good story, you don't know "who done it until the end" and I did like the ending-so 3 stars maybe even 3 1/2. I have the next book in the series and should read it quickly so I don't forget everyone, if I wait it will be like starting over again. :D)

  • Diane Will
    2018-11-09 21:55

    One of the Cedar Cove series, #6. I think I have read another of this series so I remembered some of the characters. Good to have a who is who at the beginning of the book as I kept forgetting the relationships to the characters. It was an OK read based on who set fire to 'The Lighthouse' restaurant and interlinked with other storylines. Enjoyable enough but given there are a lot more in the series I won't go out of my way to read all the rest, even if there are a few storylines that will continue. If I come across another by accident, then so be it. I didn't dislike the book as I do enjoy Debbie Macomber reads.

  • Joyce
    2018-11-05 22:09

    Who was the arsonist who started the fire that destroyed the LightHouse? Will Seth and Justine rebuild and will their marriage survive if they do? Will a son return to Cedar Cove? Can Jon accept help from his father and stepmother during Mary Ellen's difficult pregnancy? Why does Cal really want to help with the mustang round-up? These are a few of the questions the reader has when he/she begins this novel. All of them will be answered as the residents of Cedar Cove travel the twists and turns of daily life. These answers and some other unexpected events will keep the reader interested in the residents of Cedar Cove.

  • Claire Moss
    2018-11-02 21:57

    Took me a long time to read this as it was a little dragging and didn't always feel like reading it because it's quite an effort to keep up with different characters their friends and family etc if there were less characters maybe it would be easier to relate to them and learn more about them!? The story lines however are interesting and motivated me to read until the end. The end always makes you want to read the next one! I prefer the blossom street series to the cedar cove but I'm reading both :)

  • Jan
    2018-11-01 19:08

    Intent on finishing this series. So, with that said, book was enjoyable. Left me wanting more. A couple of surprises, and only one VERY predictable outcome. I do hate when you start knowing what's going to happen next, but it comes with getting to "know" an author; especially in a series. But the characters are interesting, varied and complex people. This series is becoming like a good friend, reliable, even if there's one thing that really bugs you. :)

  • Kim Smiley
    2018-11-02 14:09

    I LOVED this story! It's hard to remember how it starts though because I'm listening to this series back to back so for me, they kind of flow from one to the other, but I'll try and be accurate.The fire that totaled the Lighthouse restaurant was deemed arson. Seth is beside himself with anger and his wife Justine doesn't know how to handle him. He is angry with everyone and all he talks about is rebuilding. Justine really doesn't want to rebuild, as she realizes how much time the restaurant took away from their family; the long hours and barely breaking even really isn't worth a rebuild, but Seth isn't hearing it, or her ideas for a new endeavor.Everyone thinks the arsonist is Anson, the boyfriend of Allison. He was just fired from the place when money came up missing and he has left town. Allison is an emotional wreck wondering where he could've gone, but is also convinced that he didn't do it even though most all of the evidence points to him. He does call her intermittently giving her information about the person he did see at the fire. He doesn't know who he is, but he's seen him before at the restaurant and he got a partial license plate number. I thought I knew who the arsonist was for this entire book, until he was revealed at the end and I was like "WHAT?!?"Mary Ellen is having problems with her pregnancy. She is bedridden for most of it, (well, couch ridden in her case, she cannot climb stairs either to get to her bedroom). Her husband John is having an awful time trying to figure out how they'll manage now that Mary Ellen had to quit her job at the gallery. They're living on his income only, and now that the Lighthouse has burned down, his part-time job as a chef is gone and they only have his photography to live on. Now that her sister is pregnant, she cannot care for their daughter either. Her mom, (Grace) has a full-time job and is newly married to Cliff, so she can only help so much. It's time for John to suck it up and ask his family for help. They're only estranged because he wants it that way, but when Mary Ellen speaks to his stepmom and lets her know what's going on, she and John's father insist they come to help. John isn't happy at first, but then works out a schedule for him to be gone before they get there and for them to leave before he comes home. He takes a job with the school system taking the school pictures as well as his own photography to get them by. without his family helping out, they would never make it until her due date. Mary Ellen only hopes that John can find it in his heart to forgive his father for his past mistakes and move on for the sake of their family.Brought in front and center in this story is Terry from "Get Nailed" nail and hair salon. She's a bit of a strange one, going all the way to Seattle when she sees a chess championship game going on on tv and noticing that chess champ Bobby Polgar is going to lose his match because she thinks his hair is in his eyes and he needs a haircut! So she goes and cuts his hair! Later, his driver shows up at the salon. Bobby wants to speak with her. She's so funny. She refuses to meet with him, telling "James" that she works until six. Well, at six when she leaves the shop, the stretch limo and Bobby are waiting for her. He pays her $100 for the haircut and asks to spend time with her. He's a geek that knows nothing of relationships with women, but he's convinced he's in love with Terry and showers her with flowers and candy and perfume, calling her everyday while he's on his chess tour. She's not sure about this, thinking he's way to smart for a girl who only cuts hair and does nails. But he is persistent........Then there' s Rachel. She's still playing substitute mom to Jolene, a little girl whose hair she cuts. Her mom died and she offered to do "girl" things with her to Bruce, her father. She and Bruce also go out, but it's more as friends than anything else. She's going out with Nate Olsen, who is in the Navy and whose father is a congressman. His mother makes her feel like she's not worthy of him, and he doesn't even notice. I really don't like Nate, he seems too young and immature for Rachel and only cares about his own needs.We see Cecilia again (book 1) and Ian. She's pregnant and hoping the baby doesn't die like her first one did shortly after birth. I like these two and Ian makes it back shortly after she gives birth this time. They end up moving into Grace's house, (she's renting now that she lives w/ Cliff on the ranch) but they don't know how long they'll be there, as he can be transferred at any time.LOTS of characters in this story. Grace and Olivia are in it, as well as Jack, but not front burner stories. Olivia's mom Charlotte and her husband too. They're a bit of a side story.Lynette MacAfee is also enter twined in this story, as she is dating Cliff's ranch hand, the one with the stutter. Things seem to fizzle out between these too very quickly and Lynette makes a changing life decision by the end of the story.I can't wait to listen to the next book, I can only wish it would come in at the library, I won't listen to another book on CD until this one comes in and I'm impatiently waiting, even though I just finished this one this morning. Debbie Macomber stories are my crack, I need the fix!

  • ஐ Briansgirl (Book Sale Queen)ஐ
    2018-10-19 15:51

    Okay, this one was the best in the series so far so gave it 4 stars. Didn't see the end coming, as to who actually set the fire. I guessed wrong based on earlier hints. Some people need to grow up (ie Linette & Cal), Anson and Allison did, and Nate needs to get a clue! All in all, better than the previous books although some characters are still annoying!!

  • Carol
    2018-11-12 14:12

    There were too many people in this book to keep track of. Some of the characters I really cared about and others I didn't. I found myself skipping parts and just reading what I was interested in.

  • Libby
    2018-10-25 14:03

    If you like the Cedar Cove series you'll like this but if you don't like Cedar Cove series you won't like this book. I however like Cedar Cove series

  • Leslie Lamb
    2018-11-10 16:01

    How could Jon possibly forgive his Dad who defended his brother over himself and sent him to prison for seven years? Well time can heal wounds and forgiveness can set you free. His wife Maryellen is on bed rest while she's pregnant and Jon is working many hours. They don't know how they'll make it, until his father and step mom move to town and help around the house as well as take care of their granddaughter Katie. Allison is in love with a Goth boy named Anson. He sets fire to a little place, then tries to make restitution by working at the Lighthouse. Things are going really well for him, then the Lighthouse goes down in flames and everyone thinks it's Anson....

  • Heather Bridson
    2018-11-18 14:56

    I love this series. I it is nice and easy to read, fun and brings me totally into the world of Cedar Cove. But, this one just isn't as good as the other's I've read. I do like the introduction of the Bobby Character, really the relationship between Teri and Bobby is my favorite pert of this book. I just didn't feel hooked into this story except for their relationship. Anyway, the series is great! Uplifting and just wonderful, this one is good, just not as good as the other's I've read.

  • Becky Ames
    2018-10-21 18:01

    I loved the story with Anson & Allison this time. I'm so glad he has redeemed himself and I knew he wasn't the one who started the fire.I was shocked by who started the fire. I thought it was going to be David.I am not into the Terri & Bobby storyline. Seems strange to me & I am ticked off at Cal! Jerk! 😂

  • nimrodiel
    2018-11-03 13:44

    When I picked this up I don't think I knew it was part of a series. So, rather than finding the contemporary romance I expected I felt like I was plunked down in the middle of a long running soap opera series. The writing was good, the mystery of who burned down the Lighthouse restaurant was interesting. However there were so many characters and side stories going on that I had a hard time keeping track of who was who.

  • Val Waring
    2018-11-18 15:49

    Not necessarily the genre of ibook I would read. Enjoyable to the extent that I'm now looking for others. This is not the first in the series and although they can be read as stand alone books, I suspect they are better read in order, if only to keep abreast of the various family sagas in some semblance of order.

  • Carleen Hyatte
    2018-10-25 15:03

    I feel that as you go through a series it has dud, this is still great, but I was not into it a lot. I will say reading into the next book I understand why they introduced a certain character in this book (or at least put more emphasis on her). Still pick this up, a great addition in the series.

  • Linda
    2018-10-21 14:03

    I love this series. Reading it is like living in Cedar Cove, Washington, and catching up on all the neighborhood gossip. (I did figure out who the Lighthouse arsonist was before the final reveal, but Anson Butler surprised me.)